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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 7, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   March 7, 2014


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  1. Good Morning all…..

    Happy Friday!! :)

    IMO, whether you’re a fan of Marvel and Kevin Feige or not, I think it’s fair to say that as a CBM fans, we should be pretty thankful for this guy and how he thinks. Through Feige, Marvel broke new ground and changed the entire CBM genre with the whole concept of a shared movie universe. Anything we get now in a shared universe style of format or cross overs from any studio had its roots or origins started right there and thank goodness it did. 

    I love the way this guy thinks and operates. He’s not afraid to take risks and he’s smart enough to know that he can’t stand pat and apply the same formula to every movie Marvel makes, so he mixes it up. This guy knows what he is doing when it comes to CBM’s, and IMO all CBM fans owe Feige a debt of gratitude for changing this genre for the better. He’s like a successful coach that knows exactly how to get the most out of each player.

    A few thing stood out for me from that interview/article yesterday.

    “So the safety net becomes Marvel itself. It’s that red brick logo on top of the title—right now, it means something to people the way the Pixar thing does. ”

    He’s exactly right. When people see that little red block now they automatically think “that’s something I’m going to want to see”  I know a lot of CBM fans that have never picked up a comic book in there life, didn’t even know what a CBM was before Iron Man in 2008, but are now waiting in line the first day a new Marvel movie opens. He’s created a universal appeal for CBM’s.

    “I think so but to be fair Marvel has always been unified. It’s sort of the reason we were gonna start doing movies ourselves was to tell the stories the way we wanted to.”

    All Marvel does is make CBM’s, that’s all they’re  concerned about, all they’re focused on. They are all pulling in the same direction all the time, and the make unified decisions. That is rare and hard to find in movie studios today. All of Marvel Studios is on the same page and it shows up in their films.

    “I didn’t meet Chris Pratt until we’d already decided. I’d watched six of his tests and we decided. Because it doesn’t matter how fun they are at dinner. It matters what they look like on that screen. ”


    That last part about how it doesn’t matter how fun they are at dinner, it only matters what they look like on screen is 100% dead on, IMO. This guy clearly gets it. They might be very likable, and everybody’s favorite choice for that part, but it’s what they look like on the screen that matters, and that’s all that matters.

    Nobody can argue with success; the proof is in the pudding and Marvel seems to be firing on all cylinders right now. I’ll be the first to admit Marvel doesn’t do everything perfect,(Iron Man 3), but IMO, there is no arguing that their game changing methods made the entire CBM genre better.

    • When I was younger I always wondered why they didn’t have heroes guest in each others movies or at least hint at a shared Universe (like a newspaper headline or news broadcast). I like the way they are thinking over at Marvel right now. One unified plan is the way to go. My only fear us that with the renewed popularity of all the CBMs that it will cause a glut and people will stop going to them and lead to the bubble bursting. That’s the main reason I would prefer Spider-Man, X-men and Ff to return to Marvel. I rather see fewer movies if it will quality and keep people from getting tired of them.

    • Meh, Avi Arad did a lot more for CBMs than Fiege.

    • Tarantino’s films are all in a shared universe. Big Kahuna Burger, Vincent and Vic Vega, and Red Apple Cigarettes all cross over. A shared movie universe is not new.

      • Tenuous connections and in-jokes at best. Might be a shared universe but not really the same thing.

      • The first 5-7 movies that Kevin Smith direct had easter egg (at times) tie-ins to the other movies/characters.

        • I like when films/TV shows make references/tie-ins. One of my favorites is John Lithgow in Third Rock from the Sun. In an episode when he got on a plane for the first time, he screamed that there was something on the wing, poking fun at his role in “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” from 1983’s Twilight Zone: The Movie.

  2. Decided to start collecting comics again, it’s been a long time. Anyone have any suggestions of new series to pick up? I just found out there was a comic store literally on the same street as my building.

    I picked up Infinity part 1 0f 6, The Avengers #18 infinity tie in and The Punisher reboot #1.

    Any suggestions would help, thanks.

