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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 13, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 13, 2013

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  1. So, what did we all do for the Mothers in our lives.

    • Me and my brother bought her some decoration stuff. And I cooked her dinner. No big deal.

      • My Dad is going away for work later this week so we took both him and my Mom out for lunch at IHop for Mother’s/Father’s Day combined.

      • @Scapegoat

        Regardless of the act, you still took time for your Mom. I know a couple of guys at work, who were to busy to worry about their Moms.

        • Without her, I wouldn´t be here.

    • Got her roses, cooked her a lunch, gave her some stress free “her-time”…

      • Cooked her steak for lunch…

    • Got her a dozen roses and a mothers day card and went out to dinner.

    • Mom, Me My Wife and 5 of my Sisters participated in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer. Due to my wife being pregnant as are two of my sister, they took their time.

      All in all, we raised some good money for breast cancer research.

      • Bravo, my friend. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, so I appreciate all you and your family did!

        • Well Professor Procrastination.

          Welcomed, but my grandmother had breast cancer back in 1984 and was not expected to live more than 6 months.

          She survived 23 years and passed away in July of 07. So pretty much, we been doing it the past 6 years for her, and every other Woman who has to go through it.

    • We had a combined celebration for our moms and my son. I grilled foreverybody. Have some pretty wicked burn lines from the sun. Yay for being A red head. Had a bunch of water play sets set up for the kids. All the moms just hung back and drank wine while the guys did everything else.

      My son ate his first cupcake yesterday as well. He woke up in the middle of the night and had thrown up everywhere. That will be his last cupcake lol.

      • Do I have to do a head check on my cows?

      • We eat very little red meat. Turkey burgers and pork brawts.

    • I woke up at 5 am with the baby boy, then made my wife breakfast in bed (after letting her sleep in), the kids gave her gifts, and then we did a grill out for my wife and my mother-in-law where I made a planked peaches and cream dessert that everyone (except my 4 year old daughter) enjoyed.

      My mom lives too far away, so she got Shari’s Berries and a nice phone call from me and her grandkids.

    • Me and my lil sister took my mom out for brunch and gave her some flowers, then the evening I made a braai (it’s pretty much the South African equivalent of a barbecue – just better in every way B)) and made dinner for the family.

    • Well her dog got eaten by coyotes (no body left to bury) and her pet birds died on the same day. I got her some scented candles and some flowers. I also buried the birds.

    • Earlier this week, I mailed her a greeting card with a gift card inside, and yesterday I talked to her on the phone. (She lives a few states away.) :(

    • We don’t observe Gift Vendor Subvention Day as Mother’s Day is called in our family. I do good things for my mother all year around. I don’t need a special day to tell me to. ;)

      • *mumble*mumble*friggin’ LostWinchester making us look bad*mumble*mumble*

    • @Jeff

      Well, I didn’t actually do this, my sister did, but my mom got a grandson for mother’s day, lol. Well, he was born the day before Mother’s Day, but close enough. Yep, I’m an uncle. :-D

  2. …saw my aunt and uncle, and we all went to visit my parents’ and grandfather’s graves. Then, we went to a wonderful lunch. I was hoping to see “The Great Gatsby”, but that will likely happen this week.

    What about you, Jeff?

  3. I saw “The Great Gatsby” yesterday. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it. Can’t stand Luhrmann’s need to make everything look so good. Takes away from the story.

    Going to the fan sneak of “Star Trek Into Darkness” on Wednesday and my excitement can’t be contained.

  4. Recently watched all of Terrence Malick’s films (Except for To the Wonder). Got to say I’m not really a fan of his. He pretty much makes the same movie every time but in a different setting or time. My favorites are Badlands and Tree of Life. Badlands was a strange film but there was something that I liked about it, at least more than his other films.

    Also recently watched two Wes Anderson films: Bottle Rocket and Moonrise Kingdom. I liked them both but I think Bottle Rocket was better, gotta love Owen Wilson, especially his first starring role. Now it has got me interested in seeing other Wes films. Way better than Terrence.

    • My favorite lines from Bottle Rocket:

      “Oh, man, I lost my touch.”
      “Did you ever have a touch to lose, man?”

  5. The Fortune cookie is actually not a Chinese desert. It is an American invention and a rip-off of the Japanese recipe. Like America, it is hollow, full of lies, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    Guess what I watched on Friday. :)

    • How to Steal Cows and BBQ them in under 3 hours?

