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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 10, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 10, 2013

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  1. What do you guys think of the idea of a Booster Gold movie? If it was made before a Justice League would you rush out and see it or wait a while? If you would see it who should play him? Do you think that a Booster Gold movie should even be made?

    • I love Booster Gold but NOONE outside of a few thousand really hardcore fans would even see the thing. It’s hilarious to even suggest a BG standalone movie. I do love the idea that it seems MoS is going to really push the fact that it’s the first “DC shared universe” movie by referring to even the most obscure characters in such a upfront manner.

    • @ Writer

      Booster who…..??

      Sounds like the name of an exotic child car seat……..

      A movie based on this character would not do well. Nobody knows or cares who he is outside of a few comic book fans. There are bigger, more promenent charters that need their own movie waaaaaay before the Golden one gets one, if he does at all.

      If WB/DC make this movie before, let’s say a half way decent GL movie, or a WW, or Flash movie it will just continue to prove they are clueless and have no direction whatsoever.

    • I like the idea but it’s far from priority. I would go see it. Chris Evans would’ve been perfect for it. Non big actor… Maybe the guy in White Collar?

    • I personally am fine with WB making the movie (if they do) and I really don’t think people wouldn’t see it because they don’t know who it is. If you look at the success of Iron Man (1) you’ll see that fans from the comics went to go see it, fans or Robert Downey jr. went to see it and just plain old super hero fans went to see it.

      If WB used this method (and I don’t mean have a similar universe that is just like the Avengers) then they would get an already famous actor, please the Booster Gold fans and give more hints about other heroes. Maybe since WB is working on the Justice League this could be that keeps us satisfied until the Justice League. These are just my thoughts on the subject but I probably wouldn’t like the movie because I don’t like Booster’s arrogance.

  2. Since nobody replied to my post on the Iron Man 3 review/spoilers discussion, I try it again.

    Am I the only one who spotted the Star Wars reference in Iron Man 3?

    • i havent seen it yet, but i have a question for you; is it as good as im1 or as lame as im2…or somewhere in the middle? PLZ no spoilers… im fan!

      • ummm… Vic? i just need to know… are everyone’s comments being moderated or is it just me? i’d TOTALLY understand if it was just me(given my swearing problem), but still id like to know… :(

        • @Mak – I think it was something with your username. I believe I’ve corrected the issue but if it continues to happen please feel free to email me – – and I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Paul?Vic?its happening again…

            • @mak – ah ha! I figured it out. It’s your email address. We’ve set that particular word to automod because of spoiler potential for an upcoming film.

              It’ll all work itself out next weekend. I’ll just have to approve your comments for a little while.

              Paul Young – Moderator

            • okay… this really isnt your problem but you seem like a techie and i need your help;
              see, i just created a yahoo account so that i could create a when i tried logging on to FB what kept on happening was that i was coming up as a fake user-for my FB-they asked me for my ph# multiple times so that they could send me a confirmation code. it didnt work. when they finally DID send me a conf. code it was to my yahoo, so when i tried to enter my number again to log on they wouldnt let me go ahead to where im supposed to enter my conf. code, saying that they had already sentthe conf. code but it wouldnt work. the FB help center was no use…. can YOU help me? any1 else know what to do? your welcome to help…. PLEASE!!!

              • Get rid of yahoo. Get a new, different e-mail adress, then it should work. I never had any problems loggin into Facebook.

      • It´s not as original as the first one, but it´s way better than the second one (which is still pretty good IMO). People complain about the “twist”, but once you´ve grown a custom to it, you´ll find it hilarious. And even though Stark is barely Iron Man, it´s still fun to watch, because the film makes you care about it´s characters.

        • Best line (and this is not really a spoiler, since I don´t mention who says who):

          #1: “They helped me with my drug habit.”
          #2: “They helped you quit?”
          #1: “They gave me more!”

          • *who says what

            Man, Vic! We really need an edit button!

          • If I recall it correctly, one line I liked in IM3 is “I loved you in A Christmas Story.”

            • Another one of my favorite lines:

              Terrorist: “Nice watch.”
              Stark: “It´s a limited edition.”

      • @ MAK

        It was very good, not as good as IM1, but really, what is. I recommend seeing it twice to catch all of the little nuances here and there.

