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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 4, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   June 4, 2014

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  1. Excited for “Edge of Tomorrow” this weekend. Looks better than “Oblivion” despite being as equally filled with troupes.

    • Did I get first. That never happens.

    • It does look a lot better than Oblivion. The reviews are really really good. I totally didn’t expect that. I thought it’d be like Elysium by means of Oblivion but it looks like it’ll be better than either of those films.

  2. I wonder how x men apocalypse will do when it comes out??? What kind of characters are we going to get to see??

    • I would suspect you will see some mutants, and maybe some humans too.

  3. Welp, high school graduation ceremony is this Sunday! :)

    This means I’ll be able to be on Screen Rant more often than I have been lately.

    • Congrats, ACW! What’s next? College? Arkham Asylum? 😉

      • Funny you should mention Arkham, I actually did spend the night in an abandoned mental institution once. Well, not really “abandoned” because they still keep it looking nice and clean, but it’s not in usage anymore. When I was scripting my fan film adaption for “The Killing Joke”, I asked if I could spend the night in one of the cells. They agreed and they had two guards at the cell door the entire time. It was awesome, and it helped me broaden my creativity.

        Aside from that, I am going to college :)

        • Kudos for the “method scripting”. Good luck with the film.

    • Hope your graduation is great, enjoyable when you finally have outgrown the seats! When I graduated from a big high school in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs, I remember fun things like fireworks fights in the stair-wells, everyone half-drowning everyone else in the shower-rooms, eggs under the graduation caps, stuff like that. I also remember my parents being mortified (since they were teachers in another school district), because as I walked up the aisle (with a belt under my robe hung with multiple water balloons), one of the water-balloons right in the front broke and soaked through my robe, causing a big wet stain to appear in the front of my robe, right in the crotch-region! Additionally, spectators and parents could see the mat I was walking up in the aisle was dry ahead of me, but rather wet behind me…what would you think? When I got to the front where all the administrators were, the Dean of Students went to shake my hand, noticed the big wet stain, and forgetting he was wearing a throat mike, said, “Are we nervous, Mr. ***?” Of course everyone heard this and now was really paying attention as I came back to my seat, now facing them with the big wet stain visible for all to see! And the fun did not stop there….
      Our rival high school had graduated the night before, and a number of their students were standing outside our auditorium heckling us in the doors, a couple of which were opened because it as pretty hot in there. Several of them got brave enough to run in by our lighting panel, and switch the lights off in the auditorium/gym. Of course the teachers all ran to turn them back on, and when the lights flashed back on, there in front of hundreds of parents and other students were myself and three buddies on our hands and knees, crawling up the aisle to go after the trouble-makers from our rival high school. Of course we waved and crawled like scuttling crabs back to our seats when we were caught dead to rights with the lights back on! A memorable graduation indeed!
      They had just built a new police station right next to our high school. I always said they did that so they could march us right out one door (the high school) and in the other (the cop shop). We were supposed to have a streaker, but unfortunately he was in jail for multiple streaking and exposure offenses. Oh how could he bare, er, bear it?
      Hope yours is just as fun!

  4. Does anyone still have faith that Ant-Man will be a good movie.

    • I’ve never had faith in Ant-Man, to be honest. I don’t think he’s worth giving an entire movie to, maybe as a side character in some other film. But a whole solo film? IMO, they’ll have to take so many liberties for a lot of people to be interested him. The big Marvel logo doesn’t do squat for a character like him.

      • They should’ve done Doctor Strange or Inhumans rather than an ant man movie that isn’t even about Hank Pym. With all of the troubles the studio is having I doubt it ever even hits theatre.

        • Jesus H…when will you kids realize that the film is about Pym just as much as it is about Lang? They would both be a major part of the story, Lang would just take up the reins for good in conclusion. If Michael Douglas is playing Hank Pym, you can guaran-damn-tee he’s going to be heavily featured.

          • Unless he drops dead from his imaginary cancer first. Douglas should have bowed out of acting by now. He plays the exact same character for the last 10 years. I don’t want to see Pym of Wall Street.

        • Anxious for Inhumans. I also am pumped for Ant-man, but if I had been writing it, Lang probably would not be in it, Ant-Man would become Giant-Man at the end so he could become Goliath in the Avengers, Ant-Man would be Pym, Pym would be making Ultron, and Wasp would be in there as well.