      • LOL… Wrong!!! How to Steal Cows and BBQ and Eat them in under 3 hours!

        • ;) :) :D :p

      • Did someone say “cows” and “BBQ” in once sentence? I’m in!

        • @ SuperEdje101 and TheLostWinchester


          • Are you vegan?


            • I do eat a hamburger or steak on occassion.

              Just not near the girls!

              Would not seem right.

              They give me the stare.

              • Ohh grand!

                (Jeff W)- (Vegan)= (Jeff W without vegan powers)

                Therefore, I am free to talk any olde way I want about… um… certain “four legged bretheren”… um … sisters.


                • @SuperEdje101 aka Cow Napper Plotter.

                  I have one wicked Super Soaker….DONT MESS WITH ME MAN!

    • Not if you finish each fortune with “in bed”.

      • LOL! “The person sitting next to you will pay for your meal– In Bed”


      • “Beware the next stranger you meet– In Bed”

        Im loving this!

        • Best game ever!

          • @leathercheerio

            You forgot ‘in bed’

            *Best game ever! – in bed*

            Now don’t you feel silly!


            • @Dino Pedro

              But you just forgot it as well!

              “Now don’t you feel silly in bed.”

    • @SuperEdje

      What did you think? I thought it was pretty awesome, definitely better than 2. Oh, so much action!!! :-D

      • Meh… Yes it was better that 2, but the movie a empty feel. The soundtrack wasnt mindblowing. plus, i was kinda dissapointed with how Mark 42 always seemed to be malfunctioning… his suits have been pretty reliable up till now, but then this one goes all screwwy?

        Over all, I loved it though. especialy the humor!

        • @SuperEdje

          Mark 42 was a prototype, it was the one he used to test out that new ability to call it with his mind. He never meant to actually go to battle with it, it was simply all he had at the times he needed a suit. Remember the Mark 2 in Iron Man one was buggy as well…

  6. OK, so I have a thought, why doesnt Screen Rant do a peice on Ant-Man’s rouge gallery, both from his short solo-run in Tales to astonish(yes he had a solo run, he had the entire mag for about 20 issues, then he split it with another hero) and his long membership in the avengers.

    While there arent a ton, there are several really good ones that you could do an article on, like Egghead, Porcupine(its a battlesuit), The Human top(better known as Whirlwind), and the black Knight(there are a few others, but not a ton). Or from his avengers run, there is the living laser and Ultron.

    • I didn’t realize Ant-Man wore rouge until you said something.

      I always did wonder how such a depressed guy always seemed so cheery.

  7. Took my girlfriend’s mom out to lunch, went back to the house she opened gifts, the usual. It was fun.

  8. Is The Great Gatsby a superhero movie? $51m isn’t a bad take, more than GI Joe and The Croods… weird.

    Next summer… Catcher in the Rye 3D!!

  9. Okay, so the other day my brother and I were talking about Marvel movies vs. DC movies and the differences between the two and yadda yadda. So we get on to the topic of TASM/TASM 2 and The Avengers/The Avengers 2 and he says ‘oh, you know Spiderman is going to be in Avengers 2?’ and I’m all like ‘okayy…’ and asked where he heard this from. So he says that our uncle told him and I ask him if he knows the source/site to which he tells me no. So I tell him that if you don’t know the source/site etc etc that you can’t be sure that it’s even real and ask him if it was on Screen Rant (normally I would be on top of things but I’ve been pretty busy/lazy lately) and he says ‘yeah’. Now, I haven’t heard ANYTHING on this, just theories, possiblities, opinions and what not and I searched it on Google and all that came up was your article on what character you guys want to see in Avengers 2. I would imagine if it’s real that I would have heard some sort of confirmation by now, be it here or anywhere else. So he tells me he’ll look it up on Google and so he does and the link that was there is now gone but he swears it was there the other day and there’s no mention of it anywhere else, including Screen Rant (implying the latter) So I tell him thar it was probably just some rumor that was pulled once Marvel stepped in given the evidence but he refuses to accept that. So, to satisfy him I have a question to ask; has there be any confirmation of that here or any where else that is from a reliable source? I’m sure that if it had been you guys would have posted something by now (not that I doubt you guys) but I need your word for it. Any help, please?

