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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   June 30, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   June 30, 2014

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  1. Anybody going to see the 17 minute screening of Guardians of the Galaxy next week? Trying to convince my brother to check it out with me.

  2. No comments yet? What’s peoples opinions on Andy Serkins having ‘a role’ in Age Of Ultron?

    • Very minor role I think. He’s still the man.

    • Maybe he will just be the base slate of Ultron’s minions, I don’t know for sure. It depends if it is a Mo-Cap role or live role, haven’t read the article, going to now :)

    • If I were an investor, I would prefer a proven commodity, rather than risk my money on an unknown. It’s likely as simple as that.

      • I understand that, but franchises start somewhere and with that attitude nothing new is ever created. With that attitude Star Wars would have never been done, and talking about investments, I can assure you Sir Alec Guiness was pretty happy it was done and even happier with that small percentage he got from the box office.

        I wanna see things like the Matrix some years ago, or Inception more recently. Things that are still sci-fi but feel fresh and cool. I know it can be done. That’s why I am looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar this year, because I expect them to be a bit different.

        • I absolutely loved Now You See Me!

          And the Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Hobbit movies are amazing! Although they were different from the books in certain ways, they did a very good job with sticking to the original story! You sir, can not bash those! :P

          Do not yell at me, I am just defending them because I love them lol

          • I am not bashing any movie here, I actually liked myself all the movies you mentioned.

            I just wonder how many amazing scripts might currently be rotting away because they are getting zero traction at this moment in time.

            • I understand what you are saying. If people could think of something original, I bet we would have some great movies to watch. The only problem is, would people give the unknown a chance?

              It is the same with music though also these days! It is rare to hear an original song. They always have hints of old songs in them somewhere.

      • Right, I don’t blame the studios. They’re going to invest in whatever they think is going to attract the most viewers. The audiences are choosing to support the same brands over and over. We could have made Noah, Jupiter Ascending, and Edge of Tomorrow the big hits this year but instead we chose to support Marvel’s Captain America, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Transformers, Marvel’s X-Men, Godzilla, and (probably) Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Captain Phillips, Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, and The Butler are all based on true stories, correct? So still not much originality, screenplay wise.

      • That it is based on a true story doesn’t mean that the script writes itself or that it has to feel unoriginal. Example: the hilarious dialogues on the Wolf of Wall Street are nowhere to be seen in the diary of Jordan Belfort. A very fine work was done there.

        You gotta admit that list of movies you just put right there feels very different to the world of mega franchises, reboots, etc. Don’t forget my point was double: original scripts, but also producers backing the horse with the pre-existing fan base. None of those movies had a pre-existing fan base so arguably they probably were a tougher sell. That’s also the reason they got green lighted but with power houses actors behind them.

    • Check the release dates for your “original” movies list. Take comfort in the knowing that it’s almost September and hopefully fall 2014 will be as good as 2013. If you’re annoyed by the summer spectacle check out Chef or something. I for one love the blockbuster season as much as the fall/awards season movies.

      I will mention I despised Now You See Me. It was a throw back to the early 2000′s when every movie seemed to have a twist that didn’t make any sense with the rest of the movie. I hated it.

        • Personally, I think blockbusters have always been hit or miss but I think the hits are getting better and better. Four of my top five comic book movies have come out in the last three years.

          The summer season is always going to have more mindless movies geared to the lowest common denominator because everyone under 18 is off for two months. That’s not to say that everyone under 18 is dumb or even close but that’s how the studios operate. I try to just enjoy the good blockbusters as they get better every year. The fall is when you get the real great movies, scripts and acting performances usually.

          • I agree on the CBMs. To me they are the exception and that’s why I wanted to leave them out of this debate. They deserve their chance to shine after many years of waiting. I think that this year we can all be very happy with strong movies such as C:TWS and X:DoFP. If GotG is also good, this will be the best year ever for the genre.

            • Agreed. Let’s see what type of quality Apes brings to the blockbuster because I am hyped for that one.

              • That one is also in my top 3 for the rest of the year. That one plus GotG and Interstellar.

    • I know Jeff’s comment isn’t the most popular opinion on the subject but whether we like it or not it’s how it works.

