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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 29, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 29, 2013

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  1. Everyone needs to check this out. I thought it was funny.

    • That’s amazing! Thank’s for sharing.

      • Ha! Glad you liked it!

        • I cannot express how much a Like Button is needed for SCREEN RANT


          • THAT WAS AWESOME!

    • I’m really glad everyone enjoyed that. Ill try and hold on to everything I find on the internet in the middle of the night to share. Ill create a SR share folder :)

      • Uh, sorry to tell you but Bruce was not in Back to the Future, Dark Knight, nor Scarface. And what was up with his hair? He was bald, then had a full head of hair, then bald, then more hair! Who edited this thing??!! :-D

        It was a good skit. Thanks!

  2. Does anybody out there that has seen Predators think that Adrian Brody should play Snake in the “New York” reboot? Or maybe even a superhero of some kind. He seems to have the cups for either or both.

    • Mr. Brody is an awesome actor and I loved him in Predators. He can definitely do a super hero justice… but who?

      • @cheerio

        actually, I think he would do justice to Batman. He’s got the voice and demeanor for it. He practically play Snake in Predators. He just seems good for a role like that.

        • I could definitely see him as Batman. Hes tall enough and as we saw in Predators, he could really bulk up when asked to.

      • Ooooh I agree! He had a good run of really mainstream roles and has kind of faded away again, Bring Brody Back!!

        He was solid in Predators and awesome in King Kong, would love to see him as Snake!

        • i could buy him being introduced in a JL movie as Batman, and then having him branch off into a franchise. He might be able to help people forget Bale. It would be a fresh start for Bats.

          Either way, I think he needs to be considered for the role of Snake for sure. Just give him an eye patch and he’s good to go.

      • Imo he wud of been a good bruce banner…with glasses on he wud look quite nerdy… what about him playin mr fantastic?

    • Personally, I think Josh Brolin is best fot for the role of Snake.

      • @ignur rant

        That’s not a bad choice either.

    • I was hoping Brody would be in the running for Ant-Man or something. I just want to see him in another mainstream action film. He did great in Predators.

      • Speaking of batman casting I kind think Ian somerholder would make a good Bruce Wayne and batman. Any thoughts?

        • He’s got the look of Wayne, I just not sure of his acting skills.

  3. So I Just started reading the New 52, and I think Justice League: Origins (Their first JL book) would make an awesome JL movie. Any thoughts?

    • Now that you mention it… I just ordered them both off of Amazon 5 minutes ago haha. Ill check them out and let you know. I am currently re reading Crisis on Infinite Earths and then the Blackest Night series.

      • I heartily recomend them! Well worth the purchase! The new 52 series has really made me want to see a standalone Aquaman Film.

    • There are some things I like about the New 52 but the Justice League team up is one of the worst reads IMO. Reads like a Michael Bay Summer block buster. Really disappointed. Would rather Justice League New Frontier be used as a template. Handled 3 different origins in a single story with a great. plot.

      • Ive seen the movie The New Frontier but I havent read the books. I suppose they are just as good if not better. I said the same thing about using it as a base. Its an easy way to introduce Martian Manhunter and reboot GL.

      • @ Ignur Rant,

        I agree about JL and stopped picking it up it after a few issues. Of the new 52, I’ve really enjoyed Nightwing, Animal Man, Batman Beyond, and Frankenstein: Agent of Shade (with Jeff Lemire writing). I got to meet Lemire at the Baltimore Comic-Con. He was very humble and thanked me for reading his comics.

        Has anyone read Lemire’s The Underwater Welder? I was thinking of picking it up.

        • $2

          Yeah, I haven’t enjoyed any of the main titles. All the Batman titles have really disappointed me. I did like the four titles you have mentioned aswell as Stormwatch, Jl: Dark, Deadman, Suicide Squad & Deathstroke. I’m diggin Red Hood & The Outlaws minus their portrayl of Starfire. Unfortunately i’m not current on anything and need to get caught back up.

          • O man, you haven’t liked the new Batman titles…I’m really enjoying Snyder’s take on it. Is there anything in particular that you do not like? Just curious.

            I also really enjoy Action Comics and am very sad that Grant Morrison’s last issue is coming up with issue #18.

            @ SuperE I agree, I really like the new 52 take on the JL. Jumps right into the action. Comparing JL to a Bay film is a compliment in reagards to the action imo because if you read Final Crisis Darkseid kept his chair warm throughout 98% of the series.

    • I actually think the New 52 Justice League origin was pretty cool (but it seems I’m in the minority that thinks so). The newer books are have been disappointing, but I’m going to stick around for the Trinity War story-arc that’s coming up.

      Anywho, since parts of Green Lantern were based on the comic-reboot and Man Of Steel seems to be heading in that direction as well (and I’m not just talking about the suit), I have a strong suspension that Justice League will be party based (at the very least) on the New 52 as well – it’s a logical movie, business-wise.

      I doubt we’ll ever get a COMPLETE adaption of any single origin story though. With the movies they seem to take inspiration from multiple story lines and add a bit of originality to it as well.
      Marvel also did it with their cinematic universe: a bit of 616, a bit of Ultimates, and then a dash of something new and fresh – and it’s worked for them so far…

      • it’s a logical *move

    • Has anyone read deadpool kills the marvel universe ?

