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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 6, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 6, 2013

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  1. Will there be a new Head of Disney by the end of the week?

    • Let me clarify.

      The Shareholders are voting whether or not Bob Iger should have Dual Roles, Chairman of the Board and CEO.

      If they vote for him to be Chairman of the Board, then a Newo CEO will have to be elected/promoted.

      The last time a vote like this came up, Michael Eisner was ousted as Head of Disney.

      • Yes, now is the time for George (Lucas) to make his move!!

        It was all just part of his (evil) plan.

        Mwaaaa haaaah aaaah aaaaaahhhh!!!


        • That’s not even funny!

  2. Okay, balls to the wall! What are the best rock movies?

    1. Almost Famous
    2. Dazed & Confused
    3. This is Spinal Tap!
    4. Tenacious D & The Pick of Destiny
    5. The School of Rock
    6. Rock Star
    7. Detroit Rock City
    8. Wayne’s World
    9. Wayne’s World 2
    10. Rock of Ages

    • This is Spinal Tap,
      Detroit Rock City
      Dazed and Confused.
      School of Rock.

      The others, eh.

      • Anybody who doesn’t like Almost Famous loses the right to cite me for liking Scott Pilgrim. That’s inexcusable. You, sir, have no heart!

        • Scott Pilgrim can lick my username. Almost Famous’s soundtrack is better than the film. That is the undeniable truth.

          • I totally agree. I still like SP, though. One more guilty pleasure. ;)

          • Sorry, but what was wrong with SP? i loved it! i thought it was funny, and kinda awesome!

            • agreed I loved SP’s soundtrack. I haven’t seen most of those films that dude listed so I can’t really make a case that the soundtrack is superior to those others cuz I really don’t know. Still, SP’s soundtrack kicks butt!!

        • My Dear LostWinchester.

          I just simply said “eh” to the rest of the movies. I cannot put Almost Famous above This is Spinal Tap.

          And in your defense of Scott Pilgrim…Why did you not put Scott Pilgrim on your list?

          HUH HUH HUH!

          Yeah, what I thought.


          • Eh? Eh???! A mere “eh” is an utter insult to Almost Famous. The tiny dancer will not be amused!

            Besides, I was looking for the best rock movies, not the best nerd/hipster movies. ;)

    • The only rock movies I’ve seen would be:
      Pink Floyd The Wall (does that count?)
      Tenacious D & The Pick Of Destiny
      School Of Rock

      All three were great flicks. ‘Dazed & Confused’ sounds great too. I should definitely try and check it out at some point.

      • I was looking for scripted movies. But concert movies are fine, too. My favourites would be Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same and Woodstock.

        Oh, and year, Dazed and Confused is great. It celebrates simpler times without cell phones and internet but with amazing music.

          • I will look into it. I must admit that I’ve never seen it.

            • WHAT WHAT WHAT!

              • Sorry! I will correct that oversight asap!

    • 24 Hour Party People
      This Is Spinal Tap
      A Hard Day’s Night
      Yellow Submarine
      Stop Making Sense
      The Filth And The Fury
      Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii

      • People of Screen Rant.

        Pay Homage and Bow down to The Big Dentist.

        His Taste is Rock Movies is unparalleled.


        • Lol – why, thank you sir!

          • ::BOWING::

            WE ARE NOT WORTHTY!

            And Welcomed.

            • WORTHY


              • Well, if you want to hear some bloke with a peculiar accent playing a load of equally peculiar music, I’ve been doing a local radio show for a year or so now – just click my name! :-)

    • Because i cant think of anyone I’m just going to steal from your list and say 1 4 5 6 8 & 9.

    • I’m going to add Moonwalker even though it’s not ALL rock, but I think it can find its way in there somehow.

    • No Bill and Ted?…shocking…

    • #1 School of Rock – (2003)

    • I can haz Starro?

