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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 12, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 12, 2014


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  1. How awesome was Lady Sif last night? Lorelei was great too, hope she’s in Thor 3 along side Loki.

    • They kicked some Asgard. :(

    • She really brought a lot of energy to the show. This is the first episode where I can honestly say it was good. There were a few eh moments. Namely both Ward and May letting Loreli walk right up to them. What professional law enforcement person would let that happen (especially when your suspect has mind control powers and is super strong). I also didn’t care for the Ward is in love with someone else stuff. Seemed forced. But still a good episode.

      • Though in retrospect it could be that Wars was slightly mesmerized by her voice and then the touch conpletly took him over. And may could have let her feelings get the better of her so she let Loreli get close. But it could have been clearer/cleaner.

  2. Did someone from Bates Motel screw the wife/husband of someone from ScreenRant? No reviews for Bates Motel. I hate to complain, no wait, I love to complain. Teen Wolf? You have time to review Teen Wolf but not Bates Motel.

    Great site, seriously, but we need some love for one of the best shows on tv right now.

    • Person of Interest should be in front of the line though, for reviewing.

  3. Get money now! Work at opportunity for moms and college students $$$$

    I’m kidding, but I’m curious. Screencast, what do you about the junk posts you get from spam bots and things that are obviously a sham (if less obviously so to a minority of the human population)?

    • Man I needed to proof read that post beforehand… ScreenRANT*

      • When they catch spam comments they’ll usually delete them. Its funny when Ranters reply to the spam then it gets deleted and it looks like they’re talking to themselves.

  4. Started reading Ender’s Game and so far I’m amazed how closely the movie followed the book. Going with older kids in the movie was a good call, though. I don’t buy for one second that Ender is only 6 years old in the book, gifted or not.

    • I read the book before seeing the movie and was impressed with how closely it followed the source. My only slight against the movie was that I felt they could’ve done a few more of the battle room sequences and followed his desktop game progression a bit more closely. I think the book built those up better, but I can understand the budget constraints on them as well. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

      • I’m sure I will, thank you. :)

    • @LostWinchester
      Do you plan on continuing the series? I just finished Enders Shadow last night. A great companion to Enders Game following the character Bean. When I finished I jumped right into Speaker for the Dead. I’m really enjoying this series.

      • I definitely plan to contiue the series. At the end of the movie I thought “I wanne see more from that universe!”, that’s why I began reading the first book. :)

        Unfortunately a movie sequel is unlikely at this point. :(

  5. -The Batmobile is finished

    -Batman vs. Superman is filming soon.

    -The costumes are finished

    -I can’t wait

    I am really hoping that they are filming another movie back-to-back also does anybody think at best we could get a cameo of Green Arrow, or just Oliver Queen? It doesn’t have to be the TV version but I think if Bruce signed off on a contract to rebuild Metropolis and then we saw Oliver Queen’s name next to it.

    Also, do you guys like the flash costume? I think it’s sweet!

    • -Just read an Article about Batmobile

      -Also read the tweet from the Costume Designer about photoshoot they did about something and waiting to show us pictures in couple of weeks [but its speculation about Movie Photoshoot as he clarifies later that it was his personal shoot]. but who knows.

      –I think Qeen and Kord will be present at meeting about rebuilding Metropolis,Maybe Luthor is going to invite them.

    • @ Josh W.

      I like the Flash costume except it could use the yellow boots. I look forward to this Flash series.

      No details mentioned on the Batmobile or costumes? I read they were changing Superman’s costume little bit.

      I wish/hope WB&DC release atleast one film per year instead of 2 or 3 years apart.

  6. You people should do real reviews of Agents of shield if not just don’t do it bc your reviews are trash and so biased then just stop them please. I use to like and respect this site but I can tell you guys don’t watch it so just stop please with your no good reviews that are just so biased!

    • So by “biased” I assume you mean “different from your opinion?”

      And do you really think we would review shows without actually watching them?

  7. Question: What is your guys favorite WWII movie? or.. perhaps just war movie in general. (it has to be a real war that actually happened)

    I ask because I finally sat down for 3 hours and 15 minutes and watched Schindler’s List Monday night. It was incredible. There were a lot of rough scenes and I was very moved by the final act. I don’t know how long it’s been since a movie hit me that hard. Not even 12 years was that moving for me.

    My buddy here at work (where I do a lot of my Screenranting haha) says Saving Private Ryan is the not only the best war film ever made, but the best movie ever made. I still need to see that one.

    What do you guys think?

    • For me ‘SAVING Private Ryan’ is best war movie and i also like ‘WAR HORSE’ too.

      • Yeah I’ll definitely be watching Saving Private Ryan sometime soon. War Horse huh? I got mixed reviews from my peers on that one.

        Thanks for the input!

    • WW2:

      1. Band of Brothers (not a really a movie, but “It’s not TV” either. ;) )
      2. Saving Private Ryan
      3. The Pacifc (well…, still close enough to a movie ;))
      4. Enemy at the Gates
      5. Thin Red Line
      6. Tora! Tora! Tora!
      7. Battle of Britain
      8. Letters From Iwo Jima
      9. Flags of Our Fathers
      10. Pearl Harbor (I’m not kidding!)

      Other Wars:

      1. Black Hawk Down
      2. Platoon
      3. Apocalypse Now
      4. Full Metal Jacket
      5. Lone Survivor
      6. We Were Soldiers
      7. BAT*21
      8. Flight of the Intruder
      9. Air America
      10. Good Morning Vietnam

      Honorable Mention: Act of Valor. Great realistic action, but the patriotic schmalz was a bit too thick and the acting talent (of the real SEALs) a bit too thin.

