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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 11, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 11, 2013

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  1. I went to see “Oz: The Great and Powerful” Saturday evening, and I must say I very much enjoyed it. Visually, it was amazingly exciting, but I found the story engaged me as well. I loved the depictions of the various characters and thought they came across much as I had both remembered them from “The (Wonderful) Wizard of Oz” and imagined them when reading the books. Like a poster on another thread mentioned, I’m curious if the sequel or the third film (?) will introduce ruby or silver slippers…

    Often, when I get out of the theater after a film, I am contemplating the movie’s facets; sometimes, I simply move on to something else, as the movie has left no real impression (…Movie’s over…what’s for lunch?”). This was different: I walked out with pleasant remembrances and a big smile on my face.

    Easily, a 4 out of 5, or even 4.5, for me…

    • I agree 100%. I’m eager to see whats in store next for this new Oz series :D

    • I saw it this weekend too. My wife is a big fan of the books and original film. Her and my daughter have watched the original more times than I can stand. I went with both of them and my mother-in-law for my daughter’s birthday celebration. I was so shocked at how much we ALL enjoyed it. It’s quite a range of ages…4 year old, mid-thirties, mid-twenties, and mid-fifties. Then, I saw on Facebook that my teenage nieces liked it too. It is truly a great family film for all ages. And it really surprised me that it was. I’m looking forward to the next installment as well. This also gave me faith that Disney will handle Star Wars as another very good family friendly franchise.

  2. I shall see it this weekend.

    This weekend wore us out.

    • @ Jeff W

      Based on one of your posts in last weeks Open Discussion (Friday?) on The Road (I think you put it in your top 20 of all time), I rented and watched it this weekend.

      All I can say is WOW. That is one gripping, intense movie. I didn’t want to watch some scenes, but I couldn’t look away either. Other scenes i couldn’t beleieve what I was seeing, but they made sense. Excellent movie, however, probably not for everybody. I went into it thinking “Book of Eli”, but got something way darker, and way grittier.

      I’m not sure it cracked my personal top 20, but it certainly isn’t easily forgotten.
      Great call Jeff, thanks.

      • Its a great film all john hillcoat films are imo.

      • @Stark

        To me, a good movie is not based on action, special effect, or overall story.

        To me, personally a movie has to have an impact on my psyche, The Road and The Exorcist are the only two movies who made me cringe, and worry, more so with the Road, because of all movies scenarios, Whatever happened in the road could actually happen to Earth as we live in it today, and how we would cope, survive and how long we can hold on to our humanity.

        Glad you liked it.

        • Exactly!!!

          The scene in the cellar with the people being kept for food is really hard to get out of your mind. Plus, you’re right, I can see some of the things in that movie happening in a real life post apocalyptic world and that does make it much more frightening. Quite a frighten tale.

          • If you get the chance, read the book. There’s a scene worse than that one that still haunts me, and it wasn’t in the film.

            • @$2

              I’ll have to pick it up. I can’t imagine a more horrific scene than that cellar, that was a tough one for me. It’s hard to forget.

              • @Stark

                $2 Is right, the movie was a punch in your face.

                The Book is a kick to your face, followed by a punch, then a kick to your shins.

                • “The Road” was the hardest book to read I have ever read(if that makes sense).

                  When you read it you cring and if you have children you cring and cry.

            • I know the one your talking about. It make me want to throw up every time I think of it.

              • @ Aaron,

                I totally agree. And as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t get it out of my head. (Hey, that’s an ELO song!)

            • @$2

              That part was filmed, but cut from the final print. I do not even venture forth on the delete scenes on the DVD.

              • I didn’t know that. That scene has haunted me just by reading it. I can’t imagine how it must be to see it. Thanks for the info, Jeff.

                • @$2

                  Oh, I do not know if its on the DVD…I know its one of those things, I do not even want to watch.

                  Plus with no soundtrack, it would feel…creepy.

      • Oh yeah, The Road is fantastic!

        If you are interested in that kind of movie you might also want to have a look at “Stake Land” and “The Day”.

  3. For sny Supernatural follower: what do you think will happen to Adam Winchester? Is his story over, meaning the writers will never address him and that Sam and Dean will never mention him again?
    Will the gates of hell be closed and he’ll be trapped forever? Personally, I hope he somehow comes back as a stronger than average demon because of his time in hell. I don’t know about being the big bad but I would like to see him have a mini-arc as a Abbalon-Alistair type character who tries to get revenge on his brothers.