    • I have a lot to say on this subject but I’m at home using my cell right now and I hate typing novels on this thing. So I’ll just keep it short. Nolan didn’t make a comic book into billion dollar franchise, he made a cop thriller and used the Batman name as a symbol. It wasn’t a Batman movie IMO. But nonetheless, he did make a billion dollar franchise. He can produce. Like Spieldberg did for Transformers. Just have a voice on the matter. But he has no passion to comics. If he did, then Batman would’ve been tremendously different. As much as I think Whedon sucks, he at least has a passion for these Marvel comics. We need someone else to direct. A fan. Someone to DC as JJ Abrams is to Star Trek/Star Wars.


      • @ leathercheerio

        Actually J.J Abrams wasn’t a fan of Star Trek. He claimed that he modeled Star Trek off of Star Wars though and that is why Kirk appears as more of a Han Solo in the 2009 Star Trek.

        I actually like the idea of Nolan producing the Justice League but I don’t like the villain being Vandal Savage.

        • What I meant was that Abrams made and is still making Star Trek movies. Not his own interpreted version of it. He is doing that series what it deserves. Not making it his own twisted version. Raimi made Spider Man movies. Not Spider Man is a symbol of a do gooder in NYC and anyone can be Spider Man. I want and I’m sure I’m not the only one want a Justice League movie. Not a twisted version or their interpretation of it.

          • @ leathercheerio

            I know what you are saying but anytime a director is given rights to a character such as Batman then they are allowed to show the viewers of how they perceive the characters. Batman for instance is seen differently by you because you see him as he was originally created.

            I see him both ways (but) I would like to see the Justice League in a Nolan version simply because it would provide a diversity within the perception of the way we see super heroes. For example in Nolan’s batman he wishes to show that batman could be anybody and is a symbol to all that crime is not to be tolerated. This “symbol” is not changing Batman’s goals it is simply adding to them.

            Marvel has already done what you think the Justice League should be and I would hate to see the same movie with different heroes. The “realistic” way would separate Warner Bro.s from Marvel and allow them to put it simply “do their own thing.”

  3. I meant to say everyone who comes up here. My bad.

    • I also meant to say however I can “see”Nolan. Hate when I type fast.

  4. Id choose Darkseid invading earth still. With him, we’ll see, Kalibak,Desaad,Steppenwolf,Kato,Granny Goodness & The Female Furies with them Barda since she was trained among them under Granny’s watch before Scott a.k.a Mr. Miricle saved & married her later on in the comics. Gives a small cameo for Mr. Miricle & Orion to proclaim Earth is under New Genisis’s protection. Makin things personal for Darkseid to return to Superman’s adoptive world.

  5. I dont mind nolan being the overhead of wb dc-verse just as long as he doesnt have all the power and hes not the director.

  6. Whats a videogame adapted to a movie youd like to see.(that is well made)
    -dont necessarily pick one thats easily adaptable.

    For instance a quiky Animal Crossing movie would be cool
    Or Pikmin.
    I know Ive always wanted a cool Pokemon film.

    • My brother in law is a screenwriter in the big H… And he has an amazing script/screenplay for Pokemon. It will be made. Dont you worry.

      For other games though, I’d LOVE to see GTA IV or Vice City be made. A perfect Scorcese film. I’d like to see Double Dragon done right as well. Can’t forget Zelda either.

      • Hopefully it follows Red(the trainer in the first game) on his journey and facing team rocket and the Indigo Plateau.

    • Fallout 3

      • I would love to see a Fallout movie.

    • I still want Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed. Not very original choices, but those games (and their sequels) would make excellent movies.

      • Those would be really awesome! The thing about Uncharted tho is that its already been done several times. Tin-tin, Indiana Jones, and even parts of Die Hard 4 (the crazy over-the-top truck vs. F16 scene) remind me alot of Uncharted. I’d still be down to see it though.

        Assassins Creed is being made according to my understanding with Michael Fassbender as the protagonist. I don’t know if it will really happen tho. I hope so.

