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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 8, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 8, 2013

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  1. So, Kick-Ass 2. I wonder if they keep the rape scene from the comic in the movie.

    • They better not!

    • I’m thinking the film will lead up to it (maybe show her grabbed while fighting back) and then end the scene, implying it happened. Didn’t they do something like that that in The Crow? I can’t remember the scene exactly.

      • thats how it happened in the comic, it stops at him unzipping his crotch and then cuts back after.

        But id like a rape scene, push film boundaries i say.

        • I think putting a rape scene in a movie is Some boundaries don’t need to be pushed!

          • sorry, let me try that again: “I think putting a rape scene in a movie is sick”

            • then dont watch “Super”.

              • Actually, funny you say that. i always fast forward if i hit a rape scene. I loved Girl w/ the Dragon Tat, but ffwded the rape scene.

        • Not even going to touch the reasoning behind that.

          • MWUHAHAHAHA!!!

        • But cinema is full of rape scenes. They aren’t pushing any envelope. They are well and truly outside of the envelope and running around. Rape scenes are common place.

          • That doesn’t make them any less sick or insensitive…

          • I personally do not need a movie to have a need for a Rape Scene.

            gratuitous sex is one thing, Gratuitous rape scene is another. I do not need to see a gang rape in a movie, if it can be done simply with, the aftermath of the attack, not the lurid details or facts.

            As for Rape Scenes are common place?

            I can name every movie I seen in the last 5 years, that had…ZERO RAPE SCENES. And that is a lot of movies.

          • The thing is, in the comic book it isn’t a normal “rape scene” (I hate myself for saying it like that, but I don’t know how else to phrase it). It’s gang rape… and the victim is a teenage girl.

            I agree with SuperEdje101, some boundaries shouldn’t be crossed.
            I’m sure the movie will still have the event happen, but I seriously hope they don’t actually show the scene (i.e. show it happening).

            • @ The Avenger.

              It is what I would refer to as an “Attack against Morality.”

              • +1

            • @The Avenger

              Even a “normal” rape scene (should there be such a thing as “normal” rape?) shouldn’t just be put into a movie just to “push the envelope” or whatever. I could understand if it was pivotal to the development of the story or character, but that don’t need to show it… I was ok with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo simply because she gets her revenge. And I think the rape scene made the revenge scene just that much sweeter…

    • @Scapegoat.

      Doubt it, the rape scene in the comic if done in the movie would push it to NC-17.

      • @ Jeff W.

        What about the rape scene in The Accused with Jodie Foster? That was BRUTAL, and it was a gang rape at that, and I think it was only an R rating.

        Btw Jeff W…….I enjoy your various posts on diffrent stories, very good I must say.

        • @ Stark

          That was before NC-17.

          It was rated R.

          The whole movie was based on a gang rape.

          Kick Ass 2 is suppose to be violent, however it is still a comic book movie and with such, Parents would be utterly shocked if their 13 year old son just witnessed a Gang Rape.

          With The Accused, no child went to see it.

          • Kick Ass was a rated R movie. I’m guessing the sequel will be too. If parents allow their 13 year old to go, they shouldn’t be parents. Now, I understand that kids will be kids and will sneak in to see this. That’s a reason why I wouldn’t include the rape scene. But I’m a parent who thinks about this stuff…not a movie executive.

            • i agree with Jeff & the Professor on this one, no rape scene.

        • @ Stark

          Like wise, I also enjoy your post on various topics.

        • There’s also a brutal rape scene in this movie made back in the seventies called I spit on your grave. That was rated r and it wasn’t pretty, but at least she gets some good a$$ revenge!

          • There were Numerous Movies with Brutal Rape Scenes.

            Kick Ass is still a Comic Book movie adaptation.

            So Kids go to see Kick ass 2 and they tell their parents its based off a comic book, and they go see it and the gang rape scene is in it.

            They tell their parents, I can pretty much assure you, Mothers all over the United States at least, will crucify the director, the producers, the movie studio.

            When you start putting in graphic gang rape scenes.

            More disturbing than that, is the killing of the 5 year old kids in the comic book. Given recent events, if that part makes it into the movie, do you know what career suicide is ?

