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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Mar 16, 2012

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  1. Does anybody know anything about the possible PREDATORS sequel? I hope it still gets made!

  2. I’m still upset with myself for watching the Japanese Avengers trailer.
    Must … show … more … restraint …

    • I said the same thing when iron man2 was coming out…..then Thor……then cap…….

      Epic fail by me

    • Hehe. I managed to keep away… 😉

      I don’t want to see any more footage until I get to see the final product.
      The second trailer convinced me enough: The Avengers is going to rock.

      • Same for me. Also, whenever I see someone say that there may be small spoilers in a post, I immediately stop reading.

        • I’m just hoping that our fellow ranters will continue to warn us if they have a spoiler (as Scapegoat usually does for example.)
          I REALLY don’t want to be reading a comment or article where a huge spoiler suddenly pops up without any warning before hand.
          Luckily, that hasn’t happened so far…

    • It’s been tough, but I’ve fought the urge and haven’t seen any trailers for The Avengers or TDKR (or other movies I really want to see). I prefer to know nothing and opt for a fresh first-time viewing. My wife teases me because I always cut off the TV before The Walking Dead’s preview airs.

  3. Out of curiosity, those of you who have seen John Carter, especially the ones who enjoyed the film, would you see it again in theatres?

    Even though I enjoyed it, I probably would not see it again and wait until it arrives on blu-ray. It seems like a one-time only viewing as opposed a multiple time picture which I think the Avengers is going to be.

    Be honest.

    • If it’s only a one-time viewing why would you wait for the blu-ray?

      • special features, audio commentary, whatever blu-ray enhancements, etc.
        Disney do pack in a lot for their home releases.

    • Go see it in theaters dude.
      It was fun – definitely worth the money.
      (I’d go see it again).

    • I loved it… It had an Avatar meets Star Wars feel to it, and even though there were a few scenes that were slow in the middle and it was alittle long, I would see it again no doubt, if not just for the action and graphics…

    • I enjoyed it, and if a friend or family member wanted to see it, I wouldn’t mind going back for round 2.

      • I think this is the most normal comment from you that I seen in awhile… You feeling ok? :)

        • How about I normally slice you in 2, petaQ!!

          Is that better?


          • yes, it’s comments like that, that leave me confused and amussed at the same time…

            • That’s Kahless for you; confuses, amuses, and scares the living daylights out of you. 😛

          • Holy cow, that was funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. I read the new Age of Apocalypse comic. It’s not too bad. I think I might invest and see the whole story through. Anybody else managed to read it?

    • I loved the original AoA storyline. That was around the time when I started buying american comic books. Legion Quest and AoA. At that time I couldn´t believe that they killed Xavier and I thought it would stay that way. What a young naive kid I was…

      • AoA and legion Quest were awesome story lines. Xtinction Agenda was also a favorite of that time.

        • Isn´t that the one where Storm is transformed into a child?

          • I believe so. Of course when you say it like that it sounds stupid. :)

            • Yes, but that was shortly after Jim Lee became the regular penciler…

              • Winning!

                • Uncanny xmen 248, Jim Lee’s 1st uncanny… Havok fires on Nanny & the Widowmaker’s Eggship, incinerating it, he thinks he killed storm! BUT NO… Nanny ejected a duplicate ship and clone and escaped with Storm, she reduced her to a child but storm escaped. Not remembering who she was, she returned to her roots and became a thief in New Orleans, where she met Gambit in his first appearance, X-men 266… Storm was then reverted to a grown-up again by Cameron Hodge during the Extinction agenda Uncanny 272.

                  That’s the whole storm turns into a child and then turns back. Whew!

                  • It’s sad to see that Marvel’s too cheap to hire good artists like Jim Lee anymore.
                    The comapny make so much money, yet they still insist on using terrible artists…
                    I’m hoping they’ll come round with Avengers Vs. X-Men (who’s art – by JRJr, looks pretty good) – and realize once more, that a good story comes hand in hand with a good artist, and that, in turn, brings more readers and more profits.