    • It´s unlikely that Spider-Man will be in Avengers 2, since the rights are at a different film studio (Sony). But since there were plans to have the Oscorp building in the skyline of New York in The Avengers, there´s still hope that he might appear in Avengers 3. If the two studios come up with a good deal/contract. One can hope, right?

    • @ Amazing

      I think it’s closer than we think. Sony and Disney/Marvel are competing studios, but if they did cross over, both would win. Since Oscorp tower was almost in The Avengers, I think it stands to reason that in either Avengers 2, or 3 Spidey shows up.

      Spider Man on the same screen with the Avengers would be the biggest thing that could ever happen in the CBM genre, bar none. That would simply be amazing.

  10. I watched Cabin in the Woods on Netflix this weekend. I was impressed that they made a sequel to every horror movie out there. Any movie that serves as a prequel/sequel to an entire genre of films deserves some special recognition.

    If anyone knows of any other ingenious horror films like Cabin in the Woods or Tucker and Dale VS Evil, let me know. I like these ones that turn the genre sideways and aren’t just a gore filled splat-fest.

    • IMO – That’s how I’m starting this out – Cabin In The Woods was absolutely terrible and so boring. I turned it off half way through and then finished it later. I figured that I could have my time wasted in a more constructive manner then watch that. But that’s just me.


      • Everyone has their own opinion. Honestly, I probably would have never watched it, but the boy wouldn’t go to sleep Saturday night. So, I put it on and rocked him to sleep. About halfway through it, I put him in his crib, but I was intrigued on what was happening…so I finished it.

        Big mistake on my part though…he was up at 5 the next morning.

    • Ever see Night Watch?

      It a Russian/Ukraine Take on Vampires.

      • Nightwatch (1997) with Ewan MacGregor, Josh Brolin & Nick Nolte is also good if you’re looking for a solid-yet-creepy suspense thriller. I believe it’s an Americanized remake but it remains one of Brolin’s better roles.

      • Isn´t Night Watch a swedish film?

        • The one, I refer to is from 2004 and was made in Russia.

          Troll Hunter was an excellent movie.

          • Troll Hunter was fantastic lol.

            • Does Troll Hunter have anything to do with internet trolls?

      • I have not seen the American, Russian, or Swedish version.

        • Go the Sweded. My buddy and I shot it out back of our VHS rental store.

          • If it is as spectacular as the Sweded version of Ghostbusters, I’m in!

      • @Jeff W

        Yes I did see that one, quite good actually, there was also a sequel called ‘Day Watch’.

        Have both films on DVD but haven’t gotten around to watching Day Watch yet.

    • Severance is pretty fun, too.

  11. Have we found out anything about RDJr’s contract negotiations? Still curious to the future of Tony Stark… Avengers 2… possible IM4?… Is this not eating at anyone else the whole “Recast” crap.? I mean how would we feel… “Iron Man 4 starring Tom Cruise! The Plastic Surgery!” I say give him what he wants. It aggrivates me to hear this crap about him being “replaceable” they got lucky half of America didn’t notice the War Machine recast.

    Any update on which person is getting signed to Batman for Justice League? or Batman Reboot?

    • No update on Batman yet.

      Downey´s contract expired with Iron Man 3. But I´m pretty confident that he´ll be in The Avengers 2, as well as in (at least) one more Iron Man solo movie.

    • @ Ox……

      I read today that RDJ wants what he got for the first Avdngers movie, which is fair. The whole recasting thing is disheartening. I certainly don’t want that, and I can’t thing of any fan that would.

      The whole JL/Batman thing is a long way off, so I don’t know when we might hear anything on that.

      • Ah well… on the upside: we are already past the apex of the Marvel movies. The Avengers was it. Anything that comes after that is just bonus, so it won’t hurt as much when they recast RDJ eventually. I’d still go with the “Kill Tony Stark/Iron Man” approach, though. That could even be the hook for a movie. Good old revenge!

  12. Just saw Star Trek Into Darkness, I can’t decide whether it was awesome or a bit of a let down, I adore the 2009 version and love all the cast involved, this just felt a bit lacking in the emotions it was going for, i think they will find it hard to mirror the love of the original cast who had been beloved for years, with only one movie behind it, Kirk and Spock and everyone else don’t really know each other that well so the peril they face and the emotions they display seem meh, I don’t know il go see it again and take off my critics hat

  13. They comfirmed the return of 24.
    It will have 12 episodes .

    • Yeah, I made a comment about it…so since some of you may have missed it.

