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sr open discussion Open Discussion   March 1, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   March 1, 2013

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  1. I think I may have missed the Oscar discussion but I will go ahead and say what I think anyway

    Argo – decent movie but totally forgettable, not a best picture winner, that should have gone to Les Miserables!

    Daniel Day Lewis – good performance but he’s done better, it wasnt really a power house performance more cosy cottage, Hugh Jackman should have won!

    That’s it, they were my only gripes

    • somebody really liked les mis :) haha thats cool dude. I loved it too, saw it twice.

      • Haha you got me!!

        It blew me away, epic isn’t the word!

        • great film I enjoyed it, it was in my top 5 at the end of the year. Fell below both Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook tho

  2. How relevant was The Incredible Hulk solo film to the rest of the MCU franchise?

    The reason I bring this question up is because of the many times I have watched this film over & over again the more it makes me look at it as a stand alone film rather than a connective piece of a larger franchise. Nothing from that film actually added to nor took away from the other 5 movies. It just felt as if it was always meant to co-exist on it’s on which leaves me wondering why MARVEL went ahead & created it in the first place. I thought the whole purpose of these films were to connect them with eachother. Maybe they should have left Hulk out of it & focused on the other 5 films instead which would have made them look more cohesive to oneanother rather than making it appear as if Hulks’ film just got in the way.

    It does appear that MARVEL is planning to take that theory into consideration since all/most of these reports from various websites are stating that the characters’ future only has him making appearances in other films that he isn’t the star of. That’s probably a safer move financially on their part considering he hasn’t been too much of a bankable solo character thus far.

    • they mention the super-soldier program during a scene with Blonski and Ross. it also introduced the hulk to the in the MCU. it also had tony stark at the end. to me, it felt connected as much as the other films were while still being its own thing.

      • Couldn’t agree more Ghost.

        • All accurate points indeed, but were any of them really neccessary to fully know why Hulk would team up with the rest of these people? I don’t think so. They could have easily summed that reason up in the Avengers. You didn’t really need a solo film to explain that.

    • honestly, i don’t think the hulk is an interesting enough character for another film. i liked “the incredible hulk”, but it was mostly for the action, not the story. I’m not knowledgeable enough in the comics, but i just don’t see where they could go with the hulk again, unless they did a “planet hulk” story-line. we’ve already seen a hulk movie where he’s dealing with him attempting to control and living with the hulk, or being chased by the military. imo, there’s nothing you can really do with him, unless you had an entire movie where he’s smashing things. that’s what audiences want to see (that’s why the character got such praise in “the avengers”), but you can’t have an entire movie set up that way. somewhere in there you have to have a story.

      • Yeah I agree, I did like the way they showed how he was made in the opening credits instead of going for a full on remake

    • none

  3. Film quotes. Each film is from a different decade. Can you name them?

    1. “He wants to kill me so bad, he can taste it. ATTICA! ATTICA! ATTICA!”

    2. “You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you, little twerp? Naw, you had to push it. Well now you’re gonna pay.”

    3. “You are an embarrassment to the game of pool and should be glad I even let you play at my table.”

    4. “I won’t let you down, Goldie.”

    5. “Which would be worse? To live as a monster or to die as a good man?”

    • not sure about 1 & 2. #3 is a favorite movie of mine, Dazed and Confused. #4 is Sin City. #5 is Shutter Island

      • Good job, Professor!

    • I could only guess one: Shutter Island (No.5) :/

      • Still, you got one of them. Nice job!

    • Answers:

      1. Dog Day Afternoon (1975). To me, it’s one of Pacino’s finest performances. Lance Henriksen also does an excellent job.

      2. The Karate Kid (1984). Every time a new TKK movie came out, people would call the martial arts studio I attended and ask if we taught the crane technique.

      3. Dazed and Confused (1993)

      4. Sin City (2005)

      5. Shutter Island (2010)

      • I should have known Karate Kid…I wore out our VCR watching that as a kid.

    • #1-Dog Day Afternoon
      #2-The Karate Kid (Original one)
      #3-Dazed and Confused
      #4-Sin City
      #5-Shutter Island

  4. Well Ironman had that brief Nick Fury cameo after the credits. That was the first film of phase 1 & would imo seem simliar to THE Incredible Hulk’s brief shared universe cameo. After those two films we seen more of Shield within the universe. People complain they had too much pleasance in Ironman 2 but imo it was more or the same in Thor. But i think they wanted to introduced characters like Black Widow,Hawkeye,Nick Fury to some extent in one film before The Avengers film & what better one than Ironman 2 for starts. Imo, i thought it made sense.

