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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 20, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 20, 2013

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  1. Halfway through Season 10 of Smallville. This series has been awesome so far! Also, I found out that there was an Aquaman spin off in 2006 that failed but had Justin Hartley (Green Arrow) casted as Aquaman. Weird. That would’ve raised eyebrows. And WB pulled all copies of the pilots off of Youtube. Jerks.

    • It’s still on iTunes if you wanna check it out. It actually wasn’t that bad. I probably woul have watched it. Arrow is ten times better though for sure.

      • Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I only have my Android cell and Android tablet to use here at home. :-(

  2. Does any one else eff’n LOVE the show Banshee as much as I (and my friends) do?

    Yeah, I know it’s not a very realistic premise, but it’s pretty awesome once you accept it for what it is. The season finale was epic, and I can’t wait until next season. Time to do some pullups!

    • It’s definitely very edgy and very entertaining. It’s good pulpy fun.

  3. has anyone seen the leaked Ant-Man footage cause imo it look alright.

    marvel studio better give me my Black Panther movie if they can do Ant-Man and GOTG they can do Black Panther

    • I did, and it looks pretty good.

      I agree, and I think Marvel should keep expanding this universe until they can’t anymore.

    • It looks pretty cool imo. I thought it would have been a bit better with the way everybody who saw it at comic con reacted to the footage, so I guess my expectations were a little too high because of that.
      I loved the face-punch though. That was very well done, I think.

      And yeah, they definitely need to make Black Panther ASAP. There’s really no excuse not to: The fans want it, the normal audiences will love it, Marvel can do it (they have the money) and it’s a character that can fit in very nicely with their future plans.

      • the only reason im supporting Ant-Man movie cause of Edgar Wright. he is the only guy who can make this character interesting.

        yeah Marvel Studio really need to do to a Black Panther movie. alot of people from different age, gender and race want to see the charactor on the big screen.

        Heroes For Hire would be a cool movie i can see someone like Justin Lin directing that movie cause hes Fast and Furious movies feels like a Heroes For Hire element.

        • I would put money on Heroes For Hire first appearance being in the S.H.I.E.L.D. show. Introduce them there to see how they do. Then go on to a movie.

    • The leaked footage has been pulled from Youtube, but it is still up here “”.

      I really think they pulled it off for as a proof of concept for Ant-Man. My only gripes are that the suit/helmet look a little to Steam-Punk for my taste, and I don’t dig the respirator breathing at the end.

      • the costume wont be the final movie costume. but it does look like a cross between the M.A.N.T.I.S. tv show costume lol.

      • LOL they took it down.

  4. Idk I’m not really that excited for an ant man movie.. But then again I want to see ultron

  5. Joaquin is pretty much the best living actor around atm.

    • Joaquin Phoenix?

      Some will argue Daniel Day-Lewis.

      Ok, so thats not an argument.

    • I’m going to have to disagree and say Leonardo DiCaprio. At least he is better then Leaf Phoenix.

      • I do not know how anyone can say who is the best living actor is, when Daniel Day-Lewis is the only Actor to win 3 Best Acting Oscars?

        Mind boggled.

        • I only liked him in Gangs of New York… which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

          • bradley coopers the best risin actor imo

            • I agree that Bradley Cooper is awesome but he hasn’t exactly been in the best films to showcase his talents. He needs to broaden his resume and star in some more stuff like Silver Linings.

        • I think all three of them are damned good at what they do.

    • Phoenix is a great actor, no doubt about that, but he comes across as such an a-hole most of the time.
      I’m starting to wonder how long his career is going to last with that attitude.

      The “best living actor around” though? I don’t think so.


      Ryan Reynolds all the way.

      • Ummmm… I kid…

        • Glad you cleared that up.


    • Eh…

      I would have to go with Daniel Day-Lewis as well, not because of his Oscar record. That guy embodies every role he is given

      • In the name of the father…Great movie.
        DDL should have more than 3 oscars in my opinion.
        Should’ve got it for Gangs of New york.

    • Whoa @trilladude…I’m proud of you. You didn’t say Ryan Gosling.

  6. Do you think that the next Star Wars movie should continue with the Skywalker legacy or have other non related characters?

    • Non-related characters, for more narrative freedom. Luke Skywalker and his posse had their time and should only be featured as supporting characters.

    • Theyre going to be making spin off so yes they should use the skywalkers but they shouldnt be the focus of the films.

    • I think other non-related characters… but have the big 3 from the originals for supporting roles.