    • @ cody

      1. I would like an Elder Scrolls film but I know why that can’t happen.

      2. Dark Forces Jedi Knight would be a good Star Wars standalone film.

      3. A Halo film would be really cool bat harder to do.

      • If this was asked over a year ago I would agree with you that a Halo film would be hard to do, but for what they did for the web miniseries leading up to Halo 4 makes me believe that it could be done a lot easier than originally thought.

        Other movies I think could work or be fun:

        Assassin’s Creed – would love to see this one the most
        Zelda – could be fun, but directed more towards a younger audience probably
        Gears of War
        God of War – Might be a little too similar to Wrath of the Titans though
        Metal Gear Solid
        Far Cry

    • I just finished Spec Ops: The Line, and I think that would make an interesting movie.

      What about Dishonored? The story was okay, but I could see the premise making an interesting movie.

    • Syphon Filter.

    • my friend will love this

  7. Would anybody else like films of
    Paradise Lost and
    Dantes Inferno
    I feel they could be great spectacles if done right.

  8. Well, I just saw the trailer for Ironman 3, and now know why my wife said, ” You will love it…But you are going to shake your head at the attack on Stark’s Home.



    Whew, had to vent that.

    • How so? it looked pretty believable to me…

      Granted the main part remaining largely intact was kinda iffy, but still possible since the rockets hit the supports….

        • And Rudder Control on a Helicopter is an Anti Torque device that controls the tail rotor. Located the same place as rudder control for an aircraft, or the pedals.

          • But a man in a flying robot suit controlled by his mind is ok? Lol

            • No, you expect that from Ironman.

              But even the implausible must be laughed at. I mean, how many time a Chief Mechanic told me

              “Sir, you came in 100lb over limit, we going to take her down and do stress test!”

            • Well, truth be known, you should the prototype Battle Armor they are testing.

              Only thing missing, repulsors and jet boots.

            • Should have seen us watching Battleship.

              Man we tore that movie a new one.

              • Loocks like i asked the expert… physics has always been a fav of mine, but i have never explored Helecopter physics.

                i thought you had a problem with the mansion…

                • @SuperEdje101

                  I am rated as an Expert Pilot.

                  I flown almost every Rotary Wing craft that US Government has in its inventory….I just laughed. I know its a movie, but what went through my mind. I would never get off the ground and if I did, one cross wind and I am Skids up, and that is not a place you want your helicopter in.

        • Yeah. And also there is a guy in a mechanical suit that can fly. But the helicopters are way too over the top for me. Slow it down marvel.

          • @GeneralMcFluffernutter.

            No, that was me being the 25 year Coast Guard Pilot. When I saw that, man I said, “Wish a Jayhawk could be outfitted like that.”

  9. If the Director of the Justice League was Nolan and he got to choose a “realistic” villain who would you want it to be. If you wanted it to be an unbelievable villain but re imagined please explain.

    I personally want it to be a group of villains with maybe Lex Luthor in charge of them.

    • you cant have a villain thats too “realistic” when your protagonists are an alien dude who can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes, a guy that can run at the speed of light, a super-chick with a cutoff top and a whip, and a rich guy that dresses up as a bat.

      I don’t think a realistic villain is a very realistic choice to battle that kind of an unrealistic team with Nolan directing or not. Bear in mind I’m not poking fun at JL I’m just trying to be honest.

      • @ movieDude

        I understand as well but I think the JL movie should be approached differently than just another Comic Book movie. I think the movie should be presented as a Science Fiction film which could be made “realistic.” I am not saying that the movie should be made and forced to be realistic but to make it as realistic as it can get considering the given characters and stories that come along with it.

        • I gotcha… so kinda like a mix of say… Watchmen TDK and Inception or something? Idk that prbly doesn’t make any sense but thats what I think when you say that. That actually sounds really intriguing. Hopefully Man of Steel has this feeling that you’ll looking for, like a nolanized Avengers or something. Yeah I would be down for that.

