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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 7, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 7, 2013

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    • HA! Although I didn’t mind the twist, that was hilarious!

    • once again proving only madmen didn’t like IM3.

  1. On June 14th ALL of the Earth WILL KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!!!!!!

    • superman will destroy zod and his stupid army

    • You do know.

      Zod get his ass whupped…handed to him on a silver platter…Pimp Slapped into giving up his money.

      Zod will kneel because he will be down for the 10 count.

      • Haha 1 point jeff

      • Jeff W. You’re forgetting about the villain twist that has to be added. I presume that Zod is actually Luthor. That’s how movies are now, right?

      • @Jeff W

        No baby yet?

        • @Stark, No baby yet.

          She senses what she is getting into. Katee got a call from her Job, a Patient request that she performs surgery on them.

          Her response ” I am pregnant neurosurgeon, do not think they want me working on their brain when the first contraction hits?

          • @ Jeff

            Nope, defiantly not a good idea. Steady hands are a must.

    • On june 14 I’ll be presented with a great bday gift which is watching the premiere of Man of Steel in imax :D

      • My birthday is also June 14, what’s your year young man.


        • I’ll be 31, how about yourself ?

          • 50 :D

    • You have been posting this everywhere on Screen Rant for weeks.
      I hate to break it to you but the phrase will not appear in the movie.

  2. id iot seriously a banned word in this site… my god

    • Yes, it is a bit odd, I mean if you were talking about a movie or TV show, and I’ve had a look on IMDb, there are quite a few which have the word I.D.I.O.T in the title:

      Our Id10t Brother
      My Id10t BF (Episode of Coming of Age, TV)
      My Heart is an id10t
      Who The Hell Invited These Id10t’s To My Wedding (Episode of Trailer Park Boys, TV)

      The list of TV shows that have had an episode with ‘id10t’ in the title is quite long.

      So can’t see why it’s a banned word especially since it’s used in the title.

    • It appears almost silly on the surface but the
      the word in question is a common insult used
      in personal attacks against another poster in
      which far worse is exchanged back and forth.

      The presence of the word can be a clue of
      some nasty flame war going on for example.
      Screen Rant tries to keep things civilized.

  3. This might have been asked before and I missed it, so I apologize in advance if it was, but, if you could have one power/super power/trait from any superhero what would it be? You can say why you want it also if you like.

    For me, it’s Tony Stark’s genius intelligence/ creative mind. I would love to be able to think and create like that. I would rather have over all of his money.

    • Yeah Tony Stark’s and Bruce Wayne’s superpower is money.

      You don’t even have to be that smart, just pay someone to build all your gadgets.

      • Actually Tony Stark built all of his weapons.

        Bruce Wayne had to do so. But seriously, are you going to say no to Batman?

        • But Stark still needed the money.

          Daddy Warbucks could have been a superhero!

    • The ability to absorb kinetic energy to increase my strength and other attributes like Sebastian Shaw

    • Green lantern ring. The possibilities are endless.

    • Wolverine’s healing factor. Then, I’d join the WWE and perform death defying stunts for a huge paychecks!

    • I would have to go for Henry Pym’s Genious in biochemistry, I mean he has managed to make 4 different alter-egos(one even during a case of schiztropenia), is the go-to guy when it comes to that style of problem, and even has a mind for AI as well

    • Asgardian. Thor. I wouldn’t mind being able to punch a planet and it blow up. Come at me, bro.

    • My choice would be Batman/Bruce Wayne. The choice says it all if your familiar with the character. Although no super powers he’s able to accomplish incredible feats. Also was prepared to take down every member of the Justices League if needed. He can pretty much get out of any situation with his strategic thinking. Lastly the toys all the wonderful toys at his disposal as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

      • @ Vader

        Good choice. I thought about that, but I didn’t like the disturbed dark side that I would have to deal with. Personally, I like the combination of Tony’s lightheartedness, sense of humor, and super genius mind. Of course I don’t like the alcoholic side of Tony, but it is there.