    • @ StevenMarvel & ACW 007

      I have to respectfully disagree with you fellas. I think Ant-Man will not only be a good movie but, IMO, most likely one of Marvel’s biggest. The characters of Pym and Lang fit perfectly into the MCU. The other characters that this story can lead to such as the Janet van Dyne (The Wasp) really give this movies and story great appeal. I can’t wait to see it.

      Marvel will find their director and the movie will be made and made well. I believe some simular things were said prior to Iron Man being made as well. That turned out pretty well. :) Marvel Studios is huge now and the brand alone will give Ant-Man all the boost it needs to be sucessful.

      • Hey, who am I to say what will happen? It could very well be one of the biggest.

      • I never understand the naysaying for Ant-Man at all. It’s always seemed like a great potential concept for a movie. I’ve never sought out any Ant-Man comics, but I can see a lot of potential for a movie.

        • It’ll be like a modern reimagining of honey I shrunk the kids 😉 a movie which everybody loved btw :)

          • That was a well-received movie, no doubt, and I think they’d be able to greatly improve on that. Hopefully they’ll offer more, but that in itself isn’t bad.

            Also, don’t all the people complaining about Ant-man’s supposed lack of powers ever consider that there are tons of action/comedy movies featuring characters who don’t have any super powers at all? James Bond. Indiana Jones. Die Hard Willis.

            “Potential” is the key word for me. This may turn out to be only a mediocre movie (honestly I don’t think it will be less than “good”), but “potential” isn’t a problem.

    • it is not about being a good movie or not. the one thing that made ant-man interesting to explore for ONE film was ultron. with ultron being stark-born now, what is the point of it at all. the “honey i shrunk the kids” under marvel logo note many give seems like that is what we will get.

  5. is there anyone on here who watches Penny Dreadful? ive watched all the new episodes and im getting kind of bored with it and confusd about whats going on? i mean Sir malcolm and Vanessa hire Ethan to help to battle these supernatural threats but i feel like the only person whos actually doing any investigative work is Sir Malcolm, i dont fully understand Dorian Grays character and this last episode has just had my mind in a pretzel about whats going on…anyone wanna comment?

    • So far it has been a little confusing, I do really enjoy it though. The biggest waste for me has been the whole relationship between Ethan and Brona. I find Brona to be an annoying and useless character. So far the show has teased all of the dark secrets of the characters. I believe Ethan is a werewolf. I think the reason it has become “boring” to you, is that the first few episodes have set up the characters stories rather than just get into them right away.

      • well i thought the 1st episode was really good then since then its dragged, i mean theres not very many characters we have to worry about here and i feel like none of them are even close to developed yet, we know a few things about each one but thats it, i knwo nothing about Dorian Gray except for the fact that hes a weirdo but eveyone thinks hes so charming

      • I have a feeling that Brona will end up being the bride for Frankenstein’s monster.

        • Ooh I never thought of that. That would very well work cause as a human she is such a bore and pointless.

    • Dorian Gay and Ethan’s sex scene was totally unnecessary. Let’s get on with Sir Malcolm, Van Helsing, the search for the “Master” (gotta be Dracula), see Ethan become a werewolf, get more supernatural stuff going on, etc., and skip the sex and kinks show.

      • i mean i think this series has the cast and the potential to be great cuz it has a little bit of eveything in it, horror, suspense, action, drama, romance but in all honesty i have no idea of whats been going on the last few episodes. Its like every character is dealing with a personal issue and the writers make that more important than the big picture…the plot of the show says, Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, and others unite to combat supernatural threats in Victorian London.

        but it hasnt stuck to that plot since episode 1

  6. I was hoping Monday’s discussion thread would be posted but disappointingly it never was. Anyways, my topic of discussion:

    Anyone watch Silicon Valley? Kept up with it all season and the finale was fantastic. Such a brilliantly written show and hilarious. Best new show on TV for me. The characters are great and I can’t wait for season two!

    • LOVED Silicon Valley. I was bummed it was only an eight episode season but that finale was great. Can’t wait for season 2.

  7. So how about that rumor that Disney is working on a live-action “Lion King” prequel/reboot? Rumor is, it will feature a troubled, yet sympathetic Scar being taunted and beaten up by his older, cooler brother, Mufasa.

