Open Discussion – June 5, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 5, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 5, 2013

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  1. MOS baby!! *walks out of room*

    • MOS baby? Wasn’t that already in Superman Returns?

      • LOL sure was!

  2. Yay!

    I get to be stopped by Police in my neighborhood for a week.

    The US Open…Right across the street from my house!

    • Wait, what? Why do you get to be stopped? Is it because your black? LOL

      • OH MAN!


        No, because my house is directly across from the 18th hole, so the street is going to be closed down except for local traffic.

        • Hey, I thought Id ask. No filter here. LOL.

          • ‘Bruce Waine’ is going to have a hell of a time getting in and out of his bat-cave with the street closed!!


            • That is another thing, when I show a cop my license, oh what fun…It says Bruce Jeffrey Waine on it.

        • Uhh, so, you are ‘local traffic’, you live there, so why do you get stopped again?


          • Because it going to be rotating shifts, going to have to show driver license to get on to our street because we will be going against the course.

            It not a bother, just a tad bit, well if this kid takes her time coming she could come in the middle of the darn thing.

          • They just left the house. They are giving us passes, that will allow us to travel without being stopped.

            I feel so special.

            • Nice.

            • What they should do is teach you the handshake… That would be legit.

  3. Like a lot of us Ranters here, I have such a passion to get a lot of these characters from DC out there. They deserve some recognition. If 2nd tier Marvel characters can shine (Iron Man) then Im pretty positive the same can go for first tier DC characters.

    Now Ive posted a premise for an Aquaman film on an OD in the past. Does any other ranters have any stories/premises they would like to post for some DC characters that should get a start?

    • I don’t have a story, but I just want a Flash film. I’m sure some creative screenwriters out there (SR editors, I’m looking at you) can come up with great story for it.

    • I personally have never been into the DC Universe, and I find Superman to be one of the worst characters of the bunch. I also Hated Batman, and avoided “Batman Begins” for a looooong time even though everyone said it was very good. I finally picked up the DVD for about 1$ and was blown away.

      I will not be seeing Man of Steel in the theater, but if word of mouth is good, I may pick it up when it hits the 1$ bin as well.

      I am one of those people that would rather see the DC movies flop simply so that we wont be bombarded with 2-3 more every year. Not trying to be a troll, I just have never connected with any of the characters and would rather see WB spend money on something else. Anything else.

      • If you don’t mind answering this question, do you support CBM’s at all? Or is it just straight biased against DC in general.

        I didn’t watch BB or TDK in theaters either. I’m just a die hard Batman fan.

        • I watch CB movies, but my main bias is against DC. The Batman movies appealed to me because the kept things semi-realistic. DC often goes overboard with gimmicky characters. Then there is the constant changing of character origins(Which marvel has been guilty of as well recently).

          As for Superman, Over Powered. End of story. Invincibility, Megasonic speed, Can lift a mountain, can freeze stuff with his breath. Heat ray eyes, etc…He is like that kid who always adds new powers when you played superheros. Where is the drama in that? He has never suffered a lasting defeat.

          The best Comic book movies IMO…

          The Crow
          Kick Ass
          Sin City

          As for the Worst…

          X-Men III
          Wolverine(Won`t be seeing the new one either)
          Green Lantern(It was on TV and I couldn`t finish it)
          League of Extrodinary Gentlemen
          Ghost Rider(Haven`t seen, nor will I watch part 2)

    • @leather cheerio. Bellcure had some interesting Wonder Woman ideas at the top of this thread.

      • I mean the Cavill discusses JL Thread Doh!

        • Ha! Yeah, I saw that. The alien origin one? Its cool. Definitely involves a lot of conspiracy.

    • @Leather Cheerio
      You consider Iron Man 2nd tier? And to answer the question, a Captain Marvel/Shazam. Don’t have a story or premise either, just would like to see him have is own movie

      • Now I don’t consider Iron Man 2nd tier. But yes, before he made his big screen debut, even Marvel considered him to not be a top player.

