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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 14, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 14, 2014


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  1. Favourite non CBM movie villian? off the top of my head mine are, Anton Chigurh from No Country, Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the lambs, Stansfield from Leon the professional and Kruger from Elysium.

    • The giant asteroid from Armageddon.

    • @ alchemy

      Favorite non-CBM villains of mine are…

      1. Darth Vader
      2. Freddy Krueger
      3. King “Bowser” Koopa
      4. Hans Gruber
      5. My wife Holly McClane,lol

      • Just kidding about #5, Clearance Boddicker from Robocop.

        • +1

    • Favorite non-CBM villains:

      1. Tyler Durden
      2. David Aceveda (The Shield)
      3. Ted Bundy (extra points for being real?)
      4. Michael Myers (Halloween not shrek)
      5. Howard Stern (another real one)

      • I like that you included Tyler Durden. He was an AWESOME villain.

    • Non-comic villains-
      Capt. Hook- Hook
      T1000- T2 Judgment Day
      Frank Costello- The Departed
      Hannibal Lecter
      Biff- Back to the Future
      Anton Chigurh- No Country
      Agent Smith- The Matrix

      • Calvin Candie- Django

    • hmmm… most of mine have already been mentioned.

      I’m would also Biff and Darth Vader but they’ve been mentioned

      -Predator from predator
      -Kent Mansley (The Iron Giant)
      -Syndrome (The Incredibles)
      -Agent Smith (The Matrix)
      -No Face (Spirited Away)
      -the dude with a mohawk (Mad Max: The Road Warrior) I’m sry I can’t remember his name but he was a bada$$ villain

    • Just came to mind:
      1. Belloq in ROTLA
      2. Jack Wilson – Jack Palance in Shane
      3. The shark in Jaws

    • In no particular order:
      - Zombies
      - Dracula/Vampires
      - Skynet and T1000
      - Agent Smith
      - Aliens from Alien trilogy
      - Predators
      - Hans Gruber

    • Hans Gruber – Die Hard

  2. I’ve asked this before but didn’t really get an answer. This is a chance for comic book fanboys to educate the ignorant.

    How does the parts of the galaxy that gotg takes place in fit in with the realms from Thor?

    • @muzachman
      They are in Earth’s galaxy, or a part of the Midgard realm.

      • So the realms are different galaxies or dimensions? Does hamdiel see everything going on with thanos and the gtog?

        • Feige referred to the GotG as from “the other side of the galaxy”, or something close to that.

          At present there is a dwarf galaxy being consumed by the milky way on the other side, it’d be a dangerous part of the galaxy. Only the strong survive! Put down my walkman!!!

          and Thanos, Heimdall, Earth, they are all in the same corporeal realm, but in order to travel faster than light they have to step between dimensions, which is where Dr. Strange and Surtur may fit into the picture. Thanos at times crosses dimensions for booty calls with mistress death.

  3. I finally got to see “The Lego Movie”. It was definitely worth the wait…absolutely hilarious!

    • @Archaeon, Thats good too hear it doesn’t come out in Aus until April and the same day as Cap 2 but if its worth it I don’t mind spending the money on it.

      • It’s totally worth it! I’ve seen it twice already!

    • I saw it last weekend. Loads of fun and very funny!

  4. Ok, favorite comic book villains that Are Not part of Batman,Superman & X-Men comics.

    • @John McClane
      Thats a hard one for me
      1. Carnage
      4.Black Adam

    • Comic Book Villains not a part of Batman, superman, or X-men:

      1. Thanos
      2. Venom
      3. Dr Doom
      4. Carnage
      5. Magus

    • @johnmcclane
      1) Dr.Doom
      2) Loki
      3) Uchiha Madara
      4) Ronan the Accuser
      5) Sinestro

    • 1. Judge Death
      2. The Zombie Priest from The Goon
      3. Mysterio
      4. Kingpin
      5. Black Adam

    • 1. Judge Death
      2. Tetsuo
      3. Kroenen
      4. Picolo & Vegeta (It’s even stevens)
      5. The Alien guys (Tekkonkinkreet
      Do I have to stop 5?