    • hes not in hell, hes in the cage and since it took two seasons to get sam to normal after being in the cage its doubtful.
      unless michael fuses with lucifer and they bust out as a super angel.

    • With Supernatural, you never know. I’m curious to see what will happen with this season and the gates of Hell. I never thought about their half-brother returning, but it could happen. Who knows.

      All I know is the Men of Letters angle with Henry Winchester changed everything again. We knew that John Winchester was BA hunter after Sam and Dean’s mother died…then Dean traveled through time and found out that it was his Mother’s family that were the hunters and his Dad was brought into this hunter’s life by his mother’s sacrifice (the demon deal). Then we learned this season that John was destined to part of a secret society but because his father (Sam and Dean’s grand pappy) abandoned him, that never happened. So perhaps it was the Men of Letter’s blood-line that was needed for Sam/Dean/Adam to become vessels for Lucifer/Michael. I always wondered what made these boys so special that they were required for use in this holy war. This story angle could be the explanation I need.

    • I don’t know. I was hoping for a while that they would pick up the Adam storyline at some point. But now it has been so long that the only way to bring him back would be having him just show up for some (good) reason. I can’t buy the brothers going “I have the nagging feeling we forgot something… oh crap! Adam!!” ;).

      While they are it they could bring Lucifer back as well to make it more interesting. Between Being Human and Supernatural Mark Pellegrino is probably sick of playing hallucinations from the past. :D

  4. I was watching both Pet Sematary 1&2 films. And i was wondering if anyone else besides me notices how the indian burial ground design changed from the first film to the 2nd?

  5. Question for girl ranters here.

    If you seen Killer Klowns From Outter Space, whats a worse fate for you to happen? Being cotton candy caccooned or turned into a a Female Killer Klown to up their numbers?

  6. So, I was watching the new miniseries, The Bible on the History Chanel this weekend. I was catching up by watching episode one, everything was going well, good production, good acting, etc, etc, and then all of the sudden an Angel of God whips out dual swords and starts doing Kung-fu. I just couldn’t keep watching after that.

    • well… you gotta game of thrones-ify it somehow! just kidding… not trying to be sacrilegious. thats what always happens tho, they take major liberties with things to make them more “interesting” or “appealing” to a modern audience.

    • Old Moe.

      The Finale on Batman is among the best.

    • @ Old Moe

      You mean Batman ’89 score right? I got that. Love it from Opening Theme, to Batmobile chase, to Batjet flying over Gotham, to Batman lookin up at the Bat-signal overhead, to the very last score on the cd.

    • @Old Moe – I just started a Film Scores channel on Pandora last week (added it to listen to when the kids are around…NO MORE RADIO DISNEY when I’m at home!). John Williams’ Batman is a favorite to listen to. The Superman theme, Star Wars, Indiana Jones…all are classics to listen to. Pirates of the Caribbean is fun. But my favorite film score has to be Back to the Future. I don’t know why…but I like it.

    • Im gonna have to say Forest Gump, but the first CD I ever owned was the Space Jam soundtrack.
      However I watched the Will Ferrel animated movie Mega Mind the other day and it was loaded with awesome rock tracks. I bet that soundtrack is amazing.

  7. Star Wars Episode IV,V,VI
    Superman The Movie-Special Edition with Big Rescues
    Top Gun
    Transformers The Movie-Animated 1987
    Amazing Spiderman
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Fright Night
    Lost Boys
    Batman Begins
    Battle of the Planets-Itunes download 19 bucks
    Star Trek TMP, TWOK, THE Voyage Home and Undiscovered Country

    • oh and one of the better soundtracks and underrated movie

      Fright Night.

    • like your list!! (the ones I’ve actually seen and heard anyway) All I would do is add Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) and the LOTR trilogy. I would also get rid of Amazing Spiderman. I thought the music ruined the mood of alot of the scenes in the movie. Love Danny Elfmans music for Raimis Spidermans in comparison, the opening theme is so great!!!

  8. How to train your dragon.

  9. I watched V/H/S last night. I heard and read that this movie would scare the life out of me. But all it did was make me feel like I need to give up on the horror genre.

