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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 23, 2012

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  1. good morning screenrant!

    Anyone catch The Hunger Games last night? fingers crossed, I’ll be catching it this weekend.

    • No spoilers please!
      It’s still a few weeks till it’s hits SA :(
      I’m really looking forward to it though.

      • Did you read the books? I hear it’s pretty faithful. So I doubt you’ll be spoiled if you read them.

        • I’ve read part of the first book at a friend’s house, but it was a while back (so I don’t remember much of what I’ve read – only that it was well written…), and I haven’t gotten round to buying my own copy and finishing it. I was going to, but then I heard they’re doing the movies… and I usually like to watch the movie before I read the book (it’s a thing: I find that when I read a book and then watch the film adaption, I always end up a little disappointed.)
          Therefore, I’m waiting for the movie before I go out and finish the first book.

      • HAAA! You chump! This is what you and Scape get for getting The Avengers before we do. :)

    • I caught it at midnight, I’m writing an audience review that i’m going to post on the review for it on here because..frankly i dont think i ever been so annoyed at a midnight showing it is AMAZING how annoying these tweens are especially for things that they are supposed to LOVE. Movie was pretty great though

      • hahaha, i was just telling my wife “i’m pretty sure the only thing i’m going to hate about the Hunger Games movie is the audience”

      • shacasha,

        It was a bit rowdy just as the film was starting, but then everyone settled down nicely and only reacted during scenes that deserved it.


        • I hate it when people “react” to certain scenes. I mean it´s a movie, not a rock concert.

          • My point exactly, I mean you’d think all the people that were there read the book i mean that’s why they’re there. So why does everyone feel the need to gasp or groan when certain characters die? I understand what it means to be invested in this stuff but in a room of 200 people doing it it really pulls you out of the movie.

            Vic, forgive me for asking but are you by any chance still living in jersey?? I am, and last night in new brunswick was nearly unbearable at least at the Comic book movie adaptations folks have the courtesy to laugh at the things that were intended to be funny. Last night people were laughing at things that were done for drama
            for instance, Spoiler(?):

            like when it cuts back to Gale when Katniss kisses Peeta, it does this twice and both times the room erupted with laughter..why?

            • shacasha,

              I haven’t lived in NJ for almost 30 years. :)

              And personally, when it’s appropriate, I enjoy audience reactions. That’s why I like to go to certain movies on opening day. :-D


              • @Vic. I agree it’s one of the main reason’s to get that movie going experience.It’s the second best thing behind a live sporting event.

            • COmedies are when I like having a lot of people in the theater.
              Best theatre experience ever was watching Dumb and Dumber with a packed 500+ theater. It was a riot!

              • When I saw Back to the Future III, some guy made annoying comments throughout the film. We all ignored him. Near the end, after about the hundredth comment was made, some guy stood up and told him to shut up. A fight ensued, and the annoying guy was knocked out. People starting cheering and clapping. It was crazy.

                • @$2 Too bad they didnt have camera phones back then lol

              • @Ink.The comedies i saw where people were almost falling out their seats were Zoolander & Anchorman.Two of best times i’ve ever had at the movies.

            • @ shacasha,

              I teach seventh and eighth graders, and I can understand about the gasping and groaning. We read The Outsiders, and when we watch the film, many students gasp and groan. I think it’s because the students feel a connection of some sort with the character. Spending time with a character in a book and then with the character on film may simply enhance the (emotional?) connection further. Some have told me that seeing a character die in film is like losing a good friend. They hoped that maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t make the same mistake they did in the book. It happens every year.

              What also bugs me is that I’m hearing how people are bashing tweens/teens for crowding theaters to see this film. Collins wrote the novels aimed at young adults, so obviously YA are going to see the film. I just hope people don’t make a stereotype and think all tweens/teens act that way.

              • “What also bugs me” should be “What bugs me.”
                An English teacher with a grammatical mistake – is that a sin?

                • We judge filmmakers here..not each other :)

          • @scapegoat

            I disagree, if the “reaction” isn’t inappropriate, I love the experience. But I don’t know what these young tweens do when they “react.” What I’m talking about is when the audience applauds or cheers when the protagonist(s) does something great or saves the day.

            Some examples is back in 1991 when I saw Terminator 2 in theaters, when the T800 comes back to life after the T1000 stabs him, the audience started applauding and cheering. Personally, I thought that was a great theater experience.

            Or when I was watching The A-Team, the scene when they were “flying the tank” there were people laughing out loud while applauding, showing how awesomely unbelievable they felt the scene was but was having a blast watching it happen on screen. I also thought that was a great theater experience.

            Now if it was someone yelling something stupid or making dumb sound effects, then yes, my urge to kill will rise, lol.

            • i think my most enjoyable theater audience was during the Dark Knight when the Joker pulled his “Magic Trick”
              People went nuts!

