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sr open discussion Open Discussion   May 1, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   May 1, 2013

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  1. Ah ha!

    • Déjà vu

      • I keep having to call out the mods about this open discussion not appearing.

  2. I’ll be watching iron man 3 tomorrow :)

    • i was today. its different than i thought. expected more from the mandarin storyline

      • They really screwed him up! To the point where the 10 rings were simply a joke. Every IM movie had a link to this terrorist organization (including IM2 which had a member giving whiplash his whips in the deleted scenes). I have no doubt it will be an action packed ending and many will claim it’s the best IM yet but what they did to the mandarin (IM’s version of the joker) makes this movie complete garbage!!!

        • i completely disagree. Very ingenious, very cool story.

          • The twist wasnt a big deal but the plot holes were

          • actually he is right they screwed him up. u cant tell me we waited for the character for years and thats what we got kind of awful imo. the movie was great better than Iron Man 2.

          • There is nothing ingenious about making a classic villain an absolute nobody. They made him irrelevant and leaned on a “I didn’t see that coming” moment to make the movie go in another direction to make their movie good bc they probably knew their story was gonna suck. Look at what they did with pepper. Geez. I mean what would ppl have said if Nolan had done something stupid like that with the Joker in TDK? Everyone knows the Joker! Because no one but the fans know who the Mandarin is and how bad ass they could’ve made him. What they don’t realize is that these characters were classics and worthy of an appearance in a Marvel movie for a reason. That is not ingenious, that is simple misdirection. That or a bunch of action at the end of a slow moving movie doesn’t work for the fan who has wanted to see another good IM movie or even (just IM’s greatest foe) The Mandarin for years. It kinda ruins the rest of the movies since they are all linked together. It’s just sad that ppl are looking for simple action and not something more like us fans who made these characters and the reason they are still around today. We as fans deserve more than just what we are given by Hollywood and their opinions.

  3. “First and 10, “Simmah” take the snap drop back find “Down” in the end zone for a touchdown. “Now” I come and kick the extra point. Simmah to Down, followed by Now, and it’s SIMMAH DOWN NOW!”

    Who knew Tobey Maguire could be so funny? xD

    • LOL what did I miss? Sounds like Sheri O Terri from SNL.

      • Haha, you didn’t miss anything. I was going through some old episodes of SNL…and I spotted one that was hosted by Tobey Maguire back in the 90′s. I HAD to watch it and a Sheri O Terri skit was in all of it’s greatness xD

        • I love when she would play a judge and practically crawl over the whatever judges stand behind. Almost as classic as her and Ferrell as cheerleaders.

  4. It sure is going to be a busy May as usual! A movie every weekend, son’s first birthday. Cinco De Mayo festivities. Summer concerts start. Swim lessons for the kid. And no break in between. What does the summer have in store for the rest of you ranters?

    • Warmth. For the first time in a long time, hopefully. The weather here is so bipolar and bisolar. Unpredictable. One day it’s a nice summer day, the next we have a friggin blizzard

      • And where is this?! I live in the states (Arizona) and in the valley :-( Its just straight up hot! 100°+ all week and no cool down until maybe September? Ugh I’d kill for a blizzard LOL.

        • I live in Indiana. The Midwest states are always freezing for the most part, it’s nice to have warm days

          • I’m in Minnesota. It was 80 over the weekend, then 70s, and now snow today. The thing is, I like snow. Otherwise, why would I live in Minnesota. But this is getting ridiculous. I think the fishing opener this year will be ice fishing ;)

            • Hey, I grew up in Nebraska. She probably knows me. :D

              • If you are between the ages of 26 and 30, and grew up in Lincoln, you might. LOL.

  5. So far.. Which do you think will be better? Iron Man 3 or Star Trek Into Darkness?

    • Iron Man.

      • Your heart is NOT Klingon!!!! :-P

        • @Kahless.

          I cant help it…Iron Man would draw more..”Special” people.”

    • A few weeks ago I would have immediately said into darkness.. honestly I didn’t think IM3 would get such positive reviews. Its anybodys game at this point.

    • Since I hated the first Star Trek (reboot), my money is on Iron Man 3. Oh, wait! I saw it last night… And what they say is true. It´s an awesome movie with great dialogue, cool action and stuff you wouldn´t expect from an Iron Man film. There´s a reference to another film, and that one made me smile from ear to ear…

    • Id say star trek but if u wanna go strictly review wise idk. Iron man 3 went from a booming 93 to a 85… which by any means isnt bad. Star trek is also starting strong but many reviews state it isnt as good as the first. So ill go im3


    • From what I’ve read it’s true. It’s a Scarface like story telling. I don’t think it’s going to be made after the Pacino film though. Just same plot.

  7. ::::Question Under Construction::::

    • Must be intense LOL

  8. Black panther rumors starting up again. Now there’s a rumor that a leading African American actor is up for the role and it ain’t Morris chestnut. At this point I’m tired of all the black panther rumors. Either make the damn thing or just move on already!

    • I would believe these rumors if Fox or Sony owned this property… not Disney…

    • What do you do with your life to have time to come up with these ridiculous scenarios? Jeez..

      • I work at night, I come home, I get my son off to school. I sit back, and I think about what to ask on a funny manner. Really not nothing, it takes little time, I like to give people something that makes this laugh, or have fun with.