    Am I the only one that feel like movies are no longer scary? And I mean scary not just gore, torture, and jump scares.

    • I agree with you for the most part (generally, I’m just more annoyed or disgusted by modern “horror” movies than actually scared). I DID, however, find “The Woman in Black” to be a great throwback to those films that actually worked in my brain, not in my bowels. It wasn’t so much scary, per se, but its high creepiness factor left me with the “desired” feelings of dread and unease that, to me, indicate true horror.

      It’s an exception to the rule nowadays, unfortunately, but it does give me a small bit of hope in the continuing possibilities for the genre.

      • No Horror movie made today can match the sheer terror of The Exorcist. Once you have watched the Exorcist, everything else pales in comparison.

        And the movie is 40 years old. That in itself is a testament to its place in movie history.

        If you know a better horror/suspense/scare the crap out of you on a mental level. Let me know.

        • One of my favorite spooky films is The Changeling (1980) with George C. Scott. It’s a very creepy ghost story that terrified me as a kid. I don’t believe it can stand up to The Exorcist, but it does present some good scares.

      • I agree that “The Woman in Black” was the last movie that gave me a creepy vibe after viewing.

      • @ Archaeon,

        Have you read the book? I watched the film with my wife, and she was very upset over how much was changed for the film. I was curious, so I read the book (which is a quick read) and understood her frustration. The book has a great creepy feeling, like the film, but (not giving anything away) the plot was much better in the book, and I love its last couple of lines.

        • $2…

          Sorry for the delayed response. I haven’t read the book yet, though I did finally buy it (will probably sit down with it this summer). I’ve heard this same thing multiple times from other fans of the novel; perhaps, one reason I loved the film so much was that I didn’t realize the drastic changes made to the story…? Isimply found the film, itself, to possess the qualities I desire in a horror film. I hope the fact that the book apparently blows it out of the water will serve more as a reward, a special treat, for me for my patience in getting to the source material than a disappointment. I look forward to finding out…

    • idk if this is out in left field, but I really really enjoyed Cabin in the Woods. Watched it last week and it was epic. Its more of a horror comedy tho.

      • @MovieDude

        Cabin in the woods was, rather unique and a fun romp. I enjoyed it.

    • They make good toilet material. Its called the instruction booklet lol.

      • Well said ;) lol

      • After the wife had the bathrooms redone.

        We got them new Bidets! Nothing wakes you up in the morning and you are doing your morning routine and you say “What does this button do?”


        Plus, yeah…I read the Owners Manual, I have not gotten pass page 5…And I have not even got into the logistics of how the windows work!

        • What movie character yells the following line about a bidet?
          “For washing your backside, right?”

          • @$2

            You got me on that one.

            Those things are ruthless.

            • Crocodile Dundee!
              Now back to the dungeon with you!!!

              • (STOMPS OFF TO THE DUNGEON)

                Mumbles #$&*! $2

  10. Heres some of the soundtracks & film scores i got.

    Batman ’89
    Batman Returns
    Superman (John William’s Theme)
    Smallville Volume One soundtrack
    Batman Forever soundtrack
    Spider-Man soundtrack
    The Punisher 2004 soundtrack
    The Terminator score
    Terminator 2: Judgement Day score
    Titanic score
    Transformers 2007 soundtrack
    The Best Of A Nightmare On Elm Street score- music from films 1-6

  11. The Mission, Inio Morricone… simply superb.

    • +1
      Awesome soundtrack!

  12. What do you guys think of a more serious and “realistic” Riddler? Who should it be played by? What should his history be and the history must answer why he leaves riddles? Should he wear tights with ?’s all over him or just have it on his hat and should he use a question mark cane?

    • @ Writer

      Id go with Riddler similiar to whats seen on Batman:TAS. Because that’s what Burton originally had planned for Batman Forever before Schumacher took over.

    • yeah take the TAS route. Their adaptation of the Riddler pretty much nailed it.

      • @ movieDude

        I also liked their version of Bane because unlike the comics his mouth isn’t covered allowing him to talk clearly which i can see be effective on film if the use Bane the sameway on film again. I also liked how they handled alot of the other villains as they could be seen on film.

