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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Mar 28, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Mar 28, 2012

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  1. HBO GO is now available to download on Xbox 360 consoles. Every episode of every series, looks like I will never have to buy their overpriced Blu Rays ever again!

      • I’m sure they will get it eventually. Xbox probably has a 6 month exclusive or something.

    • I have the HBO GO channel/app on my Roku…funny thing is that I don’t have cable (therefore not having the required subscription to HBO) because I have a Roku and choose to stream my television. But, I’d pay a monthly subscription cost just for HBO GO if they chose to go that route.

      • i was thinking about getting a roku but at 80 bucks it seems excessive for just hbo go….(netflix on my ps3 not into hulu) ugh its so freakin stupid not to have it on ps3 or vizio apps yet it is an awesome service…literally every episode of every show and the new episodes added next day or something like that. i wish my roommate had an xbox just for that! (and kinect)

        • ya i heard rumors of 10 bucks a month subscription but hbo killed it i think…they want you to get cable and pay extra…i do it because basically all my fav shows are on hbo but it still sucks

          • I think the cable channels probably put pressure on them. People are ditching cable already, if HBO went subscription based like that more people would ditch the cable providers.

  2. So seeing the Hunger Games have a huge box office haul, do you think anyone will beat it this year with The Hobbit, Avengers, Dark Knight, Twilight, Spiderman all coming out?

    They certainly set the bar high for the rest of the year.

    • The answer to your question is… yes.

      • Yeah, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit will most likely gross more than Hunger Games.

        • No love for The Avengers?
          It has a budget of 300mil and the marketing for the movie has been excellent so far… don’t count it out either.

          • I was just giving some examples, but yes Avengers and spiderman as well. So far, Hunger Games is the best movie of the year for me.

            • I think the Hobbit’s running time will make it extremely difficult to break 150 million..I’m not sure but I think it will be 2.5-3 hours

                • Do you think TA will fall short of the Hunger Games, or fall short of TDKR?
                  Because I think it’ll surpass the Hunger Games, but with TDKR, all bets are still out IMO – it’s going to be a close match.

  3. Question:
    Which 2012 trailer has been the most annoying to you?

    In 2011, Conan The Barbarian was the most annoying trailer IMO. It played the whole time, and it wasn’t even that good.
    For 2012, I think the Madagascar 4 trailer has been pretty annoying. It shows during every movie I watch, and after seeing it nearly 7 times now, it’s not really funny anymore.

    • I haven’t even seen the Twilight trailer but I’m pretty sure that one will be the winner. :)

      • I saw it with “The Hunger Games”, it was unremarkable and I guess the ugly chick is a vamp now (red eyes).

    • 3 Stooges.
      I thought just the idea of the movie sounded awful. But the bad trailers make it worse.

      • Larry David in a nun’s habit had me laughing though, haha!

    • any trailer for any movie that is just a preview of a trailer i hate that new trend!!! (exceptions for avengers and TDK…in my eyes only movies big enough to deserve such coverage)

  4. I’ll throw out a question here that I’ve asked a few times over the years to fellow film buffs, movie fanatics or now Screen Ranters.
    What’s the film that turned you into the film buff you are now?
    Most people @ my age (36 getting old) will say Star Wars or maybe The Godfather but for me it came later on. I loved and still do love those films but I wasn’t really fascinated will all things film until 1991 when I went to see JFK.
    First off let me say I am fully aware of how Oliver Stone littered that film with so many conspiracies and stories that have been debunked and proven untrue over and over again. But for me the technical aspect of that film is astounding. And it was truly the 1st time I remember saying to myself how did they do that?
    The cinematography, editing and pace just blew me away. The way they blended old B&W footage with what they shot for the film seemed seamless.
    The funny part is I remember going to see it because I had just started dating a girl who I worked at Stop & Shop with and I read how long it was and wanted to be in the cinema as long as possible 😉
    But from the moment Martin Sheen’s voice over started I was hooked and 3hrs later I left that theatre wanting to know how movies were made.
    Since then I’ve tried to read and learn all I could about movies. For a time I thought that’s how I wanted to earn a living. But things and times change but the only thing that hasn’t is my love of film. And that’s all because of that one movie.
    Oh yeah, I owe a thanks to that poor girl who I went with. She probably doesn’t even remember me or the movie but I’ll never forget it.
    Thanks Danielle :)
    So, anyone else have a film or story that they would care to tell?

