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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 28, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 28, 2014


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  1. Just finished the last episode of Sherlock season 3, my god what a brilliant show.
    Any way if you could have any graphic novel series or single novel adapted into a movie or tv show what would it be? Mine would be Y The last man or Ex Machina.

    • Those two you mention…YES. To them, I would add “Sandman” (Duh!), “We3″, “The Unwritten”…Others also, but I don’t have the time to sit here and type them all here ;)

      • Absolutlely Sandman would be great heres hoping JGL gets this thing made, I also think swamp thing has an amazing collection of stories too choose from to adapt for the big screen.

    • Ex Machina was a great graphic novel.

    • Actually the short manga series “Pluto” would make an excellent film, or live action series. It is one of the finest graphic novels I’ve read, it’s up there with “Watchmen” in my eyes. It is basically a re-telling of “Astro Boy”, or “Atom”. It is based on the “Greatest Robot on Earth” story arc, but is re-told with a more adult perspective and more serious, less child=like artwork. Absolutely excellent.

      • Pluto is brilliant! 20th Century Boys is too. I just finished that a few days ago. Pluto would be an awesome film or mini series if the graphics are done right.
        I would love to see Y:The Last Man or Annihilation adapted. And Akira or Evangelion would make beautiful shot-for-shot remakes.

        • The novel Swan Song could make for a great HBO series. And Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha would be an amazing film!

  2. First possibly? :o

    I wanna know why DC is not making a Hawkman/Woman movie along the lines of Hawkworld…it seems like a great property to move the JLA movie along, it takes us into DC outer space and would be great property to have two big name stars to head it as a duo movie to appeal to more fans.

    • I think that’s a great idea. It would be an expensive risk like GL is/was. They will probably wait for the profit from the big 3 first before taking a calculated risk.

  3. Happy Friday Ranters!

    Watched Paranoia (Ford/Oldman) on the bus back from NY, not bad. Not good, but not bad.

    Any movie ideas for the weekend? I have my tickets for CAP next saturday at this new theater that has reclining leather seats :) Don’t be too jealous…

  4. MANY people have pointed it out. Personally, I don’t think that’s true. I just think they tend to make “safe” choices…which, functionally, works out much the same.

    …but the POTENTIAL is there.

  5. Does it bother anyone that they changed the Noah story so he has an adopted daughter, and his son’s don’t have wives. Seriously, why change it, I mean it’s true story.

  6. Saw Sabotage last night. My least fav David Ayers movie to date, bar none. I also dislike Terrance Howard casting. I disliked so much of this movie. But now I can watch Bad Words and hunt down The Raid 2.

    • Thats too bad you didn’t like Sabotage. That looked kinda fun.

      Bad Words comes here this weekend I think but in limited release. But my area doesn’t get The Raid 2 till April 11th :( and only in 1 theater!

  7. Hey everybody!

    How about that TMNT teaser trailer?

    I loved it. But I love Bay and his work.

    • My initial reaction to the TMNT trailer was that it just looks so stupid (to me), and I can’t even really explain why. Given how big a fan I was as a child in the late 80s/early 90s when the fandom was at fever pitch, I was expecting more; more what, I don’t know, but yesterday’s trailer left me disappointed and underwhelmed.

      I don’t feel like my childhood was ruined, but I do feel like Michael Bay thinks he can do whatever he wants because he knows people will see it regardless, and I don’t think that mentality produces quality work at all…even if we are talking about giant mutant humanoid ninja turtles and a rat.

      • ninja turtles is more than that 80s cartoon, if you only look at it from that angle youll probably be disappointed.

        • +1000

    • I hated it. To describe how much I hated it, I´d have to invent a new word. Utter crap. An American Shredder? Seven foot tall Ninja Turtles? Shredder and April´s dad creating the Turtles to be superheroes? What´s so hard with sticking to the original comics?!

      • At least they’re not aliens right?

        • Not aliens is good, but it’s not enough to cancel out the other things he listed…

        • Did you read Eastman and Laird’s comic? The one the cartoon was loosely based on, if not then that would explain why you don’t appreciate the aliens and their role in TMNT.

