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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 6, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 6, 2014

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  1. Anyone think Sookie will turn into a vampire by end of season 7 of True Blood as makers are teasing by Season 7’s poster of blood running down Sookie’s face & a fang visable?

    • Anybody actually care? That show is god-awful. Can’t believe it lasted this long…

      • Wally cares. That’s why he asked.

    • Hopefully they don’t go the Twilight route LOL

    • Most likely.

      It will be interesting to see what they do since this is the last season.

      I’m sure Pam will do a last minute save on Eric so he doesn’t burn up.

    • @wally – I haven’t watched True Blood since season 3 or 4. But…I did have a cinematic experience this year where I suddenly said “Sookie” like Bill Compton for no reason :)

      • Because of True Blood, I can never watch Rogue the same. :)

        • @ BigNerd

          Same here.

      • @ Prof

        Lol, there was a girl i knew at work that looked like Anna Paquin. I gave her crap by calling her “Sookie” like Bill. Another girl’s name was Nanette which i refered to as Nan Flanigan,as Eric lol.

  2. Possible Xmen: DOFP Spoilers…

    So when Wolverine says he knows a guy, referencing quick silver, are we to assume that he knows him some how from his future, or that he knows him from his encounter with him from Origins? Because I thought Origins wasn’t canon anymore.

    • Uuuuhhh…. Quicksilver wasn’t in Origins???

      • Prove it! Re-watch it in slow motion. Pause it frame by frame to be sure. Because I believe he moved so fast that we couldn’t see him.

        • Your logic is sound.

    • What people fail to realize is that all of the movies are CANON, they just “won’t happen” in the futures of what will see from now on on film. It’s an alternate timeline. It still happened, it just won’t happen NOW. That doesn’t make it NON-CANON. Canonization is easily misconstrued. Take Dragon Ball for instance. GT is ‘non-canon’ because it is not a story from the mind of Akira Toriyama. Or if that’s too far fetched, take the Bible instead. There are plenty of biblical works, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, that aren’t recognized as dogmatic canon as they aren’t part of the Bible.

    • It’s still canon. It just doesn’t come to be anymore. It’s not like it never existed or isn’t recognized as having had happened. It’s still the potential futures of the characters we see, just altered. That doesn’t make it Non-Canon.

      • Ok, that makes sense. So everything is canon in wolverine’s mind, but the world is reset for everyone else like the previous movies never happened. Well that sucks for Wolverine then, that he has to remember that awful version of Deadpool.

  3. I was told Origins wasn’t canon anymore but when Charles looks into Logan’s memories in DOFP, I clearly saw the part where Victor Creed broke Logan’s bone craws in Origins. Im assuming he just knows the guy as a adult off camera in the future.

    • The original films are still canon, they just don’t happen in the futures of the characters we see in their ‘present’ anymore.

  4. I’m auditioning for the role of Gaston in a local Beauty and the Beast musical (the irony of all the talk of the live action adaption recently).

    Apparently, I have a singing voice that resembles Richard White. So I might get the part! :)

    • Good for you, sir!

      • Thanks! :)

    • “When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs
      Ev’ry morning to help me get large
      And now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs
      So I’m roughly the size of a baaaaaarge!”

    • Break a leg, ACW! Gaston is a great character that would be a lot of fun to portray.

    • Good luck 007! Break a toe. Leg casts suck.

  5. Good luck on the part.

    • Thank you! :)

      • @ ACW 007

        Good luck with the part. Is acting what you want to do for a living?

        • A living is wishful thinking. If I could work my way into the big leagues, that’d be something else. Until then, if ever, I’ll be focusing more on graphic design, digital production, and marketing. That’s an area I know I can be financially stable and happy at the same time.

  6. get rid of that stupid spiderman crap everytime i open a screenrant page.
    its bad enough having regular advertising down the side and bogging the site down, now its totally in your face and being shoved down our throats!!!

    • I am getting it too. It is a bit much because it takes super long to load and it happens in every single page…

      • Thanks for letting us know, I’ve informed our ad network that there is a problem. Should only appear once per visit/24 hours.