            • Jeff W I couldn’t agree with you more, nothing repulses me more than a rape scene being portrayed or even suggested in a movie!

              Give me blood, gore and ultra violence and I’m fine, show me Boys Don’t Cry and I’m a mess, I can’t handle seeing it, it’s just too much for me!

              • Dr Kenneth.

                I understand the need for a violent act upon a woman involved in a movie as the basis for the movie. I saw the Accused and my Wife and I knew what we were going to see.

                As for Kick Ass 2 my problem is not as simple as just the rape scene, even in the comic it is off panel but it is alluded too, but it is not crucial. They can put her in the hospital after the fact, but for me, I have a sneak suspicion this is one of those “Shock Value” sneaks in probably on the directors cut.

                And I damn sure not into a movie where 5 Year old kids get shot in the face and killed.

  2. So A quick Quiz: Who is your favorite child actor/actress in a film? (They dont neccessarily still be children)

    • Corey Feldman and Corey Haim in The Lost Boys. I particularly don’t like child actors. They get on my nerves lol. But those kids were great!

      • I disslike them as well, with two exceptions:

        Gorgie Hennly and Skandar Keynes in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,

        Hit Girl from Kic-A**(can’t remember the actress)

        • @ SuperEdje101

          I think the actress is Chloe Moretz.

          • Yup, I always forget her name. :)

    • Elle Fanning. Watch her performance in Super 8, when Alice is sitting next to the projector in Joe’s room and how she tells him about how his mother died in the accident, because his mother had to take her dad’s shift, because he was drunk and missed it. That scene is so heartbreakingly well acted, it gets me every time.

      • I agree on the movie and the actor, but the scene that really highlighted her tallent was the scene on the train platform where she went from tear inducing drama to being like, “so how was that? was it alright? cause im not doing it again” (I have only seen the movie once, so sorry if i am mixxing it up with a different movie.)

        • Yeah, that scene was great too!

      • oooh I was thinking the same thing! yeah she’s incredible, she’s also chloe grace moretz’s doppleganger. they’re not twins but you gotta admit they look super similar.

    • A few favorites of mine:

      1. Tatum O’Neil in Paper Moon
      2. Kodi Smit-McPhee in Let Me In
      3. All the kids in the original The Bad News Bears

      • Leonardo decaprio whats eating gilbert grape. Possibly his best performance at age whatever. Probably doesnt count as
        Child tho more teen

      • @ $2

        I will raise Kodi Smit-McPhee in Let me in with Kodi Smith-PcPhee in The Road.

        • I forgot about that one, and I agree.

          Did you read The Road? You mentioned above about not having the rape scene in K-A2. There was a scene in the novel (The Road) I was happy to find wasn’t in the movie. Brutal stuff.

          • @$2

            I have read The Road, and though it is brutal, I ranked that right up there with Fahrenheit 451 as for bleak future reading. The entire rape in The Road, was horrible beyond words, and it was written text.

            Movie, was one of the better movies I have seen, and it is in my Top 20 all time.

            • ***The Road novel spoiler ahead***

              The other scene that really disturbs me is when the man comes across the frying pan in the woods with the baby in it. That freaked me out.

    • Jodie Foster.

    • the kid from looper. He’s not my fave but since that one dude already said elle fanning from super 8 he’ll be my choice for today.

      also sean astin from goonies, josh brolin too, well, just all the goonies.

      • I was going to say all of the Goonies as well.

        • The scene where Chunk confesses to the Fratellis about everything always cracks me up.

          • I was thinking about that scene the other day. He was so funny.

        • One of Corey Feldmans best! Mouth FTW

        • Will Honestly say this,

          I never seen The Goonies.

          • What’s your address? Lol. This could be your sons birthday present.

    • AnnaSophia Robb, the girl who played Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia

  3. macaulkey culkin

  4. still wonder if Pepper Potts will appear in Rescue suit ?

    • @ Ned

      I think so, but she might not make it.

      • its already been announced that she’s not gonna be in avengers 2, do the math…

        I realize that logic is somewhat fallacious and even though I don’t fully believe it will happen I still think it could happen potentially.

