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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 3, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 3, 2014


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  1. How would u all feel about a reboot of a Dragonball movie? Would u rather see a Buu, Frieza, or Cell movie?

    • Frieza. I thought the series rather went down hill after the Frieza saga and the series started to become stale afterwards.

      • Actually, I thought the cell saga with the time travel, and genetic make-up routine, especially the human element story surrounding Gohan, Trunks, and not to mention how the Z Fighters came together as one to defeat Cell was quite intriguing. I thought it was an awesome saga.

        • Agree. The Cell saga was my favorite. I did like the Frieza saga and how it showed Vegeta’s transition from villain to anti-hero

          • Personally, I loved the Buu Saga. The Fusion’s were awesome!!

    • Can it be a reboot if you ignore the garbage first one they only made to keep the rights?

      Just do it right.
      1st film- the saiyan invasion
      2nd film- Friezas aatack on Namek.
      3rd film- The time travel of Trunks and Cell and the Androids.
      4th film- The Majin Buu saga

      • I agree, however I’m not sure it could be done as simply as that. The trouble with adapting the manga is that the characters are out of this world to go along with indestructible villains. I actually like the Red Ribbon army arch which would pit the hero against an indestructible force bent on seeking the orbs for world domination.

    • A Dragon Ball movie with the Red Ribbon army. Young Goku&Krillin.

      • that’s actually a great idea!!

      • An awesome idea!!

      • That’s my favourite era of “Dragonball”, before “Z” came along.

  2. Who does everyone want to see cast as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the new Netflix series? If they start shooting this summer we should be looking at a casting announcement after CA: WS and AoS are done in the spotlight but before Comic Con since they’ll have started filming by then.

    • I would like to see a Richard Madden play Daredevil

      • I agree, I think Madden would be young enough and handsome enough to pull in a viewership outside the fanbase, while he has action/geek cred from Game of Thrones. He is also affordable with a rising star (marvel loves that s***) and some great acting chops. I’ve never seen him do an American Accent. Wonder if he’s any good?

    • Jason Statham for Bullseye! But if it’s a Tv actor, then ben browder from farscape.

  3. So I purchased Thor: The Dark World on Blu-Ray specifically for the 15 minute Marvel One Shot ‘All Hail the King.’

    I realize I spent $19 dollars for 15 minutes of something, but it was all well spent as far as I’m concerned.

    Kingsly’s Trevor Slattery is probably the most captivating character Marvel Studios has given us not named Stark or Loki, and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of him.

    As far as the Dark World goes… well…

    I think I might prefer the original. I dunno, I feel like the original has a much more coherent story.

    • All Hail The King is definitely their best One Shot yet.

    • I prefer the original Thor movie by far, I think I am alone when I say this but it’s my favorite Marvel Studios movie yes, even over Iron Man and The Avengers. I saw the first movie 6 times in theater and I saw the second twice, the first time I thought it was ok although I was disappointed but the second time I hated it, I was struggling to stay awake and it’s flaws were screaming at me. It is probably the first Marvel Studios movie I hate ever hated, I don’t think Avengers is as good as people say it is but I’ve seen it countless times I just can’t stand Thor: The Dark World.

      • I liked TDW. Although, I liked how Asgard looked in the first movie a little better. TDW was dimly lit and moody. I know they wanted a more “viking” setting in TDW and they got it. It was just too sharp a contrast from Asgard in the first Thor. The story/plot for TDW was a little bit muddled. I used my imagination to fill in some gaps. I wanted something more coherent. Malekith was woefully under-developed. The Warriors Three felt shoe-horned in. The best decision they made, was not trying to make Thor into Shakespeare. That certainly wouldn’t have worked with the humor.

        I’ll pick it up eventually on BluRay.

    • I prefer the original Thor as well. Thor grew more as a character in that film and Loki was a WAAAAAY better antagonist than Malekith.

      Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed TDW a lot, but if you held me at gun point I gotta say the first one (for me) is better.

      • Yes, this is exactly how I felt about the second one, Thor didn’t develop at all but in the first one he was a whole different person by then end of the movie and it felt complete. The second felt so Loki centric and humor relying and generic I couldn’t stand it.

