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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 4, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 4, 2013

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  1. FIRST!

    Hahaha, I´ve always wanted to say that.

    • Congrats!
      I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how’s your music going?

      • It´s going ok. Had two gigs with my band in January and I just finished a song of my Scapegoat solo stuff last night. But I´ll cut back on music, because I have a comic to work on, written by Dr Sam Becket (the one from here, not the guy from the show) and drawn by myself.

        • You posted a link to your music a while back, and I checked it out. You definitely have talent in my book, so I’m glad to hear it’s going well. Also, whenever it’ll be available for purchase, I’m very interested in reading the comic you guys are working on. If I can support fellow Ranters, I’m in.

          • I´ll definitely let you know when it´s done!

    • 85th!

  2. So, does anyone think DC’S shared universe will be Nolan’s universe?

    • most likely. the Batman trilogy is the most profitable one so it’s normal for WB to want to follow that.. still, Nolan only made that trilogy and the rest of the movies will only follow its tone, from what we know :)

      • I would kind like a continuation of the darker more serious tone. When i want something for kicks and giggles, i go to Marvel. When I want to see something that makes the jaw drop, i can go to DC.

        • yes, my jaw dropped when i went to see green lantern and realized how much money i shelled out for that turd-burger. thats right dc, keep droppin them jaws!

          • That would be one of my exceptions.

    • I dont want it to be.

      • Me neither.

        • Me neither…I loved the Nolan/Bale trilogy, but it ended (brilliantly, IMO). I look forward to seeing a NEW take on the Bat-verse. I am that person who also enjoys very much (and has stated on MANY occasions) the many different portrayals, story-wise AND actor-wise, of Batman, so this change would be appreciated…and expected.

    • It doesn’t need to be. So no, I am against it. It wasn’t planned originally so it makes it that much harder to fill in the gaps. It will be more annoying then exciting.

      • I agree completely with leathercheerio.

  3. How about this rumor that Nolan is producing the JL movie, Snyder is (pos.) directing and Bale will be back as Batman? I for one think they shoud keep Naolan as a consultant… might really ramp up the quality of the franchise.

    • I think its a good idea, its been said that man of steel isnt nearly as dark toned as the trailer shows. Just cause nolan is producing doesnt mean he chooses every aspect of the film. More the main outline

      • The trailer didn’t really show a dark tone to begin with IMO.

        I think people just jumped to the conclusion that its going to be dark the moment Nolan’s name popped up on the screen

        • LOL, have you seen Superhero Cafe: Trailer of Steel on YouTube? hillarious, and adresses this very point.

          • It was hilarious lol, “From the maker of that one movie you loved, in this case 3. Comes the movie you think is the same thing but it really isnt” lol

  4. What do you like to eat when watching tv, a movie at home or at the theater?

    • No eating while watching the tube. Dumb to consume calories while having no intent on using the energy from the food to be active. I will drink water or iced tea though.

      • Then it’s movie over and Yoga time!!! Right? (^-^)

    • Never popcorn. After i went to the theater for Pirhana 3D and got an over-the-shoulder popcorn throw from the lady in front of me (durring the opening scene), i have shunned popcorn religiously.

      • @SuperEdje101: Isn’t that more the lady’s fault than the popcorn?

        @cody: at the movies/theater I always get popcorn and a large Coke. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to what I buy at the confectionery stand, but sometimes I’ll spice things up with a bag of gummy bears… if I’m feelin’ zany ;)

        At home I’ll pretty much eat whatever’s in the fridge.

        • Llo yeah, but my reasoning is this… what if i omehing similar? ;)

          • Sorry that is “lol” and “do something simmilar”

  5. So, I read up on the physical appearance of Jack Reacher…

    He sounds like a taller version of Daniel Craig

  6. What post credit scene would people like to see in man of steel? Id love it if the end panned out ontop of a building where batman is purching and taking notes on the wreckage of the final fight. As if he has been watching supes ever since his appearence

    • Honestly, I’m sick of post credit scenes.

