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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 26, 2012

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  1. Hunger Games is overrated. Movie sucks.

    • i haven’t seen it nor read the books but the movie looks sooo stupid and boring and is the next twilight trash that teens my age somehow fall in love with. i love sci-fi/superhero movies and those other genres that are completely made up and yet i can’t make myself go and watch it in cinemas, ill rent it in a few months. also i heard from a few reviews that the cgi was really crap like something out of the 90′s which is also a major draw back

      • If you’re expecting lots of action and effects, I would stay away. I thought the story was engaging but I felt the movie could have been better.

      • jack

        You should probably hold such comments till you at least seen the movie or read the book. I don’t care for the twilight films but the books are great. I enjoyed them. And breaking dawn was a well made film.

        The hunger games rocked. I’ve been a fan for a while and it was everything I hoped it to be and met almost all my expectations. Happy to see it doing so well. Can’t wait for a sequel ad I too will probably be seeing it again this weekend.

        • How dare a fellow Avenger say the Twilight books are “great”! ;)
          IMO, I can’t decide which sucks more: the terribly written books or the crappy movies…

    • this coming from a person who every time i try to read what they’ve written i feel as though i’ve had a stroke.
      If you want to state “Movie sucks” why not give us a reason? some facts to back up why said movie “sucks”

      • “this coming from a person who every time i try to read what they’ve written i feel as though i’ve had a stroke.”
        Hey you stole my line! ;)

        • avenger

          Being forced to read them anyway I can say I happen to enjoy the last two. More battles. Te films don’t do the books justice but if you want a romantic date night movie.

          Can’t wait for the avengers. Saw th trailer on the bug screen during hunger games.


          • You should watch the trailer in 3D… I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the 3D conversion.

  2. “The Hunger Games” is excellent, and I quite enjoyed watching it. In fact, I’m going again this coming weekend to see it with a friend. It deserved its opening weekend success, and I hope it continues to do very well in the weeks to come.

    • I don’t know. Word of mouth, especially from those who have read the books, may hurt it next weekend. I thought the movie was pretty good but nothing to write home about.

      • It wouldn’t surprise to discover that all of the bellyaching we’re reading onsite is not going on in the greater population. I think it’ll do fine.

  3. Im a fan of the books but the HUNGER GAMES movie was just “ok”. The film adaption lost all of the emotion that made the books so good. It has heart, but no soul.

  4. Good morning ranters, I just finished an action movie marathon. I watched the five Marvel solo films to get ready for the Avengers, then I watched Fast Five, faster, and the Green Lantern. Fast Five was awesome, just as good as the original IMO. Faster was pretty good for a mindless popcorn flick it just could’ve used more action I give it 3*. Green Lantern IMO was a good movie. I was surprised seeing how many negative reviews it got but I also give it 3*

    • Desperate move* that should be..
      Also my tv schedule is probably the most beautiful thing about my entire life so don’t make fun of me guys

    • Person of Interest has been renewed.

  5. Has anyone seen the new Doctor Who: Series 7 Preview!?! Cant wait!!!

    • Can you give a link?

  6. I started reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter this week and I’m really enjoying it.
    I hope they get the film right and it stays true to the book. If so it can end up being a truly unique film and not just a brainless action film.

    • I’m in the middle of the novel now and can’t put it down. It’s such a fun read. I heard Seth Grahame-Smith helped write the screenplay, so if that’s true, then hopefully it will remain faithful to the book.

      • Its not gonna be true to the book. They added a central villian and uve seen his god like strength in the trailer

      • @Kevin7 – $2 is right about Seth Grahame-Smith adapting the screenplay. Grahame-Smith said that he’s added characters and made some plot changes so the book translates better to the screen. I still think it will be interesting to see how the author intends his vision to be seen and hope that it isn’t just a mindless vampire movie.

        @Trey – As for his “God like strength in the trailer,” the book does have some dream sequences…maybe that scene of him chopping through the tree is nothing more than a dream. And in the book, Lincoln trains to be very fast and strong when he is young so that he can deal with the vampires’ speed.

        • That’s good to hear that Grahame Smith is the one coming up with the changes.
          Even though I’m only about half way through I have wondered to myself a few times who they would do some things in the film. So I like the idea that whatever changes are made are done from the person who truly knows the ins and outs of the book.

  7. Finally watched act of valor and imo the movie was awesome. Instead of mindless weapon firing with endless amounts of ammo the action sequences had that realistic feel to it. Each mission was executed and filmed perfectly. The film gives you a real sense of military life. The soldiers dealing with fallen brothers in the heat of battle and trying to survive. The families having to deal with the loss of loved ones as well as wounded warriors that return home. All in all great movie I really enjoyed it.

