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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 15, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 15, 2013

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  1. Ok, so I thought I would kick off with an old comment I made a couple months ago and didnt get any feedback on

    Now, the other thought That I am having, with the impending doom of thanos for the avengers too, if perhaps most of the heroes may get ‘destroyed’(and put in a pocket dimension), and most of shield gets destroyed, it would be the perfect setup for a Thunderbolts movie in phase three, I mean just think about it, we are getting radiactive man, and possibly zemo, many of the other ‘heroes’ on the team could easily be introduced in the movie, and it could create a couple of replacement heroes for phase 3, and it would be quite an interesting thing to see(and I mean think about it, The Beetle/Mach1-4 could be the armored adventurer replacement, hes not enough for a solo movie, but he would still be interesting to see

    On another note, I still want Screen Rant to do a list of Ant-mans biggest enemies, like Egghead, the Black Knight, and Whirlwind(and porcupine). Guess I just need to keep waiting though

    • Yeah, just be patient. The writers might actually do an Ant-Man list of villains to prepare readers for the movie. But it probably won’t come until the movie actually comes out, like, around September or October of 2015.

  2. Super excited to see Star Trek into darkness tonight at midnight. Not seeing it imax used up that extra cash for iron man 3. But still pretty stoked for Star Trek. And now even more after reading the review

  3. Arrow season finale tonight! I can’t believe it’s been 22 episodes already. I’m going to miss this show over the summer.

    • Pre ordered the season off of Amazon. I shall wait til then. I really hate that CW only shares the last 5 episodes of Arrow
      On Hulu. I’m sure its great but I won’t know for a while longer.

      • @ Leather Cheerio

        Thanks, I will do just that. I think you’ll really enjoy it, especially toward the second half of the season. It progressively gets better as the season goes on.

        • One of the best new series of this past season.

        • Amazon is my vice. I have yet to sign up for their credit card… It would be bad!

    • Agreed all I can say is WOW. I don’t know if I can wait til next season.

  4. I heard that the USA network is going to pick up the cancelled ABC sitcom Happy Endings. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

  5. So on another note, with Agents of Sheild being picked, whats your thought on who the team hero really is? Rumors have been going around that it could be Rage, Patriot, or maybe(but unlikely) Luke Cage. Honestly, I would prefer to go for an existing hero over some random new one when there is so much they could draw on.

  6. Who would you you like to see as a “cameo hero” in MOS, and who would pick to play him/her?

    • Martian Manhunter, played by Denzel.

    • Super Girl played by Myley Cyrus. :P

      • I cant believe people just ignored that. just to be clear, i was not serious. ;)

    • Aquaman played by Daniel Feuerriegel

    • Green Arrow played by Stephan Amell.

    • Wonder Woman, played by Gemma Arterton

      • +1 (^-^)

    • A new version of Batman (preferably played by Karl Urban)
      or Martian Man Hunter… not sure who should play him though. I want Idris Elba to play John Stewart/Green Lantern, so he’s not an option.

      • I kind of like Karl Urban as Martian Manhunter.

        • The New Frontier version. I can

      • I think Colin Salmon would be AMAZING as Martian Manhunter. Regardless of his current run in Arrow. (Which I didn’t know until I imdb’d him…)

        • He’s one of the best characters on the show, to my way of thinking.

      • I like urban as batman but i bet they want someone around henry cavill age so i say armie hammer the guy would be huge if he worked out for a part. Not to mention he was casted in frank millers justice league

  7. Who is the most tortured film character in regards to physical, emotional and spiritual torture?

    • Frankenstein’s Monster.

      • Darth Vader

    • Bruce Banner… he lives in/ with his tormenter.

      • No, he accepted it.

        He is always angry.

        • AHHRRRGG!!! ^Stupid Stupid SuperEdje! you forgot one of the best lines in the movie^ !!!!

        • If it’s true that:
          “I’m always angry.”

          and also true that:
          “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

          then it is also true that:
          “You would never find me likable.”

          Seems like a pretty tortured existence to me.

          • No, nothing has ever said he cant be happy, and he has been happy.

