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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Mar 12, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Mar 12, 2012

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  1. Reposted from the ‘Counterpoint’ feature:

    Screen Rant Staff,

    After 100+ comments Have you considered on wether or not to make ‘Counterpoint’ an ongoing feature in the Future?

    Personally, I think it was a success and it’s great to have a differing opinion on a site from a staff member. Good pitch I say. My Only suggestions are that in the future the Counterpoints should include a more detailed explanation like a regulary featured web article and not be limited to the 5 piece slideshow..

    • It was just a test and I don’t think we’ll be doing it on a regular basis.


      • I hope you continue it, at least every now and then, to stir the pot. It was interesting to see how some people got so offended by the writer’s point-of-view (about a movie), that they thought he should be silenced.

      • Thanks for the feedback. In all honesty it wasn’t a bad concept. I’ve seen magazines and other sites do it as well as a means to start discussions. The majority just didn’t agree with the authors points which is fine. Here’s looking to the future..

      • I think it’s a good idea, Vic. I would have probably just had both threads (Kofi’s and John”s) as one review with 2 pages.

  2. Cabbage or bok choy? Discuss.

    • What’s bok choy?

      • @Kahless – I think a Korean opera singer :)

        Paul Young

        • Then I would go with gagh (served live, of course). 8-)

  3. anyone have any samurai film suggestions? i’ve been trying to increase my collection of this genre recently.

    also, i know i ask this every week, but has anyone heard any news on the RZA’s ‘man with the iron fists’?

    • I loved 13 Asassins… Starts off kinda slow, but it just sets up for an pretty epic battle. Pretty much the whole second half on the film is just one huge Samurai battle.

      • yeah, i actually just watched that last week. it was a great film!

  4. The Avengers !

    • One of the worst films I have ever seen! The Avengers was the first movie I actually asked for my money back (didn’t get it back, though)!


      • MARVEL’S The Avengers on the other hand… ;)

      • The Avengers will be the next Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Not only that, but The Avenger will also be better than both those movies. Marvel keep it up. The Avengers 2 can’t wait.

        • Oh Lord, here we go! Cue Nolanites with tar and feather machines. :-P

          • Nah…don’t worry; his comment isn’t worth the effort. ;)

        • Wouldn’t the Dark Knight Rises be the next the Dark Knight Rises?

          • “Like” ;)
            But seriously @Robert: you haven’t seen the movie yet. Don’t make these types of comments dude.

  5. I don’t think a lot of people saw it but they have hired a screenwriter to adapt “Man from Nowhere”. What a stupid re-make, they aren’t even going to be able to keep the knife fighting because it doesn’t translate culturally (U.S. access to guns vs. South Korea’s severe gun regulations). It is just going to turn into a shoot em up.

  6. Watched the adventures of tintin and really enjoyed it. The animation was amazing spielberg & Jackson did a great job bringing tintin to the big screen. I’m really looking forward to tintin’s next adventure.

    • Nicely done. I liked that so much that I’m going to share it on my blog.

      • I´d feel honred if you did. I read your ideas on Ghostbusters 3 and I liked it a lot.

        • I had it up about 4 hours ago…so if your views jumped by 2 maybe 3 that’s the Procrastinator’s Point bump. Great job…now start making a Fogler based Ghostbusters 3 fake trailer ;)

          • Making that trailer was a pain in the a$$, so I don´t think I´ll ever do that again. Also, the program I used for this was a 6 day demo, so I can´t use it anymore…

    • nice job. i like that. i was trying to do something similar, but i grew too impatient with the limited functionality of the freeware version of the flv editor i was using

      • Yeah, I tried the FLV too. I was almost finished when I decided to have a look at the preview. Then I noticed that the freeware put that stupid watermark in the middle of the picture…

    • i think that is my new favorite avengers trailer. you have that music cued in just the right spots. what IS that music anyway?

    • @scape nice job on the trailer. The score and the footage flowed nicely. I also read your blog about GB3 Offerman would make a great ghostbuster

      • Thanks. But the blog is Pornstar´s. But I like his ideas too.