                    • Yeah, Romita Jr. and Madureira are still the only talented pencilers at Marvel. But I´m not sure if Madureira is still doing Avenging Spider-Man though.

                      The rest is just cheap Image style rip offs.

                    • @Scape: Madureira is already off Avenging Spider-Man – the same thing happened with TIH.. Silvestri was only on board for a few issues before they replaced his awesome art with a rip-off version (it seems their plan is to use talented artists to get people hooked, and then continue on with more untalented hacks)

                      I have to say though, there still are a few good artists that remain over at Marvel, but for the most part, it’s looking pretty bad…

                      That’s why I think DC’s comics are superior at the moment.

                    • The problem with Madureira is, he´s a great artist, but he´s so incredibly lazy and slow. That´s why Marvel fired him in the late 90s. Then he went to Image to do his creator owned Battlechaser which, after more than ten years, is still unfinished. The only work he finished since then is Ultimates 3. Which sucked because Jeph Loeb was obviously drunk or brain dead and Mad´s art wasn´t inked. Also Mad´s art didn´t fit the ultra realistic world of the Ultimate Universe.

        • Xtinction Agenda is my favorite of all time.

    • @ d-man. I haven’t read it yet, but hope to do so. I had the comics and action figures for AoA. I always wanted a movie based on AoA since I first read it.

      On a side note I’m really excited for X-Men vs Avengers next month.

      • I stopped reading comics a while ago, but I think I´ll give AvsX a try. Just to see how they mess up the new Phoenix.

        • lol…I should say I’m more excited for the concept as opposed to the story, if that makes any sense. The concept of 2 great teams pitted agaist each other is exciting. They’ll probably be holding hands and hugging each when the series is over…lol.

  5. Has anyone seen the trailer for Joss Whedon’s cabin in the woods, if so what are your thoughts.

    • Doesn’t look cinematic enough.
      J/K :)

      • I’m still trying to figure out what the frak those execs were talking about. 😀

    • BLOCKED!

      I guess I’ll have to wait when I get home.

  6. I finally got to have a movie night. I watched Drive which was awesome, could’ve used more driving. I also watched Immortals which was epic and Henry Cavill’s performance set my mind at ease about him being chosen as Superman. I also started watching the MCU movies with Iron Man and my personal favorite TIH

    • Ditto on TIH being my favorite as well.

      • I think it’s safe to say that in 49 days, The Avengers will be everyone’s new favorite 😉
        But for me, Iron Man 1 is still the undisputed king of Marvel movies…

        • For me, it’s the king of comic book movies…until May 4th anyway.

        • @Avenger.Your right i don’t think nothing will top the Avengers,but as far as solo movies go i think Thor 2 & Cap 2 will surpass IM1,who knows about IM3 at this point and if Avengers be as great as we think it will be,the anticipation for the Thor & Cap sequels will be through the roof.They both made a respectable 60 million plus on opening weekend first time around.Next time they’ll easely make over a 100 million for sure.

          • Kinda premature to say Thor2 or Cap2 will top IM1 don’t ya think?
            Thor 2 doesn’t even start shooting till the end of the year, and so far, we don’t know anything concrete about the plot yet.
            As for Cap 2, there’s no release date yet… and so far, the only villain mentioned by the writers was MODOK 😉

            • Yea i know i got ahead of myself but i was just thinking with the material they have and the direction it can go,those sequels should blow IM1 out the water.Im pretty sure Enchantress & Executioner will be in Thor 2 & with Loki returning that should be on another level.Im not sure about Modok and Red Skull is still suppose to be alive so if he comes back along with Winter Soldier you cant tell me it wouldn’t surpass IM1 unless they screwed it up somehow.