      When it’s time to spend $100-$200 million dollars on a movie it’s a safer bet to spend it on an established property.

      Before the time when seemingly every movie cost hundreds of millions to make it was easier to take a chance on something like Star Wars or Jaws. Those movies were made for peanuts compared to the cost of something like Pacific Rim getting made today.

      Trust me, I hate defending the studio system but until the way movies are made changes (doubtful) or audiences change their movie going habbits (even more doubtful) that’s just the way it is.

      • I know that’s how it works and I know there are not gonna be massive changes on that front. I just wish there would be a bit more movies that got me intrigued because of their novelty. More Inceptions or Gravitys, you know? I would be happy with going from 2 to 4 movies a year of that “new type”.

    • Arthouse and independent movies are where you’re going to find the original stories that it seems you’re looking for. You’re just looking at commercial properties who’s sole purpose is to make money and like a few others have mentioned, known quantities have the best chance at success.

      • I am not looking for indie movies, you can also have original stories in the expensive sci-fi/fantasy genre. Some of the examples I mentioned were The Matrix, Inception, Gravity,… I just want more of those “new” sci-fi stories. By definition those movies are expensive to make and therefore need a high return. I just want the big studios to look out for those rather than add a 3 or a 7 to something that might be already getting tired.

        G.I. Joe 2 was awful, I hated Transformers 3, Die Hard 4 was totally unnecesary, Terminator 4 the same, the Robocop reboot sucked, Tron Legacy was bad, and so on…

    • “Movies based on comic books (these are precisely not to be messed with as they have been waiting long enough for their chance to shine)”

      To my mind, superhero movies are the worst offenders. Particularly I blame Marvel Studios for starting this “mega-franchise” business model. Now all of the other studios are trying to expand their superhero franchises into MCU-like “universes” where they can release multiple films each year based around the same brand. Disney is trying to do something similar with the Star Wars franchise. It’s creating an atmosphere where it’s difficult for big budget movies to compete unless they’re based on a recognized IP, regardless of quality, and it seems to be getting worse each year.

      • I basically disagree with everything you just said.

        Is Guardians of the Galaxy a recognized IP??? Is it Ant-Man???

        And as for the “it seems to be getting worse each year”, this year is in fact the best year ever for CBMs. We just got two of the finest.

        I prefer these super hero movies to any more attempts to get the action heroes of the 80s back in the system. They already had their chance.

  3. I think Korra from ‘The Legend of Korra’ is one of nick’s best characters imho. I love that series all together, it packs some great messages for youngsters and has very good stories and action. Perfect for a action cartoon. Anyone think that *SPOILERS KINDOF* that Kai the newest recruit to the air nation is still a thief? *END SPOILERS*

    Also saw TF4, why all the hate? I thought it was a fresh start, Shia’s character Sam was getting old and boring, I think Cade was a fresh clean start, and the enemies were well developed for the most part. Only concerns was the subplot of Megatron, it wasn’t well explained and came super fast and changed the game completely. I feel they could have elaborated on that story more and cut off some other things. Gavatron, the human created Transformer, felt really underused too me. That was my only complaint was the subplot, other than that it was a good flick. I could watch it again I suppose.

  4. Time for an embarrassing confession…

    Last night I was watching Big Brother (told ya it was embarrassing) and I started to wonder what other dirty little guilty pleasures did I have in my TV & movie watching resume.

    1. Big Brother
    2. The Vampire Diaries
    3. Jennifer’s Body
    4. Moulin Rouge
    5. Dancing with the Stars (not regularly)

    So now I pose the question to you fellow Scranters.

    Without any judgment or mocking, what guilty pleasures do you have with TV & movies that you probably wouldn’t admit to in public but seeing that you can be anonymous here you will admit?

    • I secretly watch MLP, then get pissed at myself and turn it off… :(

      I’m also starting to watch Drake&Josh again, but not afraid to admit that one…

    • Lol, my girlfriend got me hooked on Big Brother. We even get the live feeds. That’s probably my “guilty pleasure”. I think it’s the only reality show I can take, haha.

      • Haha!!!

        I thought once about checking out the live feeds but quickly shut the idea down.
        I would waste my whole summer watching. :)

        • You’re right and we do, lol. I will say one thing, the feeds and the show are two different beasts. CBS gives some people really good edits.

