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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 5, 2014

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    • You are stupid. This is a stupid thot. I think Tyler Perry should direct every super hero movie. Also, Twilight is better. Also, what even is a man of steel. Like steel cannot be man. Steel is an inanimate object.

      • Oh look a troll

        you don’t amuse me

      • Attempt at humor recognized and met with a derisive expression of failure.

        • His life was probably directed by Tyler Perry. Based upon a true story by whatever that womans name was who wrote those Twilight books.

  1. Also, no the comments are not fixed at least on my computer.

    • What? Oh maaaan. We disabled the serving caching that coincided with the start of the issue. If it’s still broken I have no idea why it’s not working. :-\

      • I’ve gotten used to it

      • @Vic:

        Yep… still broken here too (Chrome on Windows).

        Are you sure it’s not a WordPress (or whatever CMS you use) thing?

        • Still broken on the mobile site too. :(

        • I´m using Chrome as well. What exactly are you complaining about? To me, the site and the comments looks as always. Maybe it´s because of some Chrome update?

          • @Scapegoat:

            When you post a comment, it used to save your information (Name/Mail/Website), now you have to re-enter every time.

            Most browsers save from information so I don’t have to re-type everything but I have to go to each of the 3 fields and choose what to put in there.

            Makes it inconvenient and takes longer to post.

            • Oh yes, I´ve noticed that.

  2. Say did anyone else catch last nights episode of Marvel agents of sheild? thought it was one of the best yet, and I cant believe the next episode is going to involve the enchantress, now that ought to get interesting

    And ya to anyone who dropped the show, you may wanna get back in, there has been another twist on the Coulson revial, and its a woosy

    • Yes, it was pretty great I can’t wait to see Lady Sif fight the other asgardian

    • I’ve got the show backlogged on my DVR, so I’m not up to date on the comings and goings with AoS. I haven’t been too impressed with the show in general, mainly because they don’t seem to be interested in focusing on bringing minor comic book characters to the screen (compare this with what they’re doing on Arrow).

      This may have hopefully changed, in which case, I’d be more interested in tuning in…

      • They needed to build a base first, but they have brought several in, and have playing the long game, now is a great time to jump in as they are doing an event/arc for the rest of the season to build into CAWS

        Also they have done origin stories for Gravitron, Blizzard, and Deathlok(who couldnt have happened without the building) and now we are in for Sif and Amora, and much more to come

        • That wasn’t Amora, that was her sister Lorelei. (Sorry if you’re aware of this, but your comments suggest that you thought the Woman in last night’s teaser was Amora herself.) This is probably setting up the Enchantress later, either in the series or in Thor 3, and I’m sure at some point next week Lorelei will reference her sister, but definitely no actual appearance yet.

          Anyway, regardless, Sif next week should be awesome, and the show is improving a lot. Its not Breaking Bad or Game or Thrones or anything like that (as some apparently expected it to be) but its a fun show to watch.

    • I’m pretty good on my marvel knowledge, but what the F*** was that thing in the tube? I have no idea what it was.

      • that was the original, which means the man we have seen is either a LMD, a clone or a mix of both

        • Some suggest the Kree? That would be interesting because now both Coulson and Skye have whatever that GH.325 substance is.

          • i flipped out for a second because when they said the name of that drug, i thought it was a reference to the criminal charges against groot. in the trailer on his rap sheet it says 3 counts of GBH, and when i heard them say GH on the show, i was like wooah!, but it wasn’t the same after i checked. oh well.

        • The original Coulson? I thought it looked like a blue alien that was cut in half. Shows how good my eye sight was.

          • It wasn’t Coulson. It was some kind of Alien. Since Atlantians are with Universal and it didn’t quite look like a frost giant most people have said Kree. This also fits with the scene where Ward finds a room full of alien (I think it was Skrull?) writing.

        • I think you need to get your eyes checked. Original what? The “original” Coulson who died? That thing wasn’t even a human.

    • Yeah, I’m not even sure if all the people who are criticizing AoS have still been watching it.