              • I’m hoping the future marvel movies will be even better than the present ones as well (who wouldn’t want them to get better?! :D), but seeing as sequels hardly ever match up against the first movies, I’m not going to get my hopes too high.
                I’m still rooting for IM3 though, RDJ said it’s the best script he’s read in years, so I do have high hopes for that one.
                But, only time will tell I guess…

                I’m still curious as to which Marvel movies are slated for 2014. I’m hoping they announce it soon.

                • didn’t he also say similar things about IM2?

                  • Don’t think so…
                    (And I really don’t feel like searching through two years of articles till I find the proof ;), but from what I can remember, he never said anything like that…)

                    • I don’t blame you because I might’ve actually imagined it 😀 but my point was I don’t think RDJ would’ve come out and said,” man I read the script and it was the suckiest bunch of suck that ever sucked 😉

                    • @Yeti: Don’t be so sure about that… when he first read the script for The Avengers, he made all sorts of remarks that it had to be re-written – and as a result, Whedon did end up changing a few things…

                      But I agree, an actor will never come out and say “the script for the movie I’m about to do sucks”, but I think when he says it’s the best script he’s read in years… that holds some truth IMO (he could have just said the script was amazing and people would have believed him).

        • I agree with TA. Iron Man is so far the best Marvel movie.

          • I agree to,i was just saying i thought at least one of the Thor or Cap sequels would pass IM1 imo.

          • @TA you’re right about him not having to say it’s the best he’s read in years. I guess when he puts his reputation on the line he could’ve just said it was really good. I hope he’s right and it delivers something spectacular. I didn’t know he had Whedon do rewrites

        • iron man1 is my second favorite followed by Thor then Cap and lastly IM2. I agree with TA about the avengers soon to take the top spot of most comic geeks mantles

    • I watch the Immortals last weekend and Ill agree, I was surprised by Henry Cavill… I loved the last fight scene with the Titans, but I felt the ending was a let down, like there were two over arching stories that didnt really tie together well IMO.

      • @Shiver.Im pretty sure they’ll be making a sequel in a couple of years an hopefully they’ll explain certain things unanswered at the end of the film.

    • Good stuff. I also liked Immortals and agree wih your assertion about Henry Cavill.

      I watched movies over past few days which I normally don’t do during the week. Watched Immortals, The Town, and The Losers.

      • I watched about 25 minutes of the Losers an then i took it out.That’s how bad that movie was.

        • I actually liked ‘The Losers’…
          It was pretty funny and action packed IMO.
          (Loved the scene where Evans’ character runs through the building being chased by the guards).
          I never read the comic, so I have no idea if the movie was accurate to the source material.

        • Bad to you, good to me, besides I like Zoe Saldana.

    • Drive is a great movie. I thought it was the best of last year. I think the driving scenes were just right, and that the movie didn’t need any more or any less. They were distilled to their essences, as was the movie.

      Notice that each driving scene had different feels or different natures to them. The first one, the Driver is fully in control and has it all planned out. The second one, he’s taken by surprise, driving in an area he’s unfamiliar with, and yet he’s so skillful, he adapts quickly. In the third one, it’s all about revenge, bitter revenge, and his driving reflects that.

  7. First something called “Twilight”, now something called “Hunger Games”… am I the only one who never even heard of these things before they became alleged mega-hits?

    • Do not equate Hunger Games with Twilight. Hunger Games is an incredibly well-written series with an inventive story and deep, rich characters. I can’t wait for the movie.

    • Same here, but I wouldn’t call Hunger Games a mega-hit just yet; it hasn’t been released.

      • I know, but all the “talking heads” are predicting that it will be just as big, if not bigger, than Twilight. I must live in a different world, as I knew nothing about either of these before they were made into movies…

        • the only reason i ever heard of twilight was my daughter. she got all the books, even made me take her to a midnight release of the 4th book, but she has never watched any of the movies. she said a friend of hers turned her on the the 1st book, and she gor hooked on the story and wanted to see how it ends, but sd she doesnt want to see the movies cause she didn’t like the story that much to watch it all over again…ok. then they got the hunger games. my oldest son got a t-shirt a couple of years ago with that emblem on it, way before there was talk of a movie, then he was talking about the book to his sister at dinner one night and the story sounded cool, so i read all 3 of them in a couple weeks. the constant katnis POV got tiresome, and i’m glad they are not doing the movie that way

      • Kahless,

        Oh, it’s looking like Hunger Games WILL be a mega-hit. It’s tracking for a $100MM+ opening weekend.


