Open Discussion – June 6, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 6, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 6, 2012

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  1. i watched Superman 1 last nite for the 1st time in years, is still a good film, but wow it seems so dated now. hope we get a trailer for MOS sometime. someone here said it may be in front of TDKR.
    also saw man on a ledge, it was ok for a rental.

    • Well, they’ve finished filming MoS months ago (I think) and they should have enough completed CGI footage by now…
      I can’t see how/why they won’t release a teaser trailer in front of TDKR.

      • That’s what I’m thinking. But while I hope for a full trailer I think it will be more of a teaser.
        Regardless, I’m excited to see some footage…

        • And hopefully a trailer for The Hobbit.

            • I should have been more clear. I should have said i want to see a new one…

              • Ah well I’m with you: it’s time for some more footage! 😀

    • Did you ever see the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II ?

      Very interesting, although his use of reversing time again at the end not to sure about. But still I liked his version of the film.

  2. I had this conversation with some family yesterday, and am curious what others think…

    How long after a movie is released is it okay to openly discuss spoilers?

    This stemmed from my brother-in-law and I discussing Taken, and my other brother-in-law becoming upset because he hadn’t seen it yet. My thought is that the movie has been released on DVD for quite some time, so they have had ample opportunity to watch it. Thoughts?

    • Ithink you shld just ask a simple “have you seen this movie” before hand and all will be okay lol

    • It depends…
      I think when you’re on the internet it’s okay to talk about spoilers if the movie has been out for a few weeks, but when you’re talking to friends, colleagues or family then I agree with Ignur: it’s easy enough to ask “have you seen ____ yet” before you discuss certain (“spoilerific”) aspects of the movie.

    • My rule is on the net I’ll put a spoiler warning until it hits DVD and sometimes longer, depending on how big a spoiler I’m talking about.
      With friends and family, I usually only say if I liked it or not and that’s it.
      A kind of funny story is that everyone in my family calls my Aunt “The Spoiler”. She can’t control it. If she’s seen something even a TV show and starts talking about it, it’s over, she will spoil it. Even if you say you want to see it or will be watching she can’t help herself. It’s kind of funny in a way…

  3. Hey Screenrant could you guys think of putting the view all option on the top of the post on your SR Geek pages.

  4. I just saw a clip of TASM from the tonight show that aired last night. Now the clip was pretty cool if you havnt seen it check it out all new. Tw only issue I have with it. IS WHY THE HECK IS SPIDERMAN ON A CELL PHONE. I get it that he as trying to warn Gwen but just standing their on the sidewalk while people around him just doing their business and here’s spidey on a cell phone. I really hope their is a meaning to that or if its some sort of comedy in their where he uses his web and snatches out of someone’s hand. Well I guess we will have to wait and see

    • I can’t wait for The Amazing Spider-Man, it is one of my most anticipated movies ever!! Is the clip on YouTube?

  5. Has anybody ever seen Nothing but trouble with Chevy Chase and Fan Aykroyd?? It did terrible on release but i love it, its hilarious.

    • aykroyd had a penis nose in it! did you see 2 pac in the background during the wedding seen?

      • YES! I didnt realize that was him until i rewatched it the other day. John Candy dressed up as the mute woman had me rolling.

  6. just saw firefly for the first time even though I saw serenity in theaters! damn, what a good show! I wish there were more . :'(

  7. i will be seeing prometheus tonight at work. gotta make sure the copy works so the managers of our theatre will be watching it. Im hoping for a good movie since snow white was pretty mediocre. And by good i mean not only special affects good.

  8. Now I known this won’t happen but wouldn’t it be better for both companies if Sony and Marvel made some kind of contract or something and introduced Spider-Man into the Avengers? It seems to me that it would profit both companies if some kind of deal was made.

    • I completely agree and secretly am still hoping for it. :)

    • Nope, and here’s why I think so:
      1. They’ll obviously have to share profits, and it’s not like having Spider-Man in The Avengers will increase the profits THAT much (most Spidey fans will see an Avengers movie anyway) – and since Sony won’t settle for anything less than say… 10% of the profits (and that’s being generous) I can’t see it being that fruitful for marvel Studios.
      2. What if TASM ends up sucking (or more likely, one of the TASM sequels – just like SM3), then Marvel Studios’ name will be “besmirched” with the failure of that possible movie.

      Doesn’t matter anyway, Feige has said the contracts are very specific and they don’t really have any plans for trying to buy back/strike deals to get their other characters back.
      The smart move is to wait for it to revert back…

      • True, still be cool if at the end of the credits we see Sam Jackson talking to Spiderman :)

      • Yeah that makes sense. But I would still like a cameo by Sam Jackson or Robert Downey Jr. or someone. Just don’t say their name and there you have it!

  9. So with all the dc justice league script talk and all. What’s everyone’s dream cast for the film?

    Mine goes
    Cavill as supes (I know we haven’t seen any real footage. It would make sense to start with him there)
    Reynolds as green lantern (I really like him as green lantern)
    I would say bale as batman but I know that won’t happen so idk yet about batman.
    Bradley cooper as te flash.
    Olivia Wilde as wonder woman or also Lynn Collins was good in John carter.
    Cgi Martian manhunter
    Liam hemsworth as aquaman
    If green arrow was in it I like what I see from the arrow show. I’d go with that guy.

    • Cavill as superman (cause idc that much who plays him)
      Anthony Mackie (if beefed up) as john stewart green lantern
      Christian bale as batman
      Patrick Wilson as the flash
      Lynn Collins as wonder women
      if they end u doing cyborg ill go with idris elba

    • Brandon Routh/superman- I think with a better script he could have been great.
      Christian Bale or Eric Banna/Batman
      Lynn Collins/Wonder woman
      Bradly Cooper/the Flash
      Ryan Gosling/If he would reconsider Green Lantern…
      Daniel Craig/aquaman??? I couldn’t think of anyone with enough acting ability and still able to hold that commanding presence and can pull of an older king of atlantis…

      Now lets talk about who the villain/villains would be???? Any thoughts?