      I think it builds up more anticipation and question if we don’t know whats coming

      • Isnt that the point? Lol

        • Its more exciting to see something you never expect. Post credit scenes these days, espesically with every single one at the end of Marvel movies, expose things that are obvious give aways.

          The only one that hasn’t recently is TASM, they didn’t give away anything crucial that wasn’t coming.

          • The Post-credit scene in Avengers (shawarma), didn’t give anything away. Now the in-credit scene…that’s another story ;)

            I get what you’re saying about “obvious give aways”. I’ve actually noticed that I enjoy movies more if I don’t even watch the trailers. Which is nearly impossible these days…and the fact that I live on this site, makes spoiling movies all the more easy.

            For example, this weekend my wife and I saw Identity Thief. Most of the funniest jokes were already seen in the trailer and TV spots…which I saw a couple hundred times during the weeks leading up to it’s release and quite a few more times after it was #1 for a couple weeks. I know I’ve already spoiled Iron Man 3 by watching the trailers over and over, so I’m trying not to do that with Star Trek and Man of Steel. We’ll see if my media intake spoils them for me or not.

            • I completely agree with you Prof, the joys and pitfalls of being a movie geek!

            • I think Marvel initially did the post credit scenes because at the time they weren’t sure that “The Avengers” and the shared universe would work. It’s like they were testing the water without putting a new plot thread on the end that may have gone nowhere and ruined a smooth ending to their movies.

              They don’t need to do those after credit “button” scenes now. They can set up what is coming next at the end of the film and leave any post credit scenes for a bonus or in joke just for fun. (IMO)

    • Martian Manhunter.

      • …wearing an eye-patch and comes in to talk to Clark about the Justice League initiative?

        • No, no…lol. I was thinking since Man of Steel is the introduction of the larger “universe”, you know an alien civilization I thinking it would be neat to see Martian Manhunter. I like Martian Manhunter alot, so I guess my response is wishful thinking.

    • I’m thinking Lois Lane meets up with Clark to discuss their next big story and points over to a Presidential campaign Poster for Luthor.


    • Bats of course.

      Calling Supes by his name, Clark, and then Supes trying to use his x-ray vision to determine who Bats is (but has a lead-lined cowl on so us movie goers would still be in the dark on who is actually playing Batman in the JL movie).

      Or a montage of 6 others watching Superman on TV from various locations in the world… an Amazonian, a shape shifter, an ocean king, a speedster, a green space cop and a dark detective.

      • I think a set up to worlds finest would be cool. Bats is always very cautious and will probably see supes as a threat, but he may be able to figure out his kryptonite weakness. What if the scene was a kryptonite batarang peircing superman and causing him to blackout.

  7. Imo, i wouldn’t want DC’s shared universe to be like like Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I mean alot of DC characters imo arent gonna work in that grounded reality take of Batman & MOS. Take Flash & his Villains by example. How grounded will they look from the comics? Grodd, Capt. Cold, Trickster,etc. When they reboot Batman again, is Joker gonna wear stupid war paint on his face again & Bane wearing a stupid lookin mask? Seems like WB wants to make every DC character darker, not just Superman on terms with TDK trilogy.

    • I was wondering if they were gonna have Joker use his “mask”.

      • Are you referring to his cut off face?

        • Yes I am :)

    • @ WallyWest

      I actually like the idea of a shared universe with the already existing Batman trilogy. It takes away the need for another Batman reboot. Plus Christian Bales portrayal of Batman had its moments and mess ups but he clearly knew or thought he knew what he should be doing.

      As for the Flash villains there are some realistic villains who can be used. For example Captain Boomerang and Murmur both of these villains are capable of being realistic and still cool. The same can be said for heroes as well. DC and WB would have to tone down the power levels of the heroes in order to put them in a “more” realistic” world but it could be done and even done well if allowed.

      • But that’s the problem right there. Tone downed superheroes/villians isn’t always a good thing when it comes to their abilities.

