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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   March 25, 2013

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  1. What should happen in jurassic park 4 or prometheus 2?

    • Damn, you beat me too it! 😉

        • Hahaha!

    • As I wrote in the podcast comments: in Prometheus 2 I’d like a government ship investigating Weyland’s secret private mission and running into the Deacon Xenomorph. Would it be a bit too much like Cameron’s Aliens? Sure. But I’d love it! As an alternative said government ship could follow the engineer’s ship with Shaw and David aboard and run into trouble with other engineers while Shaw tries to find more answers.

      As for Jurassic Park 4: I don’t really care as long as it’s an exciting adventure movie without dinosaur/human hybrids with lasers. 😉

      • Lol, I just got an image of people with really small arms trying to hold lasers!!

    • I think they should just give up and try something new, Prometheus missed the mark and Scott has clearly spat his dummy out by not giving us a more comparehensive directors cut and Jurassic Park should have just been left at the second one, what more can it be other than another monster movie which we are going to have an over abundance of in the next 12 months!

      I’d rather see The Dam Busters or Battle of Britain updated with an awesome ensamble cast and lots of daring do!

    • Why can’t Jurassic Park 4 be Prometheus 2? They did it with Alien vs. Predator. The Engineers took the events of whatever Noomi Rapace does after the credits of Prometheus as an act of war and come to Earth to extinct us. But we’re ready thanks to this theme park that cloned dinosaurs and now we’ve weaponized them. Dinosaur VS. Alien…fight!

      Again, if any studio is reading this…it was meant as a joke. DO NOT MAKE THAT MOVIE!

      • Uwe Boll read your post and has already completed a script.

  2. …Hi *crickets chirping*

    • lol hi :)

  3. OK. Time for a comic book question. Yes I know it’s called SCREENrant, but I like to think we ranters are a tolerant bunch.
    So I am about to finish up The Amazing Spider-man comic. Unfortunately I already spoiled the ending for myself when I accidently stumbled across the uproar that followed issue 700. And I am then going to get started on Marvel NOW. Has anybody here been reading this new line of Marvel comics? If so, what are your opinions. What titles do you enjoy and which ones do you hate? Any opinions are welcomed.

    • The only good books from marvel right now are astonishing x-men, hawkeye & new avengers. If you want to read titles with quality art with quality stories. I suggest you pick up Harbringer, Archer & Armstrong, Invincible & Shadowman.

    • I’ve been enjoying Guardians Of The Galaxy (it’s a new ongoing series that just started) and Hickman’s Avengers is pretty good too.

      Overall I don’t get this whole Marvel NOW! thing. It seems unnecessary and there’s already rumors of ANOTHER semi-reboot/relaunch thing.
      I stopped paying attention to ASM when they announced what would happen after #700, I stopped reading Captain America because the art is dreadful and the story is boring, and for most titles, it’s just too hard to keep up: In order to understand what’s going on in one book, you need to be reading at least 5 others most of the time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money or the time for all of that.

      If you’re a Star Wars fan though, you should definitely check out Dark Horse’s new ongoing series. It’s one of the best solo-series’ I’ve read in a long time. The story is great, all the characters arcs are well thought out (and it’s not unfamiliar character btw – it’s the gang from the original trilogy), the art is polished and you don’t need to be reading ten thousand other books to know wtf’s going on.

      • I have never read any star wars comics. I just never really know where to start. But that seems like as good a place as any.

        • It’s an amazing place to start, trust me. If you’ve seen the movies, then you know all you need to know to follow the series (and it takes place between EpIV and EpV).

    • Haha. I just looked up what happens in issue 700 and beyond and I almost fell off my chair laughing. Granted I just about stopped reading comic books in the late 80s/early 90s, but Spider-Man was one of my favourites back then. This new development is so utterly retarded that any Mexican telenovela has better writing and more believable twists. It’s ridiculous. Having Peter Parker be his own father, thanks to time travel, would make more sense.

    • I’m currently reading a few titles from Marvel and DC, anyone picking up the thanos rising series next month ?

    • HOLY CRAP!!! I haven’t followed comics in some time now, but I just read what happens to Spiderman and all I can say is SERIOUSLY? How stoned was whoever came up with that idea? I’d put the over/under on that getting retconned at about three months.

