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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Mar 7, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 7, 2012

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  1. Sorry for the late post, gang. For some reason this didn’t fire off on schedule like it was supposed to.


  2. Just wanted to shout out that you guys rock over @ screenrant, and it would seem most of your fans are well informed. I read everything from reviews to comments and usually your dead on. Keep up the good work screenrant, and people…keep posting! Thanks-

  3. Second half

    • Thanks, guys! Always nice to hear. :-D


  4. Morning everyone… hope yall are doing well, weather here sucks… weve gotten 11 inchs of snow in the past 2 days and its still snowing, this place is ridiculous…

    • Where yat? We have had close to nothing im DC/MD area. Im expecting a harsh Summer as payback haha

    • Fairbanks, Ak… This winter has sucked…beginning of Febuary we had about a week or so of 50 below 0…

      • Yikes LOLI am a man of warm temperatures and scantily clad women.

      • Yea me too.. Im originally from Houston, but I got stuck up here a few years back by the military… Now Im stuck here due too custody reasons.

        • You have my WARMEST prayers.

  5. Second Half of season 2 Walking Dead has been a major improvement. The pace is set much better.

    My favorite thing is that characters dont sit on knowledge for multiple episodes but instead address them head on. For Example Laurie told Rick that Shane ______, and Rick spoke to Shane about it straightforward and promptly.

  6. I have heard several times an argument about tv shows or movies that differ from the source material of the books or comic books. Most recently it was in the discussions of the last Walking Dead episode.

    Why does this bother so many people? With the exception of down right terrible decisions (i.e. Topher Grace playing Venom) I think it is for the best. Do you really want to go see A Spider-Man or X-men movie, or watch an episode of The Walking Dead, where you know EXACTLY how it is going to end? No surprises. Where is the fun in that?

    I don’t know… Just my opinion.

    • It depends. Are you adapting a character with several years adventures or a single story.

      There is alot of leeway with the former but with the latter it becomes a little iffy especially with modernization, casting (rarely do you look your comicbook counterpart) and time constraints. Personally, I am all for changes that better the movie.


      Watchmen. Toughest adaptaionto do in The time constraints of a movie. Changing Dr Manhanttan as the doomsday weapon that stopped humanity from WW3 was bette than the invading pink squid thingy.

      I Am Legend. Completely change (ruined) the idenity of the story by changing the ending and lesson Smith was suppose to learn. It was not about finding a cure. It was that his hatred has turned him into the very thing he set out to destroy. The “vampires”, who were intelligent men, women and children, feared the monstrous Smith for the constant murder of their kind. He became the legend. The Boogeyman.

  7. Anyone know when the final Dark Knight Rises trailer will drop?

    • I heard in May or with Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

      • Too far away! haha

        • I know dude! But TDKR will be worth the wait. Look at the track record.

          Its the most anticpated movie of 2012. Even the Screen Rant polls agree! And that poll was featured on The Avengers Trailer Thread.

    • It will air in front of Marvel’s The Avengers! ;)
      Kidding of course, but from what I heard, it will be released near the start of May…

      • Yeah I also heard dark shadows is when it will be released. I’m beyond lucky that I work at a theatre so I don’t have to see dark shadows

        • You are lucky! ScreenRAnt should have you write an early release fan reaction!

          • Haha its one of the perks of working at a movie theatre. Ill probobly end up seeing the trailer a day before release that’s when we will get the disc for it.

  8. Vic and everyone else at Screenrant,

    I’ve really enjoyed Anthony Ocasio’s TV Picks on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I haven’t seen one posted for today yet. Even though I don’t watch TV as it airs, it is nice to see what I should be looking forward to (a day later). Also, I like monthly 10 movies to look for forward idea. Looking forward to many more of those in the upcoming months.

    • I agree “B-List”. (love the name by the way). The monthly 10 movies gives me a quick view of what to look for…that’s actually good. Screenrant, you can do that every month as far as I’m concerned. I’m gonna get fired!

      • The monthly movie list is going to be an ongoing feature, and our TV editor is trying to figure out the best schedule for the TV picks.

        Thanks, guys.


    • I also agree about the monthly 10 movies list. Great idea SR!