        • That was a pretty nice trailer you put together & btw please don’t cut my throat for asking but i’ve been wondering is that you on your gravatar picture or Kevin Smith? lol

            • Haha man if i were you guys i would play that up to the fullest but since you guys already dabble in music im pretty sure that makes it even easier to get laid:)

      • Thanks for reading it Yeti. If you know Dan Aykroyd, forward him the link :)

        • Will do B-list. Maybe I should give the five people who know people chain a look

  7. I was suffering from Trek: DS9 withdrawal, so I started watching it on Netflix. To my amazement, I have actually seen 2 episodes I don’t remember seeing before. One dealt with Bashir being taken over by the consciousness of a psychopath and the other was the crew of the space station, except for Odo and Quark, being taken over by the telepathic energies of a long dead civil war from the Gamma Quadrant. I may have seen the 2nd one but just don’t remember it but the first one seemed new to me.

    • Yeah, I read about it a few hours ago…
      Don’t know if I should be sad or happy.
      -On the one side, it’s LONGER than 2 hours! (good)
      -But on the other side, it’s SHORTER than 2hrs and 30mins (bad).
      I was just really hoping for 150 minutes of Avengers-awesomeness.

      Whedon said the first cut was 3hrs long, now when I read this, I thought “awesome, I’ll love to see that cut on the blu-ray edition” – but then Whedon went on to say that there won’t be a director’s cut… only a theatrical cut :(

      So, I’m pretty disappointed, but AT LEAST it’s over 2hrs… I have to stay positive ;)

      • I agree TA. And I can’t believe he didn’t put any Easter eggs inv he. He just seems like the type that would love’em

        • At least there’ll still be Marvel Cinematic Universe easter eggs.
          (There aren’t going to be any references towards Whedon’s earlier work though)

    • 2hrs & 15 mins I was more than sure it would be 2 1/2hrs. Well its still over the 2hrs so I’m good with that.

      • Even the hunger games is 2 hrs and 35 min long and you can bet the hobbit and the dark knight rises will be very long. Either way I will enjoy the movie I’m sure.

  8. @ ThunderStorm

    Think we all would have liked it to be longer, however, just think how good the Directors Edition will be if Whedon decides to put all the footage back in :)

    • Apparently, there won’t be a director’s cut :(

      • Maybe they’ll do what they did with avatar & TF3 releasing a bare bones dvd/Blu-ray. Then a few months later re-releasing the ultimate extended cut of The Avengers Blu-ray/dvd combo pack with all the extra stuff.

        • If that’s the case, I hope they’ll reveal their plans before hand.
          I don’t want to get duped into buying the movie, only to find out a few weeks later that they’ll be releasing a better version.

          • I agree hopefully we’ll hear something about it if they plan on going that route. I enjoy all the extras on the Blu-rays I usually watch them after watching the movie. Who knows maybe they’ll even have several limited edition sets for each character. Each one could contain for example for cap a mini replica of his shield. Thor his hammer in miniture form of course. Iron man a mini arc reactor, as for hulk, black widow not sure what they could include. Hawkeye a mini replica of his bow & arrows. Just a thought but I’m more than sure they’ll come up with something really cool. If I remember correctly some of limited edition TDK Blu-rays came with a miniture batman mask

        • I would hope that they eventually released a bare bones edition. Because it would be a shame to have 45 minutes of never before seen footage

  9. Forgive my ignorance, but what are we talking with The Hunger Games here? Battle Royale or Twilight?

    • Twilights love triangle battle royales fighting.

    • That seems insane (for me now). What is that…13 – 14 hours in a theater? No sunlight…living off popcorn and nachos and Dr. Pepper. If I was in my younger years, I’d be down for that. Now I hear $40 and an entire day wasted and think that I could be fertilizing my lawn…or something else more productive.

      • I know what you mean. I would love to do this but there is no way I could stay awake in a dark theater that long. @TheAvenger, you are a youngun and can probably handle the hours; I read they will be adding more theaters to the list later in the week, so you may get your wish. Excelsior!

        • Nah, this won’t happen here in South-Africa :(
          Our main cinemas (Ster-Kinekor) haven’t realized the success of midnight viewings and marathon days yet…
          In a few years, I’m sure they’ll come round though.

    • i was already gonna do that the week before, and watch 1 movie per night, and i’d rather watch my blurays (except IM2, netflix it. i’ve not found a cheap bluray to buy that one yet) on my nice wall mounted 47″ lcd tv and be able to make whatever food i want and use the facilities without stepping on peoples toes, or getting mine stepped on. then i’m gonna take a vacation day on may 4 and watch the avengers in 2d, then do the 3dimaxwhatever version, with at least a 2 hour break in between

      • TRUST ME, when I say, BUY Iron Man 2 on Blu-Ray (the 2 disc edition) as soon as you can.
        It’s the best value for money I’ve ever got (probably exaggerating a bit ;)).
        Even though the movie was “meh”, the special features MORE than make up for it.