        • I think it was released somewhere around the time that Shield was starting out on ABC.. Anyway I watched the first few episodes of Shield then quit cuz it didn’t really do it for me. I bring it up cuz Natalie Portman’s character reminded me of Skye from Shield, and NOT in a good way.

          Maybe I’m the only person that thinks that.

          • I don’t like Jane Foster either and Agents of SHIELD is getting better and I’m watching but it’s so meh right now even when they do these big events I’m never truly motivated to watch it on time.

  4. Anyone out there watching HELIX on SyFy? I love it. Horror, drama and never boring. I think it has moved above Walking Dead for me. I hope it lasts past 1 season. If not though I could see it as a 1 season mini-series if need be.

    • @INK:

      I don’t think it’s quite past The Walking Dead but it is interesting. I like the sound editing they do, whoever chooses the music is hilarious.

      So what do you think? Aliens like The Event?

      • I hope it’s not aliens. Seems like a cop-out. I would rather it be a man-made thing.

    • Helix spoilers.

      Who’s side is dr. hataki on? and what the heck are they doing to the inuit? (who actually don’t look at all like inuit, but i try to look past that). Jeri ryan is on the cast now and makes the borg look pleasant. She’s infected and means business!

      I think it’s an alien x-files-like black oil that takes over the world thing.

      • @Pitt Man:

        You must not be caught up, recent episodes answers these questions.

      • Yeah you got some catching up to do “Pitt”

  5. I think Marvel should definitely make a Black Panther film, and hopefully they see the same potential I do. Not just 1 movie, but T’Challa could support an entire trilogy. Here’s a peek at his MASSIVE ROGUES GALLERY:

    Erik KillMonger
    Baron Macabre
    Lord Karnaj
    King Cadaver
    The White Ape
    Salamander K’ruel
    The 6 million year man
    Kiber the Cruel
    The vibranium man, JAKARRA
    The supremecists (azaria’s superteam: Capt. Blaze, voortrekker, white avenger, barricade, hungyr, harrier)
    and at times… his own Panther God!

    No shortage of villains there.

    • @PittMan
      Who do you think should play Black Panther?

      • Open casting call… best man wins. However, there are a ton of african american or fully african actors out there who would do well in the role. Chiwetol Ejiofor is my first pick, he’s a hot comodity right now and very talented, but he is older, maybe a younger actor for the origin pic. but Christoph Waltz would be an ideal KLAW.

  6. The Oscar awards should be given according to the viewer’s choice

    • Isn’t that what the people’s choice awards are for?

      • +1

  7. I was watching both the original Robocop trailer & the 2014 remake Robocop trailer & I have to say I liked the original Robocop’s trailer. Music from The Terminator was a nice touch to it.

  8. I want Harry Potter anime series.

    • Try “Negima”. Although, it is pretty much a ten year old Harry teaching in a girls school. That’s anime for you. (^-^)

  9. Frozen shouldn’t have won best animated film.

    • Why not?

      I thought it was cool they won cuz Disney hasn’t ever won a best animated film oscar. Think about it, all the wins that you might consider were “theirs” were actually for Pixar, and all the other winners have been from Dreamworks or that one time that Miyazaki won.

      • Cuz pixars better and does deserve it?
        The wind Rises shouldve won, hands down.
        Hell, wreck it ralph is better animated than frozen.
        Frozen is mostly snow, and at times just plain boring and empty and borderline old dreamworks style.
        Didnt deserve to win, it won out of popularity, being another princess tale and yknow…disney, abc…..

        • What I meant was that the animated film genre wouldn’t be what it is today without Disney. Since the inception of the best animated feature oscar in the early 2000s Disney’s animation studio has never won the award. I think its about time that their animation studio finally gets some Oscar love.

          Aside from that I enjoyed Frozen a lot. I enjoyed the music, the characters, and that the story cleverly subverted many of the cliched disney princess tropes.

