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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 19, 2012

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  1. Good Morning Screenrant..watched the Lorax yeasterday and was very dissappointed..HUGO was AMAZING

    • I watched Safe House on the weekend and enjoed it..Denzel Washington is just one of the best actors of the last 30 years and of all-time IMO..

      • I thought their was to much camera movement in that movie

      • All intersting titles greenknight333. Glad you enjoyed them. These days I really haven’t had a chance to make it to the movies. I did get a chance to see Underworld: Awakening with my Sci fi/Fantasy Class. It was okay as far as moving the story but it is the one out of the series I enjoyed the least.

        Other than that it has been red box and cable for me. This weekend red boxed Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. I don’t know I kind of lost interest in it and did not finish it.

        I finally caught Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. I thought it was actually pretty good. Better than what I was lead to believe. It moved a little fast though. Black Beard to me was not menacing enough. Other that it was a Pirates film.

        Finally I caught Immortals. It was solid. Visually impressive, again the pacing and timing was slightly off. I do think the Henry Cavill might be able to pull off the Man Of Steel(at least physically).

      • Denzel used to be awesome, but have you seen UNSTOPPABLE? it should’ve been called LAUGHABLE, denzel was so wooden. Mind you, I’ve have not seen Safe house.

        My fave Denzel movie is OUT OF TIME.

    • Yea I went and saw last week with the kids, I thought the songs were catchy…

  2. Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles.

    • Peanut Butter & Jelly!

    • I know man…I know. That topic got big the other day. Not that the concept sucks, it just a big change of the origin of the Turtles. I hope he is just teasing.

  3. I’m almost done with my Marvel movies in anticipation for the Avengers. I just finished Thor this morning, and was finally able to see the infinity gauntlet, however I wasn’t able to find any of the other items in the vault any help? So I can move on to Cap

    • @ Yeti

      Where is it?

      • @wally I know the gauntlet is seen during the frost giant invasion of the vault right after the destroyer kills the second frost giant. It is hard to see I had to rewind it a few times

      • Thanks Scapegoat. What i meant was i never catch it on film. I notice the Fire, some Eye looking thing.

      • Man i swear i never saw that in the film and i’ve watched Thor at least 5 times now.Get ready to make it number 6.

        • That´s a very quick shot. When Odin and the kid versions of Thor and Loki walk into the vault. It´s a blink-and-miss-it scene.

      • Hey scape is that how it actually looks in the movie? If so I’m gonna have to go back and rewatch it. And you said it’s shown when the brothers are young and are all three walking together?

        • Those are the actual props from the movie set, so I guess that´s what they look like. Like I said, it´s a very quick shot and I missed them too when I saw that movie at the cinema. When I watched it at home, I only saw the Infinity Gem and that eye, looking at Odin and the kids. I´m not really a fan of Thor and I haven´t read any comics, so I´m not familiar with those things.

          • thanks Scape

  4. I just saw The Walking Dead season 1 on netflix over the weekend. I know season 2 just ended but any idea when that season will be available on Netflix

    • I am waiting for it as well. Amazon does not have it listed yet. They do have for download, however. I won’t be paying that much for a digital copy however. I’ll wait until it is released, whenever that may be.

    • I would keep an eye on when Netflix throws “The Killing” on instant for a good comparison. The new season is starting soon and it has yet to show up on there.

      • the killing season 1 is on netflix. i just started watching it the other day, and i have to say it is a pretty great show. the acting is top-notch and the story is pretty gripping. cant wait to finish it and start on season 2 when it starts airing

        • Nice, thanks! I think I checked like 2 weeks ago and it wasn’t up!

  5. What movie of 2012.has been your least favorite?, mine would be Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengence.

    • The worst movie I’ve seen this year was “Project X” – truly horrible.
      It was the first movie I’ve ever walked out on…

      • @ The Avenger

        Ghost Rider 2 was the worst CBM in good while ive seen,lol. I might get bashed here but i have to say even Batman & Robin was better despite it being campy & all.

      • @ the avenger

        Sorry I could’nt reply, I’m at school, but I thought project X was a ok film, then again I am 15 and that would be awesome if there was a party lke Project X.

        • You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but just so you know, I’m 16 and I hated it.
          It was a terrible movie in general and I hated all the teenage stereotypes as well.
          I’m not going to repeat everything I said in ScreeRant’s comment section for the movie’s review, but I will repeat this:
          “screw Project X, give me American Pie any day..”

    • I haven’t seen anything new this year,im just patiently waiting for Wrath of the Titans in two weeks and gladly hope im not disappointed.