      There are other great ones but these movie sprang to mind first.

      • Wow! That’s a long list dude! A lot of your movies on there are ones that I want to see but haven’t yet.

        I appreciate your response.

        Have you seen The Hurt Locker? I really liked that one. What about Schindler? It looks like you’ve basically seen everything haha.. I’d be curious to know your opinion on those 2.

        • There are few war movies that I haven’t seen. It’s just a great genre that combines spectacular action and heartbreaking drama to an amazing whole. That it’s only partially fictional makes it even more appealing.

          I really liked The Hurt Locker (everything by Kathryn Bigelow, really). It showed an aspect of war that didn’t get too much attention before. Schindler’s List is an excellent movie too, but also very, very depressing and not easy to watch.

          • That is a very apt analysis of Schindler, definitely not easing viewing.

            Ditto about Hurt Locker.

            Yeah man War Movies are an amazing genre. I’m mad at myself for not having watched more of them already. That’s why I brought it up in the first place.

            • You really need to watch Saving Private Ryan!

    • “Jerry, you were necking during Schindlers List!?”
      I just picked up the Schindler’s List book and plan on starting it in a few days. I still need to check out the film tho.

    • one of my favorites is The Great Escape. Sir Richard Attenborough, Steve McQueen, James Garner, Charles Bronson, and many others that i cant think of off the top of my head.

  8. Reviews are already out for the Raid 2. When will screenrant have theirs up?

    • I read something on cinemablend (another movienews site) that the screening at the SXSW fest had some technical difficulties. Maybe that had something to do with the delay. It’s just a matter of them getting one of their people to a screening, which I imagine can be pretty difficult for some less mainstream films like The Raid 2.

  9. Good morning all…

    AoS was very good last night and Lady Sif really brought it. That show is really coming along very well. It just keeps improving. You can see the seeds being planted leading into Captain America The Winter Solider. Very cool.

    Anybody notice how Lady Sif said that Odin wanted “her brought back alive”?That means Loki wanted her back alive, as we all know by know. Interesting tid-bit there I think.

    Everything I’m reading and seeing on Cap 2 is telling me this film might get very close to that billion dollar mark. Maybe $850-$950 million, but real close. I’m hoping it breaks a billion but that will be tough.

    The early screening reviews have been fantastic. If this is the best combination of story and action from Marvel so far as they are saying, that is saying a lot when you consider all that Marvel has done, especially The Avengers. I’m counting down the days until April 4th! Here’s to another Mavel mega blockbuster!! :)

    Don’t forget, Arrow tonight!!

    • Early reviews for Cap2 are very good! That’s exciting. I don’t know about it making 1 billion worldwide though. Thor2 made a lot more overseas than Thor1 but it still was pretty far from the 1 billion mark. I think that post Avengers hype will help Cap2 overseas as well as here in the states but not up to the 1 billion mark. I just don’t know if Captain America is as marketable overseas as other Marvel superheroes. I think it’ll end up more in the $500-$600 million range, even though I WANT it to make more.

      • haha I said “overseas” like 80 times.. Trade out every other “overseas” for “in foreign markets” for variety’s sake.

        • @ movieDude

          I ended up watching Monsters at your recommendation and I enjoyed it. Thanks!
          After watching it, I have even more confidence that Godzilla is in good hands.

          Anything else you would recommend along those lines?

          • @ Stark

            You enjoyed it? Awesome! Yeah if Godzilla’s anything like Monsters I’m gonna love it.

            Now I feel bad I haven’t watched All Is Lost yet like you told me to haha.. I’m waiting for it to go to a 5-Day rental at my local movie rental place.

            It’s kinda hard to think of stuff exactly like The Road or Monsters cuz there’s a lot that goes into those movies. They have action, they build slow, and they’re very character driven. That’s pretty specific. Cast Away is like that, but I’ll bet you’ve seen that already.

            As far as more slow character driven movies go I loved Lost In Translation. Check that out if you haven’t seen that, especially if you’re a Bill Murray (and/or Scarjo) fan. I loved exploring the character of Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. The Fighter is all about the characters, and its very good too. I want to say Where The Wild Things Are but I’m hesitant because most people I’ve recommended that movie to didn’t like it.

            I’ve heard Into The Wild is amazing, but I haven’t seen it yet. That might strike your fancy as well. It sounds a bit like All is Lost.

            Do any of those sound good or are you thinking of stuff that’s more action-y?

            • @ movieDude

              Yep, I actually did.  I could have done with a little less whining from Andrew  and a little bit more monster action  and the ending was a bit odd, but over all it was good.  Whitney Able reminded me of Cameron Diaz in this. 

              I’ll check out some of the ones you mentioned, thanks. Believe it or not, I have yet to see Lost in Translation; I think I’ll start with that.

              I know what you’re talking about with the 5 night deal, my local rental place does the same thing. 

              I did rent a real classic bomb recently that was so poorly made all around, all I could do was laugh. It was “rent one get one free”, so I took it. It was called ‘Amsterdam Heavy’ . It was so hilariously awful, it was actually funny. The fight choreography was literally laugh out loud bad. If you every want a good laugh, check it out.  :)

    • There is no new episode of Arrow tonight they are taking a week off they are re-airing “Heir To The Demon”

  10. Has anybody checked out The Red Road on Sundance? It’s interesting and I have a feeling it’s gonna turn out pretty good.