          • I was mostly just trying to comfort Scapegoat.. I actually thought the trailer was ok. I’d be down to see it.

            If it does well they should put Bebop and Rocksteady in the sequel!! :D

            • Those must be from the cartoons.

      • utter craps not new….
        My advice is dont watch it if you hated it then.

        • Don´t worry. I won´t.

          • Good, then you have nothing to complain about.

            • actually, this is OD, and ANYONE can have an OPINION

              • …about ANYTHING.

    • Im not a fan of bay, but hes not directing it, but I liked what I saw for the most part, michelangelos designs a bit iffy but im sure he’ll have personality.
      I like leos ad donatellos designs better.
      I liked how raph slammed his shell into the truck
      I like that fichtners shredder, I also like the music in the trailer
      The “foot” clan was meh, couldve incorporated more of the old design but whatever
      I also like the turtles size.

  8. G’day everyone
    Happy Friday

    Saw Captain America 2 yesterday – loved it, thought it was a really good movie in general (not just a good marvel film)
    Feel they got the right balance with the frequency and type of humour used
    The fights and action was simply awesome from the start
    Its better than all MCU stuff last year combined IMO

    All in all I would say this is Marvels best movie to date by a long long shot
    Also I really want a set of Falcons wings for myself cos those things look like so much fun to use

  9. I have to say that Captain America 2 is simply the best Marvel movie to date, in terms of action and plot, and actually, is one of the best action movies ever made (I’ve seen a lot). Plot-wise, the events of this film will send shockwaves throughout the marvel movie universe. o far, my favourite super hero movie by far.

    It’s Brilliant.

    Count me in to see Cap 3 before bats v supes.

  10. Last night I watched Now You See Me. What a fantastic film. I also watched Lockout. And apart from the PS 2 CGI at the beginning I really liked it. The guy from Misfits was brilliant.

    • i keep passing on Lockout…i keep thinking it is going to suck, but i like the idea of it

      • If you liked Die Hard and Escape from New York you will like Lockout. Except for that one really bad CGI scene mentioned above it’s really good. A nice throwback to 80s action movies.

  11. Im pretty sure some a-hole shouts about it every now and then, along with theyre ruining “their” childhood or whatever. But if you think hollywoods creatively bankrupt, maybe you should watch indie films or yknow stop watching movies and stfu.

  12. I watched “Under the Skin” last week, the film shot in Scotland starring Scarlett Johanssen as a predatory alien on earth. It was very cool. Definately not for everyone though. It has a very sparse plot and very little dialogue, but the atmostphere and Scottish landscape is astounding. It was interesting to see ScarJo walking around scotland being filmed with hidden cameras and nobody notices who she is. It was quite touching and sad in places and horriffic in others, but probably too depressing for some people.

    Quite a bit of naked ScarJo though, which was nice. ;)

  13. Watched Wolf of Wallstreet again and I’m convinced neither Scorsese nor Dicaprio can do no wrong. How did this guy not get an Oscar!? Blasphemy.

    • Max Belfort: Sides? Sides? $26,000 worth of sides? What are these sides? They cure cancer?

      Donnie Azoff: The sides did cure cancer, that’s the problem, that’s why they were expensive.

      • that’s my favorite scene in the movie… well… one of them. I just laughed really hard at that part. As well as many other parts.

        • @movieDude
          Max Belfort: what kinda hookers take credit cards?
          Donnie: Rich ones!
          The qualude, cerebral palsy Scene Is probably my favorite hands down!

  14. At ECCC for the weekend. Its my first CON so a bit overwhelmed right now. Will try and get some pictures to share Monday. Happy Friday all!

    • @Aaron
      Emerald City in Seattle? I used to go every March before I moved to Georgia. Enjoy it bro!


  16. Come on screenrant… Where is the review for the finale of psych?

  17. My wife is having a baby. She said if it’s a boy I could name it. Turns out it’s a boy. His name will be wade. Wade Winston Wilson. She has no idea why.

    • Congratulations. Only downside is that you are giving him carte blanche to be a smart-ass to you. :)

      • totally…TOTALLY worth it.