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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 14, 2014

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    • Regarding the Batsuit:
      Everyone and their mom has an opinion and most people don’t care how objectively valid their opinion is. Zack Snyder and the rest of the team involved with this development obviously have a new vision in mind for Batman, and seem to be attuned to the source material, as many have stated that the suit and image really seem like they have lept off the page from one of Jim Lee’s designs. The Batman vs Superman movie will likely be very strong, considering all the talent around it, but if not, one thing is for sure: Regardless of quality, it will probably still bring in at least $500mil to 1bil worldwide, just because people are going to want to see both Batman and Superman on the same screen in the same theater duking it out. Even from all the haters we see now, many will likely go to see the movie, just so they can validate their previous beliefs about the movie, and probably because its going to be an event as much as the new Star Wars movie will be, and so people will go to see it out of pure curiosity.

      That being said, I trust in the direction they’re taking the movie. It seems to be new and fresh, and yet Snyder, Goyer, and all parties involved seem to be taking a lot of cues from the most successful DC comics, and at the very least, we have another spectacle movie that will hopefully blow us all away and convert haters into Affleck acolytes, much like DiCaprio came back in popularity from being Titanic boy to being one of the most riveting actors of our time.

      Either way, there’s nothing we can do at this point to change casting, or anything else, so sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m more looking forward to seeing how they build the DCCU, and if they include Arrow & the Flash into it.

    • Batman’s suit is armored. Under the grey is armor. So the “muscle suit” is probably his armor, not added muscle to make him look bigger.

      • On top of that, it looks very much like it’s not just cloth, but ballistic material that would protect him on the surface level as well. It will be interesting to see whether that’s the case or not.

        • Yeah I agree. Definitely Kevlar woven suit.

    • Yo Tony, how’s things in the platinum club, got a spare million going lol

      Supes v Bats (or vice versa) does seem to attract a lot of heat over not a lot.

      The pics aren’t the best but I have to say from what my knackered old eyes can make out the suit looks to me very Arkham City, you know that whole padded look with cloth not rubber (Bats’89), as you said a muscle suit look.

      I have to say I too am more interested in the colouration of the suit than any specific design clues although I do find myself wanted more pronounced ears. Not by much but a little.

      As for the motor, I want to see that in full, the angle of the picture makes it look like Nissan’s Delta Wing LMP Car, very narrow front end going back to a wide rear. That in it self is no bad thing however I am (rightly or wrongly) am getting Schumacher vibes from that fin.

      At the end of the day though there is one overriding aspect of this film that dominates my thought process about it.

      I start to think objectively about the reports coming out regarding it (casting, release date, suit, car, JL etc.) then my brain shouts at me……

      “who cares, it’s frickin’ Batman and Superman at the same time :) :) :)”

      Lets be honest with ourselves, we could have Danny DeVito in the Batsuit and the first time both Bats and Supes stand across from each over suited and booted in the wide shoot the cinema is going to explode.

      • God that’s terrible typing

        ** wanting not wanted

        ** wide shot not shoot


        • ** other not over

          Double DOH!!

      • @ Jonathan

        No spare millions here. Sorry. Pepper’s doing all she can to clean me out, and trust me, a fine job she be do’n at that. :(

        I agree, they are going to have to do a lot wrong to counteract just the sight of those two on the screen together at the same time. It’s going to be cool to see them together regardless of what’s going on.

    • @Stark:

      I must be a SHIELD homer because I really liked the finale. Coulson using the gun from the Avengers was a nice call out. So many small moments in the show made it great. Fitz’s heroic actions, May/Ward home improvement fight, more mysteries for next season and a revelation of the Incentive program and why so many people work for Cybertek.

      Of course there were holes but what do you expect from a “fantasy” show.

      And I like the TDKRe (as opposed to TKDRi) look of the new Batsuit. I also like how big they make Bats look because to me, that’s how Bats is supposed to be. Everyone keeps saying that Supes has to be bigger than Bats but I’ve always thought they were the same size. Bats works out… Supes doesn’t.

