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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 17, 2014


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  1. #1 Fantastic Four rumors.

    #2 Peter Parker vs Miler Morales: who is the fan favorite?

    #3 …?

    • #3 Should the AoA continue as the setting for the current X-Men franchise under Singer/Vaughn after DOFP? Then re-boot after the AoA storyline is competed in say six or seven years. Jackman would be 52.

  2. #1 Sebastian Stan possibly becoming Cap
    #2 Flash costume…great or a dud
    #3 Guardians of the Galaxy possibly failing at the box office
    #4 Wolverine 2 filming after X:MEN Age of Apocalypse
    #5 Which film will be better Cap 3 or BvS (as a FILM, not box office earner)

    • Good morning all….

      Happy Monday! :)

      @ Rob

      1. No, I like Chirs Evens.
      2. I do not like the Flash costume, but who knows if that’s the final version.
      3. Guardians of the Galaxy will be a huge hit for Marvel, IMO, leading to a team up with the Avengers.
      4. Very cool.
      5. IMO, Cap3 because it has more history and past events to build on.

      WB/DC it would appear has already wisely decided to move Batman vs. Superman…

      @ Bat Mite

      1. I read those, Wow!
      2. Peter Parker

      • Nope. Guardians of the Galaxy will be a success. I showed the trailer to some friends yesterday who don’t care too much about the Marvel movies, and they said that this looks interesting and like fun. So they are in. And if they are in, other casual movie goers are in as well.

        • Its the star wars movie we always wanted.

      • What do you think, will the FF get a new director, new script and re-cast? Or is it just a rumor?

    • #1 I can see it happening. Being Captain America is burden and a blessing. Did anyone spot the beard and sunglasses look C. Evans sported to the Cap 2 premiere? C. Evans is Steve Rogers, hated him as Johnny S., but he nailed S. Rogers. I think it is due to S. Rogers being more of a stretch for him to play. He is a Johnny in rl. As for Bucky becoming Cap for awhile, yeah I think it is possible and S. Stan can act so it could work out. C. Evans is only contracted till Avengers 3: Thanos Showdown.
      #2 Too much leather and looks too constrictive for a runner. Tough suit to do in rl though, one of the toughest imo.
      #3 GoG will be a huge hit. HUGE. Unless reviews say it is awful and the next trailers is boring. But so far..
      #4 What story would they do? Some mention old man Logan. No way, for starters no Hulk. A lot will happen in X:DOFP which will lead into the age of apoc film. AoA is set in the 80′s with the First Class Xavier and Magneto. Where does Wolverine fit in? Would it be a story set in the Age of Apocalypse dystopian future/our present. That could work.
      #5 I have not seen the trailers or heard any sold details about either plot yet.

      • #4 Bring back Anna Paquin as Rogue??? They could do one amazing AoA story if they go for it.

  3. If nick fury dies in cap 2 in all realism who will take over as head honcho tony stark considering at the end of iron man 3 it sates tony stark will return not iron man, or Steve Rogers, who will more then likely die in his next outing or too? And I reckon after caps death as the button scene bulky will pick up the shield and kinda gaze at it in determination with a post credit captain America will return …
    And do you guys think through the use of the infinity stones or thor s*** that either an avenger or the avengers meets up with cosmic counter parts guardians ?

  4. @ Stark

    Thanks for the responses. I feel that Winter Soldier might become Cap because Stan has a nine picture deal while Evans is done after 6 pictures. Guardians is a risk for mainstream audiences as it does feature a talking raccoon and tree. It may be hard to convince them of the fun and uniqueness if that. I for one cant wait for Guardians but its huge risk being an unknown property. The fact that MARVEL is attached to it is its only aid in doing well. They’re going to have to up the promotion and marketing soon. Excited for Wolverine 2 and Cap 3 will be better film. Snyder depends on grandiose vfx to power his films. From the trailers AND REVIEWS, it looks like the Russo’s know story and character development. Every film Snyder ha done has been vfx heavy with little character development. Now he wants to try and develop WW, BATS AND Supes ALL IN ONE FILM???He could barely develop Superman as a character in MOS. DC is just waaay behind. Marvel’s gotten good at producing these films and it a skill and craft tot them now.

