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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Mar 2, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Mar 2, 2012

Oh, and since Screen Rant regulars are the main folks who stop by here and you might be interested, we’ve finally released our first iPhone app. It’s very basic, meant only for reading the news and reviews and watching trailers. You can check it out and download it HERE!

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  1. Saw Ghost Rider last night (FREE) – and it IS as bad as everyone says. The Rider LOOKS awesome but that is absolutely it.

    Also saw Act of Valor (PAID FOR) and I thought it was incredible. Very moving and intense.

    • Translation: I went to see ‘Act of Valor’ and then snuck into ‘Ghost Rider’ afterwards. lol

      • Actually it was the other way around as far as order. We saw GR while we waited for AoV. :)

    • I agree with INK the only thing good in GR was the look of the rider.

      • What about Idris Elba? How was he?

        • He was good for what he had to work with. The script was terrible and he was underused.

          • I agree 100%.

    • “And it IS as bad as everyone says.”

      I could have told you that after watching the first trailer.

  2. What is everyones favorite movie poster for a movie this year? To me a couple really stand out the abraham lincoln vampire hunter with the chair in the dark forest with the jack skeleton moon. The new frankenweenie poster I love the black and white style with the lime green title. Then finally the bane dark knight rises poster. Its my favorite for now.

    • I must say Ghost Rider’s posters have been the best. Movie is as opposing a force as Vader is to Luke however.

      • Yeah I think I forgot about that movie in general. Working at a theatre it became non existant

        • – The 3rd poster for Brave. Mainly because I’m Scottish and have a thing for ginger haired women.
          – Bane walking away from the broken mask.
          – The character one sheets for The Hunger Games.
          – The massive head on the Prometheus one sheet, because it scares me.

      • But since Vader redeemed himself to Luke, are you telling us that Ghost Rider will redeem itself to you? That’s very magnanimous of you, since you gave it such low marks. 😎

        • Your trying to dig deeper into a trench that is only deep enough to bury a frog. :)

          • Well, frogs on Qo’Nos are the size of Volkswagons. 😀

            • Hmmm … I learn something new every day on this sight. It may not solve world hunger, and if we did solve it how would the new ladies vying for Miss America answer those tough questions every year? :)

    • My favorite poster is TDKR(broken mask poster).

    • I’ll bring up one that hasn’t been mentioned yet. The one for ParaNorman is a neat one.

  3. Me and my oldest son were talking about the Avengers movie yesterday. We agree that we will need to get to the theater early in order to get good seats, or go during a time when most people are at work or school. If I do go during a weekend (more than likely), I will probably bring along my portable DVD player and watch one of the Avenger prequels. Which one do you all think I should watch (IM, IM2, Thor, TIH, or CA)?

    • I’d suggest anyone but Iron Man 2, which I thought was one of the worst scripts for such a project I have ever seen.

      • I know the consensus is that IM2 is garbage, but I really liked it. To be honest, of all the Marvel movies, I have seen IM2 the most.

        • Hey, each to their own, buddy. No judgement on anyone’s taste from this end.

          Well, unless I read someone classing Rob Schneider as the greatest actor who ever lived. Then come the pain.

          • Ron Schneider is the greatest actor ever; along with Channing Tatum. 😛

            You knew I had to go there. 😮

            • You know as bad as Chatum is, when he has a funny role, I tend to like him.

              • Yea, Im not ussually a fan, but he was the only thing that I really liked about The Dillemma.

                • That’s the movie I was trying to think of. And I may be the only one, but I think 21 jump Street looks funny.

                  • Yea I agree, I chuckled quite abit with the 21jump street trailor… But the Dellimma is the only one I can think of that he didnt annoy me in. I liked Coach Carter, but he was still a punk. I was talking with a friend awhile back, and was expressing my dis-like for Tatum (I think we were talking about GI Joe), and my buddy procedded to get me all riled up with his reply. He said he thought Tatum was just as good of actor as any of the mainstream actors right now and how Tom Hardy(We were also talking about TDKR) was overratted and thought Tatum would have been a better fit for Bane… I had to walk away.

                    • He said he thought Tatum was just as good of actor as any of the mainstream actors right now and how Tom Hardy(We were also talking about TDKR) was overratted and thought Tatum would have been a better fit for Bane

                      Your friend must have had some really bad crack. 😀

                    • What Kahless said

                    • Oh trust me, its frustrating talking about movies with him, because he just doesnt know much about movies but talks like he does… I mean he also thinks Sam Worthington is a great actor…Come on!

                    • Will you post his movie reviews on here so I know what NOT to see when they come out. :)

                    • Thats awesome… Im gonna show him that comment just to make his day

        • Actually IM2 sets up the Avengers the best. I’d go with the character you are most looking forward to seeing. For me, it’d be Thor.