      I just wish they went with the white eye lenses. Seems more intimidating when you can’t see the eyes.

      Arrow finale tonight… I think Sara Lance is going to die (that’s probably the person Slade is saying he has to kill). And then Laurel will take up her Canary moniker.

  1. Has anyone else heard of NCIS: New Orleans? It’s coming to CBS next fall. I’ve never watched the NCIS series but the cast looks great. I like Lucas Black, Paige Turco (April O’Neal!!!), and Scott Bakula (Captain Archer!!!). I think I’ll DVR this.

  2. Man of Steel.
    Worst film ever. shoddy acting, terrible casting, flimsy plot with more holes than swiss cheese.
    Oh and no superman. I don’t know what that terrible english actor was portraying, but it certainly wasn’t superman. also, why the hell cast a foreigner as the all american superhero?!!!
    Also, you had Zod, but never was the line “Kneel before Zod” uttered.
    a terrible injustice to the greatest superhero of all time.

    By the way, this isn’t opinion, but verifiable FACT.


    • Yeah, it was pretty bad. I mean, Jor-El lives on in a flash drive? Superman has the Kryptonian genome written on his skull? LOL.

      • It wasn’t written on his skull, you are either a troll or someone who clearly didn’t watch the movie.

        • Heh-heh, WHAOH! Take it easy. No sense getting all hot and bothered over a bad Superman movie. Especially one featuring an absurd genome-skull plot device.

          • You take it easy on the third rate film criticism.

      • Haha written on his skull…there’s something inherently humorous about that idea.

    • No it’s a opinion. Just because you didn’t like a movie doesn’t mean your day rules over All.
      There are many people who didn’t like man of steel but it is by no means the worst movie

      My PERSONAL. Opinion is that that movie was great. Much better then returns. Henry cavil did a fantasic job as superman.
      It was very enjoyable. Not to say I didn’t have problems with it. Mainly just the destruction at the end. I’ve been a superman fan for 20 years and. I don’t care if zod says kneel before me or if a English actor is playing someone. Who gives a s***. I just want to see a great movie and for me that’s what I got.

      Your opinion is valid but it’s just that a opinion.

    • I won’t even go into how much I love Man of Steel, you can have your wrong opinion.

    • You again? look pal we know what youre doing and we dont care what you say.

    • Your comment has so much “wrong” in it I don’t even know where to start….. So I won’t.


    • So you’re mad because Henry Cavill isn’t American? And you’re mad becaue Zod didn’t say that terrible, corny line you read in comics years ago?! You sound dumb and this comment is the definition of trolling. Man of Steel suffered from plot holes like every other movie, ever made. MOS was not a bad movie though. It started off very slow and by the time the action started, I just didn’t care anymore. And sorry to say, it’s just your opinion, NOT FACT.

  3. Hey guys if you get a chance go look at the Yahoo News article about Batman costume. You have to read the comments there. It’s an open season on Ben Affleck and DC. Quite hilarious. The suit looks good, and the car even better. I’m excited for this movie because I am getting smothered by Marvel. I want my DC fix back.

    Also in the podcast this week man WHY ARE YOU REVIEWING YOUNG JUSTICE?! You just want to rub sand in a wound that’s almost closed. I thought I was over that show but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO You had to go review it. Mane. Arrow season finale tonight good I won’t be as mad about Young Justice.

    • I don’t stray away from SR and I even stopped commenting outside of the OD because of some of the people who comment there. I hate people who just talk trash to each other. Especially on the internet… real tough.

        • @P P
          In a literal sense… it is acceptable. Why would you be visiting one of those forums anyways? LOL

          • Google misunderstood my porn search.

            • Ah… I can relate.