    • If we’re talking Marvel, I’ve heard that Hawkeye’s current run is fantastic. I’m a big fan of their All-New X-Men series and its many spin-offs right now.

      If we’re not talking Marvel, I’m really liking The Shadow: Year One. I would stay away from DC’s New 52, to be honest. Save for Green Arrow #17 and up.

      • Okay, great. Thanks a lot.

      • @ Adrian,

        I’m really enjoying The Shadow:Year One as well. I love Matt Wagner’s writing and art. Did you read his run on Green Hornet: Year One? Good stuff. I also got to talk to him at the Baltimore Comic-Con a couple of times. He’s a really nice guy.

    • MovieB,

      I replied to you earlier today, but since I included some comic book links, my comment is awaiting moderation. Below is my response without the links. If my original comment shows up later, you can use the links, if you wish.

      For Marvel, I just ordered the new Amazing Spider-Man and the Moon Knight reboot. Both look promising. For DC, I’m enjoying Nightwing and Animal Man, but AM is ending (and anything by Jeff Lemire is good, too).

      For Image, I subscribe to The Walking Dead and Five Ghosts, which is a great one not many know about.

      Oni released The Bunker #1, which I enjoyed and subscribed to. You can read the first five pages online just by searching for the comic’s title.

      The Mercenary Sea is a new comic that isn’t perfect, but I liked the story, and the art is cool, so I’ll definitely pick up more.

      You may want to pick up the current copy of Previews, which has A LOT of cool, new stuff coming out, like Batman Eternal, an upcoming weekly series. Image has MPH, written by Mark Millar about a street drug that gives kids super speed, and Warren Ellis pens an interesting sci-fi tale, Trees. BOOM Studios is offering The Woods, where a group of teachers and students disappear and are transported outside the universe. The new Marvel series Original Sin is a murder mystery about who killed the Watcher, and it looks great. (You can pre-order the first one now.)

      Sorry for the novel!

      • @$2

        Wow, thank you for all of the suggestions. I almost grabbed the Moon Knight #1, so I’ll probably get that the next time I’m in. I was looking on Marvel’s site but I only saw superior Spiderman. How far into the series is Knightwing?

        • MovieB,

          Hey, I’m happy to help you out. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is set to come out next month. I just got back from the local comic shop, and I was told Kyle Higgins’ last issue of writing Nightwing is the next one, #29. I don’t know who’s taking control for writing or art, so I would hold off, or issue #30 might be a good jumping-on point for you whenever it’s released. If you’re still interested, you could pick up the trades to catch up. (I do recommend the Animal Man trades more than Nightwing. Cool story and art.)

          You could talk to the comic shop about what you should read. The owner of my local shop loves comics and is happy to share. Also, check with your local library. My library has a decent collection of trades.

          Good luck!

    • I’d recommend the new 52 batman volumes – especially the third one with the joker ‘Death of the family’ as I found it to be a thrilling read that was hard to put down
      The new 52 aquaman was surprisingly good in my opinion as well and aquaman is a character that I have tended to steer away from in the past

      I also checked out the Infinity volumes 1 and 2 – thought the second part was significantly better than the first

      • Hey, thanks for the input. I think I’ve heard of the Joker one you mentioned. Is that very old? Is it a multi-issue story? Thanks again.

        • it came out in 2012 but i only picked it up at the start of this year, its has batman #13-17 in it

          the story does tie in/crossover with new 52 comics involving the bat-family characters (nightwing, bat-girl and batman and robin comics have issues involved with the story) so it could be argued that the batman volume does have some gaps (characters turning up without knowing exactly how they got there type stuff)
          but I didnt find there to be an issue not reading the stuff from the other characters and feel it works very well on its own steam

          personally i liked keeping the focused on the batman-joker side of things, but i havent read the other character tie-ins

          i also think it works as a separate story from the first 2 volumes (the court of owls stuff) in that it doesnt require knowledge of those to be enjoyed

          • Sounds good man, I’ll look for that one too. Thanks again.