  5. Does anyone think a live action Blue falcon and dog wonder movie would work? If they can make live action films based off the d**n smurfs and yogi bear ,then why not a BF and dynomutt movie. They were going to make a Hong Kong phooey movie with Eddie Murphy providing the voice, but obviously that didn’t work out as planned.

    • I grew up watching those cartoons, so I would see it if it was done like the cartoons. But I think Hollywood would put their try-to-be-funny spin on it, and all the jokes would bomb. They’d also have Dynomutt break robotic wind numerous times or have Blue Falcon do the Harlem Shake.

    • I think by using your examples of the Smurfs and Yogi Bear, you’re pointing out why it would be a terrible idea. I can’t think of one recent successful… let me change that, QUALITY adaptation of a cartoon to live action.

      • +1

  6. Okay so lets say for arguments sake that Nolan is directing the JL movie and he is making the characters more “realistic.” What if Wonder Woman isn’t from an island of amozoneses. Instead a normal woman is beaten, mugged, raped and left for dead. (nothing too graphic though for children but you just know it happened.) During that time she is in a coma. While in the coma she has a “dream” that she trains with the amozoneses and is given the task by Zues to return to her world and save it but she must steal her armor and weapons from a museum.

    She is on the run for stealing the equipment and being tracked by the people from Arkham Asylum because she dresses like an amozon to fight crime. Meanwhile the main villain is someone like a modern day Hitler.

    Tell me what you think because I just came up with this over night.

    • One thing Nolan got right in his trilogy was Batman’s origin story. He’s not that big of an idiot. So no, your story would work for a different movie that has zero tie ins to the DC universe. Good story. Keep it away from Wonder Woman.

    • @Writer.

      You cannot have a Wonder Woman who went through all of what you described. Her origin story is what makes her Wonder Woman.

      There is enough violence against Women in real life, do not need to see it in a Comic Book Movie.

      • I dont think an amazonian is that far fetched for nolan… island secluded by all women i dont see a problem.

      • @ Jeff W

        That is exactly why I thought of the idea. Nolan’s movies are typically based upon more fictional characters but re imagined into a more real environment. You said there is enough violence in the real world against women. This is exactly why this movie should be made. This story could provide hope for the women who had these horrible things done to them. She still has the same story but it happens more differently than expected.

        • @Writer.

          Give me one logical reason, introducing Wonder Woman under horrid conditions?

          A Woman who has been been abused on your scope, would never adapt to being a hero, but would be more incline to punish all men.

          Not save them.

          • @ Jeff W

            Then that could be her emotional struggle. Her fear of men is what drives her to become a symbol to all women that they could fight alongside people like Superman or Batman. She obviously is a character that everyone knows and loves but has very little of an actual history that everyone knows. Her overcoming her fear is an obstacle that many women sadly have to try to overcome and perhaps she endures that and makes a difference to those women.

            And if you hate the idea so much than how about I change it to a drive by shooting. Two gangs are at war with one another and Wonder Woman is caught in the crossfire between the two and causes her to become a hero. The modern day Hitler could become the cause of the drastic shooting and she brings him to justice.

  7. Wonder Woman still better have her solo film, preferbly taken place before Justice League’s events despite that film would come first.

    • Her animated movie is great. And the episode of JL where some wizard trying to free Hades I think turns all of Amazon into stone with the Medusa medallion.

      • Yup. That was Felix Faust that did that on Justice League,voiced by Robert (Freddy) Englund.

  8. I never had a favorite childhood actor/actress. But i never forget seeing Maculay Culkin died in My girl & The Good Son. Especially how he died in the latter film,lol.

    • Off a cliff and by bees. Good ways to go lol.

    • I swear I thought you were gonna say “seeing Maculay Culkin in Home Alone” hahaha I always forget that kid was in other movies :P

      • @ Moviedude

        After seeing him in The Good Son, i figured he was “No More Mr. Home Alone Kid”,lol.

  9. What’s everyone’s opinion of how Joker’s appearance should be like. Say should he show up with his skin bleached white/haired dyed green,etc. again or have himself cut a smile on his face with war paint,etc? Id like for him to show up with his skin bleached/hair dyed green with alittle black make-up around the eyes. Not too much though.

