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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 22, 2013

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  1. Sooo… ever since The Hobbit the ticket prices went through the roof in my area and I’ve seriously cut-down on my moviegoing. Why should I shell out that kind of money for a theater visit when I can buy the movie for almost the same price three-four months later?

    • The experience. I agree with what you are saying. Here in AZ,USA, I pay no more than $7 per ticket. What do you pay?

      • i pay $11.50 per movie no 3d…. it has to be a really good movie for me to go

    • How much do you pay now? Where im at if i go before noon, which i normally do, its only $5 for a normal (non 3D or IMAX) movie ticket. After noon its only $7.50, except on weekends it goes up to $9.50 or $10 depending on the theater i go to.

      • Where do you live man? Those prices are awesome. I live in Utah close to Salt Lake City. I never go matinee anymore, I used to but my work schedule doesn’t allow it unless I go Saturday. I have to pay like $8.25 and $10.00 for 3D. Imax is like $12 bucks. Imax 3D I’m not sure, I haven’t gone since TAMS I think its like $15.

    • @TheLostWinchester

      Because you do not want to see the special reveal of Snooki as the new gollum…Wait…did I just ruin it for you…MY BAD!

    • I have a dollar theater in my area so I am lucky. I have to wait about an extra month before it arrives though. The place is well kept, in a nicer part of town, cheap and clean. The experience is the same as all the other theaters so I won’t complain.

    • The theater in my area has a thing where if you show your college ID you only have to pay 7.75 and also I can buy tickets at Costco two for $15 which isn’t bad either, you just have to look for the deals.

      • What if you still have your college ID after graduating in 2009? Would that work?

  2. So after all that talk about trying to find the Aquaman pilot… turns out my special edition of the Smallville series has it. HA!

  3. Question of the day.

    Giant Asteroid headed towards earth. You can assemble a crew of five people to travel to the asteroid to stop it, or you can assemble a team of 5 people to build a An Ark (Ala 2012)
    Now you can give each person a particular skill set to help you. You have 5 years to build your ark. You have robots especially created to help you build it. You need a crew…your crew member and their specialty.
    Oh and the twist………You can use only fellow ScreenRanters….AND GO!

    • Wow… let me get back to you on this haha.

      • I wanted a question to make people think.

        Im evil like that.

    • TheLostWinchester-Tactical

      Of course, I am the Captain, so FALL IN LINE PEOPLE.

      • I am a pretty good handyman.

      • LOL – thanks for that, Jeff; your crew would be fine as long as none of you actually got sick… :-D

    • TheLostWinchester—For his extensive knowledge of the supernatural.
      ACW 007—To answer our Bond questions.
      The Avenger—To explain easy solutions to hard problems.
      Jeff W— to encourage morale.
      Paul Young—to moderate our long discussions.

    • Hey what about me, I dont want to be left behind… but only people I can think of are
      Rob Keyes
      and well you Jeff W
      But I dont even know what your guys’ qualifications would be!

      • The problem with this question is that there are only five crew spots available. There are just too many awesome fellow ranters to decide. Noah had 7… we should have at least ten…

        • @Super

          Feel free to add.

      • No one is getting left behind…I just needed a crew..all screen ranters are going.

        • With a name like “Pedrosaurus” (saurus is the give away here) I’m already extinct!


    • What kind of robots? I don’t know many fellow Ranters. It sounds like your prepared so I am picking you and having your skill be choosing the other Ranters wisely. Just thought I would think outside the box.

    • I’d build an ark. Id like to survive.

      Captain – Jeff W (His experience outweighs mine, plus he can fly us out of a bad situation)

      Security – Paul Young (Because he can moderate very well)

      Helm – leathercheerio (I like to drive)

      Medical – Professor Procrastination (He’s a Doctor, not a pool man!)

      Tactical – Brooklyn (Where hes from, he should be able to handle a gun)

      Engineering – Archaeon (He knows his techy stuff)

      • “Where are the meds Professor?”
        “I was just about to that…right after I watch these twenty six cat videos on YouTube.”