    • Well I’m currently going through my Godzilla collection (starting in 1954 and ending with 2004 Final Wars. There is NO 1998 Matthew Broderick in sight.

      I’ve reached the 70′s now and both Hedorah and Gigan are pretty terrible, especially Gigan, there’s SO MUCH stock footage it’s hideously bad.

      To make it worse I’ve still got Megalon and with Jet Jaguar and the flying kick to go…… save me MechaGodzilla, save me. lol

    • I don’t get it but people say I should be embarrassed that I never miss an episode of Chelsea Lately. I don’t get it either?

    • Vampire Diaries & The Originals. Definitely guilty pleasures. And Vampire Diaries gets “guiltier” every year as the quality continues to plummet. Oh, and watched Bitten too.

    • Kim of Queens. I love their accents. Oh and Beaches. I’ll watch it whenever it’s on! But right now I’m all about Phil Dunphy. I watch Modern Family at least once a day. Terrible.

      • “…Phil Dunphy is nobody’s straight man…”

        • +10000

    • i loved the 1st season of Big Brother. the live feeds were free. i got bored with it after season 6 or 7.
      orange is/black
      Grey’s anatomy
      it seems like only the women in my office talk about those 2 shows [except for 1 other guy who watched orange, but all he talks about are the lesbian sex scenes.]
      i watched Bitten on netflix with the wife, and now we are watching Being human.
      the movie For A Good Time Call… is a guilty pleasure. raunchy, but it has heart [read SR's review. spot on!]
      i’m sure i will think of others after i post this…that dang CRS!

  5. Please, Screen Rant, keep us advised, when you have any new information, about Legend of Conan. This is the film I am most anticipating from Arnold, although I do have an interest in Terminator as well.

    • Jeff,

      You’ll hear something as soon as we do. :)

      • Thanks, Vic, and good to hear from you!

  6. Hey guys! First off, i’d like to thank everyone for their Anime suggestions. I’ve downloaded most of them already, and seen some too. So far, I loved them all.
    Second: saw TF4. Though Lockdown and Optimis are awesome, the movie itself is dissapointing. But yeah.

    BTW, I LOVE Masters of Sex.

    And apparently Daniel Radcliffe wants to play Robin in the new Batman movies. He could pull it off, I think, because he’s great in “Woman in Black” and “Kill Your Darlings”. But yeah.

    I think I said this on another post, but 22Jump Street is EPIC!

    • Dude, check out HunterxHunter. It takes a bit to get into but it’s a wonderful series.

  7. What is ScreenRants prediction to what the top 3 highest grossing movies of the year will be? I am not sure if you guys posted it, but I would love to see with SR as well as other people thing!

    My top 3 guesses are:
    Hunger Games- Mockingjay
    The Hobbit- Battle of the Five Armies
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    (This is in no specific order)

    • What SR*, as well as other people think*. Sorry!

      • I agree with your top two, Hunger Games and The Hobbit, but don’t know about Guardians of the Galaxy. Captain America may end up at #3. We’ll see.

    • What were the numbers on CA:WS, that’s gotta be a contender, but otherwise, yup HG and Hobbit will pull in the numbers.

      Guardians will too (I hope) but I don’t think it will trouble the top 5, it’ll be a top ten along with Godzilla (do we know the numbers on the Big G)

      • Ooops, forgot about DoFP, that’ll be top 5 easy I would think.

          • Box Office Mojo says the same for worldwide, but domestically (US in case you’re somewhere else) CA:WS is still about $34M ahead.

            • I am US! And thank you for the confirmation!

          • does this mean i cant still like CA:TWS anymore? i havent seen X:DoFP yet. will be a bluray for sure, at some point.

    • 1. The Hunger Games
      2. Transformers
      3. Interstellar (this one is more of a wish than anything)

    • Not having transformers in your list is crazy. Regardlrss of what people think of it its going to get close or maybe even top a billion worldwide.
      1) transformers
      2) LoTR
      3) hunger games

      • Honestly, I forgot all about it because my mind was on the Hobbit. Oops!