        What is wrong with that Jim O?

    • Do we choose just 1 or all 3?

    • 1. An astronaut. Mom always said I was a space cadet.

      2. I’d go somewhere in the MU where I’m living in splendor with Marissa Miller, traveling the country in our own BigO.

      3. Beam Obama. I’ll let Ranters decide if that turns him good or evil for 24 hours.

      • Ill pick the 3rd beam and bean only evil people. Though for only 1 day of them being good it may rub off on them.

    • @ Jeff W (Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine)

      1. J.J Abrams. I would figure out his methods and find out what Star Wars 7 contains.

      2. I would go to the universe where it is allot like Star Wars.

      3. I would shoot it at a sword to use it’s evil powers for good.

    • 1. Dan Aykroyd – And I’d put my script ideas/notes on his computer, so when he returned, he’d be like…I don’t remember writing this. Quick! Alert the presses for real this time, WE FINALLY HAVE A GHOSTBUSTERS SCRIPT!

      2. I’d go to the male fantasy universe where all the women are our own personal idea of attractive (some sort of genetic beer goggles), the NFL happens year round, our wives are not allowed to b!tch, and kids raise themselves. And beer comes out of the faucet. And if you are ever asked “What’s wrong?” or “What are you thinking about?”, the person who asked it must grill you a steak and play a video game with you. And napping while watching golf on TV is required by law!

      3. Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. Then, I’d convince him to wear rainbow colors and march in a gay pride parade. (and if at all possible, I’d like to fire the beam at the entire Phelps family)

    • 1. Doesn’t seem like many people followed the rules of this one. “You just get to live their lives”. So if that’s the case, I’d like to live the life of Bob Saget. That guy seems like he knows how to have a good time. LOL

      2. Id like to beam to the Star Trek universe. No changes to the way it is. I find that universe to be perfect. I don’t need to interact with my multiverse self either. I shall start a new life of my own there. It will be heaven.

      3. I would like to beam our POTUS. Turn him good for 24 hrs. He would resign from his pedestal and revert our country back to the way it was before he got his dirty palms on it.

  9. does anyone knows “amitabh bachcchan” working in “THE GREAT GATSBY”

  10. What the fudge happened to my comment?
    There was no profanity, attacks or spoilers.

    Anyway, all I wanted to say is that Iron Man 3 was great (despite a few issues), and I’m back! :D

      • Oh great, then we can fry one up and have a steak party. (runs out with all due diligence) ;-)

      • @ Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine

        “When I grow up I’m going to go to Bovine University!”


    • Hey avenger welcome back! Did you enjoy IM3?

      • I did enjoy the movie. Very fun.
        But I do have gripes: The infamous “twist” bugs me A LOT. Yes, it is original, and unexpected, but it was dumb imo… and the lack of AC/DC was a disappointment as well. Tonally, the film was also very different from the other Marvel movies (haven’t decided if that’s a good or a bad thing yet though).

        I would just advise not going into the theater expecting too much. I read some of the reactions that promised this movie would be as funny and action packed as The Avengers, and it just wasn’t imo.

        All that said, I’m nitpicking. I’d give it a 7.5/10 (maybe I’ll up it to an 8 after “pondering” upon the movie some more…)

        • i would just like to add: this was by far the best CHARACTER driven movie of all the Marvel movies.
          RDJ took it too a whole new level.

          • Glad you enjoyed it i gave it a 7/10 good movie and a great start to phase 2

        • Welcome back Avenger and wow no AC/DC!! really their music has been great at being part of iron man.

  11. I am going to predict that Iron Man 3 makes as much if not more than The Avengers at Box office.

    • I don’t think it will. This “twist” thingy seems to be a big WTH moment for many. MoS might have a chance to beat Avengers, but I don’t think it will either.

      • The “twist” thingy IS a big WTF moment. But once you get used to it, it´s a lot of fun.

        • I saw the movie on Friday and i enjoyed it and thought it was pretty decent, I’m a film geek so didn’t mind the twist but if I was a comic book geek i would have gone insane!

          Really can’t wait for the iron man 3 spoiler discussion, I have a feeling there will be blood and broken fingers a plenty!

          I have found that there is only so much you can do with a superhero movie or even action movie that hasn’t been done before, each entry is just a variation on what we have seen before, like the terminator or die hard movies, same sh*t different day!

          I think having the alien element and expanding the universe is definitely the way to go and look forward to see what more phase two brings, I think Man of Steel is going to be the one to watch and will set the standard for how a potential epic space opera should look!

          • I think the statement that there is only so much you can do with action films is a fantastic point. We are so far along that everything can have similarities to the pat 10000 action films. Though Im3 didnt feel fresh to me, being the 3rd instalment and all. It wasn’t a failure by any standards. Had some major plot problems tho. Really looking forward to discuss in depth

  12. I like this thread much more. Atleast we’re civil over here.

  13. 3 fun topics to discuss: Movies, games, and comics.

    3 non fun topics to discuss: Religion, race, and politics.

    Why does this website like to mix fun with non fun?

    • @Leather Cheerio

      Well everyone is after my cows on this and every other posts…so I am about to equip all of my cows with lasers!