      My Take on a condensed 24 taking place during one 8 hour work shift.

      The Following takes place between 0900-1700 hours.

      0845 Clock in Early
      0900 Turn On Computer
      0905 Re: Restrictions on Ammunition during sequester.
      0930 Shootout with Terrorist at CTU Water cooler.
      0935 Talks to Hysterical Kim who has been kidnapped by Terrorist leader..AGAIN
      0935-1135 Anger Management Discussion with HR.
      1135 Killing Terrorists in the CTU Copy Center.
      1136 Discussing CTU Picnic with Chloe.
      1137 Taking Bullet for Chloe when Staples Delivery Driver is a Terrorist.
      1138 Stitched up and back in action.
      1139-1215 Chasing Woman throughout CTU Who looks a lot like Lena.
      1216 Was not Lena. Lunch time.
      1216-1316 Lunch in the park…Nice quiet day…Wait 1,457 Terrorist have infiltrated the Park…
      1317-1422 Killed 1,457 Terrorist 1,000 of them by hand gun (Which I only had two magazine with 15 bullet capacity each) 124 by Assorted pieces of trash, remained killed by icy stare.
      1423-1623 Paperwork.
      1624 Defuse Nuclear Bomb in Copier in 7th Floor CTU Print room.
      1625-1659 Spider Solitaire on computer.
      1700 End Work day, going to stop by Sonic and get me a double cheese burger and kill terrorist working as cashier.

      • You forgot 3 minutes finding the CTU mole… and the backup mole.

        • Thats for Overtime.

    • I bet Jack Bauer screams at someone.

      • I bet one of the “good guys” is a real dick and always gets in Jacks way, and you end up hating him more than the bad guy. And then at the end of the season he will redeem himself (probably by sacrificing his life).

      • 0935-1135


        That is where the yelling is going on!

        • I hope Jack Bauer screams at someone during a mundane conversation while using the urinal.

          Jack: “NICE WEATHER WE ARE HAVING!!!”
          Other person: “Um…yeah. sure is.”
          Other person: “Um…yeah. sure is.”

    • So the show is now called “12″ or what?

      • It’ll still cover 24 hours, but they’re gonna play each hour-long episode at 2x speed. Jack Bauer will still intimidate despite his chipmunk voice.

        • @Goomba Tip

          I will definitely watch it if that was the case!! I literally laughed out loud reading your response! :-D

  14. Whoe else though the mandarin would have been a complete badass if he remained a middle eastern terrorist throughout the movie?! haha

  15. That Awkward moment in life

    When you hear the Police Radio and a Trooper has pulled over a Horse and Buggy due to drunk driving.

    • @ Jeff W

      How is that even possible!?

      Who was drunk, the horse? The guy in the buggy?

      How could the Trooper tell, was the buggy swerving?


      • Who said anything about a guy? The horse, the horse, of course, of course, was driving the buggy.

        • @TheLostWinchester

          Horse was looking, a bit suspicious. So he pulled it over and of course of course it wasn’t a horse, in fact it was…

          …Francis the talking mule, making an ‘ass’ of himself!!!


      • Trooper Report

        I observed a Horse drawn Buggy swerving back and forth over center line. I pulled along side of the buggy and ordered them to pull over. The rider attempted to conceal a half empty bottle of a home made Amish whiskey.

        The Rider was intoxicated with a BAC of .024

        Lancaster County PA is Amish Country.

        • LMAO Sir… Too funny!

        • Welcome to Banshee. :D

  16. ***Question for all ranters***

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching cheaply-done B movies on weekends. Does anyone have a good list of science fiction movies that would elicit unintentional laughter? Thank you.

    • hmmm… Python, Boa, Komodo. they would all probably fall more towards horror but still can be pretty laughable.

      • Thanks, Draagyn. I’ll look for them.

    • @Jeff

      Empire of the Ants
      The Giant Mantis
      Pretty Much any Toxic Avenger Movie
      Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
      Attack of the 50 foot Woman

    • Anything with Shark vs pretty much gets you laughing.