  4. What if Quentin Tarantino directed The Wolverine?
    That would have been sooo awesome!!

    • I’m still curious to what Darren Afronsky would have pulled off ifhe had stayed on as director.

    • Gross

    • Bloodbath.

    • What if he did Deadpool?

    • It as been a long time since I have a Tarantino dialogue worth the listen. I started watching Inglorious Bastards on fast forward after awhile. If he did The Wolverine it would be 2 hours of uninteresting dialogue and 10 minutes of action.

      • Agree with you. Tarantino, imo, is an overrated director and underrated sadomasochist.

        • ive only seen 3 tarantino films (Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained) hated Resevoir Dogs but Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained were pretty good, but nothing spectacular.

          • Yea, I don’t get all the fawning and hype over him, but to each his own, I guess.

  5. Does anyone know if there’s going to be a sequel to predators?

    • The movie was definitely set up for a sequel BUT it can also be interpreted as a never ending battle and to take it for what its worth. I wouldn’t mind seeing them eventually escaping the planet though.

    • I haven’t heard any news about it at all in like the last 2.5 years but I was hoping there would be one. So much potential to expand the Predator franchise and yet they decide to make the big budget Prometheus (which was a huge fail imo) and then give THAT a sequel….

      I’d expect to see the Predator up on the big screen again someday but I don’t know how long I should expect to wait. All I know is that it deserves a bigger budget than the last film (which I thought was great) and more attention from audiences. It seriously baffled me walking out of the theater for Prometheus to know that people (including myself) were lining up to see that mess of a movie. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being cynical because I’m in the minority of people who’d rather see an alien hunt and kill a group of elite warriors instead of seeing one reproduce with a group of the dumbest scientists in the universe in a series of contradictory occurrences.

    • @ Nightwing

      I haven’t heard anything about a sequel, but I would love one, that movie was great, and it did set up for a sequel. I would rather have that than another Prometheus movie.

      • Thanks mr stark always the bringer of news

    • I read somewhere awhile back that they were gonna do another predator movie :)

      • @ j-Scott

        You sir are correct, a sequel is in the works after Sin City 2. Check it out here:

        • Cool..I remember reading it like a yr. And a half ago, was said that they were testing the waters with the last film.. rodriguez had all these ideas n stories, n more character development, but fox told him to save it for future films if tge first obe is a hit….

      • Since promethesis came out, whatever you spell it,lol. Imo i thought it was ok,not great compared to Alien. Between that film & Predators though, i didn’t see why the AVP films wouldn’t be considered canon alittle bit as they were intended to be spin-offs mostly from both franchises. It was just the filmakers of Predators & i think Ridley Scott who just wanna say the films are being ignored by words despite what was shown in the films.

        • I look at the AVP films the same way I look at Freddy vs Jason. Those spinoffs are just guilty pleasure cash-grabs that contradicted and convoluted the actual franchises.

          • @ Pharaoh

            Same here. Because the filmakers of Predators stated their film doesn’t ignore Predator 2 so it’s pretty much the 3rd film & nothing of the 2nd film’s events were mentioned by anyone just as nothing was in AVP films. Imo they even made the film kinda like AVP by having Predator vs. Predator with a Alien feel to the film, you know? Predators, Aliens.

            • I thought the filmmakers said that they ignored everything except the first? maybe im mistaken. but i would love a sequel. It was the best predator film since the first. I think it would be cool to have arnold appear but idk how they would do it if it takes place on that planet again.

              • you could just have Arnold abducted like they all were in Predators and have him dropped on the planet.

  6. do u ever think there would be movie starring jim carrey and adam sandler in same movie

    • It feels like there already was… and it feels like it was terrible.

      • Hehe, priceless response.

      • It probably wouldve been good 10-15 years ago, when both were in their primes. though i think Jim Carrey is in a better position than adam sandler is now.

        • Carrey is definitely in a better position, as he will be in Kick-Ass 2 and hopefully, Dumb and Dumber To. Frankly, Sandler was never as big an actor as Carrey, although he had a couple half decent films himself.

  7. Lex luther will be in man if steel…I think its makenzie gray which played one of lex’s clones in smallville I think..

  8. Easter movie based question:
    What’s your favorite zombie film?
    Mine is Weekend at Bernies

    • But Bernie was dead the entire time and they pretended that he was alive.

      Mine: Mary Shelly’s Frankenstien

      • He was dead and they made him walk…thats the walking dead, right? Geez…how many posts must I make before my sense of humor is implied? Shaun of the Dead is actually my favorite zombie flick.

        • Shaun of the Dead was Ha Ha Funny.

          Dawn of the Dead..Original

    • Dawn of the Dead (2004)

    • Zombieland

    • The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

      “Send more cops!”
      “Send more paramedics!”

  9. I think Night Of The Living Dead w/ Tony Todd.

    • me too.