        • Oh, I forgot about the tickets selling out! So yeah, I suppose HG will be a mega-hit; I just hope it’s a movie I can watch, unlike the other mega-hit Jeff mentioned.

          • Haha. Yes. Even after learning about the “mega-hit” that is Twilight, I had no interest in seeing a bunch of bare-chested teenaged vampires and werewolves prancing around the woods. Let’s hope The Hunger Games is a little more respectable.

          • Kathless,

            I’m also hearing that the movie is excellent.


            • It has a 100% on rotten tomato the reviews either raving about how great it is or saying its good enough. The theatre I work at has only sold 150 pre sale tickets. Which is 500 less than breaking dawn and 1500 less than the deathly hallows. Highly dissapointing in this neck of the woods.

  8. Ive been reading The Walking Dead comics all week and have to say, Dale’s death on the show was a complete letdown compaired to the way he went out in the books…

    • SPoiler would have been nice in your post. Thanks for ruining it for me.

      • Sorry guess I wasnt thinkin, but your right Ill pay more attention next time… I guess an edit button would be nice…

        • Not much of a spoiler, as the episode already aired. Plus, this has been news for the last few weeks…

          • Not everyone sees the episode at “air” time. Will you be OK with someone who sees the Avengers on April 26th spoiling it for you? I mean it will have already been released.

        • It’s OK Shiver. But that is why I like Screenrant so much. There is very little spoiling of anything on this site without a “spoiler” attached. That is probably why i read your post so fast I couldn’t stop myself in time. Not used to seeing them on here. :)

  9. Anybody watch Sarah Palin HBO political drama film The Game Change? I dont know how accurate but its very well acted. The book was written with alot of volountary inside sources including infamous campaign strategist Steve Schmidt.

    Palin was portrayed nye retarded. She didnt know the difference between The War In Iraq and The War in Afghanistan/on Terror. Which at the time is ok if you dont keep up with politics but as a Govenor, uuhhh LOL.

    Ed Harris’ McCain was top notch though. I probably would have voted for him if not for Palin.

    • One word: A-G-E-N-D-A

    • Yeah, it’s not like she thought there were 57 states or think they had to pass a bill to see what was it or anything. But I digress. 😀

      • EDIT: what was in in it

        • UGH!!

          what was in it

    • The movie is a propaganda piece for the left, who have a habit of making caricatures out of people who disagree with them. It is not worthy of serious discussion here.

      • Winner, winner!

      • One of the major contributers to the book was Steve Schimdt, who ran McCains election. It also shood be noted several republican campaign workers volounteered information. The book, which is based off, is actually three part and shows the blunt truth. Highlighting the negatives/positives of Obama, McCain, & Palin during their campaign runs.

        If anything you can say its the Republicans trying to distance themselves from Palin in the coming election. Some of the stupidity Palin excerts is over-the-top but she has made over-the-top comments in interiews and during the VP debates, which leads me to believe some of imay have truth. I mean the fact that she tried to give a speech during McCain’s Concession, shows that she is unhinged.

        • I dont what else would be considered serious discussion. Maybe cartoons are more your speed. Did you see the new Archer episode Thursday? Bryan Cranston gust appearance & Archer were hilarious. Loved all the Alien refernces lol.

          • “Stupidity”…”unhinged”…you make my point about how the left has a habit of attempting to make caricatures out of people with whom they disagree. Thank you.