        You’re going to have a lot of sick people on board. ;)

      • I don’t know how I missed this but you guys are hilarious. :D

    • …damn dude, that’s a really tough question :( If I could, I’d pick all you guys, but if it really has to be 5, then I’d pick:
      Mongoose – to take my side in all arguments
      Professor Procrastinator – to boost morale
      The Real Michael Bay – to act as a scapegoat when/if things go horribly wrong
      SuperEdje101 – because he obviously thinks I’m a genius
      Jeff W – to do all the actual work

      • “The Real Michael Bay – to act as a scapegoat when/if things go horribly wrong”


      • Okay, I feel like I am the last kid to get picked for dodge-ball. How about I am the religious guy who thinks we should send a dove out of the Ark so we know when there is land.

        • If the plan involved building a time machine, you’d be first on my list ;)

          • HaHa… thanks I don’t know why that stuff fascinates me. lol

        • Umm, we will know there is land when we look out the window…lol


          • Remember in the Bible Noah sent a dove out and it brought him back a branch. The next time he released it the dove was gone. Then he knew there was land because the dove stayed on dry land. If we are building an Ark we should do it the way it worked in the past don’t you think? Lol.

    • Changes the plan, reprograms the robots to create a time machine that allows me and the rest of my crew to go to the distant past where we can llive out the rest of our lives peacefully(using the 4 years to study the language and manners of the era, like say the height of the roman empire during the Pax Romana.

      Ha :p there is my loophole

      • And when we are coming back..later in time…Same Asteroid.

    • ITS A CREW! Operations crew…we are building Arks!…You ninnys who are not part of the crew, are the freaking passengers!!

      Sheesh really?

      • I appreciate that :) haha

    • Im gonna build my own ark and none of you are allowed in

      • Good luck getting to the engine room and piloting at the same time…sheesh..greedy.

    • superman.

    • I’m in charge of picking a crew? …asteroid hits planet because I was too busy ranting on-line. Sorry guys. I failed us.

      • …on the plus side, I would have written my 32nd blog on who should be cast in Ghostbusters 3. Of course, we’re all dead, so there is that….

    • @ Jeff W

      Great question!!

      1. Jeff W. – Captian (by experience)
      2. Leathercheerio – helm (knows where he’s going)
      3. Stark – Engineering (because I am one)
      4. The Avenger – Security (who could beat him?)
      5. Medical – The Big Dentist (close enough)
      6. Tactical – Wally West (sharp guy)

      • Acupuncture with a butcher knife is about my limit, I reckon. :-)

      • +1

  4. Has anybody here seen a movie called “The Arrivial” with Charlie Sheen? It came out back, I think in 1996. It was on the other night, and man was I surprised, it was actually a great movie. Kept me guessing right up until the end and Sheen was actually really good in it. I would love to see an updated remake of that movie today.

    “The Second Arrivial” was also on, but boy did it suck.

    • Yep, did not see that coming with the kid.

      • Correct!

  5. does anybody want to see pepper pots fight some villains

    • I’d like to see her fight with her owns clothes. (and win) (^-^)

  6. thoughts on the leaked ‘Ant-man’ footage?

  7. OK back to a question from the last OD.
    I think Mark Strong would make a great Lex Luthor. He is relatively young, and he can add a physical dynamic to the mental threat that is Luthor.

    • Agreed i suggested the same lol

    • I have rooted for him ever since I saw him in Sherlock Holmes… soo awesome!!!

    • Hey, I think John Malkovich would make a good, though slightly crazy lex luthor

    • I don’t like it. Not because he isn’t a good actor its just he doesn’t strike me as a Lex Luthor.

  8. I looked for the video, n it was takin off every site…. anyone hav a clue where I cud watch it?

  9. Hmmm so on the note of future marvel movies, anybody else think that a Namor the Submariner movie could be interesting? I still have suspcions that he could be a show stealer in CA:WS.
    And also anybody else think a Thunderbolts Movie in Phase 3/4 could be intersting? of course it would require a number of heroes disappearing, and Baron Zemo!