    • Brad Pitt as Scar and Sharlto Copley as Mufasa?


      I think these villain-centric films take the mystique away from their characters. I haven’t seen Maleficient yet (dunno if I will), but look at what the SW prequels did to Darth Vader.

      • +1!

  8. Saw X-Men DOFP over the weekend best X-Men movie yet. The quicksilver scene was cool and resetting the timeline was great at the end. Two things that I’m want to know.

    1. Does Wolverine still goes thourgh the Weapon X program?

    2. Did X-Men 1 & 2 still happen or are they no longer canon?

  9. Does anybody on here watch Fargo? On FX? It’s pretty good.

    • Fargo is excellent. I love how it still feels like the movie despite the characters and events being totally different. They really captured the tone of a Coen brothers film.

  10. Saw X-Men 3 days ago, in my opinion it’s the best comic book movie ever. The story is almost perfect, how they used time travel to fix everything wrong with the first trilogy and subsequently build upon the stellar First Class was masterful. The action scenes almost rivaled those in Man of Steel, not in terms of outright spectacle but certainly in cleverness and exploring each mutants individual power. I loved it.

    My only problem, it’s probably negligible, but I don’t understand Magneto’s actions. So even after Wolverine explains to him that all it took was an assassination of 1 scientist to bring upon them a mutant genocide, he decides that he would up the anti by murdering the US president on live TV. What exactly does he think will happen? Wouldn’t that big a public spectacle galvanize the human population even more than a single scientist?

    • Magneto thought that an even bigger statement of fear would make humans tremble at what mutants could do, and would serve as a better warning along the lines of “you better not mess with us.”

      You are right though, it probably would galvanize the human population even more. I liked it a lot, mostly because “upping the ante” is exactly what Magneto would do.

      • I completely agree.

      • Well, Magneto had control of the Sentinels. I think that if he had killed them, no one would dare try to attack mutants with Sentinels again. In their eyes, they were defective. Made the mutants seem unstoppable.

      • Makes sense. It’s just like Magneto to take an opportunity to advance the mutant cause wherever possible.

  11. You think X-Men 3 is the best CBM ever?!?!

    haha jk you just wrote the first sentence of your post funny.

    Yes I loved DOFP. Totally agree that its one of the best CBMs ever. I can’t call it the BEST CBM ever cuz we’re still in the honeymoon phase and I wanna see if the film has any staying power. I do know this, I’ll definitely be purchasing the bluray, and its prbly the best X-Men movie of all time.




    As far as Magneto’s motivations go I think he planned to kill all of those leader people in that presidential bunker box, then kill Mystique, then rule over the humans with fear. That would’ve been a lot more effective than the previous trajectory history had taken with Mystique only killing one dude, getting captured, and then used to create super-sentinels. I loved his plan, I thought it was brilliant. Infuse the sentinels with metal so he can control them, surround the white house with a freaking stadium so nobody can enter, and then just wreck shop. Way better than Magneto’s plan in X3 (that alcatraz thing was kinda hokey), and way more effective and jacked up than Magneto’s plan in X2 (use/control the humans rather than kill them all).

    • dang it… this was meant as a reply to @ Ezee-T

    • Well then, can you explain which CBM movie you consider to be the best? As an overall movie.

      • Well I’m just a mere mortal with silly opinions and things but I told Stark in an OD last week that my fave superhero film was Batman Begins so I better stick with that. But if Incredibles counts then I totally pick that cuz Incredibles is perfect.

        I really love Batman Begins, even more than TDK. I love how they delved into Bruce’s childhood, his experience falling down the well and getting attacked by bats, witnessing his parents murder, etc. That hadn’t been done in a Bman movie before, and I thought that was done very well adding pathos to Bruce’s character.

        I love the ninja backstory, training with Ras Al Ghul and the league of shadows up in the himalayas (or wherever the heck he was haha) and when saves Liam Neeson and dead lifts him with one arm haha.. That totally wouldn’t/couldn’t happen but I still think that scene is totally bada** every time I watch the film.

        Idk I could go into detail of like every individual part of the film but it’d be too long. And this comment is getting ranty already haha..