    • @ WallyWest

      I think Heath’s performance in the Dark Knight was good but his face didn’t convince me that he was the Joker. I think the next actor should obviously have a better laugh but Heath’s voice was good and deep yet squeaky. The triangular smile should be shown better (maybe with the cut face?) and the pointed nose is another must have in my opinion. The Joker clothes in the Dark Knight was good too so I wouldn’t change that.

      • @ Writer

        I agree with first sentance. I hope the actor too does have a better laugh but like you said Ledger had a good voice. I didn’t care for the cut face. For one thing he cut it a smile on both sides too far up that it look bad imo that it made him look like The Crow. I prefer the red lips the way Nicolson’s were perhaps. I always thought Tom Hiddlston would be a good choice knowing he has a good grin when he smiles & intimidating look to him. I liked the Joker’s clothes in both Burton’s & Nolan’s films really.

  10. Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ will be released on the 7th of November!

    • (2014)

      • where did you come by this news? is it legit?

        • It’s all over the web right now dude (It’s legit). Warner Bros. and Paramount will produce and distribute.

  11. Can somebody at Screen Rant or anybody for that matter, tell me, or give me any update on the Tron sequel and more importantly, the Black Hole remake? I havn’t seen news on these on months.

    • If you haven’t seen anything on the site, then we haven’t heard anything about either one.


      • @ Vic Holrtman

        Ok, thanks Vic. I really wanted that Black Hole remake, but since Disney bought Star Wars, I think that remake might be dead. Disney has bigger fish to fry now, so to speak.

        Another Tron sequel would be nice though. :)

  12. I think it would be cool, if after Captain america and Iron Man and hulk finish up their respected trilogies or whatever, if they had like a mini teamup film for each phase. Like if Iron man and hulk teamed up in phase 3 and then like captain america and ant man for phase 4.

    That way in the case of like hulk, he can get another story without the risk of small boxoffice returns. and iron man wouldnt be the main focus but still be able to draw in more audience than hulk would.

    • @ Draagyn

      I think that would be smart for Marvel to do. It could increase their numbers pretty rapidly if you think about it. Like you said a plain Hulk movie won’t do good alone so yeah, I think it would be smart and I really don’t like the Marvel movies all that much.

    • I think that would be cool.

      I feel Marvel has a pass to do just about anything with the movie heros at this point.

      • Except cast Nic Cage in any fasion.

        • Yeah really, where did all this talk about Nic Cage come from? It seemed like every Marvel post the other day was mentioning Nic Cage. Did I miss something?

        • If Nic Cage kills franchises. And Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson saves franchises. What would happen if they were cast together in a buddy cop movie? Quick, someone get TriStar Pictures on the phone!

          • zombies

            • dark and gritty. Edgy yet realistic.

              • you forgot grounded.

          • The Rock would lay the smack down on Nic Cage and tell him to learn new expressions!

    • @ Draagyn

      I was thinking the same thing. Mini-team ups would be great.

  13. I am a huge comic book film fan (and a fan of the comics as well). So of course I am incredibly excited or IM3, Thor 2, and Man of Steel. But I think two of the unkowns that I am most excited about this year are Pacific Rim and Enders Game.
    The trailer for Pacific Rim is awesome. I love that the machines actually look and move like machines, not smoothly like in transformers. And the idea of the Jagers being piloted by two people at once connected by a neural bridge is a cool idea. And I think Del Toro is gonna knock it out of the park.
    Now I have seen nothing on Enders game, but I have read every single book in the Ender series, and the Shadow series. And though some may be better than others, they are all very intriguing and they make you think. And Enders game is the first and the best of the series. So i have high hopes
    any thoughts

    What movies outside of the big 3 (Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Star Trek 2)is everyone else looking forward to.

    • I do want to see Enders Game. But I think the film will not properly represent the pain put on the children as they are 13-17 instead of 7-13 like in the book.

      As well I think they will either cut the computer adventure game or not explain it well enough.

      But with all movies I will try not to judge it to much before I see it.

    • @General McFluffernutter –
      “The World’s End” – Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost’s finale to the Three Flavours Cornetto (Blood and Ice Cream) trilogy.
      “Thor: The Dark World” – I’m looking forward to this more than “Iron Man 3″ and it’s my 2nd most anticipated for Phase 2 (Guardians being #1).
      “Pacific Rim” – for all the reasons you mentioned.