        • @ Daisy

          I agree with you to an extant but weaker heroes make the characters more realistic and the audience can relate to them more. I am not saying take away the Flash’s ability to vibrate through walls or limit Superman’s flight abilities but perhaps make the Flash get tired faster and unable to dodge an extreme amount of bullets to give the audience some suspense. Maybe even have Superman fear his own powers and so he must hold back so much it affects him emotionally and mentally.

          • @Writer

            I don’t understand why so many people complain sometimes about these characters being so call “too powerful”. If it were really a problem then don’t you think the publications that created, & featured these characters for so many years would have went out of business if people complained about it then. Why isn’t it a problem in comics & animated features, but if you put these over powerful beings in live action form people aren’t as happy about it.

            • @ Daisy

              The portrayal of the characters you speak of I am guessing are ones such as Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman right? I understand where you are coming from. Here is the answer to your question: “Comics and cartoons are completely different from movies and TV shows.” The artist can simply add muscles to the character using a pencil and unless you are doing an animated movie you cannot add big muscles onto a human actor. Take the Captain America movie for instance, the actor was not the size of the Captain America in the comics.

              Plus many people want a super hero movie to contain things such as action, suspense and little bit of romance. However in the comics Superman is nearly invulnerable to anything but Kryptonite and Magic. This almost provides a dullness to the character to the audience.

              When people enter the movie theater they don’t want to already know what the movie will contain. The theater’s audience want’s to be moved emotionally. They want to be excited, thrilled, sad, hopeful and sometimes even angry. However with a character like Superman there are only to very predictable ways to threaten Superman. The audience can become bored or not even want to see the movie at all.

              In comics people want to see their favorite hero beat up a bad guy and get the girl. This is why the two things are very different and often times misunderstood. To provide evidence of why things need to be toned down watch the first two Hulk reboots.

        • You don’t have to tone down any of the heroes powers but present a world and the way the world reacts to them in a plausible way. Much like MoS is attempting to do.

          • @ Ignur Rant

            Yes, you do have a point. However Superman has many powers which include an almost invulnerability to practically anything but Kryptonite and Magic. For me this is dull because it does not provide suspense or a sense of danger for an audiences hero. Plus the audience cannot “fully” connect to character because he is technically above their level in superiority. Although I am sure this character will have the same struggles as a normal human being. I would like to see not only a mental and emotional struggle but also a physical one which will happen with the fellow Kryptonians in the Man of Steel.

            I am not saying tone down all the heroes to make them “realistic” I am just saying that WB should give them their limits. A character experiencing similar limits to the average person can cause a connection between the audience and the character. For the Flash people will want suspense which is why I recommended making him get tired faster but not too fast. For example Batman in the Dark Knight had many scars and Alfred often attempted to remind Bruce that he had limits. This made the Batman more understanding to the audience.

            The audience can feel a mix of emotions based upon a heroes limits which are necessary to give a thrill. I am not saying Superman is a bad character because he is one my absolute favorites but from a movie goer’s perspective I feel as though I already know what is going to happen when I think of a typical Superman movie. Though I will still rush into the theater to see Man of Steel.

      • Why do you all assume it would be realistic? Realistic and grounded are very diffrent things. Man of steel is realistic in the way he is portrayed by the public. Once he is introduced nothing is off limits anymore

      • @ Writer

        Wasn’t Bruce broke, gave up his house,has few people think he’s dead etc. Would ruin Nolan’s planned trilogy. I doubt Bale would want JGL as Robin or even Nightwing as a partner aslong he’s Batman. Plus can’t use Ra’s AL Ghaul or Talia, Two-Face, or Bane since they were killed off. Still some Batman’s own villain’s wouldn’t fit into Nolan’s take. Like Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Clayface. Even Nolan admitted to that.

        Personally i found Flash has has short list of good villains & Captain Boomerang isn’t one of them imo. Alot imo i still dont see a realistic take. I can only think of maybe 4 of them.

