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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Mar 30, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 30, 2012

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    • I completely agree with Once Upon a Time. I’m loving the cast and it’s great related to some childhood memories. We watch it as a family every Sunday night!

      • relating… not related.

  1. Superman The Man of Steel

    • A++ post! Would read again!

      • ?

        • :-D

      • Absolutely!

    • Kahless: The Man of Gagh

      • RAFLMAO, Kahless!

        • ROF. Couldn’t reach the keybard properly.

        • Makes about as much sense as the first post. :-)

          • Yeah, Royal Air Force Lemon Monkeys And Ordnance is one of the more obscure pieces of internet slang, I’ll grant you…

  2. I’m really pumped for MOS! I’m very curious to see how snyder has taken nolan’s reimagining and translated it to the screen. I know snyder’s rep is a bit spotty (although I enjoyed sucker punch unlike most) but i think he’s solidly talented when it comes to taking other people’s vision and making great movies as opposed to doing the writing himself.

    • It’s still very early 2012 and so we’re still anticipating TDKR, Prometheus and Skyfall.

      But come 2013, it’ll be MAN OF STEEL all the way!

      I’m more than positive we will have the first MOS teaser trailer attached to the TDKR, this July.

      • Isn’t that a little soon?
        I really doubt they’ll be able to have a (good) trailer by July…

        • All principal photography for MOS wrapped up months ago and Snyder has been in post production for some time now.

          Like I said, I wouldn’t expect a full blown trailer. But I’m sure Nolan, Snyder and Warner Brothers along with Legendary pictures will begin the MOS publicity campaign with a “teaser.”

          We’ve already been given the new official MOS banner. Just yesterday.

          One of the more interesting things about MOS is that Snyder and Nolan have a whole year or more to put the finishing touches on the movie.

          • I think you’re overstating Nolan’s involvement in MOS.
            He’s not the co-director, writer, or even a producer. WB just gave him creative input (so that Snyder can’t screw it up – IMAO ;)).

            But anyway, I didn’t know they already wrapped up the filming (is it just me, or does it seem pretty early?), so in that case, yeah… I guess we could be expecting a teaser during the DKR screenings…

            • NO. Christopher Nolan is an executive producer for MOS along with his wife, Emma Thomas. Nolan was there from the very beginning with David S Goyer crafting the story for MOS. 

              TDKR and MOS has a lot of other common denominators; DC, Warner Brothers, Legendary Pictures, Goyer and the other talent behind these two films. 

              Although Snyder probably has final cut of the film, film making is a collaborative process, with writers and producers always submitting their ideas and suggestions.

              • Hm, that’s weird: This is the first I’ve heard of Nolan being an executive producer, because so far, I’ve only read that he was brought in for creative input…
                Anyway, I did some surfing on the web and you’re right, he is a producer! [Extracting foot from mouth] ;)
                Sorry man, guess that one slipped by me.

                If anything, this news (as much as it made me look like an a$$ ;)), has actually given me some reassurance that MOS will be great, knowing that Nolan is involved as a producer…

                • ^ 5 Avenger.

                  And I AM looking forward to The Avengers! I’ve always loved those books and those team ups.


          • False star trek 2 all the way!

            • AND Iron Man 3 AND Thor

      • I’ve been thinking that also.
        Like you said I don’t expect a full trailer but defiantly a teaser.
        @ The Avenger
        I’m sure you’ve learned this already when you looked it up but at 1st Nolan was on as a full blown producer but then scaled back his involvement to focus on TDKR.
        It was originally scheduled for release this December but then pushed to next year but the shooting schedule stayed the same. My point being that it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that Snyder could have enough done for a teaser.

  3. Happy Friday Screenranters!

    Saw Hunger Games last night. MINOR SPOILERS!

    I think it was overhyped a bit. I read the books and expected this epic movie. I hated the ending. Also it felt like the end of the games wasn’t “rewarding” enough. As if they expected to win and it wasn’t the underdog story that district 12 is.