      • I stopped reading Spiderman when they did that whole clone crap back in the 90’s. Spidey hasn’t been the same since. I did pick up issue #700 but I haven’t read it yet, and from the reports that I have been hearing about it, I’m in no hurry to read it cause it’ll just piss me off more on how they’ve destroyed spidey in the Comics through the years!

  4. It’s annoying how people think they know about comics now, just because they seen a few comic book movies. It’s annoying ain’t it?

    • That’s something a 12 yr old would say.

      • ?

    • I don’t think it’s annoying at all. If a non-comic fan connects to a movie, I have no issue with that. Hopefully, they’ll go out and visit a comic book store.

      I grew up reading Peter Porker: the Spectacular Spider-Ham among many other titles. I know my era of comics, mid-eighties through the nineties. But, honestly I haven’t kept up with comics through the 2000s. The movies help me stay connected to that world that I grew up loving.

      I don’t understand why you’re annoyed with other people coming into that community, but I feel as if leathercheerio might be right.

      • It was an elitist comment.

    • My nephew is always always asking me questions about comic book related stuff. Said i know everying about Superheroes but i told him i don’t as theres still alot of heroes i haven’t read about or know much about. If i took him to a comic book store, he’d know i mean too but i have to drive over 60 miles to the nearest one where theres good stuff to look & buy from.

  5. Question/Joke/Riddle:

    If James Franco and Mila Kunis’ latest movie won a prestigious award, what would the award be called?

    • The Alchemy Award, or The Ozcar as it’s more commonly known.

      • Spot-on Man! First guess too!

    • The doobie.

  6. Heyy, anyone here know when Book Two of Legend of Korra is supposed to start? I thought i read somewhere that it was this past saturday but there was nothing, not even a commercial or whatever

    • I think april but dont hold me to it lol

    • I would also like to know the answer to this question

      • Sorry its this fall, hope i didnt give you hope

  7. Smallville is finally finished. Good series. Glad I watched it. Now starting on Birds of Prey. Short lived and a little corny but it looks alright. I think I’ll try The Human Target after this.

    • Don’t go past season 1 on Human Target. You’ll thank me later for that.

      • If I start it, I have to finish it. So its either don’t start it at all, or watch it all the way through.

        • I get the completionist thing, I’m sort of the same way. Just know the dynamic changes a bit in season two and not really in a good way. Enjoy season one though, I thought it was a great show when it was on.

    • You bought Birds Of Prey? I tried to like the show but couldn’t. I forget which episode it is but i think you’ll like the black/yellow Batgirl costume on the show. Thats what Batgirl should of worn in Batman & Robin imo.

  8. Yeah so spiderman 700 is probably the dumbest thing they’ve ever done.. Sometimes I think they do horrible stories on purpose just to rile up fans and gain controversy

  9. Out of these movies coming soon, which one you reckon has the most potential to suck ass??
    •Man Of Steel
    •The Wolverine
    •Star Trek Into Darkness
    •Pacific Rim

    • I’d pick “Thor: The Dark World” if it was on here, but I guess I’d go with “The Wolverine” because it is either going to be really good or really bad

      • Why do you think TDW is going to be a failure?

        • It’s just personal likes and dislikes.

          I don’t like Thor, I never have and probably never will. His universe is interesting, but I don’t care about him in the slightest. And honestly by looking at what the villain is going to look like, along with his minions, it just keeps pushing me farther and farther away from interest. I didn’t like the first “Thor”, I felt it was the 2nd weakest Phase 1 film next to “Iron Man 2″.

          That’s just me

          • I never liked Thor either. But when I watched the movie for completeness’ sake I was blown away buy how much I liked it and how much fun it was. If it’s anything like the first one the sequel will rock!

            • Hopefully. Maybe it will change my mind, who knows?

            • The first Thor started off strong, then got weak by mid point when he settled in new Mexico. The ending was predictable,but I can still watch Thor and even Iron man2 any day over any of the fantastic four films.

              What ticks me off about the up coming sequel is that we won’t be seeing the enchantress nor the executioner.

    • Pacific Rim. It’s the only one without an established fan base.

      • I’d have to go with Pacific Rim too. Not because it doesn’t have a fanbase (a movie doesn’t need a pre-established fanbase to be successful), I just have a really bad feeling that it’ll suck.

        The trailer was pretty cool, and I hope it doesn’t suck, but that’s the impression I’m getting from the movie.

        • You have a point.