              • My most memorable and enjoyable movie moment was when Robert Downey Jr. said “I am Iron Man” in IM1… the people in the cinema stood up and started applauding and cheering.
                What an awesome movie that was… :D

                • Yeah, see, that´s something I can respect. I smiled at that moment as well. But when the after credits scene started and Sam Jackson appeared, the audience started tp applaud and cheer and I could hear or understand on effing word Jackson was saying. So I had to wait until the DVD came out to actually understand what he said. And that sucks. If those people want to cheer throughout a movie, they should do it at home.

                  • BTW, sorry for the typos. I´m drunk.

                    • Haha..pass the bottle this way

                • That was also the last 3 seconds of the movie which is fine to do that when credits are rolling but to do it in the middle of the movie when potentially crucial dialogue is being spit is just really almost like actual robbery if you ask me. Maybe I’m just an old man at age 20 but it just really irks me. I remember when i saw ‘In Time’ it was a young, drunk/high crowd and i had been exhausted and i actually had this thought, i was like “I’m gonna buy my own movie theater and i’m not gonna let anyone in except ME”…that was a thought that like legitimately possessed me the desperation haha you have no idea man.

                  • I agree with you and Scape…
                    It irks me as well (the time with Iron Man was the only exception where I wasn’t PO’d at the people going nuts)
                    A cinema/theater is a ~quite place~: that’s what I was taught when I was younger (seems people aren’t teaching that rule anymore). You can laugh at the jokes and you can be scared at the horrifying guy in the hockey mask with the axe, because those are human emotions that can’t be kept in – but it really isn’t necessary to shout, cheer, applaud, whistle, or make any other annoying noises when you don’t have to, and if you want to do those things, do it at your own house – don’t spoil the movie for the rest of the people… that’s my opinion anyway…

                    End Rant.

                    • ^^ This should be the sign located next to the emergency exit signs in all theaters throughout the world

    • I posed this question under another thread as well…Will a 44-year-old like this movie? From what I saw on TV, it looks like the premiere was attended mostly by teenagers. Also, from the commercials, the plot looks like it is attempting to stoke typical teenaged rebellion, i.e. old against young and rich against poor. So in other words, is this another Twilight?

      • Jeff, I’m over 44 and I enjoyed the film – but I’ve read the book – don’t know if that would make a difference.


        • Thanks, Vic. This might be a DVD rental for me, as I haven’t read the book, and something about the commercials makes the movie look a little retro to me, as if it were made in the 1970′s or something. Don’t know if it is the costumes or what…

      • I’ll be 49 in April and I thought the movie was OK. I expected more, I suppose, because of such high expectations.

  2. Saw John Carter last night. Great movie!
    Also saw half of 21 Jumpstreet …
    The movie kept shutting off until eventually the manager said they couldn’t get it working. What we saw was hilarious. Looking forward to eventually seeing the rest of it.

    • Hope you got your money back…
      I remember once watching a movie (some crap with Adam Sandler and a giant eyed hamster) and the screen kept going off about halfway through – we ended up only watching the first half of the flick and on top of that they refused to refund our money.

      • We got a free pass for the next time.

        • @ Ink

          What did you think of Ghost Rider 2?

          • Piece of crap. I gave it a 1 out of 5. The “1″ is only for the awesome look of GR.
            It pains me to say this because he was one of my favorite characters back when I collected comics. The stunts were good, but the story and acting were just horrible … horrible.

            • @INK

              When I read a reviewer that said that Ghost Rider 2 makes the first Ghost Rider look like The Dark Knight, I knew not to watch it, lol.

            • @ INK

              Lol. Id give 1 star myself just for the look of GR aswell & that would be gracious coming from me. Otherwise it would be 1/2 star. He wasn’t one of my favorites but enjoyed reading some of comics. GR hardly said any lines at all in the film. Im lost words on how bad it was to me. I left the theater asking myself How can Goyer write a good Batman film but write such a crappy GR film? And thought it was worse than Batman & Robin. It’s the first sequel of a CBM i won’t be buying i tell you what,lol.

              • “It’s the first sequel of a CBM i won’t be buying i tell you what,lol.”

                Agree. AND it’s the first Marvel movie I won’t buy … well … second if you count Elektra. Which BTW, is an oscar contender compared to GR2

                • @ INK

                  Lol. You want to reconsider adding Elektra to your collection, J/K. I bought that cheap & i couldn’t finish watching it,lol. Glad i got used so i can pawn it off some time.

                  • @Wally West. I watched most of Smallville season 9 & you were right about the episode Absolute Justice it was great.It seemed like the show did a reboot in itself once Clark went to Metropolis,i have to watch seasons 8 & 10 to really understand everything going on,what happened to Lex and Lionel Luthor,and where did Tess come from? I have alot of catching up to do lol

                    • @ Hi-C

                      Glad you liked the episode. Yea, you pretty much have to watch those seasons catch up with what’s goin on. I forget when i stopped watching Smallville on tv because i forgot when it was gonna be on,lol. So i didn’t know what was goin on & had to wait for dvd box sets.

