Open Discussion – March 15, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 15, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 15, 2013

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  1. I’m off to see Side Effects before work, lets hope it’s as awesome as they say :)

  2. @Tereza, enjoy the movie.

    Question for you Screen Ranter.

    Not including any Star Trek or Star Wars ships.

    If you were given a choice of Starships to command, which ship(s) would you want to command?

    Me, I have 3 Ships in mind.

    1. Andromeda Ascendant
    2. Jupiter 2 From Lost in Space Movie.
    3. Pegasus from Battlestar Galatica (Remake)

    • I don’t think I can come up with a “Starship” to command other than one from Star Trek. I wouldn’t mind flying around in a Hunter Killer from the Terminator franchise though. They might be able to go into space?

    • Hmm…probably…

      The Heart of Gold from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

      • @Cheerio.

        But the Hunter Killers have a mind of their own.

        • Not if I’m in charge! Dum dum dum dum dum ccchhh ccchhh!

          • Cheerio.

            Something is inherently wrong with you.

            I LIKE IT!

            • My family and I have all served our country? That’s probably it.

      • @ACW 007 In all probability ,i would choose the same.

    • 1. Serenity from Firefly
      2. Gunstar from The Last Starfighter
      3. USS Sulaco from Aliens

    • The Silver Pod from Flight of the Navigator.

      • Icarus from the original Planet of the Apes

    • Obviously Eagle 5 from spaceballs. I mean it’s got all the comforts of a Winnebago, and all the awesomeness of a spaceship.
      But if I had the cash I would have to say SpaceBall One (“we brake for nobody”. I mean it has a mall,a circus, and a zoo. Not to mention it can travel faster than the speed of light, it is even able to reach the incredibly dangerous “ludicrous speed”. You can teleport all over the ship, as long as you dont mind occasionally having your head on backwards. It is a transformer.
      I mean spaceball one really is the greatest ship of all time, as long as you dont mind being surrounded by a$$holes.

      • I’m with you. Spaceball One!

        • Or the one from WALL-E

      • @GeneralMcFluffernutter.


        That seriously require a like button.

    • Talon from Farscape.

    • Does the Planet Express ship count? If so that one…mainly because of the crew.

    • the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy… millenium falcon all the way :D

    • The odyssey from “Ulysses 31″

  3. I recently found out that Quentin Tarantino only plans on doing 10 films in his career because he feels that the older most directors get, the worse their films get.
    What do you guys think about that statement?

    The first thing I’d do is argue the point with examples like Stephen Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allan and Clint Eastwood (among others), but do they prove that directors can still be on top form at an old age, or are they only exception to the “rule”?

    • Well i think the big thing for tarinto is that film is close to being gone, and he doesnt want to shoot with digital. Not to mention speilber has had many duds in his career and with age i feel he has grown less ambitious. Scorcese on the other hand is pumping out great films left and right. I would say age helps many directors grow and become more creative and ambitious.

  4. I just watched RED for the first time last night. What a good and funny movie! It had action and humor mixed together very well. I’m excited to see the sequel.

    Read the book “The Road”. Jeff W and $2 were right, amazing and gruesome and brutal. I’m glad they left certain scenes out of the movie, it would have been too hard to watch.

    • @Stark.

      Powerful Book, that hits you square in your soul. If you are not disturbed by the book, then you cannot possibly be human.

      I am glad you enjoyed the book, even with its sense of agony.

      • Have you read “It”? That is one disturbing book.

        • I read it.

          Will never read it again.

          • @ Jeff

            What do you think of Killer Klowns From Outter Space?

            • @Wally.


              • LOL.

          • Clowns = men who conceal their identity behind facepaint and wigs while hanging around kids. ’nuff said.

    • RED is fantastic!

      • @ jeff w

        You’re right. I’m glad I read it, but I won’t read it again. The realizing scared the crap out of me. It will be a long while before I forget that. I see why it was so widely acclaimed.

