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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   May 16, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   May 16, 2014

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  1. Screeeeeonk!


      • blorp.

  2. How bout that Flash trailer?

    • The effects look cool, The Flash personality is close to right on (from the few seconds we get of it) and the costume looks decent. Not much bad to say about it. I just hope to see a crossover each season with Arrow. Even if its something on a TV somewhere showing the news about the other. If we dont get that, whats the point of them being in the same universe?

  3. I’m NOT Batman.

  4. Wussup with this ‘Batfleck is fat’ talk?

    • I know, right? If they want to see fat, they should look at that Professor Procrastination guy.

    • I wouldn’t use the word fat. However that pose does make it look like he has a half rack as opposed to a 6 pack. I’m pretty sure it’s just an optical illusion due to not being able to see his back.

    • I would like to be ‘fat’ like Batfleck.

  5. I’m going to see Godzilla.
    Question: 3-D, IMAX, or neither?

    • I saw it in 2D and it was marvelous. Now I wish I went in IMAX 3D though. The “To 3D or not to 3D” article on cinemablend gave it a near perfect 3D score. And the featurettes with Gareth Edwards talking about making the film in IMAX made it sound really cool.

    • I always spring for IMAX with big special effects budgets. I just wish they would show 2D on the IMAX screen’s sometimes. Where I’m at there is only one IMAX screen 45min away and so they always have the 3D for what ever is showing on it.

      • Thx, you two.

  6. Hey guys I could be mistaken but I thought I read an article somewhere on the interwebs that said the Interstellar trailer was gonna debut with Godzilla.. But I didn’t see it yesterday. Is it only for IMAX showings?

      • Thanks man! I figured it’d be posted soon. Still curious as to why I didn’t get the trailer last night tho :/

  7. Conversation in the hallway today:

    Student I don’t teach: Did you see Godzilla last night?
    Me: No, but I’m hoping to see it this weekend. I can’t wait!
    Student: Well, I hope you’ll like [MAJOR SPOILER]! (Laughs, walks away)

    I asked a student I know (who saw the film) if the spoiler was true. He said yes.

    Today has not been a good day…

    • @$2:

      Give him detention!!

      (back in my day, it would have been a paddle)

      • Thanks, BN! You remind me of elementary school, where a teacher I had would put pencils on the floor. She’d make you pull your pants legs up above your knees and then kneel onto the pencils. When you knelt slowly, she would push down on your shoulders from behind.

      • In my school corporal punishment was allowed in the school charter. It was rarely used but an instructor tried to swat one kid in the behind for talking out of turn…the kid grabbed it from his hand and tried to break it over the teacher’s head. The paddle didn’t break, but his head sure did.

    • If you still need a Joker for your answering machine, I’m always available! 😉

      • I heard we may use a new phone system in the fall. When I’ll have to set up my voicemail, the Joker should expect to hear from me!

  8. The darkest depths of hell are reserved for people that intentionally spoil movies without a second thought.

    • that was for you @ $2

      I feel your pain.

      • Thanks, movieDude. I appreciate it.

  9. Has anyone been watching robot chicken this season? Its started of with a half hour DC comics special #2 (I guess I missed it when they did the first one…) and has had some pretty solid episodes. They have had a couple Dino-rider parodies, made me think of Rob Keyes and the podcast discussions about Dino-riders.

  10. I just watched “The Last Days On Mars” movie with Liev Schreiber on Netflix…I thought it was pretty good, even though I saw alot of “Alien” in its DNA.

  11. Why isnt Marvel Promoting the hell out of Guardians of the Galaxy??? virtually nobody knows who GOTG are outside of a small segment of the comic book universe. Do they expect the movie to be a flop?

    August is right around the corner and we havent even seen the team in action yet…let alone what will arguably be their biggest draw…Rocket Raccoon.

    I wish they were promoting this movie the way Fox has promoted X-Men or Sony Spiderman 2. At least give it a fighting chance.

    • Marvel has a plan. Their marketing is always the same. Drop the teaser trailer. A few months later, the full trailer. A month before opening will be Trailer #2. And then the TV spots begin and everyone feels as if they have watched the entire movie before going to the theater…(and occasionally we are surprised to find out we didn’t…and other times it’s Thor 2).

      • You watch your mouth, PP! Thor 2 was great.

        • Hahaha LC, I have no issue with that film. It was fairly predictable if you saw the marketing, but not nearly as bad as Hulk catches Iron Man ruining the end of the Avengers.

  12. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the new batsuit. Maybe too much hype. But I do think it looks good.

    Has anyone noticed the multiple repairs in the suit? It looks like it’s been stitched up a lot (in a kind of Edna Mode method too, which I think is pretty cool). It makes sense. Batman would throw out a suit because of the inevitable tears, but it would have to be repaired. And it does make him look older. It tells a story visually. But maybe somebody has another explanation of the lines.

    I’m okay with the suit and how Ben looks and the car. Regardless, none of that changes my reservations about this movie. I say that only because a lot of people are commenting as if this should change any doubts. There’s a ton more to Batman than simply the look. I didn’t expect them to get that wrong at all.

  13. Greetings All…..

    Happy Godzilla Day (AKA Friday)!! :)

    Heading to the theater in a few. Can’t wait!

    How about that Arrow season finale?!?! Wow, very well done.

    **************ARROW SEASON FINALE SPOILERS AHEAD**************

    I was very happy nobody died. I’m super glad Malcolm is back and will be a regular next season; IMO he’s just great. I fell off my couch when Oliver told Felicty that he loved her. Whoa! As great as that would be, I’m glad it wasn’t real, that would have been way too weird. It’s nice to know Felicity is a fellow M.I.T. graduate, btw. Roy’s transformation into the Red Arrow is just about complete; that should be great for next season. I really don’t want Det. Lance to die, I really like the character. I think Sarah will be back, probably sooner than later. The whole episode was just great and wrapped up a great second season. Well done Arrow show runners and well done CW!

    That Flash trailer looked very promising and I love how he shares the same universe with The Arrow. Awesome.

    One question though: Arrow (and the Flash) have already established STAR Labs in their shared universe, so is that the same STAR Labs we are going to get in the MoS/DCCU? STAR Labs will have to be in the DCCU in order to create Cyborg, (among other things), so will there be two different STAR Labs, one for tv and one for the DCCU?

    Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts or insight on that.

  14. so far watched Cap 2, Spiderman 2 and Godzilla. Godzilla and cap2 where really good Spider man left me a bit underwhelmed.