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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   Mar 14, 2012

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  1. Saw some of Tim Burton’s original Batman last night and it’s still my favorite even though i loved TDK.I see why some people think Nolans Batman doesnt feel like a comic book but i think it was a great take on it to separate itself from the old ones.I just hope when they reboot the franchise they can somehow combine both Burton’s & Nolan’s Batman together so we can get the best Batman we’ve ever seen on screen.

    • Even as a kid I didn’t like Burton’s Batman films. I always thought “this isn’t Batman”. It’s too silly, esp. the villians. Honestly I always prefered the animated aeries and of course the comics over Burton’s films.

      • The villains were over-the-top especially the Riddler,he was like that since the 60’s movie & series.That’s why i wanna see the updated version on the character in a reboot trilogy,he’ll be as epic as the Joker to watch on screen.

        • I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be the ultimate updated RIDDLER. Instead of being cheesy and manic he could be classy, threatening and genius, kida of like his take on Sherlock, but more like Moriarity with the lust for power. Riddler’s driving force is to witness the rats struggling in his maze-like riddles.

          I’d like Nolan to do a fourth, Bale vs, Cumberbatch with a side story involving Nightwing.

          • Im not familiar with his work (Cumberbatch)i haven’t really thought who could play the part except for those Johnny Depp and Eddie Murphy rumors that circulated before Nolan verified The Riddler would not be in TDKR.I like your take on it,the question is will Nolan come back for a fourth film even though he said TDKR would be his last.

          • Who is the Riddler?
            David Tennant of course.
            He’d be awesome for the role.

          • *like*

        • Burton had nothing to do with the Riddler, that was all Schumacher´s fault.

        • @ Hi-C

          We almost got a different Riddler from what read online. Back when Batman Forever was in developement was & Burton was questioned to return to direct. Supposely Burton wanted to back to only having one villain by only having the Riddler. And his version would of been what we’ve seen on Batman:TAS. But… WB wanted two villains again & when Joel Schumacher took over as director, he added Two-Face as the 2nd villain.

          • Yeah, the problem with Bats forever was 2-face. Not that tommy lee jones did poorly, the character was just forced. Like venom in Spidey 3, and Cyclops’ death in Xmen 3.

            the curse of 3!

            • @ Pitt Man

              Yup. I like Tommy Lee Jones as a actor too, but they messed up the character just as they did with the villains in Batman & Robin. Aaron Eckhart’s Two-Face was great & was too bad he got killed off.

    • I love Burton´s Batman movies. IMO this is what Gotham City is supposed to look like. Gothic.

      • Batman Returns definately showcased that on screen.When i saw it as a kid and left the theatre,the memories i had in my head was Gotham City.That was the true star of that film.

        • I enjoyed Paul Reubens and Diane Salinger as Penguin’s parents.

          • Wow i dont remember him at all as the father.Next time i watch i’ll have to remember to look at him closely.

            • The look of Gotham never did it for me in Burton’s movies. Instead of gothic it looked cheap and I have always thought Gotham deserved a better presentation.

              • You mean like in Nolan´s movies? That was just Chicago and it looked nothing like Gotham.

                • I do like the Narrow’s and Arkham in BB, I thought it reflected Gotham pretty well. Those particular scenes always reminded me of “The Heart of Hush” run in Detective Comics.

                  Burton’s version just doesn’t do it for me. Hell, you know what I think how Detroit is shown in The Crow would be a damn good way to represent Gotham…just my 2 cents.

      • Yeah. I enjoyed the Burton films as well. I think both directors Nolan’s and Burton’s versions of the character has been cool. Especially for the time each one had came out respectively.

      • I really enjoyed the look of Gotham City in Burton’s films. In Nolan’s first film, all I saw was the city’s monorail as its defining feature, and then I had the monorail song from the Simpsons stuck in my head.

          • LOL. Classic

      • @ Scapegoat


    • Of the two Burton batman films the first is my favorite. Ledgers joker in TDK was truly epic but I also really liked jack N. performance as the joker as well. I also agree with Burton’s look of Gotham its was awesone.

      • Besides being sociopaths with white faces, each actor played the Joker completely different. It’s impossible to pick which one was a better performer. However, Jack’s Joker had a lot more quotable lines and catch phrases than Heath’s Joker. I liked that. “And where is the Batman? He’s at home, washing his tights!” or my personal favorite “never rub another man’s rhubarb.”

        • “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight” that’s obviously the most memorable line,truthfully everything that came out his mouth was classic.One of my favorites was when he caught Wayne at Vales house and turned & said “Another rooster in the hen house” i know it probably was just a simple line for most people but i loved that line.And the second was when they were in the museum and Vale called him insane and he said “I thought i was a pieces”If i enjoyed those lines you know i pretty much loved everything.That’s why he’s still my favorite Joker.

