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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 27, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 27, 2013

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  1. Posted this on a different article about IM3 earlier but, what do you guys think are the chances of seeing the Hulk-Buster armor in IM3 or future movies are?

    • I think it’s highly possible that it’ll appear in a future movie down the line like maybe Avengers 2 or 3. I’m sure there will be a time when the Hulk goes wild and Tony will have to use Igor as the Hulkbuster to keep him in line.

      • That would be nice to see, i’m just really hoping for a seperate, actual Hulk-Buster armor in the films

  2. Wouldn’t Dave Batista be a good Bane?

    • Yea if he didnt have to talk

      • Being good at talking isn’t required from Bane, as The Dark Knight Rises has proven.

  3. Don Payne, writer and producer of many episodes of ‘The Simpsons’, and the co-writer of ‘THOR’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ has passed away today.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

    Rest In Peace sir.

      • Haven’t read any of his novels, but I’ll give it a look, thanks!
        The excerpts from “The Time Machine Did It” were hilarious.

    • My condolences go out to his friends and family.

  4. If they ever made a Phase 3 or 4 World War Hulk movie, should the Illuminati consist of Iron man, Doctor Strange, General Ross (Red Hulk, Black Panther and a “The Leader” controlled Nick Fury.

  5. I was exceedingly happy with results of last night’s “Face Off” finale…My pick won (not bragging, just thrilled that the artist I preferred did so well).


    • Felt the same way when Nicole won last season :D

      • I was “okay” with it, but the WAY she won irritated me…It struck me as an unfair way to move a competition forward. She should not have been allowed back in in the same season. Plus (just personally), I was not as impressed with her as with a couple of the other artists.

        • I partially agree and disagree with your opinion about how she won. You are right, it was unfair to the other contestants (especially Joe IMO) but at the same time i’m glad she was given second chance because i really loved her artwork. There are a few other contestants i would’ve liked to see make it to the finals or win even; but she was one of my favorites and i was pretty excited when she won

          • Fair enough. :)

    • I had a feeling Anthony was the one who would be chosen. All three finalists did an amazing job in their creations. The performance prior to announcing the winner was awesome.

  6. The Wolverine trailer is pretty cool. I have to say my interest has peaked.

    • was there a full trailer aside from that 30 second thing? Cuz the 30 second thing was cool but I swear they promised a trailer yesterday…

  7. Quick question, what scene/moment from a comic book would you most like to see on the big screen?
    Mine would be spider-man lifting that giant piece of metal off him (seen in Amazing Spider-Man #33).

    • I can’t give you an exact moment/scene but if there was a comic book movie being made I would want it to be Swords and Sorcery. I like the female heroes role within the book.

      • The scene from the Clone Saga with Ben Reily, The Goblin, and Spiderman :)

        • The final battle from The ultimate spider-man the death of spider-man

          • which is then followed by the funeral with all the heroes.

            Sorry if I spoiled. But the story arc is named the death of spider-man so I dont feel too bad.

          • That was a good one, but im really not too crazy about the Ultimate comics. I feel like it’s more kiddie, meant more for the younger generation

            • yeah I agree. But I still enjoyed it. Which I guess is sad because I am 25.

    • …Wonder Woman breaking Maxwell Lord’s neck…I’m not a violent person, but the drama of that scene was absolutely stunning and shocking.

    • @ Drew

      Even thouh i find it doubtful it wll happen on the big screen, i would say my scene/moment being Lois holding Superman’s almost lifeless body in her arms after asking if Doomsday, lois cutting him off saying yes that he saved them before Superman dies. I loved that picture of the two in their final moments together aswell Superman’s torn cape caught on by somthing.

      My scene/moment has already been done in TDKR when Bane breaks Batman. Only it wasn’t Bane from the comics appearance wise & seeing Batman’s costume torn up & him bleeding before Bane broke him. Got a trading card of that comic book event. Of-course these are the movies,i know.

      • I like the Superman moment/scene. That could be really cool. I also like how after Superman “dies” four other people claim to be him and take on the Superman role. If that could be made into a movie with Superboy, Man of Steel, Supergirl and the guy who takes over Superman’s dead body it would be awesome.