  13. I saw Oz this weekend. I have been hearing from a lot of people that they absolutely loved it. I found it rather… forgettable. There were some entertaining parts, but overall it fell flat for me. Anyone else feel this way?

  14. so i finally finished Stargate: SG1, all of it, the series, Ark of Truth, and Continuum. Very solid series. I was able to get more into it in the later series. Im glad that they released the two movies afterwards but i felt that Ark of Truth was a better ending than Continuum. Continuum just felt like another episodes whereas Ark of Truth felt like a finale and tied up the ori ark.

    Also started Atlantis and am almost done with season 1. so far its pretty good. I feel that the wraith are a little better villian than some of the ones on SG1. I think thats the only downside to SG1. I didnt really feel like the Goa’old were very good villians. and they were the main villian for like 8 seasons.

  15. Anything by Hans Zimmer.

    LOTR soundtracks and Jaws theme which is (arguably) the greatest ever.

  16. Ya another Quiz. As soundtracks were mentioned on which is favorited.

    Here is my Top 20 Movies.

    1 The Exorcist
    2 The Godfather Parts I and II
    3 The Magnificent Seven
    4 Metropolis (If you have never seen or heard about this movie. It is from 1927. To put it bluntly, there are few movies that can match its artistic detail today.)
    5 Jaws
    6 Batman Begins
    7 The Dirty Dozen
    8 The Guns of Navarone
    9 Raiders of the Lost Ark
    10 Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan
    11 The Road
    12 Kramer vs Kramer
    13 Rocky
    14 Gone with the wind
    15 Aliens
    16 Animal Farm
    17 Time Bandits (If you like Terry Gilliam then you know how good this movie is.)
    18 The Lost Boys
    19 King Kong
    20 Glory

    I have a quirk of a collection. I have ever Academy Award Best Picture in my collection 84 of them till Django unchained comes out. I have them, even if I have not watched or seen all of them.

  17. Saturday

    12:30 pm.

    Sons 9th Birthday.

    50 Kids expected.

    Wife chimes in ” Dear, when remember when I had the invited printed up?”

    Me “Yes, why do you ask?”

    Wife ” I accidentally added +1 so the 50 Invites that went out, well each kid can bring +1.”

    Me “We are going to need a bigger cake.”

    100 KIDS!

    Me, my Wife, Two daughters, the other 2 daughters decided it would be a good time to go get their hair done.

  18. Is anybody else having probs with the order of this ODis? i have no idea where my next post will end up…

  19. anyone else having probs with todays ODis? funky order

    • lol case in point i looked all over for my first post

      • Oh good, I thought it was just me!
        The other comment threads seems to be fine though…

        • yeah really, my post got lost somewhere in the middle.

  20. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 EXECUTE

    • Spoiler. You’re dead.

      • @ Professor Procrastination

        Spoiler. Actually everyone around me dies first because I used the numbers. Ha Ha Ha and thanks for responding.

        I wish there was another show like Lost.

  21. I’d rather go with composers, its easier that way.

    I absolutely love Michael Giacchino, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore, and some scores by James Horner.

    My ipod has the spiderman2 soundtrack, the theme from up, the imperial march, some tunes from raiders, some key songs from LOTR, the complete soundtrack from TDKR, pirates, the theme from Sherlock Holmes to name a few :D

  22. Todays OD takes place in The Twilight Zone. lol

  23. So, didn’t really wanna see Les Miz (not a huge musical fan), but I kept hearing about Anne Hathaway singing this “I Dreamed A Dream” song in i, so I decided to look it up. And yeah, that has got to be one of the saddest, most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

  24. Another Quick Quiz:

    What is everyone’s Favorite Movie Soundtrack?

  25. Forrest Gump soundtrack. Honorable mentions to Almost Famous, End of Days, and of course the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack

  26. tron legacy.

  27. “Grease”

  28. Forrest Gump was my first thought as well, Leathercheerio. I also really enjoyed the Matrix and Dumb and Dumber soundtracks.

  29. If you’re talking about composed music, I have a few (since most of the sequels re-use the same themes/scores, I’m not including them):
    -Star Wars: A New Hope (by John Williams)
    -Raiders Of The Lost Arc (by John Wllliams)
    -Superman (by John Williams)
    -Gladiator (by Hans Zimmer)
    -Pirates Of The Caribbean 1 (by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer)
    -Iron Man (by Ramin Djawadi)
    -The Dark Knight (by Hans Zimmer)
    Most of my choices are based on how memorable they are and how often I can actually sit and listen to the soundtrack on its own.

