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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 19, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 19, 2014


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  1. HULK BUSTER!!!!

    Do you all think this reveals that we will see a planet hulk movie?

    • *Possibly Spoilerish*
      Option 1: Movie begins with the Avengers dealing with a maniac Hulk. So the Hulkbuster.

      Option 2(my guess): The Hulk-buster armor is one of Stark’s new designs since IM 3, it has its own power source, it can be controlled by JARVIS. Therefore, the Hulk is fighting Ultron using the Hulk-Buster armor. Ultron is going to be a nasty villain, can’t wait.

      • Not ure I worded that correctly, Ultron will be using the various IM suits as drones.

      • *Spoilerish*
        What impact would a shield-less world have on the group? What about the ant man sightings?

        • SHIELD won’t be gone, it will change. It will come under direct military control. If Fury dies in Cap 2, the Henry Ginrich will take over as liaison between the US gov and the Avengers. I can’t be the only one old enough to remember these story lines.

        • *Conjectural predictictablah doth not spoiler the Ish!

          • Only if I correct, but your are right. It is a guess. It is also obvious to anyone who saw IM 3 and reads comics. Not everyone here reads comics.

      • Joss Whedon did say that he would break the Avengers

      • @Bat-Mite:

        It would be better with Avengers 2 *ending* with them having to fight Hulk to lead off into a solo Planet Hulk movie but I doubt it.

        Will probably just be a skirmish between Tony and Banner that leads to their “stand-off”.

        • Planet Hulk is not coming anytime soon, bet on that.

          As to my theory, guess well see.

    • They can barely afford to do the Hulk right. It’s too expensive. I’ll doubt you’ll ever see Planet Hulk or World War Hulk.

    • What is Quicksilver running through? Looks like robots.

  2. Can anyone tell me if Need For speed Is worth the watch?

    • Listen to the SR podcast.

  3. Good Morning all…

    Happy Hump Day… The weekend is all most here… :)

    That Marvel special last night was very cool. I enjoyed the science behind the cimematic universe building, very interesting stuff. Don’t the people at Marvel just look like they’re having a blast making these movies and this universe? They reminded me of a bunch of kids in a candy store with a pockets full of money.

    That Hulkbuster armor was very cool, and seemed way bigger that the one we saw in IM3. So maybe all the suits weren’t destroyed after all. Hmmm….

    Ultron is going to be a very, very nasty villian, and IMO far more sinister and evil than Loki. I cannot wait for Avengers 2!!
    Cap 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy will have to hold me over until then. :)

    • You know, I loved “The Avengers” in all, but “sinister” is not a word i would use to describe Loki. IMO, he as more or less a push-over the entire film. Anyway, just my opinion.

  4. Anyone catch the Banshee finale? If you aren’t watching Banshee, you should be.

    TWD is so polarizing on ScreenRant… as is Agents of SHIELD.

    I’m excited about Incredibles 2, Cars 3… not so much.

    • I thought the banshee finale was mindblowing! I hope season three has Kye and Hood team up to take down that huge Native American… that would be BadA**!!

    • I don’t think anyone over 10 years old aside from the production crew is excited about Cars 3. Its a kids movie.

      • @Bat-Mite;

        Valid point. But my inner kid loved the original Cars.

        And isn’t Incredibles technically a kid movie?

        • Well, Incredibles featured adults with adult problems, sure it is a kids movie but it was an adult friendly animated movie. Cars was aimed at 8 year olds.

        • I didn’t mean to knock on your love of Cars. We all have an inner 8 year old.

          • @Bat-Mite:

            No worries. I don’t take things personally on the Internet. :)

            My inner 8-year old didn’t like Cars 2 (or Planes).

  5. It’s great to here MARVEL is doing well with literally everything! However, I have a question for all of you Screen Ranters/Super Hero fans/DC fans.

    “Other than the main Justice League members, who would you want to have a movie and why?”

    The rules for this question are that you can’t pick anyone who is having TV show. You have to consider fan reactions and if normal movie goers will want to see it. Should the hero win in the end?