      • Me 3

  10. If you had to spend an eternity with 5 films and 5 graphic novels what would you have screen ranters

    • Best choice by far professor

  11. 5 films.
    Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
    Lethal Weapon 3
    Die Hard
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Star Trek IV

    I can’t choose graphic novels. I’d choose real novels.

  12. Id hate to choose novels because i know id have to make multiple films to how i would wanna make them great. Unless i had planned trilogy panned out,etc. i prefer not to make direct sequels as a precaution. I prefer to make one film at a time.

  13. Films: books:
    Gotti holy bible
    Harlem nights dante’s Inferno
    Saving private ryan.. dark tower
    Dark knight

  14. @ Nighwing
    That’s a tough one.
    Just off the top of my head & in no certain order……

    The Book of Eli
    The Arrival
    Iron Man
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Star Wars IV ANew Hope
    The Avengers

    I took an extra couple movies because I’m not taking any novels.

    I know I’m missing some…….

  15. Just the five films for eternity (although some are box sets):

    Jesus of Nazareth
    The Lord of the Rings trilogy
    The Hobbit trilogy
    Star Trek films (original cast)
    The Passion of the Christ

    I don’t read graphic novels.

    • Very good choice mr stark

    • @ Jeff why no love for graphic novels

      • Didn’t mean to imply that I don’t have any regard for them…I just never really ventured into reading them. I guess the closest I got was reading the Firefly graphic novels that came out after the movie Serenity. They were enjoyable, but too few.

  16. FILMS:
    #1 – Ghostbusters – because it’s the best movie of all time
    #2 – National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – a yearly watch each holiday (and I mean St. Patty’s Day, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, President’s Day, Easter, Arbor Day, etc.)
    #3 – Office Space – a reminder about life kicking you in the balls
    #4 – Ferris Bueller – a reminder about enjoying the little moments in life
    #5 – Strange Brew – because it’s the movie my wife and I bonded over

    #1 – The Dark Knight Returns – The essential Frank Miller
    #2 – Watchmen – Alan Moore’s finest
    #3 – Red Son – Mark Millar’s vision of Superman’s story turned on it’s head.
    #4 – Infinite Crisis – Geoff Johns multiverse continutation. I enjoy this story way more than Crisis on Infinite Earths.
    #5 – I should probably include a Marvel title…so how about the entire Civil War series?

    • Anyone feel like if they were standing in front of The Good Professor.

      And some casting agent pointed to him and said…”HEY! YOU! WANT TO BE IN THE NEXT GHOSTBUSTERS FILM?

      We would all be trampled to death?

      • LOL…I’d rather be the casting director than actually be in it ;)

        • WHEW!…Im relieved now! :)

    • Movies.

      1. High Noon
      2. Fast Time at Ridgemont High.
      3. Aliens
      4. Full Metal Jacket
      5. Star Trek TWOK

      Graphic Novels
      1 The Dark Knight Returns
      2 The Complte Y The Last Man
      3 The Complete The Boys
      4 The Watchmen
      5 Walking Dead.

      • @ Jeff w
        Which walking dead graphic novel?

        • The Complete works…up to the day I kick the bucket.

      • High Noon! EXCELLENT film.

        Some of my favorite westerns:
        Blazing Saddles
        Dances with Wolves
        Dead Man
        High Plains Drifter
        Little Big Man
        The Magnificent Seven
        The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
        The Outlaw Josey Wales
        The Searchers
        The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

        • @ $2 & Jeff W…

          Excelent! Some other people who like High Noon! Awesome! i love that movie.

          I have also seen “The Magnificent Seven” and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” but none of the others.

          @$2… What did you think of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”?

          • High Noon is perhaps the best Western ever made.

            Right up to the end.

            Anyone who has never seen it, I recommend renting it and watching it.

            @$2 Impressive list of westerns I dare say.

            But I have to go with High Noon as my top one to watch for all eternity.

  17. Any one think Matt Murdock may be intruduced in Avengers 2 or 3? To be clear not Dare Devil just Murdock.

    • Correct me if I am wrong but if Fox still owns the rights to Daredevil, wouldn’t that include Matt Murdock?

  18. I’m gonna bend the rules a bit… ’cause f*** you, that’s why! ;)

    Instead of 5 films, I’d take 5 box-sets:
    1. The Star Wars Saga
    2. Indiana Jones (Original Trilogy)
    3. The Dark Knight Trilogy
    4. Marvel Studios’ filmography (MCU)
    5. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (including The Hobbit)

    And instead of just 5 graphic novels, I’ll take some books along too:
    1. The Bible
    2. Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories Vol. 1 & 2
    3. The Dark Knight Returns
    4. The Lord Of The Rings
    5. My grandfather’s encyclopedia set

  19. I finally figured out how John Harrison got his abilities In Star Trek Into Darkness.

    The Chrysalis Project.

    The same Project that developed both Khan and Dr Julian Bashir.

    Whew, now I can rest at night.

  20. Question of the Saturday:

    Who watches the Watchmen?

    • The government. Tricky Dick and the gang. They brought em down. They were obviously watching very closely.

      • Lol! Correct! I actually dont remember. I only read the comic once. :)