        • @ Kahless

          If you take your portable dvd player to watch one of the solo films, id go with Ironman or Captain America:TFA. Thats just me.

    • I’d go with IM2 since that’s really were all of this started to tie together… (there were a few hints in IM1 and TIH, but really, all the puzzle pieces started to come together in IM2)
      The movie itself wasn’t the best Marvel’s put out, but in terms of getting psyched for TA, I’ think that’s your best bet.

      I for one, will be watching ALL the Marvel Studios movies back-to-back before I go see TA.

      • I will also be watching all the marvel films before going to watch TA.

        • Ditto.

      • @ The Avenger

        You got a point there. I too will be watching the solo films when comes closer to time for the Avengers to assemble. I just wonder how long the film is. Hope its close to 3 hrs long.

    • I suggest you watch them all in chronological order.

      Iron Man
      The Incredible Hulk
      Iron Man 2
      The Consultant (short film)
      A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor´s Hammer (short film)

      • Consultant is before/during Incredible Hulk.

        • Sure? Because at the end of Iron Man 2, Fury tells Stark they only want him as a consultant. That´s why I think it´s after IM2. Also, IM2 happens mostly at the same time as THI, so I think it´s accurate…

        • Nope. It’s after after IM2 and takes place at the end of TIH (not before or during).

    • i will watch all 5, 1 a day, prior to may 4, and prolly take a vacation day and catch an early show that day, and i think i will watch in reg 2d, then get some lunch, then check out the 3d version. should be a good day!

  4. horray for the iphone app!!!! ive been waiting!

  5. Marvel is releasing more and more pics for ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’, but ironically, the more they release, the less I’m excited for it.
    The animation really does look quite terrible IMO.
    Hopefully, the stories, voice-cast and over all plot will be enough to save the series.

    • I’m going to give it a shot but I’m not excited for it at all.

      I am excited for the return of Earth’s Mightest Heros though!

    • This is nothing like The Ultimate Spider-Man I know and love. Thank you, Jeph Loeb. And now go eff yourself.

    • I’m also not liking the animation style as well as the new look for some of the characters. I liked the way they tried to make spiderman unlimited look like you were reading a comic book. I just didn’t like the stories they went into they were just weird imo.

      • The animation style is based on Mark Bagley´s drawing style, so I´m okay with it. I just think it´s another Spider-Man cartoon and it has nothing to do with the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books.

  6. Why is there a thread made for ‘Only God Forgives’?

    The new info on the film:
    Cliff Martinez is doing the score for the film, new details about the plot and who will be distributing the film. Also a first look of Ryan Gosling in the film.

  7. What happened to Vic’s handsome mug on the open discussion pic?

    It’s open to discussion by the way.

    • Were you been, man?

      • Work… deadlines, less screenrant darn it.

    • Pitt Man,

      I thought it was time to retire that.


      • Plus it feels more special now when we see him post. :)

  8. I only know a little about the hype regarding Act of Valor… saw a brief clip with the director who (whom?) I recognized along with a name that’s hard to forget: Mouse McCoy. I’m a big motorcycle fan and one of the best all-time documentaries on the subject is On Any Sunday by Bruce Brown. His son, Dana, recently did his own doc on the Baja 1000 off road race. You know, 1000 miles along the Peninsula in pretty much anything that will run. It’s called Dust to Glory. Mouse McCoy was featured as one of the few who ran the entire race solo on his motorcycle (rather than shifts by different riders using the same bike). Loads of fun to watch as Mouse gradually becomes a babbling, exhausted guy who just keeps on racing mile after treacherous mile. I had no idea he directed Valor.

  9. Hey Guys finally saw Drive, Warrior and Tree of life.

    One was really amazing and the other two were just ok.

    • So, which one was amazing in your opinion? Or are you writing respectively?

  10. Warrior Was Amazing!!!!

    • Two of my favorite things!

      • Same here. :)

      • My two favorite things are boobs. Left and right one.

  11. Who’s ready for a Smokey and the Bandit re-boot?! Who’s cool enough for the Bandit? Or Sherriff Bufort T. Justice?

    • I am not ready for a reboot of this, but if I had to play around with a cast… What about Chris pine as the Bandit and Stephen Lang as the sheriff?

      • But if they were going to stick to the spirit of the original Paul Giamati might be a better fit for the sherriff…

        • chris pine, paul giamatti… sounds good, fast track that script!

    • George Clooney for Bandit!

      • Or Jason Lee.

        • I’m down with Jason Lee and Paul Giamatti

  12. Well I’m probably going to miss Spartacus tonight thanks to the tornado that literally came within a mile of my house. They had better get the power working by Sunday because I willNOT miss The Walking Dead. The only reason I’m able to post anymore is because of my iPhone , once that goes dead it’s goodbye movie news :(

    • @Yeti,

      Sorry to hear about your situation hopefully they’ll have power back on soon good luck.