      I was one of those skeptics because the first episode was meh and a majority of the comments I read here kept bashing it. But I finally binged watched my DVR backlog and it turned out a lot better than I thought, in fact, probably the best new show this season and to me, on par with Arrow.

      I didn’t realize Clark Gregg was irritated at the criticism so I tweeted him yesterday what I thought about AoS and he RT’ed it. I was surprised by how many other people responded to that tweet so I’m not alone.

      I think they need to stay the course and not worry too much about having superheroes in the show. I like the sub plots that deal with the shadow players and provide some backdrop to the tech, powers etc (like the origin of Deathlok). Lady Sif is supposed to in next week’s episode so we’ll see how that goes (although they already had an Asgardian on the show).

      • I think the issue is just how vocal the criticism has been. For some reason the show has created a special kind of hater that critiques the show ad nauseum but doesn’t seem to be watching except for a reason to complain. The show plays much better on rewatching. A big part of it is the wait doesn’t seem drawn out when you binge watch. But the build watching week to week strained the audience’s ability to keep being teased without a payout.

        • @homodrome:

          I agree.

          It does play better as a binge watch but I didn’t feel “teased” by each episode because maybe unlike the majority who was expecting superhero cameos in every ep, I was enjoying the development of the characters and the building of the subplots.

          I remember when this show was first announced, a big topic was how Coulson survived and as it turns out, that’s one of the main driving storylines that I find interesting.

          I guess because I’m a fan of the high tech covert agency genre, this is my Fringe replacement. Like people who first marked out at Stark using that holo-computer in the Iron Man movies, I enjoy watching Fitz-Simmons playing with their holo-tech (and laugh at Coulson and Ward failing at it).

          If you go into it expecting more SHIELD than spandex, you’ll be okay.

          • @ Big Nerd

            I agree. When looking at where AoS started to where it is today , the improvment is remarkable. Just like Arrow, AoS imporoves with every episode. It just needed time to get going, much like Arrow. Now it’s rolling and it’s getting very good. It will most likely get a second season and will probably really take off.
            I’m wondering if Ultron’s origin or progression will somehow be tied into the show or at least be in the background or in a sub plot.

      • I like Agents of SHIELD but Arrow does way more on the budget it has.

        • But why do people compare the two shows? Yes, they’re both “superhero” based, but Arrow is based on an actual superhero, the Green Arrow. Agents of SHIELD is NOT centered on any superheroes (although they have introduced Blizzard, Deathlok, and the Clairvoyant).

          Arrow is currently better than AoS, but it took them about half of season 1 to get going. Agents of SHIELD has great potential if it does get a season 2, but it’s definately different from Arrow.

          Also, that blue-alien thing Coulson say could be Kree, hence Skye getting its genetic structure to become Ms. Marvel. But that might seem to good to be true.

          • I only compared the two because of Big Nerd’s comparison. You’re right it’s like comparing Apples to Oranges they’re different so it’s futile to compare them.

          • People compare them because they are comic-book related.

            And I agree, while Arrow actually is about heroes (not necessarily super-powered until recently), AoS is more about SHIELD dealing with 084s (which could be superpowered individuals (and also non-supers like Quinn) or objects.

            My comparison is more about the quality and “enjoyability” of the shows and I like like them both. In fact, I think I’ve commented this before, but if I had to choose to watch only one, it would be AoS (and I lean slightly DC).

            But even though they have different premises/genres, they will be compared because of the source material.

            And I think that’s the problem most people are having with AoS, they want it to be about “super”heroes when that’s only part of what AoS is.

        • The difference between the two shows is one is filmed in California and the other is filmed in British Columbia. Arrow spends WAY less on locations, crew, etc because it’s way cheaper to film stuff in Canada and there are plenty of tax incentives. I think that if they renew SHIELD they should shift production to Canada. They could blow everyone out of the water with their budget but production in Canada.

          • Pfft, Person Of Interest was filmed in New York and look at last Tuesday’s episode. They tied all the major player in a flashback episode and showed how much happen to all the main characters.

    • I on Episode 13th. I am getting into it full on.
      its pretty good show as far as go.