        • @Stark

          I agree with you on Tony Stark/Iron Man it was one I thought of choosing. I like everything about Tony as you mentioned except his alcoholic side.

    • I realize this choice is a bit unorthodox cuz he’s not a superhero per se.. But I want Scott Pilgrim’s martial arts skills and his miraculous ability to get chicks like Mary Elizabeth Winstead when he looks like Michael Cera

  4. When they make another Batman movie if they include the Riddler they have to have David Tennant play him

    • Yes, yes they do B)

      • Yes, yes they *should
        Ugh, my first time back in over a week and I already made an error :(

        • Welcome back Avenger :)

  5. So, who’s going to be the villain in the next solo Batman film? Mmmm? Any thoughts?

    • What about the Mad Hatter, Killer Croc or Hugo Strange?

      • I was actually excited by the Hugo Strange rumors that circulated before TDKR.

        • Yeah I remember that

      • Ben Kingsley for Dr Strange- so he can finally do a villain right

        • That may be happening in an alternate reality where Iron Man 3 had a proper Mandarin.

          If Hugo Strange is used there would also be a need for a secondary villain for physical combat with Bats, like Croc or… Clayface!

        • You should watch Sexy Beast.

    • Probably start from scratch and go big with Joker right away

      Id love to see something different like a Hugo Strange finally or the if they want the Joker do the Red Hood storyline

    • I say it will be the riddler who could make for a great detective batman film. Hopefully played by paul bettany

      • Good choice, but Paul doesn’t seem to have much respect for Superhero movies. He might not do it.

    • I’d like to see Hugo Strange or black mask in the next solo batman film.

    • Wouldn’t mind seeing clayface as the next villian or either a hush story line.

    • @ Pitt Man, they should use the court of the owls as that would make a good story and is completely fresh. The Talons would be interesting opponents. At some point though we really need to see Deathstroke and Blackmask.

      I know the Nolanverse is over but I always imagined that if Nolan had used Blackmask, then the character would not have a mask, but that he would be bald with tattoos all over his face and neck. I think that would have been sick!!

  6. Anniversary came and Went. Dinner with the Kids.

    Only 6 Still…Number 7 has not made her appearance yet.

    Regardless, her Name will be Grace Abigail Williams-Waine, it has been decided.

    Elizabeth had a funny comment about Superheroes.

    So, I pose this question.

    In the Real World, how many Superheroes are actually breaking the laws, because they mostly all have a secret identity that is their real identity.

    So, they would be subpoena and have to explain their actions.

    • Well, considering I’ll be leaving for vacation for the next week or so. You’ll probably have the kid in that time, so I give you an early congratulations.

      Now for you question. You are correct. But wouldn’t they be breaking FAA regulations too? Does Superman have a pilot’s license? How about Iron Man, Batman, Thor, Storm, Captain Marvel, or Wonder Woman? And, shouldn’t the Flash or Quicksilver be arrested for speeding? There is the movie based in reality. The trial of superheroes because they didn’t follow our laws!

      • Thank you for the congratulations, and do enjoy your vacation.

        I would love to be the contractor assigned to rebuild Superhero damage.

        I would not want to be the Insurance Claims adjuster for Superhero.

        “So, Lets see The Avengers. You fought the aliens in NYC. So, 20 Buildings totaling 4.8 billion in damages, 832 Cars destroyed, One Subway system destroyed, 4 bridges destroyed, 8,093 People injured. In all, 80 Billion dollars in damages. I am sorry, we have to drop your insurance.”

      • Well if you think about it.

        There are only a couple of Superheroes, that can get away with their secret identities.

        Captain Marvel and The Atom.

        Both normal personas are not easily deduced. Captain Marvel looks nothing like Billy Batson and Ray Palmer is not the same size when he is Atom.

        Does any other Superhero know who Billy Batson really is, sans that one Episode of Justice League Unlimited when he and Superman went at it?

