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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Mar 21, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 21, 2012

BTW, for you regular visitors, you might notice that the site’s background has changed a bit. Trying out a “quieter” background – I thought the film reel imagery might be a bit distracting. The text is now also a bit larger, in an effort to make it easier to read and for you to require less squinting. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 21, 2012 You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes.

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  1. Good Morning Ranters!!!! Any big movie plans for the weekend? I am going to see John Carter. I know that reviews have been on the negative side, but it looks like a good mindless popcorn flick to see in theaters.

    • I just heard that Disney is anticipating somewhere between 100 and 200 million dollar loss on the film, so it does not appear that there will be a sequel to it.

      • Yeah – it made the news here in the UK lastnight saying it had been a massive flop so far ! Still amazing films can get made that can still end up going down like this ! I think I’d wait until it comes out on DVD before going to the movie house to see it now.

    • The Hunger Games for me !

    • I say go watch it. Since everyone will probably go check out The Hunger Games John Carter should at least be viewed on the IMAX screen.
      I personally enjoyed it, whether you do or not is entirely upon your viewing. But, it must be watched in theatres as a film the scope of this home viewings will not do it justice

      • That’s what I was thinking. I will see the hunger games on a later weekend when it won’t be packed.

  2. Looks like Beetlejuice II is going to happen. I heard it will definitely be a sequel, with Keaton reprising his role, and the film is supposed to occur approximately 25 years after the first. Looking forward to it.

    • i wonder if all the main cast is coming back.

      • I thought perhaps Winona Ryder might be coming back and all grown up now, with her own family. In the article I read, the person charged with writing it indicated that it would be a true sequel, not a reboot, and although time has passed in the real world, it has not in Beetlejuice’s sphere.

    • Watch the one below first.

    • A Moon Knight film would be awesome! One of my favorite characters.

      • In one of my favorite Inception dreams I screenwrite a mind f*** of Moon Knight film. A Taxi Driver, TDK, Memento orgy.

        • @GK333

          The only thing I want is three different (well four including Moon Knight) playing each seperate personality that intertwined there life like Crash. You dont find out that all four are the same characters until the end.

          For example. One personality leaves a meeting, enters a taxi and has a convo with the driver. The whole time It was really one person, the passenger is the taxi driver, and his two personalities were just having a convo.

          • that is a great way to portray the various personalities

      • How do you think the white costume would translate to the screen? Or would you change it?

        • Iono man. You could get bad ass or Billy Zane’s Phantom.

          You gotta do some screen test with it. I would def do my best to keep it white. Might need an off white or grey-white the comics sometimes use. Might also CGI the background up to make it darker, so they white stands out appropriate.

          At the of the day, I think a Moon Knight costume would work. I’d take alot of inspiration from Ezio’s Assasin Creed attire. That hood is all Moon Knight baby.

  3. looks good vic.

    • Thanks, jeffro. At least SOMEBODY noticed. :-P


      • Actually, I really liked the film roll background… :(

        • me too Scape.

          • As did I…
            I do like the font change though (there’s a little less strain on my eyes now, but then again, if it was bothering me that much, I could’ve just adjusted the browser’s zoom)

            • Well one other reason for curtailing the film reel background is that it made pages load slower.

              BTW, I liked it, too – otherwise it wouldn’t have been on the site for so long. :)


  4. I wonder if Beetlejuice will still have a shrunken head!

  5. Hey ranters…. I got invited into letterboxd the other day. Pretty neat idea for movie fans! Basically a social network for movie enthusiasts! Anyone already in? It’d be cool to have you guys added and check out what you think about all the new movies coming out! I already added Vic and Ben from the SR staff.

    So share your users if you like! Mine is fitovm. ;)


    I want to see Hunger Games this weekend but I think I’m going to avoid the teeny bopper crowd this weekend and go next weekend.

    Any predictions on the opening weekend? I’m betting $120 Million

    • It’s still a few weeks till The Hunger Games hits South-Africa, but I’d bet that the movie’s going to make close to $100mil on opening weekend.

      • I just don’t get it. Everyone knows the hunger games is going to be huge but at our theatre and the other one in are town we only have sold 200 pre sales. 500 less that twilight and 1500 less than harry potter. Who knows what’s happening lol

  7. Has anybody got any news on the bsg blood and chrome series???

      • Nbc got it blocked before i got to see it. so they arent going ahead with the series???!! They never even gave it a chance

  8. I had a chance to buy Inception (the two disc special edition) today, but I didn’t.
    I don’t know what’s more surprising: the fact that I don’t own Inception yet, or the fact that for some strange reason, I didn’t buy it…

    Does anyone have the two disc edition? And if so, are the special features worth it? — Because it’s probably not too late for me to go back to the store….