    • Skywalker family has to be involved. Someone needs to bring balance to the Force. Anakin and the Emperor brought balance to the force in the years between episode III and IV by executing Order 66. Vader and the Emperor were on the dark side. Obi-Wan and Yoda were the only two Jedi’s left. Two on each side…balanced!

      Then, Obi-Wan died. Balance shifted to the dark side. Luke becomes a Jedi. Balanced again. Yoda dies. Dark side winning. Vader turns good and kills Emperor and dies. Luke is the one remaining Jedi. That’s unbalanced!

      We need 3 more movies to kill off all the Jedi and Sith. Or leave one and one. Or two and two. ETC.

      • And on this topic…after Episode VI, did Luke automatically become a Jedi Grand Master? I mean, he’s the oldest trained Jedi. But there is no council to elect him. So confusing the politics of Jedi.

  7. Very good ep of Face Off last night, that is until Eric F. was robbed and eliminated. Shouldve been Kris.

    • Agreed, I think Eric F. deserved to be in the finale.

    • Nah…I think they chose well, at least, based on the work put out all season. Eric F. IS talented but, basically, a one-trick pony. Kris has more well-rounded skills.

      Personally, I’m rooting for Anthony. Seasons 1 & 2, I called the winners correctly. Last season screwed me up with that silly “second chance”…THAT was robbery.

      • I think letting the anatomically incorrect slide because it was a mutant was a mistake. Didnt seem intentional.

        • I think they were joking about letting anything slide; the character (from what I understood of their back and forth) simply seemed better done to the judges than Eric’s.

      • Based on the work put out all season? They put Wayne in the finale…the guy who wouldn’t be able to properly paint the side of a barn. Aside from the atrocious paint job(AGAIN!), Wayne’s mutant didn’t even have finished hands- the prosthetic stopped at the wrists, and he bulked up the guys legs at the thigh, but left the calves totally scrawny and out of proportion. I don’t know what happened, but the judges had been hanging around too many fumes that day.

        • The thing about this show is they dont give a sh*t about being consecutively good,

          example: last season
          Laura does great work through entire competition
          Nicole who did subpar in the beginning(and got F**ckin eliminated and came back in, passing an entire round) does well in last challenge and made the winner.

          • Yeah, I already commented about how they messed up Season 3. This season, though I think they easily COULD have let Eric F. into the finale, I believe they ended up with three great artists who DO have quite a bit of talent.

            Personally, I think it will come down to Kris and Anthony battling it out. My favorite this season is Anthony.

          • I disagree about there concern…Seasons 1 & 2, they DEFINITELY did, and this season has gotten to the point where the four best artists were left this week to fight for the final three. I think they chose fairly.

            • I HATE HATE HATE auto-correct!!!

              “…disagree about THEIR concern…”

  8. From the recesses of my mind.

    Question for all of you.

    Zombie Apocalypse is happening…Zombies are running around your city or town.

    Which Ground Vehicle from TV or Movie would you want. Twist, you have one powersource to choose from…fact or fiction.

    Me…Aliens APC with The Warp Core from the USS Enterprise as its power source.

    • Agree on the power source (Of course) but for ground vehicle… I’d have to say The Gurkha from Fast Five.

      • Hmm…Gurkha..nice choice…But I want something that could sleep a few people.

        • IMO, the more “RV style” it gets, the less versatile it becomes. Id be wanting to drive something that can go almost anywhere with ease and still pack a wollup.

          • Its the APC!

            Whatever is in its way is roadkill, the plasma canon turret can take out anything in its path.

            If you have the APC, Your road is what you make it.

            • I don’t know, the APC looks tuff, but you drive it through one itsy bitsy power station door, what do you get, a blown trans-axle that’s what!

              No, APC just ain’t Tonka tuff enough!

              Has to be the Herkimer Battle Jitney from Mystery Men.

              • Ooh yes, and as somebody mentioned below powered by the Tesseract.

    • Fiction. The car on back to the future. I can’t remember the brand. This way I could stop the Zombie Apocalypse before it happened.

      • DeLorean

        • Thanks… I feel ashamed… Now I have to watch the movies 16 more times…

          • @Writer.

            Turn in your Movie License….its just been revoked!

            You have failed us!

            We like you, but you have failed us…Off to the room of Shame where you will have to watch Supertrain and Automan any early 70s live action shows.


            • But would I beat the Zombie Apocalypse?

              I would rather DIE than give away my movie license! Please reconsider! At least I know what 1.21 gigawatts are.