    • Superhumans will undoubtedly be above the law. For instance, there is no law that you can’t run faster than a posted speed limit. Nor is there a law saying a person can’t fly in the air without proper clearance etc. (Note: I said person. That means without the assistance of any type of machine or anything else.)

      But all actions do come with consequence. If you run so fast that you injure someone by hitting them… well that’s your problem. Its not collateral damage. Same goes for flying. Remember in Chronicle when the plane almost takes them out while they were playing football, or when the black guy gets struck by lightning?

      And there isn’t one insurance company that will insure a person.

  7. This will make you laugh, my twin sister was over and she loves making fun of me.

    She asked. “Brucie. You are 6’5 26O-280 right?”
    I said “Yes.”

    “You are a three time Golden Glove Boxer, you hold Black belts in three different martial arts, you are an expert hand to hand combatant, you are a cross country runner, you have a Military Mind trained in Tactics and Warfare, you have Command Experience, you have been trained to use diplomacy.”

    “Yes, your point?”

    “So, your Father was a Doctor, Your Mom is a Doctor, so sans the fact you are married, have kids and sisters and other realative. It is logical to say, YOU ARE WAITING FOR A REASON TO BE…BATMAN!”


    • I am always impressed by the amount of humble brags you can put into each weeks OD. Not judging, you obviously have a lot going for you, thanks for your service by the way. It’s just impressive.

      • Nah, my sister is a PITA.

        She lives to torture me, even though we are twins, she was born first, so it is her right to brag on me.

        I actually never mentioned how many disciplines I was trained in, I just found it amusing that she always thought of me as a Closet Batman.

        And as for Service, no need to thank me, My country, I choose to serve in the Coast Guard, because my mom refused to let her only son get shot at.


        When it comes to Kids and Cows…Especially the COWS!

        THE COWS ROCK!

        Kids are ok.

        • @ Jeff

          You’re not bragging Jeff, you’re accomplished and blessed, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          Be thankful and enjoy all you have been given to the most.

          • I am open, I like to share, and often time, I do go a little overboard.

            What I do take personal pride in. I volunteer once a week at Kitty Cottage and Finding Shelter

            Kitty Cottage is non-profit shelter for Cats who are abandoned or surrendered and Finding Shelter saves all kinds of animals from abuse, neglect, the streets or people who do not want them any more.

            Always give two-four hours every week.

            • @ Jeff

              Open is good, it puts more depth behind a picture or screen name. Everybody goes overboard from time to time, it just happens.

              I used to have a cat, and it was a shelter just like that where I got him. That can be heart wrenching work sometimes when they can’t find homes.

              I don’t know how you find time to do all that you do.

  8. If they ever do a reboot of batman(which is inevitable)I would love to see a neo-noir style film, much in the vain of the Animated Series. All the art-deco architecture and slick cars with the awesome gadgets! Also an actual detective story for the bats. I mean he is the worlds greatest detective. May I might add as well that Hush would be a perfect villian for a pulpy detective story.

  9. After watching the original Superman movie, I was struck at how the movie was fairly “grounded in reality” for a Superman movie. The setting was very realistic both on the Kent farm, Smallville and Metropolis which was filmed in New York. While I am sure the new Man of Steel film will establish a new standard…I think the previous films (except for Superman 4) will all have iconic moments that I suspect will remain a part of Superman’s legacy…and that includes Superman Returns. To me the scene of Superman floating above the earth had an “Epic-ness” quality to it.

    • The one common denominator is.

      Every Superman Movie to date, has had him go into Outerspace, except Superman III, Which I do not think he traveled once into space. Not counting the Flying above Earth Glamour Shot.

      • Yeah…but i don’t know if I would call any of that having epic-ness. I was thinking in terms of:

        SUPERMAN 1
        When Lois is first rescued by Superman the famous “You’ve got me? who’s got you?” scene.