      • Id say in the middle just my opinion

    • @ Scapegoat

      I missed it, what was it?

      • Attention! This comment contains [b]MINOR[b/] IRON MAN 3 spoilers!

        In one scene, Stark sits on the ground (not in the suit; after an attack) and one of the Iron Man helmets rolls towards him. Stark can´t move and watches as the face plate falls off. The he sighs, kinda like he was expecting to see his own face in the helmet, just as Luke Skywalker did in Empire Strikes Back.

        • *then

        • Scapegoat


          Dang it, knew I felt something familiar about that shot.

    • This has piqued my interest…saw it twice and dont think i noticed what you did…

    • @Scapegoat

      I thought the same thing in that scene as well.

      • Since your name includes ‘Vader’, that doesn´t surprise me. After that scene, I looked around in the cinema and no one seemed to notice. And I was like “What the f*ck, guys?! Really? Not a single person?”

        The SW prequels have ruined a whole generation of moviegoers.

        • Haha yea I’m a huge star wars fan as well as a DC & Marvel fan. I have a question to ask you scape since you’ve already seen iron man 3.

          —Warning possible spoilers for iron man 3—

          At the end of IM3 did you pick up on the reference to GOTG. I first suspected when the kid was telling stark about how his dad. I thought to myself is this supposed to be star lord, it really got me thinking. I’m fairly new to GOTG having only recently picked up the title.

          • I´m not familiar with the GOTG myself, but I don´t think there was a reference…

    • i saw your post earlier and i didn’t make the connection when i fist saw it.

  3. Hey guys who’s reading what in te new 52?

    I just finished the court of owls and ill follow that bat story like but I just ordered

    Nightwing volume 1
    Supergirl volume 1
    Justice league origins volume 1
    The green arrow volume 1
    Batgirl volume 1

    Which superman new 52 shoul I read? And are the ones I already ordered any good?

    Also picked up superman earth 1 volume 2.
    And the all new xmen volume 1.

    • you should TOTALLY read the all new x men…its pretty epic!!! :D

    • I am reading:

      Justice League Dark

      Suicide Squad


      Justice League (I am mainly reading it for Shazam)

      Justice League of America

      These are the ones I pick up every now and then. I don’t have a comic shop near by so I wait and buy them in bulk. I recommend all of them but the best is (in my opinion) is Justice League Dark.

    • Green Lantern: Vol 1
      Batman: Night of Owls saga
      WW: vol 1
      Justace league: Vol 1&2
      Flash: Vol 1

      Basically what my Library has :(

      No comic store near me… (that I know of)

      • Yeah I have no comic store anywhere near me either and my local Barnes and nobles is fairly small with a limited graphic novel section :/
        I usually remember about comics when in browsing amazon lol

    • Check out Action Comics, we get to see Superman “grow”. I think it’s good.

    • I need to pick up the death in the family storyline.

      • death IN the family. or death OF the family?

      • *death of the family

        • hey guys thanks next time i buy some comics in bulk ill definetly check some of these out.

    • Batman
      Teen titans
      and many others but you definitely need to check out Red Hood and the Outlaws. Awesome. And I agree with MAK, New X-Men is a great idea with a great story.

    • I’m reading:

      Batman Beyond
      *Animal Man
      *Frankenstein, AOS
      *Justice League Dark

      *Written by Jeff Lemire, who is, to me, an excellent writer you shouldn’t miss. If I had to choose one, I’d pick Animal Man. Besides the story, the artwork in it (and FAOS as well) is wildly imaginative. I also just read The Underwater Welder by Lemire and thought it was an excellent character-driven story.

      Also, check out Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray by Image Comics. The first issue was fantastic and fun pulp. Gray is an adventurer possessed by the spirits of Sherlock Holmes, Miyamoto Musashi, Merlin, Robin Hood, and Dracula. A fun read (so far) with good artwork.

      Has anyone read Frank Cho’s Savage Wolverine comics? I wanted to pick it up but have heard that while the artwork is great, the story is weak.

  4. Question for the Screen Ranters.

    You are given the task of creating a New Star Trek Show or Movie.

    Do you go TOS TNG, OR Abramverse.
    Do you make it Action based with a sense of humor.
    Do you make it with an edge like the re imagined Battlestar Galactica.