          All I’m saying is the villain isn’t gonna be like Bane or Heath Ledgers Joker, he’s gotta be a bit more broad and scifi. So yeah. Idk if any of that makes sense haha

          • *you’re looking for

          • @ movieDude

            Yeah, like you said I don’t think Bane or Heath’s Joker could be the bad guy either but maybe a Lex Luthor with more of an Iron Man type “realistic” suit? I hope Man of Steel has that feeling of a Science Fiction movie but I guess only time will tell. Oh, and thanks for the discussion.

            • Actually, I don’t like the idea of a Lex Luthor iron man thing. It just doesn’t go for that ‘realistic” or science fiction look. Maybe just Lex Luthor as the preisident or something.

              • Man Of Steel is meant to be the intro to the JL franchise. Man of Steel uses an alien hero, and an army of aliens as their main bad guy. If Superman can take on an army of aliens with the help of the US government, what would be worse on Earth (since you want a bad guy similar to what was in TDK trilogy) than aliens with the strength and power of the Gods, that it takes an entire team of heroes including an alien with the strength and power of the Gods, a man who has the ability to run faster than the speed of light, a woman who has the power of the Gods, a sociopathic human who has billions of dollars in gadgets, the ruler of Atlantis, and a few more if they so choose to introduce? I’m pretty sure your take on JL isn’t going to happen.

                • @ leathercheerio

                  You are correct. My idea most likely won’t happen. Yet I am attempting to attend college and meat certain requirements so I may accept the privilege to work for WB. It is my dream to work for WB and at least make a very realistic Suicide Squad film.

                  If I was given the ability to show my view if what a JL movie should be then I would make into more of a Science Fiction movie. Besides if the heroes are toned down a little my movie could happen.

  10. So think they’ll cast a relatively unknown up-and-comer as Dr. Strange, like they did with Hemsworth or go with a big name A lister, like Robert D Jr?

    If they want Strange to be phase 3′s “iron man 1″, a breakout hit, (which it certainly has to potential to be) then star power could work like Liam Neeson or Depp, but they’d establish the character firmly with an unfamiliar face to associate with Stephen Strange. Marvel certainly doesn’t seem to mind casting thousands for the right guy. Thoughts?

    • I know he’s to old but when I think Dr. Strange on film my brain just goes to Timothy Dalton.

      I would rather have an unknown than get a big name for the sake of a big name. The ideas I have heard of Nic Cage frighten me.

      Who ever they get he should be 36-45 years of age.

      • Timothy Omundson fits your requirements (age 43 and known only for television). And I’ve always thought he sort of looked like Dr. Strange.

    • RDJ wasnt a big name star when he starred as Iron Man in the first movie he was blacklisted in hollywood. Iron Man was his come back movie in Hollywood. Marvel Studio is doing the right thing for casting unknown actors instead of big name actors.

  11. I dont care about the MTV movie awards, but how awesome was it to see that Twilight was only nominated for like 1 award.
    The tweens have to be losing their s***.

    • Good grief, i just looked up the nominations. Its like a mix of copying the Oscars and just making stupid choices.

    • If Bale returns, there will be no Joker. Thats just how it will be. Its sad but true

      • @ ACW 007

        I don’t think the world needs another Joker revamp any time soon. It isn’t that I don’t like the character or think Heath Ledgers portrayal was perfect but I think that too many people have done the Joker in Video games, cartoons, comics and movies. I just don’t want him over done.

        • You may not want a revamp, but its going to come. No studio executive is just going to have the same Batman or Joker, its a waste of creative influence.

          • @ ACW 007

            What exactly do you mean ” If Bale returns, there will be no Joker & thats just how it has to be?

            To both ACW 007 & Writer. You both think we don’t need to see another person portray Joker in the next reboot because of Ledger’s passing after being in one of Nolan’s Bat-films? Or are there better excuses than Too Soon? Because people will expect The Joker in the next reboot as he’s Batman’s archenemy.