        SUPERMAN 2
        His dramatic return – The “General! Would you care to step outside? scene
        “Kneel before Zod!”

        SUPERMAN 3
        Clark vs Superman fight

        Floating above the world hearing everything

        I think those are all indelible scenes that I will never forget.

      • 4 is worse! Even though there is a ton of stupidity in 3, the Clark vs Superman part was really interesting. That was the first time I was ever introduced to the idea of there being an internal conflict between wanting to be the Clark Kent persona and Superman being able to do whatever he wants and nobody can stop him. In essence it is Clark Kent that stops him…and that came across very effectively in that scene. The rest of the movie was crap.

  10. Hey jeff i would love to spar with you hopefully you can go as well as you type

    • Depends on what you want to Spar in Victor?

      • I would. Same weight class. You have over 20 lbs on me but I’ve choked out bigger. LOL.

      • We could box or roll jeffy

        • Next question Victor, where are you at?

    • A good article and I agree with those points that it makes. MOS will be a success and I believe it will edge out Iron man 3 as the movie of the summer. It will be a huge confidence booster to WB /DC and they will step up their game and actually make some decent films based off of DC characters and give Marvel a run for the money.

      When that does happen,look for Disney to finally begin negotiations on acquiring the x-men film franchise and Marvel making the much anticipated Avengers vs x-men film.

  11. Saw for the first time, a very funny and entertaining movie

    Tucker and Dale Vs Evil.

    And if anyone has Encore, High Noon is on it. If you have never seen High Noon, I suggest you watch it.

    It is one of the greatest westerns of all time.

    • Its no Rio Bravo…


        Rio Bravo was good, but it was no High Noon.

        • Love tucker and dale vs evil was a great netflix find

  12. Up until about a month ago we had a few trailers for Man Of Steel. Talk about opening the flood gates! Really hate how big time flicks release so much leading up to a movie. I feel like I’ve seen the whole thing. Of course I have no self control so I watch them all. I just don’t see the need to release so much. Not like people don’t know it’s not coming out. Every day I see something new on tv or the net. Just wish movies were more of a surprise
    rather than filling in holes between trailers. I WILL FIND HIM!

    • THIS!!!!

  13. Watching Immortals right now. Cavill will make a great Superman and leader of the JL.

    • @ Leathercheerio

      Check out how big and ripped Cavill is in Immortals, and then take a look at him in the Superman suit and trailer. He’s so much bigger, it looks like a diffrent guy all together.

      • I wish that is something I got paid to do. The human body is extraordinary. A lot of actors have proven it. Just look at the roles they have taken on and what they had to do to their normal body stature.

        Matthew McConaughey in Ring of Fire
        Dwayne Johnson in Pain and Gain
        Vin Diesel in Find Me Guilty
        Edward Norton in American History X
        Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2
        Adrien Brody in Predators
        Christian Bale in The Machinist

        All great examples of these humans either gaining weight, losing weight, or turning up the jets and transforming into beast mode just for a role.

  14. STill love this site and I still am waiting for screenRAnt to do special pod casting mainly on older movies.

    I love how they break things down and I agree w/ most of their reviews. Having said that, since this site is not that old, it doesn’t cover some of the true awesome movies back in 1990s or early 2000s.. It doesn’t have to be entire article dedicated to one movie.. just cover some of them.. JUst love to read/listen/talk about awesome movies period.

    June 14th can’t get here fast enough

    • From your list, I would pick Aliens scene .. what was at stake and what she was going up against.. it was epic..
      I really think people will be biased towards the movie they like..
      My personal would be (in no particular order)

      1)Dark Knigh Rises(batman enters w/ batpod.. in imax.. WOW)
      2)MI:GP.. Dubai scene in imax.. WOOW X 100000
      3)Terminator 2 Judgement day: T1000 rising out of the floor…
      4)True lies: Harrier Jet scenes
      5)Old boy(revealing secret at the end)
      6)Jurassic park.. seeing T-rex for the first time in big screen

      can’t think of more.. but we should continue
      But thank you for the good topic!!!!!

