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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 31, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 31, 2014

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  1. Im Batman!

    • My hero! haha

  2. So new york times is reporting that wb has a big announcment regarding dc comics.

    Many are speculating that this is the movie annoucments regarding justice league as well as other future dc projects.

    As a comic fan I’m stoked that we may finally be seeing my favorites like aquaman, cyborg,the flash, wonder woman, and a new green lantern and batman and martian manhunter on film.

    I don’t care if people say marvel did it first but I will be eternally happy to see a live action justice leagueand aquaman.

    • Yeah, but how many times has WB said they’ll make a “major announcement” concerning their dc films and never delivered that promise. I’ll admit that it would seem more likely an announcement would be coming, but you only promise simething soo many times til people stop listening/caring.

    • I’m wondering if it’s a new Batman trilogy or a Wonder Woman feature film. It could be Justice League too I guess. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • I’m hearing that’s it’s going to be the reveal of the costumes

  3. We saw Noah Friday night, very disappointing.

    My opinion has nothing to do with how “accurate” it was or even religion-related, it was just not a good movie. The first half was like a Tolkien saga the second half a dark, depressing dramafest.

    I was hoping for something a bit more family-friendly and uplifting and was wrong.

    Did anyone see Sabotage? That’s what I wanted to see but I knew that wasn’t family friendly.

    • Wait its not family-friendly and uplifting, I just became more interested in seeing it.
      Its supposed to be about the end of the world, hopefully it is depressing.

      • Well, ignoring the religious aspect, it’s supposed to be a new start for mankind.

        If the way they characterized Noah was supposed to be the template for the next generation of man… bleh.

        The biggest issue is the movie was disjointed in story, theme and characters… was it an action movie? An apocalypse movie? A family drama?

        Save your money and watch Deep Impact again.

        • This movie sounds awesome, have to see it now.

          • @cody:

            Your choice.

            Don’t blame me if you feel like you wasted your money.

            We certainly felt we did.


            • I just got back from watching it, best movie ever!

    • Overall didn’t like Sabotage. Why do you want to see it? I saw it in the strength of David Ayers. I believe Skip Woods over shadowed DA and AS in this flick.

      • @Patrick:

        Why did I want to see it? It has Ahnuld in it!

        Plus I wanted to see of Joe Manganiello could be a big screen action star (he was my choice of Batman).

    • Oh, and I forgot to add, there were some definite good parts to watching Noah.

      1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.
      2. Captain America 2: Winter Soldier trailer.


      • So your favorite part about this brilliant work of film art was that you got to watch commercials for two generic children’s hero movies at the beginning? Thank you, now I understand why movies like Iron Man 6 or Transformers 8 can bring in over a billion dollars but a guy like Charlie Kauffman can’t even get funding for a small indie movie.

        • @Izo/Mr. Aronofsky:

          Hehe, how ironic that you bring up Transformers. So let me understand you, do you consider those giant CGI rock creatures a “brilliant work of film art”?

          Don’t get me wrong, I liked the scenery, the filming and the sets, the story was just bad and disjointed. You don’t have to be on either side of religion to form an opinion of when something is poorly executed.

          Speaking of Charlie Kaufman, Wikipedia says he worked on Kung Fu Panda 2. :)

    • @ Big Nerd

      Boy you said it Big Nerd, Noah was awful. What a train wreck. Pepper and I saw it yesterday and people were actually leaving about half way through. I can’t say that there was even one good thing about it. :(

      @ Cody

      Save your money.

      • @Stark:

        Yeah, haven’t seen people walk out of a theater since Moulin Rouge.

        It was funny because there was a family in front of us and the grandma and mother walked out first and then a little later, the dad asked his son if he’s liking the movie and he said “no” and then they walked out.

        I found it funny that Noah sang, I thought it was a Les Mis prequel.

        • Sounds like “Noah”-one liked it at all. Uh-oh, I have it on my Netflix list…glad i did not go to a theater to see it. I’ll still watch it, but it does not sound promising when customers “flood” out of the theater and the film is a bit “over their heads”!

        • Heh, I guess this movie wasn’t dumb or banal enough for them. Aronofsky’s films aren’t for everyone. I bet they went strait home and popped in their Man of Steel Blu-Ray.

