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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Mar 5, 2012

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  1. Please write spoiler alert before any Walking Dead discussions…unlike my Facebook friends. Some of us haven’t seen this episode yet. Thanks.

    • Amen.

  2. Is anyone else excited to see John Carter? Am I getting my hopes up? I read A Princess of Mars as a pre-teen and I’ve explained the story to my 7 year old son. We have preview tickets for tonight. Thoughts?

    • i was really hoping it would be good but the trailers looked pretty bad. Then i found out Andrew Stanton (Wall-e, Finding Nemo) is directing. Now i have a little more faith in it and more willing to see it. plus early reviews are saying its ok

    • I’m gonna go see it this Friday, but I’m not “excited” about it.
      I’m still thinking John Carter be this year’s Green Lantern.
      We’ll see in a few days…

    • I’m also looking forward to john carter.

    • I thought it looked somewhat interesting but the first few trailers didn’t get me very interested. However, the third trailer made it look action-packed and pretty awesome, so I think I will definitely try to see it in the theater.

      • I agree the 3rd trailer was pretty awesome.

    • John Carter is starting to look better and better but i still doubt if i’ll see it in theatres,six months from now on dvd seems about right.

      • I agree. For me, it looks like a rental at most.

  3. ive decided to stop reading the book before i watch the movie.

    I’ve started reading more the past year and did the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” books. When i saw the american movie, i couldnt concentrate on the movie. All i can think about was how it compared to the book. I couldnt tell how comprehensible the plot was in the movie alone and all i was thinking about was what was going to happen next. I already knew the ending and every twist. I didnt care for the movie at all (though i didnt care much for the book either)

    I read the “Hunger Games” books right after the trailer came out. The trailer looked great and i heard good buzz from the books so i read. The first book was good but the series just when down hill fast. Now i’m less excited for the movie because i know whats gonna happen and know that its eventually gonna suck.

    I was planning on reading “The Hobbit” next but after the last 2 series i read, i’m gonna put that off until i see the movie first. To me, reading is alright and all, but movies are the stronger form of media. I prefer to watch and enjoy them to the fullest and then complement it with reading the book.

    anyone else feel this way?

    • Read “The Hobbit”. For the love of the flying spaghetti monster, read the book.

    • I don’t read. I have my girls read for me. 25 white chicks. That’s the trill life.

      Ryan Gosling best actor. Rick Ross best rapper. Django Unchained best film this year and so will be Only God Forgives. LiveLoveA$AP

      • what is this…i don’t even.

        • Keeping it trill, bruh.

          The Dark Knight Rises is coming soon.

          Ryan Gosling – Only God Forgives
          Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t (album)


          • Um, am I having a stroke or is this ^ real?

            • …yep…

      • @trilladude.Haha dude you a fool for that post,and i guess you trying to predict the years best but you sound silly giving praise to officer ross.He’s a wannabe Notorious Big plus he don’t even write his own rhymes but if that’s your boy go ahead & represent.

      • Nice to know you’re hanging out with people who can actually read, TrillaDude. That’s a start, anyway.

    • i was actually going to post something exactly like this…

      for me it started with “The Da Vinci Code” and Harry Potter . . . the movie never really lives up to the books, same goes for comic book movies…

      what i have learned to do is appreciate the movie for the cinematic medium that it is and just try and watch it without comparing it to how much better the book is.

      i mean whether its books or movies, one of the main objects is to create suspense so that you keep turning the pages or keep watching the movie and caring about the plot and characters. the inherent problem with reading the book first is that you know what is going to happen in the movie so you take that joy and elation out of the equation even before you go to the movie.

      in the end, movies and books are not always translatable to each other. some films change the story because it makes for a better movie, or because certain plot points were omitted from the film, and this works out sometimes for better or for worse. but for me, i also usually end up seeing the movie and saying “aww the book was better cause it did this….” but i still try and appreciate the movie for what it is. there are certain things you can do in the movies that books cannot and vice versa, the trick is taking it with a grain of salt and trying to enjoy a movie which may be not be completely faithful to the source material.

      all in all, you only have yourself to blame for ruining a good film because you read the book first :) haha. maybe watch the movie then read the book?

      as far as the hobbit goes, and the LOTR in general, there is so much source material there that it is really hard to do middle earth justice, but the films thus far have done a good job of representing tolkien’s work on the big screen….i mean the extended version of the trilogy are just insane. but if you dont want to read the book because you this the hobbit film may suffer…then dont do it haha have you read the original trilogy?

