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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 9, 2012

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  1. Go see John Carter!!

    • Seeing it tomorrow as part of a double header!

  2. Good morning screen rant. What’s everyone’s top ten list this year? Mine is
    1. The Avengers
    2. TDKR
    3. The Amazing Spiderman
    4. Hunger Games
    5. MIB3
    6. The Hobbit
    7. Prometheus
    8. Snow White and the Huntsman
    9. GI joe retaliation
    10. Skyfall

    • TDKR
      Total Recall
      47 Ronin
      ‘Cogan’s Trade
      Wettest Country in the World
      Gangster Squad

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. The Dark Knight Rises
      3. The Amazing Spider-Man
      4. The Hobbit
      5. Men In Black 3
      6. Prometheus
      7. The Hunger Games
      8. Snow White and the Huntsman
      9. Skyfall
      10. Wrath Of the Titans

      There are others that I’ll go see as well, but those are ones I think I’ll be seeing on opening weekend.

      • *Edit: “but THESE are the ones I think I’ll be seeing…”

      • I have some honorable mentions like Wrath of the Titans, Dredd, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter. I have to wait until the movies come out on blu ray so it sucks for me either way :(

        • Dredd and Abraham are two of the movies I considered to place in my tenth spot, but in the end, I just liked Wrath a bit more.
          P.S. Yeti, Why do you have to wait until they come out on BD/DVD?

          • because I was shot and now I’m partially paralyzed. I mean I can walk just not very far. So I have to be pushed in a wheelchair, it’s just a hassle. But I can guarantee I’ll be there for the avengers. I’ve waited on it for too long

            • Aw man… I’m sorry to hear that.

              • yeah it sucks man but there’s nothing I can do about it, it just really sucks having to wait 3 extra months for the blu ray :(

            • @ Yeti,

              Sorry to hear about your situation, how was your movie night ?

              • I appreciate it Vader. I’m having to postpone my movie night indefinitely because when the those tornadoes came through and knocked out my power it really did a number on my digital cable :(

      • My Top Ten!

        1. The Avengers
        2. The Amazing Spider-Man
        3. Prometheus
        4. The Hobbit
        5. The Dark Knight Rises
        6. Wrath of the Titans
        7. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
        8. Skyfall
        9. MIB 3
        10. Bourn Legacy (stuck it in to make an even 10)

    • 1. Avengers
      2. Spiderman
      3. TDKR
      4. Hunger Games
      5. John Carter
      6. Wrath of the Titans
      7. The Hobbit
      8-10. TBD

    • 1.Avengers 2.TDKR 3.Amazing Spider-Man 4.Django Unchained 5.Skyfall 6.GI Joe Retaliation 7.Wrath of the Titans 8.The Bourne Legacy 9.Prometheus 10.Dredd

      • Good call on Bourne. Completely forgot about that one. That’s in my top ten!

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. Dark Knight Rises
      3. The Expendables 2
      4. Django Unchained
      5. The Hobbit
      6. Wrath Of The Titan
      7. The Amazing Spider Man
      8. Cogans Trade/Killin em Softly
      9. Gangster Squad
      10. GI Joe: Retaliation

      Honorable Mentions: MIB3, Bourne Legacy, Skyfall, Dredd, Prometheus, Total Recall… Im sure there are many more im forgetting

    • 1.The Avengers
      2.The Dark Knight Rises
      3.The Amazing Spiderman
      4.The Hobbit
      6.Wrath Of The Titans
      7.The Hunger Games
      9.Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
      10. 47 Ronin

      Posted this while on my way to watch John Carter. :)

      • Ahh I couldn’t decide I forgot django unchained, gangster squad and snow white and the huntsman

    • 1. DKR
      2. Avengers
      3. The hobbit
      4. The amazing spiderman
      5. Abraham lincoln vampire hunter
      6. The hunger games
      7. MIB3
      8. Bourne legacy
      9. Wettest county
      10. Prometheaus

    • Avengers
      American Reunion
      MIB 3
      GI Joe

      I think that´s all.

      • Scapegoat,

        Hey, I was wondering if you were planning to see TDKR or if you were going to avoid it. Not trying to bait you into an argument; I’m just honestly curious.

        • Scape really isn’t the biggest Dark Knight fan (to phrase it nicely ;))

        • I won´t spend money on it. I´ll watch it when one of my friends buys the DVD or when it´s on TV. But I have no desire to see it at the cinema.

          • Thanks for the reply.