    • If it was anybody outside of the Justice League main members to have a movie I would have to choose the Teen Titans, I feel like they are marketable as a spinoff team of the Justice League and teenagers will be able to relate to them. It’s also a really fun team with ties to Batman, Wonder Woman, and some others.

    • ^Do you need to ask?^

      Seriously, it would depend on the word that Synder builds. I guess an Aquaman/WW crossover based on what I know about the MOSverse. Ive ranted about the details before. So..

      Separate from the MOSverse, I’d like to see O’neil’s version of the Question in a movie with a non-blockbuster budget.

      • Might work better as a series. I should have said I would like to see an HBO maturity level version of the Question based on O’Neil’s version. While it would be neat if he shows up on Arrow, O’neill’s version of the Question inhabits a darker world.

    • Ive said it before, so I’m hoping the day will soon come for a Nightwing movie. Heck, I’d even settle for a TV show. Sgt. Rock (with Easy Company) is another character I’d love to see on film.

      Another character I want to see is Dark Horse Comics’ The Goon by Eric Powell. Last I heard, the CGI film was in need of more funding. The trailer looked fantastic! The Goon is one of those gems that not many people (I know) are reading but should.

      • Ive = I’ve

        Can’t wait for an editing feature!

        • @ $2

          100% yes to a Nightwing movie!! I too would settle for a TV show, but would prefer a movie. That would be very cool. I wonder if he will ever show up on Arrow?

    • A Red Lantern corps movie. Origins and everything, could also serve as an expository film for a green lantern corps movie.

      A Lobo movie. Perfect for the comedy but adult-esque.

      Etrigan movie. Good fantasy/mythological angle available.

      And of course tying into above, a Dr. Fate and possibly Zatanna movie.

      JSA is very good and somewhat of an analogue to Justice League.

      Hawkman/Hawkgirl is also a possibility.

      One of my personal faves and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea is Spectre. Hmmm, DC seems to have a fairly varied and good strong magic/fantasy characters to revolve stories around.

  6. It has been almost 10 year since The Incredibles film. Do you think that the characters should have aged with us? Should the movie pick up where it left off?

    I personally want the characters to have aged with us because I think it would add some emotional depth to the story. The first film was about Mr. Incredible not letting go of what he had, but now it would be about him having to let go. Perhaps at Violet’s wedding and Dash going to college?

    • “It has been almost 10 year since The Incredibles film. Do you think that the characters should have aged with us? Should the movie pick up where it left off?”

      It has been far too long to simply pick up where it ended. Grandparents? Violet getting married?

      • Jack Jack!

        • I’d bet he’d be even more of a handful at 11 or 12.

    • I just cant wait to see them in the new cgi available, watched incredibles the other night and it shows its animation limits a bit.

  7. I liked the dahl themed face off last night
    Loved the worm.

  8. Can someone explain to me the concept behind a Sinister Six movie? I don’t see how that will work. Who are they fighting? Spidey? Isn’t that just another spider man movie?

    • Maybe it will be another Spider-man movie, but from the point of view from the villains? I’m not sure how it would work, but it would a nice spin on the genre.

    • There were talks of Venom getting a spinoff. I think they could easily pull off a movie or two without the web-slinger being the primary protagonist. I think an anti-hero story (of course told well) could be a very welcome change of pace (for Venom).
      I also think it’s entirely feesible to do a movie entirely surrounding the villains and the arc of them going from foes to a collective unit with the intent of killing spider-man. Then the lead in to the next movie with spider-man would be perfect. Taking a sidetrack for a movie away from peter parker and all his struggles could work.

    • Lets see, SM 2 introduces 3 villains which takes the count to 4 so far, right? I think it depends on what happens in SM 2. But, the roster is almost full.

      As for what the aim would be aside from killing SM? What is Oscorp’s goal? That is a mystery which is going to be furthered in SM 2.