    • Deadpool. He survives cancer every second of his life because.of his healing factor. He can’t die. He lives forever. Must suck. Cant ever be at peace.

    • Darth Vader

    • Mason Verger from the film Hannibal and portrayed by Gary Oldman.

    • Dae-su Oh from Old Boy.

    • Benjamin Linus – LOST

    • Django

    • Constantine

  8. Lets play the alphabet game with movie titles,
    Ill start us off with:


    • “Bambi”

    • Captain America

      • Dredd

        • Elf

          • Fanboys

    • Dukes of Hazard

  9. Evil Dead

    • Fargo

  10. Get the Gringo

    • Hansel and gretal witch hunter

      • I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

        • Jeepers Creepers

          • King Kong

            • Little Rascals

              • Moneyball

                • Nosferatu

                  • Outlander

                    • “Penelope”

                    • “Quantum of Solace”

                    • Raiders of The Lost Ark

                    • “Superman: The Motion Picture” :)

                    • “Taken”

                    • “Uncle Buck”

                    • “V: for Vendetta”

                    • “Watchmen”

                    • “X-men”

                    • “You’ve Got Mail”

                    • “Zoolander”

                    • @Archaeon

                      Did not want others to play?

                    • Jeff W….

                      Nah…I just upped the challenge. The easy ones are gone; now, start again, and see what you can come up with… ;)

  11. Lets name as many detective show duos as possible.
    Bones and Booth(bones)

    • Hart to Hart

      • Simon and Simon.

        • Jake and the Fatman

          • Nick and Cody (Riptide)
            Sherlock Holmes and Watson
            John Steed and Emma Peel
            Rick Hunter and Dee Dee McCall
            Crockett and Tubbs

            • Batman and Robin.

            • Adrian Monk and Natalie Teeger.


              • Dempsey and Makepeace

                • Anyone remember Tenspeed and Brown Shoe?

                  • Young Jeff Golblum and Ben Vereen.

                    Nope, never heard of it.

                    Holmes and Y0YO…However

              • JEEEEEEEFF!!!!!

                • @The Lost Winchester

                  Seriously…How hard was the face palm? I mean really you put in RICK HUNTER AND DEE DEE McCALL…Over your own, beloved Winchester Brothers.

                  Do not hate me, because I was BETTER THAN YOU.


                  • Well, technically the Winchesters aren’t really detectives so I left them out on purpose, if you can believe that. You can believe that, right? RIGHT?!

                    • What I do believe is.

                      That the Winchester Brothers go around investigating the paranormal, the demonic and the outright weird. So that makes them detectives.

                      They do have to solve correct?

                      They are a Duo correct?

                      Technically speaking John Steed and Emma Peel are not detectives either. Soooooooooooooo

                      The Winchester Brothers stand as my choice.

                • You know something.

                  I got both of The guys who are the biggest threats to my cows today

                  TheLostWinchester and SuperEdje101..

                  This was a Glorious day.

    • Shawn Spencer and Chocolate Einstein

      • Shawn Spencer and Ghee Buttersnaps

        • Shawn Spencer and Ovaltine Jenkins

          • Shawn Spencer and Lavender Gooms

            • Shawn Spencer and Clementine Woolysocks

  12. “It”

  13. Starsky & Hutch

  14. <—Surprised no one else came up with BATMAN AND ROBIN.

    • Ha. I was if someone said it. Good on ya, Jeff W

      • Thanks Leathercheerio.

        But TheLostWinchester is going to be pissed! lol

        • I saw that! **high five**

          • **High Five**

            I swear he is plotting his revenge on me…especially since I added the SHOOT AND SCORE!

            • I’m only gonna say this: watch your cows! Closely!

              • Eh, they gave me the idea of The Winchester Brothers….JUST TO MOCK YOU!]

                Yes, my cows are mocking you.



                • Which will only make them all the more tasty.