    • Whoah…
      where did you hear Enchantress was coming? It would be awesome but there’s been no such announcement.

      • Ah, I just realized you meant the Enchantress’ sister Lorelei. I didn’t pick up what you were talking about, until I saw several other people on another site claim it was Enchantress in the TAHITI episode.

  3. I am quite happy with the two new reveals of “Gotham” characters and really excited by the prospect of getting to drive the Batmobile in the final ( :( ) “Arkham” game. I loved the new, longer “Arrow” trailer (and can’t wait for tonight, as a result). I hope to find out a bit more about BvS in the coming days…

    That T:AoE trailer was pretty entertaining too.

    • I am quite excited too the girl playing Selina Kyle resembles a young Michelle Pfeiffer and that’s always a good thing. I watched the first three episodes of Touch with the boy playing Bruce and he was just fine so the character is in good hands. I think we will begin to hear more Batman vs. Superman in the coming weeks as they prepare to shoot.

  4. Anyone see the Arkham Knight Trailer, very cinematic, love the Thomas Wayne will read juxtaposition.

    Also anyone see the toy of the “Muto” monster thatll be in Godzilla?

  5. Does anyone think that “Arkham Knight” Batman looks somewhat similar to Ben Affleck.
    specially at the part when he is ready to jump in Batmobile.

    • I think his cowl is bigger, makes bigger headed looking

  6. Good Morning All….

    Man, that new Arrow trailer was amazing. Arrow is still my favorite show on TV ; it’s just great top to bottom. I’m excited for tonight’s episode.

    I wonder if everybody is feeling better about Batman vs Superman after reading Snyder’s comments yesterday. This guy seems to have a firm grasp on the characters and a clear understanding of what he wants to see and make, plus he’s a fan. Reading his comments just made me look forward to this movie even more. (Btw…I like how Kofi used my politics and religion analogy from last week in his article. Ha!) ;)

    One question: Why does Hollywood have to remake The Raid: Redemption? What’s wrong with the original? Hasn’t everybody in this country that has wanted to, already seen the original? Plus, it’s only been what, three years since it came out? Why mess with it? I don’t understand that one.

    • Yeah, Arrow continues to blow my socks off week after week it doesn’t get enough credit for the quality they put out with the budget they are limited to. Arrow is my favorite show on TV currently too I hope they do 5 seasons I just hope they don’t tire it out like Smallville.

    • @ Stark

      I wish I could find Season 2 of Arrow without having to buy it! I loved season 1 and I’ve heard it only gets better into the current season. I just want to binge watch it…

      Agree with BvS after reading Snyder’s comments. I’m not putting much expectation into it but am equally excited to start seeing some threads of detail as production starts this year.

      I agree with Raid. The sequel is coming out soon…soooo why are the making a re-make of the original? The sequel looks to expand on its badass(ness). Hollywood really does need to put their own brand on everything and after all of the re-make failures as of late – you would think they would have learned their lesson by now…

      • Well, not that I want to promote illegal filesharing you can watch every episode on Project Free TV.

    • @Stark, love the trailer and the Slade and island-flashback centric episode was amazing. I suggest you watch Person Of Interest. Just imagine Arrow but throw away Green Arrow and add it Batman and a nerdy Bruce Wayne. The way they tied all the characters ala Lost style but unlike lost, they actually answer a lot of question.

      Feeling indifferent about BvS until I’ll see the trailer debuts. Everything up till now is Synder’s MoS sequel with some odd casting. Though I wish Goyer has a co-writer who could balance and polish out his script.

      And as for the unnecessary remake of The Raid…well, it’s not like it’s the first time Hollywood is making an unnecessary remake. But I wish it stop though…

  7. Do the showrunners/Marvel just plan on people wildly speculating about what was in the tube on Agents or will we get some sort of clarification? We haven’t seen a Kree yet (does Nebula count?) and Ronan hasn’t shown his face. But revealing the Kree on AoS is a huge deal. Especially since they’d have planned this all along.