          • Oh, and “Ignur_Rant”, since you made this personal, by commenting, “Maybe cartoons are more your speed,” I should say that belittling others is not a sign of enlightment or intelligence, but rather, arrogance and elitism, or conversely, a major inferiority complex.

            • Man im not even try to get into anything political or into a heated debate.

              Maybe you miss read… When I said “Some of the stupidity Palin excerts is over-the-top…”, I was speaking on how she was portrayed in the movie. She didnt know what the Federal Reserve was, Alaska is worth only 3 electoral points (or what electoral points ar), the country of Georgia, why N & S Korea were seperate countries or the primary differences between the War in Iraq & The War on Terror.

              While I find it hard to beleive that someone in politics would not know such basic information, her other over-the-top comments make it seem plausible. Like seeing Russia from Alaska, inablility to give specifics interviews, and her random comment during the VP debates that S Korean are 3 inches taller than N Koreans.

              When I say “unhinged”, its because I think she really is. Did you see her Kate Couric interview in 2008? Then she tried to give a speech during McCain’s concession. One of the most important speeches during an election, where the loser legitimizes the winner’s presidency. No running mate in the history of the US has ever givin a speech during a concession.

              You should just watch the movie. It portrays Palin in a sympathetic light but doesnt shy away from negative.

        • I agree with you, Ignur_Rant.

      • Actually, it’s not. It’s pretty balanced and not exactly tough on Palin. Maybe you should see it before presenting your narrow-minded political rants.

        Also, just to let you know, conservatives do the same thing. But, I sense that you play the political game and only point fingers at the other side and give your side a pass on everything.

        • Are you saying that they also showed Obama curled up on the floor in a fetal position? I guess imagery like that wasn’t exactly “tough” on Palin…from your point of view.

          • If you read the book,The Game Change, it does show Obama in a metaphorical “fetal” position. He curses at his campaign team, gets extremely nervous smoking lots oftobacco, and even emmotional when Americans (his own country) label him as a terrorist b/c of his name.

            • Ignur Rant, seems pretty obvious by now that Jeff can’t discuss things in a rational, open-minded way. He, like many, is too emotionally tied to his political leanings and party choice.

              • Haha. Alrightee, then. Done conversing with you, my friends, as it is clearly your inclination, like many on the left, to belittle and make a caricature out of those who disagree with you. I must be “emotional” rather than “ratonal” and “open-minded”, because I hold an opposing point of view. I don’t doubt that you might think me “racist”, as well, for not being an Obama supporter. Just sad, that this is what political debate has come to…

            • That was in the book? Did it make the movie? So Obama got emotional when Americans labeled him as being a terrorist because of his name? Sounds like a perfectly natural reaction to being so caricatured and stereotyped. Perhaps you could appreciate why Palin might get a little emotional for being stereotyped as “stupid” and “unhinged”? I am really surprised the former was also not so stereotyped, as it is not intelligent to curse at others, smoke cigarettes, comment that he has visited 57 states, etc. etc. Most recently, he claimed that increased oil production in America would not decrease its cost, while asking Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production, for no other reason than to lower the cost! It really pays to have the mainstream media on your side… But I digress. We have gotten far too political here, on a movie website.

              • Its like trying to explain the gay fish joke on South Park to Kanye when talkin to you. You are the reason the facepalm jpg is so popular.

                • Have to end with another insult, huh? Whatever makes you feel the “bigger” person.

                  • OK, gang. THAT is enough of THAT. Let’s calm down or for the first time ever I’ll have to close down and open discussion thread.


                    • My apologies, Vic. I should know by now to avoid political discussions on the internet, or at the very least, submit only one comment, rather than many. Sorry if any offense was done, Ignur Rant.

                    • @Jeff
                      saul good man

  10. Who’s the biggest (most popular) superhero to NEVER get their own movie?

    Wonder Woman has to be at the top of that list.

    • Squirrel Girl!