    • @ Liam

      A lot of what I was talking about was found in the Yahoo comments. Read some of those and you will be hard pressed to find somebody that actually has a clue about reality. Some were even attacking Affleck’s marriage issues. What in the world does that have to do with him playing Batman!? Referring to DC as Dumb Comics? I mean come on. Very sad stuff.

  4. That writer for Chronicle posted that tweet about Spidey going back to Marvel…then backtracked immediately. Any news on this?

    • It’s BS

  5. Stoked for the season 2 finale of Arrow tonight!

    • I stopped on episode 10, Arrow weekend!!!!!

    • It wouldn’t make sense for Spider-man to go back to Marvel. The Amazing Spider-man may have fallen short of Sony’s Billion-dollar expectations, but the film has grossed enough for Sony to more than likely still move forward with the rest of their planned films.

      • The issue here is not whether or not it will move forward with its current planned films. The question is whether or not they feel like giving it a third reboot. Right now, i would not bet on it at all. Either they suddenly believe they can get lucky and pull a “dark knight” (ie. property that lost its standing in the casual viewer’s eye and gets a director with a very particular vision and allows him to work since it can’t get any worse than it already did), or they can just understand they got the most out of it that they could and it did not work so make it someone else’s problem. I am a spidey fan and enjoyed ASM2 for what it was, but i can see that following that trend ASM3 and SS will be in the decreasing returns category. However, venom could avenge that (see what i did there?!) and then expect a quick reboot with lower quality still from Sony.

      • People keep forgetting that ASM2 spent waaay too much on marketing and while it will make a profit it is not great by any, any means. I wish there was a way to compare marketing for ASM2 vs SM2, i bet SM2′s marketing budget was at least half or less.

        • But then you are forgetting factoring in the cash made from product placement (which is fairly humorous when you think about it…set a fight in Times Square and have tons of advertising signage and nobody complains, but put that same signage in a fight in Smallville…the internets explodes!). They also have so much other advertising revenue (Spidey working for the postal system) that most likely covered their marketing budget.

          And Raimi’s sequel had quite a lot of marketing tied to it. Doc Ock was everywhere. They also had the advertising with the Dr. Pepper tie ins as well.

  6. Does anybody think X-Men DOFP could be the best X-Men movie? For me personally it could be awesome but time will tell. This movie will have to make at least 500 million or it will be a box office failure. Also the new batsuit is amazing stop complaning people!

    • Early reviews are looking solid. But we gotta wait till it comes out to be sure. I’m hoping DOFP is really really good.

    • 500M Worldwide is easy these days it seems like. I bet it makes just as much as MoS and Cap 2 did. I don’t think it will hit the 1 billion mark though but here is to hoping!!!

  7. I have high expectations for the upcoming X-men installment; DofP and early reviews indicate those will more than likely be met. It’s a rather creative (kind of cop out as well) concept to reset the series by incorporating time travel without having to reboot the series the traditional way. It’s disappointing to think that Jackman is only a couple of sequels away from hanging up the claws, but I’m simultaneously intrigued at the idea of morphing him into Cable for X-force and bringing in a new Wolverine. (If that’s what they plan on doing.)
    I’ve been a Batman fan for more time than I’d like to admit and welcome the direction and ideas going into bringing Batfleck to the screen vs Superman. Much like X-men: DofP, I hope Batman vs Superman quiets all the early speculation into complete silence by doing exactly what it’s intended to do: Give us our favorite characters doing what they do best in an original story with a fresh approach.

    • I don’t expect to be as moved as I was with Man of Steel but I am pretty sure I’ll be blown away with Days of Future Past.

      BvS will be huge no matter what people say. No need to explain why.