          When a video game looks like it’s going to suck, it usually does. That’s not always the case with movies, but sometimes you get that feeling that it won’t turn out to be what you thought it was. I sort of have that feeling with “Pacific Rim”, but it’s half and half. I feel like it might just come out average.

    • Unfortunatly, I would pick Wolverine. Wolverine: Origins is still fresh in people’s eyes.

    • If we are talking about box office numbers (when compared to budget) I would have to say Pacific Rim has the most potential for failure. Because, as mentioned above, it does not already have a core fan base. But I like to think that Pacific Rim is going to do well.
      But if we’re talking about which movie has the most potential to just plain suck, despite its box office numbers, it has to be wolverine.
      Again I hope im wrong and all of the movies you listed are worth the price of admission.

    • Of the list mentioned…I’d say Star Trek into Darkness has the POTENTIAL to suck…perhaps the curse is reversed now in an alternate universe.

      •Man Of Steel – After Superman Returns and the Green Lantern, WB is pulling out all the stops to make sure this DC franchise takes flight.
      •The Wolverine – Honestly, all it has to do is be an improvement over the Wolverine Origins film and fans will agree that it didn’t suck. The bar is set pretty low for this.
      •Star Trek Into Darkness – So much hype for one film never bodes well for a positive audience response….Star Wars prequels, Quantum of Solace, Iron Man 2, Prometheus, etc.
      •Pacific Rim – Not enough people know about this film, but fans of monster movies and Guillermo del Toro will give it positive feedback.

  10. The Wolverine, by a big margin. I hope for a pleasant surprise but the chance for huge suckage is definitely the biggest with that one.

  11. Without mentioning michael bay or megan fox, tell me what youd want from or to happen in Ninja Turtles?

    • I’d rather not have one lol. The trilogy still holds up well.

    • Mutant turtles in their teens eating pizza and studying the art of ninjutsu from their sensei who is a giant mutated rat-man living in the sewers.

    • I’d like a TMNT movie franchise that’s EPIC and true to the comics.

      I hate to use the word because I know it’s overused and factually incorrect, but the TMNT need to be “Nolanized”… in the sense that it needs to explore deeper themes and add a bit of realism to the characters.

      Obviously, it’s still a movie about mutant turtles who learn martial arts from a mutated rat, and as long as Michelangelo’s in it, the movie will be funny, but it doesn’t have to be dumbed down or corny.

      Picture TMNT meets Batman Begins meets Seven Samurai (or something along those lines). A pseudo-samurai flick set in modern-day New York.

      The main thing though: it has to be true to the source material! I.e. the dark, gritty comics that spawned all those entertaining, but inaccurate adaptions over the decades.

      • @ The Avenger

        What you described is exactly what I was hoping the reboot would be.

      • Studios want to sell this to children, not just adults.

  12. Just saw the first poster for Enders Game, and I have to say that I am pretty excited for this film. My only complaint about the poser is how tall/old Ender is. But I can see where this was necessary for the film. It would have been hard to portray all the years in battle school with an aging actor.
    That being said, the Battle Room looks awesome. They may have taken some liberties by having a window to the outside (space) of battle school, or it could be a hologram. In the book the battle room is at the center of the circular school.

    • I thought the battle rooms were on the outer ring of the station.

      I agree with the age thing. The empathy you feel for Ender in the books will not carry over to the film.

      I think they will cut out the interactive game that Ender plays throughout the book. Or do a poor job explaining it.

  13. Just watched the latest SNL. It was pretty awesome to see some of the old hosts and original members coming back to “honor” Timberlake’s 5th time hosting: Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Paul Simon, Martin Short, etc.

    They even had friggin Walt Disney! Or was that Tom Hanks? The resemblance is just uncanny 😉

    • and the return of the Three Amigos!!

    • I only watch SNL when a good host is on. And JT is among the best.

  14. Well Screen Ranters.

    Here from the dark recesses of my mind once again.

    I have just went off the deep end, I am about to nuke Washington DC back to the stone age….I am aboard a Seawolf Class Submarine and I and I have Tomahawk cruise missiles with nuclear payload…

    Ok Screen Ranters….How would you stop me.

    Hint, its you and your sub and crew after me, no one else…..How would you defeat me.


    • I’d offer you a contract with ABC. That will shut you right down.

      • I will be on the SyFy Network!

        I am bound to get one season at least.


    • Gosh… you gotta be kidding me!!!