    • Doomsday v. Superman

      • I love thattttt, wish i had thought of it. Ohh!! I know, although it’s been (partially) done as an animated film, Batman:Death in the Family, the scene where Batman is holding Jason’s dead, bloody body with his costume torn. Brings me to near tears almost every tine i read it :’)

        • @ Amazing

          I know. I forget how old i was when i was at walmart & seen the advertisment for Death Of Superman. I was like i need to buy it while at the sametime, they can’t kill him off. I seen Superman:Doomsday but i prefer the whole thing done right. I forgot about Batman:Death In The Family which is one of my favorites. Im just glad it was Dick Grayson that wasn’t killed by the Joker but then again if was, it would be more emotional to Batman. In Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker: Director’s Cut they little payed homage to that by showing Joker torturing Tim Drake & the look on Batman’s face would be my own. Especially when he brought out Drake as JJ.

          Any hero with a bloody,torn costume would sad,epic seen on the big screen imo. Robin always wanted to on patrol with Batman but on the most crucial ones, he told Robin to stay behind for his own good which i liked. I liked that in Batman:TAS

          • @ WallyWest

            I watched that Batman Beyond movie when it first came out at my friend’s house. I was young and I think I cried all night. Time Drake was always my favorite Robin. I mean Dick was okay and of course the first do he had my respect as a character but Tim appeared more aware and alert without being reckless. I take my other scene/moment back because I want the J.J/Tim Drake scene.
            Thanks for reminding me about that part because I forgot about it.

            • @ Writer

              You’re welcome. I still hold onto my Superman on comic book-wise but animation-wise J.J/Tim Drake scene would be mine, especially what happens to the Joker. I was did that just happen? lol.

          • Oh man, completely forgot about Return of The Joker. That scene where Tim starts crying and laughing and then Batgirl hugs him gives me the chills every time. As for Dick not being the one killed in DOTF, i agree but i think that Dick might’ve ended up killing the Joker, not sure whyy…

            • @ Amazing

              Same here. I never blink during that scene of Batgirl hugging Drake. Not to mention the anger Batman had when he’s pounding on Joker after the slide show. I dunno, but if that was in live-action i think it would top TDK’s interogation scene between Batman & Joker. I got chills when Batman said: ” I outta break you in two” Joker just says if he guts for that kind of fun, he would of done it years ago.

    • Correction. What I want to see is the JLA/Avengers image of Superman holding Thors hammer and caps shield. I dont care how it happens, but that needs to be seen on the big screen at some point before I die.

      • Marvel /Disney DC /WB need to at least come together and present an animated film of JLA/Avengers. That would be really cool for that to happen.

    • Didn’t rouge (spell check?) From x-men absorbed all of miss marvels powers ? Wud like to see that

    • The final battle of Secret Invation.

  8. When will Screenrant be putting up a review for G.I. JOE: Retaliation. I have seen a lot of articles about it. I hope that means they like the finished product.

    • The next Screenrant podcast will be about G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

  9. I was listening to Pandora yesterday and it played Jimmy Olsen Blues (pocket full of kryptonite) by the Spin Doctors. It made me think of other bands that have done songs about Superman like Crash Test Dummies, Five for Fighting, 3 Doors Down, Eminem, R.E.M., and many others.

    My question for all you ranters…what’s your favorite superhero based song?

    I worded my question carefully so I could include Wonderboy by Tenacious D. It was that or Particle Man by They Might Be Giants. But if you want an actual superhero song…how about the Ramones cover of the Spider-Man cartoon theme.

    • My favorite is definitely the version of the Spider-Man theme used for the PS1 game “Spider-Man”, the one made in 2000.

      Spidahhh-man, can ah do wahtevah a spidah can :D

      • You mean the one by Aerosmith for the movie, Apollo 440 For the Game.

        Pretty cool song.

        Udated from the 60s cartoon.

    • Goldfinger “Superman”

    • 1. “Surfing with the Alien” by Joe Satriani
      2. “Ninja Rap” by Vanilla Ice (from TMNT II) ;)

      • Ninja Rap…classic :D

  10. What is your favorite TV series of all time? The TV series that made the biggest impact on your life and why?

    Mine is Lost. I like the diversity of the characters and back stories. I wish to one day make a TV series similar to Lost but very much different.