  9. Look this week has been a great week to be a Marvel fan. We’ve received a treasure trove of concept art released regarding Avengers 2, Ant-man, and looks into Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Spider-man 2 trailer looks phenomenal, and we’re in potential discussions of releasing up to 3-4 movies a year! That’s only a little bit of it as well! We’ve received more information regarding Guardians of the Galaxy, and we’re hearing rumors of a Netflix show. If you’re a Marvel fan you should be giddy!

    Now if you’re a DC fan you should feel silly and ashamed of your brand. You’ve pushed back the movie that’s most likely to be akin to Alien vs. Predator. We’ve seen scenes from a tween drama on CW, and we’re debating between two shows that haven’t launched pilot yet but are most likely to be cancelled within the first 1-3 years. The reality is starting to set in here. DC fans cannot honestly admit that they’re losing in this struggle. Ultimatley American and International movie goers/millineals/younger generations will want more MCU and will ask DC to just stop trying. I can’t think of a reason as to why DC would even want to put their heroes on the big screen. They’ve been there, failed at it. From Shumacker to MoS DC has been one disappointment after another. To all the DC fans why keep trying? It’s pointless. We have Whedon! You have Sucker-punch!

    • haha, troll. As a comics fan your Marvel vs DC debate is silly. CBMs are the kings of the box office.

      ” From Shumacker to MoS DC has been one disappointment after another. To all the DC fans why keep trying? It’s pointless.”

      Since I am a Batman fan I must point out that you forgot a trilogy and MOS made $700 million as a re-boot. Marvel is kicking butt and it rocks, DC will figure it out. We all benefit from their competition.

      • That doesn’t bother me. I love both companyies and enjoy their movies. I love Arrow. Can’t wait for B vs. S, and can’t wait for “Age of Ultron”.

    • You are such a troll

  10. I’ve been thinking about potential casting for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series. Here’s who I would like to see:
    Daredevil- Richard Madden
    Luke Cage- Aldis Hodge
    Iron Fist- Boyd Holbrook
    Jessica Jones- ???
    What do you guys think? Any ideas for Jessica Jones?

    • I don’t know JJ as well as some other Marvel properties, but after watching the Maggie Q interview her name springs to mind and she could be a good choice. The shows may be separate, but it is an ensemble cast. Whomever they cast they all need to work well together on screen. If it works, then Marvel Knights is a possibility in Phase 3 as one of the extra movies Feige was discussing.

    • Robb Stark/Madden is a good choice for Daredevil, right height, right age, good actor. Though, he would need to dye his hair a bit reddish and lose the accent.

      Your choices for Iron Fist and Powerman aren’t good. Boyd is 6’1″. Aldis is 6’1″. See a problem? Powerman is huge, HUGE. The actor who portrays him needs to be as tall as Chris Hemsworth. He is 6’3″. Size matters. Danny Rand/Iron Fist is like 5’10″. Powerman’s height is more variable depending on the artist, but he towers over Iron Fist.

      • Hobbits and Gandalf bro, hobbits and Gandalf. Movie magic can do crazy things. I was mainly basing my ideas on how well these actors are at standing out in ensemble casts. That and them being slightly under the radar. Of these Netflix series’ tho I’m more worried about Luke Cage but most excited for Iron Fist if done right. Bat-Mite, could you see Kit Harrington as Dr. Strange? Imo, Marvel needs to cast someone young enough to inhabit the role for a while.

        • Yes, much can be done in the camera, with sets and post-production. The question is why when you can cast people who are roughly the correct height. Like Chris Hemsworth. It is simpler, costs less and takes less time while filming. The things done by Peter Jackson were absolutely required to have hobbits and dwarves. That is not the case with Iron Fist and Powerman.

          As Dr. Strange, I don’t see it. But that is based off Game of Thrones. My top choice is Adrian Brody, he is an amazing actor and looks like the early versions of Dr. Strange. His face has character. Another way to go would be to cast an East(China, Japan, etc) or South(India) asian actor as DS. It would be a slight departure, but unlike Johnny Storm it would actually work and Marvel has very few powerful asian super heroes. There are many Indian and Chinese doctors in the US. It is an update that I think could work with the right actor, but still Brody is my first choice. he would be amazing.