      • @ Hi-C

        Wraith Of The Titans looks alot better than Clash Of The Titans, and do you know if Wraith is a remake too?

        • No its not a remake its just a first time sequel to the most recent one.

    • So far Underworld: Awakeing.

    • @Max – The worst movie I saw this year was a Katherine Heigl crapfest that my loving wife forced me to go to (thanks to cheap tickets via Groupon). Groupon now tops my list of things I hate. #2 is Katherine Heigl.

      The movie was titled One for the Money and the kid who ripped our tickets said “One for the money…and two for the show” and did this nerdy Shooter McGavin-ish pointing at us. I should have punched him right there, got arrested for assault, and not seen the movie.

      So, I win. I saw the worst movie. Project X and Ghostrider have nothing on Katherine Heigl.

      • Haha was there ever a good movie KH was in besides Knocked Up because i can’t think of any…Unless you wanna add Bride of Chucky

        • Knocked Up is the reason she’s #2 on my list. But Groupon is ruining my life…the wife got some other date package deal to do at the end of the month. Wrath of the Titans is released then! Nooooooooooooooo!

  6. @ Max

    Ghost Rider 2 would be my most dissapointment of 2012 so far,lol.

  7. I watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn PT.1 & was let down. Do i have to watch all the films because it seemed like for chicks mostly to enjoy vampires. I rented it & not once did i see vampire fangs. I thought to myself that i’ll stick to True Blood.

  8. I watched ‘Due Date’ again last night, and I still think that movie was underrated… IMO, it was just as good as ‘The Hangover’.

    Anyway, some new Thor 2 news:
    Stellan Skarsgard will reprise his role as Professor Selvig.
    Kenneth Branagh will return as well! – He’ll only be a producer this time round, but IMO it’s still good news. Hopefully this’ll put some of those ugly rumors (about there being “bad blood” between Marvel Studios and all their directors) to rest.
    Most of the filming for the movie will take place in London and Los Angeles.

    • I had a chance to watch Due Date last week and i passed b\c critics gave it negative reviews.I guess if i get another chance i’ll go ahead & view it.

      • Hi-C you should definitely watch Due Date. I too was very wary when I first started watching it because of all the negative press it had gotten, however I was pleasantly surprised as it was definitely one of the funniest movies I’ve seen

        • I was luckily able to get it yesterday & i’ll definately watch it sometime this week.

  9. I’m curious how males feel about the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. I know a lot of people are turned off by Kristen Stewart because of Twilight. Do people just write her off, or does a good movie get a thumbs up even if she’s in it? I think it looks amazing. And Charlize looks killer.

    • I said it in the Huntsman thread, but I think it looks really good. It has a “del Torro” feel to it. Quite shocked at that. And yes Ms. Theron makes any movie better.

    • It looks good to me. I’ve only seen 1 Twilight movie (Eclipse), and while I didn’t like it, I don’t fault the actors (well, maybe the guy he played Jacob; I felt his acting? was very wooden).

    • Hi ;)

      I’m Ryan Gosling.

    • I’ve never seen Twilight and really don’t know who Kristen Stewart is (I couldn’t pick her out in a line-up), so I can’t comment on her acting ability. With that said, the trailer looks interesting for SWATH and I’d see it before Mirror Mirror for sure. But, I’m not planning on running out to the theater to see an alternative version of Snow White’s story played out on the big screen. For me, this is a movie that I’ll watch at home unless the wife chooses it for date night.

    • I’ll be seeing the movie. Looks good to me.

    • I am looking forward to it. No problems here.

    • I know movies are “pretend”, but anyone thinking Stewart is anywhere in Theron’s league is insane. That is the reason I won’t see that movie because “This is so stupid” would pop into my head whenever it cuts from the hot actress to the brutal one.

    • I’ll probably be seeing it on opening weekend…
      Yes people, that’s how much I liked the trailer ;)

      I agree with some of the others that Stewart was a bad choice (they might as well have gotten Megan Fox – both have the same acting skills IMO ;), but at least Fox could pass for the “fairest of them all”).

    • i think KS is a pretty good actress. i just think the twilight movies are bad. the runaways was a good film. SNATH looks pretty good based on the trailers…and what INK said :)

  10. I think that Theron will influence many males to go see the movie. I personally think that it looks like a decent action flick.

