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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 21, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   March 21, 2014


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  1. I have not been looking forward to DOFP at all. But the fact they scheduled all of these future films makes me think fox has seen a finished product and has a lot of faith in their product. Builds hope.

    • Love me some bullet points:

      1. Have american hustle, still haven’t watched it yet (hopefully this weekend).
      2. The wife and I watched the ASM2 trailer last night, we are definitely ponying up the dough for 3d tickets to see that. Probably not opening weekend though.
      3. With everyone downright expecting the ultimate demise of Gwen Stacy, my theory is they tease it most of the movie then don’t do it.
      4. Never a fan of Captain America and I’m eager as Lindsay Lohan arriving in columbia for the upcoming Winter Soldier. I honestly think it will provide a compelling and solid bridge to the next Avengers movie.
      5. Careful with the nostalgia watching, sometimes it doesn’t hold up and just leaves you feeling old. lol
      6. I go back to point 3, I think they handle the death of Gwen Stacy in the beginning of ASM3 then onto establishing the beginning stages of the Sinister Six. I think that will be somewhat of a background story leading to ASM4 (or whatever they call it) while the main storyline of ASM3 is introducing us to Venom.

    • We saw American Hustle in the theater last friday….I did love it but many aspects of it were so weird. I felt like I was watching a movie immediately after hitting my head in a car accident. When Jennifer Lawrence’s character started flopping her hair around for no reason while wearing the rubber gloves, my GF turned to me and said “did we take mushrooms?”

  2. After seeing that pic of Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, my anticipation for “Gotham” has shot through the roof. I liked what I was hearing about the show, and thought it sounded like the showrunners have a good feel for the city and its potential stories. After that pic reveal, I feel certain that the show will be able to catch the CHARACTER of the city, itself.

    …can’t wait!

    • But if doesn’t have superheroes on it regularly, will it be panned like AoS?


      • I doubt it, they haven’t connected to an extremely successful franchise so people shouldn’t expect to see a ton of stuff but we are already seeing Penguin and they’ve promised others so I’m sure they will have a presence in the show and it won’t just be another procedural drama but with a Batman label to keep it alive.

      • you don’t need superheroes to be good…a teacher and a drug addict in a winnebago doesn’t sound interesting does it, but the writing and acting made it great

        • Hey, I just finished watching season four of BB. Great acting and writing for sure!

  3. Good Morning all…

    Happy Friday!! :)

    IMO, Arrow is one of the best shows on TV right now and this weeks episode was just great. Harley Quinn’s voice was unmistakeable and just very cool. I really hope she becomes a regular part of the Arrow universe. It’s cool to see Oliver a little scared too. I’m seriously hoping that Sara (Black Canary) isn’t killed off, but I’m thinking that she might be. I’m thinking Deathstroke kills her in the season finale.  :(

    So, what is this mystery Marvel project Fox is working on? Any guesses? I think it X-Force but I really want it to be Dead Pool.

    • You are right when you say Arrow is one of the best shows on TV right now, they effectively use their budget to do things that other shows only dream of. I loved the Harley Quinn cameo but I think that’s all it will be, they saved her just in case but I think they have more to do with the other members of the squad. If you notice they didn’t even say she was Harley Quinn in the credits, it was just deranged female squad member so I’m thinking her saying that was all we will get, but I hope for more. I liked that Oliver admitted he couldn’t handle it all alone, that was something I think was monumental for the show, and for the character. I’m hoping they don’t kill her off this season but I definitely believe she will be killed off and Laurel will become The Black Canary following in her footsteps. I know she doesn’t have the training that Sara has but they could develop that over the course of season 3 if Sarah trains her after Laurel finds out (if she does). In the comics Laurel is the black canary so Sarah is only temporary. Also have you noticed how much Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy have evolved as actors since season one and even the beginning of season two? It’s great. I think Deathstroke killing her would be the ultimate F you to Ollie, it would set up so many things and it would give Laurel a reason to hate Slade as well. If you don’t remember in season one Laurel kicked some guys a** when Ollie and Tommy were being beat up at some other billionaire’s club, I think that was somewhat foreshadowing her becoming Black Canary.

      I have absolutely no idea where Fox is going so I need to say DOFP before I can guess.

      • @ Josh

        I remember Laurel taking down those guys in that club in season one, but I still like Sara as the Canary. This version Laurel, to me anyway, just doesn’t come across as the hero type.

        You’re right the actors skills have really increased since season one, especially Amell, which makes me think even more that his Green Arrow should be part of the new DCCU.