      • Couldn’t agree more. Well said man.

        And if I may just add: if a person is dead-set on reading the book(s) and watching the movie(s), then, from my experience, it’s best to watch the movie(s) first and then read the book(s): since the adaption almost never improves on the source material – i.e. it can only get better, not worse (in most cases)

        • I’m in agreement with andrewishochi and TheAvenger. If I hear about a book turned film and I haven’t read the book, I try to wait until after I see the movie. Of course, sometimes you don’t know that a book you are reading will become a movie. Examples for me…the Watchmen, The Lost World, or the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and World War Z. However, I’m waiting to read John Carter (Burrough’s Barsoom series) until after the movies. Then, I’ll picture John Carter as Gambit/Tim Riggins while reading.

      • i saw rthe 1st harry potter movie, then read the books as they came out, and while i knew what was coming in the movies, i knew stuff was going to be left out, but all in all i liked the movies and i think they did a decent job of translating the source material. unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most stephen king books turned into films. misery, shawshank, carrie, stand by me, and the mist are a few of the exceptions. everyone talks about the shining, but, after you watch the movie, read that book, then read “danse macbre”, he has quite a story about stanley kubrick calling him at all hours asking questions, plus, king didnt like the choice of nicholson for the lead…it’s a whole thing that would take to long to describe here. also read the running man after watching ah-nulds film. big difference.
        i liked LOTR films better than the books. i found the books boring as hell. i’m curious to see the hunger games. i want to see if the hype is on target. my daughter read all the twilight books, but had no desire to see the films, she said “i already read it, it was ok, but i don’t want to sit through it again”, i think she only read the books because some of her friends did. i’m of the opinion it’s better to see the film first, then read the “expanded version” of the story. i think for the most part, the book will be more exciting because there will be a lot of differences

    • Tolkien didn’t think movies were strong. In “On Fairy Stories,” he said that drama (he lumped stage productions and films together – it was the 1930s) was a layer of secondary creation too far. He, or any writer, could mention a hill, for instance, and there would be countless versions of the hills, as many as there were readers. In drama, everybody was constrained by the vision of one or, at most, a few.

      That said, there is a “Tower of the Moon” in Fairbanks’ “Thief of Baghdad” that fits JRRT’s description fairly closely – I suspect some influence there but in no way can back it up, so take it FWIW.

      For the love of pint a’bitter in Bree, read the book OR watch the movie. Doing both will only confuse you. I recommend Tolkien over Jackson (or any other film maker to date), but your mileage may vary.

    • I agree to a point. I read the hobbit years ago, so I remember the story, but it is not so fresh in my mind that it will distract me while watching the movie. I loved the 1st and 2nd books in the Hunger Games Trilogy, the 3rd was ok. After watching the trailer I was underwhelmed because I had such a strong image in my mind of what I thought everything and everyone looked like. I wish I could have seen the movie then read the book for the first time. So I suggest giving yourself enough times between the film and the book, so you do not remember every detail and can still enjoy the movie. But I also agree with Jon, just read The Hobbit, NOW!

    • I am going to have to disagree with many of these comments o reading vs watching a movie. I always read the book before I watch the movie. When I go to the movie, I walk in with the full realization that the movie will not be exactly the same as the book. Like andrewishochi, I try to appreciate the movie for what it is. I view the movies as homages to the books. IMO, read the Hobbit before seeing the movie. If you start now, you can probably finish the book and still give yourself a break before the movie.

      • I totally agree. I see the movie more as a companion to the book than a true interpretation. Otherwise it will just be disappointing. I know people who were disappointed with LOTR or HP but I just let the story I know carry me and accept the changes as I watch. I ALWAYS try to read the book first. There’s so much more to know in the books that can help you understand a film better, IMO.

  4. For those of you who remember the old cartoon series Starblazers, I just watched the live Japenese movie “Space Battleship Yamato”, based on the series. Although the special effects, particulary the ship itself, were alright, the movie itself was not particulary well done, so I was disappointed with it. I found it on the internet. If you are interested, take a gander.

    • I agree with your take. For fans of the cartoon, it’s worth a rental and, if someone’s a diehard fan, a purchase of the Blu-ray… but it’s expensive on Blu-ray since it wasn’t picked up for international distribution.

