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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 20, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 20, 2013

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    • I’m picking up my advanced tickets for man of steel today for the midnight premier.

      • Nice! I can’t wait to see this movie! The latest trailer was shown in front of star trek and looked awesome in IMAX 3D

    • Speaking of MoS, what’s with the spoilers all over the internet about this movie already? It’s three weeks away still, and you can read virttually everything about it, every twist and surprise about it on-line. WHY? How does this keep happening with major films?

      Studios really need to start keeping tighter lids on their stories. I read one paragraph and feel like I’ve already seen it. It ruins it for fans.

      • With respect Mr. Stark… those things only exist if you go looking for them.

      • Yeah you must have searched the wrong thing cause i have seen nothing about it

        • @ Dr & Trey

          I wish that were true guys. I hate spoilers. I don’t read spoiler articles because I like to be surprised in the theater. Heck, most times I don’t even read the reviews before I see a movie, other than maybe the number of stars it recieved. The article title said nothing about spoilers, it was supposed to be a review of the trailer, not the film. That was not he case at all. It’s just disappointing.

          My bigger concern is, how does this happen? It happened with IM, and Star Trek. Now MoS too? I don’t know how this info gets out.

          • That is pretty insane, I don’t how people get the information out. The only Info I have seen was Jim Lee said a couple sentences about how he felt after seeing the movie.

          • Just imagine the huge number of people involved in making a film, the number has to be insane. It is nearly impossible to ensure that one of the smaller people who are occasionally on set or behind the scenes don’t anonymously leak what they know about the plot of a film.

      • Just read this quote on the latest Screen Rant article:

        “I think [being surprised by what's in a film is] a rare thing in our day and age where you have a super saturation of media over-publicizing every detail or spoilers in adverts or trailers. That’s what it should be about, going to the movies. It shouldn’t be about ticking off a list of, ‘Yeah, I heard that was going to happen.’”

        -Benedict Cumberbatch

        I totally get it. I’ve decided that I know far too many details about the MoS movie. No more character featurettes, behind the scenes set photos, cast interviews etc. for me. The next thing I learn about this movie, I’ll learn in the theaters on June 14 over an overpriced bucket of popcorn.

      • It’s just the sign of the times, sir! The internet will reveal all! I’ve personally taken a vow not to read any other MOS related articles, news etc until I’ve seen the film.

      • Unfortunately, the movie has been screened already for some people, and it’s probably some of those people who leaked the spoilers.

        If I could, I’d release Kahless of them.



    • For some reason I’ve been watching the third trailer over and over again today. And it is completely and utterly EPIC every single time.

      Man Of Steel is without a doubt my most anticipated movie of 2013.

      • @ The Avenger

        I don’t mind admitting that I have watched that trailer at least once a day since the day it came out.

        It’s like a cliff notes version of the Superman origin. Love it.

      • I watch it once a day until the 13th when my showing is lol

      • Honestly, that’s how you’re supposed to do a trailer, especially for a superhero movie.

        THE. BEST. EVER.

      • My most anticipated too and by a long shot.
        My most anticipated since Superman Returns.

        My impression is you prefer Marvel characters
        to DC so your anticipation does speak volumes.

    • I work at Walmart some, and it is like torture these days. Arround every turn is a poster for MOS, and the TV bank in the back is looping MOS trailers and featuretts. And I am constantly reminded… Still three More weeks… i think im going to start drinking. :)

      • For what it’s worth, I have to wait till the 28th of June to see the movie :( Count yourself lucky lol.

        • Thanks sir! Your compassion is a boon in such troubled times! :D

          I cant even remember what movie that is a quote from…

        • If I had the money Id fly you over to America so you can experience it the same time as everyone else! lol

          • Hahaha, thank you! :D

            Maybe Jeff could sell one of his cows to pay for a plane ticket or something.
            Eh, Jeff? Feeling charitable?
            There are people in Africa suffering, dammit!!!…. from blockbuster withdrawl!!

            • Sell one of my cows???


              One of my sisters…YES!

              • Haha Jeff that is hilarious :D

  2. oh and star trek was awesome!!

    • I really liked it, far more intresting story and marvel could have found a more interesting role for a great actor like pearce. But whatever it happened made money and thats all that matters

      • @ General McFluffernutter:

        Your name and icon remind me of a typical Saturday morning… 20 years ago.