      Honorable mentions: “This is the End,” “Elysium,” “RED 2,” and “Anchorman: The Legend Continues”

      Click my name and you can read the 2013 movie edition from my blog.

  14. I ran across Super Hero Squad when I was looking for something to put on for my kids. Naturally I was like “Awesome” something I could get a small bit of enjoyment out of as well. Not two minutes in my wife walks by and says I shouldn’t be showing them “brain-rot” and changes it to Super Why.


    Any suggestions on kid shows? I have had enough Yo-Gabba-Gabba and Backyardagins.

    • @ Aaron

      I wish I could help you but I can’t think of anything. I am usually good at that kind of stuff but maybe Batman the animated series? I know that may be a little to old for the kids but I am all out if ideas. Trust me I have been there too and you know it is bad when you start to look forward to the next episode of Charlie and Lola.

      • @Aaron When we were little my mom would have us watch Gargoyles, Dragonball Z, Recess, etc……it depends on the age i guess.

    • @ Aaron

      If you have a boy, not sure how old he is. Maybe good old 80′s cartoon’s. 80′s Transformers, G.I Joe. He-Man:MOTU, Thundercats. Or maybe Disney toons from 90′s like Darking Duck, Chip N’Dale Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, Aladden the series i think is on youtube & maybe netflix. I got the Adventures of Super Mario Bros./Super Mario Bros.3 & Super Mario World animated series.

    • Depending on how old your Child is, my youngest is turning 9 tomorrow, he discovered Boomerang.

      Sometimes, you have to go Old School, if you have Netflix, I think they have The Electric Company on…

      • Electric Company is a musical show right? That may be ok with the wife.

        Happy birthday to your youngest.

        • The Electric Company was more for Kids of Sesame Street who were a little old for Sesame Street.

          • Every time I see Morgan Freeman, I want to call him Easy Reader. Thanks to that show (and comics books), I am a reader!

            • And happy birthday to your son!

        • And thanks for the Birthday Wishes.

      • Happy 9th Birthday Jeff W’s youngest! Are you taking him to OZ for his birthday?

        • We are going to have a Dad/Son Day in the Morning, he is going to go with me to get a new car and then back home for him and the 50 KIDS Who are coming to his birthday party.

          He has no desire to see Oz, he still has a fear of flying monkeys.

          • That’s funny. My oldest turns 4 next week and she wants to see OZ. She likes being scared. She’s all about witches.

            But I understand the fear of flying monkeys…Wayne’s World will do that to you. Have a fun time with those 50 kids and buy a Tumbler.

    • @Aaron – My 4 year old daughter loves Super Why. If she is watching TV alone, she watches PBS shows like Super Why, Dinosaur Train, Word Girl, and Sesame Street (all on Netflix). Occasionally, I’ll treat her to a Kung Fu Panda or the Penguins of Madagascar (both on Hulu Plus) or Phineas and Ferb (Netflix). I can usually watch those without complaint.

      I agree with your wife about Super Hero Squad being “brain-rot” because it is almost as bad as watching Spongebob. If you need a super hero fix for the kids, watch Avengers: Earth’s Mightest Heroes with them and explain that it is all pretend. That’s what I did with my little girl…she watched the second season with me when it came out on Netflix a few months back.

    • Thankfully my wife is supportive in my super heroes cartoons obsession. Our son is 10 months today. Far from yours so it doesn’t matter what he watches right now. But I refuse to pay for cable and I refuse to let my kid watch some of the crap on these days. My opinion, let my son watch what I watched because I turned out more than fine.

  15. Me and my girlfriend watched Being John Malkovich last night, at first we thought it was going to be a documentary judging by the title but we were obviously fooled. I gotta say this was one of the most powerful films i’ve ever seen & another reason why i respect american cinema. The end of the movie had me lost for words. If you haven’t seen this movie then check it out.

    • Love that movie. So random and hilarious.

    • Screw reality! Get a Tumbler! And while you’re at it, get me one too! In fact, get everyone a Tumbler! [Oprah voice] You get a Tumbler, you get a Tumbler, EVERY-BODY-GETS-A-TUUUUUMBLEEEERRRRRR!