  15. Tango and Cash

    Turner and Hooch

    The Falcon and the Snowman

  16. How about we all post the intros from youtube…


  17. I’m looking forward to seeing “Star Trek Into Darkness” this weekend and will have to see about catching “The Great Gatsby”, but my MOST anticipated film remains “Man of Steel”. A minor something happened yesterday that encouraged me even more than my already brimming enthusiasm has been doing:

    I was at Wal-Mart gathering some items and checking out the new movie releases. I came upon a center-of-the-aisle display for MOS. It had huge, bold images of Cavill in costume and highlighted various products being either cross-marketed (Norton, as from the Superman’s superpowers promotion) or directly related to the film (Mattel toys, themed flashlights, t-shirts, etc.) There was one item that particularly caught my eye. It was an “Official Movie Guide”, like those programs one used to be able to get in theater lobbies for various movies and can still (sometimes) get for special shows like “Cirque du Soleil” and athletic events.

    Now, that might mean little to nothing for most or all of you, but what made it cool for me is this: That very first time I walked into a movie theater to see “Superman: The Movie” I was bubbling over with excitement. I was a little boy, and I LOVED Superman and comic books, in general. At that point, such movies were non-existent, so this was an amazing treat. My father had brought me to the film, and he knew of (and appreciated) my love for the genre, so he decided to commemorate the day with a wonderful souvenir. He bought me a program, with its glossy black cover and its bold, stunning pictures of the film, with brief descriptions of various characters and set-pieces. It was all I could do keep from racing through the whole thing in anticipation of seeing those self-same images on the big screen.

    We went in, sat down, watched, thrilled, clapped (backed then, that was somewhat unusual), and left. The entire time, I held on to that program as if it were gold, diamond, and platinum all mixed together. I had so thoroughly enjoyed watching “Superman” with my dad that the program had become a precious treasure. I kept it for years after (and, as far as I know, it’s still in a box somewhere).

    Thus, when I found THIS program yesterday, that extremely happy memory of my childhood came rushing back to me.

    I know getting to experience something like that doesn’t mean the attached film will necessarily be as great, BUT it did give just that extra bit of hope that a similar discovery could lead to a similar thrill.

    As this is Superman we’re talking about, hope becomes that much more powerful.

    I wait with bated breath for June 14th…

    • +infinite

    • @ Archaeon,

      Way back in ’78, my father took me to see Superman. (He actually got me out of school early so we could catch a matinee.) The theater didn’t sell movie guides, but I remember while we waited in line to get in the building, a theater attendant passed out Superman pins. My father and I wore them proudly for the rest of the day. Luckily, he took care of them, and we still have them. He recently asked me if we were going to wear them to MOS. :)

      Thanks for sharing your story! That day with my father is something I’ll never forget, just like you with your father. I hope you still have the guide!

      • leathercheerio, $2…


  18. I know re-releases in the cinema are not always popular and are seen as a cash grab, but as someone who never saw Star Wars:OT on the big screen I really hope Disney do release them again before episode 7. No 3D, just the digitally remastered and Han must shoot first.

    • Here in AZ, we have a couple of independently owned theaters that play classic movies all the time. Depending on the time of year, they will play certain ones. SW series being one of them. Check out your locally owned theaters.

      • Ok will do, cheers :)

        • @SpaceCadet

          And it’s most unlikely that Disney will be re-releasing the original SW films since they belong to 20th Century Fox.

          Disney only gets to own the new ones.

  19. Save the bartowskis – awhile back we all got excited over the kick start possibilites and chuck got his fair share of mentions and mr levi even said he was interested. People mentioned they didn’t see where it could go but we need the team back… orion is alive. They brought bryce and shaw back from the dead – bring chucks dad back. Let him save him and have a full blown bartowski reunion!!!! The world needs this

  20. There must be something up with the star trek into darkness, the trailers are very short. Must not want to give away something big….

  21. As this is Superman we’re talking about, hope becomes that much more powerful.

  22. There was something I have been thinking about on Arrow. The first plane they were going to shoot down wasn’t an airliner. It seemed to be the Ferris Aircraft excutive jet. Could it be they wanted to kill old man Ferris then sell the stock short and make A fortune,just A thought.

  23. New Awesome MOS wallpaper:×800.jpg