    • I don’t have the two disc special but I bought a used one from Blockbuster for like $5. I don’t feel the movie has a lot of replay value. I watched it once and I may watch it again but I never feel the urge to. Maybe that’s just me though. :)

    • I bought it … I regret it. I liked the movie a lot upon initial viewing but I haven’;t been able to finish a second time. I am fining that happens a lot with Nolan’s films .. with The Prestige and Batman Begins being the exceptions.

      • I’ve watched Inception about three times now.
        During my first viewing, I didn’t understand half of it :P , so my second viewing could probably count as the first one.
        My third viewing was with a few friends who hadn’t seen it yet…

        As much as it pains me to say, I have to agree about the Nolan movies: the more I watch them, the less interested I get in finishing the viewing.
        For example: I watched TDK again a few nights ago, and I almost fell asleep (which has never happened to me before). It’s an awesome movie, but the more you watch it, the more annoyed you get at all the little plot holes and issues that don’t make sense.

        • I enjoyed the special features. The behind the scenes of the zero gravity scene is fantastic.

          • I agree with this.

            • @INK and Trey: So in your guys’ opinions, is it worth buying? (if only for all the special features?)

  9. THe more featurettes I see for Wrath of the Titans, especially all the creature designs I wonder what is the point of anyone even attempting a God of War film?
    It seems they basically played that game and hired all the concept artists for this sequel.

  10. I just watched the adventures of tintin and I thought it was awesome any news on if there’ll be a sequel or not? And will it be helmed by Jackson and Spielberg?

    • Yes, there will be a sequel, helmed by Spielberg and Jackson.

      • Ok cool thanks Jeff.

    • I agree the film was really a great adventure I’ve watched it a couple of times. I’m looking forward to tintin’s next adventure. Jackson and Spielberg did an excellent job the animation is awesome.

      • ANdy Serkis was AWESOME!!

        • They are actually switched roles for the 2nd film. Speilberg is producing jackson is directing

          • as long as they’re both still working on the project. It’ll be cool though to see tintin from Jackson’s point of view

    • Cool … nyuk, nyuk … photo. I really don’t know how they are cramming all of this into a 2hr and 17 minute movie.

      • I think this will probably the opening scene…

    • Well? Are there spoilers or not?! ;)
      I don’t want to look at the pic if they’re going to spoil something.

      • It´s something you´ve seen before in Avengers #4.

        • ***Spoiler Alert***
          Is it the pic of Cap being unfrozen?
          Because I’ve seen that one before a few weeks ago (for the life of me, I can’t remember where…) – right after I saw that pic, I decided to stop looking at more footage, and reading more spoilers…
          P.S. If it isn’t the Cap pic though, please don’t give me anymore hints ;) – I’d rather be surprised.

          • yes it is

    • The ice prolly saved his life from the years of blue balls.

      • And another nyuk, nyuk … congrats!

    • It makes sense. They have to introduce the characters somewhat for all the people who only saw Iron Man once in theaters (if that). It’s like in Lord of the Rings when there were several flashbacks, but each looked different and added something new to the story. I expect some kind of synopsis of all the characters origins, at least in the dialogue.

  11. I watched Conan the Barbarian reboot yesterday for a second time and i know im in the minority but i thought it was great.I enjoyed it way more than Clash of the Titans remake and it’s to bad b\c i would’ve liked a sequel to happen,but it won’t unless its straight to DVD which i know will be garbage.

    • I respectfully disagree. I thought the original was superior, with the sole exception of the special effects. I would watch the original again, but not the reboot. I believe the reboot also lost a ton of money, so there will not likely be a sequel to it.

        • I know it’s too late, but I would have like a third installment with Arnold, entitled, “King Conan”, or “Conan the King”.

          • Its never too late I’d venture to say. Arnold is at that age where playing an older Conan. Even Arnold knows that this property is what fans have been longing for a long time.

              • Would rather see him do this than another Terminator, but a serious interpretation of him becoming an older and wiser king, still barbarian-like, though. It could be done, and I would pay to see him do it.

              • I was also thinking, with the failure of the reboot, it would be great if they would approach him about a third installment to the original. I bet he would consider it. Granted, he is not nearly as big as he was back then, but he could play his age…an older, wiser barbarian finally gaining a king’s crown.