    Another thing is i think people didnt feel overjoyed to see the new Hulk film because of Ang Lee’s Hulk film despite of it makin more money, people hated it more than Marvel Studio’s film. I don’t even watch Ang Lee’s Hulk film on tv if its on. Id put in a dvd to watch if nothin is on. That’s how bad i didn’t like it.

    The purpose of phase 1 was recruiting heroes to be The Avengers. To unite them. As seen in The Avengers, Stark sees ther others, goes over info,etc. as does Steve Rogers learns of Bruce Banner’s transformation of the Hulk. Im sure we will get into more stuff in Phase 2.

    • @WallyWest a.k.a. Wally W. a.k.a. Wally-dub

      I agree the purpose was to introduce them first & make them acknowledge oneanother before teaming them up, but I’m looking at it from an overall story point of view. If you take Hulks’ story out of the equation & watch all 5 other films back to back I bet you won’t even miss not seeing the Hulks’ movie which is why I don’t consider it that important to the rest of the series. You can collect the other 5 films without having his movie & still be able to follow the whole overall plot alltogether.

      • i would agree that “the incredible hulk” didn’t play a huge role in the MCU.

        Iron Man- introduced Fury (SHIELD) and the “Avengers Initiative”
        Thor- set up “The avengers” by introducing Loki, the villain.
        Capatain america- introduced the cosmic cube

        compared to those three, it didn’t have much of an impact overall, but it is still relevant imo.

        • @Ghost

          Not that I don’t find it overall having any relevance. It’s still one of my favorites ever in that genre, but I really don’t need to watch it back to back with the rest of the films is what I was actually getting at. I always watch those movies together not just one all the time. It makes me feel as if I’m watching a television series & the Hulks’ movie (to me)makes the series feel almost disconnected from the rest.

      • Just keep in mind though, TIH was released only a few months (more like a few weeks actually) after Iron Man 1 and both films were in production at the same time.
        Marvel didn’t know if the shared universe thing would pay off or how big they could it make it.

        Point is, if TIH was released in say, 2009, we would have gotten a lot more shared universe connectivity (I’m guessing)… even though, if you look closely, there’s still a lot of stuff that connects the movie to Phase 1. For example: SHIELD’s presence (foreshadowing their importance in all things super-powered), Stark’s weapons and his cameo about forming a team, and then there’s the Super Soldier program (which was actually a pretty important part of TIH’s story)

        • @Avenger

          I already wrote a response to all these accurate points you just made up above if you want to read it.

        • “the Super Soldier program (which was actually a pretty important part of TIH’s story)”

          CA:TFA and TIH go hand in hand. After watching Cap, do you wonder why they don’t recreate the super soldier serum? …well, watch TIH and see why. If you watch TIH and wonder why they keep creating these monsters?…well, watch CA:TFA and see the success story.

          • @The Professor

            You’re right about the serum. As a matter of fact it served as a bigger more important piece to the Avengers puzzle than anything else that was pointed out. However, as I stated a few times already none of these valid issues had to be explained in a solo Hulk adventure. They’re could have been a way to plausibly tell all these things in the Avengers without taking too much time away from the rest of that story. I know it sounds like I’m hating on the Hulks’ film, but since I already wrote down how much I loved it in an earlier comment I made that is obviously not the case at all.

      • @ broadway

        @ WallyWest a.k.a Wally W. a.k.a Wally-dub?

  5. I got some quotes from tv & films, here they are.

    1. “Im alittle worried about being a slut.”

    2. “With my Brains, & frankly you’re brawn. I could be emperor,king. Did you see how scared those guys were?”

    3. ” Nice night for a walk” Nothing clean right” “your clothes, give them to me, NOW!”

    4. “I feel like i live in city of cardboard boxes. Always afraid of taken chances or something might get broken or someone gets hurt. But you can take it can’t you big man. What we have here is a rare oppuntunity for me to cut loose & show you just how super i REALLY am”

    • @Wally

      To your point about Iron Man 2 I too don’t understand why people hated it the way they did, & still do as a matter of fact. It blended all the jokes in with the action scenes just as well as the first film did. Did it do a better job of it? No, but it didn’t do a terrible job of it either. As far as S.H.I.E.L.D. goes people need to pay more attention to what they’re watching because they act as if those people were in the entire movie when in fact it was no more than maybe 10 mins. or so. Stop overreacting to something that isn’t true or even exist.