    • @ Rob

      Hey, what if I would have told you back in 1976, that in about a year, a movie was coming out that had a garbage can with legs on its sides and Bigfoot type creature in, both as heros and that the main villian was a guy with a black helmet, cape and a light up sword, with a breathing problem? Nobody would want to watch that either, or at least be very skeptical, but look how that turned out. ;)

      IMO, GotG will be huge, first because it’s a Marvel property and they are white hot right now and second, because of the promotion, marketing and positive word of mouth. The trailer alone created so much positive buzz, it’s remarkable. IMO, GotG will be another huge franchise for Marvel. Pretty much anything they touch right now turns to gold.

      • Absolutely. I was very sceptical before, but the trailer won me over to such a degree that I absolutely must see the movie now!

    • I have to agree. Clark Kent was way underdeveloped as a character. Hee does a lot more than jus gt bullied. hell he is an all state football champion. wich u kno could hav been utilized in the developing stages of clark controlling his strength. All i mean is thr is still plenty of room to build on that character alone. Now with the sequel featuring Bats and W.W. plus Lex Luthor as a possible antagonist will there be room for any character development ? Especially with this being Wonder Woman’s 1st big screen appearance..

  5. @Stark

    I want it to be huge. As a fan, I just fear that it wont be. I have hope, don’t get me wrong. I wanna see it do well sooooo bad. Marvel is on a roll and I think Phase 2 is going to be epic. Thor 2 was ok as was Iron Man , but Cap 2 and GOTG look t be leaps ahead of both of those films.

    • @ Rob

      I hear you, but have faith, GotG will do just fine. :)

      • If you have faith as the mustard seed.. something something.. GOTG will make lots of money and move mtns and stuff.

  6. Aquaman in Batman vs Superman confirmed.

    • Now that is jus too much. will Superman be in that movie? Or will. his screen time be cut to bring in another hero ?

    • By me, to be on my wishlist, cuz hes cool and probably fit from so much swimming.

    • LOL no it isn’t onfirmed

  7. Everybody’s doing numbered lists so I wanna do one too.

    #1 I am SOOO excited for Godzilla in a couple months! Whoever is head of marketing for that movie should get a raise! The teaser and trailer have such an awesome feel to them. Every time I watch them I get more and more psyched for the movie. Which monsters do you guys think will appear in the film?

    #2 How did I miss the Sin City 2 teaser drop? It dropped somewhere around the sixth or something but I didn’t watch it until Saturday because I didn’t know it was even out yet. I thought it looked really good! What did you guys think of it?

    #3 I can only think of two things haha

    • I was numbering lists before it was cool.
      (puts on sunglasses)

      • +1 hahaha

        *insert “deal with it” gif here

  8. What characters would you like to return in the 24: live another day mini-series? I personally want these:

    1. Tony Almeida
    2. Wayne Palmer (with a damaged brain)
    3. Agent Cole

    • I can’t wait for the return of the show! I’m really hoping Tony and Cole will make appearances.


      I wonder if Logan will be around, but I’m wondering how…

  9. i think its interesting that marvel is willing to sacrifice cap 3. Itll take a chunk out of BVS but I believe it will make less because of it
    Everyone will double feature both of them and the studios will make-a so much-a mon-ay.

    General audience movie goers will most likely pick one.

    question is whats more attractive

    A third installment of an established character
    A brand new semi-sequel with two of the most popular heroes ever.

    • @ Cody

      Great question.

      I don’t know that Cap 3 will be a “true” third installment, much like Cap 2 is more of a Avengers 1.5. Who knows what Marvel has up their sleeve, but I’m betting it’s something substantial. Adding in the Hulk, an RDJ cameo appearance perhaps, maybe introducing the Black Panther? I think Cap 3 will really be Avengers 2.5, much like Cap 2 is Avengers 1.5. If that’s the case, it should be interesting, if the release dates even stay the same, which by most reports they won’t.