        • @ WallyWest

          You are correct on many points however the DC movie universe has had good moments and bad moments. With Nolan’s version applied to Batman the DC universe has done very well. (excluding Green Lantern which had nothing to do with Nolan) It would be logical to stick with what works in order to keep the largest portion of WB and DC’s audience.

          I agree and disagree with you on some points such as Captain Boomerang and a “realistic” version of the Justice League. One reason I don’t like the idea of a unrealistic universe for DC is because Marvel has already beaten WB to the punch. Marvel’s films were successful and good but the Dark Knight Trilogy was as well. If WB decide to do a less realistic style JL then they would simply be copying what has already been done with Marvel’s different heroes.

          If the JL was done differently and more “realistic” then we would have two different aspects to the Comic Book world. Plus fans have enjoyed the Nolan universe for years and to simply drop that would cause turmoil among the fans. (including myself)

          I know many villains are dead or not realistic but they can be made realistic or brought back through many other forms without taking away a realistic feel. Yes, Bruce is considered dead and Joseph wouldn’t be the best Batman but Bruce may return simply as Batman and have to live off the street or scavenge for former gadgets and such. As for Captain Boomerang I honestly wold like him if he didn’t wear the stupid boomerang jacket and hat. Perhaps he changes it to a simply dark blue with hidden boomerangs all over him to use as close rang and long range attacks, they could even explode on impact and have poisoned tips and such to add affect. Anyway just think about what I said because it really could be good for DC if done in this way.

          • @ Writer

            I dunno, i guess time will tell. It’s villains,heroes,other character in a shared universe that aren’t as popular as Batman/Superman that im concerned about if WB/DC plans to have this work out. Im not expecting exact copy films of Marvel from WB/DC because i know they’d wanna wouldn’t been known to do that. But to a lesser extent, say for one thing, no after-credit cameo. But another hero’s hometown/city maybe gets mentioned by someone like Clark Kent by computer while lookin up facts on somthing else. Or someone’s name appears on Batman’s computer under alias’s.,etc. Costumes would be a different matter for me. Like Captain Boomerang, well i could care less because he’s not one villain of the Flash’s i find interesting anyway’s. It’ would be someone like Grodd, Trickster,etc.

            Imo i bet they could make their films alittle more like Marvel’s, at the sametime keep their different because they got plenty of stories to go by. They got Doomsday, Amanda Waller/Cadmus seeing the league as loose cannons later on. I’ll think about it but think about this aswell. Unlike Marvel, WB/DC has rights to characters to play with with ideas such as all of this.

            • @ WallyWest

              I agree with you on some things. I think that some movies should be unrealistic like Justice League Dark and Blue Beetle. I am simply stating my opinion in why I think they should stick with the realistic tone but I understand why they shouldn’t too.

              As you said only time will tell and I will see the films regardless but I would like to see the challenge of them making the films “dark and gritty.” I wish a Suicide Squad film would be done by Nolan because a Heath Ledger version of Harley Quinn, just sounds so cool but I doubt that would happen. Anyways, you are right because they do have cool and unrealistic characters to explore and I truly hope they do.

    • Hasnt the joker always wore white paint on his face?

      • @ Trey

        No. He fell into a vat of chemicals that bleached his skin white & dyed his hair green. When he washed up ashore & saw his reflection, that’s when he became the clown prince of crime we know about.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        I was partly refering the Joker’s origins from the comics to Trey.

  8. Age old Question.

    U.S.S Enterprise vs Super Star Destroyer.

    No Force, No Q. No Transporters.

    Which one Wins.

    • As much as I like the Super Star Destroyer I have to say Enterprise. Because they have more mobility and speed. Although the Super Star Destroyer has more fire power they have an inferior crew. Plus the Enterprise could simply warp around the sun if they are hurt to badly and go back in time to stop themselves from fighting the Super Star Destroyer.

      • Well you do know.

        Super Star Destroyer was taken down by an A-Wing fighter when it crashed through the bridge.