      • People keep saying Bradley Cooper for The Flash but I think he would be a much better choice for Aquaman.

        They should keep Reynolds as Green Lantern too. Maybe Chris Pine for the Flash?

    • Kiefer Sutherland for Oliver Queen.

    • I’m a supporter of keeping the JLA movie COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the character movies and for me that would mean to NOT include actors like Reynolds, Cavill, and Bale.

      I’d like to see a younger Batman. Jared Padalecki would probably fit into the cowl. (remember this is a JLA movie so the focus really wouldn’t be too much on Bruce Wayne)
      Anthony Mackie as John Stewart/Green Lantern
      Hunter Parish as Wally West/Flash.
      Donald Glover as Cyborg (Cyborg would be a lot easier to explain than Martian Manhunter).
      Ryan Gosling as Aquaman (that’s for the ladies…I know my wife would go if she could see a shirtless, long-haired, bearded Gosling).
      For Superman, I’d go with Armie Hammer or Matthew Bomer (if they can make him look taller).
      Gemma Arterton as Wonder Woman…maybe Lynn Collins (she looked good in John Carter). Unless they want an older, more mature looking Wonder Woman like Angie Harmon.
      And if Green Arrow is in it…Paul Walker.

  10. just watched burtons batman for the first time in… who knows how long. Its a good movie but i wasnt overly impressed. People complain about how nolans batman has terrible fight sequence, but they cant say batman was any better. There was barely any fighting in it he was more of a gadget man. Which was cool i like gadgets but he never really did much hand to hand combat. Its a good movie but i prefer nolans.

    • IMO, none of the live action batman movies have ever impressed me in terms of Batman’s fighting sequences.

      • agreed there and in terms of batman never killing anyone…. he drops a bomb from the bat mobile on atleast 20 people so no batman movie has perfectly grasped the batman doesnt kill anyone.

        • How many people do you think Bale’s Batman kills during the car chase in Batman Begins? Not to mention that he lets Ra’s die and “accidentally kills Harvey Dent.

          • Shhh!
            -I hear angry Nolanites approaching in the distance-
            Take cover!

            • I’m always on the look out for them. But in all seriousness, I know some hardcore Nolan fans who think the same thing.

    • Imagine if Tim Burton had used Johnny Depp as Batman… :)

  11. I’m jazzed for Marvel movies PHASE 2!!!!
    2013 Iron Man 3/Thor 2
    2014 Cap 2/Antman/Black Panther
    2015 Avengers 2!
    I really hope that’s the line-up, this whole thing seems like it’s building to an Ultron finale for Avengers 2. The connections are there, Stark has connections to Vibranium, Thor will Loki trying to corrupt the humans from his prison, namely shield… that leads to Pym and his particles which leads to T’Challa and Wakanda, and then Pym’s corrupted Ultron for the climax.

    • I would love for an Ultron finale but I don’t see how it ties in with Thanos? The only thing I can see tying in Wakanda with Thanos is how the Animated movie The Avengers 2 where they introduce black panther and the alien race attacking wakanda for the vibranium??? But we have to see how Iron man 3 and Thor 2 lead us on the next step towards avengers two. I still think it will be more of a galactic battle and the Ultron idea will be put on the back burner.

  12. just got done watching prometheus, it was a pretty good movie. id give ita 7/10. The real problem to me was the story… it never seemed to make up its mind with what direction it wanted the movie to go it was a mess to me. Also most of the characters were one dimensional besides the 3 main characters. I think Scott handled the development of the cast much better in alien. That being said fassbender was great and was noomi rapace. There was some really impressive scenes that made me say *dammmmmmmn* and visuals that will probobly be the frontrunner for an oscar in that catigory. Unless of course the hobbit had something to say about it. Its a movie that people should see i didn’t find it as a dissapointing. Just a better story would have made this a 8+ out of 10.

    • sorry for all the grammer issues, its 3 a.m and i took some nyquil. im out.

      • “Apology accepted, Captain Needa”

        But seriously, the characters were one dimensional and the story wasn’t very good.

        I agree with you on both those points. I was only impressed with Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace didn’t set my world on fire, she’s a good actress but even her character was pretty bland.

        I gave it a 2 out of 5 and that was for the effects and Michael Fassbender’s performance.

        So, if you didn’t like the story or the characters why the high rating?

        I’m just trying to ascertain exactly what was it about the movie that it would rate so high in your opinion? Considering we both agree that character and story, 2 of the main things that make a movie great, were seriously way below par.

  13. I read “the Infinity Gauntlet.” I never read it and I’m not very familiar with Thanos. I wasn’t impressed. It’s not very interesting to have a character with unlimited power. Where does this come from? The Marvel movie Universe isn’t nearly big enough yet, and I don’t know if it would be worth it. Not a very interesting story. Villain snaps his fingers and destroys half the Universe, then someone else snaps it back.

    Another thing that bugged me, which I had to think about, was the floating structure that Thanos created as an homage to Death. Of course it was drawn by George Perez. It just didn’t seem very well thought out and ultimately didn’t provide a good “stage” for all the characters who would show up. It was kind of this big lumpy thing with steps in the middle, which were barely used. Instead everything took place in a small space on the front of it. That is something that could be improved upon in a movie. They could have had steps and structures with big open plaza on which the giant celestials and Gods could stand, instead of them hovering in space.