      OOOORRRR ;)… we’re talking DC, then I’d say it’s a tie between Wonder Woman and Flash, but as for Marvel then it’s a tough one (since almost all of Marvel’s most popular characters have already gotten some screen time), but I’d have to say it’s a tie between Luke Cage and Black Panther.

      • DC: Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman

        MARVEL: Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Namor



          • DC: Martian Manhunter or Captain Marvel

            Marvel: Cable or Bishop

            • I think they should save Cable and Bishop for another FC sequel to fix some of the continuity errors. Stephen Lang as Cable and Idris Elba as Bishop, how bada$$ would that be?

              • How about they make an XMEN “POST-QUEL” because it involves the future.

                But Lang and Elba? Yeah that has Cable/Bishop written all over it. Yes, bada$$ is right.

              • Scape, I honestly think Fox should hire you as head of their creative team for the X-Men movies…
                You’d do much more justice to the characters and stories than the guys currently responsible.

                • I think that could work. If they hire Dr Sam Beckett as well, I´d have a helluva time. I´d even do it for free.

                  • I’d work for free as a creative consultant for Marvel Studios 😀

              • @Scape
                Yea thats why I chose Bishop & Cable. I want a Age of the Apocalypse Trilogy.

                First movie has Magneto declaring all out war on humanity after Wanda’s death during an attack on Genoaha. 70 percent of the population dies (human/mutant). All this was manipulated by Sinister to bring about Apocalypse. Movie ends on a somber note.

                Second. Set 50 plus years in the future. Mostly focused on Bishop & Cable’s struggle to return to the past.

                Third. Bishop&Cable unite (with much difficulty) humanity, the BrotherHood & the X-Men an epic battle against Apocolypse.

                • Isn’t Cable the son of Cyclops and the clone of Jean Grey? I see a problem there. I’d say bring in Bishop to fix the past and then Cable can be born.

                  • Yea the whole Madelyne Pryor Clone Arc was hookey to me anyways. I would just skip over it. I’d incorporate Sinister into more Cable’s background b/c of his mastery in genetics.

                    The movie might start with Scarlett Witch accidentally (Sinsiter was behind it maybe) reshaping the world with her reality changin shaping powers (hence the cast changes) and bring back Jean Grey/Scott Summere to life. Humanity decides to make a pre-emptive strike on Genosha using Sentinels out of fear. Begin Armageddeon.

            • Captain Marvel didn’t have a feature film, BUT he did have a TV series…as did Wonder Woman and Flash. I do still want to see them in actual films, however.

          • @Scapegoat.Haha i didn’t know that.I think it’s time for a remake wouldn’t you say?

            • Maybe for the people who like Dr. Strange. I´m not a fan…

              • One of my friends is a huge fan and he got me into him alittle bit so im almost as anxious as him to see that made on the big screen.

                • Maybe it works better as a TV show. Kinda like Supernatural.

          • I just saw it… hilarious. Are those velvet pants?

            This movie doesn’t count… ever! lol

        • @Pitt Man. I guess if you don’t count that 2 hour Flash movie in 1992 for CBS followed by a short lived 1 season lol

          • I keep forgetting about the Flash movie and the Dr.Strange movie…
            The I guess I’ll have to change my list:
            DC – Wonder Woman
            Marvel – Black Panther

            • @Avenger. You’re good,like Pitt Man said,they don’t count.Well at least not the Flash.

          • I don’t count it.

            • So unless anyone has another arguement,

              Woman Woman (a tier 1 heroine, and third in charge under Supes and Bats) is the biggest DC hero without a modern big budget superhero movie.

              And Black Panther (a tier 2/at times tier 1 early avenger) is the biggest MARVEL hero without a movie.

              and as a bonus,
              What’s the biggest non-marvel/DC graphic novel or hero without a feature film?

              Akira and Grendel come to mind.

  11. I just read that Christopher Nolan presented a rough cut of The Dark Knight Rises to the big wigs at Warner Bros.

    Oh, the things I would do to be able to see it. More than I would ever do for a Klondike bar.

