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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 24, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   March 24, 2014


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  1. Can you believe this? They give you five Q’s and only two U’s.

  2. I rather enjoyed “Muppets: Most Wanted”. It wasn’t brilliant, but it had at least some of the charm I’ve come to expect from the Muppets franchise.

    …a fun film to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  3. Redbox’d two movies this weekend:

    American Hustle: It was okay. Lots of stars but not really a compelling storyline for me. Felt like I wasted BluRay on it because parts of it were filmed to be grainy to reflect the time.

    Catching Fire: Heh. Actually pretty good. Been purposely avoiding reviews to minimize spoilers and it was an interesting ending. Going to read the book now like I did with Hunger Games.

    Caught Iron Man 3 over the weekend too because it was free Starz weekend on cable. Getting me in the mood to see Cap 2.

  4. Ok, so here is a thought, what if after the avengers Hawkeye went rogue? not evil rogue mind, just dislussioned about shield and off on his own? wouldnt be the first time, and would explain if he returned in costume, especialy if he went through a version of his ronin period

    • Well if the story about what happens to shield in cap 2 is true then he’ll have nothing to go rogue of.

  5. So have you all seen the new X-Men: DOFP trailer that came out today? I was speechless my money is practically already in their pockets.

    • I didnt go see first class in theaters but I may go to this, but frankly its because I like the first class movie and want to see those characters get edgy and do more. Jackman and the old bunch arent sellin me other than I hope they close this loop and it reboots things.

      • I think that’s why I’m personally not as excited as I thought I would be. The old cast are kinda played out for me I guess, which sucks to say honestly. It’s Fassbender and McAvoy’s group that’ll get me to see this.

        • for me its both casts.

          I loved the dynamic between Magneto and Xavier in the older films, in fact it was my favorite part of those movies (X3 Xcluded… I hated that one). I was pleased that they got such talented guys as Fassbender and McAvoy (idk spelling??) to play the younger versions of the characters. They brought enough to the table that they weren’t stuck in the shadow of their older counterparts. I was really impressed by that.

          I think both casts are really great.

    • Joshua W….

      Yeah, I saw this most recent trailer, and I must say: Out of the CBMs coming out this year (basically, the Marvel character movies), THIS is the one I’m MOST anticipating. CA2 looks like it will be good. SpM2 seems at least worth of a theater visit. GotG…Well, it IS coming out this year, but the trailer was not particularly appealing…

      • I’m right there with you ever since the original trailer I’ve felt this way, I enjoy Marvel Studios movies but they just don’t speak to me.

  6. I just watched the new X-Men trailer. And it´s f*cking awesome!
    Last night I finally managed to watch Man Of Steel without falling asleep. And I liked it more than I thought I would. I also watched Star Trek Into Darkness and I hated every second. That swollen botox faced dude who did his best (or worst?) Shatner impersonation, the guy with the pointy ears who behaved like Sheldon Cooper on meth, Scotty and Chekov reduced to comedic/slapstick scenes, terrible. They used the same lame gags from the first movie (McCoy treating Kirk while he´s walking or doing something, thus annoying him), the fights that Spock and Uhura had (like teenagers)… What a piece of sh*t, that movie.

    • Yes the X-Men trailer is awesome and I can’t wait to see the movie

      It’s always great to hear more people say they enjoyed Man of Steel because I absolutely love that movie.

    • That movies not total sh*t, come on now.

      • I agree, it was not total. The concept and script though, yeah that was.

        • Do you dislike it because it borrowed so heavily from Wrath of Khan or do you also dislike Wrath of Khan?

          serious question…

          • ST:II WOK was a great movie.

            ST: Into Khanesue was not.
            I don’t know when the script went off the rails and into something awful. But, it did. They cured death and it isn’t some type of non-repeatable unique Vulcan ancient secret. Nothing new and no thought to the franchise.

            • I thought the beginning of the movie was good, except for one huge flaw: Enterprise was underwater. Not a shuttle, the f’ing Enterprise.