      • @vader thanks man. We finally got our power back on but I missed Spartacus and Merlin. I can watch Spartacus on demand but Merlin isn’t on there I guess I’ll have to watch it online.

        • @Yeti,

          Glad to hear your power was restored.

    • i’m in ky, just 20 or so miles from where it did all that damage in indiana, it has been a bad one for sure

      • @Jeffro yeah it has been pretty bad. It seems like the past few years have been extremely dangerous when it comes to tornadoes, DAMN GLOBAL WARMING!!! 😮

  13. Don’t know if you guys have heard, but The Avengers’ second trailer has broken iTunes records:
    It’s now been downloaded 13,7 million times in the first 24 hours. (The record was previously held by TDKR with 12,5 mil in 24hrs)

    • Sorry, VIEWS, not downloads…

    • I really like that. But I think McCarthy and Stone should switch characters.

      • Thanks for reading it Scapegoat. You’re probably right since Stone is easier on the eyes, but I thought she’d be a better fit as a receptionist with her sarcastic, snide tone like Janine and McCarthy could have that anti-girly gross-out humor. Either way, it would be a good movie.
        I tweeted Dan Aykroyd’s account this blog a few times…so maybe there’s a very slim chance that he’ll read it.

  14. whats everyone’s opinion about Scarlett Johanson being nude in a rework of Alfred Hitcock’s Phycho in the famous cinematic nude scene?

    • What a callous and immature question! Sure, she is gorgeous, with plump lips…..a sexy body……….a nice round behind (pause)

      What were we talking about?


      • @ Kahless

        Didn’t mean it that way. Im just a fan of the original film & surprised at the news because Johanson has said she would never do nudity on film. But she changed her mind i guess just as Neve Campbell has.

        • I was just messing with you, Wally. I’m sure about every man on SR agrees with you.

  15. I just recently started reading comics again and I’m trying to get caught up before the big Avengers vs. X-men event comes in April. So I’ve already started reading uncanny X-men on digi comics, but I can’t find the Avengers comics that are going to be the lead ins to the event except for avengers x sanction. Can anybody tell me what I’m supposed to be reading please:( any help would be greatly appreciated 😉

      • thanks for that TA but I guess my real question is I actually can’t find any Avengers digi comics past 1998 So basically I was wondering if the comics I’m looking for are going by a different name other than avengers, example volume 1, 2, 3, or, 4 and if not maybe they haven’t been digitized yet. Any thoughts?

          • oh I’ve been trying to do it on the mobile app. I guess I’ll try it your way now so I quit looking like a moron. Thanks again TA 😉

  16. Anyone heard any new news about season 5 of True Blood?

  17. Am i the only one who feels A Good Day To Die Hard is a lame title for the 5th Die Hard film? And another this is as mentioned in Live Free Or Die Hard is that in the 5th film aswell is McClane’s son is name Jack when in the first film it’s made clear it’s John Jr. Am i missing something?

    • Jack is a nickname/alternate form of John…John F. Kennedy was also known as Jack, for example.

  18. Just finished watching SeaQuest. Why can’t these stations ever finish a series right? The final episodes of SeaQuest were getting interesting, and they introduce the Chow-Dai, who were brutal Eastern fighters; and even one of them replaced SeaQuests best sub-fighter. What a waste.

  19. Anyone else wonder what ever happened to Morgan and Dwayne from s1 of the walking dead. The father and son Rick comes across in the first episode. I’m curious as to what ever happened to them.

    • dead meat I’d say… but I didn’t read the comics.

      • Maybe Rick will come across them as walkers. I didn’t read the comics either bit it would be a good twist though.

        • How’s about Morgan, dwayne and de dead wife have a spin off called The Dead Walking. Heehee

          • Like The Ropers!

    • I’ve been wondering that since Rick got to Atlanta. Also have you noticed how Rick just sort of gave up on them? He used to try to radio them everyday but I guess that quickly got old now he’s like,” eh, I wonder what happened to those black folks that took me in?… I guess I could try to contact them again, dog the radio is all the way across the room. Eh, I’ll do it later. 😀

      • Yea I also noticed how he has forgotten about them. It’s possible that at the moment Rick has too much on his mind. After Carl getting shot and finding Sophia in the barn as well as Lori being pregnant. Among all other tasks keeping the group safe. Lastly trying not to get kicked off the farm so they don’t end up on the road again.

        • I guess you’re right, the guy does have enough to worry about without adding two extra mouths to feed. It would however be nice if they do eventually turn up and join the group , IMO anyway :)