    • #1 is a famous cartoon character who also used a low blow as self defense while saying “I don’t know you. That’s my purse!”

      • @ Prof.


        • Bobby hill

          • @ Trey


    • Number 4 – Superman, JLU Series Finale pt. 2

      That’s the only one I know because I watched that episode so many times. Great Superman moment.

      • @ Jonathan

        Correct. Agreed, great Superman moment indeed.

    • #2-Superman 4 (i guess)
      #3-The Terminator

      • @ Jeremiah


  6. So I was watching the walking dead season 1 and 2 again over the past week and I couldn’t help but think that Jon bethanel would make a pretty cool batman. Not sure about Bruce Wayne I mean he could probably pull off Wayne but he would make a sick batman.

    • @The mighty one

      I think you meant Jon Bernthal(Shane), & he wouldn’t be possible for the very reason you just gave. You need someone who can play both characters. Not that Warner Bros. & DC have done a great job so far in that department, because they haven’t at all.

  7. Blade,Daredevil & The Punisher

    3 characters that MARVEL was actually able to get back after signing them over to other movie studios. It begs the question(at least from my stand point)should MARVEL even consider giving these guys another chance on the big screen in the not so near future, possibly adding to the soon to be massive world we now know as the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, or just simply write them off as second level characters that will never earn a profit in the theaters thus tossing them to the wasteside?

    • I would say right them off, making movies with those characters isn’t really going to bring anything new to the table, I’m sick of vampire movies so can’t really see Blade being relevant, the punisher is just a vigilante and quite grounded, Punisher War Zone was a decent movie but there are only so many ‘take down the crime lord’ scenarios you can see but it gets tedious, Daredevil would be interesting but again how would he be new and relevant?!

      There are far too many superhero movies out as it is, unless David Fincher wants to make one then I’d say write them off

    • They should use them to create another universe. Each one of them have been associated with Spider Man. I know he’s still with Sony but until then create another team. If WB is getting the balls to create JL dark, then let Marvel get creative and come up with an on screen team with them and more. Ooooorrrr bring it to the tube. Arrow is doing AMAZING on the tube and they are using characters like Slade Wilson and others.

      • @leather c.

        That’s what I’m talking about man! MARVEL needs to get more “edgier” with their movies also…… not just PG13. What better way to do that then with those characters.

        • Just a thought, instead of shelving these characters maybe Marvel could use/sell these characters to Sony for shared rights to Spidey, Thus keeping Disney/Marvel family orientated and letting another studio take a crack at R-rated superheroes.

            • @broadway

              In regards to #1…the answer is money. If they can produce a profitable comic book movie on a yearly basis while adding more characters to their CBM universe which could eventually result in a team up type of feature that could make a billion dollars…I think their executives would sign the dotted line pretty quickly.

              As for #2, I think you are correct about studios not sharing properties and creating plenty of marketing restrictions. However, again my answer is money. Disney might surprise you. They may need a top-tier character like Spidey to improve the box office draw on a movie like the Avengers 3 or 4 especially if RDJ leaves.

              • @The Professor

                I always say everybody has a price, but unfortunately alot of them also have an ego. Being the infinitely wealthy conglomerate that Disney is they’re not exactly hard up for cash right now so it’ll take more than just “benjamins” to persuade them into sharing anything. Marvel might be up for it but Disney gets the last say in any business deals. All Disney wants to do is own everything & in this case I really can’t blame them. They are the proud owners of MARVEL afterall & that means having everything Marvel has created over the many years.

                I understand Marvel made a deal with those other guys over movie rights, but that doesn’t mean Disney can’t just simply buy them back which is why I’m still wondering why that hasn’t happened just yet. Maybe they have that much confidence in Marvels’ other characters that they’re saying to themselves they don’t need those other personalities. At least not anytime soon.

        • The only way to make a buck out of these characters would be a team-up (hopefully along with moonknight) If they also used a soon to be introduced Dr Strange it could be awesome.