              • @Writer


                Think Zombie Politicians.

              • @ Writer,

                “What the hell is a gigawatt?!” :)

                • I’m sure that in 1985, plutonium is available in every corner drugstore, but in 1955, it’s a little hard to come by.

    • Gosh. this is going to sound so average, but i choose the Tumbler (TDKR erra) powered by an arc reactor.

      • I don’t think that’s average…I think it’s practical…and I agree.

        • Wow! Thanks! I feel validated again!

    • Wouldn’t you need a safe, secure, steady supply of Dylithium(sp?) Crystals?

      • Dilithium Crystals are regenerative now. One can power the USS Enterprise at full power for a month.

        To just drive an APC and its subsystems. I am talking a century before I need to regenerate or replace.

        • I imagine the shielding would negate some of the advantages/practical effectiveness of the APC. The crystals cannot just be contained in a standard chamber, after all.

          • Well it would be conformed to the APC Configuration, so it would be more compact.

            Not going to take a full size Warp Core and but it in the APC..Would look like a SCI Version of a 57 Chevy

            • I was thinking of the radiation given off by the crystals. In any case, yes, I’m sure SOMETHING would be done to compensate for and adjust to the difference in vehicles and specific uses.

    • An AT-AT walker from star wars

      • @Drew

        And with a tow cable we could screw your day up!

        • that depends if the walkers.. sry I mean the zombies can pilot snow speeders :D

          • Well played MovieDude…Well played indeed.

    • mechagodzilla

    • Speed Racer’s Mach 5 with the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) as it’s power source

      • Oooooohhhh the tesseract. Good choice. I want to change mine to the all spark.

        • I wanna change mine to a Ion Powered Rubiks Cube!

          • Cite your source.

            • Fact or Fiction.

              Ion Powered Rubiks Cube…FICTION!

      • Good choice on the Mach 5. Would you go with the weapons from the movie rally race?

        • Probably. I mean, the situation is zombie apocalypse. I’d like a car that is fast and could defend me in pretty much any way possible

    • My choice would be the mustang from death race with starks new arc reactor he creates in iron man 2 as a power source.

    • The Landmaster from Damnation Alley.

      • @Big Dentist.

        I can hear George Prepard saying “We got killer cockroaches..”

        • Grab that fire extinguisher, George!

    • the motor home from Stripes powered by the Tesseract or an Arc reactor for me!!

    • Toyota Prius powered by Self-Righteousness.

      It will repell any zombies by simply being present, except for a few especially mindless husks that will be attracted to it instead. It’s an instinct, just like feeding, and I’ll deal with them the traditional zombie killing way.

      • oh my gosh I almost just lol’d in the middle of class… that is awesome

    • 1973 XB GT ford falcon all tricked out like mad max had his. The power source would be…. idk I would say flux capacitor but that would seem silly as my vehicle is not a time machine and/or delorean… maybe some ion fuel cells from speed racer? those seem to be effective over long distances.

    • Optimus Prime…powered by magic.

  9. I went out and bought the Hobbit last night. It was my first time watching it. My Blu-ray player didn’t work so I had to watch it on DVD. I thought it was really good but had allot of computer animation. I guess you kind of have to though especially with this film. What did you guys think of it?

    • As a follow up to LOTR (actualy prequal) it was too comedic. It was not not nearly as awe inspiring as LOTR.

      As a fun fantacy film, it rocked.

      • The book is much lighter fare than its follow-ups, so it was not meant to be “awe-inspiring”.

        • True Oh King. However, If PJ had made it more awe inspiring, it would add to the draw for the next two films.

          That being said, the second half of the book is more serious, so I think the mirkwood part, as well as the conquest of Erebor will be soo awesome!

          • Point taken.

          • I am looking forward to the second one because of the seriousness too. Although I feel like this group of adventurers have more of a connection than the Fellowship did. I am also looking forward to seeing Kate (Evangaline Lilly) from Lost in the second movie. Elves are awesome.

    • I loved it…saw it in 3d with the 48fps. I’m looking forward now to part 2. On the big screen with the advanced projection tech, it had a live-broadcast quality to it which I found appropriate, effective, and…just plain cool.

      • Disliked it, replacing beautiful models and makeup with awful cgi overdose is a huge turnoff. The white orc was a terriblely forced character who looked bad. The highlight for me was bilbo, gollum and their scene. The dwarves just flowed together

        • Well…to each, his own.