        • Also, I am not a nay sayer! I want to see Transformers, and I am very excited about it! Sorry for double post :)


    I finally was able to see the film this weekend, and I thought it was great fun. My favorite scene was Quicksilver’s run around the guards in the Pentagon kitchen. Who knew my love for X-Men and Jim Croce would one day be brought together? I found the scene online and can’t stop watching it. I love how his feet are crushing holes in the wall when he runs.

    • Best scene in the movie, in my opinion. I’ll say this of the latest X-Men movie, action-wise it’s miles better than Captain America, because it has so much more, it’s slightly better than Man of Steel because the action scenes are so clever even though there isn’t as much. I’d probably go as far as saying it’s the best CBM ever because of how it all fits together. And as a bonus it cleans up the mess that was the first trilogy. And that Quicksilver scene is the perfect example why this movie is brilliant.

      • Maybe I saw a different movie. Better action scenes than MoS? We’re there any action scenes in DoFP?

    • That scene was great, showed off the kind of powers and force he would have while being in speed mode, the wall crushing was sort of similar to that finger on the guard. Someone calculated his speed to somewhere in the range of Mach 6-12, I think. I also really liked Blink’s use of her teleport powers, that combo with Colossus was so clever.

      • Mach 6 – 12!! Wow!!

        If that’s even a remotely accurate estimation of his speed in that (admittedly AWESOME)scene he’s been seriously jacked up, I’m reading Son of M at the minute and in that Pietro himself says he’s got a top speed of only 220mph, Mach 6 is like 4500mph lol

        Blink’s portal thing is pretty cool, I liked the bit where she amputated a Sentinel’s arm by closing one of her portals.

        Speaking of the Sentinels, wouldn’t they need Rouge’s powers to duplicate mutant abilities, not Mystique’s??. She can only copy appearance, smell etc. she can’t actually replicate the powers of the person she’s copying….. I think.

        • That was my issue too. Mystique’s power wouldn’t work that way on the Sentinels.

        • He’s faster than his comic book counterpart but nowhere near Flash level. He is also likely faster in the movie than the lower estimate of Mach 6 because if you recall, he sped up while in speed mode when he was doing things to the guards.

          Blink should technically be able to sort of ‘fly’ with her portals. She could just set up portals in air and just jump from one to another as she goes along. She could really be powerful if she learned to really speed up her portal making powers.

          Magneto also could be a lot stronger than he is. He could set up a constantly rotating shield around him made of metal to ward off any projectiles not made of metal.

          Charles could reasonably make the X-Men really broken by constantly slowing time progression with his telepathic powers. He could implement that with all the X-Men and have them make moves that are very well calculated by speeding up all of their reaction times/anticipatory moves. Honestly, I think movie X-Men characters are a lot strong than MCU characters. Quicksilver could solo all of them probably.

          As for Rogue, there was an extra scene involving her where her powers were utilized in the Sentinels to give them the copy power ability. That scene was apparently taken out of the movie. She was rescued in the future or something.

    • My favourite scene too. Quicksilver’s effortlessness and even slight air of boredom put across in a funny and unique way what it must be like to have to live almost on another plane of existence to everyone around him. Great choice of music as well.

      It also made the point that those (and there were a LOT of them) who complained beforehand about Evan Peters’ casting, his outfit, hairstyle, goggles – you name it – were making skewed snap-judgements based on one or two still photographs without any frame of reference to place them in. It’s a symptom of the information overload the internet’s allowed us to become privy to regarding films in any stage of pre-production. When the first stills from Star Trek Into Darkness began surfacing, I remember people rattling on and on about one showing Alice Eve screaming, and how supposedly fake it looked – what a terrible actress she must be etc etc. A single image, free from any kind of context whatsoever. Which ended up in the finished movie lasting a fraction of a second; blink and you missed it. Not exactly high on anyone’s list of the problems they may have had with the film as a whole once they’d actually seen it. I’ve certainly learned in recent times to shut up until I’ve at least sat through the final product.

      • I always enjoy reading your posts, TBD. Good to hear from you.

        When I first heard that Heath Ledger was to be the Joker, I was furious and branded TDK worthless. Then when I saw the film, I realized what an idiot I was. Now I know better than to judge a film/actor/director before seeing the film. Lesson learned.