        But thats just one opinion of a mere mortal. That being said I love teamup films like Avengers or DOFP. Any Xmen film to me is a superhero teamup film (with the exception of wolvie’s solo outings) and I love when a filmmaker is able to give enough screentime to everybody to make them relevant, and still make an exciting exhilarating movie! That’s hard to do and I think Xmen, X2, DOFP, and Avengers (and incredibles if it counts) have all done that expertly.

  12. Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange? I feel like he’d work well in that kind of universe, which doesn’t really take itself seriously for the most part. Everyone keeps throwing out actors who are born to play them in some Academy Award winning way and that really won’t happen. If that was the intention, RDJ would’ve gotten one in 2008 for “Iron Man”.

    • He’s tied to the Pirates franchise, so I’m not sure if he’ll have the schedule to do Strange AND the periodic Avengers flicks. I would love to see him and RDJ trading wits on screen.

  13. Hello everybody,

    These are the DC/Marvel CBM that I’ve seen that Screen Rant gave 4 starts or more so far:


    Batman Begins 4.5 (Vic)
    The Dark Knight 4.5 (Vic)
    The Dark Knight Rises 4.0 (Kofi)
    Man of Steel 4.0 (Kofi)

    Marvel Studios

    Iron Man 1 4.5 (Vic)
    The Incredible Hulk 4.0 (Vic)
    CA: TFA 4.0 (Kofi)
    Avengers 4.5 (Kofi)
    CA: TWS 4.0 (Ben)


    X-Men:DoFP 4.5 (Kofi)


    Spiderman 2 5.0 (Vic)

    Am I missing any other? I know Watchmen and Hellboy II also got 4 starts but they are not DC/Marvel. It is tough to get the 5 starts “Classic” label, isn’t it?

    My proposed changes are to increase half a star The Dark Knight, The Avengers and CA: TWS. Votes in favour? :)

    • I obviously meant stars and not starts… what was I thinking…

      Btw, it is interesting to see that Kofi gave 4 stars to Batman and Superman movies but 4.5 stars to Avengers and X-Men movies. Who dares to accuse him of anything now? :)

    • How about Dredd, which also got a four-star review?
      It’s not a 100% DC Comics property, but DC did publish some Judge Dredd comics in the mid-nineties.

  14. With all the recent buzz of directors attaching to Marvel and Star Wars films, and juxtaposed by speculation of the core DCCU being fronted solely by Zack Snyder for the foreseeable future: which directors would be ideal choices to tackle DCCU solo films?

    Wonder Woman –
    Batman – (Affleck?)
    Green Lantern –
    Flash –

    Add other solo characters if you’d like.

    EXTRA CREDIT: what are the essential books/storylines pertaining to each (especially as they fit into what we know about the DCCU)? I’m very interested in Wonder Woman responses.

  15. anybody wanna committ on why they think Disney is doing the stand alone star star wars films? we all know the new JJ Abrams star wars is going to be after the originals…which harrison ford, carrie fisher and mark hammill are returnign to play there characters, but why would they do stand alone han solo film when he was younger and boba fett when he was younger when they would have to recast for younger versions? why wouldnt they do what there doing to marvel and just have the stand alone films be about those characters after episode 7

  16. anyone want to committ on why disney is doing the stand alone star war films? from what i read there doing a han solo movie and boba fett movie but there doing them as prequels, the new JJ abrams star wars is going to have ford, hamill and fisher back as there characters so hy would they cast younger actors for a prequel when the story is starting off after the original? why wouldnt they just do like there doing for marvel and just do stand alone films to show where the characters are at after the events of episode 7 and just do a coupel stand alone films after every episode

    • @Riggins02:

      People like to know where characters came from, that’s why Lucas did SWI-III.

      The money is in the younger crowd, and that means they want to see a young Han Solo, not an old Harrison Ford in a Rebel retirement home.

      Marvel is also doing “prequels”, the Agent Carter series next season is one example.

  17. Am i the only one who wishes to see Robin,Batgirl,Nightwing in DC’s cinematic universe? When i say Robin, i mean Jason Todd or Tim Drake, not Damian Wayne.

    • I do. Whether in Batman stand-alone pictures or the big crossover movies. I’m generally of the mind of wanting to see Bruce work alone. But seeing as Batman’s older and he’s being introduced for Justice League, might as well include the extended Bat family when the opportunity strikes. Besides, those characters haven’t received their proper cinematic due, and personally I’ve been a fan of Robin and Batgirl since growing up with TAS.

      • I agree.