      • Can you imagine getting it through the toll booths?

      • Actually, I am going to get….

        A Dodge Charger SR8T.

        But if I run into a Tumbler for sale…HELL YEAH.

        • SRT8

          Yeah thats the one.

          • Don’t do it yet Jeff. Wait til 2015 if you do. They are rolling out the SRT Barracuda then.

            • Charger im getting, not he Challenger.

              I know all bout the Barracuda.

              I shall have one…The Boy dont need to go to college.

              • That’s why I mentioned it lol

                • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

        • Hahaha! That’s fantastic!

    • One of my old co-workers told me about his friend who bought a DeLorean and said it still had a kilo in the door panel. Although I don’t believe him it did make a good story.

      I would go with the Ferrari from Transformers DOTM

      • @ Aaron

        I though you were going to say the Ferrari from Magnum P.I. I nearly had a stroke. I know someone who loves Magnum P.I but I can’t stand it.

        • Never seen it. Was it trying to rip off Miami Vice or was it the other way around?

          • I don’t know but just watch the first episode. I think it is on Netflix.

          • Magnum P.I. came first. I grew up watching that car and mustache!

            • The Mustache will continue to live after Tom Selleck passes on.

              It is written and approved by the US Government to Transplant the Mustache to another host.

              • It will be on display at The Smithsonian.

                • No, it needs a new host to continue living.

                  Like DAX From DS9.

                  • Will there be a reality show to find the new host? Mustache Transplant Season 1: The Selleck.

                    I want to be a contestant.

                    • Good Professor.

                      I think WE ALL want to be a contestant.

        • I respect that you don’t like it, but I grew up watching the show and really enjoyed it. I thought Tom Selleck was perfect as the humorous and intelligent private detective. I also enjoyed the lightheartedness and banter among the regular cast, but when it was time to get serious, those guys stuck together and got the job done (or Magnum did on his own). I’m always hoping to hear Selleck will reprise his role, but it probably won’t happen. Besides, he appears to be busy anyway with Blue Bloods. (I also heard he was done with the Jesse Stone films, but I don’t know if that’s true.)

          • I thought the acting was okay for the time period and some of the stuff wasn’t bad but the story lines were terrible in my opinion. Some were tolerable and maybe even good but it just didn’t really appeal to me so much as the original A-Team which is like a 100 times worse than Magnum.

            So I guess what I should say is I liked the show when I was younger but I don’t really like the show now.

    • The 2013 Accord would make sense lol.

      • When I got the Accord 20 Years ago, I was a mere 20 and a runt, I was 6’4 and 200 lbs…Now I am 6’4 265.

        Aint no way I am fitting in a 2013 Accord.

        • ACTUALLY I was 25

          Damn mind is going.

  16. I am curious and wanting to hear some responses so here goes… What do you think of a Nolan Power Rangers film? I just want to see some answers I am not really saying I want this to happen.

    • I thought if the world the Rangers are in must be “realistic” then Zordon could be a video diary of a dead man left behind for his partner (Alpha) to find and use to find and locate the rangers.

      • @ Writer

        I dunno. Depending on what Zordon looked like, that idea kinda sounds like the Space Ranger’s quest to find Zordon in Power Rangers In Space.

    • A Nolan Power Rangers would consist of 5 teens who dress in a different solid color. They would put on a helmet to and jump suit of said color to battle the new gang problem taking shape in Angel Grove.

      There would be no special weapons, the zords(can’t remember if that is name for the robots or not) would be the teens cars painted with a dinosaur on them. Zordon would be a homeless guy in the alley and Alpha would be his Iphone. The only thing unchanged would be Bulk and Skull.

    • A Nolan Power Rangers movie starring Nicolas Cage and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zombies and Tom Selleck’s mustache. Dark, Realistic, Edgy, Gritty.

      Seriously guys…we need to play a game on here where we come up with the wackiest script idea…and then send the Avenger to Hollywood to pitch it.

      • I would want to sign a contract for credit in the thing, most likely Hollywood would green light it.