            If I have the release dates correct, you’ll be seeing The Avengers before it opens here in the States, right? I hope you’ll pass along your opinion.

            • I will for sure. But I already know I´ll love it.

    • 10. The Hobbit
      9. Skyfall
      8. Looper
      7. Men in Black 3
      6. G.I. Joe Retaliation
      5. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
      4. Prometheus
      3. The Dark Knight Rises
      2. The Amazing Spider-Man
      1. The Avengers

      My list changes as I see more trailers. I wrote up my most anticipated list in January and since then #2 and #3 have flip-flopped and Men in Black and Abraham Lincoln have both dropped while Prometheus has risen…this is all due to my reaction to their trailers. Django Unchained should be on my list…but I still haven’t seen any promotional pictures or a teaser trailer.

      Check out the original list

    • 1 TDKR
      2 Avengers
      3 SpiderMan
      4 MIB 3
      5 GI JOE
      6 Dredd
      7 Django Unchained
      8 Hunger GAmes
      9 Wrath of the Titans
      10 Skyfall

      • 1. The Master
        2. The Dark Knight Rises
        3. Prometheus
        4. The Avengers
        5. Looper
        6. Rec 3: Genesis
        7. The Hobbit
        8. Judge Dredd
        9. Django Unchained
        10. The Master

        • 1. The Avengers
          2. The Hobbit
          3. Prometheus
          4. The Amazing Spiderman
          5. The Dark Knight Rises
          6. Looper
          7. Wrath of the Titans
          8. MIB3
          9. Django Unchained
          10. Lock Out

    • No particular order yet:

      The Hobbit
      The Avengers
      The Dark Knight Rises
      Django Unchained
      World War Z- surprised it’s not getting more love
      The Hunger Games
      The Wettest County
      Cogans Trade

      • Wow I completely forgot about world war z. It’s definitely on my honorable mentions list with Looper, thanks Epsilon, since I haven’t seen a trailer for either one

  3. I been thinkining on how to make a Venom movie work. This is what I got.

    Taking some influence from the new Flash Thompson Venom (haven’t read it), I would make Venom a new super-soldier weapon. Venom is still a symbiotic parasite from space but the gov’t captured the last living sample after Eddie Brocks last fight with spider-man. There will subtle mentions to the larger SpiderMan Universe at play.

    The story will be a Captain Atom/Steve Rogers mix. A good hearted falsely accused soldier is volunteered for the Venom Project. CodeName “Venom” becomes a black op super soldier tasked with taking out other gov’t superhero programs. An allusion to the Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) we intiated in America.

    You can use Flash Thompson but I say an original character would be better with some smaller named Spider-Man characters for support. The internal conflict would be Soldier fight to keep his humanity and good nature admist all the fighting and dark nature/addictive of the venom suit. Ends with the Soldier dying tragically but retaining his humanity/good nature. A sequel would put a different soldier in the Venom Suit.

    Best I could think of. Thoughts? Rip it apart if it sucks lol

    • I like it. Very interesting. Not a fan of creating a new original character. I think if you mess up with the source material too much, you’ll have a new X-Men series and how Fox changes up everything.

      • I agree. But with this Venom spin- offu get a lot of lee way. You cant (or shouldnt) used Eddie Brock. Flash Thompson isnt a great choice either b/c the SpiderMan franchise just rebooted.

        I vote for something completely original in the Venom Spin-off. Like an Elsewhere title.

  4. What does everyone think the after credits scene of The Avengers is going to be? I’d love to say Ultron but I think you need to cast an Ant-Man before you can do that. My guess is a Thanos reference with the gauntlet.

    • They can have a cameo of Hank Pym: they don’t necessarily have to show his face)… and even if they do, casting isn’t a problem at all (they just have to keep it a secret) — remember when Sam Jackson made his legendary cameo at the end of IM1?

      So far, I’ve had two theories/ideas for the button:
      1. Let’s say, Loki uses one of the infinity gems in TA… now, after the Avengers saves the day, that gem gets left behind in the rubble from the fight. Camera pans in on the gem as it lies under some rubble – a hand appears and lifts up the gem – the camera pans over to Thanos (not revealing his entire face though) as he smiles and walks away.
      2. A dark lab, the camera shows a man sitting on a chair working on a robot arm or leg – the camera zooms in on the lab table – to the side of Pym, we see a robot head connected to a computer with some wires – the robot’s eyes light up in a menacing red color – Ultron lives. (With that button, the fans would know it’s Pym at the lab, and they wouldn’t even have to show his face – only a guy with “dirty-blond hair” in a lab coat sitting on a chair – we never see his face – only his back)

      • Seriously, just reading that… SO AWESOME. If only. :)

      • I agree that would be AWESOME!!