    • I’d create a new timeframe but use the Abramverse as a guiding point. I’d start it 500 years after the 09′ movie. It would be primarily set in that timeframe but have to talk or use a lot of references of the last 500 years. This way it will bring in all audiences. Ones that want to know what happened and ones that want to see where it goes and why.

      • I also meant to add that I’d make it a TV series so its more character drawn. It would take place on the Enterprise. Model S by now lol. I would also want to create a 2nd show that would air on a different day. This 2nd show would be in the same timeframe but completely based at Starfleet HQ on Earth. It would interact with the show on the Enterprise so they both co exist.

    • I´d go with TNG, because I always wanted a sequel to Star Trek X. I hated Abrams´ reboot. It was nothing like the ST I grew up with. It was just an action movie that happened to be set in space. And from what I´ve read so far, the new one is just like that.
      Of course there´s a need for some action, but keep the space travel priority. Maybe add some new characters.

    • @ Jeff W

      Okay TNG (The Next Generation) movie.

      I would reboot it like Abrams but have more drama and action would be present similar to his stuff. Here is a list of people I would want to play the characters. (Some I though were funny to put in there.)

      Quinton Jackson – Worf

      Tom Hardy – Jean-Luc Picard

      Jennifer Morrison – Tasha Yarr

      Morris Chestnut – Geordi La Forge

      Logan Lerman – Wesley Crusher

      Anne Hathaway – Deanna Troi

      Rebecca Mader – Beverley Crusher

      Mathew Fox – William T. Riker

      Joseph Levitt – Data

    • @ Jeff W

      I go Abramverse, to tie it to the movies, and base it on the inter workings of Starfleet. Action would be a must, but I would not dedicate it to just one ship or one crew, but rather have a series of ships and crews play out diffrent plot lines and twists throughout the series, all tied back to the main characters at Starfleet.

      • @ Jeff W

        Oh, and I wouldn’t have any lens flares!

        • @ Stark

          Whats wrong with the lens flares? I don’t get why people are so bothered by it. It really didn’t bother me but could you explain why you don’t like it?

          • The Problem with lensflares

            Nothing while on a planet.
            Problem with it in space.

            You mean to tell me, the camera guy got a lens flare in space?
            That is what bugs me, Closing shot of the Enterprise in 09, the beauty shot so to speak.

            LENS FLARE…Where there shouldnt be any in space, unless you are between a planet and a sun, and as light has to reach the focal point, that is what bugs me about lens flare.

            • There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and nonsensical light, between criticism and praise, and it lies between the pit of man’s gripes and the summit of his common sense. This is the dimension of J.J. Abrams. It is an area which we call…

              The Lens Flare Zone

            • Hm… why shouldn’t there be any lens flares in space? All you need is a lens and a bright light source somewhere in front of the camera (not necessarily in view). Since they were in a star system and backlit in every scene that had lens flare I don’t see where the problem is.

          • Here, is an article of about Lensflares and how JJ Sums them up.

            • Would have helped if I put the link in


              • @ Jeff W

                I still don’t have a problem with it but okay I can see your reasoning now.

              • Your lack of URL adding made me laugh pretty hard. Nothing like trying to prove a point and failing before you can even get the point across.

                • @LeatherCheerio


                  I am entitled to blonde moments.

                  • Trying to use the adjective “blonde” in order to distract from being a senior, are you? :D

                    • @Jeff W

                      Let me do the honors for you (I will be 50 and feeling ancient on the day MOS is released, and I have some grey hair sprouting in the beard)



          • @ Writer

            Jeff W pretty much summed up my feelings on lens flares.

            Plus, they’re bright, and my sunglasses don’t fit well over the 3D glasses. :)

    • I would stick with the Abramverse, but have Starfleet actually explore the galaxy. I love action as much as the next guy but I don’t like it when it changes what the story is suppose to be about.

      And another thing that been bothering me; since this is a whole new timeline, and Spock-prime has all sorts of technical knowledge from the future, why can’t he just give Starfleet plans for transwarp drive, multiphasic shields and the torpedoes that Enterprise E uses? Since his timeline is gone, it’s only….logical. :-P

  5. Either way, I,d make it animated.

    • Whoops. That was a reply to jeff W’s Star Trek question.