      • IMO i don’t thinnk cap 3 would stand against MoS 2 only cuz the anticipation surrounding Supes an B-man on the silver screen together for the 1st time. Even with all the complaints abouts casting for the film that’s not stoppin anyone from goin to see it. and by the time film releases we wld hav seen Cap in 2 films( cameos not included) so people wil be hungry for that MoS sequel. Especially if the 1st trailer shows the 2 icons goin toe 2 toe..

  10. @ Stark

    Which film would you see first between Batman vs. Superman & Captain America 3?

    • @ John McClane

      Well, with no trailers, no indication of the plot of either one, and no synopsis to go by, I really don’t know. Whichever one piqued my interest the most from the trailer I would think. Or it could come down to whichever one wasn’t sold out when I got there. :)

      Whichever one it was, I would walk out of the theater when it was over and get right in line for the other one.

      (Pepper is already dreading that weekend; she’s not a big CBM fan! :))

      • I honestly feel like the CBM ‘fanboy’ community is going to suffer the most from these two movies duking it out. We automatically base everything in strict Marvel v. DC territory and Cap3 and Bats v. Supes will only solidify this.
        The Internet will turn into a battle ground!

        • @ Steve Rodgers

          It already has become a battleground Steve. Check out almost any DC related thread on this site and you’ll see it. The hatred and anger is unbelievable.

          WB/DC does one movie about every 2-3 years. Marvel does 2 per year and they are still compared and fought over to no end.

          The fanboys will ALWAYS fight to determine who is “better”, so let’em.
          The smart CBM fan sits back and enjoys each side for what they are, what they have to offer and appreciates the fact that the two sides are so diffrent, because it gives us a variety; and there is nothing wrong with variety.

          Fanboys will be fan boys, that will never change.
          Everybody has a choice to join in with the foolish banter of a no win argument or ignore it and enjoy the whole CBM genre for what it is; I choose the latter. :)

      • @ Stark

        Im just guessing most people will see Batman/Superman film so I might see Captain America 3 first. I dunno though. One thing for sure,i’ll have to leave early enough to get a good seat where I usually sit as far back as I can, in the middle.

        Holly isn’t CBM fan neither. it killed her sitting through the Rocky Marathon my friends & I had. Films 1-6,lol.

        • @ John McClane

          We have along way to go before May, 2016, a lot of trailers and a lot of movies. It will work itself out, but I really feel we won’t have to make the choice between the two.

          All the Rocky movies in a row?!? Pepper couldn’t handle that either.
          Now 6 love stories or sappy chick flicks in a row, she could handle that with ease.
          Me, not so much. I would have to bring something to read. ;)

  11. What do you think of young adult books made into recent films? (The Hunger Games series, Ender’s Game, Divergent, The Host, Vampire Diaries, etc.) If you haven’t read the book, does the movie get you to read it? Do the films get you to read other YA books? Do you perceive YA lit movies as lame or silly? Is there any YA book you would love to see as a movie?

    I read YA lit and prefer to read the book prior to seeing the film. I think some recent films have been good interpretations of the books (Hunger Games series, Ender’s Game), but films like the Twilight saga have given YA lit the stereotype that all YA books are sappy romances. Divergent was a great book, but the current reviews aren’t promising. There are so many YA books with great story lines that would make fantastic films. (My favorites are authors like Neal Shusterman, M.T. Anderson (Feed is a great book.), and Gary Paulsen.)

    I’m really looking forward to the film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children next year! If done well, the antagonists in the film will be quite frightening.

    • In hugh school i loved Gary Paulsens The Hatchet… id like to see a movie to that… and not that made for tv bs from the 90′s…. i also like The Giver but that film shld be releasing this or next year… trailer didn’t look that great tho…

      • I agree that Hatchet should be redone. It could be a fantastic film. I’m also excited about The Giver, but I’m concerned about the adaptation. I’ve heard the film will be in color. If so, how will the the redness of the apple be emphasized? Will the very controversial scene be in the film? Why is Jonas played by a twenty-something actor? He’s supposed to be twelve.

