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sr open discussion Open Discussion   June 4, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 4, 2012

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  1. Well that newTDKR footage from the MTV awards makes TDKR look a sure contender for best soundtrack this year.

  2. So I saw the MIB3 this weekend and 
     I actually enjoyed this movie. I really liked how they kept to the way the movie originally looked and didn’t try to go over the top with with CGI like they could have just cause the technology is their. Their are a few things that I didn’t like and the first was the ending when the guy starts taking into the camera. I like the movie feel not someone talking to me unless that’s how the whole movie is and then the things I didn’t get or maybe some one could explain

    1. How does will smith’s character get back to the future if he was suppose to get into a high place for that device to work
    2. How is that suppose to be will smith as a kid in the end at 1969 I mean wouldn’t that make him somewhere in his thirties come the first movie and then when they portrayed him as a rookie cop and second if you do the math 15 years after the first one would put him somewhere in his mid 50′s  

    So I don’t know that just seem kind of odd

    Also how is it that when he got pulled over from the cops in the 60′s they ha him on te hood of the car and then when the cops pushed that button and neutralizer agent J all of a sudden had his glasses on

    • 1. I think he only needs to jump when he’s going back in time… when he returns to the present I’m guessing he only presses a button or something.

      2. Will Smith is in his early 40s now, so if young J was about 4 years old during the launch (which took place on 1969), that would mean J is about 47 in the “present” (2012). So while they are a few years out, I think it’s still “believable” that J is +- 47 years old.

      “Also how is it that when he got pulled over from the cops in the 60′s they ha him on te hood of the car and then when the cops pushed that button and neutralizer agent J all of a sudden had his glasses on”
      I thought that was hilarious :D (one of the few truly funny moments of the movie). I don’t think there was any really logic there though… just comic relief, but I guess we could assume J just has REALLY, REALLY quick reflexes (comes with the job I guess?)

    • I also enjoyed MIB3. Tommy Lee Jones is looking quite old, but I am glad they did not decide to bring his younger self (Josh Brolin) into the future to take his place in any further sequels. Will Smith is looking very much in his 40′s, but perhaps younger in comparison to Tommy Lee. I attribute the part where Will magically has his glasses on after the police throw him up against the car as an error in film editing, and a glaring error at that. Otherwise, an enjoyable return to the MIB franchise.

  3. Did anyone else not know there was a new season of Weeds starting in a couple of weeks?

    I havent heard anything about it, no news, no promotion. I was actually under the impression that the show was over with.

    Either way, cant wait… Even tho the last few seasons havent really been that great imo

  4. I’m gonna watch ‘Zodiac’ tonight… what should I expect? (good or bad movie?)

    • i enjoyed zodiac. It wasnt exactly what I expected as far as the style was but I ended up liking it. I think I remember it being slow at points but solid acting and well written.

    • its okay…its way more like a documentry that goes over every angle of the case than an psychological thriller…its pretty slow but it has its moments

    • I love Zodiac. It’s a slow burn but IMO along with Seven it’s Fincher’s best.

    • If you know how it ended in real life you’ll wonder why they made a movie out of it…

    • Okay, so I watched the movie and it was pretty good IMO.

      I never knew about the Zodiac Killer (it was before my time), so I’m actually very shocked that they never caught the b@$tard.

  5. So I watched the huntsman over the weekend. And I actually really loved it. Awesome battles though wish te ending one was longer and I thought it was well written and visiually amazing. Solid acting too. Theron shined when she was on. Stewart actually didnt annoy and fitthe warrior princess quite well and hemsworth never ceases to impress me. Great actor. Really fitthe huntsman.

    • I also watched the SWATH this weekend also along with MIB3. I to enjoyed the huntsman. Thought it was very well done

  6. whats up with film trailers using alot of Jay-Z songs. im a rap fan but i find it funny alot of trailers now mostly using Jay-Z songs.