        • Oh, alright. I can see what you mean

  4. Well tomorrow is Due date and Anniversary.

    These are the names.


    My Choice of the names I am allowed to use….I was not allowed to name her after anyone in Star Trek.

    Sorry Kahless.

    • wait, the due date is your anniversary? Our due date was our anniversary. He waited a day to come out…on Halloween.

      Maxine was my Grandma’s name, so I’m partial to that one.

      • Yep, we got married June 6th, 1985

      • Oh Man, kid grows up thinking Halloween is for him…YIKES.

        • Cake and candy…the boy is destined for diabetes.

    • Kahless? I’m the one who named my son “Tiberius” LOL!

      Maxine or Juliette.

      Ive never dated either one of them. Those are the rules that my wife has instilled for naming our future daughter.

    • @Jeff. Congratulations! That’s awesome! Hopefully long discussions here are keeping your mind occupied while you wait for the magic to happen. Grace is the nicest name outta those IMO

      • Thanks Mark.

        Yeah, I cant wait to get my hand crushed and my life threatened. She insists on no drugs.

    • BTW, congrats on both your marriage lasting longer than my life and your soon to be newborn!

    • @ Jeff W

      Congratulations on the anniversary and on the impending new baby. Buy your wife something nice.

      Big day tomorrow, I can’t even imagine your anticipation.

      Robyn or Courtney are my picks for names.

    • I hate all those names…so commonplace. That’s a shame about the ST names…my daughter almost ended up being Jadzia(which i still love), but we ended up going with Shaughnassy.

      • I am not quite sure,but you hate the names I plan to give to my daughter?



        I really do not know how to respond to this.

        • i named my daughter Janie Marie, after my grandmother. not too common. some people think i say Jamie, and i have to correct them.

        • @Jeff W

          Just ignore, rather impolite to outright say that I must say IMO.

          My friends sister named their first daughter Grace, second was Ruby.

          My friends also have 3 daughter’s, eldest and third are rather traditional (Victoria and Elizabeth), middle daughter is Sydney (after Sydney Ellen Wade from ‘The American President’, they liked the name).

          Sydney is also my God Daughter.

          Always liked names with a ‘Sh’ sound in them, Natasha, Michelle.

          Of your picks I kind of like Courtney the most.

  5. Evidently
    Saying I got married in 1985 requires moderation lol

    • There are some weird things going on right now in regards to moderation. I don’t know if it has to do with Man of Steel or what. But I tried to say Superman’s kryptonian name and it got flagged.

    • BTW, you were married before I was born…

      • Gee

        Thanks for pointing that out buddy.

        • Haha. It’s my 1 year anniversary the day after MOS comes out here in sunny England :)

          • England?


            Who are you kidding Mark? :)

            • It’s 19 degrees in London, proper nice.. Makes a change

            • @Jeff W

              With global warming it’s only going to get hotter!!


          • Tomorrow, 28 years with the same woman.

            7 kids

            5 dogs

            6 cats

            1,230* assorted tropical fish.

            One Parrot and One Turtle.


            • I know its tomorrow but happy anniversary jeff and congrats on the soon to be addition to your family :)

              • Thanks Vader.

            • Jeff

              28 years, wow. That’s rare these days.
              Here’s hoping you have another 28.

            • @Jeff W

              In Australia your tomorrow is already my today, so congrats.

              I’d love to know how you came up with the estimate for the fish! (not including the ones which required flushing!)


      • @ Leathercheerio


        I like your new avatar, btw.

        • Dylan! You son of a bi…

          • @Jeff
            Early congrats and happy ann. also :)

            • Thank you.

              All the kids are going to be under the same roof for two weeks.

    • i didnt realize you were older than me. i was a jr in HS in’85, got married in ’89, 24th anniversary was monday, daughter turned 18 yesterday, graduates HS tomorrow…i feel old this week!