      • Haha. Yes. As a matter of fact, I just watched 2-Headed Shark Attack, starring Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan’s daughter), this last weekend. It was a riot. I can’t believe that some of these films actually get financed, but I’ve been finding them fun to watch…

    • Just look at Netflix’s genre of Science Fiction. It doesn’t get more obscure than that. Or just watch anything starring Bruce Campbell.

      • Bruce Campbell is great, but most of his films are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I’m linterested in ones that are actually meant to be serious, but they are so bad, they elicit unintentional laughter.

        • This can go for all genres but whenever a blockbuster is set to be released, usually months before or after, there is always a B movie that has the same title/premise that tries to piggy back on the revenue. When 2012 came out, there was atleast 4 DVD’s I found in the “dump bin” at Wal Mart that all said 2012: “Insert clever title”. Look for those, maybe?

          • Yes, you’re right. I’ve noticed that trend on the SyFy network and Netflix Streaming as well.

            • Transmoprhers Rise of the Machines
              War of the Worlds 2
              Ice Spiders
              Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (Nothing beats seeing a Mega Shark jump out of the water and take down a jetliner and the guys look is priceless.)

              I mean, if SyFy decided put all their movies on ON DEMAND. I would be having me some good laughs.

          • come on leathercheerio – They are called mockbusters. We’re all movie buffs here, so use the correct genre ;)

            • I am very sorry, Professor. You have schooled me yet again!

              • Some people call me a teacher. I consider myself a procrastinator.

    • @ Jeff,

      When I read your post, I immediately thought of The Stuff (1985) and Street Trash (1987). Have you seen those?

      • No, haven’t seen them, but based on your referral, I’ll look for them. Thanks!

        • The Stuff has a rather young Garrett Morris in it.


          You will not be able to eat yogurt for awhile.

  17. I really hope they remake a Punisher movie and actually do it justice for once… It’s such an easy comic book to make into a movie. I can’t believe it hasn’t worked out in 3 tries… And they could easily make a PG-13 movie badass, just look at Taken, although honestly, the unrated version was so much better… But they can do the character justice without the gore, just make him ruthless in the way he deals with his enemies. It’s more of an attitude and doesn’t have to be very graphic. I mean, you can let the audience know that he kills someone or tortures someone without showing every bit of it…

    I mean, the classic revenge, or in this case punishment, story is such a satisfying story for me. Honestly, I rooted for Bryan Mills the whole way through Taken. People might say he was too ruthless, but come on, he wanted to rescue his daughter. Every kidney punch, every bullet fired, I wanted those bad guys to pay for what they have done. This could so easily be done with The Punisher after his family is killed. Show a loving father and husband, then have his family brutally taken away from him, then watch as Punisher makes every one responsible pay for what they have done. Do it already!!!

    Personally, I think Ray Stevenson looks amazing in the role. Warzone failed due to poor writing and REALLY poor villains, but Stevenson knocked it out of the park in my opinion. He has the size and the intensity to do the character justice. Thomas Jane was simply too small for the role in my opinion. Sure he’s fit and compared to a normal person is a brute, but compared to Stevenson… Not so much…

    If you want to appreciate Ray Stevenson more, just go out and watch the HBO series Rome… That guy is a freakin’ bad-ass…

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t want to see another origin of Punisher. Not because it would suck… but because I’m over it. Maybe in 10 years. And only if they stop making movies that are similar to his origin. As you said, Taken was a fantastic movie. I don’t want to see “Taken: The Punisher version”. Id rather forget about those movies and then see something fresh.

    • I thought Man on Fire was more Punisher than The Punisher movies.

      • @Kahless

        Heck yes, that is a perfect example of how they could make a great Punisher… I can’t understand how they’ve gotten it wrong so many times…

  18. I love SR. It is the best site Ive used in the last few years in regards to movies. It’s a lot of fun. But there are just way to many comments in some articles. I can handle <150 but anything more I seriously get annoyed. I don't see the point in participating because of all the trolls (I hate that term) and the same thing being said a million times in every post of the same topic. People start saying "Ive said this so many times… blah blah blah" and its true. You have said it once. Why keep saying it time and time again? But 400 comments of the same topic that was said brought up 2 days ago… just stop LOL. The worst is that if I wanted to participate in a topic, Id have to constantly go back to the article and check and see if anyone replied to MY comment. Since the notifications only tell you when ANYONE posted a comment.