  4. I am really thinking that we will see a Flash movie, I don’t know, I just have a feeling. Also, when Kevin Tsujihara said that WB takes a back seat to no one does that mean that they will not be moving from the May 6th date?

    • They need to bring out the big guns, and start using directors theu have a previous relationship with. Chrus miller and phil lord the flash film, alfonso curoan wonder womam film, ben affleck batman film and guillermo del torro green lantern

      • WOW!!! It was almost 4 weeks ago when I posted my list of directors for upcoming DC properties and I said they should use Chris Miller and Phil Lord for Flash it IS a good idea! I have been saying they should create a WB family like Chris Nolan does with thw actors he works with. I would suggest Brad Bird for a Green Lantern film and I’m sure Guillermo Del Toro would do it great as well.

      • Why not Alfonso Curoan for Green Lantern instead? He’s got the space thing down, in my opinion. And seems to do sci-fi pretty well. Even though Children of Men may have been a grand scale story, he managed to contain the scope of it to something very personal and very small focused rather than a big extravaganza. I think Green Lantern could use something like: the grand scale adventure and scope there but secondary to the more contained and narrower focus along with his very excellent take on space. I’d be curious to see how he handles a grander space setting and adventure.

        I like Del Toro and all, but he’s a bit of a hit and miss, and while his fans may be extremely loyal and whatnot, I don’t think he has mainstream uhhhh gravitas?, as in people don’t really flock to his movies. I think he’s better suited to the magical/supernatural characters of DC rather than any of the main (Justice League ones) characters. I think he’d do a fantastic Etrigan and especially Sandman.

  5. 1st off
    Does anyone have any suggestions as too how the doctor who continuity will work thus forward considering everything is stuffed up. Like will they essentially get to a point where they just like decide it’s time to reboot completely. And any thoughts in how they are going to explain three versions of capaldis already in the doctor who universe, considering they already used a similar scheme with Clara.

    I think it would be kind of cool to see like a Harry potter spinoff tv series, maybe even like a prequel following the deep dark spiral that it takes for the young wizard who’s name I can’t think of to become lord voldimort, naturally it would have limited shelf life but the finale could quite easily be voldemort atacking the potters and so forth idk I think it would be cool

    • The Harry Potter series is a good idea, but I’d like a Auror series, that would be awesome!

    • About Harry potter. I think a hbo style series would be cool but I’d rather see it focus on a young reckless fumbledofe before he was this legendary wizard we see in the films.

      I’m all for more Harry potter.

    • I think, since the new doctor is now the 1st or 2nd? doctor in a new line of doctors is they take, say the 4th doctor and give him to an american network and have the 4th doctor be american-esque take on the character, creatures and story, just to see what that would be like.

      Or theres an alternate dimension Dr. who whos life follows that of the british line of doctors but hes american and lets say …amc makes that show.

      What im trying to say is, i want to see an american version of dr. who.

      • I would hate that. I’d prefer it stayed British. I really don’t see the point of doing an American version, it just wouldn’t be DW then.

        • But what if, and hear me out, its good, and you like it. :D

          • I’m not saying it wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to risk an American DW series being better. I wouldn’t want it to lose it’s British identity that’s all. Most other things that are good from Britain get remade and sometimes improved upon. I like DW being kinda small. It could improve though. The last few series haven’t been my favourite, but I am mostly a casual fan.

          • @cody

            do you watch Community? I can’t remember if you do…. But the fave tv show of Abed (one of the show’s characters) is Inspector Spacetime, an obvious but loving parody of doctor who. In one of the episodes Pierce is used as a consultant for an american network that adapts Inspector Spacetime for american audiences. The results are hilariously bad. I’m trying to find a youtube clip but I can’t…

            I instantly thought of that community episode when you said there should be an american version of Dr Who haha.

    • I’d love to see a series set in the other two magic schools. And perhaps something without some sort of prophecy attached or something. Or it could be cool to see the formation of one in the Americas or Asia or Africa. Or hell, just follow around some treasure hunter that goes around the world searching for treasure or magical antiques or whatever. Sort of a mix of Harry Potter world with Indiana Jones or something.

  6. so with HIMYM ending today and Brooklyn nine nine, house of lies, episodes ending their seasons also finally catching up to real time with Family guy I am left only with Big Bang on the comedy/dramady front.
    Any suggestions on a new TV show I can watch?
    Thinking about suits is it any good?