    • 1. SW: Episode V – ‘Luke I am your father’.
      2. SW: Episode I – Pod racing scene, I was very young at the time and I thought that was sooo cool on first viewing.
      3. TDK – When Rachel dies – not expected at all.
      4. Godfather Part 1- final scene when he kills the other Family bosses.
      5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – when his mother reveals that she was visiting people in advance, great scene in my eyes.
      6. Let the Right One In (Swedish Film) – Final scene on the train.
      7. LOTR: ROTK – ‘my friends you bow to no one’.
      8. STID – USS Vengeance shoots USS Enterprise out of warp, too cool!
      9. The Avengers – First viewing of the climax battle scene was soooo good in the cinema, on the big screen where movies should be seen. Never the same on the TV.
      10. Harry Potter theme music in the cinema for the first time. Epic!

      • I am so glad to see another fan of the Swedish film Let the Right One In. That is one of the most haunting films I can remember and should be considered an instant classic!

        • Me2.. However, I liked american remake of Let the right one in even more due to Chloe Moretz!!

      • Every time I see that scene in LotR: RotK, I get very misty.

        • How are you Kahleess, my favotire Frienemy

          • Doing great, my friend. I can walk upstairs again without feeling like my lungs are about to explode; I can take a walk without feeling like I’m out of air after 20 yards.

            When is my little Klingon bambina making her appearance?

    • 1) Empire Strikes Back – Darth Vader saying “No Luke, I am your father.”

      2) The Dark Knight – Batman interrogation scene of Joker – after beating the crap out of him he still seemed powerless

      3) The Dark Knight Rises – the build up to him jumping to freedom with the bane chant in the background

      4) Return of the Jedi – the temptation of Luke by the Emperor

      5) Avatar – The moving destruction of the Na’vi home tree

      6) The Avengers – Iron Mans sacrifice to send the bomb to the Chitari

      7) Underworld Rise of the Lycans – the gripping killing of Sonja in front of Lucien

      8) Star Trek the Wrath of Khan – Death of Spock

      9) Let the Right One In – the moving moment when Oskar says “you can come in” and embraces the vampire Eli at the thought of of her dying in front of him.

      10) Independence Day – the dramatic and orchestrated destruction of LA, Washington DC, and New York by the alien invaders.

    • 1. Moses splitting the Red Sea (Heston version)
      2. Hulk smacking around Loki
      3. “Luke, I am your father”
      4. Possessed girl turning head 180 degrees in The Exorcist
      5. Willis realizing he is dead
      6. Willis nuking the building in Die Hard
      7. Spock trying to use the colorful metaphors in Trek 4
      8. Neo stopping the machines in the real world
      9. Seeing Bruce Lee do Jeet Kune Do for the first time
      10. The Challenger disaster

    • Darth is Luke’s father?

      Where is the Spoiler Alert?!?

      • How are you Kahless, my favorite Frienemy that is

    • I’m going to choose 2 similar films:

      - Armageddon: Willis sabotaging Affleck so he’s the one to die and then telling his daughter goodbye.

      - Deep Impact: Tea Leoni dying with her father, the shuttle crew saying goodbye to their family (esp Ron Eldard who can’t see his new baby son) and when Elijah Wood’s gf/wife’s (Sobieski) parents give then their new baby to take care of as the flood hits.

      I’m a sucker for disaster movies and death scenes.

      • Same here. The Disaster genre is my favorite. Emmerich can do no wrong IMO lol.