        I have never read “IT”, but saw the movie version. Creepy.

        • The movie was a “made for TV” movie. The book is NC 17 of not worse.

    • @ Stark,

      I’m also glad you read The Road and liked it. “Amazing and gruesome” is an accurate description. How did you handle the scene that was left out of the movie? I could never watch that.

      • @ $2

        I don’t want to spoil it for those that have not read it, but I will say that if you mean the scene with the baby, I felt like throwing up. Just thinking about it as I type this is making me sick. It’s hard to imagine that somebody thought of that, and even harder to imagine how they must have felt while writing it. Just gruesome.

  5. @Jeff Nice question!

    1: The White Star
    2: The Ship from Flight of the Navigator
    3: Galatica (remake) all the way!

    But would really love a TIE fighter…sigh.

  6. OMG! Crispin Glover is NOT doing Back to the Future 2! How will they continue?!

    • Welcome to 2013, time traveller.

    • +1

    • @Pitt Man.

      Cell Phones are now a size that fits in the palm of your hand.

    • its you.

    • I don’t think so. During the week probably more so since we are all probably working. But that’s my excuse.

    • I had no idea, I was so busy rewinding my videos before i walk 5 miles to the store to return them. Darn late charges. lol

      • 5 miles up hill both ways?

        • @Cheerio

          If he walked uphill 5 miles both ways, exactly when did he go down hill?

      • So the BE KIND, REWIND sticker actually worked

    • @Amazing

      Just kidding, it’s not you, but I haven’t noticed it being more dead lately. Actually, I thought it’s been pretty good lately. I really enjoy the conversations, very informative & hilarious.

      • The conversations are pretty interseting, i just meant like it feels like theres less people on the OD. Sorry for not being clear, maybe its just that i have too much time on my hands….

        • @ Amazing

          That could be. There are defiantly regulars on here, and the occasional drifter that wonders in and then disappears. I enjoy it because it gives us a chance to talk about what we’re all passionate about, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

          Kudos to Screen Rant!

  7. 1. A Battlestar for sure, probably the Pegasus.
    2. The U.S.S Cygnus (The Black Hole)
    3. My old Star Bird Toy!
    4. N.S.E.A. Protector (Galaxy Quest) would be cool I guess.

    • The old style Pegesus, NOT the new one, bty…….

    • STARK!


      Shout out to Milton Bradley’s Starbird, I had all three. Starbird, Starbird Avenger and Starbird Intruder, the intruder was cool as the flip side of the pillow.

      As well as the Command Base.

      • I had friend who had the Starbird. Does that count?

          • I think I had that.

          • @ Winchester

            That thing is cool! Is that Playmobile?

            • Yeah, it is.

      • I still have my Star Bird, & my Star Bird Avenger. Never got the intruder or the base. I love that toy & it still works!

  8. You know… I wanna rock. I really do.

    • Do you have a twisted sister?

      • No but I’ll pay any “price”.

  9. Anyone suprised that warner brothers and paramount are co-producing nolans interstellar? Im unsure if its a commen thing but it doesnt feel like it

  10. I need to make a retraction. I said a few weeks back that it would be silly to have James Rhodes take over as Iron Man in the movies.

    I was reading the first Secret Wars last night and what do you know. Rhodes did take over the role of Iron Man.

    Goes to show how deep the Marvel universe is. I have been reading Marvel for 20 years plus now and am still learning new things.

  11. What is up with TV? I had to wait three weeks for a new episode of Elementary, finally there is a new one, then I find out i have to wait ANOTHER three weeks for the next episode!!! What ever happened to the time when tv shows aired once a week EVERY week and not just whenever they feel like it?!?