            • Im saying there will be a new Joker. However, no one can honestly think they’d pit a new Joker against Bale’s Batman, hence the need for a reboot and not the need for Bale Batman

              • @ ACW 007 and WallyWest

                Actually, if Bale does return they could always have Harley Quinn lead an attack on Gotham. Maybe she creates a gang of Jokers much similar to that of the Batman Beyond cartoon series.

      • “But from what I can tell, his heart isn’t in it.” — I 100% agree. But as I stated in a post earlier in regards to Nolan, is that his name is profitable. I honestly think because Spielberg’s name was attached to the Transformers series, it helped boost sales. And Im pretty sure he didn’t do a damn thing for that movie. Just pay him a few million and it will make more than that in profit. And yes… you are the lone person in not wanting to connect the dots to the franchises. I don’t think it needs to be as extensive as Marvel, but if you have millions of people that buy into Henry Cavill in 2013 and then 2015 have Brandon Routh be Superman for JL again, then in 2016, go back to Cavill for his MOS franchise, you’re going to end up with a lot of confused and unhappy people.

        • “you’re going to end up with a lot of confused and unhappy people.”

          I never understand that argument. 3 different actors portrayed Bruce Banner in 10 years. Once he transformed into the Hulk, people knew exactly who he was. Whoever wears the cowl, cape, or the tights… people will know what character that actor is portraying based solely on the outfit. Now, I understand that there would be some confusion on whether or not Cavill’s or Bale’s performances tied into the mythos of the Justice League franchise. That’s why I’d wait until after the Man of Steel franchise/trilogy finishes…that is if it is successful enough to warrant sequels. However, using different actors in these roles should also tell viewers that they are witnessing a different take on these characters, so it could be possible to have two different supermen in different franchises. Doubtful, yet possible.

          Movies didn’t always have enormous cinematic universes. Marvel has done a decent job with this idea and we’ll see how Disney handles the Star Wars name. The Marvel formula has worked for 5 movies so far. Warner Brothers has their own formula that has worked for decades…franchises. Warner Brothers fires out a bunch of franchise material (Jack the Giant Slayer, Green Lantern, Lemony Snicket, Nancy Drew, The Golden Compass, Catwoman) and latches onto the successful ones (Police Academy, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix, The Hangover, Harry Potter, LOTR/Hobbit, The Dark Knight trilogy, Transformers, Sherlock Holmes).

          2 new franchises (Man of Steel and Pacific Rim) have the potential for success in 2013. After 2013 ends, The Hangover will be done and the Hobbit will only have one film left. Warner Brothers will be looking ahead to the next big cinematic franchise (Godzilla?) and then to the next…Justice League could be that title.

          • You are correct about Bruce Banner, butwt they havhaven’t done and what you are insisting is that to SIMULTANEOUSLY showcase the same character by 2 different actors. That’s a REAL challenge. I hate my cell btw

            • Cell phone swyping/typing does suck…but that is the day and age we live in. I remember typewriters, letters, white out, the Postal Service, rotary dial phones, remembering phone numbers or using a phone book…etc. :)

              I did explain that in my earlier post:
              “That’s why I’d wait until after the Man of Steel franchise/trilogy finishes…that is if it is successful enough to warrant sequels. However, using different actors in these roles should also tell viewers that they are witnessing a different take on these characters, so it could be possible to have two different supermen in different franchises. Doubtful, yet possible.”

              • What I meant was focus directly on the Man of Steel franchise/trilogy. Then move to JLA. Then another Batman. Then Supes again. Everything doesn’t need to connect. I do not need an origin story for every character in order to create an interesting plot…Star Wars Episode I-III is the origin story for Darth Vader and they ruined that character’s image. He went from being the baddest mutha f’er in the galaxy and turned into a whiny b#tch obsessed over his girlfriend. Guy got laid once and then gave up looking for any more…anywho, the JLA doesn’t need separate origin stories leading up to a team-up film. They can have these characters already in existence and show us them in action. “That guy is called Flash and he runs fast…I get it.”