          To be fair though, I haven’t seen The Wind Rises yet. I plan to and maybe I’ll agree with you that it should’ve won after seeing it, but at this moment I can’t say. I’m a huge Miyazaki fan. He isn’t exactly leaving the biz emptyhanded either, he won for Spirited Away in 2002 (as referenced in my previous comment).

          • Your reply just proves my point…
            Nobody saw The wind rises
            And the Disney brand name, therefore best animated.
            When It should just be about the best animation, which was The Wind Rises.

          • Also Frozen didnt subvert crap that Shrek hasnt years ago.
            The trolls were needless, the “villain” was obvious and needless(because originally elsa was the villain), story was everywhere and actually leans on stupid disney tropes more so than averting them and really a weak ending I think.
            The sisters(mostly Elsa) were probably the best aspect but they didnt focus on that so, bleh.

          • Also Disney is the definitive idea of animation of great success, who cares if they havent gotten oscars in recent, because of recent disney films by disney havent been good at all really.
            Meet the Robinsons
            Princess and The Frog
            All meh.

            • @cody:

              Luckily, I think Disney’s key demographic is below your age range (unless you are 10).

              I liked Meet The Robinsons and Tangled… and I’m WAAAAAAY above the demographic.

              • Animation should have nothing to do with demographics
                Animation doesnt = kids films
                Disney has created great films, Tarzan, beauty and the beast, treasure planet, bambi, lion king, fantasia, snow white, aladdin
                all well animated as well.

            • Wow you reeeeeally didn’t like Frozen did you haha…

              I have a rebuttal for each of your points but I think we should just agree to disagree.

              It’s cool man, as the old saying goes “to each his own.”

              • I didnt hate frozen but its getting overrated for a disney film thats not even that great compared to the best disney films.
                I personally think there were too many needless songs to fill out time and needless characters, evidence that the script went through many changes and why it doesnt have cohesiveness.

  10. Is anybody else stoked about the Flash TV series? I honestly didn’t like the idea of Barry Allen being so young but after seeing him on Arrow I am sold. However, I am still a little worried about having “super” villains in a TV universe. I mean if Killer Frost and Vibe are the villains then how will that look with TV budget CGI? I personally would have had the Trickster as the season 1 villain, since he doesn’t use much super powers but whatever.

    What do you guys think?

    • I am super excited for the flash tv series, I am hoping that it will rival the quality of Arrow and get so popular that the budget gets raised sky high. I don’t think the producers are going to take on villains that would cost too much to do on their budget. I am really excited about Killer Frost, I took an interest in her after I played Injustice: Gods Among Us and mastered the character. Vibe is a superhero by the way Killer Frost and Reverse Flash are the villains. I sometimes worry that I will be let down because I have no idea how to make flash cool on Tv budget, hopefully not the god-awful superspeed they used on Smallville but they will get it right this time, there has been a major shift in quality coming from the CW throughout all of their shows and a certain standard which they all meet. I am 50/50 on whether or not they should cross with the MOS universe or not what do you think?

      • Sorry it took me so long to respond but, I definitely think the MOS universe and the TV universe should co-exist together. Not doing so would result in a division of the fan base. You would have the Flash from the movies and the Flash from the TV show. If they make this mistake (which I bet they will) it would lead to multiple pros and cons.

        Pros: More money and a less binding universe, since the MOS universe is “new” Zack Snyder is free to use pretty much whatever and whoever he wants from the DC universe. However if they line up with the TV show then he’ll be bound, and the Arrow show has to keep using new villains to keep their audience.

        Cons: Fans will be mad that their (Green) Arrow wasn’t on the Justice League movie (when it happens) and it could cause enough of a backlash that will cause them to reconsider but I rather doubt it.

        On a side note, they could have a “Earth-2 and Earth-1″ alternate reality type movie where it is basically our favorite TV show heroes vs (or working alongside) our favorite movie heroes?


    Has anybody seen this review of the leaked flash script? It sounds good.

    • For future reference yes, I know its defunct

  12. Hey are you guys going to be at Comic Con again this year?

  13. i just caught the end of Agents of Shield…who or what was that creature that Coulson found labelled G.H.