          • So is Ghost Rider 2 even worth looking at on DVD if you can see it for free?

            • @ Hi-C

              All i can tell ya if you know someone who has it on dvd, ask them if you could borrow it, or rent it from a redbox if you’re interested enough. That’s all i gotta say.

    • Happened to us a couple of times. Once, the sound was a little off for Forgetting Sarah Marshall for only like 3 minutes and we got free tickets. It also shut off for 5 minutes for Hellboy 2 and got free tickets. I guess management in Appleton Wisconsin is nicer than S.A. Huh? :)

      • Things are better now… ;)
        It’s been years since that movie came out. Since then costumer service has improved at my local cinema (that or, my growth-spurt and all the hours at the gym have started to intimidate those butt-moneys :P)

  3. Vic saw Hunger Games last night. Said there’s a spiderman trailer attached. Also tweeted that the crowd was very receptive to it. Smart marketing to try and get the teens from Twilight/hunger games to go see Spiderman for a big haul.

  4. Dammit, I know you guys have to make money, but I just had to say this. Just now I just spent a good 2 minutes trying to click one of the links on the top of the page because when I put my cursor there, an ad would pop down from the top, so I’ll accidentally click that. So I close that window, then close the ad. I tried to get to the link by going around the ad, and that stupid Hunger Games ad in the top right folds down instead, so I clicked then, then had to close that window and come back, close that ad, and then the top ad gets me again…. >:-O

    • Ken,

      The “Close” X works for me just fine when those ads expand.


      • The close button does work fine, what’s happening is that I go to click on a link, and while I’m clicking on the link the ad opens INTO my cursor. So I end up accidentally clicking on the ad instead when it’s open. Like I said “I close that window,” (the one opened by the link) “then close the ad.” (using the x that you speak of).

        • Ken, you must be mousing over the ad a tiny bit while trying to click on the link. I’ve had that happen on other sites, often I don’t even think I moused over an ad, but I have clipped a corner.


          • Oh, I’m completely mousing over it, lol, I just am not thinking about it, but I know I’m accidentally mousing over it. Not all ads expand when you mouse-over, that’s why I normally don’t care where my cursor goes. But I was lucky enough to get two of those types of ads on the top of the page at the same time, lol. Just kind of annoying. :-P

            • Ken,

              Unfortunately, the most annoying ads are often the highest paying. We have to balance user experience with revenue.

              Such is life (and the ability to continue to bring you awesome content for free). :)


              • SACRILEGE!! You put making money and taking care of your family over making sure the customer is catered to?! The pain, the pain of it all! (said in that Dr. Zach Smith Lost in Space tone)


                • We should protest! Occupy Screen Rant!!!

                  LOL :-D

    • Ken what browser are you using?
      The close button works fine for me in Firefox and in Safari

      • I’m using the newest version of Chrome, and I’m not having any problems either…

      • @INK

        The close button works fine for me too, thus the “then close the ad.” part I mentioned. I don’t suppose that would be possible if the close button didn’t work now would it?? Unless you know something I don’t, lol. :-P

    • Ok, maybe I’m somehow not explaining it good enough. Ok, imagine my cursor is on the top of the screen, by the tabs of the browser. I want to click on the “Video Games” link on the top of the page that is right under the top banner. So when I bring my cursor down, it mouses over the top banner for a split second, but I don’t stop, think, and click, I move the mouse to the link and click, but because that ad expands automatically when you mouse over it, instead of clicking on the link, I’m clicking inside the expanded ad. So now a new tab opens because of that ad. I’m clicking the “x” on the tab to close that tab, then I click on the “close^” part of the ad to close the ad (YES, THIS WORKS FINE FOR ME TOO). And I guess in my attempt to “avoid” mousing over this same banner again, I accidentally move my mouse too far to the right and end up expanding the “corner” ad, which expands that one when I go to click on the same link I tried to click on before. Now another tab opens because of me accidentally clicking that ad. So I click the “x” on the tab to close that tab, then when I’m back on this page, I click on the “close x” on the ad to close the ad (AGAIN, YES, THIS WORKS FINE FOR ME).

      There, no way to confuse anything this time, lol. I know the ads are not like that every time, but I got “lucky” that time and had both the top expanding on mouse-over ad AND the corner expanding on mouse-over ad on the same page at the same time, lol.

      • Could you explain that middle thing again? :-P

        • @Kahless

          Sure, first I clicked on this webpage, then you GO SCREW YOURSELF WITH A CACTUS!!! >:-O

          LOL, j/k Kahless, hahahaha :-D

          • Hahahaha, comment of the day!