    Does anybody else think it would be kind amusing to see Yellow Jacket(Henry Pym) go head to head with Cap on the big screen? now that would be amusing… for that matter so would ant-man VS cap

    ona final note, for you Naysayers, in relation to Namor, he has always been, and will continue to be a much cooler and interesting character than aquaman and predated him by 5 years(Namor was created in 1936, Aquaman was created in 41, and NAmor has always had the superior personality :p) just thought I would point that out

  10. What about jason isaacs as lex?

    • I like it but the accent would throw me off. I am sure he could fake it.

      • He does a great several great American accents. I’ve seen him in numerous films playing Americans and at first not realized it was him. Eg: Black Hawk Down.

        Lex is American right? Just checking because I’m not actually sure.

  11. A question for the bond fans out there:

    Is the 007 number and the name “james bond” a title? or are we supposed to believe that the different incarnations throughout the years have been the same individual?

    • I’ve always been under the impression that it’s the same person, but come to think of it, there’s always been this odd ambiguity to it. No one can really say for sure…

    • 007 can be considered a “rank”. So that’s why its multiple people.

    • 007 is a ranking: 00 meaning license to kill, Bond being the 7th 00.

      I believe it is the same person, there is only 1 person who can be on the same level as Bond and that’s him. Yes, there are other 00′s, but James Bond is the actual person. The reason for different incarnations over the years is the franchise legacy they made in films. With something like James Bond, it’s a waste to just suddenly stop once one guy is done being him.

      • It is the same guy, but the continuity is just a bit fudged for the films because if you want to keep making Bond films after 50 years, you are gonna have to change actors. Doctor Who is lucky. He’s got that very useful “Regeneration” thing going on.

      • As far as I know, the Daniel Craig movies are in fact a reboot of the series, right? So if they continue this trend, then it could turn into a codename, making it easier to cast and hire a black actor like they want to.

        • It was treated as a reboot, but it isn’t in the end. Shouldn’t matter if James Bond is a code name or not, he’s James Bond. I’d prefer it to be an actual person because it doesn’t make any sense to have more than one 007. James Bond, the person, is the 7th agent to earn the 00 ranking. If one were to pass away or die, they’d be given another number.

  12. I think I just disproved Time Travel! Let me explain how now. Let’s say you wanted to stop your own birth. You can go back in time but you wouldn’t be able to stop it from happening because in order for you to want to stop your birth you would have to have been born. So I guess didn’t disprove Time Travel I just disproved the ability to change things that have already happened. I suppose this also means you are meant to do what you do as well. If this makes any sense please comment.

    • Go back to sleep…

      But I know what you are saying. And there is no real way to answer that. The theory is… is that FATE always finds a way.

      • Is it truly FATE though?

    • Unless going back in time and stopping your own birth creates an alternate timeline, in which case you’ll still be alive when you get back to your present, and nothing would have changed, but there’d be another timeline where you don’t exist.

      I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had thinking about time travel… usually in the middle of exam season, which is ironic because I then get bad grades for spending my time thinking about really complicated and scientific stuff :/

      • Or maybe anything alternate than our timeline cannot exist because that would be an alternate reality which would mean everything is alternate. If our existence is shown through an alternate reality then nothing will exist because we exist. I don’t really know what I am talking about though, I am just trying to present a different perspective.

        • Dude have you seen Looper? It explains everything! lol not

    • that proves nothing.

      • What do you mean?

        • I mean you didnt disprove anything or think it through.

          You could just shoot your moms pregnant stomach, she’ll miscarry, you wont be born.

          If time travel exists and it is causal, you’ll disappear the moment you kill your baby self.

          If time travel is dimensional/branched, then you will have just killed that version of yourself in that world.

          • You didn’t prove anything either. You are talking about traveling through different dimensions not “time” travel. In order for you to have shot your mother you would have had to have been born. If I am right then there is no branched time. There would be only one straight timeline and everything that happens/happened would have been meant to happen no matter what.

            • -If you kill your mom or yourself in the womb you will not be born.

              -What your talking about (and getting wrong) is causal time travel, cause and effect.
              “In order for you to have shot your mother you would have had to have been born.”
              yes so if youre born, grow up and go back and stop your birth(which you could do by killing or preventing sex/birth) you will write yourself off from ever existing and will have never been born and disappear(why is this so hard for you to understand?)