  10. I’d like to know anyone’s opinions on the next show I should watch on Netflix. I’ll be finishing up Firefly (awesome) and Archer (hilariously awesome), and I’m re-watching the Good Guys, Arrested Development, and Reaper (all very awesome as well). I have added a bunch of shows to my queue, but I’d like your opinions on which I should start first. Warehouse 13, Farscape, Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Nikita, Sons of Anarchy, Merlin, Ugly Americans, and Breaking Bad are all shows I’m considering. Which of these do you recommend?
    Also, Torchwood was another but I’ve never watched Dr. Who.

    • Of that list, Eureka is my favorite. FarScape was pretty good, although I hated the finale, and many people like Battlestar but I found it a bit boring.

      • Eureka, Farscape, and Warehouse 13 seemed the most interesting to me. I’ll check out Eureka for sure.

    • check out sherlock if you’ve not seen it yet. they also have the entire lost on there, if you’ve not see that either

      • Thanks for the ideas Jeffro, but I watched LOST when it originally aired…I’m still jaded from the final season so I haven’t re-watched it. Sherlock is on my queue, but that’s one my wife wants to watch too. I’m looking for goofy sitcoms and sci-fi/fantasy and action shows to watch after she goes to bed so I’m not watching shows we both like. I should point out she’s pregnant and goes to sleep way too early lately.

      • I love Sherlock. When I first heard about it I didn´t think it would work for me, but DSB insisted I should watch it. And now I can´t wait for season 3…

    • Futurama!

    • i started battlestar galactica a while ago, and the story is pretty good. i just got bored with it. i’m about half way thru it, and haven’t watched it in months. another good show i watched a few times when it was new is ally mcbeal. it has a very weird sense of humor, and since you like arrested development, you could probably appreciate that show as well. it does lean more to the “chic-flick” side at times, but not always. one of peter macnicol’s best roles.

    • I grew bored of Warehouse 13 pretty quickly.
      Merlin is good… but it’s not that good that it keeps me coming back – I usually miss about half the season.
      Torchwood is okay, but it doesn’t compare to Doctor Who (seriously, it’s a lot of fun).
      Battlestar is good as well, but Nikita annoys me for some reason… (I’ve tried watching it, but every time I just go “gwaaaaa!” and watch something else).
      I haven’t watched the rest of the shows on your list, but if you’re looking for sci-fi, then Terra Nova is a pretty good choice IMO.

    • @B-list have you watched supernatural ? Because they just recently added it for streaming. Out of your list the only ones I can attest to are Eureka Warehouse 13 and Merlin. If I had to pick one of those I’d pick Eureka especially since it’s about to get taken off the air

    • Thanks for the ideas everyone. Futurama and Supernatural are both worth re-watching. I’ve seen Terra Nova but maybe I’ll rewatch that on Hulu if it’s still available. Ally Mcbeal is out…my ex-wife watched it religiously so I saw quite a few episodes. Looks like Eureka and Merlin are the winners.

      • Does anybody have opinions on Dollhouse? I noticed it on Netflix tonight

  11. I finally got to see “The Hangover” last night. I truly was NOT impressed. I didn’t find it funny, clever, or interesting and am actually glad (knowing now what it is) that I missed it in theaters.

    This is coming out now only because I saw it SO recently and is not meant as a swipe at anyone. I just kept hearing how cool and hilarious it was and wanted to see if I agreed. I did not.

    • i agree. i found it highly over-rated. it had some funny parts, but mostly it was just trying to hard to be funny. i like crude humor. “40 year old virgin”, “i love you man” was pretty good, as was “forgetting sarah marshal” “the hang-over” was just too over-hyped for me i guess. never saw pt 2.

      • If you saw part 1, then you honestly saw part 2

    • So where did the chicken come from? :-D

      It was good for 1 viewing, IMHO. Number 2 was not good though.

  12. Courtney love is suing the Muppets for using Smells Like Teen Spirit in their movie. She claims the Muppets raped the memory of Kurt Cobain. WTF?

    • Well, she needs the money. But if there´s someone who raped the memory of Cobain, it´s her.

  13. Did anyone see the fake movie poster released today? Ryan gosling stars in a biopic about walt disney directed by ron howard. I could only wish.

  14. The movie has potential though

  15. The movie has potential though !