      • I always enjoy reading your posts, TBD. Good to hear from you.

        When it was announced that Heath Ledger would play the Joker, I was stunned and got really upset over it. Then when I saw his performance, I realized what an idiot I was for judging him prematurely. Since then, I never criticize or angrily point my finger until I’ve seen the film. Lesson learned.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch Quicksilver’s kitchen scene again!

  9. Good Morning all….

    Happy Monday!!! (It’s a short wok week this week!!)  :)

    Ok, so Pepper and I saw Transformers over the weekend. Wow was that a loooong movie. It wasn’t bad, but IMO, seemed too long. In fact I think the credits are still rolling. It seemed like it was two movies in one and that the story could have been broken up over two movies. 

    Overall it was good, but Mark Wahlberg cannot convincingly play a smart/nerdy guy at all. IMO, he is not convincing as an engineer/inventor and comes across more as a streetwise tough/thug than an intelligent inventor. The nerd glasses didn’t help either. IMO, Mark needs to stick to what he’s good at, tough guy roles. I remember him saying once that if RDJ ever steps down from being Tony Stark/iron Man that he would love the role. There is, IMO, unequivocal, absolutely no way Mark Wahlberg could pull off Tony/Iron Man. he can’t play a bright/tech guy. He can play a tough guy all day long and play it well, just not a smart techie guy.

    Stanley Tucci was excellent through out, and his character reminded me of a type of Steve Jobs. I have always enjoyed Tucci’s work since I first saw him in Cap 1.

    • Nowadays, (hipster glasses + Mac = nerdy & smart) apparently.

    • Did the boyfriend in Transformers AOE remind anyone else of Seth Rogan lol…It really ruined his character for me. Someone said lets put a cooler Seth Rogan in this movie.

  10. Did Shia Labeouf get in trouble this weekend in protest to being kicked out of Transformers??? Sad whats happened to Shia he is honestly one of my fav young actors of this new generation.

    Eagle Eye, Wall Street: money never sleeps, A guide to recognizing your saints. hes superbly talented…I just wish he wasnt losing a grip on reality like he is.

    • I agree with this. I really liked him.

      • Kara, I think your Hobbits are going to get trounced by my Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Apes rule!

        • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will do well, but nowhere near a billion dollars (or over) worldwide, which is what the final installment of The Hobbit will likely make.

          • Evan, your apes may ride horses which of all people I do very much appreciate, but the men, elves and dwarfs are going to crush the box office! ;P

    • Yeah I really like him as an actor as well. He’s been up to all sorts of weird things. Hopefully he can get a grip and be a functional actor again. But after the whole paper bag “I’m not famous anymore” debacle, I don’t know if that’s possible.

    • He’s got that Fury movie coming out with Brad Pitt. I hope he gets into directing more. Check out ‘Maniac’, a short film he made.

  11. I’m back. I was camping in the Black Hills with the family and missed a week of ODs. Does anybody know how is Ken doing? $2, did you decide to see Ernie Hudson because if you don’t…(violently shaking my fist at you).

    What else did I miss? Is Ghostbusters 3 still not happening? What about the Spawn reboot? Seriously though, did any major news drop since June 20th?

    • Aw man, you missed a lot! I can’t believe you misse….*dial tone*

      • The call is coming from inside the house! Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep! We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

    • Welcome back, Professor Venkman. How was camping? Were you roughing it, or did you camp near restrooms and restaurants?

      The Ernie Hudson/Richmond comic convention isn’t until September. I’m still debating on going to the Baltimore convention or Richmond. I’ll keep you posted–unless you plan on neutronizing me. “It’s Miller time!” :)

      • Venkman? That guy is a clown. Now Stantz…that’s the guy I wanted to be!

        We were not really roughing it…we were at a State Park with facilities…government run facilities. So they weren’t top notch ;) We also have a small pop-up camper, so our tent is above ground. Not roughing it at all :D

        And we only ate out a couple of times (one night was a chuck wagon feast on a ranch with a singing cowboy show…the kids loved it). I like cooking on a campfire and then during the day we brought picnic foods to accompany us on hikes or wherever we were exploring. My daughter earned three National Park/Monument Junior Ranger Badges along with a couple of State Park patches. I only say that because it was fun watching this little 5 year old girl in bright pink dresses doing all kinds of nature programs and exploring and learning about our nation’s history. I still have a little bit of a hold on her. She hasn’t turned into a Disney princess quite yet.