  6. Picked up a copy of superman unbound on Blu-ray and really enjoyed it. The animation could’ve been better imo. All in all it’s a great addition to my growing library of DC animated films. I can’t wait for justice league: the flashpoint paradox to release.

    • I pre order all them on Amazon so it gets shipped to me day of release. I also liked the movie. Good story. The animation was unique from all the rest but it grew on me. Are you going to check out the lego one as well? I pre ordered it also lol.

      • I agree with you about the animation, as for the lego one you mentioned I saw the trailer and may possibly pick it up. It had me laughing towards the end of the trailer where sups is carrying bats.

  7. After extremely enjoying “Bates Motel”, would anyone just love it if after the show is over (whenever that may be), they went on to do a new “Psycho” remake (that isn’t shot-for-shot) with Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates?

    That’ll never happen, but I would be first in line if that did :D

  8. I just heard the most disturbing news… Robert Pattinson is playing John Constantine in the movie Dark Universe which is being directed by Guillermo del Toro… At least that is what a friend told me. Please someone tell me this is a hoax! I don’t want Twilight to conquer the DC universe.

    • That’d the first I’ve heard. I didn’t think Keanu Reeves could do it either but he was fantastic in it. Give the kid a chance.

      • I saw Cosmopolis and despite the movie being underwhelming, his performace was good.

  9. It dawned on me.

    I have not seen Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi in 20 years. In anyway shape or form, or any edition.

    In fact, the boxset has never been opened.

    I avoid it on TV and it hardly ever comes on prenium Channels

    • I don’t blame you. I got the blu ray set for xmas 2 yrs ago. Still in the wrapping. Aa for my Star Trek blu ray box sets. Watch them all the time. Watched Search for Spock yesterday.

      • HOLY CRAP!

        Last time I saw Episodes IV V AND VI, they were on VHS, Had not come out on DVD Yet!

        • dude you are well preserved!

          • well preserved here being spelled ANCIENT :D

            btw, what is a VHS?!?!?!?!


            • You best be joking, because you have now moved up on the nerve list!


              I give up…Being old sucks! lol

              • Lol, yep I joke.

                I still own a VHS player, so im not one to talk… :(

            • I am ending this now.

              My First Video Game Was Pong, followed by the Atari 2600.
              My First Computer was a TRS-80 Model 1.
              Our first VCR Weighed 30 lbs.
              There were dials on our TV Sets. And we had a Sonic Clicker
              My First car, used had an 8 Track deck.
              My First Car new, had a cassette deck.
              I was awake when MTV First came on the air.
              I was sleep on the couch watching TV when news broke out that Regan had been shot.
              I remember the Pilot Episode of 6 Million Dollar Man, Dukes of Hazzard, Greatest American Hero.
              I Had GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip, I had the Evel Knievel Jumpset.
              I remember when MASH Went off the Air.
              I remember the last episode of Gunsmoke.
              I was watching TV When the Orbiter Enterprise rolled out, with the cast of Star Trek was in attendance.
              I used a full Phone Booth, closed the door to make a call, but putting in a dime.

              And Last……..I used Rotary Dial to make phone calls!

              • LOL!!! Oh yeah? I Listened to the last episode of Gunsmoke (on the radio)… AND my car STILL has a cassette player!

                • Oh yeah thats right! I used a rotary dail too once!

                  • Back in the day, the farm had to use a Party Line, which means. More than one house shared the phone lines.

                    • Now that Sir, is just plain cool! I have heard about party lines, but never talked to someone who actually had one.

                • “AND my car STILL has a cassette player!”

                  Well, there´s two options.
                  1. You´re f*cking old.
                  2. You´re f*cking broke.

                  • My car has a cassette deck and it was only built in 2005. Bloody cheap arse Fiat. :(

                  • I am neither. The car is vintage and there is nothing f*cking about me.

                • my wifes ’03 venture has a tape deck and cd, but i replaced the stereo with one from my old vehicle that plays mp3 cd’s

              • @ Jeff,

                Steve Austin.
                A man barely alive.

                I still have my Pong and Atari 2600! Nothing beats the three-on-three football. Run off the right side of the screen and return on the left side for a touchdown! Remember Demon Attack or Spider Fighter? Pitfall and Yars’ Revenge?