      • I second that…
        It’s an awesome idea (hoping it’ll be a recurring thing)

  9. Vic, just a suggestion (thought about earlier this week and wanted to share): I thought it might be a nice addition to add a button/link at the top of the site that (when you click on it) always takes you to the newest Open Discussion…
    Since the summer blockbusters are fast approaching (and new articles are sure to pop up every few hours) I though it might be an easy way for us to get to the OD thread without having to scroll through lists of articles.

    It’s not a NECESSARILY addition, of course (SR is perfect the way it is), but I just wanted to know what the other regular-ranters’ thoughts are?

    • TheAvenger,

      Hmm… not sure how I’d implement that – would be a bit of work to maintain as the link would have to change 3X/week.


      • Ah… I didn’t think of that.
        Never mind.

  10. HEY YALL! Im looking to buy some comics that are (might be) the inspiration for the plot of upcoming comic book movies this year. Thanx for any help!

    i.e. TDKR, Spider-Man, Dredd and The Avengers. I know some of this is best guesss since nobody has seen those movies yet,

    • For the Avengers, you could read The Ultimates 1 and 2. Pretty good writing and fantastic art.

      • TDKR – Knightfall Saga, Batman: Cataclysm, No Man’s Land and Dark Knight Returns.

        ASM – Ultimate Spider-Man. And whatever Spiderman comics featuring the Lizard you can find.

        Dredd – Dont Know.

        Avengers – I like Ultimates Vol 1&2 but they will give you a false impression of the Movie. The Ultimate Avengers is a deeper and more politcally themed read. Better off reading the comic tie-ins Marvel made specifically for the movie. Plus they are free.

    • If you’re looking for Avengers comics then, as Scape said: The Ultimates is a MUST read.
      But if I may just add: check out the originals as well… you know the 1963 comics – they’re always entertaining :D and without those, we would never have had ANY interpretation of The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

      P.S. If you’re looking for comics that ties into the movie continuity (and explain how all these movies [Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Cap] fit together and when they take place) then I SERIOUSLY recommend ‘Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week’ (Issue 1-5 is available on comiXoligy and they’ll be hitting print soon as well.)
      I’m not really a fan of tie-in comics, but this series has been awesome so far. It reveals so much about SHIELD and how all these puzzle pieces (4 years in the making) fit together: from Coulson discovering the events in New Mexico to how Black Widow saw the Hulk’s fight in the park, to how Fury and Widow almost killed Tony Stark! — so much epicosity! ;)

      • Thanks alot guys! Will grab those Batman stories.

        Any Spider-Man fans know any of the best Lizard Story Arcs by chance?

        The Ultimates sounds awesome! Right up my alley! Yea, I already know The Avengers wont have any politcial or deeper themes. Just plenty fun at face value and great action scenes. Sorta like those Transformers movies.

        @TheAvenger or Ignur Rant: The Avenger Tie-In is free correct? Do one of you have the link?? Thanks!

        Now I just need to figure out Judge Dredd! Oh Vey!

        • You gotta ask TheAvenger about the Movie tie-in download link.

    • Spidey = the first 5 issues of Todd McFarlane’s SPIDERMAN. The Torment storyline featues the most awesome lizard ever.

      Bats = obviously the knightfall/bane story.

      Avengers = avengers #1 Loki takes control of hulk, forcing iron man, thor and hank & janet to unite, free hulk and kick butt. That is the movie, basically.

      Dredd = don’t know, go find some LOBO comics.

  11. Hey guys I finally got around to watching Warrior and Sucker Punch. One was one of the best films I’d ever seen while the other one one was…well not to say the least. Anyway I was thinking of having a movie night and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions?

    • Well to stay in the same vein as Warrior, The Fighter and Real steel were both pretty good… or a decent Tom Hardy film is RocknRolla, a Guy Ritchie film… other than that its pretty open to anything not knowing what genre your lookin for…

      • I second the fighter its my favorite boxing movie christian bale is incredible in that movie. Also not relating to the movies you said I recomment 50/50. And if you want an older movie look at christopher nolans old movies like the prestige or memento

        • yeah the fighter was a great movie I think Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale complemented each other nicely. I remember watching the prestige and the illusionist because they came out around the same time and I thought one was god awful and I really enjoyed the other, but for the life of me I can’t remember which was which. I’ve never actually sat down and watched Memento so I’ll add it to the list thanks :)

      • I love a good action movie. My second choice would have to be comedy. What about drive is it any good?

        • Drive imo is a really good movie. I also recommend unstoppable with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. If you haven’t watched either of the two both are great for a movie night.