  8. Hey, Scranters! I hope everyone’s having a great day.

    1. Finished the Breaking Bad series last night. Without spoiling it, I liked how it wrapped up. The alternate ending was also great. The show’s writing is fantastic.
    2. Watched A Shock to the System (1989)this weekend. Michael Caine was hilarious in this black comedy about climbing the corporate ladder. I watched it years ago but forgot how much fun it was. I heard the book is great, too. One of my favorite Caine films.
    3. Watched Pee-wee’s Big Adventure with the kids. (This is one film that will get the wife to walk out of the room. That and the Three Stooges. She’ll never understand fine comedy!) Recent dinners have been filled with the kids and me quoting the film while my wife playfully rolls her eyes and feigns laughter.
    4. Batmobile and Batman pics = awesome!
    5. Why does it have to be Marvel or DC? Why can’t it be Marvel and DC? They both rock.

    • WHY IS MARVEL FIRST! -sarcasm-

      • :)

    • @Teacher

      1. Breaking Bad… I watched the entire thing. I was hooked because of the cinematography. I still don’t like the show though LOL.
      2. Sounds like a good movie. I love black comedies. I have such a dry sense of humor.
      3. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is great! Sorry the wife doesn’t enjoy it. Only thing I can’t get the wife to watch is horror movies.
      4. The pics are amazing. SO amazing! Can’t wait for a color photo.
      5. Haters are going to hate.

      • Hey, LC!

        1. Just curious. What did you not like about BB? Writing? Acting? Plot? Everything?
        2. Check out the movie if you can. I think it’s a hidden little gem of a film.
        3. My wife doesn’t like horror either. I had hoped she would cling to me during the scary parts, so I’ll have to think of other ways to get close. Dang it! ;)
        4. I can’t wait for color as well!
        5. +1!

    • 1. Alternate ending? I’d be interested in that. I discovered Breaking Bad on Netflix and it currently holds my record for fastest series ever binge watched. I blew through the first 4 seasons in a couple weeks. Then, I had to wait for the rest to be released.

      2. I have not seen that. I may have to check it out…which in procrastinating terms means sorry Michael Caine, I do not have the time.

      3. Classic. My wife won’t allow me to watch that with our kids. :(

      4. Is there a descriptor that is better than awesome? I’m with LC. I want to see it in color. If that Batsuit isn’t Adam West gray and blue…I’m going to scream!

      5. Make mine Marvel…or DC…or Image…or Darkhorse…or Vertigo…or Infinite…
      Just write a good script, hire decent actors, and film it with great directors and I will be happy.

      • It took me 2 years to finish the first season on Netflix. Once I finally watched the last episode of the first season, I was then hooked. About a month to finish the rest. Then I had to wait for the last half of the last season.

        Funny… I actually thought that the last episode that Netflix had on their site was the last episode of the series… I really hated the ending until I get an email a few weeks later saying I can finally watch the rest of the season.

        • HAHA…I didn’t have that issue with the split season. I was busy avoiding spoilers (podcasts/social media tend to spoil things) as they released the finale on AMC and then the waiting for months began. When it released on Netflix, I blew through those 8 episodes in a couple days.

      • Professor,

        1. The alternate ending is on Youtube. Check it out ASAP.
        2. When you find the time, check it out. Caine is awesome in it.
        3. Bring the kids over, and we’ll all watch it! We can send the women to the spa. That should buy us plenty of time. :)
        4. I agree. I’m hoping for gray and blue!
        5. +1! You said it better than I did.

        • @$2 – I just watched it. I’m glad they chose the other ending. ;)

          • *** Breaking Bad alternate ending spoiler below! ***

            I thought it was really funny how it parodied the ending of the TV show Newhart.

            “B-word science!” :D

            • Whoops!
              That should be “Science! B-word!”

              • I studied B-Word Science in college. :D

            • It reminded me of Dallas…which I think Newhart was parodying, but I might be off in my years. I was still pretty young when those aired.

  9. How much has asm2 taken in so far?

    • As of May 12th Worldwide: $553,041,086

  10. Thank you.

    Well, let’s give them another 2 weeks to see how much they bring in. Bit weird for them to throw in the towel now but I guess that’s how they make sure they can sell the rights for a high price, compared to waiting until it flops more and the value goes down.