          • My favorite scene was mostly CG. It was the scene where They are in the mountain and the dwarves are about to get tortured. Then there is a shockwave and Gandalf comes striding down silhouetted by the fire. AWESOME!! after that, Andy Sekis stole the show. :)

            • Yeah, Gollum was epic and he probably won’t be in the second movie because he wasn’t in the hobbit book anymore. My favorite scene was actually the dwarves when they were humming their tune which I know wasn’t the best scene but it was my favorite.

              • You wanna bet on Gollum not being in #2 ad 3? I wouldn’t put it past PJ.

    • I really enjoyed it up until the last half hour. Then it slowly became unenjoyable as it felt strung out to a very random place to end.

      If it ended where Bilbo is telling the dwarves that he will do whatever he can to take back their home, THEN I would’ve been completely satisfied

    • Lemme open by saying I really enjoyed it. but yeah the cg was a little much at some parts. And I rewatched the LOTR trilogy after seeing the Hobbit and it doesn’t really measure up to its predecessors but thats kinda hard to do seeing as how the LOTR trilogy is like the holy grail of fantasy cinema.

      I also think there was alot of extra stuff could have been axed. But at the same time the gollum scene in its entirety being taken straight out of the book was PERFECT!! I love love love that scene. They might not have been able to include it in its entirety had the Hobbit been only 1 or 2 films.

      so I guess its a mixed bag but in summary I really enjoyed it.

  10. guys?anyone know anything about the 2PAC biopic??

    • Starring Tupac himself since we all know he’s not.really dead?

  11. Anyone watch the premiere Bates Motel? How was it?

    • I have the same question… Did it even air? Its like nobody cares haha.. Nah I kid but seriously I wanna know if its good too.

  12. So I just beat the new tomb raider over the weekend and was thinking about the movie in the works. I would love to see lyndsy fonseca or Nina dobrev play Lara croft. More so lyndsy fonseca cuz she’s a complete badass but could still play the innocent look.

    • I also have completed the game and really enjoyed it. On another note I picked up guardians of the galaxy 0.1 to familiarize myself with the characters. Issue #1 releases march 27, after reading 0.1 I gotta say I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to gotg #1.

  13. Has anyone else been watching vikings? I find it to be pretty good overall. And does anyone know when the 3rd season of boardwalk empire hits dvd?

    • Nobody watches the Vikings… They haven’t won a championship. They stink… :)

      • Thstory channel show not the awful football team lol

    • I’ve been hooked by that show, real fun to watch and it’s my second favorite new show this year besides The American’s.

  14. Going to see a movie this weekend. probably Oz unless there is something better.

    • I enjoyed Oz, its totally worth checking out. know in advance that its a polarizing movie. You either love it or you hate it.

  15. I’m just throwing this out there……

    Why do DC fans bash Marvel movies and heros and Marvel fans bash DC heroes and movies?

    Now I can see calling out WB/DC for being inept and bungling up all of their characters and of not having any game plan whatsoever going forward, but still, they do have great characters, and great stories to tell if they can just get their act together.

    I’m a fan of both, but I prefer Marvel’s movies. I just don’t understand what there is to bash about Marvel. They are making good, solid, fun and enjoyable superhero movies that are a blast to watch. No, not every movie they make is or will be perfect, but they are doing very well and giving the vast majority of fans what they want, and we as comic book fans are an extremely hard group to satisfy on a whole. (I’m not surprised when some studios get tired of all the bitching and complaining by fans.) but Marvel has a plan, a future roadmap going forward that we as fans can look forward to, and they make those plans well known, and with no apologies.

    There may come a day when WB/DC starts to deliver like Marvel is currently, but until then, why all the bashing? There was a time when there weren’t CBM for us to watch, let’s just all enjoy them while we have them.

    Anyway, where is it written that you can’t be a fan of both and not have to bash one or the other?

    • Because conflict.

    • The same with Ford vs Chevy. Because they think one is superior over the other.

      I personally think when it comes to Comic Book to movies, Marvel is hands down winning.

      When it comes to Quality of Stories in Comic Books, Slight Edge to Marvel

      DC is stuck in making animated films to fill a void, while Marvel is amassing a large comic book to movie library bigger than DC.

      Haters got hate. On both sides.

      • @ Jeff W

        I agree with you on that as my friends would.

      • I, on the other hand, believe that DC has the better quality comics stories and the better animated series and animated films. They also have had an extremely successful live-action series on TV and seem to have another one (so far). DC has put out some good, even great, films, but yes, they’ve also put out some real stinkers. So has Marvel. Now, it is definitely Marvel’s moment in the sun. Great…they should enjoy it, as DC enjoyed theirs. When the time comes for some kind of reversal (as it invariably will), I hope for the same for the two companies.