    • You know what would set the nerdisphere ablaze? After the credits, we see Nick Fury fly to California. He goes into a building and meets a blond woman and says, “Hi I’m Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’d like to talk to you and Mr.Richards about his work with cosmic rays”. With that scene, we would know that Marvel/Disney has reacquired the rights to Fantastic Four (they kept it hush-hush).

      • That would be sweet too. I personally don’t think they have the rights back. If there are rumors that the Chronicle dude was going to direct the reboot, it must be in “pre-production”. And as long as it’s in that stage, Fox maintains the rights.

      • Yeah… but sadly, the FF rights are still over at Fox (they’re still apparently doing a reboot at some point)

      • Yes, I know the F4 property is still at Fox; my point in bringing that up was how cool it would be if Marvel/Disney made the deal with Fox and made sure the public still believed the property was still not theirs. It was just a What-If scenario.

        Oh, a What-If movie would be nice; but it will never happen with so many properties gone.

    • I been wondering what the after credits scene will be for the longest time! My opinion on the most likely ones:

      1. Hank Pym/Ultron
      2. Black Panther and Wakanda
      3. Thanos and the Infinity Gems/Gauntlet
      4. Namor the Sub-Mariner

      I don’t know but if any of these are the case, I’d die (happily :P) of a nerdgasm in the theater.

      • It would depend on the plan for A2 obviously, and the rumour is that the MARVEL plan is going cosmic.

        That means the button will likely be either Captain Marvel/Thanos or KANG the Conqueror.

        My personal choice for the button would be Hank/Janet trying to obtain Vibranium for Hank’s Ultron prototype and then getting stopped by Black Panther himself. A possible escalation of continental war in africa so Nick Fury sends in the team – cue Hulk, Thor, Cap, IM, Widow & Hawk stepping off a shield transport chopper onto the plains of Wakanda.

        • @Pitt Man

        • @Pitt Man
          THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA. I would go crazy if they showed that. I hope the end credits ties into Black Panther.

  5. Hey Vic,i was wondering if you or any of the other writer’s on screen rant were going to find out any new info on the upcoming He-Man film since it’s been awhile since anything has been leaked,or do you just wait until the news come to you then you put it out?

    • A few years ago, a script leaked. It was called ‘Grayskull: Masters Of The Universe’. And it was fantastic. Google for it, it´s totally worth it.

      • Yea i saw that awhile ago but alot of fans thought it was lame and the other script was just like the animated show.But they got two new writers back in april 2010,the same ones who wrote the last Predators film which was pretty decent.So its been 2 years since they were hired & no script yet and the last you heard was back in june 2011 when a studio head said a script was coming in 6 months.Guess what? Its been nine months so im exspecting something very soon.And with nearly two years gone by,they better have a fantastic story or trilogy to present when the time comes.

        • I read the script and I liked it a lot. Even though Adam is never called He-Man, it´s an interesting twist, kinda like “Ultimate Masters”.

    • @Hi-C – This was last we heard on the Me-Man reboot.

      Paul Young

      • Thanks Paul,that was actually one of the last updates i read about it,and that was quite some time ago.So i thought something new would’ve transpired by now and with all the John Carter talk & looking at him in trailers he’s basicly He-Man on Mars with all the sweet stuff he can do physically.When the real He-Man is being made i exspect nothing less then perfection as im sure other fans feel the same way.

  6. What ever happened to ‘Red 2′?
    I saw Red for the first time last week (it was a fun flick IMO), and I heard they’re planning a sequel (which was supposed to come out this year?)…
    Does anyone have some new info about it?

    • Pretty sure its scheduled for a 2013 release date not positive tho

      • I’m pretty sure you’re right about the 2013 release.

  7. **Posted this on the other thread but i see where all over here now**

    Just wanted to come back and thank all who suggested comics! I dont like to read comics b/c they are kinda hookey/corny but The Ultimates has been a great read! Im reading Ultimates Vol 2 tonight!

    If The Avengers is the like Ultimates Vol 1 than its going to be ..EPIC!!

    @Pitt: Im going to my comic store tonight to find the Mcfarlane issues you suggested. THanks!

    • To get those McFarlane issues, make sure you bring enough money… They´re considered as classics, but maybe you can get a paperback.