          • Kahless, put the cactus down! Ken was kidding!! KAHLESSSS!!! :-D

  5. I thought about seeing The Hunger Games sometime soon. I never read the books so can anyone tell me if the movie has enough action with it be 2 hrs/20 mins? Id appreciate it.

    • @Wally

      It has action, but honestly, the best parts of the movie were not the action scenes. Good movie, you should check it out.

      • @ Ken J

        Im sure i will, thanks. I might wait for it to die down a bit as a co-worker mentioned the theater was packed last night.

    • Showcasing Jennifer Lawrence was the real crutch of this movie. There was action but not that much. Like Ken J said, the action wasn’t the best parts of the movie.

  6. I don’t many fond theater experiences that others may agree with. But Superman Returns was one because i never seen any of Christoher Reeve’s films on the big screen & knew the film takes place after Superman 2. And to hear that Superman score gave me goosebumps even if great success. Another was Terminator 3. Again i was too young to see the first two films but glad i got the chance to see Arnold in his most famous known role as the terminator. Another was Freddy vs. Jason. I was too young to see pretty much all of them from both franchises & to see Robert Englund in his final performance as Freddy i felt lucky. I guess Titanic would be my best theatrical experience. That & Batman Returns as being my first CBM i got see in theaters thanks to one of my oldest brothers.

    • @ Ignur Rant

      Very good article about Bane Co-creater Graham Nolan. I agreed with pretty much every word he said in the article. Glad im not the only one who enjoyed Batman Begins more TDK after reading the article. Kudos for sharing the article!

  7. The Raid: Redemption isn’t even playing in my area; some other little flick called The Hunger Games seems to be dominating the cinemas. Who watches crap like that? 8-)

    • @Kahless

      I was going to watch The Raid today too, but no theaters are playing it here either… So I ended up watching The Hunger Games since I wanted to see that anyway. But today I was in the mood for The Raid, lol. But The Hunger Games was very good, so no complaints. But still waiting for The Raid to come out here…

      • I saw HGs as well. I was entertained but I thought it could have been better. I have numerous questions (that I brought up in the spoilers discussion) about the movie.

  8. So what’s going on with the next Austin Powers sequel?
    A while back there was some talk of a fourth one, but it hasn’t really amounted to anything it seems…

  9. Only eight more days until Avengers:EMH can’t wait!

  10. What TV show should get big Screen Treatment? Walking Dead?

    • Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries!
      Wait, that’s not right… ;)
      Actually I don’t know, most of the TV shows that I like are good AS TV SHOWS. They work in that format. I don’t think there are that many (current) TV shows that could spawn a great movie.

      From what I’ve heard, Game Of Thrones would be great if they release it as a movie series (or a movie that ties into the show), but since I haven’t seen that show yet, i wouldn’t be able to say for myself…

    • @ D

      Walking Dead, True Blood maybe depending how the series ends. They made two Sex & The City films so i don’t see why not do the same w/ True Blood.

  11. Hey Vic, have you ever thought of adding books to this site. Or, since the operative word is SCREEN for this site, how about a sister site called Book Rant? A lot of the movies( that I come to this sight for ) are based on comics, literature, pulp fiction, etc..

    • I think between Gamerant and Screenrant, adding a Bookrant will make Vic’s head spin, lol.

      • I never heard of game rant, I thought games was one of the subjects on this site. And besides, Vics not all that busy, is he. ( <rhymes lol )

      • More like “explode.” At one point I’d thought about ComicsRant and TechRant – but I’m too busy as it is.


        • I’d love a ComicsRant :D, but isn’t “TechRant” kinda already part of GamesRant? I mean, they give us news on the latest tech and they do a few reviews as well…

          • @The Avenger

            Do they give us reviews on the latest tech?? The only thing I’ve noticed was maybe iPhone/iPad news, but I don’t really consider that “latest” tech…

            • They do reviews on new consoles and such as well…
              Obviously they don’t have the resources to cover every new tablet, cellphone or gadget, but what they do cover is good enough for me anyway…

  12. Nerd Alert, you have been warned.

    If you had to put together a real-life superhero strike team, like Watchmen or X-Force, who would be in it?

    For it’s:
    Jean Grey
    Adam Warlock
    Iron Man

    • @ Ken

      Here’s what i think my team would be.

      Emma Frost
      Scarlett Witch

      • Oh good, someone’s awake on the internet. Fellow nerds on Screen Rant need to get on the ball here.

        I dig your team, although I’m not sure I would opt for both Ant-man and Wasp, since their powers are the same.

        • @ Ken

          Thanks. I was having 2nd thoughts at the time honestly about including them both. So heres my new list with Wasp replaced.

          Emma Frost
          Scarlett Witch
          Dr. Strange