    • I think it was college and just the “free” time to watch movies.

    • It was more a job than a film that made me a movie buff. At sixteen, I was hired by the local video store, and we were allowed to take home two free movies every night. If another worker didn’t take home their two movies, you could take four films. I spent so many nights watching all I could.

      We had a secret deal with the Domino’s Pizza a few doors down from us. We gave them free movies, and they gave us free pizza. Fun times.

    • I’m in the same age bracket (I’ll be 34 at the end of the month). So Star Wars, the Muppets, Goonies, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, and Back to the Future were all great to get a kid hooked on movies. But like you, it was my teen years when I saw Forrest Gump that really showed my love of film. The movie had everything in it, told a great story, used “movie magic” placing Tom Hanks in historical footage, and made the strongest of guys shed tears (I saw it with a bunch of my friends and each of us was sniffling when he lost his Jenni). Come on…they were like peas and carrots. The other movie that had a big influence on me, I saw on VHS (that’s two steps below a blu-ray, kids). It was Clerks. This black and white movie financed on credit cards with nothing but dialogue made it a great comedy. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be involved in movies at some point in my life. I went to college with intentions of being a screenwriter and have a B.A. in English – Writing. But life kicked in…I got married, divorced, married again, and had a kid (with another on the way). Now, I work at a plumbing company as the purchase manager. I try to keep my dreams alive by doing some creative writing in my free time (15 minutes every third Saturday in months that begin with “A”), being an avid follower of Screen Rant, and blogging about pop culture.

      • Haha!
        Whenever I’m asked if I ever welled up during a movie my answer is Forrest Gump and that exact scene.
        It gets me every time.
        Honorable Mention goes to:
        Shawshank: I just miss my friend.
        Mystic River: Is that my daughter in there?

      • Forrest Gump was probably the movie that got me into looking at cinematography. To this day, the way they made Major Dan look like he didn’t have legs just kills me.

        But the movie that always, and I mean always, gets me misty is Gladiator. After he finally kills Comudus, gives control back to the Senate and dies, my eyes always waters up.

      • @ B-list

        “I try to keep my dreams alive by doing some creative writing in my free time (15 minutes every third Saturday in months that begin with “A”

        Liking that comment immensely..

        I work two jobs, do on-call work for both, have three kids and find time to play guitar on full and new moons, go to movies on every leap year, etc, etc…

        Life happens and it’s great!! :)


        • For a while there i was like “AH i’m never gonna be able to party and enjoy being young” but i just kinda got over it and do my own thing. I’m more responsible now anyway. I would say i regret ever doing it but honestly it brought to me now and right now i’m pretty happy with how everything is working out…this is about to become like LifeRant haha

    • I’ve always liked movies, but I’m gonna have to go with Iron Man…
      I saw it on my 13th birthday (tough time in my life: new school, didn’t really know who I was or who I was supposed to be… the whole “teen experience” 😉 — looking back, it seems kinda silly), but after I watched that movie I just knew… movies were more important to me than I realized.
      After that, I started watching as many movies as I could. I wanted to know more about how they were made, who made them and who starred in them.
      Skip ahead four years… glad I made the right choice in being the “movie nerd in the family” 😉

      • Memento for me, it was the first movie I watched and said… WTH!! It made me think like no other

    • For me it was growing up in my depressing home town and since I was the oldest I was also saddled with the “you have to set a good example” so my social life was crap up until I left for college. Movies/tv were a welcome escape!

        • Haha, I was born in 1983. I know Mario Lopez does ok with the ladies but he was probably 8 at that time, haha!

    • my first WTH movie moment was when the film Dressed To Kill was 1st on cable. it was on HBO, and The Movie Channel, and they apparently both had different “pan and scan” versions. it was obvious in the end of it when nancy allen’s character was talking to the kid about sex change operation and slicing the man’s …and the woman at the next table could be seen making a grimacing face in 1 version, and was not present in the other. i was only 13 at that time and didnt know about widescreen and aspect ratio’s like i do now.
      I started paying attention to the cinematography when i went to see “The Wall” opening weekend. the closeup in the beginning when Pink is holding the cigarette. that scene always fascinated me for some reason. and on the subject of cinematography, i just watched Hugo this weekend. i was so mad i missed it in 3D in the theaters (life and lack of $$ and stuff) but that film was just beautiful!