        • I hope that’s a good thing.

          • I was thinking tony should have discussed his anxiety and ptsd was brought on by the thought that because of newyork/avengers he no longer thought of his armor as protection but a possible coffin. And that to be without it he feels unsafe, while in it he feels suffocated. Then say something that he can no longer be without the armor as its like they are one in the same. cue extremis.

  3. I’m starting to wonder if the villian for Avengers 2 could be a female. I bring this up because there is a female villian who could possibly be a perfect setup for Avengers 3,and nope it’s not the enchantress. How about the female space pirate Nebula. She has ties to Thanos even stating that he

    Maybe a potential spoiler

    Is her grandfather. Lots of history between her and the avengers as well as Thanos. Something to consider IMO.

    • It would be something new… i cant remember a movie with a female villain

      • My only problem with it is the imevitable “insert corny shouldnt hit a girl joke” it would be as cringeworthy as “im bringing the party to you”… “that doesnt look like a party”.. awful

        • I ment “i dont see how that is a party”

          • I think that was the worst line in the film. I don’t know what Whedon was thinking.

    • Depending on how close they follow the infinite guantlet story line, Nebulla is a necessity.

      I like how you think.

  4. I saw Star Trek over the weekend.

    In a word: Awesome!

    Great movie. Great story. Just over all covert well done. After seeing this, i really feel JJ is the right guy for Star Wars.

    I’m excited for Star Trek 3!

    • Im not cause jj wont be doing it

    • @ Stark

      Glad to hear your opinion on both star trek and star wars. I didn’t make it to the theater this weekend but I’ll be going first chance I get.

  5. So I finally picked up te mass effect trilogy. Already Havibg played 2 and 3 I kinda knew what to expect from 1. And so far I’m liking it. I’m a ps3 owner so I’ve never been able to play one before but so far I like it. It’s pretty similar to 2 as terms of gameplay. Looking forward to playing the whole saga again. Despite 3 having its flaws primarily the ending it’s still a fun and exciting game to play.

    Anyone else pick up the trilogy when it came out?

    Also got the mlb the show 13 finally and it’s awesome. Cool soundtrack.

  6. Was it just me or did Into Darkness have more of an episode feel than an epic story? The first film changed things… This one had an ending without a cliff hanger. Like… Tune in next week for another episide. The first one made you really want to see the second. The second made me wish that something bigger happened so that the third will have to pick up the pieces.

    • I dunno, I consider myself more of a casual Trek fan so a lot of the things that bothered the hardcore trekkies was stuff I really enjoyed. I thought the reverse rolls and parallel stuff to the original sequel was clever, even though I’ve seen it described as a lazy rehash.

      • I like this parallel take on the universe. I would love to see what they can do with TNG.

        • @ Leathercheerio

          Exactly. The parallel time lines idea is a very cool concept. The original time line stays intact, while the new one can go on without rewriting the history. Having Spock be the connecting link was very clever.

      • I am not a fan of the altered timeline myself.

        Keeping the true timeline does not preclude the
        revisiting of iconic characters and their story can
        be retold in a new fresh way and you have to look
        no further than Man Of Steel to see how that is done.

        • @ Robert Palmar,

          Hey, I never got the chance to thank you for responding to my question a while back about your posting format. I think it’s great that it’s your own thing. I always tell my students to strive to be unique, and you certainly prove the point!

          • Very kind of you to say, $2. Thank you!

    • I thought it had epic moments but like you said was very episodic.. is that a word idk i like it. Which isnt necessarly a problem for me

      • It’s not a problem but it definitely takes all the hype and washes it down the toilet.

    • I think the “cliffhanger” part came in the middle with the Kronos assault to capture “John Harrison”. I think that is the set up for the next sequel, at least that’s what I’m hoping. I don’t like the idea of it leaving off at the start of the five year exploration journey and the sequel just being some encounter of a new civilization. That would give it an episodic feel that I don’t think works for a film.

      • Agreed. The introduction of the Klingons is great.

    • @ L. Cheerio

      I kind of felt the same way at the end, but they did start their mission.

    • @leathercheerio

      Star Trek 2 to 4 are simply episodes of the same story, Search For Spock begins directly after Wrath of Khan. Then after they’ve found him, returned him to Vulcan and retrieved his chi (or whatever it’s called), ST 4 begins where 3 left off.