                I just don’t like the idea of continuity within a comic book universe. Marvel movies are fine, for now. Eventually, Marvel will have to do a massive reboot. Warner Brothers has been going back and forth with DC franchises for 2 characters for 30 years. Throw in a JLA team-up franchise and they’ll push on for quite a while longer and perhaps open doors for second tier character films to exist (Flash, Aquaman). The Warner Brothers formula has worked for 30 years…we’ve only seen 5 years of the Marvel formula in existence.

                • In previous Open Discussions and JL related news, Ive expressed my opinion which is very much similar to yours. Ive stated that I also do not want origin stories. I don’t want the Marvel route for JL. Spin off films can sometimes be a waste of time, especially when they bomb. I want a series of JL movies that show and introduce characters along the way without spin off films. Similar to Star Wars/Star Trek. Star Trek had 10 films all in a row directly connected to one another. Why can’t JL do that? We never got a Data or La Forge spin off series. There were television shows. Each one was directly connected to the universe as well. They also inter mixed. Hell, take some notes from Paramount/Viacom. They made it work for 40 years now for that series.

                  I do agree that Star Wars failed with Episode 1 2 & 3. They did make the BAMF that Vader was into a whiny little boy. Shame on them for that lol. And now they are trying to redeem themselves. And sadly do spin off films. But that’s LucasFilms/Disney for ya. It was Fox who originally was in charge. I can blame them for the mess as well.

                  In regards to continuity or not. Its not necessary but it is nice and convenient to have a universe. For instance, I own all the DC animated movies and most of their animated TV series. JL: The New Frontier has zero connection to the later JL series and Im okay with that. Martian Manhunter is white in that film lol. He can be whatever he wants since hes a shape shifter but he usually goes black lol. Some of the Superman films don’t connect what so ever either. I don’t complain. I take it as a movie adaptation of one of the famous novels that was written.

                  • I was having a bit of deja vu. I can see your way working too. I don’t understand why everyone is a Nolaneer or a Whedonphile. Every director makes a movie or ten that doesn’t resonate with a viewer. I started off talking about Nolan’s involvement and went off on this Warner Brothers tangent.

                • I guess my thing is with what you are saying is that their hasn’t really ever been a simultaneous broadcast in the cinema of the same character that I am aware of. I know that Smallville was airing on TV when Superman Returns debuted in film… that can cause some confusion and BO results did suffer… maybe not for that reason but it did nonetheless.

                  • What Marvel did with 5 solo films in 4 years culminating into a team-up film was unprecedented. Maybe this simo-cast idea is DCs retaliation. Their way to make their own history. ;)

    • everyone who thinks that is just under the mentality that only Nolan can make a good superhero/batman film.
      I was Nolan all the way until rises.
      And Im tired of bale and want a new actor and a universe thats less realistic and generalizes the dc verse like the Arkham Batman games.

  12. Anyone read about TMNT co-creater Peter Laird isn’t thrilled about the casting of Megan Fox as April O’Neil neither? He too thinks theres other actress better for the role.

  13. I was thinking about this Nolan-Bale rumor and for starters, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Nolan producing films for DC is fine but Nolan’s universe should not be connected to Man of Steel because TDKR universe is simply too realistic. He made a version of Batman that was inspired by the comics but that’s it. Bale is not the Batman from the comics who can hang with heroes like Superman, Green Latern, Flash, etc. If WB tries to force supernatural and magical elements into that world then Nolan’s vision of Batman is ruined. But I do believe it would be more fitting to reintroduce a new Batman who can properly exist in the Man of Steel’s universe.

    Man of Steel can be the starting point for JL. We have the first one, then comes the sequel. Man of Steel 3 can be used for the Superman-Batman team-up film. Near the end of the film Batman can be viewed as the man who recruits other heroes for a team that can defend the earth from otherworldly threats with Zod and his invasion being Batman’s inspiration to form the Justice League. In the end of Man of Steel 3, Batman takes Superman to the Watchtower where he tells him of a team that he is forming. Then Batman pulls up several images of the members he has recruited so far: Flash, Green Latern, maybe Cyborg and then we’ll be introduced to Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter in Justice League. I saw something like this in The Batman cartoon from a couple of years back. It was the fourth season finale where Batman and Martian Manhunter teamed up to fight the Joining. I thought it would be cool if something like that actual happened in a DC movie because it would be a good way to lead into JL.

