Open Discussion – March 10, 2014

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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   March 10, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   March 10, 2014


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  1. Yeah…..I am Here !..::..!

    and I read that Batman Vs Superman starts Filming.
    also saw what appears to be FAKE image of Ben Affleck in Batsuit.

  2. Debating when to start my internet embargo to avoid spoilers for CA:TWS. Already regret watching the 4 min preview.

      • Link please??? I’m all for spoilers!

  3. That Batfleck image is totally fake

    • Yep that’s first thing i thought about that image.
      Snyder will release it in HQ just like he did last time for Sups.

  4. I finally watched a Captain America trailer. I gotta admit that it looks very good. I have high hopes this could be another solid Marvel movie. The first one was quite lacking in a lot of areas for me but this one looks like it could be fleshed out a bit more. Here’s hoping.

    • So awesome! lol

  5. Anyone else is watching Black Sail? What you guys think of this season so far?

    Anyway, the fake image of Batfleck is frustrating cause now I actually wanna know what the bat-suit looks like.

  6. Anyone still watching Helix on SyFy? I’m still not sure what to make of it although I’ve watched every episode.

    • I’m still watching it.

      Haven’t seen the last ep but I still think it’s aliens like The Event.

  7. I saw the LEGO movie this weekend and thought it was very funny. Now I know why all the children on our street are singing, “Everything is awesome!” At times I felt there was something I missed on one side of the screen when I was looking the other way, so I look forward to seeing it again.

    I also saw Ender’s Game and liked it. While it did have its differences from the book (What movie doesn’t?), I thought it was enjoyable. I would have liked to have seen more of the training battles, but they made their points and moved the plot onward. I really liked the soundtrack and keep listening to it.

    • I saw LEGO movie twice opening weekend. It’s such a fun movie. I haven’t laughed that hard at the movies since.. perhaps… The World’s End haha.. The humor in this movie was a lot friendlier. I want to download the “Everything is Awesome” song. I really like it. I’ll prbly catch the film again in discount theaters before getting it on bluray in a few months.

      I also really enjoyed Ender’s Game. I read the book twice growing up. Once for myself and once when we read it in school. I loved it both times. The movie had big shoes to fill and I think it did a good job for the most part. I thought they translated the Mind Game to the big screen perfectly. It was extremely close to how I imagined it when I read the book. More training battles would have been good. The battle room sequences they did include were very adequate though, very well done. The movie felt a bit rushed at times, like in the scene with Valentine on the lake. I would have liked that to be a few minutes longer so it didn’t feel so rushed and/or glazed over. Ender’s relationship with Valentine was pivotal in the book I feel like they could have fleshed that out a lot more.

      Anyway… I could talk about the whole movie but I thought they did a great job.

    • Ender’s Game was a good film, I really enjoyed. A bit perturbed with myself for not reading the book before hand but I’ve since picked up Ender’s Shadow, Speaker for the Dead and the 3rd book, can’t remember the name right now, anyway I really like the series so far, just looking for a copy of Ender’s Game now.

  8. Are you guys going to be at Comic Con this year again?

    • SR staff usually doesn’t get involved in the OD too much, except for Vic.

      I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have someone there. Or several someones.

      I’m from SLC, UT so personally I may attend SLC FanX in April (which may include a complete Star Trek TNG reunion, so far they have everybody booked except Picard) I can’t make the trip out to SDCC. Work and school keep me pretty busy.

  9. Did anybody saw 300: Rise of an Empire this past weekend? I am going to see it this week. How is it and is it better than the original?

    • I wouldn’t say better than the original, no. But not worse necessarily. A good companion piece I think.. They go hand in hand together pretty well. However it doesn’t quite have the ‘Leonidus charm.’
      I would say Rise of an Empire felt like an action movie whereas 300 felt like a film about a war, thus action was a big part of it. Eva Green stole Rise of an Empire tho. It’s almost worth seeing just for Artamitia.

  10. So i just caught the latest episode of Agents of Shield. I guess this could be considered SPOILER ALERT…

    But I’m curious on y’all’s thoughts if they could be making Coulson and Skye the cinematic version of Captian and Ms. mar-Vell. My thoughts at seeing that thing at the end was that it was Kree.

    • Still possible SPOILER ALERT
      So i just did some digging and found on Wikipedia that Cpt Marvels alien name is Pluskommander Geheneris Halason Mahr Vehl. Which could fit with the initials G. H. And his human name is Dr Phil Lawson. Seems plausible.