    • I watched Act of Valor this weekend as well. Acting was weak (to be expected) and not much of a story, but I found the action scenes to be riveting. They just felt so much more “real” than anything I’ve seen in a very long time.


      • That is the kind of concise impression that makes
        me miss an erstwhile reviewer named Vic Holtreman.

        Think about coming off the bench for Titanic.
        I know you hold the film in high esteem as
        do I and I would be curious of what
        you think of the 3D treatment.

        • Ha ha, thanks, Robert. :-D


    • I also saw Act of Valor this past weekend (avoiding the Hunger Games crowd). The dialogue was stilted, but the action more than made up for it. I really liked how the movie showed that missions can change in a heartbeat. Really realistic movie. I highly recommend catching a matinee if you have the time.

  8. I can’t get over the fact that in exactly a month (30 days), I’ll have seen THE AVENGERS!!!! :D

    • petaQ!!

      You know, this is one of the rare times I’m in agreement with Kahless.


    • IMAX 3-D for me :D

  9. I finally got my hands on the Tom Hardy film Warrior so i can see for myself if its a good as people say.I also got my hands on the Showtime comedy Weeds season three about the pot selling mother in suburbs,has anyone seen or heard about this series?…And if so is it any good?

    • The 1st 3 seasons are really funny and are interesting.
      But, I believe starting in season 4 (I think it’s 4. It’s been a while) the show changes a lot and is quite different IMO.

  10. I just finished watching the latest episode of ‘The Cleveland Show’(ep15)… and it was freaking hilarious – out of their three seasons of episodes, this has been the best one so far.
    21 Minutes of non-stop laughter (I still haven’t stopped laughing)
    The show has been pretty mediocre for a lot of episodes now, but this ep is truly something to see – I’d definitely recommend it :)

    • Just steer clear of Justin Bieber… :)

  11. I just saw The Adventures of Tin Tin over the weekend, and for anyone else who may have set aside the film, thinking it might be too childish, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would rank it among the best of the year. The animation was state-of-the-art, and the acting, especially by Andy Serkis (as the captain), was great. The story was also action-packed, akin to an Indiana Jones movie. I would highly rate it.

    • yeah i just watched tintin yesterday and thought it was really good. cant wait for the sequel. i cant believe that its still about 2.5 to 3 years away though.

    • Caught this movie this weekend as well. Rented it for our 5 year old, and i think i enjoyed it more than he did. Did you happen to watch it on Blue Ray or just dvd. It’s one of those movies that really made me wish we had a blue ray player. Wonderful story, beautiful art…hell i’d say it surpassed the last Indiana Jones movie by far

      • i watched it on dvd on my computer. wish i had a big screen tv and a bluray. but you cant exactly fit a big screen in a dorm room.

  12. I’ve been watching Lost Girl and it’s truly a fantastic show. I’m really glad that SyFy has it on their station.

    Spartacus: Vengeance has been good, but sad without Andy being in it. the greatness that is evil, Lucretia and her manipulative ways have been top notch too.

    Pretty Little Liars reveal of who ‘A’ supposedly was, was kind of interesting.

    GCB is good.

    Once Upon A Time has been really good and last night’s episode showed why. Evil Queen/Regina is a great villain.

  13. Did anybody see Supernatural this week? In my opinion, the best episode this season and maybe the best since Eric Kripke’s 5-season story-arc ended. It made me think that perhaps another long story arc is in place and not just a bunch of random ideas were being thrown around the writers room (and using 93% of them). Also watched Fringe, not the best episode…not the worst either…it was still better than most things on television. So, I came to Sreenrant to look for the Supernatural and Fringe discussion pages and they weren’t there. I cried. That’s my story.

    • I saw the latest Supernatural episode yesterday and really enjoyed it. I’m also liking the new Charger Dean has (well, new as in another car). Hey Sr, how about a spoilers discussion on Supernatural?

  14. Has anyone heard if there’ll be a fifth Torchwood season?

    • i heard they are planning on doing one, but not for a while as russel t davies is doing another show or two right now. so it probably wont be for a couple of years at least.

      • Oh that sucks I had never watched Dr. Who do I didn’t know it was a spinoff so I had to go back and watch the BBC version. I hope it’s not too long

  15. With The Hunger Games taking in $152.5 million in its opening weekend (good enough for third best), how will the The Dark Knight Rises compare?