  6. Picked up some Blu-rays yesterday…

    A good day to die hard BD
    Falling skies season 2 BD
    Adventure time season 2 BD (love this show)
    Justice league season 1 DVD

    A good day to die hard was alright I enjoyed it for what it is.

    • I literally just watched A Good Day To Die Hard tonight at work. I know, I work hard LOL. I liked it as well. For a Die Hard movie, it was great.

      • Wow, you really know how to savor movies. Did you watch it on your phone, too? πŸ˜€

        • I sit at my desk for 9 hrs a day. So I watched it on the computer. I bought the digital copy on Amazon Prime. I refuse to buy them on blu ray or dvd til he stops making die hard.movies.

    • @Vader
      Have you seen the Simon and Marcy special?

      • @ Amazing Fantasy

        Simon and Marcy special ?

        • For Adventure Time, it’s utterly heart breaking. Especially for a kids cartoon. I won’t ruin it if you haven’t seen it but definietely check it out

          • Oh ok, no I haven’t seen that episode yet but I’ll definitely check it out.

  7. With the Movie The Purge coming.

    Without using the most vile of crimes.

    Which Crimes would any of you pull off in 12 hour period.

    Me, I breaking the speed limit.

    • Rob as many Newbury Comics as I could in that small window of time

    • Steal a plane from the local airport and do some really low flying over cities to my heart’s content. πŸ˜€

    • Is breaking the speed limit a crime? More like a violation right?

    • Probably some form of art heist.. I’d have to make sure it was from someone I disliked though. Seeing the purge tonight.

      • Leave it for a Brit to go all Art Heist on us.

        Damn right I am breaking the law of speed…200MPH in a 35! That is a felony!

        • @Jeff W:

          But you might kill someone… that’s “vile”.

          I would go for the “high dollar no one gets hurt” crime. Like electronically rob an insurance company, bank or some federal agency.

    • Steal a yacht and sail the seas. Never been far into the ocean. When it’s all over, I expect Bruce to save me.

      • Below decks of Jeff W’s Coast Guard cutter (just for the hell of it) sits a man with drums and hammers, they see leathercheerio’s yacht and he yells at the top of his lungs:

        “RAMMING SPEED!!”

        • I’m not understanding your tactics right now… So I’m going to take them as a threat. 😐


        • Who the hell let Kahless on my crew??

          • I go where I please, petaQ!! πŸ˜€

      • Is that one of my cows on your yacht????

        This is not going to end well.

  8. The reactions online to the game of thrones “rains of castamere”/red wedding episode are hilarious!

    People were actually crying, throwing things, covering their face… oh well, if you truely understand Martin’s work, you won’t get too comfortable and you’ll love it.

  9. Just picked up Commando on blu ray at Wal Mart for 5$. I’m a happy camper!

    • You picked your nose while going commando in Wal-Mart?

      • And made $5 doing so! Impressive I am.

    • Commando is one of my favorites.

      Been hoping for a reboot… starring either Terry Crews or The Rock (has to be someone who can pull of comedy too).

      • Sully, Remember when I said I would kill you last…

        Thats right, thats right dutch you said that!

        I lied!

        • “Listen, loyalty is very touching. But it is not the most important thing in your life right now! But what IS important is gravity! I have to remind you Sully, this is my weak arm!”

          “What happened to Sully?”
          “I let him go.”


          • Comando is one of my all te favorite movies.

            When boarding the plane…..

            “Any carry on sir?”
            “Just him”

            Classic stuff…….

            A reboot would be nice. The Rock is a good choice. How about Chris Hemsworth?

            • Hemsworth or Johnson are at the top of my list.

            • @Stark

              After they get to their seats, pummels him and snaps his neck.

              To the stewardess, “Don’t wake my friend, he’s ‘dead’ tired”.

              • Arnold swinging through the mall and landing on top of the elevator or just destroying dozens of mall cops was hilarious.

            • “I eat Green Berets for breakfast, and, right now, I’m very hungry”

              “Oh, you guys eat too much red meat!”

              Jeff W’s cows are not safe!!