    • I don’t normally come to the discussion boards (Spoiler City) but did this time to say how much I hate that Spiderman ad loading on every page and glad I’m not alone. I don’t mind if it loaded once when you came on the site, since advertising does bring in money, but I won’t bother visiting the site for a couple of days until it’s possibly down as every page is way too much.

      • I’m wondering: Do you guys who are seeing it on every page view have cookies disabled/blocked in your web browser? I ask because it’s with a cookie that the site tells if you’re already seen the ad once. I just simulated a UK IP address, visited the site, and I only saw the ad come up on the first page I visited.

        There ARE downsides to disabling cookies in your web browser.


  7. I’m guessing Groot and Rocket become this generations R2 and C3P0

    • @ Bond007

      I’m thinking you might be correct. There is simular speculation to that exact same thought going around the Internet. The toys for Guardians of the Galaxy would seem to indicate that as well.

      • Plus those toys will be sitting exactly next to the Star Wars toys at the Disney stores

    • More like the mainstream version of Cable and Deadpool.

  8. It’s been a slow week in TV so I started re-watching Spartacus Vengeance and WOTD this week. The more I watch the series the more I think the final season was about as epic as in TV as I have ever seen in a while. Breaking Bad was great but for myself, I think the final season for Spartacus is just slightly better. It kind of felt like they held nothing back. Great series and one that I can watch over continuously like a LOTR

  9. Disney vs. WB:

    Disney Classic Movies vs. Hanna Barbera
    Mickey Mouse & Friends vs. Looney Tunes & Thundercats
    Pixar vs. The Matrix
    Marvel vs. DC
    Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Harry Potter
    Lucasfilm (Star Wars & Indiana Jones) vs. Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

    With this I want to illustrate that there are so many good things on both sides that it is impossible to pick sides. The good news is that there is no need to pick sides :)

    Will it ever be possible not to have that vs. discussion and focus on the positive instead of on the negative? Probably complicated…

    • “The good news is that there is no need to pick sides”

    • Do we have to?

  10. I don’t think disagreeing is the problem. It’s d0uche-bagg3ry that’s the problem.

    Tactful disagreements can lead to lengthy insightful discussions about CBMs, shared universes, and contrasting movie franchises.

    • Consarnit… This was meant as a reply to @ Nightcrawler

    • Example of hater and I quote:

      “Dr. Mindbender (2 days ago)

      I hate you so much Marvel/Disney:

      You use deplorable tactics to convince our youth to think along your terms.

      You manufacture mediocre quality stuff to appease the mindless masses.

      You make me want to boycott everything there is about you…

      …then you dangle Thanos…

      …and I come crawling back on hands and knees over rusted nails and broken glass like those psychos from Lord of Illusions.”

      I told him not to be a hater and he called me Marvelite…

      • Nightcrawler…

        Ummm, from WHERE did you get the above quotation from Mindbender ( and it IS, indeed, a quotation according to your own intro)? You already admitted that you were baiting him, just to get a rise out of him (a no-no, btw, on this site and a crappy thing to do)… If you are putting words in people’s mouths now, that would make ANYTHING you say invalid and worthless.

        …and JUST so you don’t think I’m pointlessly taking his side (I’ve stayed out of the back-and-forth between you two, happily), I DID notice his newest alleged comment: Dr Mindbender 4 minutes ago

        “^^^ Take a good look at yourself… fake internet.

        Hey Disney! Guess what!?!?
        X-Men and Spiderman movie rights DON’T BELONG TO YOU.
        That’s why your movie product is featuring crap villains ala Baron Von Strucker.
        Do what you can to convince the kids otherwise… but unforntunatley…
        Can’t wait to see that bastardized version of Quicksilver.
        Blow it out your @$$ Mousketeer Marvel.”

        THAT was just now…and responding to YOU, Nightcrawler. Where did Mindbender’s comment you quoted originate???

        Just REALLY curious…

        • Wow… Cobra Commander must really be riding his @$$ today.. He doesn’t seem too happy.