    I left semi angry and not really wanting to watch this movie again. A good to see movie but was hoping for some replay value.

    • I am going to see it sunday. I have been waiting for this movie since I read the 1st book 3 years ago. I keep telling myself to not get my expectations up because the book to movie versions are never as good as the book… I love all the little details in a book, but I am still psyched to see it. That is disappointing to hear about the ending though.

      • I just thought it was a really weird way to do the ending. If you didn’t read the book I think you’d walk out thinking “WTF”. I just would’ve done something else.

        I loved the movie until about the last 10 minutes and I thought they were just rushing the ending at that point.

        • good to know!

    • kyle,

      I actually enjoyed the film more the second time, once the hype and expectations were out of the way.


      • Thanks Vic. I’ll maybe wait for DVD to give it a 2nd try. Couldn’t stand the people around me chatting and calling out things because they obviously read the book.

      • I have a feeling that this film will best when viewed as part of the complete series (assuming it is filmed in complete) so you don’t have that unsatisfying stopping point as you do now with HUNGER GAMES.


  5. Cannot wait for the season finale of Spartacus Vengence tonight! So excited and nervous at the same time.

    Jokingly, it would be awesome as he stands of a dead Roman soldier, says to Glaber, “I am vengence. I am the night. I AM SPARTACUS!!!!”

    • Over not of

    • I can’t believe its the season finale already for spartacus. The show has been great so far, I still miss Andy as spartacus he was awesome. R. I. P. Andy

  6. Did anyone catch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory?
    It was hilarious… Leonard Nemoy is so freakin awesome! :D

      (Sorry guys, forgot some of you might not have seen it yet)

      • I don’t think it’s a spoiler. They’ve been advertising him for that episode for a bit.

        • Leonard’s name is spelled ” Nimoy ” with an “i.” Respect.

    • I thought it was great too! I loved the whole doll talking to sheldon, it was too funny!

  7. I just finished watching the Muppetsl and although I really enjoyed the first and second acts I really hated the ending, it didn’t remind me of a Muppets’ ending

    • They should use the $100 million on the film; I have no desire to see anymore trailers. Excelsior!!

    • Haha! Aw man, thanks Ignur, that made my day…
      Nice to know there are still some good (and pretty eccentric) people out there :)

    • Lmao…thanks homie that was the joke of the day so far.I gotta look up the three people who go around in homemade superhero costumes picking up trash around the city and helping cats out the tree,i heard it was hilarious.

    • Didn’t know about that. It’s great he’s doing this for the kids in the hospital; we need more Batmen like him.

      And yes, we are crazy. :-D

  8. James Franco playing Riff Raff in ‘Spring Breakers’. Movie is directed n written by the dude that wrote ‘Kids’.

    Can’t wait!

    SR slow on news tho, again.

  9. Vic – WRATH OF THE TITANS review?

    • I’m seeing the movie tomorrow…
      I thought it would have had a longer run time (1 and a half hours? – kinda disappointing)

      • I agree on the runtime of the film an hour and a half was not what I was expecting. The latest tv spots look awesome, I was expecting a runtime of around 2hrs.

    • The reviews haven’t been that good, but it’s SR’s review that really counts.

      Vic, et. al., get the lead out! 8-)

      • Psst … look on the front page …

        • Yeah, I just saw it. I guess they got the lead out. :-)

          • LOL! Kahless speaks … SR listens. :)

  10. Anyone watching ‘Lost Girl’? Opinions? ~ Stark

  11. I finally started watching Firefly last night.
    It’s been in my Queue for almost a year (streaming) but I always found a excuse not to watch.
    I’m only 2 episodes in and so far so good but I’m still worried that it might not live up to the hype.
    I trust the people commenting here more than IMBD or Netflix so I’ll ask those who have seen it what you’d rate it on a 1-10 scale?

    • I just finished Firefly a few weeks ago and finally watched the Serenity movie last weekend. To be honest, I didn’t understand all the hub-bub after watching the first episode. But, I kept watching. The characters grow on you after each episode. And then next thing you know, you’re hooked. Keep watching. It’s worth it. And Serenity is one of the best movies that I never heard about. I hope it has a sequel some day.