        I checked out the imdb credits and it listed Tara Strong as Harley Quinn (voice). She’s the one that does Quinn’s voice in the Arkham games.
        You’re probably right though, we may not actually see her in action on Arrow. Still a cool cameo though. I just love the way the Arrow show runniers think.

    • @ Stark

      When does Green Arrow start wearing a mask on the show,or does he?

      • Season 2 man

      • @ John McClane

        Josh is right, he just recently started to wear one this season.

        • @ John McClane

          Oops, I meant Jimbo not Josh.

    • How far in to the show do I have to get to get hooked? I really want to like Arrow but it takes me 2 to 3 sitting to finish and episode and I’m only on S1 E5. I guess my biggest complaint is that it’s just so… “CW” if that makes sense.

      • @ Aaron

        For me it was the pilot, I was hooked after that. You might want to star with the second half of season one. The show starts to pick up steam from there and hasn’t looked back since.

        I know exactly what you mean by it’s so “CW”. But, that’s how you have to view it. Expect it to be a CW show, and it will blow your socks off. Expect it to be of feature film quality and you’ll be disappointed. Take it for what it is, as it is, and you’ll really enjoy it.

        • @ Stark

          Thanks, I’ll try and knock a few episodes out this weekend and get invested in the story a little more.

      • I still have never seen Arrow. Should I just binge both seasons to get caught up? The Harley Quinn thing piqued my curiosity.

        • Yes, it’s phenomenal

          • Gotcha. I’ll start tonight. And let you know what I think.

            • Awesome! I’d love to hear your thoughts

  4. So I have been thinking about the whole dids on a movie release weekend. This comes as fox just laid claim to half a dozen spots for xmen and f4 movies.

    With the pressure to release movies at a marvel studio rate I think we are getting rushed projects. With DOFP they decided to combine the two francises of xmen and I look foward to see how they did, now woth things like spiderman 2 we are seeing concerns over 3 villians. That movie also looks amamzing.

    Now withthe rumor of ca3 being released in 2016, with no script no screenplay and no idea idea of the plan yet, what is to stop all these movies from being released on those claimed dates? Batman vs superman was moving fast and then they decided to push back production. People are claiming cowardice and other crap but my thing is this. What if ca3 has a similar issue to iron man 3, a werid rushed story that had a twist that angered and confused others. They can claim the short all hail the king fixes that but…will every person watch it?

    What is stoping any of these movies from moving their release date?

    • @ Kevin

      Nothing really. They can move their dates all around, but I don’t think Marvel will. IMO, in their mind, they have the high ground not WB/DC so they won’t budge. WB/DC I think would benefit from a move away from that date. Not because they’re “afraid”, but because it makes smart bussiness sense. After all, the real reason they makes these movies is to make money, as much as humanly possible. You don’t do that going head to head.

      Good point about Cap 3, but IMO it won’t be a repeat of the mistakes of IM3. First because they have better writers and second because they don’t have Shane Black, thank goodness. If Cap 3 builds off of Avengers 2 and Cap 2, we’ll be in good shape.

  5. So what do you all think of all the trash the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier were talking about DC Comics and their movies? I’m glad Chris Evans kept his mouth shut…at one point he was looking like he was thinking “I like DC movies…”

    • Can you share quotes or links or something? I’d like to take a look.

    • @ Josh

      I wouldn’t read to much into it really. These actors are getting paid millions of dollars to make these films and they would say the same thing about Marvel if they worked for WB/DC. It’s no diffrent than the Jets talking trash about the Patriots; who cares. Just play the game, or in this case, make the movie, get your check and stop worrying about bashing the other guy. If your movie is good, it will speak for itself and you won’t have to say a word.
      I will say though that WB/DC does seems to be an easy target right now, for various reasons, at least to the uninformed. But that still doesn’t justify  blasting them.

  6. Got dragged to Divergent with some friends last night. It was ok. The romance was so forced. Anywho, it was better than the one Twilight movie I saw (New Moon) but I didn’t like it as much as Warm Bodies. Warm Bodies was prbly my fave YA fiction film thing. I haven’t seen Hunger Games yet.

    It’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be tho, just as a comfort to any of you that might get taken to it this weekend.

  7. This weekend I’m hoping to enjoy the third greatest gift with my greatest gift. Afterwards, maybe we’ll enjoy the second greatest gift.

    • Hanging out with the Family Professor? Or are you watching Ghost Busters?

      • We are planning on going to the new Muppet movie. My daughter is very excited. My son could care less…(he’s 18 months).

        • And Ghostbusters just runs on a loop in my house. I thought that was required by law.

    • Is this where I ask what the first greatest gift actually is?

      • Muppet humor. One of my favorite repeated jokes from the 2011 film.