          • @ Hi-C

            My favorite quote from Joker was after he broke the second tv. “I given a name to my pain, and it is BATMAN”. “Winged-Freak, terrorizes. Wait till they get a load of me” ” It is true that the pen is truly mightier than the sword”.

        • “This town needs an enima!!!” You are absolutely correct Jack had so many quotables throughout that film it was ridiculas. Let’s just face it the Joker is just a fun character period. In any entertainment genre.

          • Absolutely!

        • “As though we were made for each other… Beauty and the Beast. Of course, if anyone else calls you beast, I’ll rip their lungs out.” and “You IDIOT! You made me. Remember? You dropped me into that vat of chemicals. That wasn’t easy to get over, and don’t think that I didn’t try.”
          For me…Jack’s Joker is one of my most quoted characters… tied with Randall from Clerks.

        • My favorite quotes:

          “What kind of a world do we live in, when a man dresses up like a bat gets all my press? This town needs an enema!”

          “Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

          “My balloons….he stole my balloons. Why didn’t anyone tell me he had one of those….things??!!”

      • @ Vader

        I too liked Burton’s vision of Gotham. It was dark & didn’t as safe to live is Nicolson’s character mentions people would be happier living somewhere else.

    • It’s been so long since I last saw Burton’s Batman movies… I don’t even remember them that well!
      I’ll definitely make an effort to watch ’em again some time.

    • Tim Burton’s Batman is great and should stand on its own merits.
      I like Nolan’s Batman too but I do not judge one against another.

    • @ Hi-C

      Burton’s 89 Batman film is still my favorite aswell but i enjoyed Batman Begins more than TDK. I get sick of people trying to compare both director’s films by saying which is better because you can’t. Imo, both director’s films had their flaws. Imo, Batman:TAS was the best ever adaption of Batman ive seen. And when they reboot the franchise again, I think Batman:TAS is good example to make live-action films from. Especially when combining styles Burton & Nolan had together.

      • “And when they reboot the franchise again, I think Batman:TAS is good example to make live-action films from.”

        That´s funny, given the fact that TAS was kinda a sequel to Burton´s movies. Hence the missing origin of Batman.

        • @ Scapegoat

          I don’t see TAS as a sequel to Burton’s films. They took some stuff from the films aswell as the comics to make the show it’s own thing. They really wanted to distance themselves from the 60’s show. I even have a book with early concept art designs of Penguin,Riddler,Robin who could of looked like their 60’s live-action counter-parts in animation.

  2. Anything’s possible. I kind of hope it’s like the animated series myself.

    • I loved the 90’s series,however i didn’t too much care for Batman Beyond. Maybe i just didn’t give it a chance at the time,i only saw a few episodes so i’ll have to go back & view more episodes & it might grow on me.

      • I hope you give it another try. I enjoyed it.
        It’s very schway. :-)
        (BB slang)

      • @ Hi-C

        I loved the 90’s animated series that i don’t know which would be my #1 pick episode. I loved episodes like “Heart Of Ice”,”Robin’s Reckoning parts 1&2″, “Two-face Parts 1&2″, “I Am The Knight” I think that’s the one where Gordon gets shot & Batman says to Alfred “Sometimes i feel like im not accomplishing anything”.He always trashes some stuff in the Batcave out of anger because he was late for the bust Gordon & police were waiting for him.

        In regards to Batman Beyond. It may not to be Batman:TAS standards but it’s great in it’s own way. You will enjoy “The Call Parts 1&2″ in season 3 as those were the episodes that paved the way for Justice League/JLU to happen.

  3. screenrant just wanted to say i love the iphone app….wayyy better than just going on safari and going to the website..nice job!

    • Thanks, kyak, appreciate it!


  4. I was wondering if there is any new news on the remake to The Creature From The Black Lagoon? i would love to see this film as a creepy dark story driven film, with a few twists.

    • Yes. That would be cool. I remember dressing up as The Creature for Halloween back in the eighties. Like early eighties. Yeah a modern take on this film would be great.

  5. I just read Sin City 2 starts shooting this summer. Finally!!!

    • That’s good news,they’re trying to give the summer of 2012 a run for its money even though it may fall alittle short.If Thor 2 would’ve stayed a summer release it probably would’ve put it over the top imo.

  6. WWZ got moved to summer 2013, very unfortunate as I was looking forward to it, but maybe it will do better in the summer.

    • I read that too…I’m excited for WWZ but I can wait until summer 2013. Also, TMNT reboot is planned for Christmas 2013 release.

      • Just looked into 2013 movie releases…I’m going to go super broke in the next couple of years. So far for 2013, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, A Good Day to Die Hard, I, Frankenstein, Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, Star Trek 2, Man of Steel, The Wolverine, R.I.P.D., Robopocalypse, Robocop, RED 2, WWZ, TMNT, The Hobbit pt. 2, and a remake of Dirty Dancing!