        Enterprise D or E has a multi vector firing system and could wipe out the Star Destroyers full compliment of TIE Fighters, seeing as they have no shielding.

        Hell Even NCC-1701 has enough fire power to defeat all the tie fighters a Super Star destroyer has.

    • star destroyer would crush the enterprise with her weak shields. Plus the Tie Fighters, they would just kill.

    • Great question though!

    • Great question.

      Obviously I think the Enterprise would win by miles. But only because Star Trek has always been more technical than Star Wars. It wasn’t really until the prequels that Star Wars really started getting bogged down in technical stuff. But even then Star Wars ships just seem a bit more straightforward.

      While Trek just invents a new maguffin to get out of any prediciment the writers come up with.

    • Agreed, he needs to make an impact right away.

    • I worry he’ll just give nolan all the power.

      • Then they will make criticically acclaimed films… hate nolan all you want but you cant deny he is one of the biggest directors in the business and all of his films are critically acclaimed. He has a track record only few can match those being PT anderson and tarintino.

        • Nolan makes great stories and emotion, but as for fun and spectacle hes lacking. So I hope its a Nolan/Snyder team instead of just Nolan as I feel they will compliment each other.
          I was very pro Nolan until dark knight rises.

          • That is a great statement one i cant. Argue with.

          • @ Cody

            I agree, and action isn’t all great in Nolan’s Batman films.

  9. According to Bryan Singer, Halle Berry will return as Storm. This makes me a little less ecxited about the movie.

  10. Just curious as to why you did not include The Place Beyond the Pines in the March films you are looking forward to? Considering you guys enjoyed Blue Valentine and Driver. It’s currently at 100% at rottentomatoes, it may be the best film of the month imo.

    • had to make room for The Host I guess.

      • Could be, it just seems like Place Beyond the Pines was overlooked. I hope it delivers, like I mentioned so far reviews are solid.

  11. Okay there is a rumor flying around that in May NBC will announce that Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in 2014 IF this RUMOR is to be believed then who do y’all think should replace Jimmy Fallon?

  12. Guys i started watching “The Big C” a while back and i must tell you it is one of the most underrated comedy on TV.
    Its about Cathy Jameson dealing with cancer in her own way.
    It has stars like Idris Elba,Liam Neeson and Cynthia Nixon to name a few in wonderful characters.I know its been been said a lot but this show does make u laugh and cry but mostly its fun to watch

    • It also has Gabourey Sidibe(Precious) in a supporting role

  13. Okay there is a rumor flying around that in May NBC will announce that Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in 2014 IF this RUMOR is to be believed then who do y’all think should replace Jimmy Fallon?

    • If I were Jimmy, I would not trust Jay Leno or NBC on any of what they say.

      • True! Conan learned that lesson the hard way.

      • No doubt, I wouldn’t either lol.

    • Did you just copy and paste my question?

      • @Matthew.

        No, Brothersfurniture did. Which I found odd, thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

        • Haha sorry thought I replied to him lol but yeah that is slightly odd

  14. So, on my standard browser (Chrome) I just got slapped in the face with a Mediapass message saying that I have to sign up for a membership subscription (1 month: $4.95 per month, 6 months: $3.95 per month, 1 year: $2.95 per month) if I want to keep reading Screenrant. Is that for real? If so, I don’t appreciate being blindsided by that without Screenrant announcing that change from a free to a subscription paysite beforehand in a big way.

    • @LostWinchester.


      I am using Chrome and I have never gotten anything like that.

    • hmmmmm

      • Whatever it was it came directly from the site, because it disappeared once I disabled JavaScript. Screenrant must have eliminated the culprit, because that “paywall” didn’t show up anymore after I re-enabled JavaScript a few hours later.

  15. Hey Vic and Staff, any chance to get some news on Defiance? Game will start April 2nd and SyFy show will start April 15th. I never see ya’ll talking about it and was wondering what your thoughts were on the game/tv thing that will be going on. Besides, it has Julie Benz in it. That has to perk your interest, it does mine! haha Shtako!