        Haters gotta hate…on BOTH sides. Indeed.

        • Those last two Superman movies vs the Elite and, the other escapes me for now.

          The Animation in the Elite was a little to cartoonish.

          To me, DC Animated was best with Justice League Unlimited, the stories were more involved, and there was chances for second tier heroes.

          But the Elite, good story, animation was way off the talent board.

    • As it is with Star Wars and Star-Trek I have never understood the need to choose.

      I blame the internet and the need for people to troll. Or better said that some people feel the need to troll.

      I have read way more Marvel than DC as I was a huge Spider-Man fan as a kid and am a subscriber to Marvel Digital Unlimited. But every now and then a Superman comic would catch my eye at the comic shop and I would check it out.

      I like both and will never understand the need to bash.

    • On another note if you read the Marvel vs DC cross over story how did people feel about the results of the matchups. This is what I remember.

      Superman vs Hulk, winner: Superman

      Wonder Woman vs Storm, winner: Storm(not sure)

      Flash vs Quicksilver, winner: Flash

      Green Lantern vs Silver Surfer: winner Silver Surfer

      Cat Woman vs Elektra, winner: Cat Woman

      Robin vs Jubilee, winner: Robin

      Superboy vs Spider-Man, winner: Spider-Man

      Aquaman vs Namor, winner: Aquaman

      Lobo vs Wolverine, winner: Wolverine

      Batman vs Captain America, winner: Draw/Conflict resolved before finish

      I feel they had a decent split but I could agrue that GL and SS would tie after a long scrap.

      • Wouldnt nova(nova corps) be compared to green lantern(green lantern corps)?

        Wonder Woman would murder storm before a cloud even arose.
        Wonder Woman vs Thor

        Static Shock vs Spiderman

        Deathstroke vs Wolverine

        Creeper vs Deadpool

        Blue Beetle Vs Ironman

        Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye

        • no make that beast boy vs spiderman


          thanos vs darkseid

    • I would take your commentary more seriously if you had not almost immediately done what you were criticizing others for doing: You cut into DC and gave your own preference. Now, the feeling itself is not an issue, of course. Whether or not DC is really messing up atrociously or not (for the record, I agree that they, or at least WB parenting DC, ARE being quite dumb about SOME things) is not really the issue either. Your personal preference is certainly not the issue (I happen to prefer DC but have seen and enjoyed the various Marvel films as well).

      No, the REAL issue is the fact that you wonder why, and seem to call for an end to such, people take sides regarding comics in the various mediums; then, you do the VERY SAME THING.

      At least, try to maintain some semblance of neutrality within the particular commentary where you make such a point…even if later (or earlier, as is sometimes the case), you put yourself firmly on one side or the other.

      Otherwise, you come across as hypocritical…

      • I think it goes like this. I have not read a DC Comic since they rebooted The New 52.

        Marvel has been steady but even they are starting to do things that are being seen as giving in seem to be taking a back doors approach to rebooting their heroes.

        All I can say is, Thank god for alternative comic book publisher.

        On the Movie front. Both DC and Marvel need to stay away from the second or third tier heroes. Now, I think Jonaha Hex was a good straight to DVD Movie, this shows where DC Failed. Now they have Man of Steel, and they need a big rebound. But Man of Steel has the influence of Nolan on it, and did Zack Snyder have to much of a budget to do too much?

        Marvel, if you poll half the movie going public, how many of them would heard of Guardians of the Galaxy? Are you going to base it on fanboys? That is not going to make it good, it is going to say..WTF.

        So, do Marvel and DC over the next 3 years, send Comic Book to movies back to the cellar? Will they kill them off like Superman IV and Batman and Robin did?

        Time will tell.

        • Fair enough…and much more egalitarian than the comment to which I initially responded.

      • My response immediately above is, of course, to Stark’s comment.

      • @ Archaeon

        I was not intending to be hipicritical, but after rereading my post I can see where you can get that.

        All I meant was both DC and Marvel have made stinkers, both have made great movies. DC’s animated stuff crushes Marvel’s animated stuff without question. It just seems that Marvel has a plan for their movies and DC doesn’t, (for which I fully blame WB). DC has a great show on TV right now (Arrow), which I love, and hopefully SHIELD will be just as good for Marvel.