              • Why are my cows always a weekly source of food????

                • I think it’s the taste. Mmmmediummm rare, mmmm.


          • I love how the Porsche is magically fixed when they drive off after he tips it back over. Oh Hollywood LOL

            • Thats ok…I tried ripping the seats out of a porsche.

              I cant do it.

              • Her little car looked like an MG, can’t remember but I know it was red!

                I think.

                😐 hmm.

                You could probably pull the seats out of one of those.

                • Not with 1 arm. :-)

  10. Finally acquired the equipment needed to do my own fan films, will begin shortly but I’d like to know if you guys have anything you’d like to see

    • Do a Might Heroes movie.

      Screw The Avengers and Justice League!

    • Fan films? Maybe I don’t understand the lingo….

      • Films I do on my own time, movies that are uploaded to YouTube. Amateur and unprofessional, I would say

        • Oh gotcha. Like the Batman/Joker interrogation, or the Batman uses apple maps? Those are hilarious. Ill watch whatever you make. I’m a stickler about poor camera holding quality though… I will critique.

    • There are somre great videos on youtube about making your own steadycam mounts and camera dollys that are very, very effective and cheap. Really professional results, only spending tens of dollars instead of thousands.

    • @ACW

      What is the name of your channel?

  11. So I’m up to episode 8, season two of Game of Thrones, watching leisurely no massive obsession, whilst travelling on the train to work this morning I opened the Metro which is the free newspaper and the main headline of the second page is the biggest spoiler in history!!

    Apparently three main character are killed and it had names and photos!! Wtf is that about?! Is this important news? I understand the Internet leaking spoilers which come with spoiler warnings but not a national newspaper!!

    Not happy at all

    • That’s not cool. You should let them know how you feel about it.

      • I have done, they’ve even set up an online page asking readers if they thought they were right to print such an article, people are going nuts!!

        I will be wiping my feet on that paper now like everyone else who reads and then discards it!

    • That sucks

  12. Awww Poor Auggie

    All his sisters are home, and they are picking on him.

    • Time to head out to the tree house Auggie!!

      • Doesn’t he have cable tv in there?

        • @ L. Cheerio

          I thought Jeff said he was going to hook him up with solar power and a little TV.

  13. So, me and Auggie go to Sonic.

    And for those who want to know!

    Yes, I had a burger, double bacon.

    So the Car Hops comes out with out orders, and Auggie looks straight down her top…she leaves..he looks at me…”Dad, am I suppose to like the chest on women?”

    My response “Yes Son, yes you are.”

    • You are one truly classy guy.

      I’m being dead serious too.

    • Oh the innocence of adolescence.

    • Well, it depends on the woman. On one hand, you have Janet Napolitano and on the other hand, you have a Victoria Secrets model. OK, one is a woman, the other….I haven’t a clue. πŸ˜›

    • lol! To put it bluntly… Yeaup!

  14. What, you think I did not tell him, it is wrong to look down the top, we all have done it at 9 or 10.

    Class has nothing to do with it.

  15. Just finished my first day of filming.

    We’re doing a Comedy called “Mark Hawkins Tries Scamming”, which revolves around a formerly spoiled high school graduate who goes broke when his parents refuse to pay for college and a home of his own, leaving him completely broke and incapable of having a career (and even understanding it’s importance). Panicking, Mark poses as a con artist door-to-door salesman, using the power of the clipboard to rob his customers and supply his own needs. Things start to go well…until he wakes up to find the name Mark Hawkins listed as #1 on America’s Most Wanted.

    SHOULD be fun :)

  16. So the Car Hops comes out with out orders, and Auggie looks straight down her top…she leaves..he looks at me…”Dad, am I suppose to like the chest on women?”

    • oops..with OUR Orders.

  17. Woke up this morning.

    Happy Anniversary.

    She went, Happy Anniversary…Go get me Ihop!

    I get her Ihop.

    Come back, breakfast in bed.

    Then she is back to sleep.