        • Hey Archeon,

          Dr Mindbender quote is indeed a quote. You can find it in the section comments of the article of Josh Brolin being Thanos. I didnt reply at that time but i took note like some other times he said similar things.

          Did i bait him? Yes, but he had it coming. Precisely for comments like that and calling Marvelite anyone that doesnt think like him.

          Regarding his new comment i already saw it and I am already over it. I am not into the hating business (you saw how i tried to find hope and look on the bright side in the face of the appaling poster). I am actually glad he did that because it reinforces the message of the above (i.e. He is not very impartial).

          As i said i dont have a problem with him having a negative opinion, i just find irritating that he thinks of myself as the bias police when his own comments speak volumes

          • Ah, okay…Fair enough.

          • Of course i meant he thinks of himself… Ainsss you got the point

      • Dr. Mindbender? Don’t take him the wrong way, he’s a nice dude. He was prbly just having a rough day at the Corporate offices of Cobra. 😉

        But yeah some people on here are d!cks. Not as much on the OD more in normal movie articles with a lot of traffic in their comments sections.

        My motto? Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Scranters don’t hate other members when we’re behaving and don’t go outlandish in our thoughts. Not saying I’m a veteran member here or anything, because I’m not, but I’ve been around here long enough to know how certain people work. Mindbender, Dazz, LC, Prof. Procrastination, Jeff W., Goldilocks, movieDUDE, Archaeon, Stark, and SEVERAL others are well-respected members.

        • Thanks ACW! I try to be respectful…unless someone doesn’t agree with me that Ghostbusters is the best movie ever about the busting of ghosts. Or when I rant about how much I dislike Spider-Man 3.

          And what ever happened to the Avenger, Scapegoat, Jeff W. and his cow army, and Kahless…

          • And Robert Palmar, INK, DrSamBeckett, etc.
            I miss hearing from some of the veterans.

            • I feel bad about not putting you on my top-of-the-head list, I do enjoy talking to you immensely.

              • Hey, no worries, ACW! I enjoy talking to you as well.

            • Now that you mention it I realize Robert Palmer has disappeared again.
              We seemed to share a lot of the same opinions and even when we didn’t it was always a good conversation.

              • Kevin7,

                I agree. He was always polite, and I liked the way he said things. I hope he hasn’t been around because he’s been busy and not because something has happened.

          • Ghostbusters is the worst movie ever about the busting of ghosts. I looooved Spider-Man 3.

            • Well, that dog I just kicked disagrees with you.

          • Well… we know what happened with Jeff W… He still exists as well.

            I saw Kahless post last week in a different column. I guess he is too good for the OD.

            • Don’t anger the Klingon!

              And what happened to Jeff? I recall he was Batman. Or David Wain’s cousin. Or something like that.

              Did he change his user name? B-List Pornstar Extra did that

          • I’m still here; I just don’t post as much anymore because I’m on Amazon complaining how much the new Treks are dishonoring Klingons.

            As well you should, petaQ!

            And, of course, our resident warrior is still around.

            • I am still around…

            • Hey, Kahless! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve missed those petaQs! 😀

          • Usually, everyone in OD is very well respected. Rarely is anyone not that way, simply because the majority of the people who come to SR comment on popular articles. That’s where things can get messy.

        • @ACW007

          Thanks ACW, I try to be as respectful as possible to others. The others you mentioned are or were regulars on here and we all know each other and where we stands on a lot of stuff. I try to be open minded and I hope people see that. They’re all good guys here and it’s a good place to come and talk movies, etc. with a bunch of like minded people. Personally, I’m grateful for the opportunity we have to do just that here on SR.

          • You did have some back and forth’s with Dr. Mindbender as well, didn’t you?

            I am/will be respectful with everybody but I also like to call a spade a spade.

  11. Anyone else is watching Turn on AMC? I love it and hope it’ll get a renewal.

    Anyway, we’ll be seeing creators/writers beside Stan Lee making a cameo considering Chris Claremont and Len Wein appeared in X-Men DOFP meanwhile Brubaker appeared in Capatain America:TWS.