        I guess my point is, at the end of the day, aren’t they both about equal when you add up all the good and bad??

        Like I said, I like them both for diffrent reasons. I only prefer Marvel movies because I’ve seen more product from them, more characters. At the moment, DC is a one trick pony with Batman. Hopefully Superman does well so they can build on it. I never intended to come across hipicritical, I say let’s enjoy them both.

        • @ Stark

          I like both DC/Marvel work over the years. Except Im not onboard of DC’s New 52 reboot of the characters. That’s a different issue. Imo, Both DC/Marvel gave animated & live-action shows i enjoyed. DC gave me pretty much Batman:TAS thru Justice League Unlimited along with a few animated films. Marvel gave me the 90′s Spider-Man animated series, Ironman,Incredible Hulk, X-Men, X-Men Evolution, Fantastic Four & Avengers:Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

          For live-action DC gave the 60′s Batman show & George Reeves Superman show which i consider classics, Lois & Clark: TNAOS,Smallville. Marvel gave the classic Hulk tv series & i hope Shield will be another great show aswell.

          Both had great stories in the comics which my friends & i still debate till this day but agree when it comes to films, Marvel has the lead even when not all their characters are under Marvel Studio’s/Disney. WB/DC havn’t really cared about the of the DC universe till after The Avengers did so well in a shared universe that began with Ironman.

        • Stark…

          Thank you. I, like you, have my preferences. It’s just that your initial comment was specifically about not taking sides. The response you gave me just now (well, just above this one) is what I think you meant to write in the first place. It is fair-minded and does not cut into either side (intentionally or otherwise).

          That is ALL I was hoping for. :)

  16. Has anyone been watching The Vikings tv show? It’s pretty good. I see alot of potential future Thor sequel cast members coming from it.

    • I have enjoyed it very much

  17. So, Haley goes back to school.

    Cambridge Police Department wants her to teach a self defense class on saturdays.

    • LOL good for her.

  18. That Ragnar guy seems really cool and his wife is smoking hot. That monk is probably wishing he wasn’t a monk lol.

  19. @ Jeff W, Archaeon, and Professor Procrastination,

    I wanted to add to my post from the previous board about not being able to teach comics in the classroom (and I avoided posting at work because of “private eyes. They’re watching you.”)

    Archaeon nailed it when he said I have to make a strong case for comics. I tried to make a case for comics in my curriculum, but the administrators stereotyped all comics as violent, despite my numerous examples of non-violent comics. (I even presented those illustrated classics comics. How the heck can “A Christmas Carol” comic exhibit violence?) One big issue I have is that these administrators have either never taught or have been out of the classroom for so long that they’ve lost focus on what works in the classroom. And all the evidence and research I put into my presentation was for naught because they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) look past their comic stereotypes.

    Earlier this school year, I was discussing a novel about WWII with a class, and a non-reader (who hasn’t picked up a novel all year) said he enjoyed stories about wars. I gave him a couple of my own Sgt. Rock comic books, and he brought them back the next day, saying how much he loved them. Oh well.

    • I know this wasn’t directed at me but I wanted to add something. My favorite author (James Patterson, a multi NYTBS author) encourages kids to read comic books if nothing else. Any type of reading stimulates the mind, even if its from a flimsy book or magazine. Good luck to you in your career.

    • I find it incredible that you’re even having to have this debate with these people nearly sixty years on from Dr Fredric Wertham’s Seduction Of The Innocent, $2. To name just a few, ignoring the likes of Art Spiegelman’s Maus, the reportage of Joe Sacco, the autobiographical works of Harvey Pekar and Eddie Campbell, Will Eisner’s non-Spirit graphic novels, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, numerous Shakespeare adaptations as well as the Classics Illustrated series you mentioned, is madness. Ignorant madness at that. Sorry to hear you’re up against this kind of attitude in the 21st century.

      • Dentist…

        Welcome to education in America: great teachers, great students, broken system…


        • Not so different here in some ways. What seems to have permeated the whole UK education system over the last decade or so is the concept of performance targets. So time and resources are channelled into teaching a very specific and ever-narrowing curriculum just to get those all-important boxes ticked. It’s a peculiar, almost Kafkaesque, mindset that’s crept into everything from the medical profession to retail, local authorities, the police and even the military: this notion that the completed paperwork is the only end result that has any meaning. Regardless of how one arrives there, and what’s been thrown away in the process.

    • $2…

      I, unfortunately, know your frustration TOO well…Keep at it, as will I. :D