  8. This comment is really to see if the site will remember it next time.
    However, watched the season 2 premiere of Hannibal and good stuff as usual.
    On the drive to work this morning I had a discussion with the wife over the pros and cons about the whole ‘prequel to an iconic horror movie show’ genre that seems to be gaining momentum and popularity.
    We have been completely hooked on Hannibal and recently binged on Bates Motel on netflix (it also having it’s season 2 premiere this week). However, knowing the fates of character(s) tends to ruin scenarios of heightened mortal threat or chances of imprisonment. The upside is there can easily be a multitude of easter eggs and references to a future already well known to avid fans. Of course how it’s done and what material they use can always play a part episode to episode.
    What do you guys think? (I need to make a second comment to test it anyway lol)

    • @ Nedrud Relyt

      On the review for the season premiere for Hannibal I was sort of talking about the same thing.
      When you think about it Hannibal should be the most predictable show on TV right now. Anybody and everybody knows the story already. Hannibal Lecter is one of the most recognizable characters in pop culture of the past 20 years and we all know how this ends. But that just speaks to how great of a job the writers are doing.

      Just consider the opening scene of the premiere. We already know Crawford will make it out of there alive and we know that will lead to Hannibal’s arrest but I was still on the edge of my seat and can’t wait to actually see the fallout. It was amazing and one of if not the best fight sequences I’ve ever seen on TV.
      With at least 3 books and I think 4 movies it appeared as though that any story about Hannibal Lector that can be told already has but the way Bryan Fuller and the writers have used the prior material to their advantage is pretty unique, interesting and best of all absolutely frightening.

      Bates Motel is kind of a different beast IMO.
      Yes, we know already what will happen at the end of the series but because we only have the 1 movie to go on and we know that that is years down the road the writers have more liberty to explore what happened before. I think it’s a good show. It’s entertaining and a lot funnier than I ever thought a story about Norman Bates could be but it doesn’t really pack the punch that I thought it would. The good thing though is that because the writers don’t have so much history to deal with they can course correct when necessary. The writers of Hannibal don’t really have that luxury.

      • I vehemently agree with every letter you typed about the premiere of Hannibal season 2. I happened to notice Bates motel on netflix and decided to give it a try, they certainly have much more flexibility and I hadn’t really thought about the fact they have only one movie to worry about coordinating content with instead of the assortment of books and movies surrounding Hannibal.
        And although some may disagree, it’s even more of a testament to Hannibal that it is also limited to what would be allowed on network television. Bates motel has the luxury of being on cable (maybe not showtime/hbo) so they can show/do/say more than you could on network TV.
        Thanks for the reply Kevin7 and to Screen Rant moderators/etc, the comment tool did NOT remember my information. Not a complaint, just trying to keep you guys in the know.

  9. Alright so I considered the fact that WB/DC will most likely make the Arrow universe separate from the MOS universe. If this is the case (which I hope it isn’t) then the MOS will have it’s own Flash for their own Justice League movie that will eventually arrive.

    What if the MOS universe is called “Earth-1″ and the Arrow universe is called “Earth-2″ this could then eventually lead to a crossover and leave any “inconsistencies” out of the crossover entirely because they are alternate realities. It would either be about them teaming up or tearing each other down. Either way would be cool, worst case scenario is that the TV heroes are stuck on the Movie Universe and must become the Justice League of America instead of the actual Justice League

    Tell me what you think? Could this work? Would you accept it as a story plot? Who wouldn’t want to see Arrow and Batman fight right?

    • @ Writer

      I say they just combine the TV & movie universes. Having two diffrent versions of the Flash or even Green Arrow will just confuse people and the comparrisons will be endless. It would be like having two diffrent Hawkeyes or Black Widows, one for TV and one for the MCU. I say just incorporate this Green Arrow and this Flash into the MoS/DCCU universe. Continuity and consistency are the keys, IMO.

      • @ Stark

        I couldn’t agree more with you. I too wish for DC and WB to keep all their TV shows and movies consistent but I don’t think they will. The reason being is that Snyder will be bound by what the TV show has already introduced. The Arrow TV show is quick to announce villains and this is good for the TV show but bad for the movie universe because it will leave very little for the Batman universe. I suspect that they will just keep the two separate. I hope I am wrong because it will trouble me greatly but I have a hard time seeing Zack Snyder conforming to previously created stories and or villains. He is very opinionated.