              -Dimensional time travel is just a different theory of how time travel may/might work.

              • I understand your theory perfectly but it wouldn’t work. For example if I shoot my mother while she is pregnant (I wouldn’t be able to do so because she never was shot though) I wouldn’t disappear because in order for me to grow up and shoot the gun I would have had to have been born. Therefore it is impossible for me to have shot the gun in the first place. You however say that I can shoot my mother but I will simply cease to exist but someone still would have had to have pulled the trigger, am I right?

                Technically what we have are to apposing theories that cannot be proven true or false.

                • Your thinking about this all wrong.
                  If you can travel to the past, and are there, and have a gun, and have it pointed at your fetus, and blow your freakin fetus to pieces, you will (AND WOULD)then disappear immediately(BECAUSE you were not born)

                  What you are saying is that in order for you to shoot the gun you would have had to have been birthed, yes this is true that is until you go to the past and pull the trigger


                  sorry I yelled but youre not getting it.

                  • If I wasn’t born then how did I pull the trigger?

                    I understand what you are saying but it isn’t logical.

                    • Its illogical because your not thinking of it right

                      Its not
                      “If I wasn’t born then how did I pull the trigger?”
                      seriously, I just explained this, you were born before the trigger is pulled, after your not.

                      I was born, grew up, time traveled, then I pulled the trigger, (now I dont exist) and thats it, it ends there.
                      Once you dont exist, you never exist.

                      Your thinking
                      I was born, grew up, time traveled, then I pulled the trigger, (now I dont exist) I dont grow up, I dont pull the trigger, so I dont kill myself so I exist

                      but this is not true because once your dead the first time there is no not being dead or reset.
                      You dont time travel or pull the trigger in this new timeline because you dont exist and the fetus/past you is forever dying the moment you shot fetus/past you making you not exist.

                      The only way to stop past you from dying is to not have pulled the trigger or someone stop you from pulling the trigger.

                      But that fetus/past you is forever dying in that moment, the gun you shot yourself with is still there as well, however you are not(if it is causal).
                      If not your there as well but that version of you will never exist but again thats branched timelines.

                      In theory.

                  • Oh and its okay that you yelled I read better when its all caps anyway. I am not being rude I am just saying that your theory couldn’t happen according to the chronological state that time is in.

                    • I think when you kill yourself you would cease to exist then your unborn self would grow up to kill yourself and he would dissaper and you would be traped in forever in an endless loop of killing yourself

                    • This had me ROFLMAO at work. Thanks guys!

                    • Your unborn self cant grow up….

  13. Happy Birthday Bill Shatner

  14. Evidently to the paranoid Screen Ranters who think they are going to get left behind.

    There will be industrial robots used to build An Ark (ALA 2012) I need crew to help me command and keep order.

    The rest of you ninnys! Have to be the passengers and then my Leads choose from you…

    I would never leave any of you behind…This board is way to much fun..

    Oh and someone is responsible for getting every movie known to mankind…

    • I’ll bring all the DVD’s as long as I can leave “Prometheus” behind. (No Blu-Rays, sorry)

      • I will bring Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s…not Bernie from the Jack Black movie Bernie. Every ship needs a Bernie.

      • You also have to leave behind every Nicholas Cage movie ever made.


        • no…Raising Arizona and Kick-Ass. Enough said.

          There’s a thinking question. What’s your favorite film starring Nicolas Cage?
          Raising Arizona for me.

          • Kick-Ass, Ok I’ll give you that one but wasn’t that fussed with Raising Arizona, just because it’s quirky doesn’t make it good.

            Next you’ll be throwing Moonstruck at me!


    • I will bring the chips!

      • I will bring prometheus

        • I will bring my toothbrush.

          • No wonder you went extinct..BUT YOU HAD GOOD TEETH!

            • Say cheese :-D

              Now, what’s that you were saying about asteroids?

              Hurry up and build that ship or it’s extinction for everyone, and remember to wear clean underwear.