    • @ Writer

      Which team of Power Rangers? Anyways, i’ll stick to the original cast as i enjoyed MMPR: The Movie. Turbo: A Power Ranger’s Movie was good that bridge Zeo & Turbo seasons together.

  17. So, Its dinner time. Phone Rings. On the Caller ID it says Cambridge Police Department.

    Answer the Phone.

    “Hello, this is Sgt Walton of the Cambridge Police Department. Can I speak to the Parents of Haley Williams?”

    Now at this point, no parent wants a call from any Police Department when their child is mentioned.

    “This is her Father, let me put you on speaker phone.” My Wife is about to freak out.”

    “There was an incident this afternoon involving your daughter and 2 men from Boston. Your daughter was grabbed from behind by one of the men and he was picking her up and carrying her to a car.”


    “At which Point your Daughter Haley gets free of the guy carrying her, back kicks him into a wall. the other guy comes running to her, and she punches him in the face. first male comes up behind her and puts his hands around her again. Ma’am and sir to make a long story short,Haley is perfectly fine.

    The two males however

    “First Suffered severe fractures to his face and lost 12 teeth.

    The second one suffered the following…broken back from being picked up and slammed to the ground, he suffered a deep puncture wound to the foot due to your daughter stepping on his foot with a spiked heel. He also suffered a collapsed lung, lacerated liver and ruptured spleen.

    “Your daughter was escorted to a police station to file a report on what happen. After a complete investigation, we will not charge the males with any attempt on your daughter. They seem to have suffered much more than any court could impose on them. Due to eye witness reports, your daughter warned the men she holds multiple black belts in three disciplines styles. So she effectively warned them of the consequences and thus will not be charged with attempted manslaughter charges. A Couple of men were going to intervene, but were worried about being mistaken with association with the two males”

    Now Haley is only 18 and a Freshmen at Harvard.

    Thought I share that, she is on her way home for the weekend.

    • She is lucky that she’s smart to fore warn an attacker. It took me and a team of witnesses and a great lawyer to get similar charges dropped for me.

      • I am so relieved, but I am going to ask her why she did not call us.

      • @leathercheerio

        What a freakin’ shame that our justice system seems more inclined to get people in trouble for defending themselves than people who initiated the attack in the first place…

      • @leathercheerio

        To add to that, to be required to stop and explain or warn them can cost you time that may or may not give the attacker an edge. You need to act and you need to act IMMEDIATELY when you need to defend yourself. I’m a concealed carry holder, and I understand that if I’m confronted with an armed attacker, I’m pretty much required to verbally give him a chance to disarm himself before I should shoot simply to better avoid being sent to prison myself and I think it’s downright ridiculous that it’s come down to that. A guy coming up to me, my friends, or my family armed with a knife or a gun with ill intent should need no warning before I could act to prevent injury to come to myself or those around me. Why our current society find protecting criminals’ rights as more important than the victims’ escapes me…

    • I hope none of the kids coming to your son’s birthday party tick her off.

    • So, if she starred in Taken, it would’ve been a short movie. Boo-yah! Brought it back to movies.

      Glad to hear she was fine. Enjoy the double celebration this weekend.

      • SHe has a special set of skills. I wonder if she said it to the baddies in Liam’s tone and voice.

    • @Jeff

      Wait a minute, seriously, wait a minute. WHY WOULD THEY EVEN CONSIDER CHARGING HER FOR ANYTHING??? She was DEFENDING HERSELF!!! And I’m sorry, those two didn’t “suffer enough.” They DEFINITELY need to be charged!!! That school is trying to protect criminals or something? Seriously, this is an outrage, I can’t believe you’re not po’ed about this, I’m actually mad for you. They seemed like they thought about charging your daughter before they considered charging the two males that attacked her in the first place. She shouldn’t have needed to explain anything to them, tell them anything about her background, ANYTHING. You attack someone with the intentions to do that person harm and it should be “at your own risk.” She should have had the right to shoot both of those piles of garbage on the spot… Please tell me you’re going to call them back and tell them to charge them with a crime like they should so they are less likely to try it again with someone else who might not be able to defend herself…

      • The whole thing is getting strange. They attacked her, then said it was part of a PSA, then there is no record of the PSA.