    • Seinfeld. I enjoy comedy. The show had no plot, but it worked. It was different at a time of the family focused sitcom. Plus, it is one of the few shows that I can revisit and enjoy multiple times.

      • Full House :)

      • Yeah I watched Seinfeld reruns all the time in high school. Classic show. I’ve actually watched a few episodes more recently and it still holds up very well. Granted some of the bits are dated but most everything is still super hilarious.

    • Supernatural. The first five seasons showed me that each season can be a chapter of a story that leads up to the great conclusion (season 5).

      • good call :D

        • The wire

    • I have to cheat and say two, Seinfeld and Simpsons. I know the new episodes of the Simpsons (like the most recent 8 seasons) are mostly garbage but the older episodes never cease to entertain me. Seinfeld doesn’t really require explanation, that show just is awesome.

    • @ Writer

      Id like to name two favorite TV shows of all time that had a impact on my life.

      Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Smallville. Reason: They both shown me ways to be a better person around people. Plus i always been bit of a loner all my life like Clark Kent & could relate to his problems as they were mine. I would also wish i had friends like the original six MMPR team to hang out with on daily basis.

      • @ WallyWest

        I used to watch MMPR when I was a kid. I loved them and that show has changed my life as well. I always wish I had friends like the MMPR did but I guess I will have to deal with being a loner too. I never did get into Smallville though. I want to buy the lol.

        Have you ever watched Lost though? If you haven’t the series is on Netflix. You should try watching it and you would probably appreciate it seeing as how you are a fellow loner such as myself.

        • Oops I meant to say I wanted to buy the Smallville series on DVD.

        • @ Writer

          Perhaps i will. I think one of my co-workers mentioned they really liked that show as they did Smallville.

        • @ Writer

          I still watch MMPR. Even bought the volume sets of seasons 1-7 on dvd.

    • The Unit. Reminds me of a life I could have chosen and still sometimes regret. But then I look at my wife and son and realize I couldn’t have them if life were different.

      • @ Leathercheerio

        I have one of my nieces asking me when im gonna get married. Probly so my wife & would have kids, meaning more cousins for her to play with. Sometime i ask myself if i would ever be ready. But know things will happen for a reason when they do. I believe all things explained in proper time.

    • Spider-Man, Iron Man, Fantastic 4 cartoons form mid 90′s. They started my superhero addiction.

    • Airwolf.

      Not because of the action, or the possibility of working with the CIA. But the BELL 222

      Damn best looking copter…Ever.

      Next to A Jayhawk that is.

      • Loved Airwolf back then. Still love it.

        I’d like to see it come back to TV, either as a reboot, reimagination, or a continuation.

        Sadly, that ship has sailed.

    • “The Greatest American Hero”

      …a dedicated teacher with a gorgeous girlfriend and an alien-gifted supersuit that he used to help his FBI pal in stopping major crimes? What’s NOT to love?

      I thoroughly loved and still love that show and its theme song.

      • It has been years since I last saw that show. I enjoyed it too and I am surprised that Hollywood hasn’t tried to reboot that. I loved the theme song too. Did you know that the guy who played the Greatest American Hero tried to play Luke Skywalker? Oh, and his FBI pal (can’t remember his name) actually hated William Katt. Just thought those were some interesting facts.

        • Writer…

          I actually did NOT know either of those…I think William Katt could have made a pretty good Luke Skywalker (though I am perfectly happy with the way Mark Hamill played the character).

          It’s a shame about that lack of chemistry between the two leads; I always thought they worked together quite well.

          Thanks for the info…

    • The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan is not a number, he is a free man. Wearing a boating blazer. ;-)

      • He did look smashing in that blazer though.

        • It’s a game changer!

  11. Is Ricard Donnor retired? Reason i ask is would anyone object to him directing more CBM?

    • I think he’s still working. According to IMDB, he’s 82 and if he’s physically able then I wouldn’t mind him directing another comic book movie. The only movies of his that I saw besides the Superman films are Lethal Weapon 1,2 and 4. They’re cool,so yeah if he’s willing, I say let him direct another CBM.

  12. how many of u think that leo di caprio will ever win oscar in his lifetime

    • If he keep working for the next 2 or even 3 decades, I think there is no doubt he will win an oscar. I think he will win one in the next few years, he is just to great of an actor not to. He may have to lower himself into picking a movie based on Oscar potetial. As long as he remembers you never go full retard.