  12. Well, we’ve got confirmation now… Batman’s is longer than Iron Man’s, Hulk’s, Thor’s and Captain America’s – take that anyway you will ;)
    I’m still a little mad that TA’s run time is only 2hrs15mins. An extra 15minutes would have gone a long way — my biggest fear now is that TA might feel rushed (because with all those characters and interconnected plots, I’m sure it won’t feel dragged out…)

    • I am a little annoyed with that as well. But we still have a month of editing. He could still add something back in there but I doubt it.

      The great thing about this movie is that it’s had 5 movies to lead up to this. You don’t need to establish too much more that you would normally have to do.

    • I dont think the avengers is going to be as intricate as you think it will be…all the other marvel movies have been pretty straight forward, i dont see the avengers being any different especially since none of the main characters(even the main villian) require a backstory…so imo i think its about perfect amount of time to wrap up the character arcs and have big (biggest?) action sequences. Another article said that batman rough draft is 4 hr…i say that gets broken down to about 2 h 45 minutes, but that wraps up that story for good while this avengers movie is just the beginning of that story…who knows in 2016 avengers 3 might be 3+ hrs long lol.

  13. Good decision on the site background, Vic.
    The prior was a great image but it did
    clutter things a bit and the writing
    stands out better visually now.

    I have also noticed smoother scrolling
    (using Firefox) as an ancillary benefit.

    On a separate style note I do find the
    blue color used in titles and descriptions
    does not have enough contrast with black.
    Perhaps a slightly lighter blue could be tried.

    • Blue? Methinks you may be color blind my friend. Is the background in your avatar blue to you? If you say yes, then you are definitely color blind as it is yellow. :)

        • Erm… the text under the photos are yellow dude – not blue.

          • IS yellow, not “are yellow”.

              • I am using Firefox 11.0. The latest Firefox.
                I just tested it on Chrome v17.0.963.78,
                which I also have on the system, and
                the text there is yellow not blue.

                I have another older system running the latest
                build of Firefox 3.6.28 which was just recently released.
                I tested it there and like the latest Firefox 11.0 the text is blue.
                Based on this checking at my end it appears it may be a Firefox issue.

                  • Must be something on my system interfering somehow.
                    Or Firefox itself affecting certain systems in an odd way.
                    I installed Chrome intending to make the move over to it.

                    I’m losing faith in Firefox these days.
                    They have been rushing out releases
                    and you have to wonder about testing.

                    Is Chrome what you are using, Vic?

                    • I use Chrome… it’s just so much better IMO.

                    • Robert,

                      Yes, I switched to Chrome over a year ago.


                    • Thanks, Vic. Your endorsement seals it.
                      I cannot trust Firefox after this problem.
                      Firefox had its day but that day is history.

                    • @TheAvenger
                      I appreciate your impression, Avenger. Thanks.

                    • I’m using Firefox 3.6.26 and the text looks yellow. I do have problems with Firefox crashing sometimes but that seems to be all.

                    • I did have the same crashing issue too, Kahless.
                      Version 3 of Firefox was the best and I can
                      understand why you stuck with it.

  14. Sorry for the late reply Vic, the site looks great to you and the screenrant staff keep up the great work.

    • I think you’ll find… they’re all mine! ;)
      I’ve already secured two viewings: first one with the family, and second one with my buddies — both screenings in 3D
      (After that, I’ll probably wait a few weeks and catch the 2D screening on my own)

      • ^THAT was me bragging… ;)

      • You are mistaken, young padiwan! You are not strong with the force. :-P

        I’m planning on seeing it on IMAX 3D May 4 with some friends. I will see it with the kids probably that same weekend (on IMAX 2D), if it’s as good as I’m hoping it will be.

        • Okay you got me there: I don’t have IMAX tickets…

        • I will also be Watching it on may 4th at midnight premier in IMAX 3-D. The first of multiple viewings :D. As I posted on the last open discussion I’ve already secured my advanced tickets ;).

        • @Kahlees

          The Avengers is in IMax? Is the Germantown one showing it?

          • Yes. On Fandango, you can get tickets for the midnight IMAX show; the closest theater selling tickets for the weekend is Tysons.

            • And I didn’t let Kahless see you mis-spell his name; he’s just itching to slice somebody up. :-D

  15. I just watched the walking dead season 2 finale again. That’s 3 times now.
    slight spoiler
    If only the walkers had predictable migration routes, but the slightest thing can divert their direction, so it’s different everytime.

  16. Vic, missing the film reel background but liking the way the plain black sends the comments right to the foreground. I realise you might have to stick ads in there, but it works at the moment! Liking the new typeface as well: subtle change but slightly easier on the eye.