      So its not as if they haven’t done episodic ST films before, if the new one is that way, well it’s following a trend already set by the original cast.

      • I know that’s how they are. Those 3 movies are my favorite of the TOS films. The difference for me is that I wasn’t around to see them in theaters when they came out… so they were like episodes to me haha. I didn’t have to wait a few years to watch another one.

        I just wanted more, ya know. A spoiler or a tease to something next. There was a few. Klingons and the war, Khan being frozen not killed, and the 5 year journey. I was hoping that with Admiral Marcus’s stint, maybe there would be some huge war/conspiracy that was again “Universe altering”.

        • Out of ToS I would have to say my fav’s are 4 and 6.

          Khan was good simply because of the return of Ricardo Montalban, and even Kirsty Alley was rather good as a Vulcan.

          But 4 had everything right, it was fun and all the cast were included and given something to do. Watching McCoy and Scotty in the polymer factory was brilliant, Uhura and Chekov trying to find a ‘Nuclear Wessel’ was just hilarious!

          6 was a little more serious but again everyone had something to do and say, and it was still fun.

  7. How is it that Iron Man 3 is about to make more money than TDKR? lol

    • 3D upcharge…

      • Much broader marketing campaign, including convincing the Chinese audience that they would receive a special Chinese version of the film… which really only amounted to be about 8 minutes of product placement…according to them.

    • More appeal due to being more fun. That doom and gloom atmosphere of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy can be a bit of a drag at times.

    • 1.) Robert Downey Jr.
      2.) It’s a follow-up to “The Avengers”, which received mass praise even if you didn’t like it

  8. Those who have seen Traverse into insufficient light.

    Did anyone catch the meaning of Certain Big Space Ship acting like a submarine?

    Did it remind any of you of anything or anyone in particular?

    • Ancient Aliens on the History channel?

      • No not quite. But it does pay homage.

    • Enlighten me

      • Patience Padawan.

        Let see if any other people get what I am putting down.

        • Are you referring how it’s a nod to an original episode?

            • Does it have something to do with whales?

              • @Chiguy


    • G O D Z I L L A ! …….?

      • No, No Godzilla.

        • :(

    • SeQuest DSV?

      • Think about it.

        The ship rose from the ocean…the aliens looked at in great awe of it. They saw it fly into space.

        To them.


        • I never would have gotten that.

  9. Anyone have a prediction on how much man of steel will make on its opening weekend.

    • I’m guessing about tree-fitty.

      … in fact, could anyone spare around tree-fitty? I need about tree-fitty…

    • 140 million

    • About 150-175 Million.

      But it will not be opening alone. So there will be other movies to see it. Which is one of the things that bug me about it. If you have a movie of this caliber, why position it on a week that sandwiches it between big movie openings?

      • It isn’t sandwiched between big movies… the week before is the internship which will do well enough but nothing that will do any damage when it’s second week comes around. The week after is Monsters University which should do some damage, but not anymore than say Gatsby or Star Trek did to ironman. Man of Steel is in a great position if you ask me

        • World War Z comes out the week after.

          • and? nothing has shown me that World War Z will be anything besides a big flop. I will call Man Of Steel wins the box office for 3 weeks, only to be eclipsed in week 4 by Despicable Me 2

            • It will be a successful Flop.

              The Zombie Fans have been waiting a long time for a primed Zombie Movie, and this is it. Brad Pitt in the lead, more Women will be willing to go to see World War Z, Then Man of Steel.

              That is what is sad, if you think about it. Man of Steel is more geared for comic book geeks which are primarily male, where Brad Pitt is more alluring to Women, so with that said…My Wife wants to see World War Z, My Sisters want to see World War Z, MY MOM Wants to see World War Z. Man of Steel, really does not appeal to them.

              WORLD WAR Z Good Date Movie.

    • I’m thinking around $150 to 165 million on its opening weekend.

    • $1 Bob. I really think domestically it will do better than IM3. Opening weekend… Including sneak peak passes and such… 200 million.

    • $170 million maybe?

      All I know is, it’ll be a smash-hit worldwide. It may be a little premature to say this (seeing as how the marketing campaign hasn’t fully kicked into gear yet), but I think MoS could end up with a higher total gross than TDKR.

      • It has totally kicked into gear, its harder for people internationally to tell, but it has been all over the NBA Playoffs using Man of Steel in monologues with the athletes. It is stupid but it gets the word out to the millions of people watching the games every day. Not to mention I see a tv spot on almost every channel.