        As for the Charges, none will be bought up, DA Pretty much said, Haley acted in self defense.

        But, I have to go to Cambridge this week and sort it all out. I am not liking how this went down, especially at Harvard.

        • @Jeff

          I’m not liking it and I’m only hearing it from you. If it happened to a family member or a close friend smoke will be coming out of my ears…

  18. Hey Jeff W. are you rasing an Amazon warrior?

    • @Old Moe

      All of my daughters are over 5’10.

      @ Professor.

      LOL My friend, you can bring a movie back into any situation.


      All of my Children are trained in various martial arts, Amanda, Bethany, Alexis all took Karate, Jujitsu and Kick Boxing, Haley is trained in Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai.

      But here is the funny part, the whole thing was a case of mistaken idenity, the boys were part of a PSA About Campus safety, they thought my daughter was the actress who was suppose to be taken and show what happens when you do not pay attention to your surroundings. Which makes me feel a little bit better, but Haley said she owes those boys a big apology, she had no idea what was going on, she just reacted, and the film crew was scared to go over and stop her.

      • A Campus Safety PSA conducted under patently unsafe conditions is ironic beyond belief. That the film crew weren’t immediately aware of the mistake – and didn’t intervene anyway – is a disgrace. Can you imagine if these clowns had grabbed another girl who wasn’t able to defend herself? That’s assault right there, never mind the trauma they’d have caused her. One hopes they use their hospital time to learn an important safety lesson, and on the bright side no one, and I mean NO ONE is going to mess with your daughter for the remainder of her college time now… :-)

        Hope your boy has a good birthday, by the way.

        • @Big Dentist

          The Police are not getting a full story, Harvard is not getting a full story, and this “Film” crew has no permit.

          So, a bunch of Guys going around Cambridge attacking young girls? Harvard it would be hard to do it on campus because of the security, but still.

          The more I hear, the more I do not like.

          • @Jeff

            Sounds like they are making excuses for why they did what they did and the idiots working at the school is buying it…

          • @Jeff

            Oops, said a word that sparked the filter. I was saying, it sounds like they are making excuses for why they did what they did and the 1d10ts working at the school are buying it…

      • @Jeff W

        She owes nobody an apology. They should not have grabbed her without saying anything. They brought it onto themselves. But given this, I take back what I said before about getting them charged. If they had no ill intent, then their injuries will be good enough to teach them a lesson on surprising someone they do not know like that…

      • @Jeff W

        To add to that, if anyone owes anyone an apology, the school owes you an apology for even suggesting that they might charge her for something. That it’s only because she verbally warned them that they didn’t. I would demand an apology for such a disgusting statement that there’s even a chance someone will be charged for defending him/herself…

  19. Now for a more light hearted note

    So, decided to get the Charger SRT8…Walked into the dealership with my son, and they had 10 on the lot and two in the showroom. Son goes over to a silver one gets in it, goes over to a black one gets in it.

    I said to him, “In Seven years, you will be driving it, the car I buy today, will be yours when you hit 16.”

    “We are getting the black one.”

    So that was that…NOW Waiting for the transfer of title, paperwork and prep.

    • Your Kid is a lucky fella. Here at somewhere past 16 (not saying how many years past), i still dont have enough money to get a car… so i am working on building one! 8-) Cause i’m awesome that way!

  20. If Nolan was to difrect anymore DC CBM, does anyone think he tackle the most challeging ones like Aquaman & redo films that flopped like Steel & Supergirl in the shared universe?

  21. “different”

  22. So, am I the only one that while watching Pawn Stars on History Channel, gets kind of excited when I see someone bring a book in because that means we might get to see that cute book expert they call Rebecca??? :-D

      • @Paul

        Yes sir, shooting is one of my hobbies and a passion I take seriously. :-)

        Her name is Rebecca Romney BTW. She’s one little cutey. I kind of want to find a rare book just to bring into that store and hope they call her in, lol.

        Actually, that show is making stars out of every one of those experts. Danny, the car expert has his own show now. Rick the restorator got his own show now, now that firearms expert got his, I’m sure that museum curator will get one soon, and hopefully Rebecca gets one too, although books might not be the most exciting topic to have a show about, but I know I’ll watch it… :-D