              Funny thing that, if you’re every in an accident that’s the last thing you’ll have! :D

    • It’s just fine. I thrive in an environment of zero accountability.

  15. Looking over the ebertfest selections only 2 films peaked my interest Bernie and The Spectacular Now anyone seen them? Will they be worth my money?

    • I watched Bernie on Netflix a month or two back. An interesting style of movie that mixes documentary footage with a reenactment. Jack Black was great in it. It’s worth wasting 90 minutes…unless you can find something better to do.

  16. I realize how slim the chances are of this actually happening but what would you guys think of a TellTale games episode-like vg (like the Walking Dead videogame) about Firefly with the original voice cast and being written by Joss Whedon.

    My favorite youtube movie reviewer proposed the idea in one of his reviews and I thought it was awesome!

    • @movieDude – start a kickstarter campaign for that now!

  17. For me hands down the best comic book movie made in comic book movie history is the “The Dark Knight“. Story wise, acting the tone and score, it’s revolutionary in film making. No matter how many times I’ve seen the movie it never gets boring. In No 2. Is the The Avengers. What is yours ?

    • 1. The dark knight
      2. Ironman
      3. X-men 2
      4. Watchmen
      5. Batman begins

    • Howard the Duck and Richie Rich

      • Masterpeices right there

        • 2 of the most underrated films of all time ;)

    • I don’t think you’ve seen many CBM’s then…

  18. Just saw the trailer for Tom Cruise’s Oblivion. Seriously, Tom Cruise should do Sci-fi movies, only, from now on. Minority Report is, for me, the best Sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen.

    Top 5 Science-Fiction movies:
    1. Minority Report
    2. District 9
    3. Star Wars(first trilogy)
    4. Moon
    5. Blade Runner

    • Minority Report looks stunning, but quickly falls apart in the logic department, and lies in pieces at the point where Agatha’s mother Anne Lively is known to be dead despite PreCrime having supposedly prevented her murder.

      • How does it “fall apart”? Wasn’t Ann Lively’s murder ruled as an “echo”, and ignored, because they had already foiled the predicted killer?

        Questions like these are the reasons why I love this movie. No other Sci-fi movie gives you so much to think about. After Jurassic Park, I don’t think Spielberg has made a better movie.

        • It was indeed…and yet she’s dead anyway! So the precogs prevented nothing in that particular case, no one asked what went wrong, and no one investigated the ACTUAL murder!

          • Plus, if the precogs see not what someone intends to do but what they will do (and that’s a direct quote), why was the wrong man’s name etched into the wooden ball?

            • But they did stop the guy who was hired to kill Ann Lively, but Lamar took advantage of that and killed her in the exact same way. The precogs did predict it again but were ignored because it was thought to be an “echo”. This is by far not the only plot hole in the movie but its one that can be explained.

              • You’re missing the point: yes, they stop the hired guy, and then she’s killed anyway. Clearly it can’t have been him who actually killed her, because they have him in custody, so who did? No one bothers asking. At all. This is absolutely fundamental to the entire story. Anne Lively IS DEAD! Again, “The precogs don’t see what you intend to do, they see what you WILL do”, so if the hired guy didn’t do it and Burgess did, why wasn’t Burgess’s name on the ball? At the very least, why weren’t there two separate balls made from the two separate visions?

                Not to mention why Burgess wouldn’t have simply played Mr Nice, given Agatha back to her mother and THEN killed the latter; taking advantage of the sytem being down when the precogs are separated, in exactly the same way in which he later kills Danny Witwer. No potentially troublesome report, no cover-up necessary, and the perfect excuse to then take Agatha into “protective care”. Problem solved.

      • Philip K. Dick’s masterpiece.

  19. Screen Rave, can you include this video in the next Geek Picks?
    It’s a parody of “Avatar the Last Airbender”.

    Here’s the link:

    I died laughing at this video, I hope you guys like it!

    • Who is Screen Rave? lol

      • Screen Rants evil twin.

  20. You guys are so going to hate me monday when I pose my question…I dare say…..You might get the pitch forks and torches.

    I will let you in on something, it will make you think.

    • Well, I hope it doesn’t involve asteroids.