  5. @ Alchemy

    Mine is

    1. Thanos
    2. Doc. Ock
    3. Vandal Savage
    4. Sinestro
    5. Red Skull

  6. Favorite movie from childhood that you’ll never tire of watching?

    • Toy Story
      Star Wars

    • Star Wars
      Raiders of the Lost Ark

    • Star Wars: A New Hope
      Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
      Back to the Future (1 or 2)

      Honourable mentions:
      Bill and Ted movies
      The Dark Crystal
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The first live action one)
      The Karate Kid 1

    • Far too numerous but I will list a few staples:

      Transformers (1986)
      The Goonies
      The Jerk (yes I did watch it in childhood)
      The Monster Squad
      Drop Dead Fred
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
      Encino Man

      And I must stop myself there. lol

      • After seeing your list, movie quotes started flying around in my head:

        “He hates these cans!”

        “Weeze the juice!”

        “Wow. Cobwebs!”

        “First you gotta do the truffle shuffle.”

    • Movies from my childhood I never get tired of

      1. Batman ’89
      2. The Terminator
      3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
      4. Die Hard
      5. Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
      6. Problem Child 1 & 2
      7. Back To The Future trilogy

    • Hook, Back to the Future, Batman Returns, Speed, Waterworld, The Sandlot, Bebe’s Kids…fun list!

    • Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Batman (’89), and Superman (’78).
      And, they were from my teenage years rather than my childhood, but I have to mention Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, and The Lord of the Rings.

    • Blade Runner. I was 15 in ’82.

  7. Alladin for me is a movie I can always watch if its on TV.

  8. Just read something over at Comicbookmovies where Bryan Singer talks more about X-men Apocalypse and characters he will be adding. Hope for Cyclops, Archangel, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Juggernaught, Sinister, Beak, and others. maybe we will see some of the future mutants travel back in time literally and meet some of the younger ones. I also just found out The guy playing young William Stryker was going to be Juggernaught originally, hope to see a better version done maybe in Apocalypse.

  9. Any news on Prometheus 2, Predators 2, Island of dr Moreau, and Creature from the black lagoon anything?

  10. 2 months into filming and still no word from the Warcraft set.

    Either Duncan Jones has blackmail material on everyone involved, or they are doing an amazing job keeping things hush hush.

  11. Top 3 TV series ensemble casts.

    • For me my faves are:

      1) Community
      2) Breaking Bad
      3) Game Of Thrones

      unless you can count animated TV shows in which case I would switch out Bad or Thrones for Archer. The voice cast in Archer is PERFECT!

    • Old-school favorites:

      1. Magnum, P.I.
      2. The Cosby Show
      3. The Waltons

    • Taxi

  12. Is it just me or is anyone else finding the titanfall adverts on screenrant seem to suddenly be getting in the way (cant seem to get round them either)
    For example on ipad i cant write a comment without a ‘buy titanfall’ tab popping up everytime i go to write something in the box

    • JLA,

      I’ve informed the ad company about the problem. They are looking into getting it fixed ASAP.

      • There seems to be something wrong with the mobile site as well. Nothing I’ve posted has posted yet. We’ll see if this does.

        • Hey that one worked!!
          Here’s what I tried to post earlier. Let’s see if this works…

          Good morning all…

          Happy Friday! :)

          Ok, so WB/DC and Marvel are going to go head to head on May 6th, 2016 with Batman vs. Superman going against an unnamed Marvel project, (Cap 3, Dr. Strange, GotG2?)

           Um, no they’re not.

          How silly would it be for them to go head to head? What’s the purpose in that? Yes, we would all see both movies that weekend, but why deliberately  release your blockbuster the same weekend as another blockbuster, especially in the same genre? 