  30. How to train your dragon, treasure planet, the hobbit: an unexpected journey, the Avengers, and pirates of the caribbean.

  31. Phew… there are so many soundtracks that I really love that it’s hard to pick favourites. Some came to my mind immediately, though:

    Back to the Future – Alan Silvestri
    Forest Gump – Alan Silvestri
    The Last Starfighter – Craig Safan
    Raiders of the Lost Ark – John Williams
    Apollo 13 – James Horner
    Lost in Space – Brouce Broughton
    The Rocketeer – James Horner
    E.T. – John Williams
    Star Wars – John Williams
    Super 8 – Michael Giacchino
    Transformers – Steve Jablonsky
    Starship Troopers – Basil Poledouris
    Superman – John Williams
    Independence Day – David Arnold
    The Time Machine (2002) – Klaus Badelt
    The Day After Tomorrow – Harald Kloser
    Tron: Legacy – Daft Punk
    Howard the Duck – John Barry

    And many, many more. As you can see I really love grand, epic scores. ;)

  32. For me: Definitely, the soundtracks to “Superman: The Movie”, “The Dark Knight”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Toys” (YES, you read that correctly…not “Toy Story”…”TOYS”, the seemingly lighthearted Robin Williams film that apparently only I and one or two other people on the planet actually enjoyed).

    I also, on a related note, tend to enjoy a great many Kenny Loggins ’80s movie soundtrack songs, as well as pieces by Vince DiCola, and (more recently) the couple of movie songs by Owl City…

  33. I cannot Believe The lord of the Rings soundtrack has not been mentioned!!! best ever!

    Followed by

    X-Men First Class
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Indiana Jones
    and Avengers

    Thors soundtrack aint half bad :D

  34. +1

  35. Ghostbusters 2 has a great soundtrack. Jackie Wilson’s Higher and Higher cheers me up every time.

  36. OH! I completely forgot about “Ghostbusters 2″!

    I don’t get why so many people hate on it, I like it just as much as the first one if not a little bit more.

  37. And Chris Brown’s older brother Bobby!

  38. @Drew: I loved The Avengers and The Hobbit’s main themes, but the “filler” compositions weren’t that good imo. Especially with The Avengers: the main theme is awesome (and very memorable), but the rest of the OST that Silvestri came up with sounds exactly like the stuff he did for Captain America… and almost every other movie he composed for ;)

    On another note (no pun intended), another great OST I forgot to add to my list would be Sherlock Holmes (by Hans Zimmer) – it’s some of his most original work imo.

  39. I love the movie Toys. As a kid, it spooked me but as an adult it has me laughing all the way through.

  40. I like Toys, it is one of my favorite of Robin Williams movies.

  41. Great list, especially The Last Starfighter! And on E.T., the “Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye” song is fantastic.

    Here are some of my favorites:
    127 Hours – A.R. Rahman
    Antarctica – Vangelis
    Better Off Dead – Various
    Cinema Paradiso – Ennio Morricone
    Dances with Wolves – John Barry
    Dead Poets’ Society – Maurice Jarre
    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – Randy Edelman
    Dredd – Paul Leonard-Morgan
    Ed Wood – Howard Shore
    The English Patient – Gabriel Yared
    Flash Gordon – Queen
    The Last of the Mohicans – Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman
    Life Is Beautiful – Nicola Piovani
    The Long Riders – Ry Cooder
    Meatballs – Elmer Bernstein and Various
    The Passion of the Christ – John Debney
    The Piano – Michael Nyman
    Poltergeist – Jerry Goldsmith
    Raising Arizone – Carter Burwell
    Run Lola Run – Tom Twyker
    Somewhere in Time – John Barry
    This Is Spinal Tap – Spinal Tap
    Time After Time – Miklos Rozsa
    The Untouchables – Ennio Morricone
    Witness – Maurice Jarre
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Anthony Newley

  42. The above post is in response to TheLostWinchester.
    What’s up with the jumpy posts?

  43. no joke.. I just posted something and it ended up in the middle of stuff from 5 hours ago haha