          • I’ll have to watch Drive I’ve seen unstoppable it was pretty good. What about this list: Drive, Immortals, Hugo, and 50/50

            • If you want comedy, have you seen Tucker & Dale vs. Evil?

              • I second Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. It is hilarious and worth the watch.

              • I have to agree, Tucker and Dale was awesome, if your not familar with it, it is similar with Shawn of the Dead, in the manner that its a mixture of horror/gore and comedy… as far as your list Drive is great, just dont go into it expecting Fast Five… Immortals was a fun watch because I love mythology, and thought there were some interesting takes on things, but wasnt really satisfied with the ending… Havent seen 50/50 yet, and thats about where I stand with watching it, dont really care either way… And lastly, Hugo was a good movie, just maybe alittle slow depending on your mood…

              • I’ve never even heard of this Tucker and Dale movie. So I think I’m going to add it to my previous list. Thanks guys

  12. I know its not official yet but what are everyone’s thoughts on a venom solo spin-off film ? I wonder if they will base it on the limited series Lethal Protector.

    • Bad Idea IMO I love Venom as a villian and character. ut ths doesnt appealto me at all. I dont see it working. Especially with the bad introduction he recieved in SM3.

    • I don’t think it’s going to work.
      He’s a Spidey villain… he should be in a Spidey movie, not his own.

    • It was more Nerds vs Kara. I didnt know a bunch of those Star Trek/Wars questions either lol

      • The speed round had me laughing. 450 MPH…North

        • How did Robocop become Robocop? Karla “HE KILLS A COP” LMAO Who is Batman’s arch enemey? Karla “THE OPPISITE OF BATMAN,AQUAMAN” ROTFLMFAO…Thankyou that s**t was hysterical.

    • What he said^^

    • @ TheAvenger

      Nice article. I need to stop reading anything about The Avengers. There was one paragraph in the article imo DC/WB should take notes to. They can’t rely on Nolan to be involved in Batman/Superman reboots over & over forever. Nolan surely doesn’t seem right for every other DC hero to start up a franchise with.

      I bet people will be surprised aswell as i when The Avengers ASSEMBLE! May 4th, 2012.

      “In Whedon I Trust”

    • @TheAvenger – thanks for posting this article. I don’t think it will be a mindless action film…but I do want to see action-packed scenes like the Hulk catching Iron Man!

      I can’t wait for May 4th…and on that note what is the earliest date it opens outside of the USA?

      • I believe it’s April 25th in Australia (that’s the earliest release date)
        I know it opens on the 27th in the UK (and Scapegoat said it opens on the 26th in Germany).
        At first the movie would be released in SA on the 27th as well, but the newest reports say preview screenings will start on the 25th (and obviously I won’t miss out on that ;) – even if I have to kill someone).

    • There is no doubt The Avengers is going to break box office records. From what we’ve all seen with the latest trailer(which was truly epic) Whedon has done his homework. Come may 4th when The Avengers releases. All those who thought negatively about Whedon’s capability will be once and for all silenced.

      “IN WHEDON I TRUST” :)

    • Because history often repeats itself.

      • Not sure what you mean there Ignur… care to elaborate?

    • Haha I’m pretty sure most of you were mad when people said in nolan we trust lol and I doubt it will be breaking box office records… most likely highest grossing marvel film

      • @ trey

        Just don’t get your hopes up about TDKR living up to TDK’s success as theres no Joker in the film & Bane being the main villain. But if Hardy ends up dead, im sure the film will make more money.

        Before i get bashed by people, thats mainly why TDK did well. I lost count of how many comments i read regarding TDK with them starting about Ledger’s performance.

        • Thats a pretty ridiculous statement. Go sit in the corner and face the wall. No recess for you.

          • @ Ignur_Rant

            Sorry but the truth hurts.

            • @Wally

              Lol. What truth? The imaginarium of doctor parnassus didnt do well and its promotion was base soley on Ledgers death. And it was great movie IMO despite the imrpove screenwritin b/c of Ledgers death.

              Your statement is really stupid. Now go sit in the corner. Your excused from recess today hahah.

              • I hate ppl like WAlly West, who try and take away from a great movie. Best to ignore these baseless rants!

                Like Aunt Anne use to tell me when I worked at the circus, “Dont Feed The Trolls!!”