        • Using the NBA Playoffs.

          Not a good Barometer. NBA Playoff first round and routinely down, unless you live in Miami or San Antonio.

          For the most part, NBA flip flops with NHL Playoffs to much to be of a major concern. NHL actually has a fanbase more geared towards Man of Steel.

          When I was out with friends Saturday night, we got to talking about Man of Steel.

          Most part it went. It Looks great. I am going to go see it. But it still Superman. Has to be more than just Superman beating up the bad guy and watching him lift heavy things. It is all about, believing the actor playing Superman, than Superman himself.

          • > NHL actually has a fanbase more geared towards Man of Steel.

            Uh, I have no idea where you got this. I am NOT an NHL fan, am an NBA fan, and love/want to see MOS.

            > Has to be more than just Superman beating up the bad guy and
            > watching him lift heavy things.

            Um, I’m pretty sure it’s more than about that. Did you not catch the theme, about 2 fathers, outcasts becoming something more in society, etc.?

            > It is all about, believing the actor playing Superman, than
            > Superman himself.

            So, you’re not a fan of Henry Cavill?

            • NHL Fans, are the key demographic for Man of Steel.

              NBA Fans, Wont be going to see Man of Steel with the Finals about to take shape.

              NHL Fans, the interest for the Stanley Cup is not that high.

              NBA Fans, stay home during playoffs, NHL Fans go to movies.

              Henry Cavil, never seen one of his movies, were any of them good?

              • NBA fan.

                Will be at MoS opening night.


                  I am an NBA Fan, though as of late, their salary scale is so stupid it is not even funny.

                  • No, its just a foregone conclusion that my team is going to win the playoffs. And isnt this what they made DVR for?

                    • Heat fan huh.

              • > NHL Fans, are the key demographic for Man of Steel.
                > NBA Fans, Wont be going to see Man of Steel with the Finals
                > about to take shape.
                > NHL Fans, the interest for the Stanley Cup is not that high.
                > NBA Fans, stay home during playoffs, NHL Fans go to movies.

                These are rather broad generalizations, and are not necessarily true. I’ll leave it at that.

                > Henry Cavil, never seen one of his movies, were any of them
                > good?

                Cavil, no. Cavill, yes.

              • @ Jeff W

                Cavil was in the Immortals oppisite Mickey Rourke and was ok. That is really the only thing of note that he was in. He was in some other things, but they were not well recieved.

                I’m not sure if he is Superman yet. I was completely sold on Brandon Routh as Superman in the trailers for Superman Returns, until the movie opened and he spoke more than a few lines. That was awful.

                Superman/Clark Kent is an iconic role, one that can make or break a career (see Brandon Routh), and personally, I’m not convinced Cavill can pull it off. I’m taking a wait and see atitude.

  10. Okay, here is a task for you guys. Name 3 episodes of Star Trek – The Original Series that could convince someone to watch the whole show who likes all the Trek movies and all the Trek shows from Next Generation to Enterprise, but who is reluctant to watch the Original Series, because he’s a bit of a philistine when it comes to the acting, the costumes, the sets and the effects of anything made before 1975. Ironically enough he is a history teacher. :D

    • Amok Time, Space Seed and Where No Man has gone before.

      • Balance of Terror, Trouble with Tribbles, The Enterprise Incident

        • Take out the Enterprise Incident and put in City on the Edge of Forever

          • Good selection guys, thank you.

    • Are you referring to me? Haha. Ive seen few episodes of TOS. I’ve read them though.

      • Hehe, no, I was referring to a good friend and old Air Force buddy of mine. ;)

    • Actually figure out the shows from the above lyrics…

      • It’s a trick question: Every single one of those shows is “Jem and the Holograms” right?

        • LMAO

          I was thinking about Jem, but I never watched it. My sisters did.

      • “Jayce and the wheeled warriors”


        “Willy Fogg: Around the world in 80 days”

        “Defenders of the Earth”


        • Oh so close…But not Defenders of the Earth.

        • No, Not Willy Fogg either.

    • This weekend:

      Picked up An American Werewolf in London DVD for one buck at a yard sale! The transformation scene still makes me cringe today.

      Ran in a muddy 10k race and broke my course PR (personal record)!