    • Community, Arrow, Franklin and Bash (surprisingly), Tron Uprising (on netflix, pretty solid), Misfits, Being Human, Broadchurch (David Tennant is in it, so is the guy who plays Rory Pond in Dr Who)

      • Well I was talking about comedy shows mostly I totally forgot about community it is on my To Watch list. how about arrested development worth catching all the seasons?

        • I never really enjoyed Arrested Developement myelf. I find it to be pretty overrated.

          Some good comedies (some that are now off the air) are The Inbetweeners, IT Crowd, Archer, Portlandia, Epsiodes, The Mighty Boosh, and The League.

        • DUDE!!! Community is my fave show ever. You gotta watch that one.

          I don’t think Arrested is overrated at all. The first 3 seasons are sooo hilarious. I rewatched a lot of them in anticipation for the long awaited season 4 debut on netflix. Season 4 didn’t live up to seasons 1-3, but I still found it very funny, especially compared to the usual stuff you find on tv.

        • @Tal
          Arrested Development is amazing if you have an eye and ear for subtle, Blink and you’ll miss it jokes. It’s a show that you have to pay attention to. It doesn’t have a laugh track. It’s kinda like a Wes Anderson film. Portlandia and Community are hilarious. For animation try Rick & Morty on Adult Swim.

    • Dude if your not watching parks and rec your missing some great comedy. The first two seasons were good but not great but theses last 4 have been hilarious!
      That arrow
      Walking dead which just ended
      The blacklist is one of my new favorites
      My wife loves Hannibal I couldn’t get into it

    • @ Tai
      If you’re watching House of Lies I assume you have Showtime so if you haven’t been watching it, give Shameless a shot.
      The season ends next week so you’d have to watch Ondemand but I really believe it’s the best show on TV that nobody seems to talk about.

      Season 1 and 2 were pretty good but 3 and 4 were and have been outstanding and it falls perfectly into the “dramady” catagory.

    • Say what shows you really liked and maybe a little blurb on why, and I might be able to suggest some to you based on that. Or here’s a few generic recommendations:

      Twin Peaks – just watch season 1. The atmosphere of the setting and location was very comfy. Some of the characters are pretty cool too. Like neighbors you’d want to get to know. The story has lots of intrigue. Season 2 kind of sucks the life out of the show though, why I said just watch season 1. But if you want to trudge on through, go for it.

      Firefly – just a must watch for any sci-fi fan.

      Babylon 5 – also a must watch for any sci-fi fan. Probably one of the best sci-fi epics I’ve watched, have yet to see anything parallel it.

      Nowhere Man – very conspiracy oriented and very 90s. But the way it plays out is excellent as well as the uhhh cinematography, it’s very movie-esque.

      Surface – this one I really enjoyed even though it left on a cliff hanger. I think you should check it out, the story is very good in this one. It’s also conspiracy oriented with a bit of sci-fi and government conspiracy-ish.

      Stargate SG1 – you’ll fall in love with the characters and all their wacky adventures. O’Neill is one of my favourite characters. Sci-fi show where they visit different planets and alien cultures.

      Breaking Bad – if you haven’t watched already, it’s really good drama and has some very ‘edge of your seat’ intense moments where you go hoooooly shiiiiiiiii…

      Person of Interest – it takes a while to delve into the main overall plot arc, but once it does, it is pure gold. It’s also very uhhh relevant to the kind of world we live in today, geopolitical-wise.

  7. The Walking Dead finale was good except not knowing whats happened to Beth. It’s hard waiting for the next season & during mid-season of the show. Im still waiting for final season of True Blood which I hope ends great. Seems to take forever waiting for May 4th to get here for Captain America.

  8. Yes Suits is a good watch I encourage you to check it out the first two seasons are great I haven’t gotten caught up yet on season 3 yet so I can,t give you an opinion on the 3rd season but yes I suggest checking it out I enjoy it at least :)

    • oops my previous post was meant to be in reply to @Tal

      • Tnx man I will :)

  9. What’s going to happen with the venom spinoff and or tasm4 movies?

  10. Why has there been no mention of the “Assembling a Universe” special about the Marvel movies?

    If nothing else, there was a brief teaser of Ant Man, including the new costume. Why has ScreenRant not reported on this yet? I know costumes images are a big thing, and no one has mentioned it.