        • I have said a few times that they should reboot DD and Punisher in the same movie. But they should let a different studio under Disney make the movies. That way they can make the movie a proper R and it is not so closely assosiated with The Avengers. If it doesn’t work, write them off, if it takes off, move them to the main Cinematic universe.

  8. Watched A Clockwork Orange and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this week for the fist time.

    Was Really Impressed with Eternal Sunshine. One of Jim Carrey’s better performances. As a drama I also enjoyed it way more than The Truman Show, though its been a while since i saw that one.

    And a clockwork orange was pretty good also, I just got done reading the novel before hand (Both the novel and film were for my film lit class) So i think doing that took some of the impact of it away from me. though i got to say it was a very good adaptation.

    • eternal sunshine is amazing. love that movie! It was cool to see kate winslet and jim carrey switch their usual roles with eachother. Instead of the crazy over-the-top guy Carrey played a slightly depressed introvert, and Winslet instead of her usual more reserved roles played the crazy over-the-top person. They were awesome! Love that show.

      haven’t seen clockwork orange, out of kubricks filmography I’ve only seen 2001 and bits of the shining.

      • Yeah i always hear how an amazing director Kubrick is but ive only seen ACO and The shining. and i hated the shining, though its been, oh, probably about a decade since i last saw it so i must of been about 10 at the time so i probably need to watch it again haha.

        How is 2001 a Space Odyssey?

        • It’s my all-time favourite film, Draagyn, but it’s one of those that splits audiences right down the middle, and I certainly know a lot of people who can’t stand it. There’s a good chance you may find it long and incredibly boring, with dull, uninteresting characters and a WTF ending. What it definitely is is unique, though. Nothing like it had ever been made before, and there’s been nothing remotely like it since. You’ll see exactly what it’s influenced over the years, up to and including Prometheus (for better or worse).

          I can’t think of another movie that sums up both the sheer tedium and total awe of space travel, and only Tarkovsky’s Solaris has come close in managing to depict an encounter with something truly alien and beyond our comprehension. Like many of Kubrick’s films it’s got a pace all of its own and is divided into several “episodes”. It’s dated in the sense that we’re now more than a decade past the year in which it was set, and manned space flight still hasn’t progressed beyond the Apollo missions and the Shuttle; the special effects still hold up, though, as does the portrayal of artificial intelligence in the computer HAL, and the lifelessness and complacency of the human characters is kind of the whole point. Incredible soundtrack as well – particularly Gyorgy Ligeti’s unearthly choral music.

          Turn the lights off, make sure you’ve got no distractions and give it a whirl. You may hate it…and then again you may not!

  9. Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming back…according to Colin Mochrie’s Twitter

    • I loved that show!! (The British version more so). Used to watch it with my dad when I was younger.
      If this is true I hope they get Clive Anderson to host again, as well as all the old regulars (Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and Stephen Frost were always hilarious).

      • I enjoyed the British version as well. I remember back when that and MST2K were the only things on Comedy Central.

      • Another performer who always got me laughing was Brad Sherwood.

        • On Netflix, there is an improv special called Colin & Brad: Two Man Group and it cracked me up.

          • I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!

      • Clive Anderson was the Boss! Also tony Slattery, sandi Toksvig, John Sessions, Mike McShane, Josie Lawrence and Richard Vranch on the piano.

        I hated it when Drew Carey took over. That guy was sooo not funny to me. Anderson’s dry wit was much better.

  10. I watched The Avengers the other night again, and I have to say that that is the best superhero movie that I’ve ever seen, and very possibly, the best one ever made.

    Now I know all the Batman fans are already furiously preparing their fact filled angry responses, but really, the scene in the battle of New York where it just pans around all of them standing in a circle with the music playing, well I think that’s the best scenes ever shot in a superhero movie, bar none. I don’t know what could possibly top that. The story also, was very good, along with the acting, just overall a great movie.

    Just some thoughts. Go ahead, fire away.

    • Man… Were you disappointed when no one gave 2 poops about your comment?

      • 2 poops! HAHAHA!! Funniest line of the day by far!

    • Now, now. Tony, is that you?

    • @ Stark

      I have to agree with you about The Avengers being the besy CBM yet imo aswell. I have to say i love the tone & balance Marvel Studios have made their films. Giving them a realistic feel aswell having them be seen as comic book films for everyone to enjoy. WB/DC route of makin films seems imo to be more aimed towards adults like Nolan’s Batman films. I hoping MOS doesn’t follow Nolan’s Batman trilogy dark tone is all as alot of DC characters don’t seem to fit that tone.