          So let’s say Marvel’s movie beats Batman vs. Superman or visa versa at the box-office,  so? What has that proven? Neither one are going away.

          IMO, WB/DC has enough pressure on them already,  (whether it’s internally at WB, or from the rabid hardcore DC CBM fans, or the many of  those who have (foolishly) written this movie off completely because of the casting choices),  to produce a super blockbuster with BvS, which, if successful, should lead us to a JL movie. 
          There is a ton riding on BvS for WB/DC so why not give it a wide and unobstructed path? WB/DC has more at stake here than just a movie, more than just a franchise, but rather a whole shared movie universe.

          Marvel on the other hand is playing with house money, and has nothing to lose. Their movie universe is fully established and expanding rapidly and successfully  with every new movie released. Fiege and company know this and won’t budge. They know that as soon as that  Marvel logo is shown, it’s money, and they don’t care what else is coming out that weekend.

          In the end, after all the swelling of egos goes down and cooler heads prevail,  I think we’ll see WB/DC move BvS to another unoccupied date (April?). In fact there are already reports/rumors that say just that (see link below) starting with the foreign markets.

          If neither move, that will be a great weekend to go to the movies for CBM fans, but poor business strategy for the studios.

          A btw…why was Arrow a re-run this week?!?  :(

      • For some reason the geel pics pages take a long time to load now too.

        • *geek*

        • Could be so many YouTube videos embedded on a single page. People complained about multi-page Geek Pick posts, so now they’re on a single page.

          • The mult-page posts never bothered me, how lazy have you got to be to click to the next page?! That’s all you do on the web anyway, click to pages constantly. Having to wait what seems like forever (30 secs to a min, if that) and not even being able to look at something in another window while waiting is far worse.


      • Thank you Vic
        It seems to be sorted now, as i have written this comment on iPad without the issue coming up

  13. Hey does anybody know when The Grand Budapest Hotel will get a wide release? I thought it was gonna be everywhere last Friday, but it was only in 4 theaters. Then it was supposed to expand this week, but I looked online and it’s not playing anywhere within 50 miles of me, perhaps even further.

    When is it going to expand everywhere? Or to Salt Lake City specifically? (that’s where I live)

  14. Check out this spliced up fan trailer for “DREDD 2″, it’s pretty awesome!

    • ..and this wicked cool Batman Vs the Terminator animated short…

      • he geek pics link doesn’t seem to work for me, so I posted them here.

      • @motoko:

        Except for that Bats doesn’t like to use guns, that short was awesome work.

        • True. Although, in his early comics he used guns all the time before his moral stance was changed so that his lack of killing made him above the crimminals the fought. Besides, Batman is fighting machines in the video, so it doesn’t really matter. (^-^)

          • True.

            And it could be like Darkseid where in this circumstance he will use a gun.

            I didn’t think that Bats disdain for guns was about the morality of killing, but he was above the use of a gun because that’s how his parents were killed.

            Although, the Bat Grapple Gun kind of confuses this.

      • That was really good! Based on his responses to a couple of users, it looks like he isn’t going to continue it. What a pity.

  15. I remember on JLU when Batman was possessed by Deadman that he shot Devilray,forcing him to be electrocuted to his death to save Wonderwoman. In the last last episode, he sure didn’t use a gun on Darkseid when Luthor offered him one.

  16. I had a question is Vision going to look machine or more organic

  17. i had an out of left field thought. what about Christian Slater as Dr. Strange?

    • I would have gone with Sam Rockwell, but Marvel already wasted him on Justin Hammer.

  18. Is Batman vs. Superman (or shall I say the “Justice League”, just my vision of what’s coming about with that movie) going to succeed over Captain America 3? Releasing on the same exact date?

  19. @ Amber

    If it does it does, if it don’t it doesn’t. What does it matter which one comes on top?