      If you enjoyed Ultimates 1 and 2, don´t make the mistake to read Ultimates 3. Avoid it like the pest.

    • Like Scape said, they might be pricey, but worth it. McFarlane’s spidey series got worse as it went on, Todd’s a great penciller but the stories eventually suffered. But when Spiderman #1 came out it was huge, a big event, it broke sales records. Todd’s morbius was awesome too.

      • I´m not really a fan of McFarlane´s art. I was really glad when he got Greg Capullo as the regular artist on Spawn.

  8. Here’s a thought stark and Thor meet for the first time in the avengers. Thor looks at what tony is wearing .

    Thor: what is this AC/DC ?

    Stark: wow really …everyone knows who AC/DC is. Take a listen, plays THUNDERSTRUCK.

    Thor: I like this AC/DC (takes hold of his hammer)

    Stark: easy there with that club thing, I really don’t think you can afford to pay for the damages you’ll cause with that thing(chuckles).

    • Pretty sure Stark wears a Black Sabbath shirt in TA (not an AC/DC shirt).
      Coincidentally though, I’M wearing an AC/DC shirt right now! (Their “Black Ice Tour” shirt) :D

      • @The Avenger,

        I was aware stark was wearing a black Sabbath t-shirt in TA it was just a thought.

        • An awesome thought though…
          (When Thor first came out, I was SURE they would play ‘Thunderstruck’ during the movie – but sadly it didn’t happen – probably for the best though, because the song wouldn’t have ~fit in~ with the rest of the movie)

    • SPOILERS! Seriously, if you don´t want to be spoiled, don´t continue reading that post.
      Still reading? Ok, you´ve been warned.

      Cap, Widow and Iron Man are sent to capture Loki in Germany. After he gets arrested (which was his plan; it was way to easy), Cap, Stark and the Widow are flying back to the SHIELD headquarters. On their way, Thor lands on the Quinjet (as seen in the trailer). Because they don´t know what´s happening, Stark flies out of the jet, then starts fighting Thor. Cap jumps out of the jet (also seen in the trailer) and joins the fight. That´s actually the fight in the woods that everyone is talking (and speculating) about.

      • Damnit Scape,i didn’t want to but i couldn’t help myself:)

      • Scape, how exactly did you come across this information good sir? :-/

        • A few days ago, pages from a yet unreleased book (like the books for the Thor and Cap movies) leaked and someone posted pictures of those pages on CBM. But the studio made them remove the pages again, since the book is not out yet. There´s also some major spoilers about the Hulk and Hawkeye…

          • And thor owns them all lol jk idk

          • @Scape so you know who Loki’s nefarious unmentioned army is? Just a yes or a no will suffice, and one last question does it seem to kick all types of A**? :P

            • No, I don´t know who the army is. But I know it´s not the Skrulls or the Kree. Whedon said it in an interview the other day.

              • so Whedon officially ruled out the Skrulls and the Kree? I wanna know but at the same time I don’t. ;) I’m so confused. Will it be the Chitauri or some army made specifically for the MCU?

                • I´m sure it´ll be some 9 realms army.

  9. Just watched john carter and imo it was awesome. It was definately worth watching in IMAX 3-D. :D

  10. I have a comic book question and rather than waste my time googling over and over I figured I’d come to the only place where the guys are as nerdy as me. Anyway as I stated in an earlier post I’ve recently started reading comics again and I’m trying to get caught up and was wondering which issues of x-men is it where cyclops and wolverine take the team in two different directions. Actually I’d like to start off before that at the mutant extermination. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)

    • Yeti

      there were a few different cross-over “mutant extinction” type stories in the x-comics.

      The Mutant Massacre ran from Uncanny x-men #210 – 213 (marauders fight x-men)
      The Fall of the mutants ran Uncanny x-men #225-227 (the x-men “die”)
      The first Genosha storyline ran uncanny #235-238 (1st genosha/island of enslaved mutants)
      The extinction agenda ran uncanny #270-272 (cameron hodge and genoshans capture x-teams)

      These are all great crossover storylines, obviously I collect primarily uncanny x-men. I think cyclops and wolvie’s split is a very recent thing.

      I hope this helps.

      • Thanks Pitt but I think Scape has mentioned the issues I’m looking for. I’ll probably download the ones you were talking about as well

    • The mutant extermination happened at the end of the House Of M mini-series when the Scarlet With said “No more mutants”.

      The split between Wolverine and Cyclops happened in the mini-series X-Men: Schism.