    • Lucky Wigs. What happen to your 8th level samurai status? lol

      I saw your War Machine should be in the Avengers Surname too. I agree, especially since The Avengers is not using the original team and War Machine has been introduced into the Universe. Hopefully, we will see WM leading a battalion of tanks or squadron of fighters into battle on a SHIELD monitor since its a global attack.

      I aslo find it kinda of funny WM is not an official since IM2 went out its way to have Furt/Blck Widow say Starkis unfit for the Avengers Initiative. You think they be recruit WM the day after dismissing Stark lol

      • Haha, about my name. I just grew a little bit tired of it (but not the movie, of course!). And perhaps, my title was a wee bit pretentious (and long). :)

        Can you imagine how awesome it would be to see Iron Man and War Machine fighting in tandem? In the Avengers movie?

        If I’m in charge of the Avengers, one of the first things I would do would be to make a call to War Machine (or to Iron Man, to call War Machine). Can never have too many superheroes on one’s side, especially if that hero is another “Iron Man.”

  12. I’m probably the only person on this site that watches Iron Man: armored Adventures but I was just gonna let everyone know that last weeks episode was entitled ” Extremis” I just thought it was odd since just a couple days prior there was an article on here about the possible plot of IM3 being based on Extremis. There was a character on there named Mallen, whom I’ve never heard of, and I was wondering if they made him just for the show or is he part of Marvel’s universe?

    • Mallen was a guy who was infected by the Extremis virus in the comics…

      • Yup.
        He was basically the villain for the Extremis story arc — a red-neck (hope I’m allowed to say that ;)) with superpowers…

        • I take great offense to that good sir, being from Tennessee and all. I don’t see what the color of one’s neck has to do with anything 😛

    • @Yeti. I don’t watch IM:AA but since all this Extremis talk has come up in the news i’ll have to check it out since i never read that in the comics.

      • @Hi-C you should at least give it a try and watch one episode. I Like it and have never missed an episode, I think it stays pretty close to the source material, though you’ve already missed some of the better episodes ie Dr, Doom and the Hulk. I’m sure that you could probably find them online though

  13. Spoiler alert ———————————————
    That’s pretty much how it was in this episode. He was a SHIELD agent that Fury fired because he was unstable so he injected himself with the Extremis formula. He goes on a rampage looking for Fury, and a fight ensues with Iron Man in which Mallen nearly kills him. If not for the intervention of Black Widow and Maria Hill. Iron Man is taken aboard the SHIELD helicarrier where they take him out of his suit and discover his identity, though Nick Fury walks in and says that SHIELD has suspected Stark was Iron Man for a while. He then tells him that he will no longer be able to be Iron Man because his heart was too badly damaged during his battle with Mallen. Tony then sneaks into the SHIELD lab and injects himself with a minute dose of the Extremis formula which ends up healing his heart completely ie no miniature arc reactor in his chest. It also gave him the ability to sense and connect with electronics, but he still wore his suit, as a matter of fact he uses his mind to put the suit on before he goes to fight Mallen a second time. How does that compare to the comic?

    • IMAO, that doesn’t really compare to the Extremis comic book series by Warren Ellis…
      That said, -IF- Iron Man3 were to go the Extremis route, then I’d prefer the ‘Iron Ma Armored Adventures’ version over the original version – but honestly, I still don’t like either versions…

      • Actually, I´m currently reading Iron Man: Extremis for the first time.

        • I didn’t like it at all (as I’ve expressed in a previous IM thread).
          I can respect what that arc did for the character though (helping to get Stark to the “tier 1″ status), but for me, it just hasn’t been IRON MAN since that series…

  14. I know you guys are sick of me asking comic book questions, but I can’t help it I’m trying to get caught up. My question is: how did Colossus end up with the gem of cyttorak?

    • I’ve never heard of Colossus acquiring the gem of cyttorak before. I went to and couldn’t find it either.

        • does it say which issues Kahless?

  15. d