  11. Ryan Gosling 2nd best actor of time atm. Brando could lose his spot at 1.


    • whatever

      • PinionIes each with diffrent roles and each amazing. He is up there witn leo in my oAn gosling is easily one of the best actors in the business right now. Last year he had 3 mov

        • I think ryan gosling is one of the best in the business. His 3 movies last year all were completely diffrent roles and were excuted perfectly. He is right up there with leo in my opinion. Ignore my other comment my phone sucks

  12. Dude…..really? Gosling over Brando???????? are you freaking kidding me?
    While where at it…there’s a very real chance the gas station down the road my surpass our local steakhoue for best food in town.

  13. quick edit “steakhouse” not “steakhoue” though…i may eat at a steakhoue one day..who knows

  14. I have a chance to get season 9 of Smallville later today,i didn’t know Martian Manhunter made a appearence in one of the episodes.I stopped watching Smallville in the middle of season 5 so after that i don’t know anthing that happened,but i guess i’ll give it a try unless someone here thinks i shouldn’t.

    • @ Hi-C

      You should atleast check the rest of seasons online. You’d love Absolute Justice. That’s where you see Hawkman, Dr.Fate,Stargirl & small cameos by Sandman & Star-Spangled Man in live-action. Not to mention Martian Manhunter in green skin. Imo Pam Grier was great as Amanda Waller. After watching that episode, made want a live-action Justice League film to happen soon.

      • Will do…

  15. Comic book question did anyone pick up the recent limited title carnage that was released a few months back ? I picked up the first two issues but never got around to picking up the others. Is the story worth picking up the remaining issues, any info from anyone is greatly appreciated.

    • Carnage returns or Carnage USA ? Both are pretty good and if you enjoy the character you will enjoy these titles.

      • Thanks Greenknight

  16. I just saw Melancholia.

    possible spoilers

    Although Von Trier’s political views are questionable, and the whole idea of a “niberu” or “Planet X” is preposterous…but

    The movie was beautiful, and the comparisons between chronic depression and the encroaching doom planet were expressed perfectly, some obvious but still effective.

    and I liked Keifer in it.

    • I really actually would like to see that. It is definately on my list.

  17. Has anyone else here created a 2012 movie list?

    • Try everyone, but mine is Avengers, Prometheus and Hobbit (with TDKR and Spidey close behind).

      • @ Pitt Man

        Id say mine would be Avengers as #1, Prometheus as 2nd w/ TDKR bumped back to 3rd. Those are my top 3 anyways.

    • January 2012
      20 – Underworld Awakening 4/5
      20 – haywire 4/5

      February 2012
      10 – Journey 2 (Not seen yet)
      17 – Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance (1 out of 5 – And the one is for the look of GR)

      March 2012
      2 – The Lorax 3.5/5
      9 – John Carter Not seen yet)
      23 – Hunger Games
      30 – Wrath of the Titans

      April 2012
      13 – Cabin in the Woods
      13 – Three Stooges

      May 2012
      4 – Avengers
      11 – Dark Shadows
      18 – Battleship
      25 – MIB 3

      June 2012
      1 – Snow White and the Huntsman
      8 – Madagascar 3
      8- Prometheus
      15 – Jack the Giant Killer
      22 – brave
      22 – Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Killer
      29 – GI Joe Retaliation

      July 2012
      3 – Amazing Spiderman
      13 – Ice Age 4
      20 – The Dark Knight RIses
      27 – Neighborhood Watch

      August 2012
      3 – Bourne Legacy
      3 – Total Recall
      17 – Expendables II

      September 2012
      21 – Dredd

      October 2012
      5 – Taken 2

      November 2012
      2 – Red Dawn
      9 – Skyfall
      21 – 47 Ronin

      December 2012
      14 – Hobbitt
      21 – World War Z

      I made this list a while ago so there are changes, but I’m too lazy to do it. :)

    • Screen Rant did an article a while back about all the movies coming out in 2012 (and their most anticipated ones).
      But yeah, about every week for the past two months, someone on the Open Discussions page asks what our 10 most anticipated movies for 2012 are :P It’s interesting to see how the lists (including mine) change as a result of interviews, trailers and even rumors…

      • @The Avenger – Has my list changed at all?

        5) Titanic 3D
        4) Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 2
        3) Piranha 3DD
        2) Step-Up 4
        1) That’s My Boy

        • Hmmm… nope, seems about right ;)

        • Wow, your wife really has done a number on you. My condolences. :-D

          • LOL

  18. I watched E01 of “Missing” with Ashley Judd…..I highly recommend it!

    • ^ this, yes!

    • It’s good? I hadn’t heard anything good or bad about it, so I skipped over it on Hulu. I’ll check it out.