    American Gangster Trailer – Jay-Z “Heart of The City (Ain’t No Love)”

    The Hangover Part 2 Teaser Trailer – Jay-Z “Reminder”

    Gangster Squad Trailer – Jay-Z “Oh My God”

    Great Gatsby Trailer – Jay-Z & Kanye west Ft Frank Ocean “No Church in the Wild”

  7. Watched MIB3 and Chernobyl diaries this weekend both were ok. The footage for TDKR from the mtv movie awards was awesome I can’t wait for July 20.

  8. Battleship: this movie was just what i need: a cheesy action movie where humanity prevails against overwhelming odds. While i don’t see any Oscar nominations or any major awards being considered i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    there were a few lingering questions i wanted to get the Screen Rant’s community’s option on:
    Problems/Flaws i saw with the movie:
    1. the aliens were advanced enough for interstellar travel yet the only real weapons they’ve developed are a “motor-style” cylinder bomb? ooook

    2. yet again: they could fly across space but yet their ships had to “hop-scotch” across water? wuz up with that?

    3. the aliens seemed a bit too humanoid to me…regular teeth, skin was extremely human-like, bi-pedal, plus they even looked human with their helmets off- one sailor references his pet lizard as being similar…IMO they should have been much more amphibian or fish like…

    4. if the aliens went to all this trouble to create environment suits…why did they forget gloves? also, they show them using a “blaster” style arm weapon to blow a hole in the ship to rescue their comrade that the Navy “fishes out” yet they resort to large knives (harpoons) when fighting hand-to-hand?

    5. the aliens are wearing this metal exo-skeleton bio suits than clearly show that they are heavy enough to bend metal steps while walking yet when they back-hand or punch a human their is no blood, cracked bones etc. cooome on, it’s be similar to getting hit with a sledge hammer or worse!

    6. if the lowly scientist could figure our that how to send a signal through the barrier, you’re telling me the military couldn’t?? hmmm…

    7. soccer scene was totally unnecessary, there was already animosity b/w the Japanese Captain and Hopper…this just seemed drawn out to me. (isn’t that the guy from the Warrior’s 3 in Thor?)

    8. Hopper’s GF adds NOTHING to the movie but is pure eye-candy (i’m no complaining…) but i just found her unnecessary and annoying

    Things I thought were awesome:
    1. the tie-ins to the board game…they managed to make a simple grid board game seem pretty cool
    2. the old guys on the USS Missouri saying “lets rain some lead on these mothers”
    3. the sailor on the front of the ship giving the “SUCK IT” sign as they destroyed the alien “mother ship”
    4. the CGI was amazing
    5. thought using the old battleship and crew was cheesy but def brought a smile to my face during that whole scene

    this movie played out like a mash-up of Independence Day and a Navy Commercial. I will say it gave me exactly what i expected: a good summertime cheesy action flick

    so thank you Battleship for not taking yourself too seriously! 2 of 5 stars

    • P.S. Rihanna was amazing, def the stand out performance of the film. (def had my initial doubts), they kept her lines to a minimum but i can’t wait to see her in a more challenging role…(golf clap to her for sure)

      • I think your 2 out of 5 is too harsh. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for entertainment purposes, which in reality, is why I watch movies. If I am ONLY looking for a great story I read a book. When the two come together all the better, but a movie, for me is all about whether or not I am an entertained … and I was.

  9. Ok so should i buy John Carter on bluray, or Wrath of the titans. John Carter looks great, but i dnt want to invest my time and money if its just going to end in an unresolved cliffhanger, since it doesnt look like they will be making sequels. Wrath looks ok, i enjoyed Clash but they both look like the same movie pretty much, based on the trailers.

    • John Carter was a solid movie IMO (pacing was off though), but I definitely think it has more “re-watchability”.
      Wrath was an okay movie (with solid action, and not so solid acting among other things), but I doubt I’ll want to watch it again.
      I’d go for John Carter…

      • “John Carter” all the way. “Wrath of the Titans” sucked IMO?