        First greatest gift: Children
        Second: Ice Cream
        Third: Laughter

        Out of context, not so funny.

  8. I used the create-a-wrestler mode on my old wwe 13 game, and made a bunch of my original superhero characters. It’s a good laugh having my villains and heros pound each other in the ring.

    On another note, I’m halfway through S1 of Fringe and it’s getting good!

  9. Is DC really going to let all their different properties exist in separate continuities? It seems like they have little to no intention of linking what will be 4 TV properties come fall with the cinematic franchise started in Man of Steel. WB owns all of the rights, I don’t see why they can’t connect them?

    As it stands we have:
    The Arrow/Flash Universe
    The Gotham Universe
    The Constantine Universe
    The Man Of Steel Universe

    That isn’t including that Batman VS Superman will reboot the Batman established by Nolan. They don’t need to give everything a proper connection, but it would be nice if they were loosely connected.

    • Don’t think Gotham can really connect to anything because of the time difference it has with everything else. Not sure about Constantine since he doesn’t really interact with the main roster in DC from the few Hellblazer comics I’ve read. Man of Steel isn’t going to connect to Arrow-verse but I could definitely see Arrow using certain events in Man of Steel to launch their own main roster, like maybe they could have the static stuff “you are not alone” in there.

  10. The Harley shout out could end up being more or not. If demand is high enough they could probably talk to the Batman folks about borrowing her rights for season 3.

    I like both Sarah and Laurel (Sarah a bit more) but at the end I think they’ll go with whatever they think will make for a better story. And the acting skills have improved. They’ve broken into their roles. Can’t wait for the Arrow/Deathstroke showdown.

  11. did the layout of this website change today?

    or do i need another coffee?

    • You’ve probably just got a little wax in your ears Matt. …Erm…I mean mr Daredevil. Whoever you are. 😉

  12. Anyone on here do any film/comic book related fanart, paintings, drawings, fanfilms, fan fiction etc… or anything? I wouldn’t mind looking at some. (I don’t know if it would break SR’s posting rules though) There are so many talented people out there.

    • +100

    • @ motoko

      I draw DC animation characters. From Batman:TAS to JLU series. Id show them if I could.

      • It’s a shame there is nowhere on here to share the links. When I see some of the stuff on geek picks, I often wonder who on this forum is capeable of things just as worthy. I can understand SR not wanting people promoting their own stuff, but on many sites there is a page for fanart etc… It’d come in handy on a slow news day. (^-^)

        I usually draw my own stuff, but I do a little fanart too. I have some designs on redbubble (not that anyone buys anything), but i’m pretty new to drawing digital and my stuff is all pretty simple. I’d like to see yours and anyones stuff. It’s always interesting to me.

        • @motoko – Do you put your stuff on Deviant Art or some other type of site? If so, drop us a link in the Open Discussion or through the Contact Us page. We’d love to look at it.


  13. 1) I’m disappointed with myself for watching the Winter Soldier first 10 minutes but I’m happy and excited all the same.
    2) Looking forward to Gotham and Constantine. And I guess with Flash around the corner it’s time to start Arrow.
    3) Finally watched American Hustle and it was really good. Jennifer Lawrence surprised me!
    4) Not sure if any of you watch anime but I highly recommend a series called Attack on Titan. It’s crazy!!
    5) I just recently started collecting Lost, one of my favorite series of all time. I forgot how much I loved it!

    • @SteveRogers:

      I really liked Lost too, they just messed up Season 6.

      • @bignerd
        Ya season 6 was…yeaaa. And the thing is, on its own, I like the idea of season 6. But connected to the entire series, they dropped the ball.

  14. Wow, the early reviews for Cap 2 are amazing. Maybe an $80-90 million opening weekend is right on target. Only two weeks to go!! :)

  15. I’m going to watch “Under the Skin” tomorrow. There is hardly anywhere showing it. I had to book at the Watershed cinema which is a tiny little place that shows all the indie films. The last film I saw there was “Kids” way back in about 95/96!? Something like that.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, I’ve heard good things. I think Scarlett Johansson is pretty great, so I’ll let you know what I think. (Not that you’re bothered what I think :) )

  16. Been watching a lot of X-Files on the new El Rey Network. I don’t do Netflix or anything like that so for me it has been cool to see one of my favorite shows back on T.V. (been forever since Directv had any channel with the X-Files on). Kinda funny though, cuz El Réy’s descriptions for the show are off by two episodes. New network, guess getting the descriptions right kinda hard.

  17. Why are posts getting blocked all of a sudden ?

  18. What are some bands you kind folks are into?

    I’ve recently discovered Baroness and Kylesa?