  19. I’d have to say underworld: awakening was worse than ghost rider 2

    • I would have to say you are insane.

  20. if you want to go to the avengers premiere go to

  21. Found a new Avengers related interview with Tom Hiddleston on youtube:
    There aren’t any spoilers – it’s just an awesome and funny interview to watch.

    Can’t believe there’s less than 38 days to go until The Avengers hits theaters…

    • quiet you!

    • that was a great interview. “no short-assed gods ” i love it! it’s quite apparent that the two “dj’s” have no clue as to what they’re talking about. the white guy was asking if the new hulk was coming out before the avengers, and the look on hiddleston’s face was priceless!

    • “Im trying to get the bitches to kneel” that was too damn funny,that and Tom busting a Will Smith rap song…almost came to tears.And like jeffro replied he said “Im 6’2 ain’t no short ass gods around here”.Next year everyone will kneel before Zod but this year you will bow before Loki.

      • It’s awesome how Hiddleston is treating all of this… I mean, he knows how to make a joke “no short ass gods around here” (to name of the few), but he’s also so serious about the role, which is great.
        I really get the feeling that this isn’t “just another acting gig” for him. He knows the character’s mythology (more so than he needs to know to be able to play him), but not only that, he also knows about the greater mythology… when someone asks him about Iron Man or Hulk, he can give a straight answer without saying “uumm, well I don’t really know much about that, cause I wasn’t involved with that movie”.

        I’m really looking forward to seeing more of his work, as Loki in the next Thor movie and as any other roles he’ll be taking on next.

        • *Edit: “no short ass gods around here” (to name one of many).

    • there’s less than 38 days to go until The Avengers hits theaters

      You know, I’m really beginning not to like you! 8-)

      • Hey man… I wasn’t bragging. I was simply stating a fact ;) (actually, I was wrong about that because the premier for The Avengers is on the 11th of April at the “El Capitan Theater” in LA – so if you look at it like that, the US still gets the movie before the rest of the world – and from what I’ve heard, you can even win tickets to go see the premier – it includes flights, accommodations and everything)

        • (Frantically trying to get to to book a flight to LA)

          (Website says “All flights on all airlines filled for April 10th and 11th”)



    • Awesome interview but you know it’s bad news when Captain America is asking Thor for workout advice :D

  22. Does anybody know when they’re going to release the second ASM & TDKR trailers?

    • TDKR is rumored in may…idk for spiderman

      • With dark shadows


    • cool! :)

    • Looks like the Germantown, MD area is only selling tickets for the 5/3 midnight show; Tysons, VA is selling tickets for the weekend but I don’t want to have to travel that far, so I’ll just wait until the Rio in Germantown is selling tickets.

  24. My list of complaints, some of which are valid, and some bourne out of my natural cynicism:

    * Ban nepotism in Hollywood. In the past year, the only explanation I can give for how movies as God awful as “Silent House”, “Dream House” and “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” got to the big screen is nepotism. There really can’t be any other plausible explanation, other than Hollywood executives taking hetero- and homosexual sexual favors from hopeful scriptwriters and directors (probably happens all the time as well). I usually don’t like to generalize, but I think I can safely say that anyone could have looked at the script for these three movies and said, “Wow, this movie’s gonna suck. No one will like them.”

    Seriously, how do these movies get from God-Awful concept to the big screen? Does anyone in Hollywood have a brain?

    * AMC executives need to get out of their own way. AMC produced two shows, “The Walking Dead” and “The Killing” that had very compellign first seasons, albeit disappointing finales. The executives at the studio
    have to stop being afraid of audience drop-off at the end of a season. Both of those shows ended with cliffhanger finales that left viewers shouting “WTF?” at the end. A year later, they came out with the season 2 premieres, both of the which were not very good and neither of which revealed anything new or compelling to their viewers. Seriously AMC, enough with the cliff hanger season finales, and enough with manipulating the stream of information in the storyline. That strategy is going to backfire on you. Trust your shows’ writers and producers.

    And speaking of TWD – AMC, the show was making you money. Audiences and critics raved about season 1. What was your brilliant move after season 1? “Let’s fire executive producer Frank Darabont, you know, the guy who actually made the show compelling?” You folks are idiots.

    * NBC has to be the strangest network around. How did “Law & Order: LA” get cancelled after just a few motnhs (I don’t even think NBC gave the show 6 months), yet a show like “Whitney,” which is so bad that it’s offensive to TV audiences everywhere, is still on the air? And then NBC execs ask “Duh, I wonder why more people watch Univision than NBC (save for Monday Night Football)?”