      Finished watching the first season of Young Justice. I’m really enjoying the writing, like the character development and the conflicts that arise among the group. It’s also fun watching it with my daughter. To her, Dr. Fate is Dr. Faith, and Artemis is Green Arrow Girl. We start season two tonight!

      • @ Jeff W,

        How’d I end up here? Sorry! Since I’m here, I think you mention Josie and the Pcats and Funky Phantom. Correct?

        • AHA! I kept getting blocked as spam in response to Jeff W’s post and realized that I had to edit the word for P-ssycats.

        • @$2

          DING DING DING.

    • um…. um…. OPTIMUS PRIME!! no that is wrong..

    • Bluestreak



      Cliffjumper (But he wasn’t a VW)





      Ultra Magnus



      • Motormaster

        • Powerglide. (I was thinking it was a car)

        • Starscream was red, white and blue. With White being the primary. This one had Blue as the Primary with red as the detail.

          • Thundercracker.

        • I have to disagree. Cliffjumper was a small super deformed hatchback of some kind. At least he is supposed to be. I have a G1 version of him in yellow. I think the toy factories randomly mixed up the colours for cliffjumper and jazz. That’s probably why you’d get red beetles. In the G1 cartoon he is not a beetle but a little hatchback

              • Those aren’t G1. I’m sure there are red vw Cliffjumper toys out there, but officially and in the cartoon and comics CJ is not a beetle.

                Maybe the US had red VW Cliffjumpers?

                • Which year transformers are we talking about. I am Generation 1 1984.

                  • G1 1984. I’m 36. I was there right at the beginning, so I know more about this era than later TF stuff.

                    This explains it….


                    Generation 1 Mini-Car Cliffjumper (1984)

                    One of the retroactively-called ‘Pre-Transformer’ toys, the Cliffjumper mold was originally designed and released in 1983 in Japan by Takara as part of the Micro Change subset of their Microman line.[12] The toy was designated simply `1981 ‘Porsche 924′ (MC-01). Its “stubby” vehicle mode proportions were designed to resemble Takara’s Choro-Q toyline (Penny Racers in the US). Following Hasbro’s licencing of Takara toys for sale in the US, ‘Cliffjumper’ was released with the first wave of Transformers in 1984. A second side effect of the use of Takara overstock was that of a similar MicroChange mold (MC-02 Mazda Familia 1500 XG in yellow) being placed on Cliffjumper packaging. This toy was sometimes also found on Bumblebee cards, leading to fans referring to the character as Bumblejumper (BUMBLEbee + cliffJUMPER). The name was later officially shortened by Transformer fiction to simply Bumper. Cliffjumper was later remolded into the Series 3 mini-bot Hubcap.

                    • I still have you beat by 9 years in age.


                      Wait, that not even remotely funny.

          • oops. Not “Jazz”, I meant Bumblebee

          • That was a reissue of the 1984 version. Different style because they used another mold. The Original Generation 1, he was souped up VW.

            • I had him in the original run in the early 80′s and so did my friends. He wasn’t a beetle. The re-issue is an exact re-issue of the original toy. Any red VWs are manufacturing variants. Why would the re-issue a toy that didn’t exist.

              I’m sure the one you had was a variant beetle, while the official one was supposed to be a hatchback. Remember, these were based on Takara’s original toys and all the US ones were re-issues to an extent. It was Hasbro that came up with all the character names etc…

              • I do. The point of the VW Is, there were no other sports cars out there, and since Cliffjumper and Bumblebee had the same mold, only with spoiler for cliffjumper, he was orignally a beetle, then change it around third season of Transformers.

                It is one of those quirks, as why is there a Cliff Jumper Camaro. When he could have been any other car.

                • It’s not the same mould. Look at the feet. They are smooth with a sports vent with no headlights, while Bumblebee’s has bulging wings with headlights and a ribbed beetle hood.

                  It’s all just manufacturing variants. These were the cheapy TF toys, so they didn’t really worry about correct product colour and packaging.

                  • See the other link.

                    Sad thing, they beat all of the transformers, I mean I have like 10 Optimus Primes.

                • I had the first episode of Tranformers “Arrival from cybertron” on VHS and Cliff jumper was always a different car to Bumblebee right from the get go.

                  • Yeah, he looked like a beetle with a spoiler and shades and redone hood.

                    I am sorry, but it always struck me as a Beetle.