    I didn’t see ASM2 but I do plan to see Godzilla and x-men if there are loads of positive reviews. So far Godzilla is a winner among critics.

    • I liked TASM2. And I hated the first one. I guess tragedy is what gets me. There is a lot in this 2nd film.

  11. I really wish this comment system would tell me what is being flagged in my posts.

    Tried to respond to Stark 3 times.

    The short of it:

    AoS good.

    Batsuit good.

    Arrow finale tonight, Sara prolly dies.

    • Tweet Paul or email him.

    • @ Big Nerd



      Man I hope not, I like her. :(

  12. sleepaway camp remake. could be great to see a updated version. no? yes? maybe?

    • Only if Felissa Rose gets to reprise her role. Deron Miller is an idol of mine. I have a soft spot for that family.

      • I put in my email address wrong and my photo didn’t show up haha.


    I’m so proud of myself for refraining from watching any more clips or promotional footage. It’s been REALLY HARD but my wait finally ends tomorrow if I get into one of the early shows or Friday if not.

    I love summer movie season. Cap2, TASM2, now GODZILLA! and DOFP next week?!!? It’s like Christmas!!

    • SPOILER: Godzilla says “Screeeeeonk!”

      • Dang it!! I was hoping he would say “MREEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!”

        • What if he turned to the camera Deadpool-style, and said “Petunia” in a human voice…Kevin Conroy perhaps, or Curly Howard.

          • HA! Yes, I love it!

  14. Question for anyone. Is it possible for two people on this site to have the same username?

    • Absolutely. I can change mine to Wally if I wanted to.

      • I see. Because Archaeon & someone else accused me of hating MOS & other stuff i didnt say when i was offline asleep at that time. I saw the time of the comment of another WallyWest. So i was just wondering.

    • Like this

      • Ohhh I gotta have a go

        Arggghhhh I’m not me so who am I???

        • I am spartacus!

    • Yes.

      There’s two of me, there’s me with my SSJ4 Avatar and there’s another one with a SR place holder like yourself.

      Plus as the comments box doesn’t save details anymore I don’t think there’s away for the system to recognise a conflict if one occurred….. maybe it checks email addresses to see if there unique.

      SR Admin, wanna chip in and give the Walster the full ST: Voyager (tech the tech with some technobabble)

    • Yeah, I had an imposter for a while as well.

      • How do we know you AREN’T the imposter?!?!?!?!

        • Why can’t we both be lost?

        • You have to take my word for it. Also, you can recognize me by my always sound judgment and excellent taste in movies. :D

    • Wally, you just have to be original in your user name and hope someone isn’t a d!ck and takes over that same screen name.

      • A gravatar account helps too. See how my avatar showcases my love of Ghostbusters and Star Wars while screaming out “It’s a Trap” like someone who works for HYDRA would…because we’re incompetent. Wait, does Admiral Ackbar work for HYDRA? #itsallconnected

        • @ prof

          I try getting a gravatar picture, but i have trouble doing it, finding images. I would post the Green Ranger, since Power Rangers is a Marvel property by comics.

          • I wish I could help, but I’m not technically savvy enough to teach someone else. Or maybe I’m just not good at explaining things. Do not let the Professor title fool you. I am a verified nincompoop.

            • LOL “verified nincompoop”

              You made me laugh out loud & people are looking at me.

              • That’s a good new screen name for someone! ;)

          • When you say you have trouble finding images, what do you mean? You can’t decide which pic to use?

            • @ Ken

              I can’t find any images. i sign up, go to the website, not knowing where to go for images to use. Im not a techy,lol.

              • Oh okay…

                After you sign up, you upload whatever pics you want. A good place to start is go to Google Images and type in something you like or are interested in, like “Batman” or “sword”

                You will find some great iconic images to represent yourself :)