    The main thing is that DC needs to take their time. They don’t have to rush because Marvel is too far ahead – their cinematic universe is already established so there’s no reason for competition. But I think the hype and enthusiasm for Marvel films will die down a little over time. This is where DC can come in fresh with JL and introduce the start of their cinematic universe.

    • Your words have been said many of times. Definitely preaching to the choir! Lets hope they do this. Ive said this too so I obviously agree with you. If you can, Jon, check out the other Justice League animated DC films on Netflix or go buy them. They are awesome and good starting points for films.

      • Will do :) There’s alot of movies I want to watch like Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Public Enemies. I saw JL: Doom a while back and it was very good. That would make a great live-action movie.

        • If I could let you borrow my copies, you’d already have them.

  14. Anybody think Jensen Ackles might make a good new batman?
    (dye his hair black)

    • Yes I do

  15. I’d made a post late this morning on the last open discussion, but thought perhaps I’d best repost it here.

    Hey Vic and Staff, any chance to get some news on Defiance? Game will start April 2nd and SyFy show will start April 15th. I never see ya’ll talking about it and was wondering what your thoughts were on the game/tv thing that will be going on. Besides, it has Julie Benz in it. That has to perk your interest, it does mine! haha Shtako!

  16. Two films that share a similar scene:

    Spartacus and Gattaca

    In Spartacus (Kubrick version), near the end of the film Gracchus (Charles Laughton) has lost out to Crassus (Laurence Olivier), but he has one final act of revenge against Crassus.

    In his home he has Spartacus wife and son, along with Batiatus (Peter Ustinov), the former slave owner and gladiator trainer.

    Gracchus gives Batiatus a bag of money, and all 3 letters of passage so they can escape Rome and Italy.

    (not direct quote’s as I can’t remember the actual dialogue)

    Batiatus asks Gracchus “What about you?”
    Gracchus “Oh, I’m travelling too”.

    Now remember that last line.

    In Gattaca, near the end of the film, Vincent (Ethan Hawke), who has been masquerading as Jerome, comes home, he finds that all the equipment is now covered in plastic. A door opens at the back of the room and there is Jerome (Jude Law).

    (Again not exact quotes)

    Jerome “Come on, I have your samples ready.”
    Vincent “Where I’m going I don’t need samples.”
    Jerome “But you will when you get back.”

    They walk into the storage room, Jerome opens the refrigerator’s to show bag’s full of samples, enough for a lifetime.

    In their final exchange:

    Vincent “What are you going to do while I’m gone?”
    Jerome “Oh don’t worry, I’m travelling too.”

    In both Spartacus and Gattaca Gracchus and Jerome both say “They are travelling too”, but in reality they both do the same thing, they take their own lives, yet they spare others the knowledge as they send them on their way, unaware.

    Can you think of any other films where there is a direct link?

  17. Just read this on cnet “Star Trek Into Darkness is beaming down to British cinemas a week before the US release. The release date for the enterprising sequel has been brought forward to give UK Trekkies a full week of Brit baddie Benedict Cumberbatch all to ourselves” can not wait

  18. Star Trek Into Darkness is beaming down to British cinemas a week before the US release. The release date for the enterprising sequel has been brought forward to give UK Trekkies a full week of Brit baddie Benedict Cumberbatch all to ourselves.

  19. I like this hulkbuster, many complained about it but it could always be wrecked and make tony build the more known one.

  20. I’d rather see a better fight between him and Thor.

  21. Would be fun to see Hulkbuster vs Hulk but just the The Thing. Hulkbuster armor never lasts long against the world breaker.