    And how about The Avengers? Despite not having Don Cheadle as War Machine and the lovely Haley Atwell as Peggy Carter ;), will it take in more than the Hunger Game its first weekend?

    • mace…

      I just read the piece and its comments. Good grief, those tweets were sent by some of the vilest morons currently in existence…SHEESH!!!

    • [FACEPALM]


      • this article should be mention on screenrant Vic

    • We are truly getting close to the end of days. :-(

      • Is that a picture of Vic at Comic Con? ;)

        Please don’t ban me.

        • Ha ha! I *did* dress up as Picard once for Halloween. :-P


  16. this year will be the year of record breaking in the box office.

    • You know it! A Thousand Words is truly going to break the box-office. :-D

    • Big Bad Beetleborgs must be owned by me, no matter what! I still their opening theme song.

      • I know what you mean Arlene. I liked Beetleborgs Metallax more.

        • The song was so catchy. I’m glad it’s finally being released.

          • @ Arlene

            Besides Power Rangers, i liked that show, Masked Rider, Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation was ok only some of villains were bad that i remember seeing.

              • @ Hi-C

                Sorry but i can’t help what i liked on tv. Ninja Turtles were the bomb to me but when their time passed, Powers Rangers took their place. I didn’t become fan right away. It wasn’t till the Green Ranger mini-series that got me hooked to the show somehow. Maybe it was seeing Green Ranger kicking the other ranger’s butts,lol. And yes i had alittle crush on both Amy Jo Johnson & Thuy Trang.

                I know it different but despite the film being campy, i hate to admit that i could watch Batman & Robin more than i could Ghost Rider 2. That’s how bad i didn’t like Ghost Rider 2 if you get what ive said before.

            • Masked Rider was really good. I have watched every incarnation of Power Rangers. The latest one is not something that I enjoy. It stinks.

              The new Ninja Turtles was one I liked too.

  17. I just hope to be able to buy box sets of Power Rangers, from MMPR- Dino Thunder. Mostly because Tommy was a mentor/leader in that season.

  18. Any of you guys watch Discovery Channel??

    I just have to say that I’m getting pretty sick of Jesse James. He is such an attention wh0re. After he talked so much trash before that build-off (that he lost BTW…), now out of all places to go, he goes to Red Jacket to buy a gun. Hm, what a coincidence that Red Jacket is the company that is featured on Discovery’s Sons of Guns… That guy will do anything to get on TV, what a freakin loser…

    • I do watch it and I try not to have anything with him. It’s a shame that he has to go that route.

    • Man I agree wholeheartedly Jesse James is an attention whore like none other.l think the only reason he got engaged to Kat Von D was so he could get on her show because not long after the show ended they broke off their engagement

      • And now he has his own show again on Discovery. I bet he begged and pleaded and they just gave it to him to shut him up… lol

        • Yeah I saw that. I wonder who out there can stand to watch the arrogant SOB. I hope this show gets cancelled like all his other ventures :D

          • It’s funny, if you watch the aftershow for the bike build-off, that he lost, he goes on and on and on about how much better he is because he “went to Israel to learn about blacksmithing” and blah blah blah blah blah how Paul Jr. and Sr. are not bike builders, blah blah blah blah blah, and how Discovery Channel used to be top notch entertainment when he had a show there but when he left they went down hill and how he wants to get a show on Discovery Channel again so they can be back on top, basically, he’s COMPLETELY full of himself… Discovery Channel is just fine without him but in his mind their success completely revolves around his involvement. And even funnier, the show he had was Monster Garage, where teams will take ordinary cars and modify them to do stupid things… Mind you, TEAMS will do this, not him, all he did was HOST the show. But when he talked about it, he went on and on and on about how *HE* CREATED and CRAFTED all of these incredible machines and blah blah blah blah blah, OMG, he just would not shut up about how great he thinks he is, it was hilarious!! :-D

            And just because he’s obsessed with painting this “tough guy” image of himself, the entire time during the interview he is just randomly loading ammo into magazines. Mind you, they never show him shooting a shot, most likely he had no intention of shooting, but he just had to do something with guns and ammo during the interview to look cool. But the funny thing is, he’s doing it all wrong. He literally takes like 5-10 minutes to load one magazine… I would have finished loading a standard load of 6 spare magazines by that time… What a retard… He tries SO hard to look cool and sound cool, but he just comes off as a self-absorbed loser dying for attention…