  11. Top 5 favorite shows on the teli. right now.

    Walking Dead
    Comic Book Men
    The Ultimate Fighter

    • #5 – Grimm
      #4 – Supernatural (it’s back in the top 5!)
      #3 – Go On
      #4 – Raising Hope
      #5 – Parks and Recreation

      (full disclosure, I do not have cable so I only watch shows VIA Hulu Plus and Netflix…if I included shows that I’m catching up on Netflix:
      The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Being Human, Breaking Bad, and The Good Guys would top my list…along with reruns of It’s Always Sunny, Reaper, Better Off Ted, HIMYM, and Arrested Development)

    • My wife jokes with me about TUF, saying all I need to do is fast-forward each episode to the last twenty minutes just to see the fight.

      Current TUF season spoilers ahead!

      How about Uriah Hall’s knockout kick? That was crazy. I was also stunned when Kelvin Gastelum defeated Bubba McDaniel. I love it when the underdog is victorious.

    • I’m in the same boat as the Prof but also include Amazon Prime. (I ship a lot of goods). So I barely watch anything live. And I’m still pushing through Smallville. On Season 7 Ep 4 as we speak. So far, a great series. Arrow is next most likely.

      • We’ll be renewing Amazon Prime soon enough…the wife likes Downton Abbey. Also, I saw they had the first episode of Robot Combat League on Amazon for free. I started watching it the other night and then my wife shut it off. The 20 minutes or so I saw seemed interesting…but I just wanted to see some Rock-em Sock-em robot action.

        • Robot Combat League? I think I heard Chris Jericho plugging that on a local radio show a few weeks back. I heard its Real Steel without the stupid kid. I’m excited.

    • Boardwalk empire
      Walking dead
      How i met your mother

    • #1 Supernatural
      #2 The Walking Dead
      #3 Person of Interest
      #4 Elementary
      #5 Grimm

  12. Which direction should DC go in to fully create a cinematic universe that rivals MARVEL?

    1. Completely copy what “the other guys” did(solo films first then bring the group together).

    2. Do the complete opposite of idea number one(group film then solo adventures follow).

    3. Merge both ideas into one(a couple solo adventures first then group film then more solo movies featuring the rest of the team).

    • My idea is #4…

      A) Do solo films. Man of Steel franchise. Dark Knight franchise. Green Lantern Corps franchise. And then work out smaller characters in

      B) Do JLA films…Star Wars/LOTR style with an epic trilogy as a full story. Wait years, then do another trilogy.

      C) Do not connect solo films with the JLA films. Separate actors for the roles means less long term contracts. It also means two movies could film simultaneously. They could have a JLA winter release and a franchise solo character summer release.

      • @The Professor

        Sorry Prof. but DC might not go for that idea, & even if they did Warner Bros. would definitely say HECK NO! The main reason why we never see t.v. shows & movies showcasing the same character at the same time is because the WB figures by doing so it might confuse the audience as to why two different people are playing the same characters. Especially when…………..

        A) The stories of both formats don’t link together.

        B) One story showcases the future of the other ahead of time.

        C) Both of these reasons is why they won’t have different people in multiple franchises representing the same characters.

        It’s starting to sound more & more like they want to build what Marvel has already started which might not be a bad way to go provided that it’s done correctly of course.

        • “The main reason why we never see t.v. shows & movies showcasing the same character at the same time is because the WB figures by doing so it might confuse the audience as to why two different people are playing the same characters”

          Smallville and Superman Returns aired at the same time. – Lawyered.

          • @The Professor

            And that’s exactly the reason why you will never………eeeeeever see something like that again. The WB blames Smallvilles’ existence for Superman Returns downfall at the boxoffice. With no hard evidence to back that claim up I considered them foolish for even thinking such a thing.

            By the way what the heck does “LAWYERED” mean? HAHAHA!!

        • I believe you are confusing the WB with Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios is the one who worried about continuity throughout their movies and television pilot.