      I wish a studio would make an American release. No way I’m spending 40 or more bucks on it.

  5. I dont know if this has been talked about or not… But The Avengers supposedly has an official running time of 150 minutes (2 and a half hours)

    Im more than happy with that

    • That’s the current rumor, yes.
      I’m hoping it’s true, but at this point, nothing’s official yet.
      It makes sense for TA to be that long so… IMO, this rumor is plausible.

      • Right, which is why I said supposedly official. The source I read it from claims its official, and they have apprently been right about this kinda stuff before. But still, until Disney/Marvel make an official announcment about it, im taking it with a grain of salt

      • That’s what I heard and I’m hoping for.
        Under 2 1/2 hours runs the risk of being to convoluted and rushed.
        Over 2 1/2 hours won’t hurt IMO story wise but it may seem to long for the average movie goer.
        I am hoping for a longer cut when the Blu-ray hits though. I know that’s looking to far ahead but I always tend to do that.

        • Agreed.
          And BTW I’ve already made a wishlist of what I want to be included on The Avengers’ Blu-Ray release 😉 and an extended cut is second on the list.

          • whats first? commentary by the whole cast?

            • Actually… first on my list is a ‘SHILED Data Vault 2.0′.
              So far I’ve really enjoyed all the little easter eggs and references in the first ‘Data Vault’… but seeing as almost every other word was marked “[CLASSIFIED]” and I really want to see an updated version.

            • A Black Widow shower scene. 😀

              • Giggity …. 😀

                • A Black Widow & Maria Hill shower scene is third on the list
                  Giggity Goo! 😉

    • I hope its 2 1/2 hrs I don’t see it being any shorter than that. When the Blu-ray releases and I know its a little early. I hope it includes both a theatrical and an extended cut.

  6. Good morning ranters last nights episode of the walking dead was a shocker. Only 2 episodes left for season 2. What are your thoughts on last nights events ? Mark your replies with possible spoilers not everyone has watched last nights episode yet.

      • Thanks for the heads up didn’t see it as I always head into the open discussion page first.

  7. has anyone heard any kind of news for the RZA’s ‘the man with the iron fists’ starring russell crowe? i’m really excited for that. and while i’m along those lines, does anyone know anything about the ‘wu-tang clan VS the golden phoenix’ martial arts film that was made for a grindhouse-esque release? i know this is kind of random, i just got to thinking about it yesterday and couldn’t find anything relevant in my searches on google.

  8. I was going to post my thoughts on Act of Valor but I see that the thread has been closed. After reading the comments, I see why Vic closed it. Pity because it was an interesting movie; it didn’t have the greatest acting but the action was top notch.

    • Completely agree, the acting wasn’t the greatest but the actions scenes were extremely good especially the last action sequence.

      • I want that gun, and you know which gun I’m talking about. It would come in handy during rush hour. 😎

        • yes it definitely would haha.

  9. I watched the old Flash Gordon film over the weekend,it started out cool then turned into the most ridiculous thing i ever saw from that era.I heard some guy awhile back was trying to remake it a few years back but i haven’t heard anything since.If done right it could be a spectacular sight to behold on the big screen.Are there any older Flash Gordon fans and if you are,would you like to see them update it since they’re making every other comic book into a film?

    • I’ve been waiting quite a while for a flash movie… please give me patrick wilson

      • flash, and flash gordon. 2 different people

  10. Bit late with this, but if it’s been mentioned elsewhere on the site then I’ve missed it: RIP Ralph McQuarrie, conceptual artist and designer – the man responsible for much of the look of Star Wars and the original Battlestar Galactica, amongst others – who passed away at the age of 82 three days ago.

    • He will be missed. :( R. I. P.

  11. Wooh! big day on the blu ray front…picking up game of thrones blu ray and immortals will be my first 3D purchase just got a 3d tv and im pumped to test it out!!!! Whre are you Mike Eisenberg to tell about them today hahahah…DVD/Blu-Ray breakdown for life! FTW!!

  12. I really need to not waste my incredibly witty replies on spammers since they soon disappear from the threads. :)

    • Then after you reply, and the Banhammer comes down, the thread goes all goofy, with new entries showing up in the middle. Darn spammers!

  13. Vic

    What does the Not For Mobile hash tag mean?