        And Taylor Swift? I asked my students (junior high) who I’ve read the novel with what they thought about her in the film, and the consensus wasn’t favorable. One student said it was clueless Hollywood thinking it will draw teens to the film. Still, I’m keeping an open mind until I see it.

        • @$2
          If a book I haven’t read (YA or otherwise) becomes a film, I like to see the film adaptations before I read the book. That way i can discover elements that were left out of the film and really enjoy the original/natural plot.
          Generally if I read the book version first, I’m disappointed with the film adaptation. After watching Ender’s Game, the next day I ran to find every book in the series, and I seriously can’t get enough.

    • Yeah, the Twilight series really has stigmatized the genre (if you could call it that) by its corniness and sappiness. But I enjoyed Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games 1 & 2 and even The Host a lot.

      Ender’s Game took me by surprise. I loved the movie and enjoyed it even more on the second viewing. The story is good, it’s told well and the performances are top notch. It’s also fantastic on a technical level. Great cinematography, effect set and music. I especially liked that they didn’t utilize the usual stereotypes to portray children, but that they acknowledged that kids are just younger persons, with full personalities, agendas and intelligence. And yeah, the movie made me read the book.

      The Hunger Games, just like Ender’s Game and any good YA novel, explores some very interesting and mature topics, despite being aimed at younger audiences. I liked the second one better than the first one, though. The ending was a bit to corny on that one. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is the man! Well, figuratively speaking. ;)

      While The Host is dipping a bit into the sappy romance part it has some very interesting themes and concepts as well. It doesn’t hurt that it looks absolutely great with its cinematography, landscapes and those cool chrome vehicle designs glittering in the desert sun. And of course Saoirse Ronan is a great actress.

      I haven’t watched the Vampire Diaries yet… probably because of the mentioned Twilight stigma. ;)

      • I think “stigmatized the genre” sums it up perfectly for Twilight. And I agree that Catching Fire’s ending felt quite rushed. Have you read the books? I believe the book ended pretty much the same way. The script for The Host never caught me. It felt so stale. But I do agree that the cinematography was great.


        Ender’s Game was a great film! It’s good to see it got you to check out the novel(s). I enjoyed the cast, how well the story progressed, and the music was excellent. (I listen to it when I run, and it gets me pumped.) I just wished for a little more overall. Specifically, I wanted to see:

        1. Ender’s fight in the spaceship as it left Earth. (But showing him fight at the beginning showed he could defend himself)

        2. More of the scene with his sister back on Earth, which is what another Scranter mentioned recently. The scene felt rushed. In the book, didn’t she originally not want him to go back and stay instead? Why’d they change it?

        3. More training battles in the book, showing how Ender thought outside the box (but again, the film did prove this already).

        4. The scene where Ender hacks the instant messages and poses as Bernard. His message is hilarious. The movie redid the scene in a classroom, but it wasn’t as effective to me.

        I can’t nitpick it to death because the movie was a lot of fun, and I thought it did a nice job. A friend who got me to read it (and he’s read all the novels) was disappointed overall by it. I wonder if others who’ve read them all feel the same way. Do you plan on reading more books in the series?

        Any other books you’re looking forward to seeing as films or want to see as films? The Giver?

    • Everything is inferior to Harty Potter

  12. As of right now the lego movie is the highest grossing film of 2014.. Captain America opens the door for this summer’s comic book blockbusters Any ideas on who will be this year’s dominating film ? And if you do have a film in mind why that movie

    • Anything animated coming out? Those family films tend to kill the box office.

  13. Will screenrant be reviewing Cosmos?

    Anyone else catch the last episode? Thought it was pretty good. Did not know about tardigrades at all, that’s insane.

  14. I don’t even know why but I love this fan trailer so much.