    • The Ant-Man footage was the same as the test footage that was leaked several mi nyhs ago. Nothing new. The only real thing to take away from that special was the “Age of Ultron” concept art.

      • Yeah really was nothing special.

        The concept art was on internet within 10 minutes so I didn’t bother with it.

  11. I saw “Captain America TWS” on saturday. (Spoiler free) It was really good, very enjoyable. If anything, there isn’t that much in it for kids because it’s all a bit serious and doesn’t really have many funny moments. There is lots of action though. There is lots of easter eggs…whenever there are computer readouts etc… on screen, look out for the names (I imagine when it is out on Blu-ray everyone will be pausing it).

    Very very mild spoiler, that isn’t a spoiler, but I don’t want to get moaned at…
    A certain Dr is namechecked, so keep your ears open.

    My only real complaint is there wasn’t enough of The Winter Soldier. He wasn’t really the crux of the film. S*** hits the fan though! I’m looking forward to seeing how Shield handles things now in “Avengers II AOU”.

  12. Yes I know and part of me feels that way but a bigger part is like a kid in the candy store. I like the avengers but it was missing the connection I had to the justice league as a child.

    To me quicksilver is a horrible copy of the flash, that namor was some attept to make an aquaman clone….a bad one since all I read of namor he comes off as a tool. I can’t say green lantern has a copy..or the manhunter.

    But the trinity I’ve yet to see a good comparison.

    Also marvel has a lot of hypocrasy in the stories I just hate….its like mutant are all ad and capes are good….even thou some of those capes cause more damage than a mutant.

    I just could never get past that in the comics and that’s one thing I like about the movies.

    And I’m hoping to see that same connection with the dcmu that I did with man of steel….I can’t explain how watching that movie made me feel…it was like I was 10 years old and picking up my first issue of action comics….

    • lol Namor was debuted before Aquaman.

  13. Good Morning all…

    Happy Monday!!! :)

    What a week this is going to be! First Deathstroke on Arrow Wednesday and then Cap 2 on Friday! Man, I can’t wait! Already got my Cap 2 tickets for Friday and Saturday. From what I’m reading it needs to be seen at least twice to catch all of the Easter eggs. Great week to be a CBM fan! :)

    • I’m right there with ya Stark. Gotta see it Friday AND Saturday. At this point I plan on zoning out for the rest of the week so Friday can get here sooner.

  14. Okay first off, CA:TWS = AWESOME!!!
    Second, CA:TWS end-credits scene = Mind-blowing, jaw-dropping AWESOMENESS!!!

    • @ Swarley

      Is there 1 or 2 end-credit scenes at the end of CA:TWS?

      • There are two. A mid credit scene, and then after the whole credits there is another one.

  15. I have been gone for awhile on vacation and have come back to a list of shows I need to catch up on. What does everyone think about the new season of Hannibal? Is it just as good as S1?
    Can I just say that I love Vikings S2. I had some concerns before the season started that it would suffer from a slump going into season 2 but so far it’s been great. There are soo many storylines that it just keeps you hooked.
    I started watching The Following but then stopped. The plots, again, have become predictable and have taken the joy out of the series. Give me Sleepy Hollow over The Following anyday. I also checked out the first 2 episodes of The 100. It’s an interesting concept but I don’t know. I will continue to watch to see if, like Arrow S1, it improves.
    I finished up with Helix and it was okay. It’s like a Resident Evil type of TV show. It’s an okay show and I will continue to watch when I don’t have anything else to watch, lol

  16. Went to see Muppets Most Wanted last night and I really enjoyed it. While not as good as The Muppets, it was a very enjoyable Muppet film. So if you like the Muppets, you should check it out. I just hope that there is another film in the works because there is nothing like a Muppet film to make you laugh and forget about the crud going on in your life!

  17. Ok, so I’m down here in Australia and we don’t get The Lego Movie until later this week but I was able to attend a preview screening on the weekend and absolutely loved it, worth the 2 month wait.

    I was also invited to a fan screening of Captain America 2 as well and holy crap not only was it awesome, I’m so looking forward to where the MCU goes from here given the events that take place in the film, also I saw both the DOFP and GOTG trailers in 3D and they both look fantastic.

    Lots to look forward to :)