          • All I have to say is that he’s lucky I wasn’t the interviewer. Because I don’t think I would have been able to hold myself back, I would have broken out in the biggest laughing spell you would have ever seen, lol. :-D

            • I hate to admit it but I actually used to watch monster garage when I was younger, however, I’ve always fond Jesse James to be a bit of a D-bag :D I watched part of the after show but I really couldn’t stomach the rest. My tv screen was turning brown from all the BS that was coming out of him

              • @Yeti

                Oh, I watched it too, I’m not saying anything against the actual show, I’m just pointing out how he’s trying to take the credit for the stuff being done on the show, yet he wasn’t the one building those things, there were teams of people building them… But he’s making it seem like he was the sole contributor to everything…

  19. the hunger games was good but, it was so overhyped that it got in the way of me enjoying it fully. great acting,costumes,makeup,and woody harrelsons’ performance. to bad he didn’t have more scenes. same goes for lenny kravitz. the ending was clever, however if it was more tragic than “happy hollywood ending”, than it would have been more powerful. and yes, I know that the book ends similarly.

    • joe,

      You know – I actually liked Hunger Games more the second time I saw it, after all the expectations and hype were done with in my first viewing.


      • I may have to do the same thing. After finishing HG, I was wondering what all the hype was all about; it was pretty good, but nothing great. I actually thought the same thing about The Core, but liked it a lot more after seeing it again.

        • @ Kahless

          It was the same with Avatar for me. I didn’t go see it in theaters cause i wasn’t sure about it. When i rented it & watched it a couple of times i enjoyed it more than i thought.

        • @Kahless

          I don’t really care about hype or anything. I went to watch The Hunger Games because Isabelle Fuhrman was in it (she was Clove), and the movie looked interesting from the trailers. I really liked the movie. I don’t care if it was exactly like the novels or not, as a movie, it was very good. They skimped on the action a bit, but they piled on the character development and was very good about showing the emotion the characters went through like when a certain somebody died. I think some people said that scene lacked emotion, but I don’t know what movie those people saw, that scene had plenty. I mean, they don’t have to drag it on and on or have the characters get all completely bent out of shape and be overly melodramatic about it. The way they showed it was believable and I definitely felt for her.

          I thought the main actress did a great job and it was a delight to see. And I thought Isabelle Fuhrman was excellent as usual. She was successful in making you hate her character and really believe how evil she was. Even though I love her as an actress her performance still worked. I can’t wait to see her in more starring roles, she’s a very talented child actress. In case you don’t remember her, she was the little girl in Orphan.

          • @ Ken J

            I just saw Hunger Games & despite missing 5 or 6 minutes of the beginning of it, i did enjoy it. First half of it dragged a bit imo, mostly when they got to the city. Some of those people looked like Marilyn Manson fans. If i lived in a future like that, id kill myself, just sayin. I agree that they did do a good job with character developement, especially about a certain somebody’s death. I heard people in the theater crying, even upseted me you know? That’s how good it was. The main actress did a excellent job throughout imo.

            • @Wally

              Dude, I’m not even going to try to lie, I got a bit choked up. I don’t know, I seriously have a weakness in seeing a girl crying. It gets me every freakin’ time… ESPECIALLY if it’s someone who was strong before. If it’s a girl that cries for everything, I admit, it doesn’t affect me much when I see her cry, but if it’s a girl that I can tell takes a lot to break down and then I see her break down, it freakin’ kills me… And Katniss is one of those characters. Throughout the movie, she was tough as nails. She can handle herself and it seemed hard to rattle her. So when she completely broke down in that scene, man, that really worked. Kudos to the director and Ms. Lawrence…

              • Ditto.

          • I have read where people complained about that scene not being very emotional. I too have to wonder if they saw the same film I saw, because that scene had all kinds of emotion.

            • @Kahless

              Yah… I think they are expecting some over-the-top melodrama you see in so many movies that are just completely unbelievable.

              Talking about this makes me want to see it again…

    • @ B-List

      Haha, That is a good one. Nice picture aswell. I guess Thor was ticked that one of the Leprechauns tried to break into Vault Of Odin,lol.

      • Nah! I think Thor got upset because a Leprechaun stole a feel from Jane Foster.

        Leprechaun: Hey cutie! (materializes behind her)
        Jane: Ohhhh!
        Thor: How dare you attack yon fair maiden?!
        Leprechaun: On come on Thor’sky; a guy gets lonely.
        Thor: (spins hammer and starts to hover) Avast thine frivolity!! Taste the wrath of the god of thunder!!

        Poor Leprechaun.


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