        • @ Writer

          I said this a while ago, but you could combine the two universes by showing the events of MoS happening in Metropolis on TV in the season finales of season 3 of Arrow and season one (?) on the Flash show. That way the time lines and events sync up just in time for Batman vs. Superman to come out.

          That way this Arrow and this Flash are in the same universe and continuity is established. In other words, the events of MoS haven’t happened yet on the Arrow or the Flash shows, but all are, or can be, in the same universe.

          • @ Stark

            I hope they do what you suggest, I am hopeful but skeptical. I would love to see the TV shows get their chance in the MOS universe but for some reason I just have a feeling we’ll get let down.

          • @ Stark

            What do you think of Scarlett Jo being pregnant with Avengers:AOU around the corner?

            • @ John McClane

              Well, I’m not a fan of it, (from a selfish point of view anyway), but I am happy for her that’s for sure. Joss knows what he’s doing so he’ll have her scenes done quickly I’m sure. I hope she comes back for more movies after the baby which I’m sure she will.

              Speaking of babies, did everybody hear that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is having twins?!

              Good for Thor! :)

              • @ Stark

                Im sure Joss will work with her. I for one could care less for a solo Black Widow film since she ain’t one of my favorites but is a mortal character on the team right now so I wonder what means for the next Avengers film & beyond.

                I did not hear Chris Hemsworth had twins is having twins. Good news for The Mighty Thor id say.

    • I don’t think using a multi-verse in the movies is a good idea although I do agree that they should cross the tv and movie universes it would make more sense to do so as they wouldn’t have two separate flash’s going on the big screen and the small screen. They would also not need to do another origin movie and it would keep the DCCU running year round. Also, they would have tons of characters already explained and involved in the universe so it’s very beneficial to cross over. I am concerned however that Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell are very TV if you know what I mean, their acting will certainly be challenged by Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

      • Yes, I see your point and I think that is mainly WB and DC’s concern. Having multiple Flash characters would be confusing but as you stated the actors are very “TV” but I find that the reason most actors look “TV” is because of budget and camera angles. For example you can (almost) always tell when a person is watching a TV show as opposed to a movie based upon the typical “feel” of a camera’s tone and setting.

        I agree with the Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck statement but in my opinion (which could be wrong) Zack Snyder is a guy who knows what he wants, so if he uses these characters and their actors we won’t have much to worry about. He’s a very direct director and he’ll tell them exactly what to do and the way he wants it.

        My idea though was a “worst case scenario” and a last chance at a TV/Movie universe in the case that WB and DC are stupid enough to leave Arrow and Flash out of the same universe of MOS.

        • We will know soon enough, they have made a fun nod to Man of Steel before when he was fighting Cyrus Gold he said what’s nex aliens?

          • True… I just wish DC and WB would just flat out tell us already whether or not the heroes we are watching are just a cheep marketing ploy or a real part in the overall universe. I guess I am just impatient.

            • @ Writer

              Way I heard it, the Arrow series & Flash series will have no part of feature films like MOS.

              • Do you have a link?

                • One of my friends told me who googled info on the issue. The guy who plays Green Arrow would like to be part that universe but has his doubts it will happen because of some character deaths on the show for example. If WB/DC were to plan to have the tv shows be in the same universe of feature films, something would be announced by now.

    • Disagree with you and Stark on this combining the universes. The learning curve works only one way. The Arrow fans are more likely to be overall comics fans and are familiar with the MoS universe. However, MoS viewership is the general populace, and they are more likely to not be familiar with Arrow or want to get familiarized with it for the sake of combining universes. They are mostly casual viewers.

      However, that does not mean you cannot combine the universes. But you’d have to do it in a one way thing again. By that I mean, Arrow could use MoS events as a platform to launch their own universe. Build up their own Superman and Batman, and eventually Justice League. Most Arrow fans are likely knowledgeable enough to differentiate the use of MoS events as a platform within the Arrow-verse. Doesn’t really work the other way. Learning curve is different due to the different resulting audience of the two.