      • didn’t he go there in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

    • He’s young enough that it’ll happen someday. Perhaps as a supporting actor.

      • i thought he did good or oscar worthy job in aviator that was closest of him by the oscar dont u all think

        • I got him winning this year for gatsby or wolf of walstreet just a prediction. But i thought his what’s eating gilbert grape performance to be his oscar worthy performance along with django. He blew me away as that kid

    • He’s Oscar worthy. Its passed due.

      • As is gary oldman

        • +1

  13. I completed Bioshock Infinite, (kinda like a movie), anyway I thought the ending was good but the final truth let me down.

  14. I need help building a time machine. Where do I put the crystals?

    • Has anybody seen Napoleon Dynamite? I thought I would get some laughs with this quote.

      • I love that movie.

      • One of my favorite scenes is in the auditorium after the Happy Hands Club performs. There’s a quick shot of the audience after their performance, and Summer’s boyfriend is standing and clapping in a very goofy way.

  15. Is Richard Donnor retired? And would anyone object to him directing more CBM’s?

    • I would not object at all. Hes a genius and an inspiration to many. But… He’s turning 83 next month. He might be retired lol.

      • oh, i should say so,lol. i know i wouldn’t object.

  16. I just recently watched 300 and I gotta say that movie is awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to this years cbm. I’ve already purchased my iron man 3 IMAX 3-D tickets for the midnight premiere.

    • *re-watched

  17. Lets say a Tomb Raider movie is going to come out in five years. However you have to pick an actress who could play Lara Croft in the future. Assuming that actor will age five years physically who would the actress be?

    I think Jennifer Lawrence could potentially play a good Lara Croft. I am not a fan of the actress so don’t think I chose he because I loved her in the hunger games, because trust me I thought her portrayal of Katniss was okay not amazing.

    • Alexa Davalos

    • She seems a little soft but its not a bad choice. Idk many young actressses

    • Lauren Cohen.

      She already is half a Lara Croft in The Walking Dead and being British-American and having lived and studied in the UK she has a British accent (she sported that as Bela in Supernatural). All she needs now is a bit of training to make her a bit more athletic and she’d be perfect.

  18. Question for the Screen Ranters.

    If you were allowed for one day to be a Cartoon Character. Living in a cartoon world where everyone else is a cartoon. Who would you be?

    • Batman/Bruce Wayne from batman the animated series.

      • Cartoon Character.

        As in Bugs Bunny, I considered that Animated.

        • Scooby doo

        • Tie between either Freakazoid or Wakko.

    • Finn in Adventure Time.

    • Gotta go with Roger Rabbit

      • ah yeah. Id spend the whole day with Jessica Rabbit

    • Barney Rubble or Thundarr the Barbarian.
      Reasons: Betty Rubble and Princess Ariel.

    • Wile E. Coyote…I’d switch to OTHER foods, possibly even vegetarianism, if it would keep me from that cliff’s edge. Maybe, I’d take up an indoor hobby too.

    • The Tick. SPOON!

    • Well for CB characters, either Aquaman or GL. I’d like to explore the unexplored. Other than that, I’d have to say Johnny Bravo. Hes a BAMF.

    • Brock Samson

  19. Superman/Clark Kent from Superman:TAS

  20. Hong Kong Fooey for me.

  21. Anyone who’d be a hero in the Timmverse? So far we have a Batman & Superman filled.

    • @Wally.

      Wanted Cartoon, those guys are animated.

      • # Jeff W

        Ok. Then id pick He-Man. Does he count?

          • @ Jeff w

            The 80′s version.

            • @ Wally

              YOU DA MAN!

  22. Has Anyone seen “Welcome to the Punch” or “Trance”? they are in no theaters near to me. :(

    • @SuperEdJe101

      Limited Release?

      • Yeah, I think soitish films, so they are not available everywhere. “Trance” premiered yesterday in Britain.

        • lol. edit: “Yeah, I think so. They are British films, so…”

  23. You people are all nuts,but that’s why I love viewing this site. So to all of you in the words of the great Stan Lee EXCELSIOR.

  24. Anyone know the song that plays during the scene where people are rigging up the shuttle busses in Snyder’s Dawn Of The Dead?