                • @ Former Golden Lord

                  Hate is such a strong word. I enjoyed Ledger’s performance & i enjoyed TDK itself. BUT, unlike most people im not one who overhypes the film to be so great. Samething about Avatar. I enjoyed that film but it too was overhyped. i enjoyed Batman Begins more than i did TDK, thats just me. It’s fact that my comment makes sense whether people are in denial or not. Deal With It.

              • @ Ignur_Rant

                You know it to be true. My comment stupid? More like common sense. Anyways, my apoligies to ya as i hate for this to come between the two of us.

          • @ Hi_C

            I prefer Joker being by himself unless Harleyquinn is by his side. Bane is another story. I can see Bane being involved with the League Of Shadows in TDKR. I just don’t like seeing Catwoman in there aswell. One thing i hated about Batman & Robin was 3 villains who in the comics would not have anything to with each other, especially Mr. Freeze. I prefer one villain for a CBM, no more than two villains at the most. To each their own though.

          • @Hi-C

            I read the KnightFall Saga for the first time a few weeks ago. Makes me think The Joker was slated to return b/c he teams up with the Scarecrow when Bane releases all the inmates.

              • @ Hi-C

                Joker is one villain no other villain/villains would or could trust about working with. That’s why imo id only have him paired w/ Harleyquinn on film. Not sure who’d id pair him up with other than Ra’s Al Ghoul.

  13. I will be off of SR, CBM, Facebook – almost all internet activity from April 25 – May 4. I do not want to spoil ANYTHING about Avengers before I see it.

    • April 25th is the earliest? I too will be going dark for that duration.

    • I for one, won’t spoil anything.
      I’m sure most of us ranters are sensible enough to take others into consideration.

      I will however, report on if it did indeed meet expectations… but I wouldn’t call that a spoiler… it’ll probably be more of an obvious fact ;)

      • At this point, I would suggest SR just post whether a major blockbuster is either Awesome, Good, Average, or Wait for DVD; I’m not sure if I want to read anything else about it.

        I take that back, they already give the ratings at the end, I’ll just skip the actual review (unless the rating is bad).

        • @Kahless (see, I spelled it correctly this time! ;))
          I’m pretty sure SR is a US based site correct?
          That means they’ll only be able to review The Avengers on May 4th?

          So, you’ll be able to watch the movie before the review is posted.

          • Kahless is sheathing his bat’leth; he’s not happy about it though, as he was looking forward to another blood bath. :-D

            I doubt if I’ll see the movie before SR posts the review; I know I said I was going to see the midnight show but I probably won’t, I want to be totally awake and alert.

    • You know what, that’s a good idea. I think I will follow the same logic.

  14. Hey thought I’d ask this here …

    Anybody know when the New Kara Air Bender (or whatever the title is) show starts on NICK?

    • I’ve checked on that myself and the only info i got was “in development” “airing 2012″ so my guess is if it was coming soon in april or may they would say so,but i think it’s coming around september when alot of shows make their debut.

      • Thanks … loved the first and the preview for this one at least passes the eye test.

    • In the ORIGINAL Marvel comics, Iron Man was the leader for quite some time (the Avengers all lived in his mansion, he funded the team and he lead them in battle).
      In issue #4, they uncovered Cap’s body frozen in ice. Even after Cap awoke, Iron Man still lead the team for a long time.
      I believe (could be wrong on this) that Cap started leading The Avengers after Stark went kinda crazy (with his drinking problem.) After that, Cap has been leading the team throughout most of comic history (with others taking over in Cap’s absence).

      In the Ultimate Marvel books, Fury has been the official leader of the Avengers/Ultimates (with Cap basically taking control on the battle field).

  15. I finally saw the episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon gets a napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s signature on it. Hilarious!

    • “I have Leonard Nimoy´s DNA? I can clone my own Leonard Nimoy!”

    • That show never fails to make me smile. How anyone could be in a bad mood after it is beyond me.

    • That was a hilarious moment (couldn’t stop laughing for hours afterwards :D)

      The Big Bang Theory is pretty awesome, but is it just me, or has Season 5 not been the best? It’s just a little underwhelming to me. It’s been more about relationships than anything else…
      I’d like to know what my fellow ranters’ thoughts are about this?

      • You’re right this season has been a disappointment so far,i guess they were just letting the characters evolve into relationships,hopefully they’ll get back on track next season.