        • No need to make it a question motoko. If you thought it sucked own it.

          • I didn’t realize I had! I do suck at typing though, so please ignore he typo.

            • “the”

              Sometimes I really disappoint myself. Sigh. :(

              • But does John Carter leave the endong unresolved? Because it doesnt look like they will make the sequels. is it a good stand alone film i guess is my basic concern

                • It does leave the door open for a sequel (and it COULD be considered a cliffhanger), but that is no reason not to buy John Carter.
                  Out of the two movies, JC is a no brainer IMO.

                  • I just didnt want it to be like only getting to watch part 1 of the LOTR trilogy or something like that.

                    • I saw both and I already have John Carter pre-ordered on Blu-ray through Amazon.

  10. **SPOILER FREE**

    I saw “Prometheus” yesterday. Quite disappointed. It has many flaws and half baked ideas. It actually answers too many questions, but in a very unsatisfactory way. It opts for the most predictable outcomes and has sloppy, heavy-handed plot maguffins dropped in everywhere.

    Too many characters are irritatingly two-dimensional, cliched as well as stupid. Some are just pointless (Including supposed main ones.)

    It is however beautiful to look at. Absolutely flawless cinematography and seamless special effects. The 3D adds nothing of value though. It would be better viewed in 2D. Some great performances by Fassbender and Rapace, while other actors seem wasted.

    Despite Ridley Scott trying to distance this from the “Alien” universe with only “…strands of DNA…” it IS part of that universe and probably would have been an okay film if it wasn’t viewed as such. But seeing as it is connected to the “Alien” universe it simply doesn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with “Alien” or “Aliens”. In fact, despite Scott trashing the “Alien” sequels it makes many of the same mistakes and in many cases is no better.

    With it being Ridley Scott and a return to sci-fi, espescially the “Alien” universe, I was expecting better. As a bit of escapism it is a very good film, but with the baggage, expectations, plot holes and missed oppurtunities it comes with it doesn’t tick the right boxes.

    It’s worth a watch, but it is not the “Classic” or “Iconic” film that many were hoping for.

    • i agree with you. The big problem to me was the story never seemed to know where it was wanting to go. At some points it delved into creation over darwinism but then hinted at the feelings of a robot… it was just a really really sloppy story in my opinion. special affects were beautiful and it was really well shot. But honestly if you split the movie in half i dont think people would geuss that the 1st and 2nd half of movies were directed by the same person. Its a good film i give it a 7/10 but nothing groundbreaking or spectacular about it.

  11. I picked up a couple of motion comic dvds over the weekend.

    Iron Man Extremis
    Astonishing X-Men
    Thor & Loki Blood Brothers
    Black Panther

    Also picked up Hulk VS on Blu-ray for $10 all the others were $7.50 at Walmart. All of the motion comic dvds were great.

    • The only motion comics out of those that I liked was Black Panther.

      I don’t think “motion comics” is a medium that’ll kick off… they should rather just do more animated movies than spending money on creating moving comic books.

      • I agree don’t see these motion comics taking off. Black panther was also my fav of the bunch. I’m hoping they’ll bring BP to the big screen some time soon.

  12. I just saw the youtube adress Steven Deknight gave saying season 3 Spartacus: war of the damned, will b the last. im sad, but he makes it sounf like its going to be a dropkick of awesomeness to the face!

  13. I just saw the youtube adress Steven Deknight gave saying season 3 Spartacus:war of the damned, will b the last. im sad, but he makes it sounf like its going to be a dropkick of awesomeness to the face!

  14. I’m watching Donnie Darko and I can’t decide if casting Jake Gyllenhal’s actual sister Maggie as donnie’s sister is inspired casting or just lazy. Plus I completely forgot that Patrick Swayze was in this movie.

    • And Seth Rogen, wow.