          The WB can create franchises. They’ve done it with Harry Potter, LOTR, Superman (4 with Christopher Reeves), Batman (Burton, Schumacher), the Dark Knight trilogy, the Hobbit…even the Hangover. I feel as if they are looking at all their options for JLA and waiting to see how Man of Steel works out. If successful, my guess is we will see a Man of Steel franchise before a JLA one. I do not think they are going to go the Marvel/Disney route with an entire universe devoted to these characters because they have so many other potential franchises starting up like Pacific Rim and Godzilla. I think the option I came up with fits the studio. Because if a solo franchise fails (like Green Lantern), they can cut their losses and move on to another one. Keeping the solo franchise separate from the team-up one will allow them to continue moving forward and creating franchises.

          • No NO NO. That statement I made pertained to WB & Smallville. Yes they released the Superman movie but because of the t.v. show certain aspects of his mythology couldn’t be used for both at the same time because they thought people wouldn’t be able to figure out that they weren’t part of the same universe. That’s why they blame the movies’ unsuccessful run on the existence of the t.v. show. They figured people didn’t except it because the films story contradicted the t.v. show.

            • Sorry, I wrote my comment as an additional response to your A. B. C. comment earlier. I wasn’t referring to your WB/Smallville one when I wrote mine. I hadn’t seen it.

            • I’m sorry but Smallville had nothing to do with Superman Returns not doing so well. While I did enjoy SR somewhat, the actress they got for Lois Lane sucked horribly, the kid story was a failure, and there was not enough action; also, no one wants to keep seeing Lex Luthor, we want a real physical threat (Darkseid, Doomsday, etc….).

              • @ Kahless

                I agree with your post. Smallville was about Clark Kent & destiny to becoming Superman. Had nothing to do with Superman Returns. What you mentioned about that film is pretty much spot on.

              • @Kahless – I agree as well. I could have looked beyond Kate Bosworth’s acting and using Lex Luthor once again…but the baby superkid idea is what I believe ruined any chances that franchise had of succeeding.

    • I think they need to start with MOS as the intro to Superman into this. Not as a solo film and but as an intro into something that will get progressively larger. The JL movies needs to be like the FATF series or like the Bond series. They don’t need to showcase every single character in one movie. Just take the best stories and throw it on the big screen. It will work. It will cost less. Andit will make money along the way because as long as the stories get better and better each time, it will attract the same crowd and more.

      • Keep your fingers crossed that any of that actually happens.

        • WB is good at making series with their DC characters, it would be a no brainer why this couldn’t work. Just make those awesome episodes larger, longer, and on a more epic scale. There is no reason to try and cash in on the Avengers success story. They tried something and they were successful. Good for them. But why copy? Why not take a step back and realize what they are already good at and just do it BIGGER. Call each movie Justice League: Blah etc etc if they want a continuation it titles but make one of them a Batman/Superman team up. Another a Superman/GL Corps team up. Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman. Aquaman/Martian Manhunter. Here and there a huge team up. Each film contain a cameo if necessary.

          • I think the WB is more likely to milk a franchise and then move on. They did the Dark Knight trilogy during which Superman Returns and Green Lantern both were financial failures. Now, Batman is done…so they are banking on Man of Steel to start a new franchise. If it is successful, we’ll see more Superman solo films…now they could go one way and incorporate other superheroes into that franchise OR they could create a second franchise (JLA) that has them all. If JLA fails, they can fall back on the Superman franchise and a prepare for a Batman reboot. If JLA is successful, they will have 2 franchises going with the potential to reboot Batman at any time they want (i.e. when one of the franchises loses steam). Also, they’ll have the opportunity to start new franchises with the lesser-known characters introduced in the JLA. And perhaps a chance to eventually reboot the Green Lantern. I have faith that the WB knows what it is doing…then I remember Catwoman and that faith is gone.

            • HAHAHA!! Catwoman. So many jokes, so much time to waste them on a crappy movie like that. Unfortunately it’s not alone. The only DC films that I have ever enjoyed throughout the many years they’ve been doing movies are……..

              1. Superman
              2. Superman II
              3. Superman III (only the scene where Supes. fights Clark)
              4. Superman IV (yes I know “Nuclear Man” sucked but I still enjoyed seeing him fight Supes. one on one)
              5. Batman (Michael Keaton’s still number one)
              6. Batman Returns
              7. Batman Forever (I only had a problem with Two Face)
              8. The Dark Knight (Joker………’Nuff Said)
              9. Green Lantern (I know I’m going to get questions for this)
              10. The Watchmen (The only film I will give a pass on for being so damn long)

              • I also liked The Losers, Constantine, RED, and V for Vendetta. Oh, and A history of violence.