  5. Has anyone actually gotten the privilege to see The Heist:Redemption? I’ve heard many good things, but unfortunately I live no where near a theater where it’s showing.

    From the screenings that they’ve already done for The Avengers, it’s gotten mostly positive response. The only thing questionable while viewing was the cinematography. Is anybody worried about it? In my opinion, The Hunger Games cinematography was horrible.

    • I am not really concerned with The Avenger’s cinematography. My biggest concern is that we will see a very short battle (ex IM or Thor). With so many characters and so many different powers I hope that this battle lasts a long time.

  6. Everyone is saying that the casting of The Hunger Games stars were bad but I loved the way they cast all the actors. But that’s just me (:

    • I’ve actually heard this as well. I thought they did a real good job with the casting. I’ve read an article that people are complaining about Rue, Thresh and Cinna being African-American. I don’t know why people are complaining about this considering in the book it clearly states that Rue and Thresh are of darker skin. They don’t really come out and say what ethnicity Cinna is, but by the way they describe him, I always got the hint he was of African-American as well.

      • I always imagined Cinna to be white, but the ethnicity doesnt matter to me, because Lenny did a great job as Cinna. I just wish he had a bit more screen time lol.

        • To me he was nothing like cinna. Cinna is very flamboyent and over the top in the books. Lenny was bland

    • I thought the casting and acting in the film were first-rate. The only problem I had with the movie was that it didn’t live up to the hype.

      • I’m not gonna lie I loved the casting in the hunger games. Jennifer lawerence was katniss. And hurcherson played peeta good. Hemsworth actually made me like gales character cuz I didn’t really care for him in the books. But cinna was great Lenny captured him I think in a great way. Very calm but excited. It’s how I pictured him. Could have gone with a better snow I think. Gary old man would have been good with the right makeup on. Rue was perfect. Thresh was right on for me and Cato I imagined a bit bigger but that actor(dont know his name) captured te character good. The mutts I was okay with wish they resembled the fallen tributes but minor thing for me. Loved how the games work and how we saw the way the game maker died. Loved it.

        Great film for me. On my top of the year that I’ve seen.

        Chronicle and underworld are the others.

  7. Here’s the track listing for the ‘Avengers Assemble’ OST:
    1. ‘Live to Rise’ Performed by Soundgarden
    2. ‘I’m Alive’ Performed by Shinedown
    3. ‘Dirt and Roses’ Performed by Rise Against
    4. ‘Even If I Could’ Performed by Papa Roach
    5. ‘Unbroken’ Performed by Black Veil Brides
    6. ‘Breath’ Performed by Scott Weiland
    7. ‘Comeback’ Performed by Redlight King
    8. ‘Into the Blue’ Performed by Bush
    9. ‘A New Way to Bleed’ (Photek Remix) Performed by Evanescence
    10. ‘Count Me Out’ Performed by PUSHERJONES
    11. ‘Shoot to Thrill’ Performed by Theory of a Deadman
    12. ‘Wherever I Go’ Performed by Buckcherry
    13. ‘From Out of Nowhere’ Performed by Five Finger Death Punch
    14. ‘Shake the Ground’ Performed by Cherri Bomb
    With the exception of Soundgarden, it’s pretty disappointing stuff IMO – I hardly know any of those artists, and those that I am familiar with, aren’t really… good per-say 😉
    I’m just hoping those songs won’t mess with the overall experience of the movie (that is, if any of them will be played during the movie at all…)

    Anyway, apparently the REAL OST (with the compositions from Alan Silvestri) will also be available as soon as the movie’s released.

    • I think this is the first Marvel Studios movie that they have an actual soundtrack. Most of them (to the best of my knowledge) were just the score.

    • well the avenger, I’m disappointed. are you judging these songs without actually hearing them? there are some bands in there i’m not familiar with, but, having never heard the songs i cant say i’m disappointed. now, if you’ve actually gone and heard all of them and don’t like them, then that’s your opinion. glad to see some shinedown in there. a great live band i have to say. saw them 3 years ago with my then 15 year old son and my brother.

  8. Has anyone seen the limited edition Blu-ray of season 2 of the walking dead. The set comes with a zombie bust with a screwdriver in its eyesocket the one Andrea killed in Dale’s RV.

    • Seriously? Where can I find that? I way that sounds awesome.