                    • It is confusing because they actually made yellow cliffjumpers and passed them off as Bumblebee and vise versa. The thing is if you had a variant as a kid that’s just how you remember it being.

                      It’s one of those little things that means collectors have to get multiple versions of each so they’ve got the complete collection. But I suppose thats why the collectors find it so interesting. (^-^)

        • Motormaster was the stunticons leader. They combined to make Menasor.


          Oh. wait. I don’t think he was a tanker. He was a black truck/lorry with a grey trailer.

          • If it’s not him the I’m stuck and you have deeated me. :(

            • *defeated*

  11. Am I the only one excited for Man of Steel for everyone else besides Superman? not to take away from what I have seen from Cavill, but lets be honest here. Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner and Michael Shannon they are the reason I am going in the seats. I hope they have a nice arc relating to his fathers so they both get ample screen time. Along with a memorable villain which I am sure Shannon will do.

    • Everything about this movie is good. Cast, writer, producer, director, etc.

  12. I saw Into Darkness and I liked it but there were “issues” with it. One of my biggest hurdles to get over is a plot line that I am tired of. The bad guy wants to get caught and it’s all part of his plan. I said after the Avengers that I was done with this idea and people need to get away from it. Apparently JJ didn’t get the memo in time. Now that the wheels are turning over at Paramount for Star Trek 3, I would like to put my top 5 list of plot lines they should stay away from.

    1. Time travel – you already did time travel to setup this universe, no need to go back and hit time travel again.
    2. Satellite that comes back to earth to destroy it unless someone figures out who to communicate to it. They did this in the original Star Trek film and they did it in the Search for Spock. No more please
    3. Clones – No clones please
    4. Super weapons to destroy the earth, done it to death
    5. Again, bad guy gets caught a part of his plan

    I’m sure there are many more that we can all come up with but this is my 2 cents. I am going to try and have faith that they will pull a good team together and get a good movie written. From the clues you see in Darkness, I would say that Kirk and crew should have an encounter with the Klingons and that should be a good starting off point. Put these guys in space and have them encounter a situation with the Kilingons the defines the relationship. Either bring them together to defeat a common enemy or make this the start of the war. Just be sure that the villain isn’t a time traveling clone that gets caught as part of his plan to seal a super weapon to destroy a satellite that is going to destroy his homeland. That’s all I ask.

    • *the movie

  13. Star Trek was arguably a much better film than IM3 but does not appear to be able to match it in box office.
    Will MoS suffer the same fate and why or why not?
    Did IM3 live off the frenzy that was IM1 and IM2 and Avengers?
    How much will MoS live off the shadow of Batman?
    Will Marvel continue to clean up at the box office for this reason?

  14. What should star trek 3 be about?

    • Start off with some exploration (finally) and then have a Klingon Bird of Prey attack the Enterprise, starting the Federation/Klingon War.

  15. Well it has always seemed that since the movies are a big thing that they almost need to have an overarching theme that addresses something or incorporates a big issue of the day. Both Into Darkness and IM3 had terrorism issues that were incorporated into their stories to one extent or another. So perhaps a future issue will come up to spark a story or lay at the core of a good movie. Star Trek was supposed to be about discovery so maybe a part of the story should be about actually discovering something.

    What if they came upon a planet that was a giant wish machine but as the story progresses one of the crew makes a wish so big it threatens to destroy the entire galaxy and the Enterprise must stop it? The third act could be about all the things they try but fail to get to work…

  16. Again… the adding of the embeds to the comments section of ANY article on SR is deadly to a cell phones web browser. Please just add a link LOL!

  17. What movie was your biggest letdown ever? (Apart from the Star Wars Episode I)
    A movie that when you first heard was going to happen made you so excited that you were there 1st in line on opening day…. And then it sucked!!!!

    • The Avengers

    • “Son of the Mask”

      I’ve always been fan of the original film and the Dark Horse comic book series so I figured when I saw it in theaters opening day (2005, so I was 10), it was going to add more to the mythos.

      Sadly, it was worse than the original in nearly every way. Even the special effects weren’t on par, even if Jim Carrey’s facial talent was a major handicap in the first film.

      But what bugged me most of all is the fact that they could wear The Mask DURING THE DAY! It was made a clear fact that it only works at night because Loki was a night god.

    • Which came out first: Spiderman 3 or X-Men 3? Doesn’t matter, both sucked.