        Also, is Thor 2 really coming out in November of 2013?

        • I am gonna go broke as well, I have no idea about Thor 2 though.

          • It’s November.
            I’m REALLY nervous about it though: so far, the production for the sequel hasn’t been all that… great… to say the least 😉
            I’m still looking forward to it though – I’m hoping we’ll get characters like Boulder The Brave, The Enchantress and her Executioner, as well as more Warriors Three and lady Sif (they really deserve some more screentime IMO)

            • I’m betting on Enchantress and the executioner. They’ll be doing Loki’s bidding but maybe she helps Thor in the end.

              The blonde cylon from BSG would be an awesome enchantress.

        • Yeah. November 15th I think. Right before the hunger games sequel. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets moved again after the big opening the Hunger Games does.

        • Really? Nobody’s going to comment about me including Dirty Dancing on that list? Really?

          And thanks for confirming Thor sequel. I wasn’t sure if that was correct. It seemed early for a sequel. I would have put the Hunger Games sequel on that list, but I’m just not that into those books (even though its a semi-interesting concept taking the Running Man concept and adding a sandwich as a prize).

          • lol i thought that mention of Dirty Dancing was you speaking for the wife you know you gotta get that couples movie in.And i hope your kidding about the sandwich thing in Hunger Games cuz im about fall out my chair laughing.

            • The wife can go to Dirty Dancing with her friends…but I doubt she’ll want to go (she doesn’t like remakes). I’m semi-serious about the sandwich joke. When I heard about this movie, I thought of the Running Man. Its the same concept…a violent televised game of survival but instead of criminals fighting for freedom, it has starving teens fighting for food (or as I said in my blog, a gift certificate to Applebees). However, the wife does want to see the Hunger Games…so I’ll have to go to it (like I made her go see John Carter).

              • You know i haven’t seen the Running Man since i was about 15 i’ll have to see that again soon.My favorite movie by arnold from the 80’s was Red Heat,i saw that repeatedly as a kid.But i do remember the Stone Cold Steve Austin flick The Condemned if you ever saw that was basicly the same concept but i didnt notice at the time cuz i hadnt seen Running Man in years,plus i never saw it that many times.The Hunger Games title makes since then if they’re really fighting for food,honestly i had no idea.

                • @ Hi-C

                  I have to say my favorite 80’s schwarzenegger movie would be Commando.

  7. So I read an article saying mr.nolans next movie mite be his howard hughes movie. I geuss he wrote the script 15 years ago but scorcese beat him to the punch with the aviator. How do people feel about this? I really enjoy the aviator but I geuss this one nolan wrote is dealing with his later life and pure insanity. Make he can get leo for it haha

  8. Vic,
    I know it’s still early (noon ET) but will there be a Justified recap today? I know it’s not the most commented on post during the week but I like it.

  9. I found out yesterday that legendary french comic book artist Jean Giraud, who perhaps more famously went by the name “Moebius,” died Saturday at the age of 73. A sad loss of a one-in-a-million talent.

    His influence ranges far and wide into comics and movies. He’s often specifically cited as an influence (although maybe the influence of an influence after all these years). His the drawings from “The Long Tomorrow” a sci-fi noir story from the late seventies, written by Dan O’Bannon, were a major influence on the look (and sci-fi noir feel) of Blade Runner. O’Bannon wrote the screenplay for Alien and Moebius worked as a designer on that film. A robot drawn very small in the background of one of the panels for that story was a direct inspiration for the look of the imperial probe in the opening of Empire Strikes Back. He designed lots of other movies, including James Cameron’s the Abyss. If you want to see a live action Moebius comic, “The Fifth Element” is maybe the best. Moebius worked on that too, then strangely joined directer Alejandro Jodorowsky in a lawsuit claiming they stole from their work on the comic “the Incal.” They lost the case, but it makes at least some sense to me because he probably contributed a fraction of the original designs, while the rest is heavily influenced by him, but credited to others.

    If you aren’t familiar with him (and even if you are) you should treat yourself by Googling images of Moebius, Jean Giraud, and add some other words like Incal, Bluberry, etc. to see all of his different styles.

    • Also, he had this “Den” character who appeared in the classic ‘Heavy Metal’ movie. He also did some great work on the Silver Surfer in the 80s.

      • I was thinking about how that Silver Surfer story with Stan Lee struck me back then. It was printed on that old paper and Moebius did the colors. I always preferred the old pulpy paper colors to the glossy. When the glossy reprints came out Moebius commented how he had chosen the older paper, and preferred the color. Of course Marvel prints it on glossy.