      • I think a lot of people are confused the origins of Mahr Vehl and Ms/Capt Marvel. They’d be taking massive liberties with the source material. More then likely the guy in the tube is Mahr Vehl. But all the super powers we associated with the two characters are the result of various other augmentations. I think the theory is clever but not plausible.

      • I researched the same thing and figured that’s who ‘GH’ is. It’ll be interesting to see where the show runners are going with this. I wouldn’t mind if Skye turned out to be Phyla Vell.

  11. Happy 74th Birthday Chuck Norris!!!

    I know, I know…Chuck Norris doesn’t celebrate birthdays… Birthdays celebrate Chuck Norris!

    • I thought Chuck Norris killed his birthdays after he turned 40.

  12. Finally saw 12 Years A Slave and I gotta say, I hope Ejiofor gets another meaty role like Solomon Northrup. He could have easily won an Oscar for it. Both Ejiofor and Mconaughey gave Oscar worthy performances.
    12 Years was an amazing film. Brutal and Beautiful at the same time.
    300:2 was good. I enjoyed it. It was Eva Green’s movie through-and-through.
    Just watched Charlie Countryman and it was pretty good. I’m a fan of artsy European film. Shia LaBeouf is still a solid actor in my book.

    • Add Leo to your list! Leo, McConaughey, and Ejiofor all killed it in their Oscar nominated performances.

      I’m glad you enjoyed 12 years. I caught it last year in November and was very moved by it.

      I thought I should tell you I saw The Wind Rises on Saturday! I loved it. I was wondering if the film was going to feel more “grounded” (pun intended) than his other more fantastical films because it was based on a true story and more anchored in reality, but then I realized that half the film was going to be dream sequences so it was fine haha.. I would’ve enjoyed it either way. It was a beautiful story, I loved the english dub, JGL voiced Jiro with care as did the rest of the cast with their respective characters.

      One thing I noticed that I wanted to ask you about. A lot of the sound effects were done by people. I’m sure you noticed. It was most apparent in the scene when they were testing one of his planes and as they cranked on the engine (instead of reving like an engine would in real life) reved up to the sound of many human voices. Much of the sound in the movie was done in this way. At the first I thought it was going to help distinguish the dream sequences from the real life scenes, but then I noticed that the “human” sound effects were used for both types of scenes. My idea is that they did the sound in that way to reinforce the idea that planes are mans creation, built from many voices and ideas coming together, just as the voices all came together to make the sound effect of the plane’s engine coming to life.

      • What did you think about that @SteveRogers ?

        Did you notice?

  13. A friend of mine (that works for MARVEL,Sony)says, Agents of Shield’s Skye, is very “special” ( whatever that means…) but he also told me that Agent Coulson is a “something…” He wont tell me what he means by that, but Im guessing he could be of Kree race, or at least the body he inhabits.
    I cant wait for the reveal.

    • I saw it, was disappointed by how superficial it was in certain aspects. And was very disappointed with the devotion of about 10-15 mins to that priest guy. It felt wholly unnecessary and only served to antagonize, I felt. I dislike certain religions for certain aspects of it, including some of their history. However, I felt that entire segment could and should have been cut. It felt counterproductive. You don’t promote scientific thinking and science in general by antagonizing other people’s way of thinking. You would do better to show how you develop that thinking and why it has significantly opened up the universe to us. I don’t know…hope the rest of the show isn’t like that.

    • I did catch it, and it had a similar effect on me. There wasn’t really much covered that I didn’t already know, but it was awesome to see it visualized. I personally wanted a bit more of a deep-dive into the details, but I understand why they didn’t do so. It needed to speak to a broader audience, including young children.

      As far as the animated “dramatization” of Friar Giordano Bruno’s trials, I can see how some might find this antagonistic, but Bruno was right, and the church had him executed for speaking up. If the history was incorrectly portrayed, I’ll have issues with it. I’ll have to do my own research to see if there was any kind of dishonest slant to this portrayal.

      Speaking on the significance of this segment, I see value in taking some time from talking about the cosmos to cover the innovative thinkers who helped move us towards a better understanding of it. I’m guessing this will be a regular feature in each episode.

      Minor quibbles aside, I’m glad that this kind of programming is finding its way to the airwaves. I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the series.