                I took the family to some yard sales a few weeks ago and found one guy selling his ColecoVision (in the box), eighteen games (in the boxes), and super controllers (also in the box). When I asked him how much, he shrugged and said, “Ten bucks?” After I almost fainted, I paid him and brought them home, reliving the fun times I had as a kid. And now my kids play all the games with me, which makes it much more fun.

                • @$2

                  Way cool!

                  I wish I could find a deal like that…10 BUCKS!

              • These are suppose to be unusual things? Oh Lord, I am old!

                And you forgot sitting on the floor watching the first moon landing

                Actually going OUTSIDE to play

                Getting spanked by your teachers

                A color TV had a color palette over the black and white



                • @ Kahless the Unforgettable

                  I am not old and I lived in a small town where teachers would still spank the students all the way up until they were in high school.

                  I went “OUTSIDE” to play… (In the forests of Cyrdodill.) But seriously I did my fair share of outside stuff.

                  I seen the first moon landing. (On youtube and that was a year ago so it may not count.)

                  I had a black and white TV for the first 6 years of my life.

                • i was only 2 during the moon landing (or faking, depends on who you talk to)

                  • The latter depends on talking to someone usually under the age of 35, who has a fairly tragic relationship with the sciences and deductive reasoning… ;-)

          • @SuperEdje101

            You are so taxing my 1,456,875,239th Nerve!

  10. Finally watched Jack Reacher last night. and i really enjoyed it. Really hope they make a sequel.

    In other news, all my favorite TV shows end next week! Arrow, Elementary and Doctor Who.

    that leaves me with just Revolution and Defiance which im not really enjoying either that much.

    But on June 9th Falling Skies returns so cant wait for that.

    • I also watched jack reacher last night and enjoyed it as well and also agree on some the shows ending. I’m also glad falling skies is returning. I thought it had been cancelled.

    • Loved Jack Reacher!

      However, after reading all of the Reacher series (in the two months following my seeing the movie) I did wonder why they chose one of the more morring storylines to adapt. there are plenty of others that would have made better films… take for instance the book where he is liaisoned with the “army-for-hire”. would have been a mindblowing film!

      Also Tom Cruise is kinda sucky.

  11. Has anyone heard anything about Teranova getting picked up by Netflix?

    • I would LOVE Terra Nova to come back. it had a bumpy first season but was still really enjoyable. I actually liked it better than Falling Skies. But i havent heard anything on netflix picking it up. Kickstarter maybe? haha. i think they would need a pretty big budget to bring that show back.

  12. hey guys ive been thinking about dr strange a lot recenty and the inevitable movie and how about andrew lincoln for strange/

    i know hemight be too old by the time the film actually comes out but i think he would be a fantastic choice

    • not bad really. my personal pick will always be Timothy Olyphant though :)

      • Mine would be either Hugh Laurie or Pierce Brosnan.

    • Hey, did anyone else feel like they missed a chance to reference Dr. Strange in IM3 as the doctor who removed Tony’s shrapnel? And, you know…actually treating it like a complicated, risky procedure and not a nonchalant throw away scene.

  13. Did star trek release overseas or something?

    • Yes.

      • son of a!
        I was hoping it wasnt going to.

        • Yes, I´m a son of a… But I haven´t seen it. And I don´t plan to. I hated the first one.

  14. Is the “notify me” feature not working for anybody else? I am still getting a notifier for all the messages.

  15. Behold…

    I have revealed myself

    • Not in the local park in front of jogging women and children I hope!?

      • Duh dun, tssssh…

        lol, the avatar ;)

        • Cool! Who is it?

          • Me!

            • Again, cool! Are we all doing reveals? I would if Jeff W and The Avenger did it first, :)

              • Now THAT would be awesome!

              • I like my avatar too much. If someone wants to stalk my life, they can follow my twitter LOL.


  16. Maybe this has been asked before, but what are your top 5 robots/artificial intelligences from movies, TV, books, or comic books? (No cyborgs.)