        There’s some Quentin Tarantino doctored script of a Denzel Washington movie where he breaks up a fight between two guys arguing whether Kirby or Moebius is the better Silver Surfer. Denzel sided with Kirby. I lean a little towards Moebius. But we’re talking about a TWO ISSUE story (with Stan Lee).
        Anyway, I think Den is Richard Corben. I like his art a lot too, but Moebius is,… Moebius.

        • Oh, right… Den is from Corben… I mixed the names up, my bad.

  10. Anyone know if X4 is actually gonna happen? What i mean is if the film takes place after X3 or is Fox pretty much starting over with First Class?

    • I don´t think there´s gonna be a X-Men 4 until they finished the First Class prquel trilogy. And if my dream comes true, the FC trilogy includes some time traveling, wipes out the two or three (yes, two or three) continuity errors and leads directly into X-Men 4.

      • @ Scapegoat

        Sounds interesting if they’re doin that way. How old is Hugh Jackman now? I wonder if Anna Paquin will be free to reprise her role if True Blood is still airing by that time. Shawn Ashmore is still contracted for one more film last i heard. The main cast is what to be questioned regarding pay.

        • You don´t necessarily need the same cast for X-Men 4. You can have a gap between X3 and X4, let´s say 5 or ten years. You can have a total different team and since Rogue lost her powers in X3, she doesn´t need to be there. Of course you need Wolverine though.

          • I think that cure was temporary,if you remember the end of X3 Magneto moved the chess piece right before the credits.And if she did get her powers back could she at least get all her powers,and that includes flying.Don’t know what they were doing.And Cable & Quicksilver would be some new characters i would like to see.

            • Her powers don’t include flying; she got super strength and flight by holding on to Ms. Marvel until Ms. Marvel went into a coma.

          • You have a point. They could always replace actors for the characters or like you said change the rolster. I agree Wolverine should not be left out as he’s pretty much one most popular X-Men. I remember now Anna Paquin mentioning she wasn’t sure if she’d wanna reprise her role if her character isn’t gonna have action scenes which she was promised in X3.

    • I think they’re continuing with Fassbender and McAvoy but a few years after the last film. Magneto is coming into his own as a “terrorist mutant freedom fighter’ and Charles becomes prof. X, the more serious man getting used to the wheelchair.

      As to the rest of the cast, we’re likely to see Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique again, her having success with hunger games makes her a hot property now. Unlikely we’ll see January Jones, but I didn’t mind her “frostiness”.

      I’m guessing First Class 2 will try to repeat the successes of the first, namely the relationship between Prof. X and Mags, and set the confrontation around epic world events in a given period of Americana.

      I’m guessing Viet Nam will be involved and a new major baddie, like Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse.

      • @ Pitt Man

        I didn’t mind January Jones as Frost in the film neither. I did like her diamond form alot better than what was seen in XO:W of the character.

      • @Pitt Man. What makes you think Emma Frost will not return? She was all set up for the sequel at the end of First Class.If she don’t return they’ll have to have one helluva explanation for her absence.And though i don’t go just to see her,if she wasn’t in FC2 i would start to turn my back on fox like a few other people on this site.

        • Hey I think she should come back, for continuity’s sake, and because I didn’t mind her in the role; but the majority of the interweb seems to hate January Jones’ performance. As crazy as it sounds, studio execs sometimes go online.

          All the true x-fans want a proper reboot, but we should all face the facts… X:FC made enough money to warrent this timeline to continue. Thankfully Fassbender/McAvoy are leading this damaged but persistent franchise.

    • I would love an X4, but sadly, I think by the time they get around to it, Ian McKellen, who was great in his role, will be too old to play Magneto.

    • @Wally West. I pretty much don’t see a X-Men 4 happening at this point,not with First Class hot on the table.That would be too many X films for the regular public to bare.And if they continued after FC it wouldn’t be out until 2020 which would be too late for the main characters b\c they would be too old.Frankly im disappointed i’d rather seen them shoot X 4&5 back to back and got that out the way then start on FC a few years later.But of course they did it ass backwards & we can’t do anything but except it and move on.

      • @ Hi-C

        Id like to think otherwise but it seems that way. Id prefer them film X4 & X5 now to get them outta the way while they can try to get the same actors as they can. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt if some of the main cast were replaced which could work out. Imo, it just feels like it was all talk unless like Scapegoat mentioned they will wait till the First Class films are over with.

    • oh s***!!! i guess that closes the is it a ship/is it a portal debate. finally got some maria hill and hawkeye lines in the trailer as well.

  11. You know that Logan Marshall Greene feller that’s going to be in Prometheus? I just saw him in Devil…anyone else think in that movie he looks like he could play Alex Mercer if they do a Prototype movie?? If/When they do…because lets face it Paul W.S Anderson is gonna need SOMETHING to do when he’s finished with Resident Evil…