    • *will we. Not we’ll…uggh

  12. So I gave Robocop (2014) a shot last night and the only word I can think of to best describe it is bland…

    Part of me thinks the PG13 rating didn’t help but even if it was Rated R I don’t think it would have been much of an improvement.

    Anybody else see it?
    I’m also curious if you saw it in the theater was it at least fun to see on the big screen?

    • Parts of it was fun on the big screen but yes, it is pretty bland compared to the original.

      • That’s what I figured.

        Sometimes seeing something on the big screen can elevate the enjoyment of a so-so movie but I’m not surprised that it didn’t do much for Robocop.

  13. I recently watched IM 3 again and I have to admit, I liked it a lot more the 2nd time around; maybe it’s because I already know the little twist.

    • A troll ruined the twist for me, so I think that is why I enjoyed that movie more than other people

  14. @Professor Timewaster – no need to take things out on a dog, I’m just yanking your chain.

    @Kevin7 – I thought the beginning of new RoboCop was ok but then they dropped the existential/sci-fi aspects of the film mid-way through by just making him become robotic while being hopped up on increased dopamine or something due to pseudoscience. I didn’t like that Gary Oldman’s character went from wanting to just help people to going along with the drugging of the guy to make him more docile and controllable. The second half was too messy.

    I’ve kind of noticed that with a lot of different works. Usually the beginnings are good because of world-building aspects, but when the story and plot gets introduced after the initial world-building stage, they tend to disappoint.

    • @ Moz

      That’s a problem I have with a lot of Sci-fi.
      The initial premise and world building will start out strong and then when it’s time to build a plot around those ideas it gets messy or at times out right terrible.

      It’s tricky and I’d never claim to know how to do it better but more than any other genre Sci-fi has been a tough route

      I won’t spoil the plot but I recently read a book called “Wired”. I never heard of it but saw rave reviews on Amazon and I figured I’d give it a shot.
      Sadly though it started out great and even though the premise was interesting enough once we got into the meat of the story the book went from interesting page turner into almost laugh out loud nonsense.

      • Oh, I have loads of problems with sci-fi but mostly because I have a somewhat science background, but I can usually look past that if the characters are good and story is good.

        However, I haven’t read a lot of sci-fi books, mostly fantasy. I’ll check out Wired when I get the chance. Ugh, the blurb about the book looks kind of bad, reminding me of Limitless which I really disliked.

        I mostly read fantasy as opposed to sci-fi. I’ve heard the argument that the difference between fantasy and sci-fi is largely that sci-fi tends to be tied into our world physics whereas fantasy builds their own world physics. There’s also other differences of course.

        • Yeah, I was thinking about Limitless a lot and even the previews I’ve seen for the movie with Scarlett Johansson that’s coming out soon.

          I only paid $1.99 through Amazon for my Kindle so I figured I’d give it a shot.
          If you can get it that cheap it may be worth checking out but I wouldn’t recommend spending more.

          When it comes to reading in general I don’t really have a preference. I think the only true “fantasy I’ve read is TLotR Trilogy, The Hobbit and some of the Potter books. I’m always on the look out for good Sci-fi though. It just as I said before it can be hard to come by.

          • Yeah, it’s unfortunate that most sci-fi these days are mostly relegated to the soft sciences, biology and pop psychology/psychoanalysis.

            I liked the Hobbit more than the LotR trilogy because the latter felt unnecessarily verbose in many aspects.

            I don’t know too much in the way of sci-fi. I’ve read the Hyperion series but only liked the first few books. The author focused too much on fancy literary stuff in the midst of an epic. Ender’s Game is a good classic despite the lunacy of the writer. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for in sci-fi. I liked the 2001 novelization along with its sequels.

            As for fantasy, check out things by Brandon Sanderson if you get a chance. Or if you’re really ambitious, the Malazan series by Steven Erikson. His world-building is fantastic (which I guess is due to his anthropology background), but it takes a while for you to fully absorb his material.

    • No puppies were harmed in the typing of my comment 😉

      • “Pippet! Pippet! Come here, Pippet!” :)

  15. trying to do a avatar , now…