      • For your rating:
        Series – 9.5
        Movie – 8.5

        • i gave all of it a 7

  12. So by opinion which character do you think would look more ridiculous on film Krang or Modok?

    • Yes.

    • Do you mean Krang (from the TMNT) or Kang (from the Avengers)?
      Anyway, don’t really know why I’m asking, since MODOK would be most ridiculous no matter which one (Krang or Kang) it is! – IMO of course.

    • Wildcat.

  13. With the release of Marvel’s Avengers getting closer and closer. I’ll begin watching all of the marvel cinematic tie in films to prepare for the ultimate superhero team up The Avengers.

    I’ll be doing something similar when the time comes for the releases of The Dark Knight Rises. Watching both previous films and concluding with TDKR in IMAX 3-D midnight premier :)

  14. My birthday tomorrow…my wife had made plans but those fell through, so I can go see a movie. I really want to see Wrath of the Titans, but the reviews don’t seem too good. So, I was thinking maybe a comedy but those are all pretty short except 21 Jump Street (a remake that doesn’t interest me). And, I wasn’t really interested in the Hunger Games, but I’ve heard its pretty good.
    Let me put it this way: last year, I really wanted to see Sucker Punch for my birthday. Instead, I went to the Source Code because I knew my wife would have no interest in half-naked girls fighting dragons. I enjoyed the Source Code (a movie I had no interest in) twenty times more than Sucker Punch.

    RECOMMENDATIONS? Wrath of Titans, Hunger Games, 21 Jump Street

    • Happy Birthday!
      My birthday is Sunday (I’m a April Fool) and I’m having the same issue. I want to go to the movies but there’s not much that I want to see in the theater.
      My wife is pushing 21 Jump Street and that seems like the best option.
      Neither of us wants to deal with the teen crowd that will be at THG.

      • Happy b day man.

        I say you get drunk, go play lazer tag with your better half, eat pizza at Chuck E Cheeze and somehow yall end up at 21 Jump Street by the end of the night.

      • *chicken*

        • *Night at the strip club* damn im slipping today

    • I’ll be seeing Wrath tomorrow, but that’s only because Hunger Games hasn’t been released in SA yet – so if I were you, I’d go see Hunger Games…
      My birthday’s on May 2, so I always get to see the latest Marvel movie :D (although, I have to admit, I got my B-day viewing early last year, since THOR was released in April over in SA – same thing’s gonna happen this year, with TA releasing on the 26th).

      Anyway… happy birthday man! Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.

    • Happy b-day!!!

    • Happy birthday, B-List – hope you’re having a good one. I’d heard all kinds of negative things about Source Code beforehand, went in expecting nothing (other than Sam Rockwell’s performance I didn’t rate Moon), ended up enjoying it, plot holes and all.

  15. I’ve been really into Community lately. More so than usual. I watched it from the beginning, but I didn’t really love it until about half way through the second season. Then, when it was put on hiatus, I did as many did and lobbied for its return, which strengthened my bond with it. Now I’d say it’s my favorite show currently on television, and I’ve been watching both seasons that are out on DVD again, along with the new shows. The spring premiere wasn’t very good, but the next two have seemed truly worthy of bearing the Community name. This show is as good as comedies get, and I hope we get to enjoy it for another few seasons.

  16. The Hunger Games sucked!

    • “The Hunger Games” was great!

      • The HG was OK.

        • Kahless the Unobjectionable? :-)

          • That’s me; middle of the road, leaning to the right. :-D

  17. Agh!
    Too. Many. Avengers. Interviews.
    Brain. Can’t. Process. All. The. Epicosity!!!!

    • Must. Not. Watch. Anymore. Avengers. Stuff! :-D

    • My DvR is set to record all new EMH episodes, and none have been recorded. When did you watch it?

      • Yesterday 12:00 Noon Eastern Time.