  3. Any word on the Warcraft movie? I havent seen a word since they announced 5 people being cast in roles we dont know yet.

    • Yeah I haven’t heard anything else either. Give it time. More and more news will slowly start popping up about it.

      • I’m hoping so. I am very much looking forward to this movie. I have been playing World of Warcraft for 8 years now and have been wanting this for 7 of those years.

        When this movie comes out, it will be like when the original X-Men movie came out and I couldnt believe they were actually live action on the big screen.

        • That was a bit surreal seeing X-Men for the first time wasn’t it? I felt that way watching Spider-Man (2002) too. It was like a kids dream haha.. Awesome stuff.

          I don’t play WoW. I’ve seen the South Park episode, Leeroy Jenkins on youtube, and watched some of the promotional stuff for the game expansions but that’s about it. So I’m not very familiar with it, but I LOVE Duncan Jones’ movies. I thought that Moon was a masterpiece and his second film Source Code was just as good. I’m really psyched that a talented director such as Duncan is helming the WoW film.

  4. Ive decided that season 9 of supernatural is a bust…

    • but maybe itll have a good finish…maybe.

    • Yeah, it is a bit Meh. When they brought the Ghostfacers back on last episode I immediately thought “Yay, more misguided geek pandering” but I liked that they went for a more serious tone towards the end.

  5. anyone knows something about clone wars season 6? i mean when we people from Europe could watch it?

  6. Did you all know that the end credit scene in Green Lantern wasn’t meant to be part of the story but an allusion to where the story was going in the trilogy.

    Fun Fact

    • that part when the devil dude turned yellow?

      cool cool.

      I wasn’t a fan of Green Lantern. Finally saw it a few weeks back.

    • oh shoot!! ^^^^^^ SPOILER ALERT FOR GREEN LANTERN (2011) IN ABOVE COMMENT!!!! ^^^^^^^^

      I didn’t realize…

      • Spoiler for Green Lantern(2011)
        Its terrible.

        • hahaha yeah I hated it. I got lost somewhere in between hotwheels racetrack to the rescue and poop monster supreme.

          • They lost me at the start showing as a kid
            him chasing the bus
            him running to the pavement seeing his dad blow up and in wolverine fashion dropping to his knees screaming NOOOO to the heavens
            yeah…..F*ck this movie, and I was seeing it free.
            I hate ryan reynolds.

            • Yeah that’s the moment where it started to suck for me, but I still maintained faith that it could redeem itself somehow. Then the green stuff dragged Reynolds across the city to Ivan Ooze, and the whole hotwheels fiasco later on completely lost me.

              They could’ve done it SO MUCH better.

              • Martin Campbell wasn’t the best choice for Green Lantern he doesn’t do movies with a lot of CGI

                • Wow he’s done some good movies in his career!! I hope Green Lantern doesn’t screw him over as a director with future projects.

  7. Got Thor:DW on Blueray, watched the One Shot All Hail The King which is pretty funny

    Question. Was that always the plan for the “twist” or was it a response to the backlash.

    • depend when it was filmed
      after- in response to
      along with thor – planned

      • That’s awesome! I haven’t read the link but knowing that it was already in development before IM3 came out is cool.

  8. Anyone else think that Alien thing Coulson saw on Shield was Hiro-kala….? Looked a lot like him….

    • The world ain’t ready for Hiro Kala. Talk about bad ass.
      But I did some research last night and apparently, Captain Mar-Vell is sometimes called,
      G-eheneres H-alason. I assume it’s Kree. Which means Skye is quite possibly Kree as well, seeing how quickly she recovered from the transfusion. Personally I hope she’s Phyla Vell.

      • Yeah the ultamite Captain Marvel is G.H….

  9. Does anybody think Captain America TWS should have been a summer movie released? I for one thought it should be coming out in June not April. It’s just like when Thor: TDW came out last November I always thought superhero moives should come out in the summer months.

  10. Anyone a fan of Last Man Standing?? I’ve been watching it from season 1, now on season 2, anyone know why they got rid of the original actress for Kristin? She was awesome, the new actress is terrible! All I keep reading is “creative differences” but come on, it’s a sitcom, what creative differences can there be??