        It was a fun trip, but I’m glad to be sleeping in my own bed and not having the four of us stuffed into a tiny room together. Or having to listen to Cinderella about 10 times on the car ride home. My son (he turns 2 on Halloween) became addicted to that movie.

        You should see Ernie Hudson. Because then you can ask him how it feels to replace Eddie Murphy in the movies and have Arsenio Hall replace him in the cartoon. And he was in the Crow.

  12. I got a question. What movies do you WANT to make the most money?

    Mine would be:

    1) EoT (so studios will greenlight more big budget action new IPs)
    2) DOFP (cuz it was perfect)
    3) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    4) Cap2 (cuz I love the MCU)
    5) GotG (cuz I want the expanding MCU to continue to be successful)

    Those are what first come to mind, and they’re all big budget films. I could do another list of indie (and/or limited release) flicks that I want to do well. Budapest, Snowpiercer, Boyhood, Life Itself, Chef, and others…

    • Can we stop with all of the abbreviations? I don’t know half the movies you are referring to.

      As for Cap2…it’s already made a ton of money worldwide.

      • My bad dude..

        EoT = Edge of Tomorrow, DOFP = Days of Future Past, GotG = Guardians of the Galaxy.

        I know Cap2 has already made a lot of money, but in my alternate reality where EoT is #1 it would only be in 4th place.

        I guess my post didn’t make sense. I’ll do better next time.

    • I agree with all the ones you said. I would add Interstellar to the list for the same reason than EoT.

      I also want movies like Transformers 4 to crash pretty badly…

  13. Here’s a slightly random one: anyone here in the habit of falling asleep during movies? In the cinema I mean, not at home. It’s just that I’ve never managed it. No matter how tedious a film is. Never walked out of a film either; I have to see it through to the bitter end. I remember literally squirming with boredom through Tarantino’s Death Proof, praying for someone to set a fire alarm off, or for a member of the audience to succumb to an outbreak of werewolfism or something, thinking, “These swine have taken my money, there’s no way on Earth I’m leaving, and I don’t care how dark it is or how comfortable this chair is – I’m damned if I’m nodding off either.”

    I find it impossible to fall asleep in a car as well (a distinct advantage if I happen to be driving), or on trains, buses or aircraft. No matter how much of a mess I am at the time. So… am I a weirdo, an insomniac, or just bloody-minded?

    • I used to be able to fall asleep in the car all of the time! Now I can not. I also can not sleep in the movies, on a train, on a plane, nowhere! ONE time I fell asleep on a plane, but that was because I was on the plane for almost 24 hours to the land down under.

      • You’re not taking the right drugs. Let me introduce you to my little friend “Melatonin” (which is over-the-counter). 5mgs of Mr. Sleepy Time and I can fall asleep anywhere.

      • Good to know I’m not the only one then! 24 hours is harsh; you’ve definitely got an excuse there. The longest flight I’ve had was 14 hours to India, including a 2-hour layover at Dubai – during which I’d recommend being reasonably alert when walking past sullen, gum-chewing soldiers with mirrored sunglasses and machine guns…

    • One Saturday afternoon after going out Friday night and working Saturday until noon I went with a group of friends to see Mr & Mrs Smith and I passed out during the previews and didn’t wake up until my friend shook me awake to tell me the movie was over.

      I also can’t sleep in a car, bus, train or plane. Can’t explain why, I just can’t do it.

      • Fatigue is fair enough. I fell asleep years ago during an all-nighter in the middle of a cacophonously loud set by The Aphex Twin right in front of the venue’s mixing desk. I think he was playing the slipmat by that point. Or possibly a food blender.

    • I’m right there with you. I don’t sleep on planes, trains, in cars etc. For me it’s a control thing. I’m not fully comfortable unless I’m driving the vehicle. If it was possible to drive and sleep at the same time, I might enjoy roadtrips a bit more =/

      • To be completely honest I’ve always had trouble falling asleep anywhere.
        I don’t have insomnia. Once I’m out, I’m out. I just have never had the ability to say I’m going to take a nap or go to bed and then 2 minutes later I’m asleep.
        I’m extremely jealous of those of you who can.
        Maybe I just don’t have a clear conscious.