      Don’t think MoS will include Arrow into their universe at all. Maybe a nod, but only a nod.

  10. Since we are talking about the figure in the tube on AoS last night with the tubing stuck in his abdomen, it could be 1 of 3 races in my opinion.

    1st it did have a blue hue, which could mean it could be of Kree origin, and it was slightly larger than an ordinary man. Also that blueish tint could have been the tint of the glass making it appear that color.

    2nd it could be an Inhuman that Shield has been secretly running tests on. It would make sense to have it stored away with only Fury knowing about it.

    3rd and maybe the least likely, they could be trying to introduce Namor’s race. They were human-like and since it was in water, it kinda fits.

  11. I read online Anna Camp ” Sarah Newlin” will be back in the 7th season of True Blood,along with her goth lookin vampire turned sister. Arlene meets up with a vampire herself after the death of Terry.

  12. What type of material do you think the “spandex” are wearing in Winter Soldier?

    Looks partially leather or leather-hybrid to me, with some Nomex mixed in.

    It has to be a tough material like maybe what the military wear.

  13. I watched Thor:TDW last night and I’m pretty disappointed with the Thor trilogy. Marvel could have made Thor 2 amazing but I get the feeling they just phoned it in.
    If the writers had used any established Thor story lines from the comics (Thor banished. Asgard brought to earth. Odin trapped fighting Surtur endlessly. Lori time traveling and bringing Border to present day.) this would have been an amazing series of films but they really dropped the ball. And more attention is given to the earth cast than the Asgardians. Where’s Balder? Hela?
    After watching Thor 2 I rewatched Iron Man 3, that was actually a great film. I like it more than part 1 to be honest.

    • I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in Thor: The Dark World it just wasn’t good for me.

    • LOL…that is one funny troll post. IM3 better than IM1 and Thor 2. HAHAHAHAHA! Come one, tell us that you also liked The Dark Knight Rises better than The Dark Knight or Batman Begins. Or even better, X-Men 3 better than First Class. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Ah you trolls just crack me up!!

  14. Anyone still watching Revolution?

    They went Sideverse on me… now I’m “LOST”. :(

    • Dang, not only has Revolution become Lost, but now it’s in the Matrix.


      • And now it’s Inception with a bit of Terminator thrown in.

        (I’m ScreenRanting as I’m watching my DVR)

    • This time last year the comment section for Revolutions reviews were as polarized as Agents of SHIELD is now. Ironic Screenrant does not even review the show anymore.

  15. Finally saw Man of Steel last night, and I liked it. It wasn’t the best superhero movie I have ever seen but it was really entertaining. The visuals on Krypton were really cool, and General Zod was portrayed really well by Michael Shannon. I didn’t like how it jumped around so much, but I get why they did it that way for Superman.

    I know am really late to the party, but that’s my two cents.

    • I loved that movie, I think it was probably my third favorite CBM behind The Dark Knight and X-Men 2

  16. Does anyone have an actor that they’d like to see play Venom? I was thinking Tom Hardy, if they go the route of a more hulking Venom.

    • I bet you watch AMC Movie Talk

      • Yep. That’s where I got the name from. I had the size in mind because I thought Topher Grace’s Venom wasn’t big enough, I just needed Schnepp to throw me a name to fit my idea.

  17. I want to see movies and tv shows that project a sense of hope. wonder, and adventure. I am tired of the words ‘realistic’, ‘dark’, and ‘gritty’.

    • Watch Man of Steel

  18. MOS is more into the tone of the TDK trilogy than what Marvel Studios is doing regarding hope,wonder & adventure. Their films have a fine balance between fantasy/reality.

    • I think hope shines through more in DC movies but wonder shines more in Marvel’s movies.

  19. Anyone hear anything about this new upcoming show Crisis? From the trailers it actually looks pretty intriguing…

  20. Watching through Last Man Standing, the woman they got to replace the original actress for Kristin is TERRIBLE!!! The original actress was a million times more charming than this new one… Ugh…