    End rant. For now…

    • Yes, and I know I’ve said this so many times before, but how is Obama getting away with everything? I mean, come on, the Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, and now, Associated Press (phone records) controversies. If a conservative Republican were president, the lefties would be at his door with torches and pitchforks.


      • Thus is life! lol

        • Thus have we made it.


      • Last night was my shift to be on Standby (2 Pilots up, 3 down in our region) We were discussing Politics, one of the fellow Pilots is So Left Wing,he can tap a right wing person on the back from the other side.

        He was debating how great Obama was over Bush, How much Better Clinton was over Bush.

        His Facts..Boston Bombing, Obama addressed it four days later, denounced the attacks from the the beginning. Week later he is in Boston. Where was Bush on 9/11 HE WAS IN SOME FREAKING SCHOOL IN FLORIDA! Did nothing for 3 week. I corrected him.

        Bush denounced it on TV 4 Hours after the attacks, he was in NYC the day after, he was front and center at ground zero.

        Then I got “Obama got Bin Laden! Bush didnt!”

        Corrected him again. “Established Intelligence got Bin Laden, SeALs did their Job. But, even after Bin Laden, terrorist attacks did not stop, and we still lost people since Bin Laden.

        This is why, I do not have a Political Party.

        • Same here. I vote. But not for the party. I vote for the President. ;)

          • I vote for the winners… ;) ;)

        • Yes, Jeff W, it always baffles me how affiliation blinds one to personal and political failings and influences one’s perception of reality, and truly, we are a witness to it now. I could comment at some length about it, but I’ll refrain from doing so. Besides, I get the impression that you and I are in general agreement on the issue.

        • @Jeff

          Yep, for me, I liked Bush’s foreign policy, didn’t like his economics. I know people think I’m crazy, but sorry, making ourselves look like “bullies” as critics would say, is 1000 times better than making the USA look weak or indecisive… But that guy just spent way too much money. I liked Clinton’s thriftiness in terms of economics. Very CONSERVATIVE of him, lol. :-D But his foreign policy sucked… Obama’s foreign policy and economics suck unfortunately… Oh well, what can we do…

          Political parties are pretty stupid, they kind of limit the candidates to be the same people with different faces… The second someone thinks independently of the party, they try to kick him/her out. Look what happened to Joe Liebermann when he tried to be an independent thinker…

          I’m sorry, but both parties have policies and ideals that contradict themselves… Makes no sense…

          • All well said, Ken. I knew from previous posts under other discussions that you and I thought similarly. Let’s hope that the populace begins to awaken from the spell that it’s been under the last four years, and we experience some change in the other direction after the next four years. Else, I don’t know if we’ll ever be what we once were…

          • @Ken J…

            I agree totaly. I think Reagan had even economics, but that is not the point. I agree with the idea of “talking big and bad” Look at Teddy Roosevelt… carried a big stick and had a relitively peacfull presidency.

            • “had even better economics”

    • I know what you’re saying leathercheerio. I get annoyed by the hundreds of e-mail notifications for some articles. Normally, I avoid commenting on those articles, but on occasion I do. And then I wonder, was that a response to me? Then, after sifting through 136 to 452 comments, I find out that it wasn’t. But, I’ve come to accept that as the way it is and for all the good articles and podcasts that SR give us, I suppose I can deal with spending the extra few minutes to find out if a comment was an actual reply to me.

      But the last few weeks, there seems to be excessively more “trolls” coming out. One was insulting someone’s mother. Another keeps using the word “hyperbole” over and over. And I do believe there has been an awkward discussion about equality among nations. Not to mention the countless people who think their opinion is fact about the portrayal of a certain character in a superhero movie. It has been a little unnerving for me, but I find it best to ignore those comments, and do some mass deleting of e-mails…or just unsubscribe from the particular thread.

      The best response to trolls is to send them here:

      BLATANT Self promotion of my blog. I am the ultimate troll!!!

      • I read your blog :-) I’m glad you understand.

        • Thank you.

          One down. 6.974 billion to go.

    • @Pedrosaurus

      Um, so lets discuss cell phone bills and roaming charges.

      • @Jeff W

        Forget that, once you get there speak to your local Thurn, for minimal payments you get access to a Thurn Medallion, then you just send a copy of yourself home on the weekends to say ‘Hi’ to the wife and kids.

        Jeff Waine, of Mars.