        I should have never stolen that pack of Now & Laters. ;)

      • I know what you mean about the control thing. Some of it’s practicality: I don’t want to be the bloke who wakes up at silly o’clock at the end of the line and has to sleep in a hedge somewhere until the trains start again, just to get back to a bed I could have been in hours before.

    • I never fell asleep during a movie, but I wanted to when my wife picked out that Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler film that she got the 2 for 1 ticket deal with Groupon. F’n Groupon…ruining my Friday night.

      I usually drive so normally I don’t sleep in the car. Occasionally I nod off at the wheel…but that’s more of a driving to visit my family in the middle of Nebraska deal.

      I’ve only flown twice. I was frightened and could not sleep. And I’ve never slept on a train even with my wife sawing logs next to me. However, I did sleep on the bus in school. All the time…I was picked up first on our route. And I did a halfway across the country bus trip…I had to sleep on the bus for that.

      I never really napped until my kids were born and they would fall asleep after drinking a bottle. Then, I’d fall asleep to the sound of their breathing.

      And I’ve only walked out of one movie. Not because I was angry with it or disappointed…the girl I was with wanted to get out of there (if you know what I mean)…so basically I ran for the door.

      • An entirely understandable walkout!

        • At the time in my young life…yes, it made perfect sense. Hindsight. Finishing The Long Kiss Goodnight would have probably been a better time.

    • I fell asleep seeing Poltergeist III on opening night. Then I fell asleep in my car while on the way home, driving into a ditch. I got ticketed for reckless driving and had to attend driving school for one Saturday, where, you guessed it, I fell asleep during the instruction.

      I can’t blame the movie for me falling asleep. I had too much on my plate then in high school – full load of classes, sports, job, girlfriend, and hours of late-night homework/studying, which meant sleep was not a priority. The accident (and my parents) changed all that.

      I’ve never walked out of a film, but the only film I noticed (many) people walk out of was a midnight show of John Waters’ Pink Flamingos.

      • I can certainly identify with trying to keep too many plates spinning at once, and fair play to you for sticking with what is a far tougher profession than many people realise.

        Pink Flamingos: now there’s a movie with a cast-iron guaranteed audience walkout ratio.

        • It’s great to hear from you, TBD. I always enjoy your posts.

          “cast-iron guaranteed audience walkout ratio” = :)
          People walked out of the film during various scenes. The final scene had a few people running out the exits while cupping their mouths.

          BTW, I’ve tried responding to you in my X-Men/Quicksilver post above, but for some reason, my post isn’t showing up (tried twice). I just wanted to mention that I got angry when I heard Heath Ledger would play the Joker. Then when I saw his performance, I realized what an idiot I was. Since then, I’ve vowed never to judge anyone or any film until I’ve seen it. Lesson learned.

          Thanks for your kind words about the job. I’m currently enjoying the summer with the family. How about you?

    • I’ve never walked out of a film but I did fall asleep once: Transformers 3

      • That’s the great paradox of so many films that fling a continuous barrage of CGI, thunderous soundtracking and rapid editing at you: beyond a certain point they actually become incredibly boring and an ordeal to sit through. I never made it past the first Transformers. I gather Skrillex is involved in some way with Age Of Extinction’s soundtrack, which seems like the perfect marriage of ADD filmmaking with an equally ADD-based bastardised musical subgenre.

  14. It just came over the wire that Disney fired Rian Johnson from directing the next Star Wars installment. Which is great news because I fell asleep during “Brick” and thought “Looper” was extremely over-rated. But this part, I can’t believe. It must be a joke, Rian was fired because he wanted to bring back Jar-Jar Binks. That can’t be true. Jar-Jar Binks. Me sooo happy!

    • I read that attempt at a satirical article. Seemed silly…and I regularly post fake entertainment-news blogs.

  15. Anyone having trouble posting? I’ve replied a few times to others here, but none of my posts are showing up. Is Rod Serling here or something?