              • I agree that they kinda screwed the pooch on the curing death thing, but honestly I didn’t even notice until HISHE (how it should have ended) pointed it out in their video.

                And yes they should have sent a shuttle down for the volcano scene at the beginning, keep the enterprise in orbit instead of underwater. There was no reason to have it underwater, except for the money shot of the ship coming out of the water.

                I enjoyed it though, in spite of its flaws. I enjoyed Wrath of Khan too.

                Sidenote: I had some friends over to watch Wrath of Khan after seeing ST:ID because they were all interested in seeing the similarities between the two films. All of them hated it but one. They just couldn’t get past the dated effects and the epic Montalban chest. I was really surprised. I thought they’d like it.

                • Really, I saw it coming as I was watching the movie. Maybe I’m too big of a sci-fi nerd.

                  Really, I have had the opposite experience. Some do want the new spfx, but everyone I have showed ST II thought it was amazing, even people who hate Star Trek.

          • I disliked it, because it sucked. The acting, the “story”, the dialogue, etc. And Nimoy´s cameo was just there to show the timeline they f*cked up in the first one is still f*cked up. And I wonder how the bridge staff can see without sunglasses.

        • Concept was okay, I see what they were goin for, sort of a twilight zone mystery sort of thing with khan but yeah they couldve done it a bit better, played a bit more with the universe. Maybe have cumberbatch as the son of khan, who had escaped and that way it wouldve been a bigger threat and scope.

          but my biggest problem was that it took 4 years to come out and was so small scale.

          • Too many villans for me.

            You either go Khan and all his megalomania or you have the Blue Jean Cop and make it a kinda political thriller like The Undiscovered Country.

            Wasn’t really big enough for both…. after all the hype Khan sort of drops out of things for a good chunk in the middle.

            The Spock / Kirk death roll reversal….. nah, that didn’t work either.

            Enterprise under water, nope

            Magic blood, nope

            Actually the more I look at the individual parts it aint much cop…. do enjoy the actual movie though. Weird, spose it pays not to look TOO closely at things once in a while.

    • I still haven’t gotten around to seeing MOS. I read spoilers for it and decided to skip it. The “Honest Trailer” for it kind of confirmed some of my own thoughts about it as well. I’ll see it eventually, maybe before BvS comes out.

      I have ranted and raved against STID since I saw it. It was complete fecal matter. Abrams has done better work, but that WAS HIS WORST. He hopes people will remember his version of ST for some some egotistical reason. I literally forgot I had seen that movie three days after I saw it.

      • The honest trailer was what made me wanna the movie in the first place. It´s no secret I didn´t like Nolan´s Batman films, and I thought, since Nolan was involved in making MOS, I wouldn´t like it. But somehow I did. Let´s just hope Batfleck will be totally different from Bale´s version, so I can enjoy BVS.

    • Do you listen to the weekly planet podcast?

      • No, why?

          • Those guys at the Weekly Planet are hilarious!!

            (SR Underground is still my favorite podcast tho!)

    • @ Josh

      Nothin on Superman’s new costume or Batman’s?

      • They’re doing fittings in New York right now

  7. there is STILL wall-to-wall plane coverage on cnn, where do they get off calling themselves a news channel? Theres no news!

    On another note, Joshua Jackson (Fringe) would make a great Matt Murdock for Netflix Daredevil.

    • Joshua Jackson as Daredevil? He was good on Fringe, but I don’t see it. There are plenty of actors who could do a better job portraying DD.

    • Regular media bait and switch. Distract people with disappearing airplanes and aliens and the current administration saves face over the Crimea situation.

  8. Holy canoli that X-Men trailer is epic!!

    One question for you guys. There was that big announcement about Incredibles 2 last week. We’re all wondering whether they’re going to pick up where they left off or just age the characters 10+ years from when the original came out. Suppose they age the characters 10 years. In that scenario what’s going to keep Incredibles 2 from looking exactly like the Fantastic 4 reboot? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen the similarities. Mr Incredible – The Thing (from a powers standpoint, not visually), Elastigirl – Mr Fantastic, Violet – Sue Storm (very similar powers). The only difference is that Dash isn’t Johnny Storm, but their characters are both quick witted and a bit cocky.