    • It has been like that for a long while now. A season usually has 22 episodes that they need to stretch over the whole fall-spring time period, all the way from September/October to April/May, when the summer season starts. That’s a timespan of 31 weeks or more for 22 or less episodes. You do the math. ;)

      • i guess i never really noticed it before. All the shows i use to watch were already concluded so i never had to wait for them to air. Back then all i had was Doctor Who (before they started splitting the seasons up) and they would air all 13 episodes in a row so i figured it would be mostly the same for american shows.

      • p.s.: on top of that the used up two Elementary episodes in one week, because of their post-Superbowl slot. So they are one episode short in relation to the weeks to cover.

      • Unless its the non-stop season of 24.

    • @Draagyn

      They do not want to put new shows up agains NCAA Tournament entry games. The Big Three do not want to put on their top shows during March Madness.

      Think about it, you do not get new shows on when their is a major sporting event on.

      At least in the United States.

      • Ok i guess that all makes sense. I also forgot about March Madness, dont exactly follow sports.

  12. Everyone. If you noticed the picture of the Justice League above the comments that says: Top 10 movies that will make 2015 the ultimate year for geeks. Now that’s the kind of costumes of Batman,Flash,etc. id like to see done differently on screen behind Cavill’s Superman. That’s just my opinion.

    • Ok got it to work this time. Ready to rock.

    • Thanks for the shout out. My league is also a “paid” league from my friends and family. We’re doing a $10 buy in, winner takes all, summer extravaganza. If you want in, I’ll create a Paypal account to deposit all the funds into and give the winner the account. Otherwise you can still play but I’ll disregard your ending scores for the pot. Thanks again!

  13. I read somewhere that Valiant Comics wants to create their own cinematic shared universe just like Marvel. Valiant has characters like Shadowman, Harbinger, X-O Manowar and Bloodshot. If a Valiant cinematic universe becomes more successful then DC, then that would be very sad. The people from Valiant Comics also want to be involved too so that is fantastic.

  14. Why is television creating shows about famous fictional killers’ back stories? I’m talking about Hannibal and Bates Motel. Seriously, let’s reminisce about the worst idea of telling a character’s back story in a prequel setting…Darth Vader.
    Vader’s mystique was ruined by seeing him as a little boy winning a pod race or growing up as a whiny teenager in love with the first girl who let him touch her boobs. I never wanted to see the Dark Lord of the Sith portrayed like this and Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates are no different. It’s ridiculous for people to think these characters shrouded in mystery need more development…they don’t. That is why they are iconic. I, for one, do not want them to sully the name of these classic characters, so I will not be watching either of these prequel shows.

  15. And while I’m ranting about television…where is the discussion page about Grimm? It finally returned with little to no fanfare on this site. I thought maybe since Supernatural is on another short hiatus, that perhaps we’d get a little Grimm love.

    And why does NBC have two fairly new science fiction shows with characters named Monroe?

    Somebody stop me.

  16. Im thinking about gettin netflix and was curious to what it has, such when it gets new episodes or movies as relative to direct tv and dvd releases?

    • Movies are so so on there. New episodes of shows don’t happen. Get Hulu if you want TV series.

  17. Question of the night from The Boy.

    “Dad, what is wrong with Mom, her stomach is getting big, and she is eating a lot of food lately.”

    “Well, your mom is carrying a baby inside her, five more months, and you will have a baby brother or sister?”


    “Well Son, when I love your mother…………GOOGLE IT SON!

    • Google is the devils playground for a young boy. Make sure you have safe search ON lol

      • @Cheerio

        Safe Search is always on, but Mircale of Child Birth is what he watched..

        He is scared now.

  18. Anyone here planning on watching Bates Motel?
    I watched the pilot earlier today OnDemand and I have to say I really enjoyed it, especially for a pilot. I’d give it a solid 8/10 and unless my critical eye is off I think a lot of other folks here will like it also.
    I’m not going to get into details because I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say that if you’re on the fence about watching it I’d say give it a shot.
    Now I’m hoping we get recas here. I can sense a lot of Kevin7 rants coming.