    • 1 SW:ANH – Opening sequence, Star Destroyer coming overhead, the battle with the Storm Troopers on the Tantive IV, and the first reveal of Darth Vader as he steps aboard.
      2 ALIEN – Kane’s death scene
      3 ALIENS – “Get away from her you biatch!” (deliberate typo there, :))
      4 JAWS – Chrissie’s death scene
      5 JAWS – Quint’s story of the Indianapolis
      6 JAWS – ‘You’re going to need a bigger boat’
      7 Blade Runner – Roy Batty’s death ‘Like, tears in, rain’
      8 Raiders of the Lost Ark – Power of the ark as it decimates the Nazi’s leaving no trace of their existence.
      9 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) watching Master Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat) die a slow death from poison.
      10 Close Encounters – Mother ship rising from behind Devils Tower.

      • I should also have added, for real world events:

        1 World Trade Centre Destruction
        2 Challenger explosion
        3 Fall of the Berlin Wall
        4 Indonesian Tsunami
        5 Chernobyl
        6 Columbia explosion
        7 Japanese Tsunami
        8 Sinking of The Russian Nuclear Sub Kiev
        9 Costa Concordia Sinking
        10 Hurricane Katrina
        11 BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico

    • Great question!

      Movies, in no particular order (Some contain spoilers!):
      1. Shane – The gunfight between Shane and Wilson. “I’ve heard that you’re a low-down, Yankee liar.” Classic!
      2. Rudy – When Rudy makes the tackle.
      3. 127 Hours – When he severs his arm.
      4. E.T. – When the boys are being chased on their bikes and escape in flight.
      5. The Passion of the Christ – When Jesus falls while carrying the cross, and his mother runs to him, turning the scene into a flashback of Jesus falling as a child and Mary rushing to him.
      6. Poltergeist – When Steven confronts his boss as his family struggles to escape: “You left the bodies, and you only moved the headstones!”
      7. Cinema Paradiso – At the end, when Toto watches the film.
      8. Dead Poets Society – The ending when the boys stand on their desks.

      True events that shock and anger me are when I hear of teachers having sexual relationships with students. Not only is it disgusting, but it can damage the credibility of teachers and raise suspicion within the community.

  15. Just re-watched all MOS trailers/TV spots and I have to say, hats off, a great marketing campaign that has upped the ante so well. I pray to the old gods and the new that it lives up to the hype!!


    Sorry for the caps, but I’m just so damn pumped. I saw it an advance screening in DC. Don’t worry, I won’t post any spoilers, unless anyone wants me to. :)

    • I just want to know… in one non-spoiler sentence, was it amazing? :D And if so, how would you rate it?

      • @Avenger

        Yes, it was amazing. In my opinion, it lived up to everything I wanted it to be, and the story and action were both pretty amazing.

        On a five star scale, I think I’d give it 4.5

    • What I want to know, in an unbiased opinion, did it live up to its hype, and does it set a new standard for all CBM’s to follow. You can click on my name and shoot me a tweet if you want.

      Thanks in advance.

      • @leathercheerio

        It definitely lived up to its hype, in my opinion.

        Regarding setting standards for CBMs, that’s a bit harder to comment on. I suppose tone-wise, I hope this sets the stage for the rest of the DC universe, but I’m not sure if it specifically set a new standard. As both The Avengers and The Dark Knight showed us, we can have 2 very different CBMs, and it would be difficult to compare them to the same standard.

  17. Just popping on…ITS TIME.

    Update you all ON MONDAY.

    • Congrats big guy! Lucky #7!

    • Sorry, Superman would be a better dad. Not having parents doesn’t make you a better parent. You learn values and morals from them. You strive to be better than them. Or in some cases, just as good. Jon Kent was the greatest fake father of all time. To learn from him would be an honor. On a side note, Alfred was Bruce’s father.

      • Man Of Steel will rock ass! :D Although, from what I assume, from the latest trailer is that the acting is a quite “fake” especially from Henry
        Somehow he doesn’t succeed in delivering a good act, and as I assumed, film is very similar in tone to The Dark Knight, even if the theme is different.

        • The charge of fake acting is what is fake.
          The acting was pitch perfect including Henry.
          It precisely fit the action and emotion of the fight.