    Won’t aging the characters 10 years only strengthen those similarities? Is that a bad thing?

    What do you guys think…..

    • The Incredibles as the FF. Yes I think most people see that connection. Even the setting, retro, very 60s.

    • Pixar beat “Watchmen” and “The Fantastic Four” to the punch with “The Incredibles”. I’m surprised they actually didn’t get sued for the similarities to FF. Goodwill I suppose. Anyway, I guess so many comic characters are so similar it would be impossible nowadays. Not like years ago when DC sued virtually everyone for ripping off Superman.

      • Alan Moore probably never saw the Incredibles and Mr.Incredible wasn’t the Thing. It was inspired. One of the best movies ever made, imo.

        • Please understand I LOVE Incredibles. I actually watched it yesterday and its still my favorite super-hero movie of all time, the jokes are even funnier for me now that I’m older and understand them differently (haven’t seen it for a few years). Its perfect. I cant think of anything wrong with it.

          I just think the powers of the characters are similar to the Fantastic Four, and I wonder what that will mean for the Incredibles sequel and the F4 reboot.

          • I agree completely. I think the concept for the Incredibles was based on the FF and other comic influences. Their origin is entirely different than the FF and they are or were a team of four for only part of the film. Frozone! With Jack as a teenager that would make six members. So, they are starting to look like the Avengers. But still with that FF family super hero aspect. It should be fun.

          • @ moviedude

            I never saw The Incredibles, how good is it? The Avengers is my top CBM so far. Not looking forward with F4 reboot to be honest.

  9. I don’t know if anyone else has suggested this recently: Magnum P.I. Movie. As a comedy, stick with the full title, set it in the 80s, hire someone like Will Ferrel to play Magnum, maybe Terrance Howard as TC.

    Suggestions, thoughts?

    • I grew up watching the show, so I would love to see a film, but I believe it’s been in development hell-o for years. Last I heard, McConaughey would play him (without the mustache). I’d love for Selleck to reprise the role in a TV film (or film series a la Jesse Stone). The Magnum gang is still around, except for Hillerman, who’s retired.

      I also heard long ago about a TV movie of Magnum and his (now) adult daughter. Like she would help out dear old Dad. Can’t remember where I heard it.

      Please, please, not Will Ferrell. I’m not sure who I’d like to play Magnum, but I really don’t want Ferrell. Not bashing the guy. I just think there’s a better choice out there. I think McConaughey would do a great job. How about Karl Urban? Cillian Murphy? Alan Rickman for Higgins? I do like your choice of TH for TC. He’d be great.

      • What about Jason Lee? He could also have the mustache, just like he had in My Name Is Earl. And Brent Spiner as Higgins.

        • I think those guys would do a great job. Lee has the comedic timing and mannerisms that would really work as Magnum.

  10. Hey guys…does anybody know anything about Star Wars 7…Please no rumours

  11. It was #RockTalk on Twitter today and someone asked him about being offered the Green Lanter role a while back:

    Craig Fitzpatrick ‏@CFitzyy 53m
    @TheRock Heard a while back that you’re considered for the role of The Green Lantern. Any truth to this rumour?

    Dwayne Johnson ‏@TheRock 45m
    Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Black Adam are my fav superheroes, but GL’s already been made and stamped.

    Hmmm… could that mean we might see The Rock someday in spandex?

  12. The Rock did have an interview about this Question: Right, the John Stewart hashtag. What’s up with that? What’s going on there with the whole namedropping John Stewart thing? I’m curious.

    Johnson: I love John Stewart!

    Question: So let’s address the green elephant in the room. Are you going to be Green Lantern?

    Johnson: [Laughs] Okay, well since you asked. We’re all friends. So, you know, there’s been mutual interest with myself and DC for many years to find the right character. I, like everyone here in the room, love superheroes. So there’s been mutual interest with us for years, and we’ve been having ongoing discussions, myself and DC, for years about the right character, what the right character would be. That’s another thing, too: it had to be right.