  11. What do you all think will be next for WB/DC after Batman vs. Superman?

    • @Joshua W.:

      Pretty much anything but my guesses would be:

      1. Justice League
      2. Batman reboot (please)
      3. Man of Steel 3 (or 2 :) )
      4. Wonder Woman
      5. Trinity (Supes, Bats and WW)

    • @ Josh

      I think it will depend on the numbers Batman vs. Superman does. I think WB is taking a cautious one movie at a time approach right now, which is smart.

      It will also depend on who ends up showing up in this one. Will all of the JL be there? Just WW and Batman be there? A lot of what comes next will be determined by this movie.

      • My bias toward marvel aside, I completely agree with carefully making one good movie at a time. Marvel/Sony/Fox’s announcements of their planned movies/release dates up until the end of this century is promising and exciting. Especially to those of us wanting to see iconic characters in legendary storylines, however, one flop destroys the entire model. In no way/shape/form am I saying The avengers sequel will bomb(or any other example), but, if enough Lone Rangers occur, they’ll have to scrap more than just one upcoming sequel. The entire project gets laid to waste quicker than a charlie sheen sobriety announcement. Then you have promises you will no longer keep thus completely alienating your audience.

      • I think it will definitely cross 1 Billion on name recognition alone (BATMAN) and then throw in Wonder Woman and Superman it’s a formula for money that’s for sure. I can’t even think of their next step after Batman vs. Superman because we have zero plot details.

        • @Josh
          I personally want to see a film with the entire Bat- family. I just wanna see my boy Tim Drake tbh.
          Who else could they pair up to co-headline a film? I’d watch Martian Manhunter & Wonder Woman.

          • I’d like to see Batman and Judge Dredd, whether it’s adapted from one of the comics or an original story.

          • Since this is a seasoned batman there is room for all of the robins to exist especially Jason Todd I really want to see a play on Batman: Under The Red Hood I would crap my pants. I also really want to see Oracle and maybe even a cameo from Green Arrow or at least a mention (it doesn’t need to be Stephen Amell but it’d be better).

          • @ SteveRogers

            In DC’s shared universe, I too would want to see the entire Bat-Family. Batman,Robin,Batgirl,Nightwing & Dr. Leslie Thompkins introduced even.

  12. Finally watched Dallas Buyers Club this week and it really was a great film. Mconaughey and Leto were amazing in their roles and I’m glad they received Oscars for them. For the few who didnt catch it in theaters (I think their was like 5 of us) I highly recommend it.

  13. Speaking of Films that are in development purgatory, What ever happened to Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot? The last update I read said it was still in the works but nothing since. I’m not sure I like the idea of a Spawn horror movie where you hardy ever see Him but it’s been so long that I would see almost anything involving the character. What I’m dying to see a Medieval or Barbarian Spawn done right with WETA fabricated props, but first we’d need a rebooted introduction to Spawn before people would see a Medieval version.

    On a different note, I might be too early to tell but it looks like the style of Sin City 2 is a little “polished”, I know the first movie was quirky-ish but it was grainy and the effects were cohesive throughout, maybe they still aren’t completely worked out but the shot of Josh Brolin (Dwight) falling backwards looks sickly bad.

    One last thing to throw out there since there aren’t many of these open discussion forums is the fact that the Ads are killing this website. I understand that Ads are what fund SR but can you pick the Ads that don’t interfere with the Flash loading of the page? For the last 3 days I had an Ad that automatically raised and lowered the page for no reason at all, not to mention the Ads with active sound by default. I frequent this site DAILY and have for years but i found myself wondering if I should find an alternative that won’t cause my PC to lag. Please fix if possible, Thanks :)

  14. Where the hell is real x men trailer?
    I dont understand.. Trailer we got was scenes out of tv episodes.. seriously? where is it?

  15. Does anyone think Cobie Smulders will take on a bigger role in AoS after How I Met Your Mother is finished?