          • Thats actually a good choice for Dr Strange but I still like Luke Evans he has a strong voice which i think is important for the sorcerer

  11. If you’re referring to the TDK trilogy don’t make me laugh. That wasn’t a Batman trilogy it was a techno-ninja movie. Arguably I’ll give you that Batman Begins felt like a Batman movie, and Heath did portray the Joker well. However you mean to tell me as a Bat fan you felt that Christian Bale was a legendary detective? He was some stoic hero trying to obtain closure after his parents murder? Somewhere Nolan blurred the lines of the Batman story to a story of man who only uses physical violence and cheap gas tricks to achieve a place where he can retire so he could live with girlfriend A, and in TDKR girlfriend B.

    WB is a failure. It doesn’t know how to manage these heroes because DC heroes don’t translate well to Live Action. MoS was a failure. It was supposed to be the more Superhero version of Nolan’s Batman . It was the most depressing, convoluted superhero movie I’ve ever saw! You honestly can’t say that movie was good. It wasn’t. If you want great Superhero movies look at the Avengers! It looked like they took scenes from that movie right out of a comic panel! It felt from start to finish like a superhero movie! MoS felt like a movie where someone is different and has different problems. If you’re a Batman fan you should be happy though. You do dominate cartoons. So you got that.

    • You posted in the wrong place and you posted a rant that exceeds my interest to read beyond your claim that Nolan’s trilogy does not count in some according to you. Nice talking with you bub.

    • Troll.

    • I am in the camp that Bale was not a good Batman.

      I’m not sure if you mixed up TDK and BB, but TDK was the superior of the trilogy as it just involved Batman and criminals, not some hidden society that targets rich industrialist cities.

      But I am not in the camp that WB is a failure.

      Other than the release delay, I think they are doing the right thing with Batman Vs. Suprman although they shouldn’t really be calling it a Man of Steel sequel, it’s more of sidequel.

      • I did not mix up TDK and BB. I specifically pointed to BB because in my opinion it was the better Batman movie. BB has elements that seem closer to Batman than TDK had. There’s only a few redeeming qualities to it. I stated the Joker, and there was the one scene with Batman, Dent, and the psycho from Arkham after the shooting. The other films to me were Techno-Ninja. Essentially it’s James Bond with costumes, and Gotham.

        WB is a failure because if you look at each step they’ve taken they’re not trying to hit groups that are essential to future of these movies. If you look at MCU they’ve setup a foundation that is well known, and isn’t too dark. Essentially they’ve hit kids in a way WB cannot. WB essentially seems to want to set a foundation up with Teens+. Goyer is writing a darker superhero that many of children will be able to connect to. If I was a parent I wouldn’t have any issue in taking my kids to see any Marvel movie (only exception would be Punisher.)

        WB clearly dropped the ball with the release date. They think they can compete in Marvel’s month? That’s Marvel’s month. There’s prestige dating back to Ironman there. WB is the same studio who green lit Green Lantern (and this was AFTER TDK!) They’re blind people walking in a dark hallway! They have no idea how to launch, create, or further superhero continuities. WB should stick to cartoons and tween dramas. They have no business here and MCU shows time and time again they know what they’re doing and they make the DC gang look like a bad henchman from their awful silver age.

        • @ Eric S.

          Imo, Batman Begins was the better one in the trilogy that focused on Batman/Bruce Wayne while the last two seemed to focus more on the villains. TDK I liked mostly because of Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker as anyone does. The film also had a one the best chase scenes but still things I liked/didn’t like about the film & TDKR.

          I have to say Marvel Studios does better in the long run by the balance of fantasy/reality their films have & not campy like Batman & Robin or Green Lantern. Films like those looked like toy commercials.

          WB I wouldn’t say are failures but they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed neither.

  12. My brother and I were debating a topic yesterday and I wanted other opinions on it. Does anyone think Michael B. Jordan’s name will hurt him at all? I said that I don’t think it will have any effect on his career outside of a mention during interviews.