      I would wait for you to fire the missile.
      Then, using my super hearing, I would pinpoint the location of the missile.
      Then using my ultra-sonic flying capabilities, I would catch the missile and throw it into outer space.
      Then using super strength, I would carry my sub over and use it to smash yours.
      Then, Using my regenerative powers, I would resurect you in time for Wednesdays OD.

      • Ah Super

        Supersonic flight, all I need to do is fire 4 missles at once, all traveling faster than you…I mean…super sonic is only mach 1.

        You have failed…BOOM.

        • Ah Ha! but you failed to realize that i have a multi-personality dissorder. And so do I.

          And so do I.

          And so do I.

          And so do I.

          And so do I.

          And so do I.

          So no. You just lost. There are six of me and one of you!!!


          • Well Played Sir…Well Played.

            I go Boom!

    • “I am about to nuke Washington DC back to the stone age”

      Your nukes have time travel capabilities? That’s something I’ve never seen before. In that case…

      I’d have to have Writer on board. As our time travel consultant.
      General McFluffernutter would be in charge, obviously.
      ACW 007 is a double agent on board your sub.
      ThelostWinchester is our navigation officer, since I’m guessing he’s a hunter who can do some tracking.
      Dr Kenneth Noisewater as our medic…and James Westfall as his assistant.
      leathercheerio as the ambassador of awesomeness.
      The Avenger and SuperEdje101 as weapons experts.
      Igur Rant as our intelligence officer…because I like irony.
      Every other screenranter as red shirts…except those who want to travel with me far away from Washington D.C.

      Our sub: The Nautilus, but not Jules Verne’s version from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It’s the updated version from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore.

      The plan: While I distract you by posting another witty Ghostbusters 3 dream casting list on my blog…the Nautilus will close in on your position through information Ignur Rant discovers and thelostWinchester’s navigational skills. But of course, you’ll know the Nautilus is approaching and will attempt to fire upon it. But ACW 007 will sabotage your weapons system. You’ll somehow neutralize the Nautilus…or just evade it and go into hiding. But, you will capture ACW 007 and create a diabolical yet way too extensive of a way to eliminate him. While you are explaining to him your plan about time traveling nuclear devices, the Avenger and SuperEdje101 will unleash their ultimate weapon. Vic Holtreman with the the Ban Hammer! General McFluffernutter will launch Vic through our torpedo tube. Your sub will sink to the bottom of the ocean where you and your crew will find a final resting place. ACW 007 will swim to the surface and get medical attention from Dr. Kenneth Noisewater. All of this will happen while I sit back and watch the news of how your plan was thwarted from my undisclosed location all while enjoying a mojito.

      • So, you are going to attack a state of the art submarine..with a 100+ year old relic?

        Hold my position and wait for your monstrosity to come over top of me, and then I release my ballast without making a sound come up and take the safety off my torpedo and hydro launch them so they will not make a sound and then when the torpedo engages it will sink your sub in a matter of second.

        ACW May be a double Spy, but even double spy can become a triple threat.

        There will be no spies aboard, because…I dont trust anyone..but my most trusted crew…what is ACW..THE COOK? Your mistake…No Sonar Officers….BOOM!

        • Did you just call Vic “a 100+ year old relic”? Whoa, whoa, whoa…not cool, Jeff W. Not cool. Do I hear the ban hammer approaching? 😉

          • No, I was referencing the Nautilus.

            You called Vic a 100 year old relic.


      • As the Ambassador of Awesomeness, I approve of this plan.

  15. Apparently Noel Fisher is being eyed for F4 rebooy’s Johnny Storm. His agent leaked the info in a tweet. I’m still hoping for Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul tho.

  16. So a friend from..well..kindergarten…back when we only had like 5 channels on TV.

    Came up with an interesting business proposal. A Movie Theater that views Nothing but action movies, Action TV Shows, and stuff that goes boom.

    Seats are reclining sofa
    Bar and Grill Hot food only men like.
    Beer at your Seats…

    Pool Tables, Arcade Games, 20-30 Bowling Alley….



  17. Just had a thought about the possible “Goosebumps” movie…

    Do you think they’ll promote it with “Disturbia” by Rihanna? Or with the classic theme from the show?

  18. Anyone think they’re gonna release the 90’s Spider-Man animated series on dvd with new reboot films goin on? And we have LOOK, UP IN THE SKY, ITS THE AMAZING STORY OF SUPERMAN dvd. Does anyone want a bio dvd simliar to that about Batman’s history?