      Have you started the countdown to season 3. I have. Really excited. Sucks we have to wait till fall

  9. Just saw a reunion picture…on another website…of Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, and Richard Donner (the director of Lethal Weapon). Would you believe it is already the 25th anniversary of the first movie? It was good to see Gibson and Glover back together again. Wish they would do another installment to the franchise, but I’d rather have Mel focus on his viking epic and get that done.

  10. Does anybody watch The Killing? I was looking into it and the description is basically “A girl is murdered, investigators investigate.” Which is cool but i hear the writing is great, i just wanna know how the writers pitch such a concept? Do they say like “It’s a story about a girl who gets murdered, and the investigators try to solve it!…but like the writing is gonna be really good. Promise”

    • I am halfway through the first episode and all I can think is “This is a freaking re-make of Twin Peaks!”. My friend’s g/f makes him watch it and he calls it, “The Boring”. I am going to try to watch the rest of season 1 and start season 2.

    • I watched season 1 and I won’t give anything away I’ll just say “Be patient.”
      Be very very patient. It gives new meaning to the phrase “slow burn.”
      Now that’s not me saying it’s bad. It’s more of a disclaimer.
      I’m envious of the people who are watching it on Netflix or streaming. That way you could watch a few episodes in 1 sitting rather than wait week to week.

  11. @ The Avenger

    Re the OST for The Avengers. I have got nearly the whole back catalogue for most of those artists.

    To me that is a truly awesome OST!

    • Like I said, I really don’t know many of those artists (which is why I was disappointed), but this afternoon I went surfing on iTunes to see what those artists (that I don’t know) are like:
      ‘Theory of a Deadman’, ‘Rise Against’, ‘Shinedown’ and ‘Cherri Bomb’ weren’t bad at all, but the rest of those bands and artists (not counting Soundgarden)… aren’t my cup of tea.

      My only beef is if you look at all the other bands that have played during Marvel Studios movies (AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Clash, Foo Fighters, etc.), then these guys don’t really compare…

      • most of these must be new songs. but the ones i did hear:
        ‘Live to Rise’ Performed by Soundgarden – heard a 20 second clip, souds good
        ‘A New Way to Bleed’ Performed by Evanescence- pretty good song. i like this band. amy lee’s voice is haunting.
        ‘Comeback’ Performed by Redlight King – not bad. never heard them before
        From Out of Nowhere’ Performed by Five Finger Death Punch – not bad, i prefer the original by faith no more.
        ‘Shake the Ground’ Performed by Cherri Bomb – well, they are sure nice to look at. the 2 videos of this song on youtube were crappily recorded so i cant really tell what they sound like, other than the intro, which was cool.
        sounds promising so far.

  12. For the people who have read the hunger games book. Who would you like to see play finnick? I myself would love chris pine (but that isn’t happening) my geuss is they will go with Alex Pettyfer and then ill be pissed. Also good news that the writer of slumdog millionare is writing catching fire.

        • Yeah, he may not be Finick, IMDB isnt always accurate but he does look a bit of how I pictured him. If he was officially announced as Finnick, I wouldnt mind because he physically resembles him how he was in my mind, but then again he could suck. Its not just the physicality. My favorite character in the books are Cinna and Katniss. I also loved woodys interpretation as Haymitch! I dont like him much in the books though. And Stan did perfect as Ceaser, love that guy!

          • Yeah imdb isn’t always correct let’s wait and see. But I don’t like it. I wanted them to use money to get a guy who can act. Id much rather them pick an actor who can act instead of look the part.

            • The reason why I think that info is correct is because it has him listed in the hunger games… when you go to catching fire nobody is on that list but jennifer lawrence

              • I agree finnick is my favorite besides peeta and haymitch.

                Idk who I would want to play him though??? Tough one I’ll have to think about it.

                Honestly I would have said Liam Hemsworth but obviously that’s not happening. Maybe Andrew Garfield. He’s a solid actor bit not my top choice. Idk I’ll think about it.

                • I really just want the actor to play finick to look like a man. No baby faces, no pettyfer no garfield someone older. It would help portray a wiser man. Ryan gosling in my mind is the perfect choice he has unreal acting skills and can easy pulloff mid 20’s. That being said he would never do a role like this cause its to mainstream

  13. i was watching conan last night and will ferrell came on and confirmed a sequel to anchorman!!!!!