    Although this is a hard one, for me:

    1. R2D2
    2. Hal 9000
    3. Wall-E
    4. Marvin the Paranoid Android
    5. Tom Servo

    • Nomad (McCoy: That unit is a woman, Nomad: A mass of conflicting impulses)

      OK, with a name like Kahless, would you expect anything else. :-)

    • @ Azra

      1. P.R.O.X.Y

      2. Data

      3. IG-86

      4. Bishop (Aliens)

      5. Clutzy

    • In no particular order:

      1. HAL 9000
      2. Colossus (from both the titular book and its movie adaptation The Forbin Project: arguably James Cameron’s source for the idea of Skynet)
      3. The inept robot cops from George Lucas’s THX 1138
      4. Yul Brynner as the Gunslinger in Westworld
      5. The replicants in Blade Runner

      Honourable mentions to Gort in The Day The Earth Stood Still; Robbie in Forbidden Planet; QT1 in the Reason short story collected in Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot; Huey, Dewey and Louey in Silent Running; Ash in Alien; Call-Me-Kenneth in the Judge Dredd Robot Wars storyline.

      Horrible mention to AM in Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream (vindictive cousin of Colossus).

    • 1 K.I.T.T
      3 GRIMLOCK
      4 LORE
      5 HYMIE

      • Hmmm let me see if this robot caused the moderation problem


    • So I looked up the definition of cyborg. Just to make clear it says: A fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities become superhuman by mechanical elements built into the body. — That means an altered human being, right?

      1. Data
      2. T-1000
      3. Hunter/Killer
      4. Destroyer
      5. Megatron

  17. robot, from lost in space
    robbie the robot, (and when he made his appearance with the above)
    sasquatch, from six million dollar man, cause that just freaked me out back then!

    • …or does that last one count as a cyborg?

      • No, you’re right: he was an alien robot. Pretty freaky I agree!

    • @Jeffro

      B-9, Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot

  18. heard anything about the shield show yet anyone?

    • 1.) It has Coulson
      2.) There is footage of either Hulk or Abomination
      3.) ABC is airing it
      4.) I know about everything this site has told me ;)

      • sorry, i was referring to the announcement that was to happen today

        • Haha, you’re fine man. I’m just in a good mood, toying around

  19. I just saw my wife consume 2 lobsters, 12 crablegs and she is on her second basket of breaded shrimp.

    Me and the kids are all on one side of the booth afraid to approach her.

    • Seafood (other than sushi) is the only type of food I will not pay for at a restaurant. Not because I don’t like it… I sure do… but because I would eat more than the amount your wife just did and Id rack up a $300+ bill on myself alone.

      9 years ago I went to Laughlin with some friends after a week in Rocky Point, Mexico. My buddy’s Uncle was, at the time, the GM of the Colorado Belle. So we got to stay in the “red room” and eat everything for free. I INDULGED myself into some seafood. At least 5 times a day I was racking up tabs that were all comped. Between the 3 of us, for the weekend we were there, in food alone we racked up $5k+. That doesn’t include alcohol since we were all under age at the time LOL.

      • DUDE
        Red Lobster
        Not that bad in our area.

  20. Evidently there is a robot on my list that flagged me lol.

    Optimus Prime

  21. Evidently I cant name the robots I like because one of them is flagged lol.

    • i think they prefer the term homosentient.

      • +1

  22. Was watching Rise of The Planet of The Apes again the other night, I don’t remember anyone bringing this up but during the film there are reference’s to a manned mission to Mars.

    The mission suffers a set-back, they appear to lose contact with the ship and it gets lost (in space as it were).

    Now if we forget the Tim Burton version of PoTA, I’m wondering if they’re going to have PoTA as the last film?

    We have Rise, next is Dawn, not sure what they would call the next few, but then the last film is Planet of The Apes. The missing Mars mission, it’s crew having accidentally not been woken up from stasis by the computer, arrive back on Earth, 200, 300 or more years later.

    The virus which killed most of the human population perhaps has had a reverse effect on the surviving generations, who are now dumb and unable to speak.

    And it rounds of the series, and in a unique way, having what was the first film in the original series become the last.

  23. Has anyone seen ‘Maniac’ yet, with Elijah Wood? Watched it last night, and it was absolutely wonderful (if you dont mind extremely graphic images). With his role in Sin City, and now seeing Maniac, I need to rethink my opinions of Wood. I really enjoy Green Street Hooligans as well, but with those damn LOTR movies, to me, tarnished this dudes acting chops.