                • I loved RED and V for Vendetta. The Losers was a fun one-time watch. I don’t think I even finished Constantine. And I’ve pushed back watching A History of Violence for so long that I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder ;)

                  • Anytime Spidey. Remember, everybody gets one.

              • The WB has made a few failures with DC properties…Jonah Hex. But, if you look at the top 25 highest grossing films of all time…the WB has TEN films from FOUR different franchises
                Harry Potter (5)
                LOTR (2)
                The Dark Knight (2)
                The Hobbit (1)

                I think they’ll do the JLA justice.

              • @ Broadway

                I thought Nuclear Man was creative as he almost killed Superman. He meant business.

            • That’s why I don’t see the reason for a HUGE team up and only SOLO films. Yeah, the Marvel way works for them because they have 3 bankable characters, a few supporting characters that can’t carry their own film (Hulk is now one of them) and they only cameo. They are taking a risk with introducing new characters. I think that Doctor Strange could work but not Ant Man, but here is to trying.

              In regards to WB/DC, yeah they are very successful with franchises/trilogies and such but this new franchise I personally don’t want them to copycat Marvel. I think they should develop the story first with known characters like simple team up movies. Have a few cameos of lesser known characters for introduction. Listen to the fans responses of them and then develop solo films or leads for them later on/more screen time.

              It’s the safest way in doing this because 1, people are going to see the first film created, and 2, with an awesome response and demand for those other characters means that they will again profit off of what is created for them.

              If WB is scared of another GL or Catwoman flop, then this is a genius way of almost near guarantee of a non flop.

              • I suppose your smaller team-up way could be successful. I’ll be curious to see the route WB/DC takes after Man of Steel releases.

          • WB is also good at ruining series of their DC characters.

  13. Lets take a vote, reply to this comment with either a yes or a no.

    Is Ryan Reynolds a good actor and deserve to be green lantern/deadpool?

    My vote: no

    • Yes on the former, & No to the latter. If Marvel had the character then I might have said yes to both.

    • He’s been both and failed. I say he’s done.

      • Vote: No

    • Yes.

    • Yes.

      If you’ve seen Smokin’Aces, especially the ending, you know that Ryan Reynolds is an excellent actor whose abilities extend way beyond his usual goofballing. The problem is the material that he’s given. He can only really shine when combined with a great script and a good director, something that has rarely happened so far.

  14. Who here watched the 2010 The Wolfman and wished they had done a sequel instead of a direct to dvd Werewolf Beast Among Us that sucked.

    With a new Frankenstein in the works, The Mummy being rebooted, and A Creature of The Black Lagoon reboot all my favorite monsters are coming back it seems.

    All we need is a dracula film and a wolfman sequel and ill be happy.

  15. no arrow or elementary for two weeks! what will i do?

    i guess i can look forward to the end of the month when i will have arrow and elementary and doctor who and revolution back. though i dont really care about revolution all that much.

      • Slade Wilson is more than his mask.

        • Yeah……well his “look” sucks without it. No mask means no “real” Deathstroke for me. It is part of who he is you know.

          • You always gotta have the last word don’t you…

            • Broadway, Bway, Bdubb or whatever alias you have.

              • @Canned a.k.a. who are you? a.k.a. who gives a damn?

                If you were trying to get a rise out of me you failed big time. I only verbally spar with people who actually matter or have some type of relevance to me.

                • Yeah right…you’ll probably respond again even though you claim you don’t care, but you just have to respond to get in the last word.

  16. Superman of the 90s just KOed Superman of the 2000s. Why is Dean Cain in an episode? Lol. I’m waiting for Adam West.

  17. I’m not sure how they would do the story but how about a Person of Interest and Elementary crossover. They both take place in new york, both on the same network and air one after the other. Two of the higher ratings getting shows right now. Thoughts anyone?

  18. Watched the giant slayer, twas awesome. Way better than youd think.
    It has the things the 2010 Alice In Wonderland lacked, good pacing, a point, actual threats and most importantly fun.

    Also the ending(i wont spoil) was really cool as well.

    • How’d the CGI giants look on screen?

      • They looked fine, sometimes really good, never bad.
        But you dont notice because the giants are always doing something or used well.